Webmeister's Notes

The transcription of birth, wedding, and death notices was undertaken by my sister, Jean Ward around 1990. She waded through many rolls of microfilm, dictating notes which were transcribed by her mother, Shirley Rhodes.

After indexing and printing them we attempted to disseminate them to various parties, with some success. They were done on an old Minolta Word processor which used a proprietary format. Jean passed away several years ago.

I eventually got them transferred to PC diskettes, although still in the nasty Minolta format. I succeeded in stripping out the formatting codes. The files are loosely organized in 4 volumes, which corresponds to the four 360k diskettes they were stored on. With modern computer capacity and download speeds, loading and searching each volume should still be quick.

We have recently added the Eastern Freeman paper, which we actually managed to convert to Ascii, then to HTML. We hope to get back and do the rest of the files in the same fashion.

If these files help you in your geneological search, please send a real paper note or postcard to Shirley Rhodes at 300 International Circle, Cockeysville, MD 21030. She does not have an email address. She will be happy to hear her work was of use to someone else. You can send me an email at neal@mnopltd.com.