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July 19(afternoon) - July 25 (morning), 2009


Welcome Back: CHRIS BISCHOFF, (THE AVANT GARDENERS Duo (Laura Light, George Paul), AL & ALICE WHITE

Come feel the special spirit of fellowship at Cumberland Dance Week. Enjoy the dancing, music and laughter with old friends and new. Our program is full of interesting and exciting activities for all ages, celebrating the American folk tradition. Live music, an excellent staff and a beautiful location will make this an experience you will always remember. Come take the hand of the past, join in our dance and wrap yourself for a few days in the warmth of our family. Here is what folks have said in the past...

"We come here to recharge our batteries as well as strengthen our bodies. This is food for the body, mind & spirit. Don't ever go away. We love you and all your hard work to make this a joyous week outside the regular ordinary life."

"I really appreciate the friendly and 'wholesome' atmosphere."

"I was a little hesitant about coming to a 'family' camp, but the children's activities were so well organized and well run that it was a pleasure. The intergenerational dances were a blast."

"Great week. You are right on target with your mission. "

"We had a wonderful time this year. We will definitely return next year if at all possible."

"Love the acoustic sound of the band"

"Wonderful week for us. We all 3 family members loved the music, the fellowship, the instruction. The children's program meant a lot to us."