APRIL 2, 1858


At sea, March 3, on board the brig Sea Lark, on her passage from Cuba to New York, George W., son of Nathaniel McFARLAND, of Hancock, age 20 years, 10 months, 10 days.

In Eden, March 30, Nicholas J. THOMAS, Esq., age 42 years.

In Ellsworth, March 28, Mrs. Phoebe JORDAN, age 82.

APRIL 9, 1858


In Sedgwick, March 16, Mr. John BRIDGES, age 79 years. Mr. B left satisfactory evidence that his peace was made with God.

In Bucksport, March 25, Jason REED, formerly of Hamden, age 49 years. An honest man and worthy citizen.

In Bucksport, 29th, Ammi STANFORD, age about 24 years. A young man much beloved and who will be greatly missed by his young companions.

APRIL 16, 1858 - No marriages or deaths published.

APRIL 23, 1858


In Machiasport, 5th inst., by the Rev. G. Batchelor, Mr. George ALBEE of Calais to Mrs. Lovena GARDNER of Machias.

In Calais, 8th inst., by the Rev. A. F. Spalding, Mr. Joshua BABB of St. James to Miss Margaret ORR of Calais.

In Calais, on the 10th, by the Rev. I. J. Burgess, Mr. Thomas SCAMON of St. Steven, New Brunswick to Miss Clara Ann LITTLE, of Calais.

In Calais, 30th ult., by C. R. Whidden, Esq., Paul MUNSON, Jr. to Miss Diantha R. McPHETERS, both of Cooper.


In Ellsworth, 18th inst., Mrs. Sally LORD, wife of Capt. Sylvester Lord, age 46.

In Ellsworth, 14th inst., Julia A. BROWN, wife of Enoch L. Brown, age 38 years.

In Ellsworth, 16th inst., Isadora, daughter of Alfred and Jane AUSTIN, age 17 years.

In Sedgwick, 8th inst., Henrietta, daughter of Capt. Simeon and Harriet GRANT, age 17 years.

In Blue Hill, 6th inst., of inflamation of the brain, Ellen V. TREWORGY, daughter of Capt. Spencer Treworgy, age 19 years, 10 months.

In Bucksport, 10th inst., M. Jane WHITE, daughter of Nathan White, Esq., age 12 years.

In Calais, 9th inst., Robert A. PARNELL, age 20 years, 9 months. He was formerly of St. Andrews.

In Cherryfield, 11th inst., James A. CAMBELL, age ______years.

In East Machias, 16th inst., Oliver W. DWELLEY, 34 years. His burial occurred 19th inst. under Masonic honors.

In Frederickton, New Brunswick, 13th inst., the Hon. George Stillman HILL of St. Steven, age 64.

In St. Steven, 1st inst., Alexander THOMPSON, age 59 years.

In Machiasport, 15th inst., Rebecca, relict of the late Jirah PHINNEY, age 80 years.

In Jonesboro, 16th inst., Capt. Ephraim WHITNEY, age 87 years, 5 months. Capt. W was the first male child of English parentage born in Jonesboro.

APRIL 30, 1858


In Millbridge, 18th, by D. W. Dinsmore, Esq., Freeman N. BENNETT of Harrington to Miss Abby BROWN of Millbridge.


In Bucksport, 23rd inst., Fanny, daughter of Henry S. LAMPHER, age 13 years.

In Bucksport, 24th, Walter, son of David C. HOMER, Esq., age 15 years.

In Gouldsboro, March 24, Jonas RICE, age 77 1/3 years.

In Eastport, Sarah E. PARKER, age 30 years, 5 months.

In Havana, March 31, Reuben CLARK of Eastport, age 23 years.

MAY 7, 1858


In this town, 2nd inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Warren MILLIKEN and Miss Amanda W. PARK, both of Ellsworth.


In this place, 30th ult., Capt. Warren H. AUSTIN, age 55 years.

In Hancock, April 16, Flora Hammond, infant daughter of R. H. B. and Melinda U. MOON.

In Gouldsboro, April 22, Mrs. Abashaba LIBBEY, age 93.

In Bucksport, March 11, Hattie E., daughter of Daniel and Irene PARTRIDGE, age 12 years and 7 months.

In Amherst, May 3, Charlie E., son of Emerson and Joanna S. ORCOTT, age 4 years, 6 months.

MAY 14, 1858


In this town, 8th inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Ozias B. SIMPSON of Sullivan to Miss Caroline T. CRABTREE of Hancock.

In Gouldsboro, by H. M. Sewell, Mr. W. B. DYER to Miss Ann J. JOHNSON, BOTH OF Sullivan.

In Franklin, April 28, by Capt. John West, Mr. Steven N. GOODWIN to Miss Drusilla SNIDER.

In Franklin, May 9, by N. A. Swan, Esq., Mr. Louis W. FRENCH to Miss Mary E. GAY.

In Franklin, May 11, by N. A. Swan, Esq., Mr. Perrin S. SWAN to Miss Amelia FRENCH.


In Deer Isle, April 28, Mrs. Sara A. SPOFFORD, wife of Perle Spofford, Esq., age 58 years.

MAY 21, 1858


In Bangor, 13th, by the Rev. A. Battles, Dr. E. A. THOMPSON of Charleston and Miss Lucia A. EDDY of Corinth.

Also, by the same, 17th inst., Mr. Alonzo E. RAINES and Miss Frances PARSONS, both of Bangor.


In Rio Janeiro, South America, March 24, Hercules, son of Capt. William and Catherine HEATH, of Tremont, age 18 years.

At Bass Harbor, Tremont, April 21, Willie, son of William and Amanda TINKER, age 6 years.

At Bass Harbor, Tremont, May 3, Samuel N., son of William and Nancy SAWYER, age 2 years.

MAY 28, 1858


In Bass Harbor, of the canker rash, Emmons Kingsbsury, son of Capt. Jacob and Caroline SAWYER, age 13 years, 6 months.

JUNE 4, 1858


In Trenton, May 30, by the Rev. H. C. Estes, Mr. Reuben D. PULSIFER of Ellsworth to Miss Ann C. DELAITE of Trenton.

In Eastport, 19th, C. W. CARPENTER to Miss Eliza BILLINGS, both of Eastport.

In Jonesport, May 18th, Daniel R. DONOVAN TO Miss Olive KELLEY, both of Jonesport.


In Akyab, India, January 15th, John A. HOLMES of Ellsworth, age 15 years.

In this place, 2nd inst., Thomas R. HART, age about 60 years.

In Ellsworth, May 17, Mrs. Priscilla M. REMICK, age 80 years, 5 months.

In Penobscot, 26th ult., Capt. Samuel WARDWELL in the 96th year of his age.

In Sullivan, 14th ult., Mary, widow of Rufus PREBLE.

In Bucksport, 24th ult., Francis Nickerson SOULE, age 4 years.

In Castine, 18th ult., widow Elizabeth BRIDES, age 87 years, 9 months.

JUNE 11, 1858


In Ellsworth, 3rd inst., by A. McCallister, Esq., Mr. Horatio N. JOY, Jr. to Miss Nancy J. BONZEY, all of this town.

In Ellsworth, 6th inst., Mr. Leonard WEBBER to Mrs. Caroline SMITH, both of this town.

In Penobscot, 6th inst., by Augustus Perkins, Esq., Mr. Harvey LITTLEFIELD to Miss Sarah H. GRINDLE, both of Penobscot.


In Surry, May 22nd, Mr. Abraham TREWORGY, age 86 years.

In Bucksport, 2nd inst., Noah SPARHAWK, Esq., age 78 years, one of the two oldest citizens of Bucksport.

In Bucksport, 5th inst., Col. Solomon SKINNER, age 74 years, one of the two oldest citizens of Bucksport.

JUNE 18, 1858


In Bangor, June 8, by Rev. George B. Little, Mr. John S. PEARSON of Ellsworth to Sara A., daughter of William STACEY of Bangor.

In Bangor, June 4, by Rev. A. Battles, Samuel WATERHOUSE, Esq. of Ellsworth to Miss Julia A. BROCK of Bangor.

In Blue Hill, June 15, by Putnam Ingalls, Esq., Mr. Martin V. HUTCHINGS of Brewer to Miss Mary B. INGALLS of Blue Hill.


In Waltham, 12th, Mr. Joseph JELLISON, age 73.

In Ellsworth, 16th, Mrs. CAMPBELL, age 60.

In Newtonville, Mass., Mrs. Hannah Milliken, formerly of Ellsworth, widow of the late Capt. Nathaniel DOAK of Boston, age 75.

JUNE 25, 1858


In this town, 18th inst., by A. McCallister, Esq., Mr. William A. HOPKINS to Miss Sarah B. SARGENT, both of this town.

In Franklin, by Samuel Wasson, Esq., Mr. Samuel CLARK to Miss Adelia HARDISON.

Also, 19th, Mr. Theodore BRAGDON to Miss Martha A. DONNELL, all of Franklin.

In Gouldsboro, 20th inst., by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. James ROBINSON of Appleton to Miss Marian H. PETTEE of Sullivan.


In Otis, 20th, Jeremiah WARREN, age 37.

In Deer Isle, 15th, Dr. W. S. COLLINS, age 38.

In Orland, 21st inst., Charlotte Metcalf BROWN, wife of Samuel P. Brown, Esq., age 38.

In Sullivan, 15th inst., John, son of Charles PREBLE, age 15 years.

JULY 2, 1858


In Blue Hill, June 26, by S. P. Wood, Esq., Mr. Hiram B. HARDIN to Miss Jane M. DODGE, both of Blue HIll.

In Tremont, June 10, by S. G. Rich, Esq., Mr. William H. FREEMAN of Mt. Desert to Miss Mary J. HARPER of Tremont.


In Tremont, June 7, Antoinette, daughter of Eaton and July A. CLARK, age 16 years, 6 months.

On board the brig Anna Prentiss of Castine, in Havana, Asa MILES of Brooksville.

JULY 9, 1858


In Ellsworth, July 4, by A. McCallister, Esq., Mr. Jesse MOORE to Mrs. Alma McGOWN, both of this town.


In Ellsworth, July 2, the Hon. Thomas ROBINSON, age 57.

In Bangor, 6th inst., Charles C., son of Mr. Lacey ROUNDY, age 18 years.

JULY 16, 1858


In Ellsworth, July 9, by Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Nelson MITCHELL and Mrs. Mary S. FLETCHER, both of Ellsworth.

In Surry, 29th ult., by Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. John M. PALMER of Brewer to Mrs. Phoebe FLOOD of Surrey.


In Blue Hill, Mr. Thomas CHOATE, age 80.

In Blue Hill, July 6, of scarlet fever, Sarah Woodbury, daughter of Simeon P. and Lucy H. WOOD, age 2 years, 5 months, 9 days.

JULY 23, 1858


In this place, 21st inst., by Daniel T. Eldredge, Esq., Mr. Daniel LUNT to Miss Lydia J. LEACH.

In Eden, by Rev. W. Hinman, Mr. Perry BROWER to Miss Orrilla A. LELAND.

In Cutler, 15th inst., by I. O. Ramsdell, Mr. William RAMSDELL to Miss Harriet HOLMES, both of Whiting.


In Eden, July 9, widow _________ BREWER, formerly of Freeport, age 83 years.

In Eden, 15th inst., Horace Spencer, only son of the late Nicholas J. THOMAS, Esq., age 2 years, 3 months, 15 days.

In Blue Hill, 9th inst., Charlotte Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac and Sarah T. SMITH, age 3 years, 1 month.

JULY 30, 1858


In Ellsworth, July 25, by A. McCallister, Esq., Mr. W. M. COUSINS to Miss Mary A. STANLEY, both of this place.

In Addison, July 21, by Rev. C. C. Long, Mr. Ambrose LEIGHTON of Cherryfield to Miss Jane W. DVEYR (might be misprint?) of Addison.


In this town, July 20, Melvin, son of Jacob and Sarah HEATH, age 20 years.

At the Seamen's Retreat, Staten Island, July 2, Rufus LUNT, of this town.

AUGUST 6, 1858


In Penobscot, 2nd inst., by Peleg G. Staples, Esq., Mr. Corydon STAPLES to Miss Maria FREETHY, both of Penobscot.

In East Machias, 31st ult., by the Rev. Mr. Sanborn, Mr. John INGLEE to Miss Isabella HANSCOMB, both of that place.


In Bangor, 2nd inst., George, son of George A. and Helen A. BAILY, age 1 year, 4 months.

In Eastport, 24th, Frank H., son of Dr. S. B. MAYBERRY, age 14 months.

AUGUST 13, 1858


In Sedgwick, 8th inst., Deacon Jonathan ALLEN, age 89 years, 4 months, 26 days.

In Sullivan, 27th ult., Mr. John PREBLE, age 91 years. Mr. Preble came to this town from York when but a youth. At the time of his death, he was the oldest inhabitant of this town. Mr. Preble lived a strict, temperate life, and enjoyed good health til within a short time of his death.

In Plantation No. 7, 30th ult., Mr. William WELCH, age 78.

In Cronstadt, Russia, 10th ult., on board the ship Castine, Solan HANSON, age 21 years, son of Capt. John HANSON, of Penobscot.

AUGUST 20, 1858 - No marriages or deaths published.

AUGUST 27, 1858


In this town, Sunday evening, August 22, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. George BROOKS of Clifton to Miss Mary E. BARRON of Ellsworth.

In Otis, 21st inst., by John B. Frazier, Esq., Mr. M. James MOORE to Miss Laura GARLAND, both of Ellsworth.


In East Trenton, 23rd ult., Mrs. Mary YOUNG, age 41 years. (Obituary next week.)



In Ellsworth, August 24, by John B. Frazier, Esq., Mr. William GRAVES to Miss Joanna MOOR, both of Ellsworth.

In this town, August 29, by the Rev. S. Tenney, R. G. W. DODGE, Esq. of Blue Hill to Miss Laguiara MORGAN of Old Town.

In Ellsworth, August 30, by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Reuben M. ALLEN to Miss Vester P. ALLEN, both of Brooklin.

In Sedgwick, August 29, by the Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. John M. ATHERTON to Miss Augusta E. OSGOOD, both of Blue Hill.

In Calais, 22nd inst., by Rev. C. W. George, Mr. James H. PIKE to Miss Martha BERRY, all of Calais.

In Calais, 4th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Jackson, George E. DOWNES of Cherryfield to Miss Martha P. PIKE of Calais.

In Otis, 21st inst., by John B. Frazier, Esq., M. James MOORE to Miss Laura GARLAND, both of Ellsworth.


In Ellsworth, August 4, Frank A., oldest son of Harvey E. and Mary M. LEIGHTON, age 12 years, 1 month, 1 day.

In Machias, 28th inst., after a sickness of a few hours, Albion K. ALLEN, age about 21 years. Funeral services took place at the Methodist Church Sunday afternoon and was attended by the cornet band and the Machias Firemen's Company, by both of which organizations he was a member.

In Calais, 12th inst., Mr. Samuel H. WADE, age 57 years.

In Manhetta, Kansas, T. Andrew SCAMAN of Saco, age 65 years. Mr. Scamman resided some years in Calais and Cherryfield. (Spelling of name as published)

In Cutler, 24th, Mr. Stillman CATES, age 46.

In Cienfuegos, Cuba, about July 25, Capt. Daniel WHITE of Columbia, late master of the brig B. F. Nash, age 36.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1858


In this town, 29th ult, by Rev. S. Tenney, R. G. W. DODGE, Esq. of Blue Hill to Miss Laguiara MORGAN of Old Town.

In this town, 22nd ult., by A. McCallister, Esq., Mr. Alpheus MOORE to Miss Garoldine GARLAND, both of this town.

In this town, 5th ult., by the Rev. S. Tenney, Lorenzo D. WILBER to Adelia A. HOPKINS.


In Eastport, 11th ult., Mary Anna SHARKEY, age 15 years, 7 months.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1858


In Gouldsboro, 5th inst., by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Sherman SPURLING to Miss Ellen M. SPURLING, both of Gouldsboro.


In San Francisco, California, July 3, Mr. Bedfield HOPKINS, of Jefferson, age 46 years.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1858


In Swans Island, September 5, by the Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. Cornelus WASGATT of Mt. Desert to Miss J. M. SADLER OF Swans Island.

In Tremont, by the Rev. C. M. Brown, Capt. Holland L. C. RUMELL to Miss Louisa H. SPRAGUE, all of Tremont.


In Ellsworth, 22nd inst., George Bancroft, son of N. K. and Sophia SAWYER, age 3 months.

In Lake Village, New Hampshire, 3rd inst., Miss Emma L. MILLIKEN, formerly of Surry, Maine, age 29 years.

OCTOBER 1, 1858


In Ellsworth, 26th ult., by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Francis HEATH to Miss Susan C. MADDOX, both of Ellsworth.

In Cherryfield, 17th inst., by the Rev. I. A. Wardwell, Mr. Ceptas FOMAN to Miss Lucy Ann STROUT, both of Millbridge.

Also by the same, 25th ult., Mr. Augustus HILL of Sullivan to Miss Martha M. HUNNEWELL of Cherryfield.


Eliaser WHITCOMB, Esq., of Ellsworth Falls, after a lingering illness, laid aside this earthy tabernacle on the eve of the 23rd inst., age 60 years. His original views of the attributes of God sustained him as he passed into the higher and more elevated life with calmness and resignation.

In Troy, 16th ult., Mr. Reuben MITCHELL, age 63 years.

OCTOBER 8, 1858


In Surry, September 25, Mr. Laurestine WEBBER to Miss Mary E. GREENE, both of Blue Hill.

In Surry, October 5, Mr. Freeman G. DORITY and Miss Harriet P. HASKELL of Surry.

In Attelboro, September 26, by the Rev. J. D. Peirce, Mr. Senca P. MANN to Miss Augusta HINCKLEY, both of Blue Hill.


In New York, of yellow fever, Mr. Thorndike HARDING of Sedgwick, first officer of the ship Charlotte Reed of Bath.

OCTOBER 15, 1858


In Surry, September 29, by the Rev. K. Meservy, Mr. Jacob Y. MORGAN to Miss Roxanna R. WOOD, both of Surry.

In Penobscot, October 10, by Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. John B. ALLEN of Brooksville to Miss Eliza A. PERKINS of Penobscot.


In Ellsworth, October 5, Francis L. JORDAN, age 30 years.

OCTOBER 22, 1858


In Brooksville, 27th ult., by F. R. Billings, Esq., Mr. Joel BLODGETT of Brooksville to Mrs. Sarah B. COUSINS of Brooklin.

October 3, by the same, Mr. Rufus R. DOUGLASS of Brooksville to Miss Hannah Maria DORITY of Sedgwick.


In Ellsworth, 11th inst., Eddie J., and October 13th, Johnnie A., twin children of Arno and Sarah P. WISWELL, age 5 months.

OCTOBER 29, 1858


In Gouldsboro, October 23, by B. M. Sargent, Esq., Mr. Freeman P. JOY to Miss Georgiana MOORE.


On board the schooner Martha Sargent, very suddenly, in the Bay St. Lawrence, Mr. Joseph COUSINS of Sedgwick, age 62 years.

NOVEMBER 5, 1858


In Bucksport, October 27, by the Rev. Mr. Craig, Mr. Franklin A. BUCK of Weeverville, California, formerly of Bucksport, to Miss Jenny M., daughter of Capt. John PEIRCE, of Bucksport.


In Ellsworth, October 29, Charles LOWELL, Esq., age 65.

In Penobscot, October 24, Julia E., only daughter of Henry and Dorothy BOWDEN, age 3 years, 10 months.

NOVEMBER 12, 1858


In Ellsworth, 11th inst., by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Reuben CARVER of Vinalhaven and Mrs. Diana COOMBS of Ellsworth.

In Addison, October 17, by Rev. C. C. Long, Mr. Francis M. WHITING to Miss Catherine D. SAWYER, both of Addison.

In Harrington, October 29, by the same, Capt. Otis C. COLE to Miss Elizabeth A. PERRY, both of Harrington.


In Blue Hill, 7th inst., John HIER, age 59 years, formerly of Castletown, Newport, Manmouthshire, England.

NOVEMBER 19, 1858


In this town, by Rev. Mr. Mitchell, Mr. George H. GRANT of the firm of J. T. & G. H. Grant, to Miss Martha WOODBURY, both of Ellsworth.

In Gouldsboro, 1st inst., by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. George B. KINGSLEY to Miss Mary K. SARGENT, both of Gouldsboro.

In Brownville, 13th, by the Rev. W. S. Sewall, Mr. A. L. RANKIN of Brownville to Miss Eliza A. HARVEY of Sebec.


In Sullivan, November 9, Capt. Green HILL, age 73 years.

Also, November 10, Miss Mary A. PREBLE, age 17 years.

In Chelsea, 8th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Col. William GOODWIN, formerly of Calais, Maine.

NOVEMBER 26, 1858


In Ellsworth, November 21, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. John B. MITCHELL and Miss Lydia BARRON, both of Ellsworth.

In Steuben, November 18, by J. A. Millikin, Esq., Rev. Daniel B. BYTHER of Addison to Miss Julia A. HASKELL of Steuben.


In Brooklin, November 17, of dropsy on the brain, Otis Redman, youngest son of John and Caroline EATON, age 12 months and 6 days.

In Belfast, 18th, Annabella B. SWAN, age 70.

DECEMBER 3, 1858


In Ellsworth, November 25, by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Joseph H. COLE and Miss Matilda SARGENT, both of Ellsworth.

In Orland, November 10, by the Rev. Mr. Knowles, Mr. Samuel S. HIGGINS to Miss Marilla K. WOODWARD, both of Ellsworth.

In Machias, 24th inst., by the Rev. Holmes Chipman, Mr. Elbridge G. ALLEY of Machias to Miss Clementine ELSEMORE of Wesley.


In this town, November 24, Clara H., daughter of Reuben and Mary COUSINS, age 8 years, 2 days.

In Orland, November 10, Mrs. Thankful FAIRFIELD, age 81 years, 4 months, 6 days.

In Machias, 38 (maybe 28 or 30), suddenly, Mr. Daniel M. DAVIS, age 92.

In Sullivan, 9th inst., Capt. Green HILL, age 73 years.

In Lowell, 6th inst., by the rupture of a blood vessel, Miss Elizabeth EMERY, daughter of H. T. Emory, Esq., of Eastport, age 38 years.

DECEMBER 10, 1858


In Brooklyn, New York, 2nd inst., by the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, A. J. HEATH, Esq., of New York City, formerly of Ellsworth, to Miss Emily Augusta HINCKLEY, formerly of Maine.

In Brooklin, 23rd ult., by the Rev. Dr. Speerd, Nathaniel J. MILLER, Jr. of Portland to Miss Sarah E. PETERS of Brooklin.

In Mt. Desert, by G. N. Jordan, Esq., Capt. Sands S. WHITMORE to Miss Mary H. STANDLEY, both of Mt. Desert.


In Ellsworth, 4th inst., Albert G. BROOKS, age 31 years.

In Holmes' Hole, 26th ult., Henry P. PLUMMER of Addison, Maine, seaman, late of the brig Advance, age 17 years.

In New Orleans, 1st ult., John H. WHITNEY, formerly of Orono, Maine, age 27 years.

In Sacramento, California, October 24, Lydia MARSHALL, formerly of St. George, Maine, age 27.

DECEMBER 17, 1858


In Ellsworth, 9th inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. John M. MERRILL of Surrey to Miss Eldusta M. HINCKLEY of Blue Hill.

In Ellsworth, Mr. Joseph C. W. NASH to Miss Olive W. COLE, both of Harrington.

In Steuben, 29th ult., by Samuel Moor, Esq., Daniel SMITH to Miss Lydia PERRY, both of Steuben.


In Castine, l0th inst., after a protracted illness of 14 months from a cancer in the breast, Mrs. Eliza BRYANT, age 60 years.

DECEMBERT 24, 1858


In Ellsworth, 19th inst., by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Henry F. MARSTON to Miss Mary J. McGOWN, both of Ellsworth.

In Ellsworth, on the evening of the 19th inst., by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. William C. SARGENT to Miss Mary A. ATWOOD, both of Brewer.

In Eden, 18th, by L. J. Thomas, Esq., Benjamin R. FLEET of Granville, Nova Scotia, to Miss Pamelia A. MAYO of Eden.

In Eden, 20th, by the same, Capt. John DIX to Miss Emily M. BARTLETT, both of Seaville.

In Mt. Desert, 11th inst., by John M. Noyes, Esq., Mr. Isaac N. MASON to Miss Mary Ann RICHARDSON, all of Mt. Desert.

In Orrington, 19th, by the Rev. L. P. French, Capt. Horatio B. PENDLETON to Miss Loanna P. BAKER, both of Orrington.

In Woodstock, Vermont, 12th inst., Capt. Ephram WENTWORTH of Bangor and Miss Julia E. BRADLEY of Woodstock.


In Eden, 20th, Mrs. Priscilla, wife of Capt. Nathaniel MAYO, age about 70 years.

In Jacksonville, Illinois, November 27, Mr. Amasa G. DAVIS, formerly of Bangor, age about 28 years.

In Bangor, 20th, Mrs. Susanna COLLIER, age 76 years.

In St. Louis, 9th inst., Harrison STEVENS, formerly of Bangor, age 36 years.

In Jonesboro, 10th inst., John Wesley KELTON, age about 30 years.

In Columbia, 10th inst., Asa TUCKER, age 50 years.

DECEMBER 31, 1858


In Ellsworth, December 5, by A. McCallister, Esq., Mr. Robert BARTLETT to Miss Eunice L. HODGKINS.

In Ellsworth, December 21, Mr. Thomas BLAND to Miss Abigail B. MADDOX, all of this town.

In Sedgwick, December 17, by E. Pinkam, Mr. Henry W. BENT to Mrs. Charlotte W. DODGE, both of Sedgwick.

In Gouldsboro, December 21, by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Thomas S. DOLIVER of Franklin to Miss Mary Jane SPURLING of Gouldsboro.


In West Brooksville, December 23, Joshua SMITH, age 19 years.

In Bangor, December 25, Mr. Nicholas DEVEREUX, age 36 years.

In New York, December 18, of consumption, Mr. Henry TRAINER, formerly of Bangor, age 27.

In East Machias, 19th inst., Mr. Eben BLACKMAN, age about 66 years.

In Anoka, Minnesota, 20th ult., Susan H., wife of William S. McGLAUFFLIN and daughter of Isaac C. and Margaret H. MORGAN of Pembroke.

JANUARY 7, 1859


In Ellsworth, on New Year's Eve, by A. M. Glidden, Esq., Mr. William H. MOOTERR and Miss Catherine HAMILTON, all of Ellsworth.

In East Corinth, on New Year's Eve, by the Rev. Mr. Mariner, Mr. Cyrus BROWN, merchant of Ellsworth, and Miss Nellie P. PARKER of East Corinth.

In Surry, December 26 ult, by Thomas C. Sargent, Esq., Charles E. MANN to Miss Matilda S. GASPAR, all of Surry.

In Eden, January 1, by L. J. Thomas, Esq., Edward P. GILEY of Tremont to Miss Julia A. F. PAINE of Eden.

In Tremont, 28th ult., by Andrew Tarr, Esq., Capt. Peter S. MOOR to Miss Ellen M. STANLEY, all of Tremont.

JANUARY 14, 1859


In Castine, 7th inst., by R. H. Brigham, Esq., Hon. Josiah DAVIS to the widow of the late Benhadad EVERETT, Esq., both of this place.

In Blue Hill, January 6th, by Isaac S. Osgood, Esq., Mr. Robert GRINDLE to Miss Elvira F. RICHARDSON, both of Orland.

In Dedham, 6th inst., by the Rev. J. Wells, Mr. J. P. SPOFFORD of Essex, Mass., to Miss Mary B., youngest daughter of J. L. PARKER, Esq., of Dedham.

In Cherryfield, January 1, by the Rev. J. A. Wardwell, Mr. Samuel N. CAMPBELL to Miss Elizabeth S. REDMAN, both of Cherryfield.


In Ellsworth, 7th inst., Mr. Sabin P. TOURTELOTTE, age 57 years.

In Ellsworth, 11th inst., Capt. Isaac PERRY, formerly of Orland, age 84 years.

JANUARY 21, 1859


In Penobscot, 8th inst., by the Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. Washington M. WARDWELL to Miss Adeline WARDWELL, both of Penobscot.

In Bristol, 3rd inst., Peter L. HILL of Gouldsboro to Miss Ellen F. FORD of Bristol.

In Sargentville, on New Year's evening, by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. Eben EATON to Miss Elizabeth BILLINGS, both of Sargentville.

In Machias, 30th ult., by the Rev. H. F. Harding, Mr. B. F. TENNEY to Miss Sabrina GARDNER, all of Machias.

In Manchester, New Hampshire, 6th inst., Clark PERRY of Machias to Miss Anna DUDLEY of Manchester.

In Machiasport, 21st ult, by the Rev. W. H. Beckwith, Thomas J. COLBETH to Miss Hannah PROCTOR, both of Machiasport.

In Machiasport, by the same, 1st inst., Charles L. QUIMBY to Miss Percilia SMITH, both of Machiasport.

In Rockland, 8th inst., at the residence of Joseph Ingraham, Esq., by the Rev. N. Butler, Mr. Samuel H. ALLEN of Thomaston to Miss Adelia INGRAHAM of Rockland.

In Rockland, Mr. Thomas W. HIX, Jr. of Thomaston to Miss Susan I. FENAND of Rockland.

In Charleston, S.C., 5th inst., at the Church of the Holy Communion, by the Rev. A. Toomer Porter, M. T. BARTLETT formerly of Ellsworth to Miss Sarah Matilda, only daughter of the late Joseph JACKSON, artist, all of this city.


In Ellsworth, 17th inst., Thomas R. ADAM, son of Josiah Adams, age 19 years.

In Surrey, 20th inst., Nathaniel TREWORGTHY, age 80 years.

At Swans Island, December 26, Mrs. Betsy STAPLES, age 75 years.

In West Brooksville, 6th inst., Lovina, wife of John STOVER.

In Bangor, 4th inst., William L. WHEELER, Esq., age 56.

In Bangor, 6th inst., Thankful, widow of the late Capt. John DECROW, age 56 years, 7 months.

In Chicago, Illinois, November 20, Steven B. DAY, formerly of Rockland, age 43.

In Charleston, S.C., December 26, Capt. Eben SEARS, age 56.

In Galveston, Texas, 2nd inst., Mrs. Augusta S., wife of Capt. Walter EMERSON of Bucksport, Maine, age 33.

In Nevada, California, December 12, Cyrus ROWE, a native of Maine, about 52.

In San Francisco, California, December 10, A. BODGE, a native of Maine, about 47.

In Machiasport, 24th ult., Nancy A., daughter of Obed and Jane E. HOLMES, age 1 year, 10 days.

In Lubec, 1st inst., Mrs. Marcia S. RING, widow of the late Col. Andrew Ring and daughter of the late Deacon William R. and Olive STOCKBRIDGE, age 59 years, 11 months.

In Steuben, October 9, Deacon Hatevl LEIGHTON, age about 81 years.

In Camden, 29th ult., Mr. James RICHARDS, age 59 years.

In Chicago, Illinois, on the 9th ult., Mrs. Mary R. PURINGTON, formerly of Calais.

In Bangor, 11th inst., Mrs. Relief HUNNEWELL, age 87 years.

In Bangor, 12th inst., Elias McKENNEY, age 79.

In Castine, January 9, Mrs. Sarah ROWELL, widow of the late Hezekiah Rowell, Esq., age 68.

In Portland, 14th inst., Nathan HOWE, Esq., age 78.

In Portland, 12th, suddenly, Mr. Joseph N. AYERS, age 35.

In Topsham, 7th inst., Olive P., wife of Benjamin ROBINSON, age 76.

In Hallowell, 5th inst., Mr. Eben MAYO, age 78.

In Searsport, 30th ult., Mr. William T. TREAT, age 65 years.

In Carthage, 3rd inst., Nancy, wife of Mr. Robert PETTER, age 69.

In Salsbury, Sacramento County, California, November 29, Lucy Matilda, wife of Thompson G. SALSBURY, leaving a kind husband, five children and many friends to lament her loss.

JANUARY 28, 1859


In Bucksport, 22nd inst., by Rev. Mr. Jones, Mr. William E. STANIFORD to Miss Mary A. SHERMAN, all of Bucksport.

In Patten, January 1, by the Rev. Mr. Elliott, John E. STACEY of Number 3 to Miss Lizzie JAMESON of Patten.

In Waterville, 20th, Mr. Jones R. ELDEN and Miss Hannah T. PHILBRICK.

In Winslow, 11th inst., William IRVING of Vassalboro to Mrs. Nancy EATON of Winslow.

In Boston, the 10th, Edward J. LAWRENCE of Fairfield to Miss Sarah F. GERRISH of Portland.

In Bloomfield, Capt. Samuel A. PARKER to Miss Elizabeth A. BOYCE.

In St. Louis, 6th inst., S. W. HARDING formerly of Bloomfield to Miss Anna E. JEWETT formerly of Skowhegan.

In Augusta, 13th, by the Rev. S. Thurston of Searsport, Steven R. THURSTON of Portland to Anna F. CARPENTER of Augusta.

In Harrington, 15th inst., by Rev. C. C. Long, Thomas B. MITCHELL to Miss Mary

F. COLE, both of Harrington.


In Ellsworth, 15th inst., Marion Shepherd, son of Samuel J. and Emily J. MURCH, age 1 year, 6 months, 23 days.

In Ellsworth, 32nd inst. (really does say 32, assume 22), Joseph W., son of the Hon. Charles JARVIS, age 15 years, 13 days.

In Tremont, 15th, George R. PARKER, age about 19 years.

In East Trenton Point, 15th inst., Mr. Charles GILLPATRIC, age 70 years (poem followed).

In Surry, Maine, December 30, 1858, Mr. Benjamin MORGAN, age 84 years and 4 months. Father Morgan was about 14 years of age when his parents moved to Surry. He had, therefore, been a resident of the town some 70 years. He and mother Morgan were among the first fruits of Methodism of Christianity in this place. I have been informed that they were converted in the first reformation in this town under the labors of Rev. Peter Jayne nearly 60 years since. His house was the home of many an itinerant in former years, pioneers in the eastern part of the state. Father M's religion was not a mere sentiment, but a deep work of the heart. He enjoyed his religion. His light shone brightly. Others saw it and glorified God. He was diligent in business, fervent in spirit serving the Lord. He was a very useful member, having filled for years the important offices of steward and class leader in the Methodist E. Church, the latter of which he held till his death. In his younger years, he held social religious meetings in the vicinity and sometimes read a sermon on the Sabbath. Being strict in his family's devotion on the right side of the great moral questions of the day, an anti-slavery and temperance man, it is no wonder that his death was peaceful and triumphant. His sickness was brief, little more than a week, but his work was done and death found him ready.

His language during his sickness was no clonds. (Maybe "no clouds"?) May Divine Grace sustain the aged widow and children in their deep affliction is my prayer.

In Bangor, 24th, George F., youngest son of John and Susan M. WILLIAMS, age 16 years, 10 months, 22 days.

In Brewer, 20th inst., Mr. Benjamin SNOW, age 79 years.

In Bangor, 20th, Mary E., youngest daughter of Samuel B. STONE, age 20 years and 2 months.

In Galveston, Texas, suddenly, on the 2nd inst., Mrs. Augusta Snow, wife of Capt. Walter EMERSON of Bucksport, age about 33 years. She was the daughter of Capt. Jabez SNOW. She accompanied her husband in October last to Texas for her health.

In Brooklin, formerly of Sedgwick, Maine, January 18, Mr. Daniel BRIDGES. He was born in Sedgwick March 25, 1771 and was the first white male child born in Sedgwick. The first female child born before him was Mrs. Freethy who I believe still lives in Brooklin.

FEBRUARY 4, 1859


In Ellsworth, January 30, by A. N. Glidden, Esq., Mr. William FULLERTON and Mrs. Mary A. COPP, both of Ellsworth.

In Sullivan, January 28, by the Rev. Mr. Ellis, Mr. Joseph E. PREBLE to Miss Cynthia J. INGALLS, both of Sullivan.

In Harrington, 16th, by the Rev. C. C. Long, Capt. Thomas MITCHELL to Miss Frances COLE, both of Harrington.

In Harrington, 22nd, by O. S. Plummer, Esq., Mr. Peter COLE to Miss Mary HOOPER, both of Harrington.

In Cherryfield, 20th, by the Rev. Mr. Bond, Alfred A. LIPPINCOTT of Columbia to Miss Mary E. CHURCH, both of Cherryfield.

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, December 20, Mr. William M. BRADLEY to Miss Emma A. DONNELL, formerly of Ellsworth.


In Cutler, January 21, Henry, youngest child of Capt. Samuel and Ann J. BLUNT, age 2 years, 6 months.

In Cutler, December 11, Mrs. Marian, wife of Abram CATES, age 29 years.

In Cutler, November 21, Margaret J., daughter of Moses and Jane BRAGLEY, age 5 years, 5 months.

In East Machias, December 5, Charles N., son of Elery S. and Eliza BERRY, age 1 year, 8 months.

FEBRUARY 11, 1859


In Brooksville, December ult., by William Perkins, Esq., Capt. Charles A. GOTT to Miss Augusta LIMEBURNER, both of Brooksville.


In Ellsworth, 8th inst., William S. GRIFFIN, age 41 years.

In Jay, January 14, Mrs. Nancy P. PARKER, wife of Henry Parker, Esq., age 52 years.

In Bucksport, February 3, Mr. Alfred WILLIAMS, age about 30 years.

In Surry, January 20, Mr. Nathaniel TREWORGY, age 80 years, 6 months.

FEBRUARY 18, 1859


On Swans Island, 2nd inst., by the Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. Reuben JOYCE of Swans Island to Miss Mary Ann P., daughter of Israel B. LUNT, Esq. of Long Island.

In Gouldsboro, 14th inst., by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Otis L. WHITTEN of Steuben to Miss Caroline G. TRACY of Gouldsboro.

In Trenton, February 12, by the Rev. J. Cobb, Capt. William E. COUSINS to Miss Laura E. JORDAN, both of Trenton.


In Ellsworth, 15th inst., Margaret DAVIS, wife of Elder Davis, age 35 years.

In Surry, 13th inst., Miss Ruth TREWORGY, age 19 years, 1 day.

On Long Island, 5th inst., John, son of Jonathan and Charlotte DAWS, age 21 years.

In Machias, 7th inst., Major David LONGFELLOW, age 59.

In Bangor, 14th inst., William ROUNDS, age 70 years.

FEBRUARY 25, 1859


In Ellsworth, 19th inst., by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Simeon YORK of Ellsworth to Miss Clara A. CHATTA of Deer Isle.

In Deer Isle, January 25, by the Rev. C. M. Brown, Mr. Perle STINSON to Miss Theodocia PRESSEY.

At Swans Island, 13th inst., by the Rev. Benjamin F. Stinson, Mr. Michael STINSON to Miss Naomi G. WHITNEY, both of Swans Island.

At Swans Island, Mr. J. Freeman GOTT to Miss Mary B. STINSON, both of Swans Island.

In Castine, 17th inst., by the Rev. A. E. Ives, Mr. Joseph H. SILVESTER, son of Capt. J. W. Silvester, to Miss Emma WOODS, both of Castine.

In Bangor, 15th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Gilman, Mr. Daniel P. WINGATE to Miss Agnes CARGILL, all of Bangor.

In Bangor, 14th, by the Rev. R. F. Tefft, Mr. Alexander TIRRELL of Holden to Miss Achsah BAGLEY of Bangor.

In Bangor, 14th, by the Rev. Edward Gilman, Samuel C. HEMENWAY to Miss Jane M. BARTLETT, both of B.

In Bangor, 6th, by the Rev. A. Battle, Alonzo F. CRAIGE to Caroline J. HIGGINS, both of Orland.

In Brownville, by P. Rice, Esq., Mr. Augustus BITHER of Bangor to Miss Fannie MERRILL of Brownville.

In Brownville, Mr. George SHAW of Upper Stillwater to Miss Edith FORREST of Brownville.

In Brewer, December 29, by Rev. E. A. Helmershausen, Mr. Charles F. KENNEY to Miss Abby E. CROWELL, both of Frankfort.


In Ellsworth, 21st inst., Mrs. Rachel M. ULMER, wife of William B. Ulmer.

In Nashua, N.H., 15th inst., Miss Maria ALLEN of Ellsworth, daughter of E. L.

M. Allen, age 17 years.

In Bangor, 16th inst., Mary Isabel, infant twin daughter of B. B. and Caroline A. FARNSWORTH, age 7 weeks.

14th inst., William ROUNDS, age 70 years.

In Franklin, 18th inst., Mrs. Julia WEST, wife of the Hon. John West, age about 57. Mrs. West was a woman who well had many sincere mourners, as her amiability, rare benevolence and truly Christian character had endeared her to a large circle of friends outside of her immediate connections.

In Surry, 12th inst., Miss Ruth, daughter of Capt. Albert and Mrs. Mary TREWORGY, age 19 years. She left good evidence to her friends that her peace was made with God.

In Castine, 19th inst., very suddenly, Mr. Samuel NOYES, age 76 years. In this instance, the community has met with a deep and irreparable loss. Mr. Noyes has been a resident of this place upwards of 40 years, in which time he has been an active and worthy member of society. He is extensively known as a master shipbuilder, and it may justly be said that he has done more for the mechanics' welfare in this vicinity than any other individual.

MARCH 4, 1859


Lewiston, Maine, 15th inst., Miss Olive A. FRAZIER, formerly of Ellsworth, age 26 years. (Poem followed)

In West Urbana, Illinois, 13th inst., of croup, John Henry, only son of J. P. and H. A. P. WHITE, age 10 months, 8 days. (Poem followed)

MARCH 11, 1859


In Sullivan, 27th ult., by Nathaniel Johnson, Esq., Mr. Henry MARTIN to Mrs. Sarah BICKFORD.

In Sullivan, 26th ult., Eben BEAN to Miss Mary A. WASGATT.


In Hancock, 6th inst., Mr. Sylvanus JELLISON, age 40 years.

In Surry, February 4, Freethy VARNUM, age 69 years, 1 day.

In Ellsworth, 2nd inst., Mr. Steven T. JORDAN, age 65.

MARCH 18, 1859


In Sedgwick, 10th inst., by Rev. G. W. Watts, Mr. James D. FLY to Miss Melissa E. HOLDEN, both of Brooklin.

In Bangor, 11th inst., by the Rev. C. G. Porter, Mr. Henry N. BUTTLER of Eastbrook to Miss Julia A. SPRINGER of Hancock.


In Blue Hill, 6th inst., Hannah, wife of Nathan ARNOLD, age 57 years.

In Blue Hill, 11th inst., Martha GRAY, 21 years.

In Blue Hill, 12th inst., Lemmuel CANDAGE, age 35.

In Sedgwick, 12th inst., Elizabeth PARKER of Blue Hill, age 30 years.

Lines written in memory of Capt. Asa TURNER who died on Isle au Haut, September 23, 1858, age 77 years. (Poem followed)

MARCH 25, 1859


In Gouldsboro, 12th inst., by A. G. Guptil, Esq., Mr. Benjamin F. SCAMMONS of Franklin to Miss Mary Jane GUPTILL of Gouldsboro.


In Ellsworth, 20th inst., Mr. Jones HOLT, age 49.

In West Eden, 1st inst., Lela Augusta, age 1 year, and on 12th inst., Harris Oscar, age 7 years, only children of Alexander and Ellen A. HIGGINS. They were both buried in one coffin.

20th inst., Deacon Giddeon MAYO, age 90 years, being the oldest person in the town. The deceased possessed many noble qualities as a man, being ever a kind friend, a good citizen, and a worthy member and deacon of the Baptist Church in this town for a long series of years.

In Surry, 11th inst., Robert LORD, age 72. So soon after the decease of his companion who, but a few weeks since, departed this life after many years of sickness and pain, so soon after the painful event has our beloved brother in Christ been called to share the same fate, well God does all things well, but this brother and sister in Christ will be missed for their place will be empty. Since the departure of his wife, brother Lord's health has rapidly declined. He has been a member of the Baptist church in this town for many years. His trials and conflicts of mind have been many and great, but he has now finished his course, has kept the faith, while we trust there is laid up for him in heaven a crown of righteousness.

APRIL 1, 1859


In Eden, 27th inst., by L. A. Thomas, Esq., Walter HODGKINS of Trenton to Miss Adelma McFARLAND of Eden.


In Bucksport, March 11, Frederick TURNER, son of James Turner, Jr., age about 19.

In West Eden, 24th inst., David HIGGINS, age 70 years.

In Machias, 27th ult., Albert G. LANE, Esq., age 50 years, 2 months. Mr. Lane was son of Col Daniel Lane of Gorham, Maine. He was born at Saco, graduated at Waterville College in 1827.

APRIL 8, 1859


In Ellsworth, April 6, by Asa McCallister, Esq., Mr. George D. SMITH to Miss Olive J. McGOWN, both of Ellsworth.

In this city, 2nd inst., by the Rev. G. C. Porter, Mr. Gonzalo R. FAIRBANKS of Gardiner and Miss Lucy A. FAIRBANKS of Bangor.


In this town, April 1, Charles Everett, only son of John W. and Mary G. HILL, age 7.

In West Eden, April 4, Charles, youngest son of Eben M. and Alphia S. HAMOR, age 4 months, 20 days.

In Brooksville, March 26, Mrs. Prudence, wife of Jeremiah PERKINS, age 47 years.

APRIL 15, 1859


On Long Island, by Israel B. Lunt, Esq., Joseph W. LUNT to Miss Alice Ann H. D. TWIST.

At Greens Landing, Deer Isle, 20th ult., Mr. John McDONALD to Miss Susan H. GREEN of the former place.

In Columbia, 2nd inst., by the Rev. J. J. Pingree, Sullivan LOTHROP of Columbia to Miss Emily M. CALER of Centreville.

In Machias, 10th inst., by William B. Smith, Esq., Mr. Benjamin REYNOLDS to Miss Susan H. REYNOLDS, all of Machias.

In Boston, 3rd inst., Mr. J. C. DAME of Boston to Miss Anna M. HANSON of Eastport.


In Ellsworth, 8th inst., Mrs. Abigail GARLAND, age 83 years, 6 months. Mrs. Garland was born on Deer Isle, Maine, 1775; was married 1797 and removed to what is now known as Sunkhaze where she lived a short time before removing to Ellsworth. Having in early life devoted much time to the care of the sick, she became a very useful medicinal advisor and nurse. So generous and humane was this good Samaritan that no difficulties of bad roads or driving storms ever prevented her from attending on the calls of the sick. She experienced religion in the revival which prevailed in the eastern part of Maine in 1826 quite extensively, and was baptized by the late Rev. John King of Trenton in

1834, making one of the 18 members composing the Baptist Church at Reed's Brook organized the same year. For more than 15 years she devoted her entire time to her invalid companion without a murmur or ever repining. When the last of her duties was performed to her partner and his mortal remains were deposited in its narrow bed, she retired to her bed and, in 9 days, sweetly fell asleep in Jesus.

In Ellsworth, 31st ult., of congestion of the lungs, Mr. Edward MASON, age 43 years. Mr. Mason was an excellent man, a tender and affectionate husband, and a good citizen. He leaves a wife in the deepest affliction to mourn his sudden death.

In Brooklin, 3rd inst., very suddenly, Humphrey HERRICK, age about 83 years. He was for many years an exemplary member of the Baptist Church.

On Long Island, 20th ult., Ezra DAVIS, age 12 years.

In Moncton, New Brunswick, George W. SCALES of the firm of C. B. Reckord & Company, age 44.

In Boston, 5th inst., Dr. S. S. WHIPPLE, age 64. Dr. W. was a graduate of Harvard College, formerly resided in Calais, represented that town in the Legislature, was State Senator from Washington County, and served there at the Port of Passamaquoddy one term.

In Coulterville, California, February 14, Judson C. DRAKE, a native of Eastport.

In Augusta, 20th ult., Lt. George Frederick EVANS, U.S.A., son of the Hon. George Evans, age 35 years.

APRIL 22, 1859


In Ellsworth, 2nd inst., by the Rev. W. R., Rev. O. H. EERNALD (possibly FERNALD?) to Miss Hannah P. LOPUS, both of Tremont.

In Ellsworth, April 9, by Asa McCallister, Esq., Mr. Augustus FLOOD of Ellsworth to Miss Anna L. CHICK of Clifton.

In Waltham, April 14, Mr. George HASLAM to Mrs. Prudence INGALLS, both of Waltham.

In Blue Hill, 17th, by the Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. S. Kimball CHASE to Miss Maria T. STOVER of Blue Hill.

In Whiting, April 8, by Isaac H. Estes, Esq., Mr. Christopher C. STANHOPE to Miss Elvira CHALONER, both of Whiting.

In Columbia, 2nd inst., by the Rev. J. J. Pingree, Sullivan LOTHROP of Columbia to Miss Emily M. CALER of Centerville.


In Buxton Center, 7th inst., Mrs. Anna B., wife of Robert WENTWORTH, Esq., age 73 years, 8 months.

In New Sharon, 16th inst., Asaphine Maria, only child of A. G. and S. M. T. BRAINERD, aged 10 months.

APRIL 29, 1859


In Ellsworth, April 20, by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. William P. HUNNIWELL and Miss Emily A. OBER, both of Ellsworth.

In Bucksport, by N. White, Esq., Mr. George SNOW to Miss Lydia S. TILLOCH, all of Bucksport.

In Bucksport, Mr. Daniel FRENCH to Miss Maria L. WARDWELL, both of B.


In Ellsworth, 25th inst., Seth PADELFORD, age 48 years, 7 months, 17 days.

In Surry, 18th inst., Mrs. Nancy JOY, widow of Samuel Joy, age 79 years.

In Eden, April 23 inst., E. W. Willard EMERY, age 40.

In Tremont, March 31 ult., Mrs. Debra N. RICHARDSON, wife of Capt. Abraham Richardson, age 50 years. Mrs. Richardson was universally beloved for her uniform kindness and benevolence, her Christian graces and amiable disposition. The community has sustained in her death the loss of a valuable member, one that was always ready and willing by word and deed to forward every praiseworthy object. The family of which she was an ornament and a model of patience, love and tender sympathy, has sustained irreparable loss. May be that Who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb sustain the afflicted ones of this family.

MAY 6, 1859


In Ellsworth, 1st inst., by J. H. Davis, Esq., Capt. Hamilton J. WOOD to Miss Harriet E. WRENN.

In Eastport, 22nd ult., by the Rev. H. F. Edes, Mr. S. P. BROWN of Orland to Miss Hattie E. GRENDELL of Eastport.

In Eastport, 22nd, by R. B. Clark, Esq., Mr. Alexander TINKER to Ellen BUCKMAN, both of New Brunswick.

In Eastport, 22nd, James Frederick RECORD to Miss Mary Ellen LAWTON, both of St. John, New Brunswick.


In Litchfield, 27th and 28th of March ult., Fred L. and Agnes, children of Mrs. M. A. ROBINSON, widow of the late Hon. Thomas Robinson of Ellsworth.

In Machiasport, 29th ult., Charles COLBETH, age about 35.

In Harrington, 14th ult., Rebecca D., wife of Stillman WASS, age 52 years, 6 months. Mrs. Wass was a worthy member of the Baptist Church in Harrington. She has gone to her reward.

In Robbinston, 20th ult., suddenly from congestion of the lungs, Mr. Frederic G. BALKAM, age 34.

In Eastport, 26th ult., after a lingering illness of more than a year, Mrs. Maria, wife of W. W. CHAPMAN, age 57 years.

In Eastport, 21st, Mr. James IRVING, age 65 years.

In Deer Isle, 26th ult., Mrs. Eunice HOPPER, age 64 years.

MAY 13, 1859


In Sedgwick, May 18, Capt. Josh BLACK, age 80 years.

In West Brooksville, 7th inst., Mrs. Cyntha, wife of David VARNUM, age 62 years.

In Waldo, Florida, where he had gone for the benefit of his health, David Brainerd SILSBY, Esq., of Aurora, age 31 years.

MAY 20, 1859


In Ellsworth, 14th inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Capt. David McFARLAND to Miss Mary Ellen JOY, both of Ellsworth.

In Surry, 11th inst., by Thomas B. Sargent, Esq., Albion K. SANDERS to Miss Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM.


In Ellsworth, May 18 of dropsy on the brain, Luella, daughter of Hiram and Frances G. TUCKER, age 2 years, 8 months, 18 days.

In Dedham, 12th inst., Emma Adilaid, youngest child of Perly and Margaret HAYNES, age 13 years, 9 months, 2 days. (Poem followed)

In West Brooksville, May 7th, Cyntha, wife of David VARNUM, age 66 years, 1 month, 18 days. (Poem followed)

In Frankfort, 8th inst., Eliza, wife of Daniel TOBEY, Esq., age 72 years.

In Blue Hill, April 27, Mr. Spencer TREWORGY, age 89.

In Blue Hill, 3rd inst., of consumption, Solon F. NORTON, son of Capt. Joshua F. Norton, age 22.

In Blue Hill, 11th inst., Elisha, son of Melen and Belinda AVERY, age 7 months, 7 days.

MAY 27, 1859


By Rev. S. Tenney, 23rd, Capt. Alan C. HOLT and Miss Mary A. JORDAN, daughter of L. P. Jordan, both of Ellsworth.

By Rev. S. Tenney, 20th, Mr. Luther SMITH and Miss Sarah E. MILLIKEN, both of Surry.

At North Sedgwick, May 15th, by Rev. G. W. Watts, Mr. Somes A. FLY to Miss Laura M. SEAVY, all of Brooklin.

In Eastport, 12th, Mr. James O. LEIGHTON to Miss Eulalie TREAT, daughter of U. S. Treat, Esq.

In Eastport, 14th, Mr. Carl EACHWEILER of Portage, Lake Michigan, to Miss Hannah L. CHADBOURNE.

In Robbinston, 15th, Mr. William RICKER to Miss Oliver JOHNSON.

In South Attleboro, Mass., by the Rev. B. C. Chase, Gen. Samuel VEAZIE to Mrs. Mary C. BLANCHARD, both of Veazie, Maine.

In Lincolnville, 7th ult., Joshua LAMB to Miss Mary HUNTER.

In Orono, 17th inst., by Rev. J. Atwell, Mr. Leader BOARDMAN to Miss Melvina M. GULLIFER, both of Old Town.


In Castine, 14th inst., Capt. Moses GAY, age about 44 years.

In Machias, 19th inst., John D., son of Ignatius and Emiline E. SARGENT, age 10 years.

In Machiasport, 18th inst., Mr. Mariner F. LIBBY, age 38 years.

In Eastport, 15th inst., Mrs. Mary MURPHY, age 84 years.

In Perry, 5th inst., Thomas HIBBARD, age 76 years.

In Gardiner, on Saturday, Mary Allen, daughter of William H. and Mary A. CHANEY, age 4 months.

JUNE 3, 1859


In Penobscot, 23rd inst., by the Rev. Dunbar, Mr. John F. PETERSON of Castine to Mrs. Lucy Jane ECHENAGUCIA of Penobscot.

In Waldo, May 15, by John Lanl, Esq., Mr. James REYNOLDS of Searsport to Miss Rosilla LUCE of Waldo.

In Knox, at the Methodist parsonage, 19th, by the Rev. K. N. Meservy, Mr. Idde HASKELL to Miss Rachel J. CHASE, both of Knox.


In Brooksville, 26th, John WASSON, Jr., son of John Wasson, Esq., age 26 years.

In Centerville, 20th, Andrew, son of Charles F. and Abby FLOYD, age 4 months.

In Perry, 15th, Mrs. Nancy NUTT, age 78 years.

In Princeton, Colufi County, California, March 27, P. P. HUTCHINS, a native of Maine, age 49 years.

In Harrington, 19th, Walter, son of Zephaniah and Catherine G. ALLEN, age 4 years.

JUNE 10, 1859


In Surry, May 28, by T. C. Sargent, Esq., Mr. Jesse TRUNDY to Mrs. Frances BOWDEN, both of Surry.

In Rockport, Mass., June 5, Mr. William WHIDDEN of Rockport to Miss Caroline A. WHITE of Sullivan, Maine.

In Bangor, June 6, by Rev. Mr. Maltby, Mr. Columbus WATERHOUSE of Sacramento, California, to Miss Amelia A., eldest daughter of Carlton S. BRAGG, Esq., of Bangor.

In Bangor, June 7, by Nathan Weston, Jr., Esq., Mr. Martin ESTES to Miss Ann F. DICKER, both of Orono.


In Ellsworth, 4th inst., Hattie Susan, daughter of Miles H. and Eliza TINKER, age 2 years.

In Brewer, June 7, Mrs. Phoebe J., wife of J. M. PALMER, age about 31 years.

In Chelsea, Mass., April 15, Benjamin Franklin, son of Elijah and Olive S. COUILLARD.

In Chelsea, Mass., May 8, of consumption, Mrs. Olive S. COUILLARD, age 25 years.

JUNE 17, 1859


In Ellsworth, June 1, by A. McCallister, Esq., Mr. Asa SMITH to Mrs. Abigail GARLAND, both of Ellsworth.

In Blue Hill, 2nd inst., by the Rev. Mr. Kelton, Mr. Charles C. CLOUGH to Miss Emiline S. WOOD, all of Blue Hill.

In Foxcroft, 19th ult., Mr. Henry C. PRENTISS to Miss Ellen JORDAN.


In Ellsworth, June 9, Mrs. Fanny, widow of Jacob ALEXANDER, age 79 years, 10 months.

In Searsport, June 5, Josephine, youngest daughter of the Rev. A. and Jane PRINCE, age 10 years, 8 months.

JUNE 17, 1859

In Cranberry Isle, May 31, Emily A., daughter of Leonard and Mary Ann HOLMES,

in peace and hope of eternal life, age 19 years.

In Swans Island, May 31, Benjamin E., son of John and Lydia SMITH, age 17 years.

In Gott's Island, June 5, Mrs. Susan GOTT, widow of the late William Gott. A mother in Israel passed triumphantly to her final rest, age 78 years.

JUNE 24, 1859


In this town, June 17, by A. N. Gordon, Esq., Capt. Gruscley SMITH and Miss Sarah A. JAIMERSON, both of Ellsworth.

In Boston, June 21, by the Rev. A. A. Minor, Mr. George S. MURPHY of Boston to Miss Sophia, daughter of John D. RICHARDS, Esq. of Ellsworth.

In Gouldsboro, 15th inst., by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Henry T. SPURLING to Miss Penelope F. YOUNG, both of Gouldsboro.

In Eastport, 14th, by the Rev. William J. Robinson, Rev. Bryant D. STINCHFIELD to Miss Marian D. CLARK.

In Machias, 30th ult., Mr. John PERRY to Miss Sylvania BERRY.


In Blue Hill, June 12, Mr. Luther FRANKS, age 36 years. Mr. Franks died at his residence at North Blue Hill Sabboth evening at 8 o'clock, leaving a wife and seven beautiful children to mourn his loss. But their loss is his gain, for no doubt he has entered into the Christian rest. He told his dear companion, shuddering and weeping friends, not to grieve for him, saying that he should be better off, that to die was glorious. He said to one of his neighbors and Christian brethren as he came in to see him and to administer to his wants for a few hours before he died, "I am glad you have come to help me praise God. Oh, if I had the voice, I would praise God in the loudest strain!" He told his friend he should die with the sun setting. So he did, and as calmly and tranquilly. (Poem followed)

In Sedgwick, June 14, Mary E., daughter of Alfred MORE, age 3 years. (Poem followed)

In Trenton, 16th inst., Miss Fanny A., daughter of Moses T. GRAVES, Esq., age 22 years. Miss Graves was a young lady of many lovely traits of character. Her kind and affectionate dispositon strongly endeared her to family and friends, and rendered her loss unspeakably severe to her bereaved parents.

JULY 1, 1859


In Ellsworth, 19th ult., by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. William G. KIRKBY of Boston to Miss Lizzie S. SOMINSBY of Ellsworth.

In Machias, 16th ult., by the Rev. G. Bachelor, Otis N. JONES of Boston to Miss Josephine O., daughter of Gen. T. H. STAPLES, of Machias.

In Belfast, June 14, by the Rev. Dr. Palfrey, William H. CROSBY of Belfast to Eliza J. THOMAS of Rockland.


In Belfast, 27th ult., Henry E. DAVIS, age 32 years, 7 months.

In Belmont, June 11, of consumption, Mrs. Sarah E. WILSON, age 23 years.

Lost overboard from the bark E. Churchill, June 15, on the passage from Cardenas for Boston, James H. SMART of Searsport, mate, age 22 years.

JULY 8, 1859


In Gouldsboro, 30th ult., by B. M. Sargent, Esq., Joseph NEWMAN to Julia A. RAND, both of Gouldsboro.

In Bangor, 1st inst., by Rev. Mr. Farrington, Mr. George W. YOUNG and Miss Fanny D. KILGORE, all of Bangor.

In Brewer village, July 3, by Rev. T. Smith, Mr. Joshua P. HOOPER of Bangor to Miss Mary J. WEEKS.

In Islesboro, 18th ult., Mr. George H. KELLER to Miss Emiline P. SPRAGUE.

In West Brooksville, 18th inst., by Simeon Allen, Esq., Mr. George L. NORTON of New York to Miss Maria SHEPARDSON of Brooksville.


July 1, Miss Jenny J. SMITH, age 18 years, 6 months, daughter of W. J. Smith of Ellsworth.

In Augusta, July 3, Dr. John Wart PRENTISS, assistant physician of the State Lunatic Asylum, son of H.E. Prentiss, Esq., of Bangor, age 21 years and 7 months.

In Atkinson, July 2, Love HANSON, Esq., age 77 years.

JULY 15, 1859


In Sedgwick, 2nd inst., by the Hon. Wyer G. Sargent, William A. HOOPER to Susan A. EATON, all of Sedgwick.

In Deer Isle, 7th inst., by Frederick Billings, Esq. of Brooksville, Capt. John GRAY of Deer Isle to Miss Belinda R. BECKFORD of Salem, Mass.


In Castine, June 29, Edward F. COLLINS, son of John and Rosanna Collins, age 19 years, 10 months, 21 days.

JULY 22, 1859


In Gouldsboro, 4th inst., by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Warren YOUNG to Miss Nancy YOUNG, both of Gouldsboro.

In Gouldsboro, 16th, Mr. Brewer W. SPURLING of Gouldsboro to Miss Martha Ellen BUNKER of Franklin.

North Hancock, June 24th, by Trumphant Butler, Esq., Wiley HALL, Jr. of Gouldsboro to Martha W. DORR of Hancock.


Sedgwick, 29th ult., Mr. David HARDING, age 88.

Brooklin, June 28, Mr. David CARTER, an aged citizen.

Brooklin, 8th, Capt. Elisha ALLEN, age 78 years.

West Brooksville, 16th inst., Phoebe Ann, daughter of Joshua DAVIS, Jr., age 3 months.

JULY 29, 1859


In Ellsworth, 23rd inst., Mr. Isaac GRANT, age 62 years.

AUGUST 5, 1859


In Ellsworth, July 30, by Asa McCallister, Esq., Mr. William E. GARLAND to Mrs. Jane SARGENT, both of Ellsworth.

Eden, 28th ult., by L. J. Thomas, Esq., Capt. Charles J. WARD of Philadelphia to Miss Martha J. SALSBURY of Eden.

North Hancock, 23rd ult., by Rev. Walter Marshall, Mr. J. A. McFARLAND to Miss Susan C. McFARLAND, all of Hancock.

Trenton, July 4, by Reuben Remick, Esq., Mr. Uriah N. LOOK of Ellsworth to Miss Frances A. REMICK of Trenton.


In Bangor, July 28, Hon. Levi BRADLEY, age 64 years.

Sonora, California, Charles A., son of John and M. C. HILFERTY of Brewer, age 28 years.

Yuba Ranch, California, Joseph J. PERRY of Brewer, age 33 years.

Blue Hill, July 16, of consumption, Mrs. Mary E., wife of Mr. Marshall HARDIN, age 35 years. Thus has passed away from us the affectionate wife and mother, loving sister and friend. Of her it may well be said that they who knew her best loved her most. During her sickness she was sustained and cheered by the presence of her Saviour and was enabled to look upon her encroaching end as only going home. Although warmly attached to her husband and children, she yet felt to resign them into the hands of the covenant keeping God, in the full assurance of faith that it would be well with them and well with her.

AUGUST 12, 1859


In Long Island, 6th, by B. R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. G. D. TURNER of Sullivan to Sarah RICH of Long Island.


In Ellsworth, 10th inst., Miss Frances HIGGINS, age 24 years.

In Ellsworth, 3rd inst., Mr. William SMITH, age 84 years, 6 months.

AUGUST 19, 1859


In Surry, July 26, by Luther T. Lord, Esq., James LORD to Miss Sophia T. HASKELL, all of Surry.


In Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 30, Mrs. Joanna, wife of Ebenezer WARDWELL, formerly of Penobscot, age 59 years.

AUGUST 26, 1859


In North Sedgwick, 13th inst., by the Rev. G. W. Watts, Mr. William HAMILTON to Mrs. Aphia MOORE, both of Brooklin.



Ellsworth, 3lst, by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Willis T. AYERS of Mt. Gillead, Kansas, to Miss Aurilla A. EDWARDS of Ellsworth.

Waltham, 15th, by Asa McCallister, Esq., Mr. George W. KNIGHT to Miss Abby HASLAM, all of Ellsworth.

Belfast, August 21, by John Greeley, Esq., Charles A. BROWN of Belfast to Miss Sarah M. DURGIN of Bangor.


Ellsworth, July 29, Mr. Samuel GRANT, age 67 years.

Addison, 11th ult., Capt. David LOOK, age 73 years.

Bangor, 24th ult., Addie Mitchell, only child of Rev. William T. JEWELL of Camden, age 1 year, 19 days.



Ellsworth, on Wednesday evening, September 7, by A. N. Glidden, Esq., Mr. William FULLERTON, Jr., to Miss Augusta S. LANCASTER, all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, September 2, by Asa McCallister, Esq., Mr. Augustus T. SOMERBY to Miss Frances B. MURCH, both of Ellsworth.

Gouldsboro, 5th inst., by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Aaron HOVEY to Miss Phoebe JOY, both of Gouldsboro.

Tremont, August 30, by the Rev. John W. Pierce, Mr. William H. WOODWORTH of Franklin to Miss Hannah B. BUNKER of East Sullivan.

Machias, 31st ult., by Rev. H. F. Harding, Mr. Gilbert LONGFELLOW to Miss Hannah LONGFELLOW, all of Machias.

Old Town, August 28, by the Rev. E. Douglass, Mr. James HARRINAN, II, to Mrs. Eliza PERKINS, both of Bucksport.


Tremont, August 27, Mr. James KELLEY, age 73 years, 10 months. He died in the hope of an eternal life.

Cherryfield, 21st inst., Nellie, only daughter of J. C. and Harriet ADAMS, age 4 years.

New Sharon, 31st ult., Mrs. Louisa A. Harding, wife of the Rev. Jonathan E. ADAMS, age 30 years.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1859


Blue Hill, 11th inst., by Rev. B. D. Henry, Mr. Frederick WAKEFIELD of Boston, Mass. to Miss Julia E. CANDAGE of Blue Hill.

Eden, 8th inst., by the Rev. G. W. Watts of North Sedgwick, Mr. John S. BILLINGS of Blue Hill to Miss Julia A. HADLEY of Eden.

East Machias, 10th inst., by the Rev. J. L. Sanborn, Mr. Fred A. HILL of Machias to Miss Lucia H. FOSTER of Cherryfield.

Steuben, 6th inst., by Samuel Moore, Esq., Mr. Elliott H. PLUMMER to Miss Temperance STEVENS, all of Steuben.

Bangor, 3rd inst., by Rev. A. Battles, George H. WESCOTT to Miss Clara WESCOTT, both of Castine.


Ellsworth, September 8, Mrs. Aurelia R. REMICK, age 17 years.

Dedham, September 7, Maggie J., only child of Hosea and Elizabeth PHILLIPS, age 10 months.

Tremont, August 30, in the triumph of Christian faith, Mrs. Emma, wife of John MITCHELL, age about 21 years.

Brooksville, September 10, Miss Lizza, daughter of John DODGE, age 13 years. She was taken away very suddenly. She went to school the Thursday before well, and died Saturday. She was much respected by all who knew her.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1859


Ellswsorth, 14 th inst., by A. M. Glidden, Esq., Mr. George S. SWEET to Miss Hannah B. THURSTON, all of Ellsworth.

North Sedgwick, by Rev. G. W. Watts, Rev. Lucius W. BRADFORD to Mrs. Lucy D. NELSON, both of Brooklin.

Blue Hill, 14th inst., by Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. Thomas S. OSGOOD to Miss Ann Harriet PILLSBURY, all of Blue Hill.

Blue Hill, 15th inst., by the same, Mr. Franklin S. CUSHING of Blue Hill to Miss Ann Maria P. FLOOD of Surry.

Gouldsboro, 18th inst., by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Capt. Joseph DECKER of Islesboro to Mrs. Lydia M. DECKER of Gouldsboro.

Pembroke, 13th, by Rev. Thomas D. Howard, Dr. Edward N. HARRIS of Machias to Miss Maria, eldest daughter of L. L. WADSWORTH, Esq. of Pembroke.

Bangor, September 20, by Rev. Dr. Pond, father of the bride, assisted by Rev. John Maltby, George BLODGETT, Esq. of Bucksport to Miss Mary S. POND.

Bucksport, September 17, by Rev. Joab Harriman, Mr. John P. HANEY to Miss Ellen M. HEATH, both of Ellsworth.


Trenton, 10th inst., Mrs. Sarah A., wife of Capt. Wilson YOUNG, age 27 years.

She was baptized in May of last year, having experienced religion about a year before. Lovely in her character and exceedingly beloved, she adorned her Christian profession by remarkably pure, humble, gentle and faithful Christian-like walk and, thus, early the Lord has called his own to himself.

Trenton, on the same day, Mary Helen, only daughter of the above, age 2 months.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1859 - No marriages or deaths published.

OCTOBER 7, 1859


Ellsworth, September 8, by Asa McCallister, Esq., Mr. George CARD of this town to Miss Abigail A. ABBOTT of Hancock.

Ellsworth, October 2, by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Leonard LYNDE of Melrose, Mass., to Miss Caroline P. MURCH of Ellsworth.

Eden, October 1, by Leonard J. Thomas, Esq., Nicholas R. RICHARDSON to Miss Harriet A. HADLEY.

Gouldsboro, October 4, by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Lewis PERRY of Gouldsboro to Miss Sarah A. FALKNER of Steuben.

Ellsworth, October 1, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Parnel B. MOOR and Miss Mary A. HAMILTON, both of Ellsworth.


In Sedgwick, September 30, Richard CURRIER, age________.

OCTOBER 14, 1859


Tremont, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, October 14, Mr. John P. DIX to Miss Harriet EVERRILL, both of Tremont.

Mt. Desert, October 3, by G. M. Jordan, Esq., Capt. Andrew DAVIS to Miss Clarissa WALLS.

Ellsworth, October 12, by A. M. Glidden, Esq., Mr. Francis McGOWN and Miss Sarah F. McFARLAND, both of Ellsworth.


In Knox, 4th inst., of inflamation of the brain, Charles W., only son of the Rev. K. N. and Martha A. MESERVEY, age 3 years, 10 months, 19 days.

OCTOBER 21, 1859


Ellsworth, October 14, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Henry M. FOLLETT and Miss Octavia A. WAKEFIELD, both of Steuben.

Trenton, October 18, by the Rev. H. C. Estes, Capt. Warren P. HAYNES to Miss Adeline L. DESISLES, both of Trenton.

Gouldsboro, October 16, by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Gayland H. SMITH to Miss Cynthia V. YOUNG, both of Gouldsboro.

Machias, 16th, by the Rev. H. F. Harding, Mr. C. H. TARBELL to Miss Sarah E., daughter of Otis CROCKER, both of Machias.


In Machias, 16th inst., Charles, son of Erie LONGFELLOW, age 29 years.

In Cherryfield, 4th, Willie, son of James and Leonice CAMPBELL, age 2 years.

In Brewer, October 18, Mr. Nathaniel TIBBETTS, age 67 years, 7 months, 17 days.

In Portland, October 10, Mrs. Lucy H., wife of the Hon. George F. SHEPLEY, age 33 years.

In Galveston, Texas, October 6, of congestion of the brain, Josiah W. DEAN, son of Mrs. B. F. Dean of Bangor, age 21 years.

OCTOBER 28, 1859


Ellsworth, October 23, by Glidden, Esq., Mr. Elias JACKSON and Miss _____________ BOYNTON, both of Ellsworth.

Cherryfield, by__________________, Edward TINNIN to Miss Sophia WILLEY (?).

Cherryfield, ____ C. WILLEY to Miss Betsy L. WILLEY.

Machiasport, 20th, by the Rev. G. Bachelor, Mr. Harlan P. SMITH to Miss Lucinda M. STUART, both of Machiasport.

Holden, 20th, by Rev. S. Falforth, Mr. Thomas F. FARRINGTON of Bangor to Miss Anna M. CHASE of Akinson.


Tremont, October 18, Mr. Peter STANLEY, age 65 years.

Amherst, 21st, Fremont J., son of John W. and Alice M. NICKERSON, age 3 years, 5 months.

NOVEMBER 4, 1859


Ellsworth, October 30, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Lewis KING to Mrs. Augusta M. McFARLAND, both of Ellsworth.

Blue Hill, 29th inst., by Rev. G. W. Watts of North Sedgwick, Maine, Mr. Marshall HARDING to Miss Elizabeth CANDAGE, both of Blue Hill.

Gouldsboro, 31st inst., by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Samuel W. LIBBY of Gouldsboro to Miss Emiline LEIGHTON OF Milbridge.

West Trenton, October 9, by Rev. J. Cobb of North Bucksport, Mr. Hazen W. JORDAN to Miss Julia E. ANDERSON, both of Trenton.

Also by the same, October 23, Mr. Nathan N. WIGHT of Windsor to Miss Elmenia T. HAYNES of Trenton.

NOVEMBER 11, 1859


Ellsworth, November 5, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. John E. LITTLEFIELD to Miss Mary A. ROYAL, all of Ellsworth.

Harrington, by the Rev. Mr. Bond, Mr. Winslow G. SMALL of Cherryfield to Miss Clara LONG of Harrington.

Addison, October 29, by the Rev. C. C. Long, Mr. Enoch A. LOW to Miss Mary A. D. LEIGHTON, both of Columbia.

Deer Isle, October 30, by Sullivan Green, Esq., Mr. Benjamin WILSON to Miss Charlotte MILLS, all of Deer Isle.

South Thomaston, November 5, E. F. HASKELL of Bangor to Elmira PIERCE of South Thomaston.


Ellsworth, October 17, James MILLIKIN, age 65 years.

On the 26th, Almine T. MURCH, wife of John Murch, age 25 years.

Robert K. HASKELL, age 53.

November 3, Walter CLARK, age 17 years.

4th, Einory CLARK, age 8 years.

Charles VYE, child of Charles Vye, age 5 years.

Mrs. James BROWN, age 50.

Benjamin KITFIELD, age 25.

Ellsworth, 8th inst., Mr. Samuel JOY, age 74 years.

Ellsworth, 4th, Mr. James MURCH, age 96 years. His wife is still living, and this aged couple have lived in wedlock 72 years. We doubt if another instance can be found in the county.

Deer Isle, November 5, Miss Angeline THURLOW, age 17 years.

Brewer, Miss Olive DAVIS, age 40 years.

Elmira, New York, 31st ult., John Evordus, youngest son of Joseph and Susan M. MILLIKEN, age 3 years, 9 months, 28 days.

Frankfort, October 3, Capt. John ATWOOD, age 55 years.

Machias, 4th, James LAMBERT, age 16 years.

Perry, 28th ult., Daniel HILL, age 56 years.

Wesley, Mrs. Sally TITUS, age 82 years.

NOVEMBER 18, 1859


Ellsworth, November 12, by Asa McCallister, Esq., Mr. James L. GARLAND to Miss Eunice L. FULLERTON.

Ellsworth, by the same, November 15, Mr. Thomas A. WEAVER to Miss Saphronia GRIFFIN, all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, November 10, by A. M. Glidden, Esq., Mr. Augustus S. BRIGGS of Ellsworth to Miss Lois A. BRAWN of Dexter.

Also by the same, Capt. Thomas TATE of Ellsworth to Mrs. Mary E. TORRY of Hancock.

Eden, November 8, by Willard C. Higgins, Esq., Mr. Alfred HODGKINS to Miss Nancy Jane HODGKINS, both of Trenton.

Sedgwick, 14th inst., by Rev. T. J. B. House, Mr. Emory E. GRINDLE to Miss Araminta D., daughter of Noah TIBBETTS, both of Brooksville.

Milbridge, by George Googin, Esq., Mr. Albert STROUT to Miss Abba LEIGHTON.

Also Mr. Aaron F. WARD to Miss Amanda FLAGG.

Eastport, Frederic A. POOR of Portland to Miss Annie M. MOWE of Eastport.


Bucksport, November 14, of typhoid fever, Mrs. Hannah Parker, wife of Asa LUFKIN, age 63 years.

Bangor, Mrs. Dency DYER, age 78 years.

Sedgwick, October 9, Mr. Samuel HALE, age 89 years.

NOVEMBER 25, 1859


Ellsworth, 17th inst., Mr. Charles N. JOY (big splotch, can't read bride).

Machiasport, 12th inst., Mr. William A. THAXTER, to Miss Sara A. THOMPSON.

Cherryfield, Mr. Andrew ASH to Miss Assenith W. DOOR.

Eastport, Mr. Israel ROBINSON of Eastport to Miss Rachel PEARCE of Pembroke.

Eastport, Mr. Joseph ANDERSON, Jr. to Miss Eliza A. STETSON.

Steuben, by Rev. M. D. Matthews, Patrick KELLEY of Harrington to Lydia DYER of Steuben.

Blue Hill, 21st inst., by Rev. B. D. Henry, Mr. Albert M. JONES of Weld to Miss Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Deacon Parker THOMAS of Blue Hill.

Bangor, 19th inst., Mr. Edgar A. STANLEY, Esq. to Miss Catherine H. KENT, both of Brewer.

South Orrington, November 20, Capt. Thomas STOUSLAND to Miss Amy P. BOOBER.


Ellsworth, 16th inst., George _______________(unreadable), age 3 years.

19th, Newton STOVER, can't read age and months, child of E. N. STOVER.

20th, only readable portion is last name ending ___KEFIELD, maybe Wakefield.

Trenton, 22nd inst., Emily HIGGINS, age 2 years.

DECEMBER 2, 1859


Ellsworth, November 28, by A. N. Glidden, Esq., Capt. John W. TURNER of Long Island, New York, to Mrs. Fanny A. SMITH of Trenton.

Boston, Mass., November 26, by the Rev. S. Stratton, Mr. Joseph H. FOSTER, landlord of the Ellsworth House, to Miss Annie F., second daughter of John BLACK, Esq., all of Ellsworth.

Philadelphia, Pa., November 17, by the Rev. Mr. Jenkins, Dr. Alpheus F. PAGE of Bucksport, Maine, to Miss Ebeleen, daughter of Mr. William RIAGNEL of Philadelphia.

Blue Hill, November 24, by the Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. John MARCHO to Miss Elizabeth H. STACKPOLE, both of Blue Hill.

Bangor, 22nd ult., Richard A. TURNER to Miss Augusta A. REED, both of Bucksport.


Bangor, 22nd ult., Mrs. Martha, wife of Thomas BICKFORD, age 41 years.

Bangor, 21st ult., Emily Frances, daughter of Wesley and Pamelia B. OSGOOD, age 8 years, 5 months.

DECEMBER 9, 1859


In Surry, November 28, by R. J. W. Davis, Esq., Mr. Rubin T. DAVIS to Miss Isabella M. CHASE, both of Ellsworth.

Eden, December 1, by W. C. Higgins, Esq., Capt. Shubael N. WALLS to Miss Amanda L. HIGGINS, both of Eden.

Gouldsboro, December 6, by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Leander LAWRENCE of Cherryfield to Miss Susan B. WHITTEN of Steuben.


In Bucksport, December 5, Asa LUFKIN, Esq., age 73 years, 8 months, after a distressing illness of 17 months. An honest man and a Christian and departed in the full triumph of the Gospel.

Deer Isle, December 3, Mr. Franklin C. EMERSON, age 29 years.

Brewer, 6th, Mary Jane, oldest daughter of the late Calvin P. GREEN, age 21 years, 5 months.

DECEMBER 16, 1859


Ellsworth, December 8, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Charles H. LORING to Miss Letetia JOY, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, December 11, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Erastus G. MORANG to Miss Mary A. MOORE, both of Ellsworth.

Penobscot, December 4, by the Rev. Mr. Dunbar, Mr. Johnson W. BRIDGES to Miss Sarah W. IRISH, both of Penobscot.

Long Island, November 28, by I. B. Lunt, Esq., Capt. George DOWNES to Miss Roseanna D. POMROY.

Deer Isle, December 12, by Sullivan Green, Esq., Mr. Ruel REDMAN of Searsport to Miss Cordelia ACKLY of Deer Isle.

Deer Isle, by G. L. Homer, Esq., Mr. Thomas SMALL and Miss Eliza WEBB, both of Deer Isle.


Ellsworth, Frances, daughter of John DRESSER, age 2 years.

Trenton, November 22, Emily HIGGINS, age 2 years.

Also, 25th, Nancy GUPTIL, age 76.

Surry, December 1, Frances Ellen, daughter of Anson FLOOD, age 17.

Trenton, 3rd inst., Josephine HIGGINS, age 17.

Trenton, 13th, Lewis MARTINOF, age 77.

Long Island, 10th inst., Mrs. Roseanna D., wife of Capt. George DOWNES, age

16 years.

Penobscot, November 16, Mr. J. Pitney WOOD, age 49 years.

Machias, November 8, Miss Sarah FLAGG, age 19 years.

East Machias, 4th inst., Lucy, daughter of Charles and Lovina FOSTER, age 18 years.

East Machias, 8th inst., Charles WARREN, son of (unreadable), 26 years. He was buried with Masonic honors, he being a member of that fraternity.

DECEMBER 23, 1859


Ellsworth, December 16, in the residence of Calvin P. Joy, by A. F. Drinkwater, Esq., Mr. Alvan A. BARTLETT of Ellsworth, registrar of probate for Hancock County, to Miss Hattie N., daughter of Capt. Benjamin BUSSEY of Newburg.

Surry, Mr. James GRINDLE of Blue Hill to Mrs. Elmira ALLEN of Surry.

Prospect Harbor, December 10, by B. M. Sargent, Esq., Mr. Adolphus L. COLE to Miss Rachel W. NOONAN, both of Prospect Harbor.

Bangor, 18th inst., by Rev. Mr. Farrington, Mr. Joseph L. HURD to Miss Martha C. SULLIVAN, both of Frankfort.


Ellsworth, December 17, George W. MURCH, Jr., son of George W. Murch, age 19 years, 3 months, 16 days.

Sullivan, 7th inst., Mrs. Abigail, wife of Capt. Samuel URAN, age 54 years.

Deer Isle, 17th, Deacon MATTHEWS, age 72.

Machias, 15th inst., of typhoid fever, Mrs. (unreadable), wife of John HOLWAY, Jr., Esq.

_____(?)___Island, New York, 7th, Capt. Charles___(?)____, of the brig C. H. Kennedy, late of Cutler, age about 34 years.

In Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, much lamented, John LADD, Esq., of apoplexy, on the 11th of October last, age 50 years. Mr. Ladd was formerly in trade in Hallowell, Maine, and while there he married Miss Sarah, daughter of B. NOURSE, Esq. of this city, both of whom were received into the Congrega-tional Church of Hallowell by Rev. Dr. Shepard, now of this city. In 1844 Mr. Ladd and family removed to the Sandwich Islands, and soon after they arrived there, he was appointed by the U.S. Consul Superintendent of the hsopital and was reappointed by the Hon. Elisha H. Allen.

DECEMBER 30, 1859


Ellsworth, 20th inst., by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Darwin N. MOOR and Miss Statira FLOOD, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 25th, by same, Capt. Homer C. COUSINS to Miss Amanda A. COOK, both of Ellsworth.

Eden, December 20, by W. C. Higgins, Esq., Capt. John GALLEY of Mt. Desert to Miss Hannah H. MACE of Plantation No. 21, Hancock County.

Ellsworth, December 10, by Asa McCallister, Esq., Mr. George WARREN of Penobscot to Miss Susan L. WEBBER of this town.


Trenton, December 23, Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph HOPKINS, age 20 years.