JULY 1, 1864


Castine, June 23, by Rev. A. E. Ives, Capt. Frank E. GARNSEY of Bangor to Miss Lizzie P., daughter of Capt. Leonard GAY of Castine.

Eastport, June 16, Dr. William H. ROCKWELL of Brattleboro, Vt. to Miss Nellie E. LOWE of Eastport.

Boston, May 30, Hiram MERRITT to Miss Caroline R. LOOK, both of Attison.


Ellsworth, Lorendia A., daughter of Reuben and Eliza JELLISON, age 7 years.

Blue Hill, June 19, Capt. Spencer TREWORGY, age 58 years.

Tremont, June 21, Charles E. LUNT, age 12 years, 9 months.

Tremont, June 20, Julia, age 4 years, daughter of Reuben and Judith DIX.

N. Sedgwick, June 18, Mrs. Mary LUFKIN, age 92 years, 2 months.

Bangor, June 22, A. C. SMITH, Esq., age 40 years.

Brewer Village, June 22, Mr. William P. DRAKE, age 31 years.

Columbia, June 7, Ellen B., wife of Charles A. WILSON and daughter of J. Lippencott.

JULY 8, 1864


Ellsworth, July 4, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. George W. BOYNTON to Mrs. Betty M. DODGE, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, July 5, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Morris BOWDEN to Miss Caroline O. BONSEY, all of Ellsworth.


Pittsburg, Pa., June 21, of consumption, Charles W. MOOR, of Ellsworth, age 26 years. He was a printer by trade, served his apprenticeship in the offices of the Ellsworth Herald, was afterwards publisher of the New Bedford Evening Express and subsequently one of the proprietors of the Eastern Farmer. When the germ of that fatal disease began to develop so rapidly as to warn him as the victim for an early grave, and conscious of having lived aright, he patiently submitted to a long and wearying illness and so cheerfully awaited and obeyed the solemn mandate. We are seldom called upon to record the death of a young man around whose name were clustered more pleasant associations, kind and affectionate in his relations, tender in his sympathy, genial in his friendships. Long will the memory of his virtues be fresh in the hearts of his friends. He was industrious and energetic in his business. Indeed energy and perseverance were his strongest characteristics, firm and true to his convictions of right. (Poem follows)

Franklin, June 25, Edith A., age 1 year, 4 months, only child of John H. and Abbie J. DRISCOLL (poem follows).

JULY 15, 1864


Machias, July 7, by Rev. Mr. Beale, William P. BURR, Esq., publisher of Ellsworth American, to Miss Alice A., daughter of Samuel LONGFELLOW, Esq. of Machias.


N. Sedgwick, 4th inst., Mrs. Ruth, wife of Leonard GRINDLE, daughter of the late Samuel Hale of Brooklin.

New Orleans, June 2, of diarrhea, B. Horace, oldest son of Andrew GRINDLE of Blue Hill, age 19, member of Company C, 29th Regiment Maine Volunteers.

Cranberry Isle, July 4, Capt. William M. RICHARDSON, age 41 years, 7 months, 18 days. May God comfort the family thus afflicted.

June 2, on his passage from Bermuda Hundreds to Fortress Monroe, Horace W. BROWN, Company A, 14th Maine Volunteers, from wounds received in battle, 17 years, 6 months. Funeral services at 4 o'clock, July 24, at N. Hancock.

JULY 22, 1864


Ellsworth, July 18, by Rev. N. M. Williams, Mr. William O. McDONALD to Miss Annie A. AUSTIN, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, July 19, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. John C. MOORE of Ellsworth to Miss Frances J. GARDNER of Castine.

N. Sedgwick, Dec. 6, 1863, by Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. Charles P. ANDERSON of Brooklin to Miss Augusta A. CLOSSON OF Blue Hill.

Tremont, July 13, by S. G. Rick, Esq., Mr. Nelson THURSTON to Miss Sylvia WEBSTER, all of Tremont.


N. Sedgwick, 4th inst., Mrs. Ruth, wife of Leonard GRINDLE and daughter of the late Samuel Hale of Brooklin, age 60 years. She made a profession of her faith in Christ by uniting with the Baptist Church in Brooksville at the age of 18 and ever after sustained a Christian character. She bore her sickness of 20 years with Christian composure and departed in hope of rest above. She leaves a husband, one son, and four daughters.

JULY 29, 1864


Penobscot, July 18, by Peleg G. Staples, Esq., Mr. Henry D. STOVER to Miss Martha A. RUNNELS, all of Penobscot.


Ellsworth, July 19, Sewal DENICOE, age 58 years.

Bucksport, July 23, of typhoid fever, Albion S. WARDWELL, age 26 years, 7 months.

N. Bucksport, July 17, Isa R., only child of Theodore M. and Mary C. LEWIS, age 2 years, 4 months, 10 days.

Brewer, 19th inst., Annie B., daughter of Joseph N. and Eliza H. SHACKLY, age 3 years, 5 months.

Tremont, April 23, 1863, Mrs. Nancy THURSTON, wife of John Thurston, age 64 years.

No. 7 Hancock Co., Nov. 6, 1863, Hannah Augusta, daughter of William and Elizabeth JOHNSON, age 16 years, 6 months.

Morganzia, La., June 17, of typhoid fever, after an illness of 3 days, Lt. S. W. CUMMINGS, Company G, 20th Maine Veteran Volunteers, late of 39th Indiana Regiment, age 20 years.

AUGUST 5, 1864


Castine, (no date shown), Mr. Josiah W. HUTCHINGS of Penobscot to Miss Sarah J. WEEKS of Castine.

Franklin, July 31, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. Charles G. GOODWIN to Miss Maria H. PREBLE, both of Sullivan.

St. Stephen, July 13, Lt. L. E. NEWBOMB of E. Machias to Miss Julia H. PALMER of Machias.

Penobscot, Aug. 1, by Isaac B. Leach, Esq., Mr. Samuel T. LEACH to Miss Harriet S. STAPLES, all of Penobscot.


U. S. General Hospital, July 9, of the 3rd Maine Regiment, Company D, age 20 years, Henry BLACK, son of Alexander B. and Susan Black, daughter of Joseph Otis of Otis.

Philadelphia, Pa., July 8, at the Broadland Cherry Hospital, Lemuel A. SMITH, age 18 years, son of Asa Smith of Ellsworth, a member of Company C, 1st Maine Artillery.

Bucksport, 23rd ult., Albion S. WARDWELL, age 26 years, 7 months.

Milo, July 10, Daniel HOLMAN, age 10 years.

Sullivan, July 24, George HOLT, age 16 years.

Isle Au Haut, June 23, Capt. John KEMPTON, age 66 years.

July 12, Abigail, wife of Stephen BARTER, age 40 years.

Jerico Ford, Va., of wounds received in battle May 28, Tyler RICH, age 21 years, son of John and Margaret Rich of Tremont. He enlisted in 1862 and helped fight the battles of Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Fitzhugh Crossing, Chancellorsville, Hinkstown, MIne Run, and North Anne River. He embraced religion in camp among his fellow soldiers in the winter of '63. His last words were "Tell my mother I am going home. I die happy."

AUGUST 12, 1864


Orland, Aug. 1, by J. S. Condon, Esq., Mr. Arthur I. SAUNDERS to Miss Matilda F. SOPER, both of Orland.

Dedham, July 26, by J. L. Parker, Esq., Mr. Warren S. BLACK of Dedham, a member of Company G, 7th Maine Regiment, to Miss Emily J. JOY of Ellsworth.

Upper Stillwater, 8th inst., Mr. Henry BOARDMAN of Bangor to Miss Angie FORD of Upper Stillwater.

Surry, June 14, by Rev. H. Hawes, Mr. George WOOD to Miss Mary D. NORRIS, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, June 23, by Rev. H. Hawes, Mr. Alexander C. MORANG to Miss Frances A. REMICK, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, July 17, Mr. N. E. COUSINS to Miss Elmira CLARK, both of Surry.


U. S. General Hospital, Montpelier, Vt., July 9, of the 3rd Maine Regiment, Company D, age 20 years, Henry BLACK, son of Alexander B. and Susan Black, daughter of Joseph Otis of Otis.

Ellsworth, Aug. 7, Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Charles F. BELLATTY, age 45 years.

E. Trenton, Aug. 1, Horace Greeley, son of Henry S. and Matilda H. BOYNTON, age 9 years, 8 months.

Cranberry Isle, Aug. 5, Francis G., son of Esther and Thomas STANLEY,age 31, a veteran in the 14th Maine Regiment, Company A.

Passed on, Matthew SIMPSON, Bucksport, after a short illness of 5 days, age 72 years. Mr. Simpson was a quiet, kind Christian gentleman of the old school of thought and action, living as he professed a Christian life. His urbanity of manners always gave him an entire welcome among both old and new, leading invariably with a smile which remained even to his death and after. He was buried on the 5th inst., followed to the grave by many near and dear friends to weep his absence. He leaves a wife at the old homestead to grieve at her loss while his only 2 sons are in the Army of the Potomac battling for their country. God bless the living.

Wounded June 18 and died July 16, age 19 (?) years, 6 months, Charles Henry, son of Rev. C. C. and Hannah F. LONG. When rebellion first developed itself into open hostility and blackened the walls of Ft. Sumpter, his youthful heart at 16 said to loving friends, "Let me go." His native love of liberty, together with his hatred of oppression........he enlisted as a recruit in the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, Company C, was patient in his sufferings on transfer to Augusta and in the hospital, was recovering from his wound when disease of the throat and lungs, in a few days, terminated his stay here. (some narrative omitted here) ...the occasion of his death, Sunday, August 7, by Rev. R. Cole. His friends have met with a great loss. His country is bereaved of one of her noble and youthful patrons.

AUGUST 19, 1864


North Sedgwick, 7th inst., of inflammation of the stomach, Ephraim CLOSSON, merchant, age 63 years. An upright man, a kind neighbor, a good citizen, held in respect by all.

Brewer, Aug. 12, Jonathan T. HARDY, age 60 years.

Surry, Aug. 17, William C. GREEN, son of Isaac Green of Surry, of the famous 1st Maine Heavy Artillery,Company G, was shot before Petersburg, Va., on the evening of the 18th of June, 1864, age 9 years, 27 days. He enlisted out of a sense of duty as a Christian. His record is fair and untarnished to the last. He gave his friends in his letters full assurances that as much as he loved his father and mother, brothers and sisters at home, that he had a dear Friend with him better than them all. God bless his afflicted parents, brothers and sisters, one of whom is new in the field of strife. Not a murmur from his family, although they sit in darkness and in tears.

AUGUST 26, 1864


Ellsworth, Aug. 20, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Edwin A. TAYLOR of Boston to Miss Celia M. MURCH of Ellsworth.

Trenton, Aug. 11 (?), by H. S. Trevett, Esq., Mr. Alonzo TRIPP of Trenton to Miss Jernalia (?) WORDSWORTH of Franklin.

Brewer, Aug. 20, Mr. Christopher HOLMES to Miss Martha E. SMITH, both of Orrington.


Bangor, Aug. 21, Daniel B. HINEKLEY, age 64 years.

Brewer, Aug. 21, Esther F., wife of Benjamin HACKETT, age 35 years, 9 months.

Ft. Washington, Md., Aug. 4, of pneumonia, after a sickness of 3 days, Jesse HOOPER, member of Copmpany A, Maine Coast Guard, age 20 years, 1 month, 29 days. The undersigned parents of the deceased feeling it their duty of taking this method of publicly expressing their gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Capt. Baker and other members of the company to which their dear son was lately attached for their kindness to him during his brief illness and for their generosity in contributing funds sufficient to defray the entire expense of conveying his remains to his home where he might be interred among his near and dear friennds, and while they lament the loss of their dear son, their assurance that he died among kind friends tends much to allay the grief of a sorrowing family.

Signed - Ephraim Hooper, Mary Hooper, Franklin, Aug. 26.



W. Eden, 28th inst., by D. P. Maroyes, Esq., John A. RODICK of 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, to Mrs. Mary C. HIGGINS, both of Eden.


Ellsworth, Aug. 5, Sarah E., age 19 years, 4 months, daughter of Peletiah and Elizabeth W. BARTER.

Surry, Aug. 27, Robert Thurston, age 5 years, 10 months, 16 days, son of Henry B. and Mary E. TAYLOR.

E. M. B. SOULE of Company G, 7th Maine Volunteers, was wounded in the battle of the Wilderness May 6 and died May 7, age 27 years, 3 months, 7 days. He enlisted Jan. 12, 1864. He left the dear ones at home under the full conviction that it was his duty to enter into his country's service. As a son, brother and husband he was beloved. As a Christian, he had consecrated himself to God. His path was that of the righteous. His loss is felt deeply both by his friends and by the Baptist Church in Gouldsboro, of which he had been a faithful and active member for 10 years. He died in full assurance of a glorious immortality.

New York, Aug. 5, Addison J. STROUT, son of Rev. Oran and Elizabeth R. Strout of the East Maine Conference, of chronic diarrhea, age 31 years. Brother Strout embraced religion and became a soldier of the cross when he was 18 years of age. Since then the world has sometimes gained the ascendancy over his mind, but his faith in Christ continued firm and never sheathed the sword of the spirit 'til the fight was over. Dec. 1863 enlisted in Company G, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, and fought bravely in the battle of Spottsylvania on the 1st of May and on Petersburg on the 18th of June where he received 3 bad wounds, one in each leg and one in his head. Thus faithfully and honorably served his country. A soldier in a 2-fold sense. He drew the sword of the spirit to aid in suppressing the rebellion of the human race against God and the carnal sword to suppress the rebellion against the United States, fought a good fight with both and received an honorable discharge by death from both wars, and has gone triumphantly home to receive a rich bounty in joy. The blessing of an ever-lasting peace in the Kingdom of God, leaving a wife, parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives to mourn his early death. May the Most High comfort them and extend especial care to the widow and fatherless.



Bangor, Sept. 1, by Rev. A. Battles, Mr. Virgil P. WARDWELL of Bucksport to Miss Lucy J. WARREN of Bangor.


In Balfour Hospital, Portsmouth, Va., Aug. 27, of chronic diarrhea, Charles H. ORCUTT of Ellsworth, member of Company G, 8th Maine Regiment, age 26 years, 2 months, 25 days.

Among the most painful receipts of death that have recently been made in this community is that of Lt. George William THOMPSON of W. Trenton. He was shot and fell dead during the charge on the works around Petersburg on that fateful day when so many of the 31st Maine Regiment and other regiments sacrificed their precious lives. Lt. Thompson first left home in Sept. 1862 and spent nearly a year in the service of his country, being a Sargent in Company C, 26th Maine Volunteers. In that term of service he developed traits of character which showed he was no common man, and which gained for him esteem and confidence of men and officers of every rank. After he had been home some months, he felt that he must go again, though the strongest pecuniary considerations were presented to him to induce him to remain, the comforts and privileges of home might be enjoyed, still he must respond to his country's call. He left the 1st of April and from that time until the day of his death, the 30th of July, he was almost incessantly on march or in battle. But his record is on high. He died with his armor on. He was affectionate and forgiving and cared much for those committed to his trust, he was patriotic and brave beyond most. He was a Christian hero and has passed to that pure country where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest. The blow falls with the most crushing weight on the home circle, hitherto unbroken, but they are consoled and sustained by the thought that he died in a glorious cause. Funeral was attended at the Baptist meetinghouse in Eden on Thursday of last week. A very large audience was assembled at the time. Rev. Messrs. Tenney and Bowker conducted the exercises.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1864


Brooklin, Aug. 26, Mrs. Betsey SMITH, age 73 years. Mrs. Smith for many years past has been a member of the First Baptist Church in Sedgwich and for aught we know had adorned a profession by a well-ordered life and conversion and after so long ....(balance unreadable).

Eastbrook, Aug. 29, Fancis C. HARDISON, son of Dwyer and Lydia Hardison, age 3 years, 4 months, 6 days.

Eastbrook, Sept. 3, Henry A. HARDISON, son of Dwyer and Lydia Haradison, age 7 years, 4 months, 7 days.

Sedgwick, Aug. 7, Mr. Ephraim CLOSSON, age 63 years. The death of Mr. Closson was sudden and unexpected. He will be much missed, not only in his own family and his immediate neighborhood, but in the community in general where he belonged. He was a businessman and was reliable. He was a friend to his country, possessed piety in early life. Nothing was ever brought up against his moral character to my knowledge and I have known him almost half a century. But he has passed away. His loss is severely felt by his bereaved wife and children and others.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1864


Penobscot, Sept. 15, by Peleg G. Staples, ESq., Mr. Peleg N. PATTEN to Miss Eliza J. HEATH, both of Penobscot.


Hancock, Sept. 18, Thomas W. HIGGINS, age 18 years, 9 months, 10 days; member of Company F, 7th Maine Regiment, son of Robert Higgins who was killed in battle June 18, 1864.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1864


Ellsworth, Sept. 25, by Rev. N. M. Williams, Mr. Jerry GRIFFIN of San Jose, Calif., to Miss Caroline C. MOORE of Ellswworth.

Ellsworth, Sept. 23, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Isaac W. McCOLLUM of Millbridge to Miss Lizzie L. HINKLEY of Cherryfield.

Eden, Sept. 25, by E. M. Hamor, Esq., Mr. Aston S. BANKER of Trenton to Miss Lettie A. MAYO of Eden.

Waltham, Aug. 28, by Calvin Kingsman, Esq., Mr. Samuel M. BILLINGS of Springfield, Calif., to Miss Emma Y. HASLAM of Waltham.

Waltham, Sept. 25, by Calvin Kingsman, Esq., Mr. John F. DEMYER of Eastbrook to Miss Alma W. HASLAM of Waltham.

Batavia, Ill., Sept. 1, Charles W. PORTER, Esq., clerk of the Courts for Washington County, to Miss Susan E., daughter of the Honorable S. D. LOCKWOOD of Batavia.


Cranberry Isle, (no date shown),Freddie T., son of Samuel N. and Mary BULGER, age 10-1/2 months.

Eden, Sept. 14, Betsey, wife of Edward BREWER, age 28 years, 3 months.

Hermon, Sept. 24, Sabra Jean, wife of E. H. HOLT and daughter of Elder N. F. Nason, age 26 years.

Hancock, 2nd inst., at the residence of Deacon Ebenezer Clark, Mr. Jonathan ROLPH, age 87. He was born in S. Reading, Mass. in 1777, was among the first settlers of Frankfort in this state where he was beloved and respected by all who knew him. He has left a world of sorrow for one of joy and peace, where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest. He died peacefully with a smile upon his countenance. Blessed are the dead who died in love. (Poem follows.)

OCTOBER 7, 1864


Amherst, Sept. 24, by A. Backus, Esq., Peter G. SUMNER, late of Company B, 6th Maine Infantry, to Miss Sabrina CLEWLEY, both of Amherst.


U.S. General Hospital, Annapolis, Md., Charles S. BLACK, son of William H. and Abbie H. Black of Ellsworth, age 25 years. He was wounded and captured at Brans Mills June 6 and after lying in the hospital at Richmond 3 months, was parolled and brought to Annapolis where he died Sept. 16. His record is on high.

OCTOBER 14, 1864


Ellsworth, Oct. 8, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Capt. William G. SNOW of Bucksport to Miss Melvina E. PETTENGILL of Hancock.

Sullivan, Oct. 9, by Cyrus Emery, ESq., Mr. Zachariah W. JELLISON to Mrs. Louisa T. CAIN, all of Sullivan.

Gouldsboro, Oct. 9, by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. James WORKMAN to Miss Mary E. HAMMOND, all of Gouldsboro.

Bangor, Oct. 9, by Rev. Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Watson E. PLUMMER to Miss Alice B., daughter of the late Hazen MITCHELL, Esq., all of Bangor.

Bangor, 8th inst., Edward R. AREY to Rose E. WARDWELL, both of Brewer.


U. S. Hospital, Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 3, Augustus B. P., son of R. B. and Cynthia ABBOTT of Hancock, age 21 years, 7 months.

Dover, N.H., Sept. 10, Henry S., son of George W. and Minerva TIBBETTS, age 6 months.

Boston, Sept. 30, on his way from David's Island Hospital to Holden, Reuben GREGG, Jr., Company C, 1st Maine Artillery, 47 years, 5 months.

Bangor, Oct. 3, Lydia G., wife of Capt. William FLOWERS, age 52 years.

Bangor, Oct. 5, Sophia M. BAKER, age 54 years, wife of the late Rev. Varnum Baker.

OCTOBER 21, 1864


Ellsworth, Oct. 15, by L. A. Emery, Esq., Mr. Thomas N. YOUNG of Surry to Miss Julia M. LUNT of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 16th inst., by Rufus Clement, Esq., Rufus E. PAGE of Sedgwick to Miss Mary E. THOMPSON of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Oct. 18, by Rev. N. M. Williams, Markus M. WHITTAKER to Miss Mary A. BARTLETT, all of Ellsworth.

Machias, Oct. 10, Theodore HILL, Jr., late of 6th Maine Volunteers, to Olive A. HILL of Whiting.

Bangor, 16th inst., William A. LIBBY to Leotine L. WARDWELL, both of Brewer.


Brewer, Oct. 16, Thomas DAVIS, Esq., age 75 years.

Gouldsboro, Sept. 29, of diphtheria, Horace Battles , age 5 years, only son of Rufus K. HILL. The subject of this obituary notice was a child of remarkable promise, sedate and thoughtful beyond his years, yet he possessed that winning loveliness of disposition which rendered him the object of the tenderest affection to all who knew him. He was a member of Mr. Hibbard's Sabboth School, from which he was never willingly absent. He frequently talked of heaven, and when dying, his father asked him if he was willing to die, or whether he wished to live, he replied, "I wish to die and go to heaven and live with my mother." Let the hearts of the bereaved mourners be comforted by the reflection that their beloved child so early withered by the chilling hand of death is removed to a better world to join in that multitude of whom Jesus said, "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

OCTOBER 28, 1864


Ellsworth, Oct. 26, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, J. Keller FOSTER of S. Canton, Mass., to Miss Augusta A. WHITTEMORE of E. Machias.

Bangor, 25th inst., Mr. Horace S. DODD of Charlestown, Mass., to Miss Emma L. GUILD, daughter of the late A. P. Guild, Esq. of Bangor.


Blue Hill, 18th inst., Annie Laurie, infant daughter of Elim and Hannah C. BLAGDEN, age 9 months, 3 weeks, 2 days.

Ellsworth, Sept. 14, Mary A., wife of Robert ALEXANDER, age 23 years, 1 month (poem follows.)

NOVEMBER 4, 1864


Balfour Hospital, Va., Oct. 3, of wounds received in battle, Archibald TAGGARD, a member of Company G, 11th Regiment, Maine Volunteers. Mr. Taggard was a native of Manchester, N.H., but at the time of entering the army, and for several years previous, he was a citizen of Ellsworth.

Hancock, 19th inst., Luther Howard, youngest child of Capt. Jeremiah and Sarah WOOSTER, age 1 year, 11 months, 6 days. (Poem follows)

North Sedgewick, 20th inst., of fever, Franklin, third son of Daniel O. THURSTON, age 17.

NOVEMBER 11, 1864


In Ellsworth, Nov. 6, by Rev. N. M. Williams, William P. WOODWARD to Miss Abby M. BARTLETT.

In Trenton, 5th inst., by Rev. W. A. Durfee, Charles F. WALKER to Miss Armenia H. DESISLES, all of Trenton.

In Cornwallis, N.S., Oct. 31, William J. ROSS, photographer of Machias, to Miss Minnie R. BARNABY of Cornwallis.

In Whitneyville, Oct. 29, William PENNELL of Whitneyville to Miss Sara M., daughter of M. H. WILDER, Esq., of Machias.


Balfour Hospital, Va., Oct. 3, of wounds received in battle, Archibald TAGGARD, a member of Company G, 11th Regiment, Maine Volunteers. Mr. Taggard was a native of East Burke, Vermont, but at the time of entering the army, and for several years previous, he was a citizen of Ellsworth. (Incorrectly inserted last week).

San Francisco, Cal., Sept. 26, Lizzie, 5 years, 15 days, daughter of George W. and Evelena BURR, formerly of Brewer.

Machias, Oct. 28, Alexander S., age 16 months, 3 weeks, son of Col. A. S. and Harriet CHADBOURNE.

NOVEMBER 18, 1864


In Hampden, Nov. 9, by Rev. J. K. Mason, L. A. EMERY, Esq. of the law firm of Waterhouse & Emery of Ellsworth, to Miss Anna S. CROSBY of Hampden. (Pass the cake, Lew.)

In Watertown, N.Y., Oct. 31, by Rev. F. Reynolds, Mr. John COLLINS of Burlington, Iowa, to Miss Abby E. BROCK of Bangor, Maine.

In Machiasport, Nov. 5, Lewis S. MESERVE of Machias to Lizzie E. ALLEN of Marshfield.

In Steuben, by Rev. D. B. Byther, B. S. HASKELL, Esq. to Miss Mary S. MOORE, both of Steuben.

In Tremont, Nov. 12, by S. G. Rich, Esq., Sargent Preston A. RICH of 1st Maine Artillery, to Miss Melvina MAYO of Eden.


Worcester, Mass., Nov. 4, Daniel MERRILL, Esq., age 64 years, son of the late Rev. Daniel Merrill of Sedgwick.

Brewer, 13th inst., Mrs. Sarah M., widow of the late Deacon Deodat BRASTOW, age 85 years.

Boston, Nov. 8, Col. William POPE, age 95 years, formerly of East Machias.

Steuben, Oct. 30, Ida F., age 9 years, daughter of Delia A. SHAW and graddaughter of J. D. Parker, Esq.

Steuben, Nov. 3, Emeline P., age 37 years, wife of George G. CLEAVES and daughter of Gen. A. Wakefield.

NOVEMBER 25, 1864


In Ellsworth, Nov. 18, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. David SMITH to Miss Ella M. DAY; and Mr. Charles REAVES to Miss Jane S. LEACH, all of Ellsworth.

In Sedgewick, Aug. 26, Mr. John G. EATON of Sedgewick to Miss Susan Olivia RUSSELL of Brooklin.

In Georgetown, DC, Nov. 8, by Rev. E. T. Brown, Mark H. GREEN of Surry to Miss Marina V. STALLINGS of Georgetown, D.C.

In Boston, 8th inst., by Rev. E. B. Webb, James H. COCHRANS, Esq., Deputy Secretary of State, of Monmouth, to Miss Julia A. ALLEN of Mt. Vernon.


Blue Hill, Oct. 18, Annie Laurie, age 9 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, youngest daughter of Eli N. and Hannah C. BLAGDEN.

Hancock, Oct. 28, Mrs. Maria BRAGDON, widow of Capt. Alfred Bragdon and daughter of Capt. Lemuel Crabtree, age 51 years. A sermon on the occasion was preached by Rev. R. Y. Watson. The subject of this notice experienced religion early in life and ever maintained an unspotted Christian character. In life devoted, in death happy. (Poem follows.)

DECEMBER 2, 1864


In Ellsworth, Nov. 24, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Joseph C. GRAY of Ellsworth to Adelia M. BARTLETT of Ellsworth.

In Sullivan, Nov. 27, by Cyrus Emery, Esq., Elisha F. WHITTAKER of Gouldsboro to Miss Amanda A. BRAGDON of Sullivan.

In Charlestown, Mass., Nov. 15, Benjamin F. BRADBURY OF Bangor to Sarah H. WOODMAN of Charlestown.

In Eden, Thanksgiving Day, by L. J. Thomas, Esq., George HAYNES of Trenton to Miss Catherine ROBINSON of Trenton.

In Bangor, 23 inst., Oliver M. NICKERSON of Brewer to Miss Clara A. BABCOCK of Brewer.

In Brewer Village, 24th inst., Judah B. HODGES of Orrington to Miss Flora A. SNOW of Orrington.


In Dedham, Nov. 25, of consumption, Orange P. MANN, son of Michael and Wealtha Mann, age 17 years, 9 months, 6 days; member of Company H, 31st Maine Regiment.

In Bangor, Nov. 26, John LYNCH of Ellsworth, at the Soldier's Rest; member of Company C, 1st Maine Artillery.

In Bangor, Nov. 27, Mr. George FITTS, age 80 years.

In Bangor, Nov. 26, Moses PATTEN, age 92 years, 3 months, 17 days.

DECEMBER 9, 1864


In Ellsworth, Dec. 1, by Rev. S. Tenney, Henry C. HASTINGS of Ellsworth to Eliza A. BONZEY of Ellsworth.

In Gouldsboro, 4th, by H. H. Soule, Esq., Abner J. PETTOE of Sullivan to Sophia H. BEAN of Sullilvan.

In Cherryfield, 11th, by Rev. Mr. Morefield, Joseph C. LEWIS, Esq. of Cherryfield to Miss Sarah S. SWEENEY, adopted daughter of Col. Joseph and Mrs. Abby N. Adams of Cherryfield.

In Machias, Nov. 29, W. H. PHINNEY to Miss Emma J., only daughter of John INGLEE, Esq.

In Brewer, 1st, by Prof. Harris, William SAVAGE of Brewer to Miss L. Maria BURR of Brewer.


In Elizabethport, NJ, Capt. Henry JORDAN of Ellsworth, age 26 years. He was standing between 2 coal cars at the time, and his attention being called to his vessel in the harbor,the rear car was pressed against him by an incoming train. He survived but 4 hours after the accident. The accident occurred on the 30th ult.

In Rockland, November 19, of pulmonary consumption, George W. THACHER, Esq., counsellor at law, age 50 years.

DECEMBER 16, 1864


In Ellsworth, Dec. 11, by Rev. S. Tenney, Henry FOX of Waltham to Miss Lucretia HILL of Ellsworth.

In Gouldsboro, 7th, by U. M. Soule, Esq., Asa P. YOUNG of Gouldsboro to Miss Almena H. JOHNSON of Sullivan.


In Ellsworth, 12th inst, Henry BOWERS, age 84 years, 11 months.

In Trenton, Nov. 21, Rachael, wife of Deacon Simeon MILLIKEN, age 88 years.

In Trenton, 2d inst., Deacon Simeon MILLIKEN, age 85 years, 6 months

Trenton, 12th inst., very suddenly, Charity, wife of Capt. Hosea HODGDON, approximately 42 years.

Trenton, Nov. 19, Samuel A. HARPER, age 59 years.

Cherryfield, 3d inst., Elvira D, wife of Jeremiah O. NICHOLS, age 60 years.

DECEMBER 23, 1864


In Brewer, Dec. 2, by Wm. Morgan, Esq., Elijah E. HUSSEY of Ellsworth to Miss Sophia A. COTTLE of Ellsworth.

In E. Trenton, Nov. 12, by Rev. W. A. Durfee, Thomas J. FULLERTON of Ellsworth to Miss Lydia J. HODGKINS of Trenton.


Hancock, Dec. 10, Tyler CLARK, 10 years, and Dec. 11, Frank Otis CLARK, 6 years, 8 months, only sons of William and Susan J. Clark.

Trenton, Dec. 17, John HARDEN, age 86 years, 11 months, 7 days.

Bangor, 18th last, Sarah S., wife of Samuel B. STONE, age 61 years.

Bangor, l7th, Thomas A. HILL, Esq., age 81 years.

Eddington, 18th inst., of diphtheria, Sarah Bates, daughter of R. B. and Lucinda PACK, age 15 years, 5 months 12 days.

Bucksport, Dec. 4, Elizabeth W., widow of the late Joseph R. FOLSOM, age 71.

DECEMBER 30, 1864


In Ellsworth, Christmas Eve, at residence of bride's father, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Albert W. CASHMAN OF Ellsworth to Susie E., eldest daughter of Henry WHITING, Esq.

In W. Eden, 18th, by D. P. Macyes, Esq., Edwin M. HIGGINS OF Eden, who has served his country 3 years in the 1st Maine Cavalry, to Miss Julia A. BROWN of Mt. Desert.

In Machias, Dec. 24th, by Rev. B. F. Chase, _?_H. HANSCOM to Miss Ida SMITH, all of Machias.

In Cherryfield, 11th inst., by Rev. J. Williams, Mr. George EMERY to Miss Caroline R. RICKER.

In Addison, 10th, by Rev. G. I. Adams, Arthur LEIGHTON to Miss Louisa M. DONOVAN.


The Rebel prison at Andersonville, Georgia, Aug. last, George Godfrey GAY, age 21, member of Company G, 21 Mass. Heavy Artillery, eldest son of Rev. George Gay, late of Steuben.

JANUARY 6, 1865


In E. Trenton, Dec. 31, by Rev. W. A. Durfee, James G. BUNKER of Trenton to Miss Emma J. YOUNG of Trenton.

In Franklin, by N. A. Swan, Esq., Francis T. BUNKER of Franklin to Lucy A. LAMPSON OF Franklin.


Drowned at sea off Cape Cod, Dec. 4, from the brig George Amos, William H. COLLINS of Isle au Haut, age 21 years.

Isle au Haut, of diphtheria, Dec. 10, Sarah STAPLES, age 24 years; Dec. 11, Frederick, age 4 years -- wife and child of Arno Staples; also Dec. 11, Abigail ROBINSON, of the same disease, sister of the above and daughter of Capt. Spencer Robinson, age 26 years.

JANUARY 13, 1865


Ellsworth, 8th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Edwin BONZEY of Ellsworth to Miss Hannah COUSINS of Trenton.

West Eden, 8th inst., by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Mr. John H. BURR to Miss Ladora A. PRAY, both of Eden.

Eden, 31st ult., by L. J. Thomas, Esq., Capt. Ansel H. LELAND to Miss Chastena M. HAMOR, all of M.

Mt. Desert, Jan. 3, by the Rev. J. A. Plummer, Mr. Joseph P. SOUTHARD to Miss Elizabeth J. JORDAN.

Gouldsboro, 5th inst., by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. Charles BLANCE to Miss Mary P. CLARK.


Eden, 2nd inst., very suddenly, Mr. Jason WASGATT, age 65 years.

Mariaville, Jan. 9, Alphonzo SMITH, age 16 years, 8 months, son of the late Jonathan Smith.

JANUARY 20, 1865


Hancock, Jan. 8, Mr. Rufus H. YOUNG to Miss Martha S. PERRY, all of Hancock.

Tremont, Christmas Eve, by Rev. Lemuel Norton, at the residence of the bride's father, Capt. Ephram H. PRAY of Mt. Desert to Miss Andora CARVER of Tremont.

Deer Isle, Nov. 24, 1864, Capt. Thaddeus GROSS to Miss Eunice M. GREENLAW, both of Deer Isle.

Oceanville, Jan. 3, by B. S. Wood, Esq., Mr. Leonidas CLARK to Miss Lucy W. FINNEY, all of Oceanville.


Ellsworth, Jan. 17, Eli W. GARLAND, age 71 years.

Mt. Desert, Jan. 9, John WHITCOMB, age 59 years.

Sullivan, Jan. 1, Joshua DYER, age 82 years.

Nov. 9, 1864, in Harwood Hospital, Washington, of chronic diarrhea, Alfred E. ORCUTT of Company G, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, age nearly 18 years. He helped fight 16 battles and 6 skirmishes, was converted on the battlefield, and passed away happy in the presence of his mother who visited and attended him in his last sickness. His remains lie in the ladies' beautiful cemetery in Franklin.

JANUARY 27, 1865


Brooklin, by Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. Albina H. CARTER of Blue Hill to Miss Eunice M. CARTER of Brooklin.


Ellsworth, 20th inst., of typhoid pneumonia, Louisa H., wife of Charles HAYNES, age 56 years, 7 months.

Blue Hill, Jan. 15, Mrs. Eunice HERRICK, wife of John J. Herrick, age about 40 years.

Blue Hill, Jan. 21, Miss Ann CANDAGE, age 19 years.

Penobscot, Jan. 19, Mr. Abner GRAY, age 84 years.

Sedgwick, Dec. 25, of erysipelas, Nathan ALLEN, age 62.

Brewer, 17th inst., Maj. John HILFERTY, age 62 years.

FEBRUARY 3, 1865


Franklin, Jan. 19, by the Rev. B. F. Stinson, Capt. James R. WORSTER to Miss Harriet J. SPRINGER, both of Franklin.


Sullivan, 26th ult., of paralysis, Rachel BEAN, age 27 years.

Bangor, 31st ult., Albert F., son of Albert and C. A. SMITH, age 18 years.

FEBRUARY 10, 1865


Tremont, Jan. 10, by Rev. J. A. Plummer, Mr. Thomas MILAN to Miss Ellen Maria LURVEY, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Feb. 2, Sarah Perkins, daughter of Wales E. and Elmira C. PACKARD, age 10 years, 5 months.

Tremont, Jan. 16, Miss Clara H. HIGGINS, age about 22 years.

In Jarvis Hospital, Baltimore, 4th ult., John Marshall STEVENS, a native of Baltimore but a resident of Gorham, Maine, and only son of Capt. Ignatius Stevens formerly of Eden, age 20 years, 10 months. He had served 3 years in the 2nd Maine Battery.

FEBRUARY 17, 1865


Searsport, Jan. 26, by Elder Pratt, H. T. HADLOCK, Esq. of Bucksport to Alexene L., daughter of Daniel GOODALE, Esq. of Searsport.

Eden, 11th inst., by L. J. Thomas, Esq., Mr. Elihu Thomas HAMOR to Miss Isaphene BREWER, all of Eden.

Bangor, 13th inst., by the Rev. C. C. Everett, Capt. George A. BATCHELDER of Boston to Sarah J., daughter of the Hon. Hannibal HAMLIN.

Brewer, 9th inst., Mr. Ezra L. STEARNS to Miss Lucia M. HILFERTY, both of Brewer.

Winterport, Feb. 7, Mr. Joshua HASKELL, II of Deer Isle to Miss Eliza A. HARDY of Frankfort.

Jonesport, Jan. 21, by Rev. J. Williams, Charles W. TRACY of Gouldsboro to Miss Lucy W. LEIGHTON of Jonesport.


Passed from earth to a better land, Jan. 17, Eli W. GARLAND of Ellsworth, age 70 years, 11 months. An appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Fletcher on the occasion of his funeral. (Some narrative omitted.)

Gouldsboro, Miss Elizabeth WHITTIER of Steuben, age 17 years.

Brewer, Jan. 27, Mary A., daughter of Eben S. DYER, formerly of Steuben, age 21 years.

Mr. Eugene F. GREEN departed this life Dec. 30, 1864, age 22 years, 4 months. His disease was typhoid and lung fever. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Green of Surry. He was an obedient son and affectionate brother. This is the second son these heart-stricken parents have been called to consign to the dust within a few months, one of whom was slain in one of those terrible charges made by the glorious 18th Heavy Artillery before Petersburg last summer. Another of those noble boys is now serving in the army. May God bless these noble and truly patriotic parents, kind brothers, and especially the only daughter who almost refuses to be comforted. Eugene's funeral was attended by a large concourse of friends and citizens. The Sons of Temperance honored him with their presence in full regalia. (Additional narrative omitted.)

FEBRUARY 24, 1865


Ellsworth, Feb. 16, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. William W. HOOPER and Miss Mary E. WILBUR, all of Franklin.

Bucksport, 11th inst., Capt. Leonard B. PRATT and Miss Eva H. ATWOOD.

Rockland, 5th inst., William H. PETTE and Miss Amanda CLARK.

Rockland, 10th, Jeremiah ABBOTT of Mt. Desert and Miss Abby F. JOHNSON of Rockland.


Gouldsboro, Jan. 21, Mrs. Abigail HANDY, age 87 years, nearly.

Portland, 15th inst., suddenly, David HODSDON, age 55 years, 8 months.

Portland, 16th inst., of dropsy, Mary E., wife of Capt. Harden TUCKER, age 27 years, 6 months.

Drowned in California, Dec. 4, Francis S. BONSEY of Ellsworth, age 31 years. (poem follows)

MARCH 3, 1865 - No marriages or deaths published.

MARCH 10, 1865


Ellsworth, Mar. 1, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, George A. DYER, Esq., Register of Probate for Hancock County, to H. Anna WAKEFIELD of Franklin.

Ellsworth, 8th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, John B. FRAZIER of Company G, 8th Maine Volunteers, to Miss Melissa J. SMITH, all of Ellsworth.

Sullivan, Feb. 22, by W. R. McCrate, Esq., Capt. William RAND of Gouldsboro to Mrs. Mariam ROBINSON of Sullivan.

North Sedgwick, Mar. 4, by Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. Nathan P. WILSON to Miss Mary J. HANSCOMB, all of Sedgwick.


Sullivan, Feb. 25, Abby D., infant daughter of Richard and Ellen B. McCRATE.

Gouldsboro, Mar. 3, Susie, daughter of George A. and Mary CLARK, age 11 years.

MARCH 17, 1865


Tremont, Feb. 12, by W. W. A. Heath, Esq., Mr. Augustus GORDES of St. Malo, France, to Miss Arvilda Melissa REED of Tremont.

Gouldsboro, 12th inst., by H. M. Soule, Esq., Lt. Eli H. BUNKER of Gouldsboro to Miss Rhoda E. STEPHENS of Steuben.

Blue Hill, Mar. 6, by the Rev. S. Bowker, Lemuel E. D. PETERS, Esq. to Miss Sarah WESCOTT.

Surry, Mar. 12, by the Rev. H. Haws, George A. WILSON to Miss Sarah H. GRANT, all of Surry.

Surry, Feb. 15, by the Rev. H. Haws, Moses P. WOOD to Miss Margaret H. TREWORGY, both of Surry.

Franklin, Mar. 11, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Markus M. URANN of Sullivan to Miss Chestina E. BLAISDELL of Franklin.

Sedgwick, by J. M. Allen, Esq., James W. PAGE, a member of Company H, 9th Maine Regiment, to Miss Abby A. HERRICK of Blue Hill.


North Sedgwick, 9th inst., Addie, only child of Alvan B. ALLEN, age 16 1/2 months.

Eastport, Mar. 8, Melville F. COLSON, a member of the 7th New Hampshire Regiment, age 20 years, 9 months.

Lisbon, Maine, 25th ult., Capt. Steven PINKHAM, brother of the Rev. E. Pinkham, age 71 years.

MARCH 24, 1865


Franklin, Feb. 25, by N. A. Swan, Esq., Capt. Curtis E. PETTINGILL to Miss Maria A. THOMPSON, all of Franklin.

Franklin, Mar. 2, by N. A. Swan, Esq., Mr. Luther B. GOODWIN of Surry to Miss Edna E. YOUNG of Franklin.


Ellsworth, 21st inst., Mr. Francis REDMAN, age 90 years, 4 months.

Sullivan, 16th inst., Capt. William MILLER, age 80 years.

Castine, 12th inst., Mrs. Hannah B., widow of the late Doty LITTLE, Esq., age 85 years, 3 months.

MARCH 31, 1865


Brewer Village, Mar. 24, Mr. William J. HART to Miss Mary H. GOWAN, both of Holden.


West Brooksville, Mar. 24 (?), at the residence of her father, Elizabeth L., wife of Capt. George H. TAPLEY and daughter of Deacon David and Abigail Wasson.

Mt. Desert, Feb. 1, of consumption, Samuel T. SAVAGE, 2nd Lt., Company C, 1st Maine Artillery, age 23 years, 9 months, son of Capt. John Savage.

Orrington Centre, Mar. 27, of diphtheria, E. M. MAGOON, age 14 years.

APRIL 7, 1865


At Lewes, Del., Mar. 5, Philander JORDAN, son of Nahum and Julia A. Jordan of Trenton, 1st mate of the brig Rowlerson of Boston, age 26 years.

Ellsworth, 1st inst., after a lingering illness of 2 years, Victoria, wife of Capt. Alden H. BELATTY and daughter of the late Edward Beal, Esq. (Narrative omitted.)

Died, Mar. 16, 1865, on board the United States gunboat Lenapee, Wilmington, N.C., age 31 years, 6 months, 10 days, Francis DELAITTRE of Ellsworth, Maine. He was mustered into naval service at Portland on the 30th of April '65 (actual date in newspaper notice; perhaps '63 or '64?). After remaining a while on board the receiving ship Ohio, was drafted for service on board the U.S. ship Brooklyn lying in Boston harbor. On the 20th of August he sailed for Hampton Roads and remained there until Admiral Porter sailed for Fort Fisher. After the first attack made upon the fort, the Brooklyn anchored at Beaufort and there made readiness for a second attack. After the capture of Fort Fisher, the Brooklyn, badly injured, returned to Hampton Roads. About that time the gunboat Lenapee was in want of 28 men; that number volunteered from the Brooklyn, among them Mr. Delaittre. They soon sailed for Wilmington, and Mr. Delaittre took part in the important battle by means of which Wilmington came into our possession. The friends at home were soon cheered by a letter reporting that he had gone through the fight unharmed and expressing much thankfulness to God that his life had been spared and that his health was never better. This was on the 27th of Feburary; in 18 days he had taken his departure into the other world. Sickness was caused by the use of the river water which has induced fatal disease in the bowels, the case of so many of our Northern soldiers. (Additional narrative omitted.)

APRIL 14, 1865


South Boston, Mar. 24, William H. WEST of Machias to Miss Annie L. CLARK of Columbia.

San Francisco, Jan. 15, Chernel DESISLES formerly of Trenton, Maine, to Miss Frances EMORY of Eden, Maine.


Elizabeth, N.J., 2nd inst., at the house of her son-in-law, Mr. William H. Little, Mrs. Abigail COBB, widow of the late Thomas Cobb, Esq. of Castine, age 86 years, 2 months, 4 days. Her remains were brought to Calais for interment.

Nevada, Feb. 2, of smallpox, Francis DESISLES, Esq., age 31 years, 5 months, 3 days. (See corrected notice next issue.)

Sherman, Mar. 28, Capt. Edward SINCLAIR, age 73 years. Deceased was born in Surry and emigrated from Blue Hill to Sherman in 1859. He has furnished 3 sons for the army; one died from wounds received before Petersburg, one is in the navy, and the other is in the 30th Maine Volunteers.

Hancock, Dec. 1, 1864, Abby, age about 10 years, daughter of W. S. HODGKINS.

Hancock, Apr. 5, Margaret J., age 19 years, 10 months, daughter of W. S. HODGKINS. (poem follows)

APRIL 21, 1865


North Sedgwick, 9th inst., by the Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. John STAPLES of Sedgwick, late of the 13th Maine Regiment of Volunteers, to Miss Augusta E. HOLMES of Tremont. On the 9th of April, 1864, Mr. Staples lost his right arm at the battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, and laid all night in the battlefield.

Columbia Falls, April 8, Joseph M. TIBBETS of Columbia to Miss Josephene A. HAMMOND of Franklin.


Chicago, Ill., Mar. 27, George Francis, only child of George M. and Anna K. INGERSOL, age 6 years, 1 months, 5 days.

Nevada, Feb. 2, of smallpox, Chernel DESISLES, age 31 years, 5 months, 3 days; son of Francis Desisles, Esq. of Trenton, Maine. (Incorrect last week)

APRIL 28, 1865


Sullivan, Apr. 15, by W. B. McCrate, Esq., Mr. Wooster SMITH of Rockland to Miss Georgeanna PHILBROOK of Sullivan.

Mt. Desert, Apr. 18, by the Rev. J. A. Plummer, Mr. John CLEMENT to Miss Cedelia W. JORDAN, both of Mt. Desert.

East Trenton, Apr. 23, by the Rev. W. A. Durfee, Mr. Artemus C. BERRY of Hancock to Miss Adell M. YOUNG of Trenton.

Franklin, 22nd inst., by the Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. George H. GORDON of Franklin to Miss Altany DYER of Waltham.


Bucksport, Apr. 18, Mr. Eldad ATWOOD, age 72 years, 9 months.

Somesville, Mt. Desert, 12th inst., Miss Emma F., daughter of Abram SOMES, Esq., age 22 years. (Narrative omitted.)

Hancock, 14th inst., Capt. Eliphalet PETTINGALL, age 72 years, 9 months. He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Hancock. His last sickness was somewhat protracted. (Additional narrative omitted.)

Also, 17th inst., Ann B., wife of Dr. John D. LINDSEY, age 95 years.

MAY 5, 1865


Mariaville, May 3, Emeline A. SMITH, age 14 years, daughter of the late Jonathan Smith.

Orrington, Apr. 30, of lung fever, Capt. David PIERCE, age 76 years.

Ellsworth, Apr. 11, Miss Sarah E. LUNT, age 26 years, 4 months, 24 days. (poem follows)

Manchester, N.H., Mar. 21, Miss Hattie J. BATCHELDER, daughter of the Rev. T. and C. T. Batchelder of Hancock, Maine, age 18 years, 11 months, 15 days. In July, 1864, she with two of her sisters was baptized by the Rev. A. W. Chappin of Manchester and united with the Second Baptist Church in that city. (Additional narrative omitted.)

MAY 12, 1865


Ellsworth, May 6, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Robert S. HAMILTON to Miss Helen G. McFARLAND, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, May 7, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Joseph A. JOY to Miss Lucy ROYAL, both of Ellsworth.

North Sedgwick, 4th inst., by Rev. L. S. Tripp, Capt. Grenville P. CLAPP of Middleboro, Mass., to Eliza H., daughter of Deacon Isaac M. ALLEN of North Sedgwick.

Cherryfield, 29th ult., by the Rev. James Williams, Mr. Stephen W. FOSTER of Franklin to Miss Louisa F. FICKETT of Cherryfield.


Machias, Apr. 30, Mrs. Hannah O. HATHAWAY, age 57 years.

Eastport, May 2, Samuel WHIPLEY, age 57 years.

Waltham, May 4, Mr. Joseph FOX, age 42 years, 10 months. He was a tender father and an affectionate husband. He left a wife and 5 children. (Other narrative omitted.)

Ellsworth, April 30, Charles Leonard, eldest son of John P. and Mary E. LANGDON, age 22 years, 10 months. Young Langdon last summer entered the naval service of the United States. Smitten down before many months by disease, he was sent from the Gault Squadron to the hospital at New Orleans where for many weeks he endured great suffering. From thence he was sent to New York. Resting there for a while, his wasted form was finally brought to that home which a few months before he had left so full of life and promise. There he lingered for a few weeks in great weakness and pain. While his friends feel that God has mingled for them a bitter cup, they also feel that He has graciously sweetened it. Far away from his home, weak and suffering, he found kind friends everywhere. In New Orleans, Miss Eaton, formerly of Ellsworth, sought him out and rendered to him all sisterly kindliness. In New York, C. Peters, Esq. took him to his home with characteristic kindness, and with his family did all that was possible to cheer and to save him. (Additional narrative omitted.)

MAY 19, 1865


Ellsworth, May 15, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Edward B. COOK of Ellsworth to Miss Maranda E. GAY of Milbridge.

Ellsworth, Apr. 24, by the Rev. R. Cole, Trederick M. AUSTIN of Trenton to Miss Amanda A. RICH of Hancock.

Columbia, 13th inst., by L. Leighton, II, Esq., Mr. Peter BUTLER of Eastbrook to Miss Laura A. NASH of Columbia.

West Eden, 16th inst., by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Mr. William G. LURVEY to Miss Adelia GOTT, all of Eden.


Hancock, 16th inst., Miss Mehitabel R. GRAY, formerly of Sedgwick, age 71 years, 7 months.

Jonesboro, 10th inst., Z. M. HALL, age 70 years.

Eastport, 5th inst., Sarah A., wife of Joseph GUNNISON, Esq., age 59 years.

Bangor, 10th inst., Mr. Timothy FIELD, age 32 years.

Indian Island, Old Town, 8th inst., Lt. Gov. John NEPTUNE, age 100 years.

Killed at the battle of Petersburg, Mar. 25, Cpl. Peter PHILLIPS of Company F, 1st Maine Veteran Volunteers, age 19 years, 10 months, 23 days. He enlisted Mar. 20, 1864, a son of Nathan and Nancy J. Phillips of North Ellsworth.

MAY 26, 1865


East Trenton, 20th inst., by Rev. W. A. Durfee, Mr. William L. MILES to Miss Julia A. HIGGINS, both of Hancock.

Blue Hill, 19th inst., by the Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. Leonard LONG to Miss Lauretta D. BROWN, both of Orland.

Ellsworth, May 20, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. William R. KING to Miss Clara C. REYNOLDS, both of Trenton.


New Bedford, Mass., May 12, Joseph Henry, only child of Mr. J. Proctor SNOW, age 18 years, 5 months.

Calais, 6th inst., Harriet J., wife of Joseph GRANGER, Esq., age 66 years.

Oceanville, May 17, Deborah D., daughter of Capt. Lemuel WHITMORE, age 24 years.

JUNE 2, 1865


Boston, 24th, by the Rev. Dr. Neale, Mr. H. Oliver ANDREWS of Boston to Frances A., daughter of L. J. THOMAS, Esq. of Eden, Maine.


Eastbrook, Apr. 12, Alma W., wife of John L. DEMEYER and daughter of Walter And Phebe Haslam of Waltham. (Narrative omitted.)

JUNE 9, 1865


Bucksport, May 14, by W. H. Pilsbury, Esq., Mr. Charles B. VEAZIE of Bangor to Miss Adeline R. PILSBURY of Bucksport.

East Machias, May 3, Eben D. LOTHROP of Cherryfield to Miss S. Augusta CHALONER of East Machias.

Bangor, June 3, by Rev. T. B. Tupper, Mr. James T. RICHARDSON to Miss Emma F. ROBERTS, both of Aurora.

Bangor, 31st ult., by Rev. C. C. Everett, Hon. James S. BROWN of Milwaukee to Emily J., daughter of the Hon. Charles STETSON of Bangor.


Ellsworth, May 31, at the residence of I. H. Thomas, Esq., Mr. Prescott P. CUNNINGHAM, age 37 years, 4 months.

Machias, May 26, Henrietta L., daughter of Henry R. and Amelia N. TAYLOR.

Dixmont, May 25, David SIMPSON, Esq., 79 years, 10 months, 4 days.

Newport, June 4, Dr. W. R. BENSON, surgeon, U.S.A.

JUNE 16, 1865


Orland, June 7, by the Rev. Walter W. Darling, Mr. William T. EMERSON to Clara M., daughter of Nathan POWERS, Esq., all of Orland.

West Eden, June 11, by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Mr. George B. HAMOR to Miss Lucy A. HAMOR, both of Eden.

Blue Hill, June 10, by the Rev. J. F. Everleth, Mr. Chesley E. PERKINS of Penobscot to Miss Carrie DODGE of Blue Hill.

Bucksport, June 10, by the Rev. W. H. Crawford, Mr. Davis B. DOUGLAS to Miss Priscilla D. ATWOOD, all of Bucksport.


Melrose, Mass., June 1, Capt. Seth ROGERS of Shirley, age 55 years, 10 months, formerly of Brewer.

JUNE 23, 1865


Ellsworth, 17th inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Henry B. McGOWN to Miss Harriet A. FRAZIER, all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 18th, by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. H. H. EMERSON to Miss Adelaide KENT, both of Ellsworth.

Hancock, 16th inst., by Rowland Young, Esq., Mr. Moses MOORE to Catherine Ann TREWORGY, both of Ellsworth. (See correction July 7 edition.)

Tremont, May 28, by Benjamin Sawyer, Esq., Mr. George B. GALLEY to Miss Lorenza O. HARPER, all of Tremont.

Otis, June 14, by A. M. Blaisdell, Esq., Benjamin FRAZIER to Mary S. WRIGHT.

Eden, 15th inst., by L. J. Thomas, Esq., Capt. Nathan KING of Trenton to Mrs. Hannah B. RICHARDSON of Eden.


Orland, June 13, Sarah H., wife of Dr. W. C. COLLINS, age 29 years.

Franklin, June 14, Nancy, wife of Deacon David HADLEY, age 60 years, 3 months. She was a loving, devoted wife and mother. (Additional narrative omitted.) (poem follows)

JUNE 30, 1865


Cherryfield, Arthur TIBBETS of Addison to Miss Mary L. THOMPSON of Cherryfield.

Cherryfield, Mr. John FARRELL and Miss Maggie DONOVON, both of Cherryfield.


Bucksport, 17th inst., Col. James D. PARKER, age 71 years.

JULY 7, 1865


Ellsworth, July 1, by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. George W. GREY to Miss Lucretia J. BARTLETT, all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 3rd inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Levi W. BENNETT to Miss Eliza A. LORD, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 3rd inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Silas I. GRANT to Miss Emily P. HILL, both of Ellsworth.

Blue Hill, July 1, by the Rev. S. Bowker, Rodolphus W. OSGOOD to Miss Mary A. WYMAN, all of Blue Hill.

Hancock, 10th ult., by O. W. Young, Esq., Mr. Moses MOON of Ellsworth to Mrs. Catherine S. TREWORGY of Surry. (Incorrectly reported two weeks ago.)

North Sedgwick, June 29, by Rev. L. S. Tripp, Lt. William B. SAWYER, late of the 19th Maine Regiment, to Miss Abbie F. PALMER of Sedgwick.


Hancock, June 16, Cedelia H., wife of Seneca REMICK and daughter of Elliot and Prudence HOGDKINS, age 24 years. (poem follows)

JULY 14, 1865


Ellsworth, June 25, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. George GARLAND of Ellsworth to Miss Betsy M. READ of Mt. Desert.

Ellsworth, July 10, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Charles W. JELLISON to Miss Mary E. HAMILTON, both of Ellsworth.

West Eden, July 2, by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Mr. Charles E. DAVIS of Eden to Miss Elizabeth M. J. KAVANAUGH of St. John, Newfoundland.

Bangor, July 4, by the Rev. T. B. Tupper, Mr. William S. HOLMES of Tremont to Miss Evelyn F. KEEN of Fairfield.

Machias, July 10, Mr. William A. ELDERKIN to Miss Georgeanna A. MANNING.

East Trenton, July 8, by the Rev. William A. Durfee, Mr. Edward J. HAYNES to Miss Martha H. REMICK, both of Trenton.


Ellsworth, July 9, very suddenly, Almira, wife of John D. HOPKINS, Esq., age 42 years, 5 months.

Sedgwick, June 9, Mrs. Mary R. HOOPER, age 44 years. She was an esteemed member of the First Baptist Church in Sedgwick.

Old Town, July 3, Mr. John OAKES, age 82 years, formerly a resident of Brewer.

JULY 21, 1865


Ellsworth, July 15, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Eben E. WALLS to Miss Mary A. MOORE, both of Trenton.

Conway, N.H., Tuesday, July 18, by the Rev. Mr. Slason, Mr. John DeLAITTRE of Murphys, Calif., to Clara T., daughter of William K. EASTMAN, Esq. of Conway.

Oceanville, June 27, by Thomas Warren, Esq., William W. SMALL to Miss Susan F. CROCKETT.

Oceanville, June 28, Jeremiah GREENLAW to Miss Sarah H. GROSS., both of Deer Isle.

Oceanville, July 4, Capt. Francis E. GRAY to Miss Margaret HOLDEN, both of Deer Isle.

Bucksport, by Parker Tuck, Esq., Mr. Charles A. DESMAZES of Chelsea, Mass., to Miss Elizabeth E., daughter of Samuel W. HEWEY, Esq. of Bucksport.

Cherryfield, July 6, by the Rev. James Williams, Joseph L. HARMAN of Searsport to Miss Mary Emma BURNHAM of Cherryfield.

Machiasport, June 14, Horatio BUMPUS of Hebron to Miss Georgeanna ALBEE of East Machias.

Steuben, July 4, James LEIGHTON to Miss Louisa PINKHAM.


Oceanville, Sarah, wife of Capt. Lemuel WHITMORE.

Cairo, Ill., June 19, Rev. Benjamin D. HENRY, formerly of Brooksville, age 40 years.

Brooksville, June 25, Mrs. Annie E. HENRY, wife of Sewall B. Henry, age 20 years, 3 months.

Blue Hill, July 3, Lemuel S. OSGOOD, age 77 years; also, on the 10th, Leonard CLOUGH, age 64 years. These men have always lived in this town, were esteemed and valued citizens. They have been members of the Congregational Church for many years. Mr. Osgood died on his 77th birthday.

JULY 28, 1865


Gouldsboro, July 4, by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. George S. STEWART of Cherryfield to Miss Carrie LEIGHTON of Milbridge.

Gouldsboro, 22nd inst., by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. William H. MAYNELL to Miss Eveline W. TRACEY, both of Cherryfield.

Bucksport, July 15, by the Rev. Mr. Crawford, Mr. David B. SMITH to Miss Elvira J. LOWELL, all of Bucksport.

Bucksport, July 22, by the Rev. Mr. Hutchinson, William P. SQUIRE of Ellsworth to Miss Lucinda B. BAKER of Bucksport.

AUGUST 4, 1865


Surry, July 1, at the Baptist parsonage, by the Rev. H. Hawes, Mr. John E. CLARK of Surry to Miss Teresa E. JORDAN of Ellsworth.

Surry, Aug. 2, by the Rev. H. Hawes, Mr. Francis M. WILLINS of Blue Hill to Miss Adelia A. HUTCHINGS of Surry.

East Trenton, July 30, by the Rev. William A. Durfee, Mr. Hartford A. MURCH to Miss Clara Y. POMROY, both of Trenton.

Machias, July 29, by the Rev. S. F. Chase, Bigelow L. LONGFELLOW to Miss Christiana MUNSON, all of Machias.

Machias, July 22, by the Rev. S. F. Chase, William H. McCABE to Miss Elwilda KILTON.

Machias, 23rd, by the Rev. S. F. Chase, Edward W. ALLEN of Gouldsboro to Miss Amelia B. HOLWAY of Machias.

AUGUST 11, 1865


Ellsworth, Aug. 8, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Edward O. WALKER of Ellsworth to Miss Mary E. EMERSON of Orland.

Franklin, by N. A. Swan, Esq., Mr. Amon S. GOOGINS to Miss Isabella W. HASLAM, both of Waltham.

North Sedgwick, Aug. 2, by the Rev. L. S. Tripp, Lt. Joseph B. BABSON, late of the 19th Maine Volunteers, to Miss Martha K., daughter of Rev. L. BRADFORD, both of Brooklin.

Machias, Aug. 2, by the Rev. Mr. Baker of East Machias, Edward M. VINTON of Boston to Helen J., daughter of N. M. GARDNER, Esq., of Machias.

Columbia Falls, July 6, Joseph M. BARTON of Centerville to Mrs. Caroline C. COYLE of Columbia Falls.

Machiasport, July 19, Charles A. THOMPSON to Miss Sophia G. THAXTER, both of Machias.

Tremont, June 29, by W. A. Heath, Esq., Mr. Charles A. FLINT to Miss Hattie M. YOUNG of Tremont.

Holden, July 29, by the Rev. J. K. Deering, Mr. Henry N. WISE and Mrs. Elizabeth PREBLE, both of Amherst, Maine.


Thomaston, July 10, Capt. George ROBINSON, age 81 years, 3 months.

Hancock, 25th ult., Mrs. Sarah, wife of Melatiah J. YOUNG, age 82 years.

Bangor, Aug. 5, Albert SMITH, Esq., age 50 years, 6 months, 2 days.

Machias, Aug. 3, Sarah L., wife of E. L. HUSON, age 44 years, 6 months.

Whitneyville, July 27, Elizabeth, wife of Robert McREAVY, age 67 years, 6 months, 11 days.

Cherryfield, July 31, Mrs. Ann LYNCH, age 84 years.

Cherryfield, Mr. Job SMITH, age 82 years.

Burlington, Vt., July 31, Mrs. Mary J. TISDALE, age 58 years, wife of Seth Tisdale, Esq. of this village. Mrs. Tisdale was the daughter of the late Jonathan Chamberlain, Esq. of this place. She was born and has always lived in this village. It seems sad that she could not have died in her own home surrounded by the friends who loved her tenderly, but Providence otherwise determined. Some weeks since, in the company of her husband, Mrs. Tisdale left her home to visit her sister and brothers in the distant West. Having accomplished this long cherished purpose, on her return she was taken sick with a fever at Burlington, Vermont. Her sickness did not seem severe and no special apprehensions of a fatal termination were felt until the day before her death when fatal symptoms of a disease of the heart were manifested. (Additional narrative omitted.)

AUGUST 18, 1865


Blue Hill, 10th inst., by Rev. S. Bowker, William H. DARLING of Enfield to Miss Sarah M. DARLING of Blue Hill.


Bucksport, Aug. 9, Hattie S., daughter of W. H. and M. E. DARLING, age 2 years, 6 months.

AUGUST 25, 1865


Waltham, July 22, by Calvin Kingman, Esq., A. F. BURNHAM, Esq. of Ellsworth, formerly of Bridgton, to Miss Linda C. WHITTLE of Greenwood.

Amherst, July 9, by A. Backus, Esq., Mr. Charles M. SMITH to Miss Elmira A. RAUKIN, both of Amherst.

Amherst, Aug. 13, by A. Backus, Esq., Mr. George A. CLARRY to Miss Ruth A. WILLIAMS, both of Plantation #33.

Amherst, Aug. 16, by A. Backus, Esq., Mr. Jeremiah SHOREY of Deblois to Miss Electa T. KEITH of Old Town.

Eldora, Iowa, 1st inst., by His Honor Judge Parker, Mr. Allen MEADER, Jr. to Miss Calista WATTS, both of Ellsworth.

Brooklin, 19th inst., by Rev. L. S. Tripp, Capt. William F. FOSS of Hancock to Miss Frances V. CLOSSON of Brooklin.


Ellsworth Falls, Aug. 16, of cholera infantum, Sarah Frances, infant daughter of Elijah C. and Caroline ROWE, age 3 months, 17 days. (poem follows)

West Trenton, Aug. 3, John C. MILLIKEN, son of Joseph and Sarah Milliken, formerly of Ellsworth, age 21 years, 3 months, 19 days. (poem follows)



Ellsworth, Aug. 12, by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. David A. WEST to Miss Carrie B. THOMAS, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Aug. 29, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. John H. McFARLAND and Miss Elouise TYLER, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Aug. 30, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Richard H. HADLEY and Miss Hattie A. THOMAS, both of Franklin.


Ellsworth, 25th inst., at the residence of her grandfather, J. D. Richards, Esq., Laura Louise, daughter of George S. and Sophia MURPHY of Boston, Mass., age 3 years, 2 days. (Narrative omitted.) (poem follows)

Baltimore, Md. Aug. 10, of typhoid fever, George W. KELLEY, eldest son of Capt. James and Mrs. Dorcas Kelley of Tremont, Maine, age 22 years.

Tremont, Aug. 19, Myra, daughter of Mr. W. J. and Mrs. Lydia FARWELL, age 4 years. (poem follows)



Mt. Desert, Aug. 26, by the Rev. J. A. Plummer, Mr. Timothy M. MASON and Miss Emely E. D. RICHARDSON, both of Mt. Desert.


Trenton, Aug. 20, Howe S. HARDEN, age 24 years, 11 months, 14 days.

Trenton, Aug. 1, Albertine J. HAYNES, age 17 years, 2 months.

Trenton, 3rd, John C. MILLIKEN, age 21 years, 4 months.

Southwest Harbor, Aug. 19, Grace Helen, only child of A. P. and Augusta S. HARDEN, age 8 months.

Mt. Desert, Sept. 3, Mrs. Angenoria BABSON, age 24 years, 7 months.

Edward P. McFARLAND of Eden, brother to Mrs. B (presume Babson?) died in Andersonville Prison Nov. 18, 1864.

Portland, 26th ult., on his way home from Savannah, Frederick H. LAWTON of Sedgwick, age 22, a member of Company B, 30th Regiment Maine Volunteers and formerly a member of Company H, 26th Regiment.

In the hospital near Fort Barnard, defenses of WAshington, June 29, of dysentery, Tenney M. ALLEN, son of Daniel M. Allen of North Sedgwick, age 19 years, a member of Company H, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery.

Blue Hill, Sept. 2, Lizzie Agnes, only daughter of the Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth E. BOWKER. (Narrative omitted.) (poem follows)

SEPTEMBER 15, 1865


Bangor, Sept. 6, by the Rev. T. B. Tupper, Capt. William T. RICHARDSON to Mrs. Frances S. GREY, both of Ellsworth.

Bangor, Sept. 1, by the Rev. C. C. Everett, Mr. Frank HOOPER to Miss Laura S. AVERY, both of Castine.

Bangor, Sept. 7, by Rev. Mr. Goodwin, Mr. F. S. DAVENPORT to Addie B., daughter of George W. MERRILL, Esq., all of Bangor.

Bangor, 7th inst., Mr. Peter BUNKER of Brewer to Miss Ann Augusta CHADWICK of Holden.


Ellsworth, Sept. 10, Edwin L., son of George P. and Phebe H. OSGOOD, age 8 months.

Ellsworth, 11th, Mary Susan, daughter of James C. and Sarah J. FRAZIER, age 18 months.

Bangor, Aug. 25, David OSGOOD, age 80 years, 7 months.

Bangor, Sept. 4, Mrs. Mary, widow of the late Capt. Jacob DRUMMOND, age 60 years.

Marshfield, Sept. 10, Amanda K., only child of Thomas and Hannah GETCHELL, age 18 years, 14 days.

Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug. 26, Dayton Wilson LAKE, a member of Company I, 14th Maine Veteran Volunteers, age 20 years.

Calais, Aug. 28, Joseph F. HOPKINS, son of Joseph Hopkins, Esq. of Trenton, age 19 years.

Castine, Aug. 30, Mrs. Cornelia C. UPHAM, age 55 years.

Bucksport, Aug. 21, Seth H. SMITH, age 56 years, 3 months, 24 days.

In Memoriam - in Cherryfield, Aug. 21, Rosa C., wife of John McCABE and daughter of Barnard and Matilda McGoldrick, age 32 years. (Narrative omitted here.)

Roxbury, Mass., Aug. 30, Lizzie M., only child of Ann F. and Daniel M. ALLEN, formerly of Ellsworth, age 19 months. (poem follows)

SEPTEMBER 22, 1865


Sullivan, 16th inst., by W. B. McCrate, Esq., B. M. SARGENT, Esq., counselor at law, and Miss Frances E. HANCOCK, both of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, 17th inst., George M., only child of Roscoe E. and Sarah BURLEIGH, age 1 year, 11 months.

John P. CURTIS of Surry, age 17, the youngest son of an often bereaved and deeply afflicted mother, was on board the H. P. Cushion with Capt. Charles Wood, and while at anchor in Delalware Bay, at 4 o'clock on the morning of the 11th inst., the deceased left his berth, for what cause is unknown, and by some means got overboard, and before he was missed by the crew, was drowned. Diligent search was made for the corpse but without success. Thus again are we reminded that while in life we are in the midst of death. A sermon with reference to it is expected at the Baptist Church next Sabbath.

East Eden, Aug. 24, Everet Leslie, youngest child of George and Sarah A. NORRIS, age 3 years, 9 months. Little Evvie was drowned in a well in the dooryard at home. Only a few minutes before his untimely end, he ran out of the house laughing in innocent glee, with his little hands full of blackberries which his sister had given him, and a kiss of love upon his rosy lips. (Additional narrative omitted.) (poem follows)

SEPTEMBER 29, 1865


Blue Hill, Sept. 17, by the Rev. S. Bowker, Otis E. SINCLAIR and Miss Emily A. FLOOD, both of Surry.

Tremont, Sept. 10, by S. G. Rich, Esq., Mr. Robert ASH, Jr. of Tremont to Mrs. Zidina NORTON of Mt. Desert.

Tremont, Sept. 24, by S. G. Rich, Esq., Mr. Lewis S. SPRINGER of Lincoln to Miss Margaret R. RICH of Tremont.


New Bedford, Mass., Sept. 11, James Tisdale CHAMBERLAIN, son of Sabin P. and Susan P. Chamberlain, age 18 years, 10 months, 5 days.

OCTOBER 6, 1865


Ellsworth, Sept. 26, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Lt. Charles P. DORR and Miss Evelyn HEYWARD, both of Bucksport.

Ellsworth, 27th, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Capt. Charles S. HOLT and Miss Addie R. WOODARD, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 23rd, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. William P. HUNNEWELL and Miss Abby M. FOSTER, both of Ellsworth.

Orland, Sept. 27, by Peleg Staples, Esq., Mr. Luther F. GRAY of Penobscot to Miss Margaret J. CARLISLE of Orland.

North Hancock, Sept. 13, by R. Y. Watson, Mr. William S. DREW of Lawrence, Mass., to Miss Georgie E. BUTLER of Hancock.

Belfast, Sept. 28, by the Rev. Dr. Palfrey, Phineas M. LONGFELLOW, Esq., of Machias to Miss Julia Ella WHEELER of Belfast.


Ellsworth, 25th ult., Freddie H., son of Henry S. and Sarah MOOR, age 15 months. (poem follows)

North Hancock, Sept. 29, Truphant BUTLER, age 67 years, 5 months, 14 days.

Blue Hill, Sept. 26, Sarah Jane, daughter of the late William OSGOOD, age 27 years.

OCTOBER 13, 1865


Ellsworth, Sept. 11, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. William T. CHRISTIAN of Springfield, Mass., and Miss Julia A. GARLAND of Ellsworth.

Sullivan, Oct. 8, by W. B. McCrate, Esq., Allen M. COLE, Esq., and Miss Ellen F. WILKINSON, both of Gouldsboro.

Gouldsboro, Oct. 5, by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. John H. SNIDER of Franklin to Miss Malinda G. BUNKER of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, Oct. 6, Stella Ermine, daughter of Joseph W. and Mary J. COOKSON of Charlestown, Mass., age 7 months, 14 days.

Bucksport, Sept. 30, Elenor Jennet, only child of Horatio J. and Annie N. LOCKE, age 6 months, 16 days.

OCTOBER 20, 1865


Ellsworth, Oct. 18, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. George C. HAGARTHY and Miss Clara C. CARTER, both of Surry.

Gouldsboro, 8th inst., by R. M. Sargent, Esq., Capt. David M. RICE and Abbie P. STEVENS, both of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, Oct. 11, Frederick E., son of Charles B. and Annette MOSLEY, age 2 years, 5 months.

Hancock, Oct. 10, Rachael G. POMROY, widow of John Pomroy of Hancock, age 39 years, 2 days.

Trenton, Sept. 11 inst., Mrs. Maria FOSTER, age 67 years.

Blue Hill, Oct. 14, of consumption, after an illness of nearly 8 months, Rev. James GILPATRICK, age 64 years, 10 months. He was for more than 40 years an able minister of the Gospel. (Additional narrative omitted.)

OCTOBER 27, 1865


Blue Hill, Oct. 17, by the Rev. S. Bowker, Mr. Gorham G. JONES of Weld to Miss Melinda A. THOMAS, daughter of Deacon J. B. Thomas.

Penobscot, Oct. 22, by Peleg G. Staples, Esq., Mr. Kingsbury LUNT to Miss Ellen C. GRAY, both of Penobscot.

NOVEMBER 3, 1865


Blue Hill, Oct. 29, by the Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. Melville GRAY of Penobscot and Miss Fannie GRINDLE of Blue Hill.

Blue Hill, Oct. 30, by the Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. Irving OSGOOD of Blue Hill to Miss Alwilda M. FOSTER of Ellsworth.

Gouldsboro, Oct. 26, by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. Alfred MOORE of Island Falls to Mrs. Adelia C. SOULE of Gouldsboro.

Eden, Sept. 14, by the Rev. J. A. Plumer, Capt. William M. REED of Tremont and Miss Athalia YOUNG of Eden.

Franklin, Oct. 29, at the parsonage, by Rev. William Reed, Mr. George D. BUNKER to Miss Pelmira D. GOULD, both of Franklin.


Blue Hill, Oct. 15, Mrs. Eunice HERRICK, age about 70 years.

Mt. Desert, Sept. 15, John T. DAVIS, age 26 years, 2 months, 20 days.

Mt. Desert, Oct. 15, Melvina JORDAN, age 16 years, 7 months.

Tremont, Oct. 15, Mrs. Rosanna MAYO, age 83 years, 11 months, 13 days.

Sedgwick, Aug. 16, Amaziah ROBERTS, age 83 years. Mr. Roberts was born in the town of Lyman, came to this section when but a boy, lived with the late Deacon Solomon Billings till he was married, made a profession of religion many years ago and joined the Baptist Church in Brooksville, continued a member of that church until his death. Mostly confined to his room and bed since the departure of his companion, which occurred 1 year, 7 months since, and with whom he spent 56 years of his pilgrimage. (Additional narrative omitted.)

NOVEMBER 10, 1865


Camden, Oct. 30, by the Rev. True P. Adams, Rev. John L. LOCKE, pastor of the M. E. Church of this town, to Miss Hannah R. HUNT of Camden.

Belfast, Oct. 2?, by the Rev. Dr. C. Palfrey, Dr. Calvin MOORE to Mrs. Amelia T. J. LOCKE, both of Belfast.

Livermore, Oct. 23, by the Rev. W. Wyman, Rev. David NUTTER and Miss Betsey B. LARABEE, both of Auburn.

NOVEMBER 17, 1865


Bucksport, Nov. 4, by the Rev. J. B. Crawford, Mr. Reuben HUTCHINS of Penobscot and Miss Drusie H. AMES of Orland.


Falls Village, Sept. 12, Lillian Maud, daughter of Paris W. and Adda M. RIEDHEAD, age 4 months, 3 days.

Falls Village, Nov. 11, Edwin, son of William and Mary E. KINCAID, age 5 months, 12 days.

NOVEMBER 24, 1865


Ellsworth, Oct. 24, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. O. A. McFADDEN and Miss Laura E. SOMERBY, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Nov. 20, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. William DOUGLAS and Miss Hulda A. MADDOCKS, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Nov. 20, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. John W. LANCASTER and Miss Sarah A. VERITY of Saugus, Mass.

Gouldsboro, Nov. 15, by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. Edward H. BUNKER and Miss Betsy J. SOUTHARD, both of Gouldsboro.

Gouldsboro, Nov. 19, by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. Jason C. HILL and Miss Mary L. KINGSLEY, both of Gouldsboro.

Blue Hill, Nov. 16, by the Rev. J. S. Eveleth, Mr. Sewall A. MARKS and Miss Sarah M. STOVER, all of Blue Hill.

Sedgwick, Nov. 12, by L. G. Philbrook, Esq., Capt. Jacob S. FLYE of San Francisco, Calif., to Miss Mary A. COURIER of Sedgwick.

Sedgwick, Nov. 19, by Peleg G. Staples, Esq., Mr. Amos R. CARTER to Miss Celestia S. GRAY, both of Sedgwick.


Sullivan, Nov. 11, of consumption, Betsy, adopted daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth AREY, age 20 years, 7 months, 19 days.

Brooklin, Nov. 14, Mr. John SMITH, age 82 years.

Tremont, Nov. 10, Henry J. VERRILL, age 17 years, 6 months.

Mt. Desert, Nov. 8, George M., son of Daniel and Emma KIMBALL, age 2 years, 11 months, 19 days. (poem follows)

DECEMBER 1, 1865


East Trenton, Nov. 13, by the Rev. William A. Durfee, Mr. Chelsea W. HODGKINS and Miss Clara Y. DeSISLES, both of East Trenton.


Falls Village, Nov. 25, Mrs. Diana, wife of James GRAY of U.S. Army, age 30 years.

Ellsworth, 27th inst., Pheobe H., wife of George P. OSGOOD, age 34 years.

DECEMBER 8, 1865


Ellsworth, Dec. 3, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Wilmington STRATTON and Miss Matilda GOOGINS, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Dec. 3, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. William W. HODGKINS and Miss Charlotte BONZEY, both of Ellsworth.

Blue Hill, Dec. 2, by the Rev. S. Bowker, Mr. Erastus W. FLOOD of Surry and Miss Clara Stuart TREWORGY of Blue Hill.


Providence, R.I., Nov. 24, Prince, son of Job CARTER of Brooklin, age 19 years.

Boston, Nov. 16, at the Adams House, of typhoid fever, Edna POPE, daughter of the late Samuel W. Pope of East Machias.

DECEMBER 15, 1865


Blue Hill, Thanksgiving Day, by the Rev. S. Bowker, Mr. Francis M. GRAY of Sedgwick to Mrs. Sarah L. EMERSON of Brooksville.

Tremont, Dec. 10, by Andrew Tarr, Esq., Capt. Cornelius W. MILLIKEN to Miss Cassa H. COUSINS, both of Trenton, Maine.


Drowned in Ellsworth, Oct. 30, Oscar JELLISON, son of Joshua T. and Mary E. Jellison, age 8 years, 7 months.

North Ellsworth, 28th ult., Capt. James McGOWN, age 67 years, 4 months. A lifelong Democrat, member of the Legislature in 1849, was Postmaster in this place 12 years.

Chelsea, Mass., Dec. 10 inst., Capt. Isaac TREWORGY of Surry; he was a member of the Masonic Fraternity and will be buried with the honors of the fraternity on Sunday. The service is to be at the meeting house at Surry at 12 M.

DECEMBER 22, 1865


Hancock, 14th inst., by the Rev. R. Y. Watson, Capt. George W. BENNET and Miss Lizzie S. MARTIN, both of Hancock.

Hancock, 14th inst., by the Rev. R. Y. Watson, Mr. Orestes B. FOSS and Miss Adelia M. CRABTREE, both of Hancock.

Surry, 12th inst., by the Rev. H. Haws, at the residence of the bride, Mr. H. B. HAWS to Miss Ann J. TREWORGY, both of Surry.

Gouldsboro, 17th inst., by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. Warren W. STROUT of Milbridge and Miss Sarah HAVEY of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, 15th inst., Addie M. JOY, age 23 years, daughter of Hamilton Joy, Esq.

DECEMBER 29, 1865


Ellsworth, 23rd, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, W. H. OBER and Miss Sophia BURLEY.


North Sedgwick, Dec. 4, William F. PALMER, son of Elbridge G. Palmer, age 20 years; also, Dec. 23, Justin L. STAPLES, son of Efram Staples. These young men enlisted together last spring in Company I, 15th Regiment Maine Volunteers, were discharged at the same time for disability, arriving home about November 25. (poem follows)