APRIL 5, 1861


Ellsworth, Apr. 1, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. George H. TREWORGY to Miss Abby MOORE, both of Ellsworth.

Swan's Island, Mar. 21, Mr. Winthrop R. LANE of Deer Isle to Miss Lucretia TORREY of Swan's Island.

Bangor, on the evening of 28th inst., by Rev. Dr. Pond, Mr. Artemas P. HARDEN of Tremont to Miss Augusta S. MANN of Bangor.


Ellsworth, Mar. 24, Hannah Camilla, youngest daughter of Benjamin and Sarah S. BARKER, age 13 years, 2 months.

North Ellsworth, Mar. 29, Samuel SMITH, age about 50.

Otis, Apr. 2, Mrs. Fanny OTIS, relict of the late Joseph Otis, Esq., of Otis, age 80.

Upper Stillwater, Mar. 29, Mrs. Martha S., wife of William OAKES, age 49 years, 14 days.

Shelburne, Nova Scotia, 15th ult., Mrs. Kate, wife of John S. SMITH, about 40. Mr. Smith was formerly of Machias.

East Machias, 28th ult., Rosemond, widow of the late James DUDLEY, age 82 years, 6 months.

Marshfield, 26th ult., Mr. John CROCKER, age 74 years, 6 months.

East Machias, Feb. 20, Orenda, wife of William S. PALMER, age 26 years.

Columbia, 26th ult., Mrs. Emeline, wife of Aaron W. ALLEN, age about 27.

Orono, Mar. 28, Martha W. AVERILL, eldest daughter of William Averill, Esq., age 18 years.

Carmel, Mar. 20, Mrs. Mary, wife of James SULLIVAN, age 55 years, 10 months, 20 days.

Milford, Mar. 21, Phebe B., wife of George WYMAN, Esq., age 58 years, 10 months.

Libertyville, Ill., Feb. 26, Hon. Horace BUTLER, son of the late Hon. Josiah Butler of Deerfield, N.H., age 46.

Tremont, Mar. 18, Charles MITCHELL, age 41 years. Brother Mitchell was a worthy man and his life was exemplary in a high degree. The morning of his life was marked by moral virtue and free from those common errors and vices which beset and often captivate the youth. All those elements whose natural development render a person affable and agreeable were inherent in the principles of his very self. He was a kind husband and affectionate father and emphatically a peace man, never having been known to have a dispute or hardness with any individual in his life. To these excellent traits of character were added early in life the grace and heavenly excellence of the Christian religion, the daily practical duties of which he devotedly executed. During the sickness of which he died (consumption), he was very patient, calm and composed. Although his death was not expected just at that time by himself or friends, and no words passed relative to the state of his mind, in his life speaks the appropriate language of Paul: "I have fought the good fight; I have finished my course; I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me at that day, and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing."

APRIL 12, 1861 (There's a big splotch down the margin of microfilm for both marriages and deaths for this issue.)


Ellsworth, Monday evening, 8th inst., by the Rev. Tenney, at the residence of the bride's father, Harlow HALL of Boston, Mass., to Miss Sarah LORD, daughter of J. S. Lord, Esq., of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 4th inst., by the B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Charles A. BRANN to Miss Sarah L. McCOLLUM, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 5th inst., by B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Alpheus L. WINCHESTER to Miss Fannie A. NASON, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 5th inst., by Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Francis (last name unreadable but begins with "D") of Ellsworth to Miss Laura CHANEY of Trenton.

Ellsworth, Mr. John J. DOUGHERTY to Miss Perfanda R. (unreadable)__of Ellsworth.

(Town unreadable), 17th ult., by N. A. Swan, Esq., (groom's name unreadable) to Miss Sarah E. LAMPSON, both of (same unreadable town).

(Town unreadable), 29th ult., by N. Pendleton, Mr. Farnsworth

NEWMAN to Miss Ellen GILES of Gouldsboro.


(Town unreadable), 4th inst., Mr. Charles A. SWAZEY.

(unreadable) Isle, 25th ult., Mrs. Eunice, wife of (unreadable), age about 50 years.

(Town unreadable), Mar. 18, Mehitabel, widow of _(unreadable) _NICHOLS, age 85 years. She leaves 8 children, ____grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren.

APRIL 19, 1861


Eden, 5th inst., by Rev. Mr. Baskwell, Mr. Dean DORRITY of Sedgwick to Mrs. Lydia P. HADLEY of Eden.

Brooksville, Mar. 31, by J. W. Babson, Esq., Mr. Avery W. GRAY of Brooksville to Miss Mary E. TIBBETTS of Nashua, N.H.

Mt. Desert, 10th inst., by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. Henry L. LUNT to Miss Mary G. LUNT, both of Long Island.

Oceanville, Mar. 16, by B. S. Wood, Esq., Mr. Angus McDONALD to Miss Louisa HARDY, both of Deer Isle.

Oceanville, Apr. 11, by B. S. Wood, Esq., Mr. William H. HARRIS to Miss Lucy J. HARDY, both of D. I.

Rockland, 4th inst., by Rev. J. Kellock, Capt. Benjamin BURTON to Jane E. OLIVER, both of Rockland.

Belfast, 2nd inst., by F. A. Lewis, Esq., Capt. George W. PATTERSON to Miss Frances J. BIRD.

Islesboro, 28th ult., Mr. W. A. BRAWN to Miss Sabrina P. SEELEY, both of Islesboro.

Bangor, 10th inst., Mr. Abraham C. DOW to Miss Alwilda H. AMES, both of Bangor.

Orland, 5th inst., by Rev. B. S. Arey, Capt. George H. ELDRIDGE to Miss Laura H. RYDER, both of Bucksport.

Mariaville, Apr. 13, by the Rev. F. A. Blake, Mr. James BRIMMER of Mariaville to Miss Loretta C. JEWETT of Aurora.

Steuben, 12th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Hibbard, Dr. Warren HUNTER of Steuben to Miss Hattie M. TOOTHAKER of Strong.

Gouldsboro, 10th inst., Mr. Edmund S. WORKMAN to Miss Hannah S. TRACY, both of Gouldsboro.


Trenton, 12th, Mr. Jacob ALLEY, age 66 years.

Garland, 26th ult., of scarlet fever, George W., son of Calvin OSGOOD, Esq., age 6 years.

Blue Hill, 11th inst., Miss Eleanor, daughter of Samuel F. OBER, age 20 years, 6 months, 21 days.

South Deer Isle, 5th inst., Burton, son of Asa BETTY, age 2 years.

South Deer Isle, 10th, Hannah, wife of James COLE.

Nashua, N.H., 2nd inst., Mrs. Frances B., wife of James B. CAMERON and daughter of Reuben and Eleanor CRAGG of Ellsworth, age 29 years, 8 months.

Hampden, very suddenly, Mr. William DOANE, age 45 years.

Waterville, 12th inst., Capt. Nehemiah GETCHELL, age 80 years.

Rockland, 5th inst., John F., son of the late Ezra MARTIN, age 19 years, 3 months, 11 days.

Lost from the schooner Caroline Smith of Rockland, 21st ult., during a severe gale, Mr. Lorenzo D. SADDLER, age 19 years, 6 months.

Searsmont, 28th ult., Mrs. Betsey, wife of Samuel GOODWIN, age 68 years.

Waldo, 1st inst., Prudence, wife of Joel BLOOD, age 63 years.

Haverhill, Mass., Hon. Steven MINOT, age 84 years.

The Hon. Joseph Tinker BUCKINGHAM, the oldest printer and journalist in Massachusetts, died in Cambridge on the 11th inst., age 81 years, 3 months.

Bangor, Apr. 14, John CARLISLE, age 78 years.

Linneus, Apr. 3, Mrs. Caroline P., wife of Parker P. BURLEIGH, Esq., age 47 years.

Mrs. Mary MESERVE, a widow lady living with her relatives at Saco, committed suicide 4th inst., age 65 years.

APRIL 26, 1861


Long Island, Apr. 19, George M. DAWS of Long Island Plantation to Dorathy E. FOGG of Mt. Desert, Maine, by Bartholomew R. Lunt.

East Orrington, 18th inst., by the Rev. W. Newell, Mr. Henry M. FARRINGTON to Miss Deborah BAKER, both of Brewer.

Bangor, on the evening of Apr. 17, by Dr. Teft, Mr. Merritt JORDAN to Miss Mary E. HALL, both of Bangor.


Ellsworth, Apr. 19, Mr. Eben BARTLETT, age 55 years, 10 months.

Ellsworth, 22nd inst., Margaret I., wife of John DRESSER, age 37 years.

Boston, 20th inst., Frank M., son of H. S. and Mary A. TREVETT of Trenton, age 21 years, 5 months.

Machias, 15th inst., Olive G., wife of Mr. Albon CHANDLER, age 42 years, 6 months.

Whitneyville, 16th, Mary MATTAMOR, age 19 years.

Cherryfield, 9th, Alexander N. MILLIKEN, age 26 years.

Cherryfield, 18th, Dr. T. C. REDMAN, age 54 years.

Bangor, 17th inst., Mr. Samuel SEVERANCE, age 80 years.

MAY 3, 1861 - No marriages of deaths published.

MAY 10, 1861


Ellsworth, May 8, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. George A. YOUNG of Surry to Miss Betsey BONZEY of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, Apr. 28, by the Rev. A. Prince, Capt. Isaac H. HOMER to Mrs. Maria E. HEYWOOD, both of Bucksport.

Machiasport, 10th ult., Joseph W. WHITNEY to Miss Mary E. THOMPSON of Jonesboro.

Bangor, Apr. 25, Mr. Frederic SHAW to Miss Mary CARNES, both of Bangor.

Pepperell, Mass., Mr. Charles H. W. JEWETT of Pepperell and Miss Annie L. CLARK of Brewer.

West Gouldsboro, Apr. 27, by Rev. D. S. Hibbert, Mr. Otis C. ARNOLD to Miss Hannah Maria SALTER, both of Sullivan.

Brewer, 1st inst., by Rev. A. K. P. Small, Mr. Daniel S. TIBBETS to Miss Sarah B. WINSLOW, both of Brewer.

Belfast, 1st inst., Mr. E. W. B. AUSTIN of Rockland to Miss Sarah C. REED of Belfast.

Lewiston, 27th ult., Rosworth C. BOOTHBY to Miss Julia Anna COFFIN, both of Lewiston.

Yankee Jim's, Placer County, Calif., Mar. 31, J. W. BATMAN to Miss Clarelle ALLEN.


Ellsworth, Apr. 29, of consumption, William, son of Rodney and Sarah FORSAITH, age 22 years, 1 month.

Ellsworth, Apr. 25, Reuben, child of George GRANT, age 4 years.

Ellsworth, 28th ult., William, son of B. HASKELL, age 13 months.

Amherst, 30th ult., George L. COX, Esq., age 53 years, 9 months.

Camden, Apr. 22, Nathaniel B. JONES, III, of N. B. and S. A. Jones, age 34 years.

Marshfield, Apr. 27, Mr. Warren LYON, age 33(??) years.

Columbia, 26th ult., Mrs. Anna NASH, age 91 years.

Eastport, 13th ult., Georgie A. SANFORD, age 20 years.

Eastport, 21st, John H. BRADBURY, age 40 years.

Dixmont, 29th ult., George W. GRAY, age 24 years, 4 months.

Portland, 3rd inst., Mrs. Olive C. CHASE, wife of William A. Chase, Esq., age 31 years, 6 months.

Machias, morning of the 11th ult., of consumption, Isaac T. COLE, Esq., age 46 years. Mr. Cole came to Machiasport about 12 years ago and remained there engaged in trading until 1856 when he moved to this place. Before moving hither, he had been extensively engaged in a pension agency and other similar professional businesses, becoming thereby considerably familiar with legal principles and practices, he was about two years ago admitted to the Bar of this County. He was elected as Representative to the Legislature for this district in 1859 and relected in 1860. During the last year he held also an important and responsible agency as Land Agent of Maine which required his residence for some months in St. John. The disease of which he died had been preying upon his constitution for more than a year. During last winter his official duties were somewhat interrupted by his ill health and before the close of the session he was excused from attendance and returned home and rapidly sank under the effects of his disorder. He leaves a widow and 3 young children. Mr. Cole was a man of courteous and popular manners and bears a considerable sagacity with a ready capacity to acquire knowledge and more than usual powers of influence and control. He took a deep interest in poliltical affairs, was public spirited and a zealous promoter of the best interests of the community in which he lived, and he will be widely missed in this part of the county in which the circle of his activity had been so conspicuous.

MAY 17, 1861


Brewer, 10th inst., by Rev. J. O. Knowles, Mr. James M. SIMPSON to Miss Caroline C. KENT, both of Brewer.

Bangor, 6th inst., by Rev. Dr. Pond, Mr. George W. CLARK of Holden to Miss Emma J. COLMAN, both of Bangor.

Belfast, 1st inst., by Rev. L. D. Wardwell, Rev. Percival G. WARDWELL of Whitneyville to Miss Lydia J. GREENLAW of Lawrence, Mass.


Ellsworth, May 14, Mary, wife of Michael HOWARD, age 54 years.

West Ellsworth, May 11, Mr. John PATTEN, age 63 years, 10 months.

Drowned in Waltham, Horace LYMAN, age about 23 years.

Brewer, May 11, Deacon Edward HOLYOKE of Yarmouth, Maine, age 58 years.

Bucksport, Apr. 21, Col. Joseph LEE, age 87 years.

May 9, William G. CHASE, Esq., age 66 years.

Rockland, suddenly, Rev. O. J. FERNALD, Unitarian clergyman at Thomaston.

Machias, May 5, Mrs. Polly, widow of the late Isaac LONGFELLOW, age 83 years.

Machias, 10th, Naomi T. FOSTER, age 22 years, 17 days.

Machias, 12th, Mrs. Mary FENNO, age 67 years.

Hancock, 6th inst., Miss Elizabeth J., only daughter of Capt. M. J. and Adeline BALL, age 16 years, 3 months. By this dispensation of Providence, her indulgent parents, a kind brother, and a large circle of friends are called to mourn the loss of one who was much loved and respected by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance. Two years have run their course since the fell destroyer marked Lizzie for his victim. Though her disease was of a distressing nature, she manifested a Christian resignation and fortitude through the course of her sickness. She was tenacious of life but her exhausted nature finally yielded her gentle spirit quietly into the presence of its Maker.

MAY 24, 1861 - Large blur down left-hand margin making microfilm very hard to read.


May 18, by Rev. W. H. Kelton, __(unreadable first name)__BOWDEN to Miss Hannah J. WYMAN.

By Rev. H. F. Harding, __(first name unreadable) LONGFELLOW to Miss Lucy A., daughter of__________.

May 14, at the Hammond Street_______________, John P. CUSHMAN of Sandlake in _____________to Henrietta Caroline, daughter of__________MALTBY of B.

19th inst., Mr. Mortimer THOMPSON to Miss Grace ELDRIDGE.

____________, Mr. David L. HERRICK and Miss Helen GRAY of B.

12th last, Mr. Hollis M. HOWARD to Miss Mary F. CLARK of S.


J. C. R. WEST, Esq., 36.

(Others simply unreadable.)

MAY 31, 1861


Hampden, 19th inst., by Rev. J. K. Mason, Benjamin F. BROWN, Esq. of Dixmont to Miss Hannah P. STANLEY of Hampden.

Bucksport, 23rd inst., by the Rev. W. H. Pillsbury, Martin L. WHITTEN of Etna to Miss Matilda F. SAUNDERS of Bucksport.

Sacramento, Calif., April 11, by the Rev. Fred Carlton, Mr. C. C. JENKS to Miss Abbie A. STEVENS.

Sullivan, 20th inst., by J. C. Chilcott, Esq., Mr. Edmund S. ASH to Miss Mary N. HOOPER, both of Franklin.

Cherryfield, 19th inst., by the Rev. P. Bond, Mr. Ozais B. PETTINGILL to Miss Ashbeline FINNEMORE, both of Cherryfield.

At the Astor House, New York, on Friday evening, May 24, by the Rev. Mr. Burlingham, Lt. Charles V. LORD, Quartermaster, 2nd Regiment of Maine Volunteers, to Miss Fannie E., daughter of General Samuel P. STRICKLAND, of Bangor.


Surry, May 24, Edward WOOD, age 28 years.

Blue Hill, May 24, Annie S., daughter of Capt. M. K. and E. A. CHASE, age 6 years.

Sullivan, 26th inst., Charles Edgar, son of James and Mary E. SIDERS of Rockport, Mass., age 3 years.

Sullivan, 12th inst., Mary, wife of John DOWNING, age 55 years.

Bangor, May 25, Mr. Harris P. LEWIS, age 67 years, 7 months.

Exeter, 19th inst., of diphtheria, John Jerome, son of Mark BARKER, Esq., age 10 years.

Winterport, May 21, Mr. Edmund CLEMENTS, age about 80 years.

Bucksport, May 8, Mrs. Martha S. HARRIMAN, age 67 years, 6 months.

Norridgewock, Maine, May 6, in the 74th year of her age, Mrs. Ann Tyng, wife of Rev. Arthur DRINKWATER. The deceased was a woman of superior endowments, remarkably alike for her delicate conscientiousness and sweet womanly sympathies, qualities of her mighty heart were such as to command the respect and affection of all who knew her. She filled the relations of daughter, sister, wife and mother, with singular fidelity and purity and love. By her removal, the church has lost a shining light and the poor have lost a sympathizing friend.

Castine, May 9, of consumption, James S., age 20 years, 9 months; and drowned, 15th inst., Thomas H., age 14 years, 5 months, sons of Capt. J. W. and M. A. SYLVESTER.

JUNE 7, 1861


Machias, 30th ult., by the Rev. J. L. Sanborn, Capt. Isaac S. BRADBURY to Miss Caroline G. HANSCOM, both of Machias.

Houlton, 22nd ult., Mr. Harvey GOODHUE of Fort Fairfield to Miss Eliza B. BRIDGES of Marion.

Rockland, 26th ult., Mr. Charles H. CONANT to Miss Carrie A. THOMS.

Rockland, 28th ult., Mr. Uriah J. MOREY to Miss Mary D. LOW, both of Deer Isle.

Prospect, Mr. William TIBBETS to Mrs. Lucinda WILLS, both of Frankfort.


Ellsworth, June 3, Frances, wife of Rev. William DAVIS, age 22 years, 8 months.

Surry, June 3, Lucy A., daughter of Jacob LORD, age 18 years.

Surry, June 4, Minthe FLOOD, age 18 years.

Steuben, 13th ult., Anna H., relict of the late Jonathon LEIGHTON, age 90 years, 3 months.

Somerville, Mass., 27th ult., Rev. Hosaih BALLOU, II, president of Tufts College, age 63 years.

Gouldsboro, 28th ult., Asa COLE, Esq., age 60 years.

Lost overboard from the brig Nellie Hunt, on a passage from Montevideo for Boston, John E. PIERSON, second mate.

Skowhegan, 26th inst., Mrs. Belsirah G., wife of Rev. C. C. WHITNEY, age 51 years.

West Waterville, Justin E. HALE, age 39 years.

At Smith's Flat, near Placerville, Calif., Apr. 9, Capt. A. M. HARMOND, age 50 years, a native of Maine.

Blue Hill, May 24, Annie, daughter of Capt. Meltiah and Eliza A. CHASE, age 6 years.

JUNE 14, 1861


Sedgwick, 10th inst., by the Rev. William Reed, Mr. H. G. P. SPOONER of Levant to Miss Martha SARGENT of Sedgwick, daughter or the Hon. W. G. Sargent.

Gouldsboro, 8th inst., by H. M. Sewall, Esq., Mr. George C. HOBEY to Miss Jane H. ROBERTSON, both of Plantation #7.

Brewer, May 30, by Rev. Dr. Telft, Capt. Edwin WADLEIGH to Miss Ruanna HARRIMAN, all of Brewer.

Bangor, June 2, Mr. Charles H. TEBBETTS to Miss Sarah W. HUTCHINGS, both of Bangor.

Portland, 8th inst., William S. SCOTT to Caroline A. ROBINSON, both of Portland.

Union, 2nd inst., Joseph WHITE, Esq. to Miss Helen L. BATCHELDER, both of Union.

Swan's Island, June 2, by B. Smith, Jr., Esq., Mr. Eben T. SMITH of Rockland to Miss Mary B. SADDLER, Swan's Island.

West Eden, June 6, by D. P. Marceyes, Esq., Mr. William C. HIGGINS to Miss Julia A. HADLEY, both of Eden.

Tremont, 5th inst., by S. A. Dodge, Esq., Mr. Benjamin H. DODGE to Miss Lucinda T. DODGE, both of Tremont.

Long Island, 4th inst., by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. George R. RICH to Miss Lucy B. LUNT, both of Long Island.

Deblois, May 25, by E. Boynton, Esq., Andrew W. GOULD to Miss Mary O. PINEO of Deblois.


Ellsworth, June 10, John, son of William COCHRAN.

Cherryfield, June 9, Ellen A., wife of W. A. UPTON, age 29 years.

Bucksport, June 7, Mrs. Rachel G., wife of William H. GINN, age 41 years.

Portland, June 4, Josiah DOW, father of Hon. Neal Dow, 95 years.

Bangor, 4th inst., of typhoid fever, Joseph, Jr., son of Joseph and Nancy DORE, age 28 years.

Bangor, 9th inst., Mrs. Lucy, wife of John A. MAYHEW, age 34 years, 7 months.

Portland, 9th inst., Mrs. Mary Jane, wife of F. O. SAWYER, age 38 years, 3 months.

Surry, Hollis, son of Charles and M. A. JOY, age 11 years.

Dr. Samuel SAWYER of Steuben finished his mortal career Saturday morning, June 1. Brother Sawyer was a physician of 7 years experience; he was much respected by a large circle of friends; he was about 52 years of age. He leaves a wife and 5 children besides a large circle of friends to mourn his loss. His remains were consigned to their last resting place on Sunday afternoon, 2nd. Brother Sawyer was a worth member of the ancient and honorable Order of the Free and Accepted Masons. His remains were buried with true Masonic honors under the direction of Naraguagus Lodge. His brothers feel that they have lost a worthy brother, and the community a valuable friend and physician.

Tremont, May 31, Mr. William MITCHELL, age 29 years. He had been a great sufferer for 6 months past but the bright evidence of Divine acceptance has given him peace and happiness under all his afflictions. He has been long ready and wishing to go, yet waiting with patience the time for his departure. His trust was in God who has given this experience bright and clear. While sickness wasted his physical frame, grace revived, envigorated, enriched and strengthened his soul. His faith was triumphant; his death was peaceful.

Deer Isle, June 1, Mrs. Susan R., wife of Benjamin S. WOOD and daughter of Samuel and Abigail Whitmore, age 32 years, 6 months, 22 days. From childhood she was pleasant in her manners and intercourse with others, obedient to her parents. In her mature life, she was a kind, agreeable and loving wife; a tender and affectionate mother; an exemplary woman. In early life she gave her heart to God and became the subject of His loving grace, and of joyous hope of an immortality and eternal life beyond the grave. In 1859 was baptized and joined the Baptist Church under pastoral labors of Rev. T. Batchelder. She has adorned it with grace and Christian life, and the faith, patience and hope of a Christian's death. Her sickness was long and sufferings great, but God's grace is sufficient for her and enabled her to exercise patience and trust in God in a wonderful manner to take her final leave of husband, children, parents, and brothers and sisters in the most affectionate manner. With her house set in order, the beautiful world of heavenly glory looming on her view, on faith's triumphant wing she departed from earthly scenes amid the lamentation of weeping friends, the spirit to God who gave it, the body to rest in the grave till the last enemy is destroyed.

JUNE 21, 1861


Ellsworth, June 16, by Calvin P. JORDAN, Esq., Mr. Whiting KINGMAN of Waltham to Miss Mary IRELAND of Cooper.

Lubec, 13th inst., Mr. Winslow MORTON to Miss Amanda MIARS, both of Lubec.

Calais, 13th inst., Hon. L. L. WADSWORTH, Jr. of Pembroke to Miss Annie M. KELLEY of Calais.

Eastport, 9th, by Rev. Henry L. Myrie, Samuel L. WADSWORTH to Miss Annie E. BIBBER.

Columbia, 8th inst., Hiram T. BERRY of Machias to Miss Julia McKENZIE of Columbia.

Bangor, 16th inst., Mr. Charles H. DOE to Miss Damaris S. DOANE, both of Bangor.

Brunswick, 5th inst., Daniel HOLT, M.D. of Lowell to Miss Mary G. DUNLAP of Brunswick.

Portland, 12th inst., Mr. Jonathan F. WIGHT to Miss Martha A. SAWYER, both of Portland.

Eastport, 8th inst., Mr. George A. ARCHER of Cherryfield to Miss Agnes J. SWEENEY of Woodstock, New Brunswick.


Ellsworth, 20th inst., Charles Frederick, son of N. K. and S. H. W. SAWYER, age 3 months.

Deer Isle, 16th, Elizabeth, wife of Hon. Richard WARREN.

Farmington, 8th inst., Hon.. Nathan CUTLER, age 86 years, 11 days.

Portland, 15th inst., Marion, wife of Hugh ROSS, age 46 years, 6 months.

Bangor, 16th inst., Mrs. Mary E. DENNISON, age 71 years.

Bangor, 16th inst., Jennie Hinks, daughter of W. W. and Eleanor FRENCH, age 3 years, 4 months.

Brewer, 17th inst., of diphtheria, Elizabeth G., daughter of Elbridge and Desire FIFIELD, age 13 years.

Lubec, 9th inst., Martha GOVE, age 18 years, 19 days; also John GOVE, age 50 years, 7 months.

Surry, 10th, Mary PHETERS, age 77 years, 8 months.

Deer Isle, 9th inst., Martin THURLOW, son of the late Capt. Jeremiah and Dorothy Thurlow, age 24 years. He fell in the bloom of life, a victim of that scourge of humanity, consumption. After a long sickness and much suffering, death at last has ended all his sufferings and sickness here, and his passport to Heaven sealed by God's act of pardon 3 years ago, we trust has given him a welcome entrance into the world of glorified spirits. He was pleasant and agreeable in his intercourse with others, and correct in his deportment and unblemished in his moral character. In his last hours he claimed he was happy and then took his peaceful exit to a better world.

JUNE 28, 1861


Ellsworth, 26th inst., at the residence of William H. Black, Esq., father of the bride, by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. George A. DICKEY of Bangor to Miss Celia C.


Ellsworth, 25th inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. George DARK of New Orleans, Louisiana, to Miss Nancy BUNKER of Trenton.

Eden, June 23, by the Rev. Thomas Bishop, Mr. Louis H. HIGGINS to Miss Elosia J. BISHOP, both of Eden.

Bucksport, June 13, by the Rev. C. L. Browning, Mr. Addison E. LITCHFIELD of Lewiston to Miss Hester A. HAYNES of Bucksport. Corinth, 17th inst., Sewell DENICO to Susan W. BARKER, both of Corinth.

Castine, Mr. Charles T. COLSON to Miss Ellen YOUNG.

Rockland, 16th inst., Capt. Hiram H. STETSON to Miss Sarah J. DAVIS, both of Rockland.

Rockland, 16th inst., Mr. Wyman W. ULMER to Miss Emily HALL, both of Rockland.

Chesterville, 13th inst., by the Rev. H. Hatch, Mr. Greenleaf PORTER of the Rockland Gazette to Miss Augusta C. BROWN of Chesterville.

Bucksport, 19th inst., by the Rev. H. K. Craig, Rev. Simeon C. HIGGINS of Turner to Miss Mary S. GARDNER of Brewer.

Veasie, June 23, Mr. Alman R. SPENCER to Miss Lucy H. HATHORN, both of Veasey.


Surry, 22nd inst., Mary, wife of Paul CLARK, age 55 years, 9 months, 22 days.

Bucksport, 11th inst., Mrs. Melvina Josephene SMALL, age 20 years, 10 months.

Oceanville, June 17, Augustus P., son of Abner and Emily GRAY, age 12 years.

Rio Janeiro, Mar. 5, Mr. Warren D. BUNKER of Brewer, age 34 years.

South Thomaston, 11th inst., Mrs. Ruth DEAN, wife of the late Capt. Jonas Dean, age 93 years, 6 months, 17 days. She was the mother of 10 children; she has left 49 grandchildren and 46 great-grandchildren.

Bangor, 20th inst., very suddenly, Sarah Helen, wife of H. C. GARLAND, Esq. and daughter of John Trickey, Esq.

Bath, Mr. Joseph HAYES, age 74 years.

Bowdoinham, 17th inst., Mrs. Cordelia, wife of Robert PURRINGTON, Esq., age 47 years.

Belfast, June 18, Mrs. Rachel PORTER, age 73 years.

Houlton, Susan, wife of Col. Joshua CARPENTER, age 73 years.

Charleston, Mass., June 23, Mrs. Hannah E. JOHNSON, daughter of Gen. John Williams of Bangor, age 34 years.

Blue Hill, May 27, Mrs. Aurilla A. INGALLS, wife of Francis P. Ingalls and daughter of Joel Long, Jr., age 23 years. Not only is an affectionate family circle broken in upon and the tenderest earthly ties severed by this dispensation of Providence, but the whole community feel that they have lost a beloved friend. From early childhood she who had been thus early taken manifested a general loving and winsom disposition and endeared herself to all who became acquainted with her. As a daughter and sister, as a wife and mother, it may in truth be said she made home happy. Her last sickness was long and painful, but borne with patience and Christian resignation. She was ready to die and her passage to the tomb was cheered by manifestations of her Savior's presence and a comforting assurance to the grief-stricken husband and family connections that their loss is her unspeakable gain, for an abundant entrance has now been granted her into the Kingdom of the Blessed. May we meet her in Heaven.

JULY 5, 1861 - About 1/3 of entries on left margin obliterated for both marriages and deaths.


Mr. Franklin WOODSIDE and Miss Helen F. WINSLOW of B.

Mr. (first name unreadable) GALLEY to Miss Lista TARR, June 30.


Dr. Hollis MONROE, age 71.

June 28, Hannah Aurilla, daughter of Levi and Margaret S. MERRITHEW, age 11 years.

24th ult., Thomas OSBORN was found dead in his barn; he was afflicted with disease of the heart.

Farmington, 8th ult., Hon. Nathan CUTLER, at the venerable age of 86 years. He represented his town in the Massachusetts General Assembly of 1809, -10 and -11. He was a member of the convention which formed the constitution of this state and was a senator from this district in 1828, for which body he was chosen president.

JULY 12, 1861


South Surry, 3rd inst., by the Rev. E. Pinkham, Mr. Ira T. TARR of Tremont to Miss Mary O. COGGINS of Surry.

Eden, 7th inst., by W. C. Higgins, Esq.,


of Mt. Desert to Miss Olive A. D. HIGGINS of Eden.

Hancock, 7th ult., by the Rev. R. Y. Watson, Rev. G. S. SMITH of Wayne to Miss Naomi A. BUTLER of Hancock.

Portsmouth, N.H., 5th inst., Mr. John WEST of Gardiner to Miss Lucy Low BENNETT of Thomaston.

Winterport, July 4, Mr. Orison MORTON

to Miss Melissa KNOWLES, both of Thorndike.

Bangor, 3rd inst., Mr. Samuel N. BLAKE of Winterport to Miss Cynthia JOY of Lowell, Mass.

Corinth, 27th ult., Mr. William P. CLARK of Old Town to Miss Susan N. DUREN of Bradford.

Plymouth, June 23, by Daniel Stone, Esq., Mr. Edwin J. PRESCOTT of Amherst to Miss Almitia A. LOWELL of Plymouth.

Belfast, June 24, Mr. Franklin WOODSIDE of Roxbury, Mass. to Miss Helen F. WINSLOW of Belfast.

Bridgeport, Conn., June 25, Mr. Sherman O. PATTERSON to Miss Frank E., daughter of S. C. NICKERSON,

formerly of Belfast.

Downieville, Calif., May 17, Mr. J. M. HAVEN to Miss Julia A., daughter of Rev. W. PARKER of Belfast.


Ellsworth, 10th inst., Almira L., wife of Lemuel MOOR, age 31 years, 7 months.

Ellsworth, 10th, Margaret, wife of Jesse BRIER, age about 24 years.

Franklin, 10th inst., Melissa, wife of William H. HARDISON, age about 24 years.

Tremont, May 25, Mr. Jacob B. REED, age 36 years.

Bangor, June 30, Martha A., wife of R. N. BROWN of Portland, age 35 years.

Rockton, Ill., June 23, Mr. Zacheus HALL, age 76 years.

Castine, June 27, Eunice W., wife of George H. WITHERLE, age 26 years, 7 months.

Bangor, July 9, Evelyn Atherton, eldest daughter of Lysander and Susan S. STRICKLAND, age 11 years, 6 months.

North Haven, June 5, Mr. Melzar SAMPSON, age 76 years, 2 months, 21 days.

North Haven, 5th, Mrs. Lois, wife of Eliazer CRABTREE, age 61 years.

Kennebunk, 28th ult., Mrs. Abigail Taylor, wife of George EMMONS, age about 50 years.

JULY 19, 1861


Blue Hill, 13th inst., by the Rev. Samuel Bowker, Mr. Artemis S. ATHERTON of Ellsworth to Miss Georgeanna CUNNINGHAM of Penobscot.

Maxfield, July 3, Mr. Ezekiel E. DEWITT to Miss Mary A. McGUIRE.

Lubec, 23rd ult., Mr. William McFADDEN to Mrs. Judith E. PIKE.

Hallowell, 10th inst., Rev. Ammi S. LADD of East Wilton to Miss Lydia F. GOLDER of Hallowell.

Pembroke, Mr. B. W. REYNOLDS of Pembroke to Miss Susan E. DAGGETT of Robinston.


Dedham, June 10, Mr. Nathan PHILLIPS, age 87 years.

East Cambridge, Mass., 4th inst., the wife of Professor H. W. LONGFELLOW died from the effects of the burning of her dress which took fire from a ________________sealing wax with which she was___________

_____________, widow of the late Love HANSON of Atkinson, committed suicide by_______ with a skein of yarn, on the 1st. She was about 75 years of age.

4th inst., Mr. Asa TAYLOR, age 80.

30th ult., Mr. David N. BOND.

June 13, Mr. Isaac HOOPER, who apparently left some children.

Capt. Nathan PEASLEE.

JULY 26, 1861


Hancock, July 23, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Capt. John BALL to Miss Amanda S. GRAVES, both of Hancock.

Holden, July 16, by the Rev. Mr. Southworth, Mr. Enoch H. TEBBETS of Bangor to Miss Ann Sophia, daughter of Russell HART, Esq. of Holden.

Portland, Mr. Alexander WILLIAMS to Miss Emma DRINKWATER.

Hampden, 18th inst., by the Rev. J. K. Nason, Capt. John C. EMORY to Miss Helen Maria WILSON, both of Hampden.

Boston, 18th inst., Mr. Henry C. SARGENT of Machias to Miss Alice B. HEMENWAY of Boston.

Alexander, 12th inst., Mr. Thomas J. SADDLER to Miss Pamelia A. LANE, both of Cherryfield.


Surry, 15th, Prudence, wife of Samuel TREWORGY, age 32 years.

Surry, 20th, Lydia, wife of Capt. Levi COGGINS, age 47 years.

Bangor, 21st inst., Mary A., wife of Charles H. KIRKPATRICK, age 21 years.

Garland, 19th inst., Mrs. Eunice DAVIS, formerly of Gorham, age 58 years.

Knox, 2nd inst., Mr. Seth WEBB, age 33 years, 2 months.

Lowell, Mass., July 13, of consumption, Miss Elizabeth CREAMER, formerly of Machias, age 22 years, 7 months.

AUGUST 2, 1861


Ellsworth, July 27, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Loren J. DOUGLAS to Miss Ellen A. HAYNES, both of Trenton.

Brooksville, July 28, by the Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. John W. EMERSON to Miss Sarah L. HOOPER, both of Brooksville.

Pembroke, Mr. B. W. REYNOLDS of Pembroke to Miss Susan E. DAGGET of Robinston.

Bangor, 24th ult., Mr. Albert P. CHICK to Mrs. Julia A. BAKER, both of Dixmont.

South Orrington, June 8, Mr. Warren V. ROGERS to Mrs. Mary L. RIDER.

South Orrington, July 19, Mr. James HOBEN to Miss Eliza A. WHEELDEN, all of Orrington.

Waterville, Mr. Alexander CURRIER of Hallowell to Miss Louisa HERSEY.

Brewer, 27th ult., Mr. Nathaniel REED

to Miss Charlotte S. HOWARD.


Brewer, July 28, at her brother's residence (D. B. Doan, Esq.), Mrs. Experience WILKINS, age 78 years, 9 months.

Buckston, 20th ult., at the residence of his son-in-law, Theodore Elwell, Esq., Elliott G. VAUGHAN, Esq., age 86 years.

Bath, 24th ult., Mrs. Hannah C. ROGERS, age 73 years.

Litchfield, 20th ult., Joseph WILLIAMS, age 70.

East Pittston, Mrs. Hannah ROLLINS, age 92.

Portland, 24th ult., of consumption, Mr. Samuel S. STIRBIRD, age about 30 years; he was one of the publishers of the Portland Courier.

Eastport, July 20, Capt. James M. WADE, age 64 years.

St. Louis, Mo., July 11, Miss Susan Dutch FOSTER, age 41 years, 9 months, formerly of Cherryfield, Maine.

Cherryfield, July 25, Mr. Richard C. CAMPBELL, age about 70 years.

Ichabod D. BARTLETT, Esq., died suddenly at Mt. Desert, Saturday morning last; he went there the day before on a pleasure excursion. Mr. Bartlett was a lawyer of ability and was about 40 years of age. He resided in Bangor.

AUGUST 9, 1861


Ellsworth, Aug. 3, by the Rev. N. M. Williams, Mr. William TURNER to Mrs. Catherine CRISTIE.

Blue Hill, 30th ult., by the Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. Robert W. SNOW to Mrs. Henrietta T. THOMAS, both of Blue Hill.

South Boston, 25th ult., by the Rev. P. F. Lyndon, Melvin S. SMITH of Ellsworth, Maine, Commissary Sargent, 13th Regiment Rifles, to Miss Jennie M. A. SANDRA of Boston.

Brooksville, 25th ult., by J. W. Babson, Esq., Capt. Andrew BLAKE to Miss Susan MAGEE, both of Brooksville.

Woodstock, Vt., Mr. James HOWARD of Augusta to Miss Helen NEIL (or NELL?) of Skowhegan.


Ellsworth, 6th inst., Edward W., son of John L. and Irene MURCH, age 3 years. His death was caused by a kick from a horse.

Eastbrook, 1st inst., Mr. Moses BUTLER, age 75 years.

East Trenton, 7th inst., Mary, wife of Otis YOUNG, age about 45 years.

Brooksville, 16th ult., Lydia N., daughter of Capt. N. N. and Elvina TIBBETTS, age 15 years.

Bucksport, 31st ult., Mr. Jonathan FARNHAM, age 64 years.

Bangor, 2nd inst., Mrs. Sarah GRAY, formerly of Lebanon, Conn., age 90 years.

Avon, 21st ult., Eunice, wife of the late John BATES, age about 75 years.

AUGUST 23, 1861


Ellsworth, Aug. 11, by C. P. Jordan, Esq., Mr. John TREDICK of Ellsworth to Miss Eliza F. BELCHER of Trenton.

Ellsworth, 20th, by C. P. Jordan, Esq., Mr. David C. SARGENT

to Miss Abigail NEWLAND, both of Ellsworth.

Blue Hill, 11th inst., by A. C. Milliken, Esq., Mr. Jason P. FOGG to Miss Martha D. CHATTO, both of Blue Hill.

West Eden, Aug. 17, by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Mr. Charles D. RICHARDS to Miss Dolly N. PRAY, both of West Eden.

Machias, 4th inst., George W. BARSTOW to Miss Maretta H. MARSTON.

Bangor, 15th inst., Rev. Robert LAMBERT of Monroe to Miss Emily W. NASON of Bangor.

West Hampden, Mr. George W. GAREY to Miss Matilda MILLER.


Ellsworth, 16th inst., child of Jonathan and Julia ROBERTSON, age 1 year (no first name given for child).

West Trenton, Aug. 20, Hiram Clifford, son of David B. and Sarah A. ALLEY.

Bangor, Aug. 15, Mrs. Catherine Greenough, wife of Jonas AMES, age 68 years.

Bangor, Aug. 14, Sparhawk PARSONS, Esq. of New York, age 72 years.

Milford, 15th inst., Lucetta S., widow of the late Joseph BUTTERFIELD, age 37 years.

Hampden, 12th inst., Charlotte WHEELER, daughter of Capt. Willard Wheeler, age 16 years.

Addison, Aug. 12, Deacon Curtis MERRITT, age 53 years.

Addison, 15th, Mr. David COFFIN, age 75 years.

Cherryfield, 3rd inst., Mrs. Elizabeth MORSE, age 26 years.

AUGUST 30, 1861


Blue Hill, by the Rev. Samuel Bowker, Charles S. WOLLEY, Esq. of Charlestown, Mass. to Miss Anna HAZEN of Brooklin.

Bangor, 18th inst., Mr. Richard R. BAILEY of Corinth to Miss Abby F. ALLEN of Levant.

Veasie, 18th inst., Mr. Charles L. NELSON of Cambridge to Miss Louisa DEXTER of Orono.

Gardiner, 15th inst., Frederick B. TAYLOR, Esq. to Miss Abigail E. SNOW, both of Boston.

Augusta, 22nd inst., Mr. Willis T. JORDAN of U. S. Army to Miss Sarah C. BRETT.

East Bridgewater, Mass., Aug. 22, by the Rev. Mr. Wilcox, Rev. Horace TOOTHAKER, Pastor Elect of the Congregational Church, North Boothbay, Maine, to Miss Lucy M. RICHARDS of East Bridgewater.


Boston, 10th inst., Antoinette GREENLAW, formerly of Deer Isle, age 24 years, 6 months.

Hampden, 21st inst., Mary A., wife of Robert R. RAY and daughter of Oliver Couillard of Monroe, age 30 years.

Castine, 4th inst., Lucinda, wife of Deacon Mark HATCH, age about 50 years.

Brooksville, July 20, Alice Mills, daughter of Capt. Joseph and Sarah DOUGLAS, age 6 months.

Brooksville, July 28, Mary WASSON, widow of Thomas Wasson, age 90 years.

Foxcroft, 14th inst., Capt. Jonathan ROBERTS, age about 60 years.

Portland, 24th inst., Hon. Nicholas EMORY, age 84 years, 11 months.

Bucksport, Aug. 22, Benny Blagg, infant son of Thad and Zue HAWLEY, age 4 months, 3 weeks.

Blue Hill, 13th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth LONG, wife of Joel Long, age 77 years, 6 months. Her earlier years were devoted to religious instruction of her family. In 1838 she professed the Christian religion. She has passed from earthly to eternal scenes, gathered in as a shock of corn fully ripe.



Ellsworth, Aug. 26, by C. P. Jordan, Esq., Mr. Thomas O. HANSCON to Miss Hannah A. JORDAN, both of Mariaville.

Lubec, Aug. 29, by Elder G. Garraty, Hopley REYNOLDS, Esq. to Mrs. RING, widow of the late Charles L. Ring, Esq., both of Lubec.

Bangor, Aug. 28, Mr. Humphrey B. BRIDGES to Miss Annie DICKEY, both of Bangor.


Bangor, Aug. 30, after a long illness, Mr. William W. FRENCH of the firm of Henry Little & Company, age 47 years.

Mariaville, Aug. 29, Isabell, wife of John CARR, age (very hard to read, 23 or 73).

Bath, Aug. 28, very suddenly, of congestion of the lungs, Miss Harriet N. LOW, age 35 years. Machias, Aug. 27, Willie Crocker, son of Stacy and Margaret K. FOWLER, age 5 1/2 months.

East Trenton, Aug. 28, Ammi, son of Jabez and Anis TRIPP, age 4 years. The little fellow, accompanied by his mother, went a day or two previous to his death on a visit to his father at Point Harbor in Sullivan. Father was engaged in boiling and pressing bone fish for poggies, for the purpose of extracting oil. On Tuesday afternoon, for some cause, probably prompted by curiosity, he climbed upon the press nearby to his father, accidentally missed his hold and fell backward into a tub of water and oil which had but just been dipped from a kettle in a boiling state. He was immediately rescued and remedies administered, but to no avail. He lingered until the following morning when he died.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1861


Tremont, Sept. 6, by A. C. Milliken, Esq., Mr. William H. TARR to Miss Lydia A. HERSH, both of Tremont.

Mt. Desert, Sept. 8, by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Capt. Wilson R. YOUNG of Trenton to Miss Melita V. BARTLETT of Mt. Desert.

Bangor, 24th ult., Mr. William WILLEY of Hermon to Mrs. Sarah Jane SANBORN of Bangor.

Orono, 8th inst., Mr. John W. CURRIER of Sebec to Mrs. Phebe STONE of Orono.

Old Town, Sept. 5, by J. A. Blanchard, Esq., Mr. Isaac BALLAD to Miss Harriet F. JELLISON, both of Milford.

Lubec, Aug. 27, Samuel A. LAWRENCE to Miss Rhoda A. JOY, both of Pembroke.

Lubec, Aug. 24, Mr. James A. RICE to Miss Belinda EATON, both of Lubec.

Lubec, Aug. 31, Mr. Horatio B. RICE to Miss Jane REA, both of Lubec.

Lubec, Aug. 31, Mr. William REA to Miss Angelino J. RICE, both of Lubec.

Whitneyville, Aug. 24, by Rev. Mr. Batchellor, Mr. Thomas McREAVEY to Miss Mary Jane PENNELL, both of Whitneyville.


Brooklin, Sept. 4, Mr. Coleman HERRICK, age 40 years.

North Bucksport, Sept. 7, Hannah NICKERSON, widow of the late Capt. Joshua Nickerson, age 69 years, 11 months.

Bangor, Sept. 8, Miss Ann Jane HOLDEN, age 66 years.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1861


Black Island, Sept. 4, by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Joseph DAVIS, Jr. of Black Island to Miss Abigail BUTLER of Tremont.

Machiasport, 7th inst., by the Rev. G. Batchellor, Charles P. WATTS of Whitneyville to Miss Hattie C. FLYNN of Machiasport.

St. Anthony's Falls, Minn., 26th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Barnes, Mr. Charles F. SIMS of St. Anthony to Miss Laura E. DORMAN, formerly of Machias.

Veasie, Mr. Otis R. HEWEY of Veasie to Miss Martha E. MARSH of Orono.

Bangor, 12th inst., by the Rev. A. Battles, Robert S. GRAVES to Miss Flavilla M. HUMPHREY, all of Bangor.

Norridgewock, Aug. 18, Charles A. HOLWAY of Norridgewock to Miss Ellen HOXIE of Fairfield.

Gouldsboro, 15th inst., by H. M. Soule, Esq., Capt. Ezra ROBINSON to Miss Rebecca E. COLE, both of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, Sept. 15, Ernest, son of Capt. Homer C. and Amanda A. COUSINS, age 9 months (poem followed).

Ellsworth, Sept. 13, Frank Percy, son of Benjamin S. and Caroline A. JORDAN, age 9 months (poem followed).

Sullivan, 16th inst., of diphtheria, Jessie F., youngest daughter of the Hon. A. B. and Amelia SIMPSON, age 5 years. A very bright and interesting child.

Mariaville, Aug. 21, Huldah H., wife of Jonathan E. PARSONS and daughter of Rebecca and Capt. Eben Harden, age 32 years, 9 months.

Amherst, July 23, of diphtheria, Hattie Janette, daughter of Isaiah P. and Lucy B. HAYNES, age 4 years, 2 months, 16 days.

Brooklin, Sept. 14, Mrs. Hannah A. WATSON, age 54 years. In the death of Mrs. Watson, the community in which she resided, the church of which she was a consistent member, and the family of which she was the head and the counsellor, all have met with an irreparable loss. Blended with a kind and amiable spirit was great conscientiousness and meekness which made her life an example and her name one of praise.

Machias, 4th inst., John, son of William C. and Catherine M. HOLWAY, age 10 months, 20 days.

Northfield, Aug. 24, Simeon ELWELL, age 63 years, 2 months.

Lincoln, Sept. 6, Mrs. Martha HOLBROOK, formerly of Holden, age 75 years.

Bangor, 12th inst., Mrs. Sarah D., wife of Dr. C. A. JORDAN, age 37 years.

South Paris, a daughter of David DUNN, Esq., of Poland, committed suicide by throwing herself under the wheels of the railroad train; cause, insanity.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1861


Eden, 19th inst., by the Rev. J. W. Pierce, Mr. O. B. HEATH of Tremont to Miss Addie E. PRAY of Eden.

Blue Hill, 18th inst., by the Rev. S. Bowker, Mr. Joseph W. THOMPSON to Miss Mary E. COFFIN, both of Blue Hill.

Rockland, 14th inst., Mr. Frederick U. ULMER to Miss Mary E. FEYLER, both of Rockland.

Ellsworth, 24th inst., by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Eugene T. THURSTON of Kenduskeag to Miss Farisea A. MORSE of Surry.


Sullivan, 19th inst., of diphtheria, Lewella, daughter of widow Franklin PREBLE.

Winterport, Sept. 20, Miss "Bell Crowell," daughter of Capt. Oliver CROWELL, age 23 years, 5 months.

Columbia, 17th inst., Mrs. Anna S., widow of the late Ephraim KEEN, age 88 years, 5 months.

Houlton, 18th inst., suddenly, in a fit while in his office, J. F. HALL, Esq., Register of Deeds.

Sangerville, 10th inst., Mr. Joseph FOWLER, formerly of Winthrop, age 84 years.

Dayton, York County, 6th inst., Jacob RHODES, age 101 years, probably the oldest Revolutionary pensioner in Maine.

On board the U.S. steamer Seminole, 4th inst., Capt. Silas H. MARTIN of Wilmington, N. C., age about 65 years, formerly a resident of Castine, Maine.

Chelsea, Sept. 22, of cholera infantum, Emily Helen, only child of George N. and Helen D. SARGENT, age 11 months, 19 days.

OCTOBER 4, 1861


Ellsworth, 24th ult., by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Eugene T. THURSTON of Kenduskeag to Miss Zarissa A. MORSE of Surry. (Incorrect last week)

Gouldsboro, Sept. 27, by T. L. Hill, Esq., Mr. James V. WRIGHT to Miss Nancy M. WILKINSON, both of Gouldsboro.

Gouldsboro, Sept. 30, by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. Coridon HANDY to Miss Philena PETTEE, both of Gouldsboro.

Tremont, Sept. 26, by S. G. Rich, Esq., Mr. Daniel W. MANLY to Miss Margaret P. RICH, all of Tremont.

Tremont, by S. G. Rich, Esq., Mr. Benjamin K. NEWBURY of Tremont to Miss Catherine A. CROWLEY of Jonesport.

Addison, Sept. 18, Mr. George LOOK to Miss Melissa LOOK, both of Addison.

Lubec, 16th ult., Henry COLLUM and Miss Lucy A. DAVIS, both of Lubec.

Bangor, Sept. 26, Jonathan C. TAYLOR, Esq. of Bangor to Mrs. Ann GODFREY of Brewer.

Winterport, 24th ult., Mr. William H. SAWTELLE of Bangor to Miss Addie M. KALER of Winterport.


Ellsworth, Sept. 27, Orville B., son of Jonathan and Sarah F. DOW, age 7 years.

Ellsworth, Oct. 1, of diphtheria, Nellie, daughter of Daniel M. and Ann ALLEN, age 5 years.

Mt. Desert, Calvin SALSBURY, age 50 years.

Bangor, 24th ult., Mrs. Lydia MAXFIELD, age 85 years, 5 months.

Orrington, 22nd ult., Z. Barnes NICKERSON, age 28 years.

Skowhegan, Maj. Abram WYMAN, age 76.

San Bernardino, Calif., Aug. 28, J. Judson

AMES, a native of Calais, age 40 years.

Whitneyville, 27th, Eunice T., wife of James POPE, Esq., age 52 years.

Tuesday morning, October 3, Mrs. (name unreadable), (something unreadable; assume wife, but possibly daughter?) of the late Capt. Samuel HADLOCK. She was 90 years old in August.

OCTOBER 11, 1861


Tremont, 8th inst., by the Rev. C. M. Brown, Mr. Robert D. SALSBURY to Miss Hannah E. GILLEY, all of Tremont.

Blue Hill, 29th ult., by the Rev. Samuel Bowker, Mr. William M. PERKINS of New York to Miss Sophia YORK of Blue Hill.

Calais, Horatio D. BARBER to Miss Kate B. LANE, both of Calais.

Greenbush, 12th ult., Mr. James M. JELLISON of Milford to Miss Josie LEE of Foxcroft.

Portland, 3rd inst., by the Rev. George L. Walker, Mr. Benjamin F. BROCK to Miss Emma CHICK, all of Portland.

Biddiford, 23rd ult., Mr. Charles E. HILL to Miss Almira M. SPOFFORD, both of Buxton.

Rockland, Mr. John F. BOW of New Windsor, N.Y., to Miss Sarah S. McALLISTER of Rockland.

Wrentham, Mass., 25th ult., Mr. Oliver D. COOK of Wrentham to Miss Amelia T. HAYNES of Trenton.


Long Island, 2nd inst., at his residence, Israel B. LUNT, Esq., age 65 years.

Oceanville, Sept. 18, drowned, Zilpha, daughter of Capt. J. H. and M. A. GREENWALD, age 11 years.

Bangor, 5th inst., Mrs. Louisa B., wife of Thomas A. WHITE, Esq.

Bangor, 4th inst., Joshua H. THAXTER, age 44 years.

Bangor, 27th ult., Mrs. Catherine, wife of Mr. Hector McNEIL, age 21 years.

Milo, 24th ult., Rev. Amos A. RICHARDS, age 64 years.

Gardiner, Mrs. Sarah LITTLEFIELD, widow of the late George Littlefield, age 86 years.

Yarmouth, 1st inst., Mrs. Mary Anne HALE, age 48 years.

Thomaston, 1st inst., Mary G., wife of Lorenzo REDMAN, age 45 years.

Machias, Horatio and Lorenzo, twin children of H. L. and Lucia H. HILL, age 3 months, 2 weeks.

OCTOBER 18, 1861


Eden, 13th, Mr. Thomas S. BROWN of Mt. Desert to Miss Mary C. HIGGINS of Eden.

Blue Hill, 13th inst., by the Rev. S. Bowker, Mr. Alvin OSGOOD of Blue Hill to Miss Abbie CHASE of Monroe.

Brewer, Oct. 14, Mr. E. Oscar TOZIER of Boston, Mass., to Miss Anne M., only daughter of J. L. BARKER, Esq. of Brewer.

Calais, Oct. 10, Thomas E. WHARFF, Esq. to Miss Maria N. DYER, both of Calais.

Holden, Oct. 3, Mr. Abner BAILEY of Monroe to Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH of Orrington.

Searsport, 3rd inst., by the Rev. S. Thurston, Rev. Charles WHITTIER of Dennysville to Miss Henrietta M. THURSTON, daughter of the officiating clergyman.

Searsport, 14th inst., by the Rev. S. Thurston, Col. Gideon MAYO to Miss Sarah J. HOUSTON.

Gouldsboro, 6th inst., by N. Pendleton, Esq., Mr. Reuben JOY to Miss Sarah GUPTILL, both of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, 10th inst., Anne Eliza, wife of George W. BROWN, Esq., age 26 years.

Ellsworth, Oct. 4, Annie, wife of Dr. A. D. CRABTREE of Hartford, Conn., age 26 years.

Eden, 11th inst., John ROBERTS, age 17 years.

Waltham, 11th inst., of diphtheria, Benjamin LYMAN, age 12 years, 6 months.

Franklin, 15th inst., David S., son of Eleanor SUTHERLAND, age 7 years.

Bangor, 15th inst., of diphtheria, Sarah H., daughter of F. GARLAND, age 4 years, 5 months.

Brewer Village, of consumption, Capt. Nathaniel H. PIERCE, late master of the brig Walter How, age 39 years.

Amherst, 11th inst., of diphtheria, Joseph S. BUZZELL, son of A. H. Buzzell, Esq., age 19 years, 1 month, 13 days.

Machias, 4th inst., Alva Burton, only child of George H. and Henrietta B. CAMPBELL, age 11 months, 14 days.

Brunswick, Sept. 17, Deacon Aaron DUNNING, age 81 years, 10 months.

Drowned, at Diamond Cove near Portland, by the upsetting of a sailboat, Stephen MORSE, Rufus HYDE, Charles HYDE, Charles ALLEN, Charles BUZZELL and J. W. FORD. One man named Goodhue was saved. The party was on a pleasure excursion.

Kennebunk, 8th inst., Capt. George LORD, age about 70 years.

At sea, on the 30th ult., Capt. Daniel BRAGDEN on the barque Theodore Curtis, age 30.

Long Island, 24th, Israel B. LUNT, Esq., age 65 years, 7 months, 16 days. Esq. Lunt will be missed very much by the inhabitants of Long Island and vicinity, as well as his numerous family. He has been a man of a considerable business and influence; and in this one trait particularly marked his character, a ready disposition to help others, especially the poor and needy, and that to an extent injurious to himself, so that in his later days he could not control his affairs to his best intention and desire. In his social capacity, Esq. Lunt was modest yet affable, agreeable and pleasant. Domestically he was generous and hospitable in a very marked and noticeable degree. Strangers from every quarter found with him a generous and hospitable entertainment; to clergymen, a comfortable home; friends, a cordial reception; and the hungry, an amiable spread table for their wants. Quite early in life he embraced the salvation preferred by the Gospel and maintained a steady unwavering faith in Christianity and its institutions and utility of practical religion. In 1843 under the pastoral labors of the Rev. Mr. St. Clair, he was baptized and united with the Baptist Church, of which he lived and died an acceptable member. In his last sickness he was resigned, sub-missive, trusting in the sustaining hand of Omnipotence and the sufficiency of his grace to bear him triumphantly over the Jordan of death. Also affectionate and impressive in his last remarks, ready and willing to die and thus departed in peace in the hope of a blessed immortality. A large procession of weeping relatives and sympathizing friends followed him to his last resting place, Long Island, October 5, 1861.

OCTOBER 25, 1861


Blue Hill, 16th inst., by Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. Isaac N. GRINDLE and Miss Valeria F. STETSON, both of Blue Hill.

Surry, 17th inst., by Rev. C. B. Roberts, Mr. Leander C. PERKINS of North Penobscot to Miss Mary E. ARMSTRONG of Ellsworth.

Camden, 6th inst., Capt. Samuel PENDLETON of Lincolnville to Miss Mary LUDWIG

of Camden.

Biddeford, 13th inst., Mr. Alvin HODGE to Miss Susan A. WATERHOUSE, both of Biddeford.

Cherryfield, 13th inst., by Joseph Adams, Esq., Mr. William G. UPTON TO Miss Deborah C. STROUT, both of Cherryfield.

Sedgwick, Oct. 20, by the Rev. William Reed, Hon. Wyer G. SARGENT to Mrs. Betsey DODGE, both of Sedgwick.

Orland, 16th inst., at the Methodist parsonage, by the Rev. Edwin Parker, Mr. Frank W. GROSS to Miss Frances M. CROSBY; also Mr. Frances GROSS to Miss Mary HUTCHINGS, all of Orland; also Mr. Samuel F. SNOW of Hampden to Miss Abby S. GROSS of Orland.


Eden, Oct. 10, John L. ROBERTS, age 17 years.

Durham, 12th inst., Capt. Gardiner G. LARRABEE, age about 52 years.

Saco, 8th inst., Mr. Jeremiah GORDON, for many years keeper of the York Hotel, age 68 years.

Brunswick, 12th inst., Mary, widow of the late Thomas PENNELL, age 79 years.

Portland, 17th inst., by the falling of a tree, John, son of J. C. and Phebe A. MERRY, age 12 years.

West Bath, 6th inst., Mr. William BROWN, age 79 years.

Weld, 10th inst., Mr. John N. PULSIFER, age 27 years.

Weld, 11th inst., Mr. Ebenezer JONES, age 44 years.

Addison Point, 16th inst., Mrs. Harriet C. LEAVITT, age 61 years, 7 months.

Columbia, 2nd inst., Lizzie, daughter of John J. and Jane BUCKNAM, age 2 months.

NOVEMBER 1, 1861


Steuben, 27th ult., by Warren Leighton, Esq., Mr. Joseph F. WARREN of Milbridge to Miss Philie E. JOHNSON of Sullivan.

Winterport, Oct. 28, by the Rev. I. C. Wilson, Charles P. ROBERTS, Esq., editor of the Bangor Evening Times, to Miss Margaret A. RICH, both of Bangor.

East Orrington, 20th ult., by the Rev. W. Newell, Mr. Thomas G. HEWEY of Bucksport to Miss Betsey C. GOSS of Orrington.

Bangor, 27th ult., Mr. E. HODGKINS to Miss Lizzie A. HOYT.

Camden, 14th ult., Mr. Joseph B. AYER of Bangor to Miss Mary E., daughter of Col. N. BERRY of Camden.

Boston, 24th ult., Mr. Charles C. SAWYER of Saco to Miss Mary A. AVERILL of Boston.


Ellsworth, Oct. 20, Oliver, son of Lemuel MOOR, age 6 months.

Franklin, Oct. 15, David S., son of Eleanor SUTHERLAND, age 7 years.

Blue Hill, Oct. 23, Stephen WEBBER, age 61 years, 7 months.

Waltham, Oct. 28, of diphtheria, Hugh A., son of Hugh and Eliza TWYNHAN, age 12 years.

East Winthrop, Sept. 28, Susan E., daughter of W. H. PARLIN, age 18 years, 5 months.

Skowhegan, Sept. 22, Abraham WYMAN, Esq., age 76 years.

_(town unreadable)_, 24th ult., Joshua B. OSGOOD, Esq., 79 (?) years.

Thomaston, 19th inst., Miss Cyntha S. FALES, age 37 years.

_(unreadable town), Rev. Moses DONNELL, of the East Maine (unreadable), 72 years.

11th ult., Samuel BARTER, age 62 years, __ months, 28 days.

Hallowell, Oct. 22, John MERRICK, Esq., age 96 years.

Machias, Oct. 25, Mr. Simon E. BERRY (can't read age).

Harrington, 23rd, Mrs. LORD, widow of the late Dominicus Lord, age about 78 years.

Lubec, 19th ult., True BRADBURY, age 76 years.

NOVEMBER 8, 1861


Ellsworth, 27th ult., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Joseph T. JORDAN to Miss Lydia E. JORDAN, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 3rd inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Capt. George DIX to Miss Julia M. BAILEY, both of Tremont.

Ellsworth, 12th ult., by the Rev. N. Whitney, Mr. George ROBERTS to Mrs. Betsey MOORE, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 1st inst., by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Ransom A. BONZEY to Miss Mehitabel A. GOOGINGS, all of Ellsworth.

Surry, Oct. 30, by the Rev. C. B. Roberts, Mr. Nicholas OBER to Mrs. Mehitabel NEAL, all of Surry.

Mt. Desert, Oct. 20, by G. N. Jordan, Mr. Franklin BRACY to Miss Susan A. DAVIS, both of Mt. Desert.

Portland, 30th ult., Mr. Jonathan N. PENNELL to Miss Mary A. BRAGDEN, both of Portland.

Auburn, 1st inst., Horatio B. PULSIFER, M.D. of Philadelphia to Miss Augusta P. ROAK.

Rockland, 25th ult., Mr. Loring BLANCHARD to Miss Sarah F. JACKSON, both of Rockland.


Amherst, Oct. 30, passed on to the spirit land, Ellen Frances, wife of Dr. A. BACKUS, age 24 years, 1 month, 22 days.

Blue Hill, Oct. 4, John SNOW, age 69 years. Mr. Snow never ate the bread of idleness and was generally successful in his business. He was an indulgent husband and father, a kind neighbor, and an upright man.

Deer Isle, Oct. 24, Samuel TORRY, age 21 years. He belonged to South Surry.

Brewer, 2nd inst., Bennie Morrill, son of John E. and Harriet M. GREENE, age 12 years, 9 months.

Damariscotta, 3rd inst., very suddenly, John B. COFFIN. He was elected in September last Clerk of Courts for Lincoln County.

Danville, 28th ult., Martha M., daughter of William W. and Lucy M. PERBLES, age 16 years.

NOVEMBER 15, 1861


Orland, Nov. 9, at the Methodist parsonage, by the Rev. Edwin Parker, Capt. George A. WOOD of San Francisco to Miss Sabina E. WIGHT of Bucksport.

Eden, 2nd inst., by Thomas Bishop, Esq., Mr. Amos S. BROWN of Mt. Desert to Miss Leonice L. TRACY of Eden.

Eastbrook, Nov. 7, by the Rev. R. Y. Watson, W. CLARK to Eleanor SPRINGER both of Franklin.

Bucksport, 5th inst., by the Rev. H. K. Craig, Capt. Joseph L. SWAZEY to Miss Martha Elizabeth COBB, both of Bucksport.

Waterville, 4th inst., Mr. Edmund OSBORN to Miss Abbie F. DINSMORE, both of Waterville.

Columbia, 27th ult., Mr. Eben LEIGHTON of Steuben to Mrs. Miriam TUCKER of Columbia.


Another link taken up, Willie Wright, twin brother to Wallis Garrison, and son of G. W. and Abbie MADOX, age 3 years, 10 months; passed on to a higher life, 7th inst., of croup, suddenly.

West Gouldsboro, Nov. 7, Mr. Jabez S. SARGENT, age about 45 years.

Machias, Nov. 5, Mrs. Adelia L., wife of Gen. Thomas A. STAPLES, age 49 years, 11 months.

Machias, Nov. 10, William T., son of John STUART, age 21 years, 8 months.

Enfield, 5th inst., Emily, wife of Rev. Billings CLAPP, age 67 years.

Bangor, 10th inst., Atherton W. PRATT, Esq., age 61 years. He was buried with Masonic honors.

Dexter, Nov. 6, Charles WHEELER, landlord of the Dexter House, age about 28 years. His funeral was attended by the Masonic Fraternity.

Cape Elizabeth, 7th inst., Clara L., eldest daughter of Sarah and the late F. W. SAWYER, age 15 years.

Died at the Regimental Hospital, Camp Griffin, of typhoid fever, David Lufkin, a private in Company G, 6th Regiment, MVM, only son of David and Hester A. WEARE, of Gouldsboro, age about 20 years. The desolations of war have added another to the thousands of stricken households in our land, and the least that can be done is to pay our just tribute to the death of those who have given their lives in behalf of their country. The subject of this notice was the very first volunteer from the town of Gouldsboro and the first also from that town that has died after entering the service. He was an upright, honest, moral and industrious young man, universally loved and respected in his own neighborhood, and peculiarly kind and affectionate in his relations of son and brother.

As to his worth as a soldier, Capt. Young under whom he served gives the following testimony: "He is much lamented by the company and by none more than myself. He was always ready for duty and was an honor to his friends and to the company to which he belonged, always in his place, whatever danger might bring. His loss will be deeply felt, both by officers and men, but death leaves a shining mark and, in this instance, a brilliant one is taken. We shall bury him tomorrow with military honors."

-- A. K. P. Moore, in behalf of Company G, 6th Maine Regiment, writes to the afflicted mother as follows: "The members of Company G, 6th Maine Regiment, were informed of the death of our friend and fellow soldier and your noble and beloved son who died at the Regimental Hospital after a short illness of one week. We feel that we can in a measure sympathize with a mother's feelings, knowing the circumstances under which you are now placed. Your partner in life gone forth for service in the same noble cause in which your only son lost his life. The company, in testimony, with the appreciation of his merit, raised a sufficient sum of money to defray the expenses of sending the remains of the deceased to his friends. But owing to the strict martial law and the difficulty of obaining passes, it was thought best by the mililtary officers to abandon the idea. He was buried with all the honors with which a soldier under the circumstances could be favored. The company this evening raised the sum of $130 to be expended in fencing his grave and erecting slabs to point out his resting place, which is about 3/4 of a mile east of Lewlusville Church. We can truly say our loss is great, for he was a brave and efficient soldier.

No more need be said. None can doubt who knew him but had his life been spared he would not have shrank from the dangers of the battlefield. His life he freely gave; he was willing to go, and who could do more? He died happy in the full assurance that he was going to meet his Heavenly Father and that his friends would soon meet him, never again to be separated. May his afflicted mother and sisters be comforted, and may their husband and father return safely from the field where their only son and brother lost his life. God help all the desolated hearts that are called upon to give up their loved ones in the cause of common liberty, and may all this desolation hasten the day when liberty shall be proclaimed throughout all the land and to all the inhabitants thereof.

NOVEMBER 22, 1861


Ellsworth, Nov. 8, John C. CONLY to Mrs. Priscilla PIERCE.

Surry, Nov. 12, Mr. Edwin N. SARGENT of Brooklin to Miss Rubie S. TREWORGY of Surry.

Mariaville, 17th inst., Mr. George M. GILES to Miss Rosella MORRISON, both of Waltham.

Cranberry Isle, Oct. 12, Mr. Horace G. BUNKER to Miss __(first name unreadable) C. PREBLE.

Cranberry Isle, Nov. 8, (groom's name unreadable) to Miss Almenia T. SPURLING.

Cranberry Isle, Nov. 10, Eben ROSEBROOKS to (bride's name unreadable) one (or both) of Cranberry Isle.

(Balance of entries unreadable.)


Orland, Sept. 2, Mr. Jeremiah CRAIG, age 44 years, 3 months, 3 days.

Orland, Oct. 4, Andrew Willis, age 2 years, 3 months, 11 days, son of Jeremiah and Sarah Jane CRAIG.

Machias, Nov. 12, Mrs. Catherine W. MOORE, wife of Capt. James Moor, age 48 years.

Cherryfield, 5th inst., Dr. William WENTWORTH, age 52 years.

Cherryfield, 5th inst., Clara, daughter of Manning and Susan DUNBAR.

NOVEMBER 29, 1861


Ellsworth, Nov. 20, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. George H. BROWN to Miss Isabell J., only daughter of J. L. MOOR, Esq., all of Elsworth.

Ellsworth, Nov. 21, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Orrin S. DONNEL

to Miss Ophelia M. FOSTER, both of Franklin.

Blue Hill, Nov. 21, by the Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. Horace PERKINS of Penobscot to Miss Addie N. NORTON

of Blue Hill.

Blue Hill, Nov. 21, by the Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. Charles A. BARRETT to Mrs. Clara E. SWETT, both of Blue Hill.

Portland, 20th inst., Mr. Joshua W. JOHNSON to Miss Albertina SANFORD.

Gouldsboro, Nov. 18, by P. L. Hill, Esq., Mr. Lyman P. FOWLES to Miss Ruth M. HAMMOND, both of Gouldsboro.

Sullivan, Nov. 22, by J. C. Chilcott, Esq., Mr. Joseph L. URANN of Sullivan to Miss Statira A. BLAISDELL of Franklin.


Ellsworth, 7th, Louisa A., daughter of Walter E. and Clara S. KEYES, age 3 years, 6 months.

Ellsworth, 8th, George W. MURCH, age 56 years, 5 months.

Waltham, 8th, William Edgar, son of Almond H. and Abby M. GILES, age 3 years.

Waltham, 9th, Mrs. HODGKINS, age 75 years.

Bar Harbor, 15th, of typhoid fever, Agnes S., daughter of T. and Mary ROBERTS, age 19 years.

West Trenton, 22nd inst., Lois PARKER, age 90 years.

Washington, DC, Tuesday, 19th inst., of typhoid fever, William Henry WHITTAKER of Trenton, a member of Company G, 11th Regiment, Maine Volunteers.

Cornville, 2nd inst., Mr. John WHITTIER, age 78 years.

Lee, 2nd inst., Prudence, wife of the Rev. Hamer GETCHEL, age 58 years.

Lewiston, Feb. 1861, Miss Octavia, age 21 years;

In Parkman, Sept. 28, George E., age 25 years;

Oct. 3, Samuel A., age 23 years;

Oct. 8, Hannah A., age 19 years;

Oct. 11, Amanda L., age 15 years;

Oct. 11, John D., age 11 years;

all of the above were children of Samuel and Britanna WHITEHOUSE of Parkman. They all died of diphtheria.

Harrington, 19th, Capt. Thomas WALL.

Cherryfield, 19th inst., of croup, Charles, eldest surviving son of William FREEMAN, Jr., age 4 years.

Calais, Nov. 17, Mary Lee, daughter of O. P. TREAT.

Bangor, Nov. 23, Willie, son of Joseph W. THOMPSON, age 3 years, 3 months.

Hampden, 24th inst., Dr. John ABBOTT, age 86 years.

Deer Isle, Nov. 5, John RAYNES, age 76 years.

Deer Isle, 11th, James B. SAUNDERS, age 32 years.

DECEMBER 6, 1861


Ellsworth, lst inst., by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Joseph BITHER to Miss Casilda

BONZEY, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 1st inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Thomas REEVES to Miss Melinda A. BEAL, both of Ellsworth.

Blue Hill, 21st ult., by Rev. L. S. Tripp of North Sedgwick, Mr. George A. PILSBURY of Blue Hill to Miss Mary A. CHALNER of Charlestown, Mass.

Eddington, Nov. 21, Mr. A. M. SHAW to Miss C. C. MERRILL, both of Eddington.

Houlton, 14th ult., by the Rev. E. G. Carpenter, Mr. Theo. CAREY, editor of the Aroostook Times, to Miss Althea DODGE, both of Houlton.

Sanford, Oct. 20, William EMORY, Esq. to Mrs. Sarah A. GOWEN, both of Sanford.

Lubec, 19th ult., Mr. Watson REYNOLDS to Miss Salome COMSTOCK, both of Lubec.

Oceanville, Oct. 27, by Thomas Warren, Esq., B. S. WOOD, Esq. to Miss Anna S. WARE.

Sterling, Mass., 1st inst., by the Rev. William Carpenter, Mr. Robert A. FRIEND of Brooklin, Maine, to Miss Alona B. MIRICK of Sterling, Mass.


In the hospital at Washington, of typhoid fever, on Sunday, 30th ult., Elbridge E. MILLIKEN, of Company B, Maine 6th Regiment, son of John Milliken, Esq., of Hancock, age about 19 years. The deceased was a young man of promise and much beloved.

Among the prisoners of war who died in Richmond between August 1 and November 15 were the following from Maine:

2nd Regiment............G. M. CLENBY and J. C. GILMAN

3rd Regiment............Horace HUNTER, Stephen RUSSEN, A. H. BROWN

4th Regiment............S. B. GAVEN, G. W. ANDERSON

Cherryfield, 24th ult., Samuel DORMAN, Esq., age 80 years, 2 months.

Placerville, Calif., Nov. 16, Mr. Charles W. SAVAGE, age 30 years, 8 months, son of Mr. George Savage of Bangor.

Dedham, Nov. 16, suddenly, James C., son of J. L. PARKER, age 15 years.

Hilton Head, S.C., 27th ult., Charles FRAZIER of Ellsworth. He was a private in Company G, 8th Maine Regiment. His disease was lung fever.

DECEMBER 13, 1861


Ellsworth, 8th inst., by Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Joseph M. HIGGINS to Miss Julia DORMAN, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 8th inst., Mr. Samuel S. HIGGINS to Miss Lydia G. WOODWARD, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 7th, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Milton E. SILSBY of Aurora to Miss Eva JORDAN of Mariaville.

Sullivan, Dec. 3, by the Rev. Mr. Blackwood, Mr. William HILL to Miss Sarah MARTIN, both of Sullivan.

Trenton, Dec. 7, by E. S. Foster, Esq., Mr. Theodore PAINE of Eden to Lizzie C. HADLEY of Trenton.

Bucksport, Dec. 6, by the Rev. George Pratt, Mr. Augustus M. CLARK of Winterport to Miss Sarah C. NICHOLS of Brooksville.

Harrington, Nov. 28, George W. COFFIN to Miss Mary F. DINSMORE, both of Harrington.


Roxbury, Mass., 27th ult., Newell W. SMITH, age 17 years, youngest son of George S. Smith, Esq. of Ellsworth.

Brewer, Dec. 4, Capt. George W. FOLSOM, age 45(?) years.

Brewer, 7th, Horace B. CHAMBERLAIN, age 27 years.

Bangor, 1st inst., Daniel A. WENTWORTH, age 27 years.

Belfast, 2nd inst., N. H. BRADBURY, Esq.; he was cashier of the Belfast Bank for a quarter of a century.

Machias, 2nd inst., Sarah A., wife of William A. THAXTER, age 24 years.

Lubec, 1st inst., Capt. Rufus GODFREY, age 67 years.

At Hilton Head, S.C., of lung fever, on Wednesday, 27th ult., Charles C. FRAZIER of Ellsworth, private in Company G, Maine 8th Regiment, age 20 years.

West Trenton, Nov. 27, of typhoid fever, Albion, eldest son of Daniel and Jane LELAND, age 17 years, 11 months, 4 days (poem followed).

DECEMBER 20, 1861


Ellsworth, Dec. 18, by P. W. Perry, Esq., Rev. William R. DAVIS of Ellsworth to Miss Francena P. CLOSSON of Brooklin.

Ellsworth, 15th inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. John MIDDLETON to Miss Eliza HALEY, both of Ellsworth.

Eden, 16th inst., by the Rev. J. A. Baskwell, Mr. Jeremiah E. HAMOR to Miss Abbie A. RICHARDSON, both of Eden.

Blue Hill, 8th inst., by the Rev. S. Bowker, Mr. Clifton S. STOVER

of Blue Hill to Miss Laura E. FRANKS of Ellsworth.

Mt. Desert, 19th inst., by G. N. Jordan, Esq., Mr. Charles E. SOTHARD to Miss Alice FENNELLY, both of Mt. Desert.

Hampden, Dec. 6, Mr. Simeon G. HIGGINS to Julia F. CUSHMAN.

Brewer, Dec. 12, Mr. Alphonso WHITE of Brewer to Miss Emily WILLIAMS of Salmon Falls, N.H.

Old Town, 14th inst., Mr. George F. DUDLEY to Mrs. Sarah A. DUDLEY, both of Milford.

Milford, 14th, Mr. Charles DRAPER of Old Town to Miss Emeline MARSH of Milford.


Bucksport, Nov. 28, William Henry CHASE, Esq., age 39 years. Mr. Chase has been one of the selectmen of Bucksport for the last 6 or 7 years; he was an honest and upright man and a worthy citizen. He had been for many years a member of the Masonic Fraternity and was followed to the grave by a large number of brothers and friends. Few men stood better with his fellowmen than he did.

Columbia, Nov. 1, Mr. Albert MERRILL, age 45 years.

Calais, Dec. 6, Mary J., wife of Frederic JONES, age 22 years.

Bangor, 14th inst., Frederic A., only son of the Hon. Jonas CUTTING, age 20 years, 4 months, 14 days.

Bangor, Dec. 9, Frederic Arthur REYNOLDS, age 11 years.

Providence, R.I., Dec. 8, Mary, wife of the Rev. William F. FARRINGTON, recently of Bangor.

Bangor, Dec. 16, Samuel

FELLOWS, age 62 years, 8 months, 18 days.

Augusta, 9th inst., James S. MANLEY. He was formerly an associate publisher of the Gospel Banner and the Maine Farmer; age 45 years.

Up to November 18, the deaths in the regiments which are a part of General Sherman's force at Port Royal were as follows:

From 8th Maine....Philip BRIGG.............Nov. 10 variola

George HUBBARD...........Nov. 17 larngitis

Hiram TRAFTON............Nov. 15 fever congestive

G. PHILBROOK.............Nov. 26 pneumonia

Charles E. FRAZIER.......Nov. 27

From 9th Maine....Joseph HANNIBAL..........Oct. 25 congestive fever

John A. DODGE............Nov. 4 pneumonia

Silas GRANT..............Nov. 13 congestive fever

Roscoe STEVENS...........Nov. 15 congestive fever

Newman FRENCH............Nov. 20 remittant fever

Lucius PROCTOR...........Nov. 18 acute bronchitis

Albert NASH..............Nov. 14 acute bronchitis

John B. LYON.............Dec. 4 congestive fever

Hilton Head, S.C., Nov. 29, John B. PHILBROOK of East Newport.

DECEMBER 27, 1861


Surry, 18th inst., by Rev. D. B. Roberts, Mr. John H. ELDRIDGE to Miss Sarah A. WOOD, youngest daughter of Dudley Wood, Esq., all of Surry.

Brooklin, 17th inst., by B. C. Sargent, Esq., Capt. David S. REDDY of Deer Isle to Miss Joanna CARTER of Long Island.

Oceanville, 12th inst., by B. S. Wood, Esq., Mr. Joseph P. WILLENS to Miss Mercy S. SELLERS of Deer Isle.

Brunswick, 19th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Adams, Rev. Benjamin W. POND of Barton, Vt., to Miss Mary A. NEWMAN, daughter of the late Professor Newman of Brunswick.

Portland, 15th inst., Charles J. TARBOT, Esq., surveyor of Customs for the District of Portland, to Mrs. Myra A. SMITH of Portland.

Searsport, 11th inst., Capt. Horatio N. CURTIS to Miss Miriam E. WHITTIER, both of Searsport.

Searsport, 4th inst., Mr. Harvey EDWARDS to Miss Frances M. WOODS, both of Searsport.

Cranberry Isle, Dec. 6, Mr. William PRIOR of Bremen to Miss Matilda SIMMONS of Cranberry Isle.

Addison, 14th inst., by Hiram Tabbut, Esq., F. M. DRISKO to Miss A. E. WASS, both of Addison.


Mt. Desert, Dec. 18, Mr. David WASGATT, age 71 years, 2 months, 9 days.

Bangor, Dec. 21, Mrs. Sarah WHITTIER, the fortune teller, age 100 years, 11 months.

East Machias, 18th inst., of congestion of the lungs, Hon. John C. TALBOT

in his 78th year.

Westbrook, 19th inst., Martha A., wife of George H. PENNELL, age 28 years.

Hudson, of diphtheria, Dec. 10, Warren, age 16 years;

Dec. 15, Henry, age 10 years;

Dec. 18, Charlie, age 14 years; Henrietta, age 8;

Dec. 19, Emma, age 21;

all children of Joel MASON.

Rangoon, East Indies, in October, Capt. David W. COTTRILL of Bangor, of the ship Ticonderoga.

Tamworth, N.H., Mrs. Phebe GILMAN, mother of the editor of the Bath Times, age 93 years.

East Dixmont, Sept. 27, J. W. FERNALD, Esq., age 41 years.

JANUARY 3, 1862


Ellsworth, Jan. 1, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Asa S. DYER to Miss Margetta P., eldest daughter of Stillman BUTLER, Esq., both of Franklin.

Tremont, Dec. 25, by Rev. John N. Pierce, Capt. John R. LUNT to Miss Hattie P. LOPAS, both of Tremont.

Mt. Desert, Dec. 28 by Daniel Somes, Esq., Edmund D. REMICK to Miss Mary D. YOUNG, both of Eden.

Bangor, Dec. 21, Mr. Allen B. NICHOLS of Winterport to Miss Augusta LANE of Bangor.

Sullivan, Christmas Eve, by the Rev. Mr. Blackwood, Mr. Sidney S. HANNA of Sullivan to Miss Clara HAMMOND of Gouldsboro.

Machias, 29th ult., Mr. Roscoe G. BOYNTON to Miss Martha A. BOWKER, both of Machias.

Bangor, 24th ult., Mr. James BOWES to Miss Laura NEWCOMB.

Bangor, Dec. 29, Mr. Daniel R. SAWYER of Dixmont to Miss Susan M. GREEN of Hampden.

Bangor, 28th ult., Gustavus W. SMITH to Olive E. DOLLEY, both of Bangor.

Patten, Dec. 20, Mr. Joseph SEMPLE to Miss H. L. JEWETT, both of Bangor.

Portsmouth, N.H., 25th ult., Mr. Greenleaf LAWRENCE to Miss Nellie ATWOOD, both of Gardiner.

Portland, 26th ult., Mr. Isaiah STOVER of Freeport to Miss Elizabeth W. LITTLEJOHN of Portland.


Ellsworth, Dec. 1, Eleanor H., wife of George WOOD, age 28 years.

Ellsworth, 26th, Pamelia M., wife of Jefferson B. FOLLETT, age 26 years.

Ellsworth, Jan. 1, Abigail, daughter of Moses and Margaret HAMMONDS, age 23 years.

Hilton Head, S.C., Dec. 23, Charles A. HERRICK of Ellsworth, age 22 years.

Sedgwick, Dec. 21, widow Mary MORGAN, age 88 years. She became a member of the First Baptist Church, Sedgwick, May 15, 1805; she was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Baldwin or Williams of Massachusetts, that also being the memorable day for the

organization of which are now but a few of the original members remaining. Subject was just and desirable, a faithful steward in the vineyards of the Lord, she choose that good part that failed her not in the hour of her dissolution. Kind and affectionate in all her deportment, she was truly a mother in Israel.

Bucksport, Dec. 22, Mr. Morgan BLAISDELL, age 83 years.

Orland, Dec. 30, Mrs. Augusta EMERSON, wife of Dr. N. Emerson of Orland, age about 40 years.

Bangor, Dec. 25, John LYNCH, age 45 years.

Bangor, Dec.25, Owen CONWAY, age 58 years.

Mt. Desert, Dec. 18, Capt. Nathaniel G. RICHARDS. Capt. Richards was a worthy brother of the "simon pure" Tremont Lodge of the F.A.M. He was also a member of the Methodist Church. He leaves a beloved bosom companion with whom he lived 40 years, and several adopted children who have honored their foster parents with the endearing appellation of father and mother.

Also, Maj. David R. WASGATT, born Oct. 9, 1791, died Dec. 18, 1861. Maj. Wasgatt, though not openly a member of any Christian church, sustained regularly in his family the worship of God and was highly esteemed as a gentleman of unquestion-able veracity and public confidence.

Portland, 26th ult., Mrs. Dorcas, relict of Joseph T. SHERWOOD, Esq., late H.B.M. Consul at Portland.

Bangor, 24th ult., Capt. William A. BEAN, age 47 years.

Orrington, 28th ult., Miss Mary Susan, daughter of Capt. Nathan D. PHILLIPS, age 24 years.

Sebec, 10th ult., Mrs. Charlotte

VOSE, wife of the late William H. Vose, was accidentally drowned by falling into a cistern in the cellar of her house. Age 39 years, she leaves 7 young children.

The Saco Democrat publishes an extract from William S. NOYES, now a prisoner at Richmond, to his father at Saco giving a list of men who have died there up to December 4, as follows:

2nd Maine Regiment.....J. C. GILMAN.............Nov. 5

George CLEWLEY...........Oct. 22, typhoid fever

William J. DEVERUX.......Dec. 2, typhoid fever

3rd Regiment...........Horace HUNTER............Aug. 7

Stephen RUSSELL..........Aug. 20

A. H. BROWN..............Sept. 8, diphtheria

4th Regiment...........J. A. SPARHAWK...........Aug. 15

G. W. ANDERSON...........Oct. 15

W. B. GOWEN..............Oct. 4

C. W. PERRY..............Nov. 27, typhoid fever

Six of the above died from the effects of wounds received in battle.

JANUARY 10, 1862


Franklin, Dec. 13, by N. A. Swan, Esq., Mr. John G. WENTWORTH to Miss Judith A. HOVEY, all of Franklin.

Franklin, Jan. 5, by N. A. Swan, Esq., Mr. William E. McFARLAND of Montville to Miss Lauretta A. GOULD of Franklin.

Tremont, Jan. 1, by S. G. Rich, Esq., Mr. Llewellyn CLEVELAND of East Orrington to Miss Hannah MOORE

of Tremont.

Brooklin, Jan. 1, by B. C. Sargent, Esq., Mr. Isaac A. BRIDGES of Brooklin to Miss Mary J. CARTER of Blue Hill.

Steuben, 4th inst., Mr. Moses HANKINS of Steuben to Miss Susanna C. SALTER of Sullivan.

Hampden, Jan. 2, Samuel H. TRIBOU to Mary HOPKINS, both of Hampden.

Bangor, Jan. 1, Samuel C. HARLOW to Anna (last name unreadable) , both of Bangor.

(place unreadable), Dec. 25, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C. E. Springer, Mr. E. W. ROGERS of Orrington to Miss Mary F. FELCH

of B.

Bangor, Mr. Christopher COCHRAN to Miss Lizzie J. (last name unreadable) , both of Brewer.

(Several entries completely unreadable.)


Sullivan, 14th inst., very suddenly, Julia, wife of Henry SPRINGER, a corporal in the 13th Regiment.

Trenton, Jan. 5, Ernest Augustus, son of Capt. John and Abigail SMITH, age 4 years, 2 months (poem followed).

Castine, Dec. 29, Mrs. Catherine D. SIMPSON, age 53 years, 8 months.

Annapolis, Md., Nov. 3, Charles H. JACOBS, with the variloid, a member of Capt. Hutchins' Company, 8th Maine Regiment, formerly of New Portland.

Port Royal, S.C., Dec. 22, of congestive fever, Frederic A. HUNTOON of New Portland.

23rd, of smallpox, John H. PIERCE of Bingham; both of Capt. Hutchins' Company, Maine 8th Regiment.

Cherryfield, 23rd ult., Capt. Wilmot NASH.

East Machias, Dec. 26, Mrs. Lucy HARRIS, age 86 years, 11 months.

East Machias, Jan. 1, Clark P., son of Hosiah and Mercy HUGHS of Machias, age 22 years, 5 months.

Bangor, Dec. 14, Frederic Holland CUTTING, only son of Hon. Jonas Cutting, age 20 years.

Bangor, 1st inst., Ruth ROBERTS, relict of the late Francis Roberts, age 76 years.

Bangor, 3rd inst., John HOYT, age 63 years.

Bangor, 3rd, Henry C. WILLIAMS, age 41 years, 7 months.

West Trenton, Nov. 22, Mrs. Lois PARKER, age 90 years.

Unity, Dec. 20, Rev. William McGRAY, age 84.

JANUARY 17, 1862


Eden, 12th inst., by the Rev. J. A. Buskwell, Capt. Wills CARVER of Tremont to Mrs. Sally EMORY of Eden.

East Trenton, Dec. 20, by Rev. W. A. Durfee, Mr. Stillman W. KING to Miss Georgietta SMITH, both of Trenton.

Challenge Mill, Butte Co., Calif., Dec. 12, by S. J. Whipple, Esq., Mr. Willis L. BRIDGHAM, formerly of Whitneyville, Maine, to Miss Abby W. SPRINGER, formerly of Trenton, Maine.

Orland, Dec. 4, by the Rev. Edwin Parker, Mr. Elisha D. LOWELL to Miss Catherine J. CRANE, both of Orland.

Orland, Dec. 25, by the Rev. Edwin Parker, Mr. Franklin G. HARRIMAN to Miss Elizabeth G. STACKPOLE, both of Bangor.

Pembroke, 23rd ult., Mr. Albert A. STODDARD to Miss Eliza A. HUNTER.

Addison, Jan. 5, Mr. John A. DRISKO to Miss Charlotte L. PARKER, both of Addison.

Eastport, Jan. 1, A. R. BATES to Miss E. N. MABEE, both of Eastport.

Eastport, 4th inst., Charles H. CONLEY to Roseanna DOUGHTY, both of Deer Isle.

Lubec, 1st inst., George D. WATT to Miss Fanny C. SHEFIELD, both of Lubec.


Waterville, Jan. 9, Carrie Hodgdon, age 17 years, adopted daughter of Dr. George PARCHER of Ellsworth.

West Bangor, 14th inst., Mr. Nathan HADLOCK, age 78 years, 8 months.

Bangor, Jan. 5, of consumption, Hattie J., only daughter of J. L. HARTFORD, age 10 years.

Bangor, 7th inst., Mr. A. W. BENSON, age 39 years.

Carmel, 30th ult., Nathan W. SCRIBNER, age 35 years.

Troy, Rev. Thomas HARDING, age 72 years.

William A. SIBLEY of Appleton, Maine, was murdered by one MOORE in California, Nov. 11.

Hartford, Conn., 9th inst., of paralysis of the brain, Samuel COLT, the inventor and extensive manufacturer of revolving firearms.

John C. RICHARDSON, Company G, Maine 11th Regiment, at Columbian College Hospital.

William J. SEAVY, Company D, Maine 11th Regiment, at camp.

J. A. DOWLING, Company C, Maine 11th Regiment, at Columbian Hospital.

W. H. PINEO, Company C, Maine 11th Regiment, at Columbian College Hospital.

Near Relay House, Maryland, 8th ult., Mr. John S. HANLY, age about 25 years. Deceased was a member of the Norway L I 10th Maine Regiment.

Lewinsville, Va., Oct. 15, John TRACY of Company C, 6th Maine, age 23 years. His comrades have erected a marble monument over his remains.

Port Royal, Beaufort District, S.C., Nov. 24, of congestive fever, Charles A. HERRICK, member of the band of the Maine 8th Regiment. Deceased was sick scarcely 2 days and was seemingly insensible for several hours preceding his death. He was from Ellsworth, Maine, a printer by trade and for 3 years worked for the Ellsworth American office. Not only by the other members of the band, but by the members of the company from his native town, he was greatly beloved and, in fact, by all who knew him in the regiment. At his funeral, the brigade band played while to his grave in a pine tree grove the company from Ellsworth, Capt. Hoyt acted as escort. The usual burial services were duly performed and at a late evening hour they laid him to rest was the echoes were awaked by our parting salute, and the night air reverberated with our solemn dirge. Since sadly we returned to camp with the sad realization that another of our noble New England sons had fallen. The sympathy we tender to kindred and friends of the deceased who were unable to be with their friend so dear in his last moments, but though the kind tear of womanly affection was absent, true hearts and rough hands made easy as possible his dying couch, and everything for the alleviation of suffering that the warmest friendship could prompt was cheerfully tendered. God grant His blessing to rest upon the afflicted friends in their deep bereavement.

JANUARY 24, 1862


West Eden, Jan. 18, by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Mr. Henry KNOWLES to Miss Sarah C. EMORY, all of Eden.

Blue Hill, Jan. 1, by the Rev. S. Bowker, Mr. Samuel C. CROCKETT of Prospect to Miss Roselthia C. OSGOOD of Blue Hill.

Mt. Desert, Dec. 19, by G. N. Jordan, Esq., Mr. Daniel DAVIS to Miss Lovica HINCKLEY, both of Mt. Desert.

Columbia, Jan. 1, Nathan P. HOLWAY of Machias to Miss Hattie A. MOORE of Gouldsboro.

Columbia, 12th inst., by J. Lippincott, Esq., Mr. Gideon ROCKWELL to Mrs. Susanna S. INGERSOLL, both of Columbia.

Harrington, 11th inst., Capt. Aaron COTTON to Miss Mary C. TURNBULL, both of Harrington.

Lubec, 12th inst., Mr. Francis NUGENT, Jr. to Miss Mary A. McBRIDE, both of Lubec.

Bangor, 12th inst., James PATTERSON, Jr. of Bangor to Miss Dora CARTER of Hampden.

Holden, Dec. 22, Mr. George C. CHURCHILL to Miss Charlotte E. KENNEY.

Brewer Village, 12th inst., Mr. Peter FIELD of Orrington to Mrs. Bethany FULMER of Brewer.


Ellsworth, 16th inst., Cara S., daughter of Royal and Elizabeth TYLER, age 5 years.

Ellsworth, 4th inst., William D. BEVERLY, age 25 years.

Franklin, 2nd inst., Lydia CLARK, age 58 years.

Waltham, 3rd inst.,, Ada GOOGINS, age 11 years, 4 months.

West Trenton, 5th inst., Ernest A. SMITH, 4 years, 2 months.

Eastbrook, 12th inst., Nathan A., son of Joseph P. and Margaret WILBUR, age 6 years.

Eastbrook, 19th inst., of diphtheria, Henry S. DYER, age 28 years.

Hancock, 18th inst., child (no first name given) of John BOWDEN.

Hancock, 20th inst., Elizabeth FOSS, age 87 years.

Bangor, 17th inst., Mrs. Jane A., wife of Gen. S. F. HERSEY, age 43 years, 2 months.

Bangor, 20th inst., of diphtheria, Hattie Maria, youngest daughter of Joseph and A. C. BRYANT, age 18 years.

Levant, 6th inst., Joseph SMART, age 93 years.

Castine, 18th inst., Benjamin HOOK, Esq., age 78 years, 9 months, 21 days.

Charles RODDIN of Castine, a seaman, was lost overboard from the ship Highland Chief of Bath, June 10. He fell from the bowsprit at midnight during a heavy gale.

Hampden, 21st inst., Capt. David NYE, age 29 years.

Portland, 16th inst., Mrs. Sophia GARRISON, age 62 years. Her remains were carried to Sedgwick for interment.

Bucksport, 2nd inst., Miss Caroline GOTT, daughter of Capt. Daniel Gott, age 20 years. Deceased was one who drew strongly all hearts that knew her, by her inquiring intellect and gentle disposition. For many months she has been declining toward the grave, has maintained through all the stages of a painful illness, a sweet and non-complaining temper, and when the last conflict came, she expressed a full willingness to die in the supporting power of the peace of Jesus. Many hearts are wounded by her loss; very many will cherish her in a tender and loving memory.

JANUARY 31, 1862


Sedgwick, Jan. 23, by Rev. William Reed, Mr. James H. WASSON of Brooksville to Miss Mary A. DORITY of Sedgwick.

Hudson, Jan. 19, by Isaac Beale, Esq., Mr. William Henry WARREN to Miss Angeline EMORY, all of Hudson.

Harrington, Mr. Chester H. STEVENS of Centreville to Miss Salina R. BOYNTON of Harrington.

Foxcroft, Mr. Asa S. BURGESS to Miss Lydia W. HEWETT, both of Sebec.


Tremont, Jan. 17, of consumption, Capt. Samuel D. LANGLEY, age 25 years.

Tremont, 22nd inst., Mrs. Betsey EATON, age about 70 years.

Tremont, 25th inst., Miss Rhoda MITCHELL, age about 20 years.

Franklin, 13th inst., Thomas A. HADLEY, age 37 years.

Milbridge, Jan. 13, Harriet B., daughter of John T. and Lucy WALLACE, age 25 years, 6 months.

Bangor, Jan. 23, Lucy F., wife of the Hon. George W. PICKERING, age 57 years.

Bangor, 23rd inst., William BABCOCK, Esq., age 80 years, formerly a leading merchant of St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

Bangor, 20th inst., Erseff TOWNSEND, age 55 years, 7 months.

Hampden, 21st inst., Capt. David NYE, age 59 years.

Bucksport, 14th inst., Mrs. Annie McDONALD, age 27 years.

Bucksport, 16th, Capt. Joseph D. PIERCE, age 35 years, 11 months.

Parkman, 23rd ult., Emily C., wife of L. D. WARREN, age 22 years, 8 months.

Dec. 24, at the house of Charles Rogers in Orland, Henry S. BOWDEN, son of Nathaniel and Tryphenia Bowden of Penobscot, age 22 years, 18 days. The deceased was a member of Company A, 14th Regiment Maine Volunteers, and camped in Augusta. He contracted measles, went to the hospital, was considered by the physician out of danger, obtained a furlough to visit his home in Penobscot when, within a mile of home, he suddenly died. He was a young man of steady habits and leaves a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn his loss. It fell heavily upon family, it being the first death among 13. May God bless his poor mother and comfort her in her hour of alienation.

FEBRUARY 7, 1862


Ellsworth, by the Rev. N. N. Williams, Mr. Silas N. MITCHELL to Miss Julia M. BROWN, all of Ellsworth.

Mt. Desert, Jan. 29, Mr. John F. WASGATT of Mt. Desert to Miss Clarissa GILLEY of Tremont.

East Trenton, 1st inst., by the Rev. William A. Durfee, Mr. Dexter F. McFARLAND of Eden to Miss Mahala HIGGINS of East Trenton.

Corinth, 1st inst., Jonathan M. EDDY, Esq., to Mrs. Elizabeth G. TWOMBLY of Corinth.

Orland, 3rd inst., by F. Gott, Esq., Mr. William J. RICHARDSON of Mt. Desert to Miss Mary JORDAN of Orland.

Boston, Jan. 30, by Rev. G. W. Field, Mr. Albert TREAT of Frankfort to Miss Phebe JARVIS of Castine.

Portland, 28th ult., Mr. Daniel DWYER

to Miss Elizabeth BOWLES, both of Portland.

Waterville, 15th ult., C. S. NEWELL to Lizzie N. KNIGHT.

Belfast, 15th ult., Mr. Amos F. BOWEN to Miss Sarah V. TEMPLE.

Bangor, 26th ult., Mr. Joseph P. JACKSON to Miss Sarah E. McGUIRE.


Ellsworth, Feb. 4, Adelia, daughter of William and Jane CONWAY, age 4 years.

North Ellsworth, Jan. 15, Cora S., age 4 years, 2 months, 9 days; and Jan. 27, Ellen L., age 2 years, 7 months, 19 days, both daughters of Royal and Elizabeth TYLER.

North Ellsworth, 28th ult., Albert, son of Gayland and Mary MADDOCKS, age 8 years.

Ellsworth Falls, Feb. 4, child (no first name shown) of George and Priscilla FERNALD, age about 3 years.

Ellsworth Falls, 5th inst., Mary, wife of Caldwell HOWARD, age 78 years.

Hancock, Jan. 20, Elizabeth FOSS, age about 87 years.

Franklin, Jan. 23, Thomas HADLEY, age 36 years.

Orrington, Feb. 2, Capt. Ashmund PIERCE, age 44 years, 10 months, 21 days.

Bar Harbor, 28th ult., Mr. Oliver HIGGINS, age 87 years. Mr. Higgins was born during the War of '76 and fought the battle of life valiantly, experiencing hardships and toil in his early days as one of the first settlers on the island.

Bucksport, 22nd ult., Mrs. Eliza Rideout, widow of the late Jonas BLOOD, age 77 years, 6 months.

Bangor, 2nd ult., Permelia F., wife of John W. FISBUSH, age 20 years, 14 months.

At the Insane Hospital, Augusta, 1st inst., Theodore BROWN of Bangor.

Belfast, Jan. 17, George W. BUCKMOR, age 91 years, a soldier in the War of 1812.

Belfast, 22nd ult., Melissa WATSON, age 21 years.

Rockland, 22nd ult., Mrs. Hannah H., wife of Gersham F. BURGESS, age 42 years.

East Machias, Feb. 1, Samuel W. POPE, Esq. of the firm of S. W. Pope & Company; age 48 years. Mr. Pope was sick about two weeks. A worthy citizen and industrious successful businessman is gone.

Lubec, 7th ult., Candage, widow of the late Jabez MOWRY, age 88 years.

Waltham, Jan. 21, William F. SMITH, age 29 years.

North Ellsworth, Jan. 29, of consumption, Sarah, wife of Jonah HEATH, age 56 years, 8 months. After a lingering illness which she bore with Christian meekness she was called home to meet her children who have gone before her. (Additional narrative not included here.)

Etna, Jan. 24, at the residence of John C. Friend, Esq., Rev. Jacob HATCH of Dexter, age 72 years. He was supplying the Baptist Church in Etna and was taken sick very suddenly. He lived 8 days after the attack. He had been in the ministry more than 40 years and had seen much of the power of God in his ministry. He preached 5 times the week before he was taken sick.

Bucksport, 2nd inst., Miss Caroline GOTT, daughter of Capt. Daniel Gott, age 20 years. Deceased was one who drew strongly all hearts that knew her, by her inquiring intellect and gentle disposition.