FEBRUARY 14, 1862


Deer Isle, Jan. 23, by the Rev. B. F. Stinson, Capt. Martin V.WARREN to Miss Susan F. SNOW, both of Deer Isle.

Rockland, Jan. 12, by Jeremiah Toleman, Esq., Mr. Charles H. DEAN to Miss Ellen TOLEMAN, both of Rockland.

Belfast, Dec. l4, Mr. William HATCH to Miss Lydia A. W. SMALLEY, both of Belfast.

Penobscot, 29th, by Edward Wight, Esq., Mr. John H. GRINDLE of Blue Hill to Miss Emma J. LORD of Bucksport.

Frankfort, 8th inst., Mr. Edwin HOPKINS to Miss Abby M. RANKIN, both of Frankfort.

Foxcroft, 6th inst., Mr. Daniel LUNT of Newburgh to Miss Rhoda STAPLES of Hampden.


Ellsworth, 9th inst., burned to death, Flora, daughter of Benjamin and Frances MADDOCKS, age 3 years.

Mariaville, 8th ult., Augusta, wife of Francis HASTINGS, age 25 years.

Bangor, Feb. 5, Miss Lucy Anna EATON, age 34 years.

Bangor, 8th, John CUTLER, Esq., late of Exeter, age 59 years.

Stetson, Jan. 16, Deacon Thorndike ALLEN, age 80 years, 5 months.

Ohio papers announced the death of a negro named Miesjah PHILLIPS at the great age of 125 years. He came to the West in 1796 with Herman BLENNERHASSET as his slave, and continued with him until he fled. He was never freed.

Frankfort, Feb. 8, Patrick KENNEDY, age 55 years, 6 months.

Belfast, Jan. 3, of consumption, Timothy W. KANE, age 26 years.

Lost from the schooner Peru, in the mouth of Portsmouth harbor, Dec. 18, Horace S., son of Samuel and Rebecca PHILBROOK of South Thomaston, age 22 years, 1 month, 18 days.

Portland, 8th inst., Mrs. Rachel, wife of the late James McDOWALL, age 81 years.

Brunswick, 1st inst., Mrs. Addie J. CROCKETT, age 20 years.

FEBRUARY 21, 1862


Mt. Desert, Jan. 4, by Daniel Kimball, Esq., Capt. Asa F. SMALLEDGE to Miss Phebe K. STANLEY, all of Mt. Desert.

Tremont, 10th inst., by the Rev. C. M. Brown, Mr. Joseph H. STICKNEY of Washington to Miss Emily B. READ; also, Mr. Joseph SWASEY of Portugal, Europe, to Miss Elmira READ, daughters of the late Mr. Joseph READ of Tremont.

Addison, 1st inst., by the Rev. D. B. Byther, Mr. Pelham B. PETERSON to Miss Ada S. INGERSOL, both of Columbia.

Machias, 9th inst., by the Rev. M. W. Murphy, Mr. M. C. DILWORTH, printer, to Miss Margaret L. HIGGINS, both of Machias.

Hampden, 12th inst., Mr. Mark FOLSOM of Newport to Miss Helen A. PIERCE of B.


Ellsworth Falls, Feb. 4, Mary Agnes, daughter of George and Priscilla FERNALD, age 3 years.

Brooklin, 6th inst., Miss Lois HERRICK, age 79 years.

Brooklin, 14th inst., Mr. John L. TIBBETTS, age 91 years.

Cherryfield, 10th inst., William TODD, Esq., age 62 years.

Bangor, Feb. 17, Mrs. Eleanor, widow of the late Deacon Elijah LOW, age 87 years.

Dover, 6th inst., of consumption, Miss Clara J. WOODARD, daughter of Oscar and Harriet Woodard, age 22 years, 9 months.

Marshall S. HAGAR, of Richmond, was instantly killed at the depot in Portland on Monday week. He jumped from the train, slipped on the lee and rolled under the wheels of the cars.

Stark, N.H., Feb. 7, Mr. John Wesley COLE, a member of the middle class in the Bangor Theological Seminary.

Tonica, Ill., Feb. 8, Mrs. Mary, wife of the Rev. Nathaniel ROBINSON, formerly pastor of the Baptist Church in Cherryfield and afterward resident at Dover in this state, age 77 years.

At the regular meeting of the Tremont division of the Sons of Temperance, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted.........mourn the departure of our respected associate, zealous and faithful brother, John C. RICHARDSON of the 11th Regiment, Maine Volunteers, who died in Washington, Jan. 4, of pneumonia and fever. (Additional narrative omitted.)

FEBRUARY 28, 1862


Sedgwick, Feb. 1, by Rev. William Read, Mr. Orrin P. CARTER of Surry to Miss Judith A. ALLEN of Sedgwick.

Trenton, Feb. 16, by E. S. Foster, Esq., Mr. Bainbridge W. HOPKINS of Trenton to Miss Sophia A. HAMOR of Eden.

Evansville, Ind., Feb. 12, Mr. Milo SAWYER of Cincinnati, Ohio, to Miss Fannie C., daughter of Messanger FISHER, Esq. of Bangor.

Skowhegan, Jan. 30, Mr. Edwin B. EMERSON of Portland to Miss Ellen RUSSELL of Skowhegan.


Ellsworth, 24th inst., William JUDE, age 50 years.

Tremont, 12th inst., Mr. Lemuel READ, age 46 years.

Bangor, Feb. 2, after a protracted illness of 11 weeks, Ida Livingston, daughter of Edward P. and Eliza A. BALDWIN, age 9 years.

Bangor, Feb. 18, suddenly, Mrs. A. B., wife of Cyrus GOSS, age 70 years.

Bangor, Feb. 16, Mr. Silas HATCH, age 69 years.

North Bucksport, Feb. 19, very suddenly, Capt. John VEAZIE of Bangor, age 57 years.

Glenburn, Feb. 16, Col. Philip MORRILL, age 70 years; a native of Metheun, Mass. and for many years an active and influential citizen of Belfast.

Brewer, 23rd inst., Mary C. Colson, daughter of George and Betsey E. LEACH, age 33 years, 3 months.

Waltham, 13th inst., Eva M., daughter of Moses A. JELLISON, age 9 years. (poem followed)

MARCH 7, 1862


Cherryfield, Feb. 28, at the residence of J. W. Moore, Esq., by Rev. Mr. Wentworth, Mr. George W. HALE of the Mansion House, Aurora, to Miss Harriet HALL of Cherryfield. (The printer acknowledges a generous slice of the bridal loaf and while testing its rich qualities, the thought naturally suggested itself that if the bridegroom always overcomes the ordinary obstacles to a successful journey through life with the promptness with which he, disregarding the terrific storm of Monday and Tuesday, made his journey of 60 miles to meet a promised bridal engagement, he will be eminently successful. We wish the parties a prosperous and happy life journey, not free from trials but with all the necessary wisdom and courage to meet trials and disappointments.)

Bangor, Dec. 14, by J. C. Snow, Esq., Mr. H. B. LUFKIN of Bangor to Miss Harriet S. BARTLETT of Ellsworth.

South Orrington, 26th ult., by the Rev. C. E. Springer, Mr. J. Austin ELDRIDGE of Bucksport to Miss M. Louise, daughter of Dr. J. B. POLLARD of Orrington.

Machias, Mar. 1, Mr. A. H. CLEAVES of Machias to Miss Sarah H. ALBEE of East Machias.

Lubec, 21st ult., Mr. Albert G. BALCH of California to Miss Sarah E. TUCKER of Lubec.

Bangor, 5th inst., Mr. Frank B. DOLE to Miss Hattie E., only daughter of G. W. GORHAM, Esq.


Ellsworth, Feb. 28, of congestion of the lung, Susan B., wife of Thomas HAYNES, age 60 years.

Hancock, 22nd ult., Deacon William YOUNG, age 71 years.

Mt. Desert, Feb. 20, Frances, daughter of Mrs. Betsey. DAVIS, age 9 years, of diphtheria.

Eden, Feb. 25, Lillian, daughter of Samuel and Lydia HADLEY, age 2 years, of diphtheria.

Eden, 28th, Otis, age 18 years, and March 1, Jared, age 8 years, sons of William and Elizabeth STANLEY, of diptheria.

Eden, 1st inst., Veston, only son of Nathan and Eliza STANLEY, age 2 years, of diphtheria.

Lubec, Robert W. COUSINS, age 15 years.

San Francisco, Jan. 5, James O., son of James POPE, Esq. of Whitneyville, age 24 years.

Garland, 28th ult., Mr. Edward H. PIERCE, age 35 years.

Bangor, 22nd inst., Mrs. Syrenia S., wife of Charles H. WHITCOMB, age 29 years.

Hancock, 1st inst., Deacon George CRABTREE, age 91 years, 8 days, being born Feb. 22, 1771. He was a native of Portland but has lived on Crabtree Neck, Hancock, since quite a young man when the country was a wilderness. He was an esteemed citizen and a good man.

Deer Isle, Feb. 10, very suddenly, in the full strength and vigor of life, Mary Jane, daughter of John and Elizabeth A. ROBBINS, age 21 years. She was a member of the choir at Southeast Harbor, Deer Isle; we trust she exchanged the earthly for the heavenly choir.

MARCH 14, 1862


Ellsworth, Mar. 11, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. John B. DRESSER of Ellsworth to Mrs. Helen M. SNOWHALL of Blue Hill.

Bangor, Mar. 6, by the Rev. Professor Shepherd, Mr. Charles DANA of Brighton, Mass. to Miss Isabella W. HASTINGS of Waltham, Maine.

Harrington, 1st inst., Mr. George BROOKS, Esq., of Orrington to Miss Priscilla NASH of Addison.

Bucksport, Mar. 3, by the Rev. A. H. Hall, Mr. William L. TARBOX to Miss Mary A. DAILEY, both of Bucksport.

Belfast, 6th inst., Augustus E. POTE of Bangor to Miss Orilla COLCORD of Searsport.

Hampden, Mar. 8, Mr. Henry STEWART to Miss Emma WILSON, both of Hampden.

Brewer Village, 10th inst., Mr. Galen J. BREWER to Miss Alice H. WEEKS, both of Brewer.


Ellsworth, 8th inst., Mrs. Sarah HOLMES, age 58 years, 6 months.

Ellsworth, 6th inst., Mr. Sylvanus JORDAN, age 65 years, 11 months.

Ellsworth, Estella, daughter of Jacob and Lizzie YOUNG, age 3 years, 6 months.

Ellsworth, 4th inst., child (no first name shown) of George and Almira MILLIKEN, age 1 month.

Ellsworth Falls, Feb. 14, Mary Susan, youngest child of John and Roseanna CLARK, age 15 months, 14 days. (Poem followed)

Sullivan, 5th inst., James MARTEN, age 67 years.

Sullivan, 7th inst., of consumption, Mary DURNEY, age 26 years.

Blue Hill, Jan. 31, Seneca P. MANN, age 27 years.

Blue Hill, Feb. 25, Miss Eliza H. STEVENS, age 42 years.

Bangor, 9th inst., Mrs. Rosilla, wife of Hiram DOUGHTY, age 54 years.

Bangor, 2nd inst., Jason COMINGS, age 74 years, 4 months.

Brewer, Thursday evening, 6th inst., very suddenly, Joseph B. BURR, Esq., age 63 years. He was one of the old and established residents of the town. Mr. Burr was an elder brother of Mr. Burr of the Bangor Jeffersonian.

Skowhegan, Feb. 25, Alma S., daughter of Capt. Jonas PARLIN, age 10 years.

Londonderry, Nova Scotia, Feb. 19, David CAMPBELL, a native of Deer Isle, Maine, age 69 years.

Milbridge, Feb. 16, Georgeanna, daughter of Capt. Reuben NUTTER, age 8 years.

Milbridge, 24th, Betsey J., wife of George FENWICK, age 21 1/2 years.

Hall's Hill, Camp Jameson, Va., Feb. 27, of diphtheria, Harlan P. ATHERTON, age 23 years. He was the son of John and Abby Atherton of Blue Hill, but had resided for a year or two in the family of John Black, Esq. of Ellsworth. The officer of the company to which he was attached, in communicating the sad intelligence of his death, said he was a warrant officer in Company I, 2nd Maine Regiment; he was highly esteemed by all members of the company, both officers and soldiers.

No. 3, Aroostook Co., Mar. 1, of consumption, Mary B., wife of Martin V. HUTCHINGS of Brewer, age 19 years, 6 months. (poem followed)

South Deer Isle, Jan. 7, of consumption, Mr. Swanzy GROSS, age 63 years. Brother Gross received a paralytic shock early in the fall which confined him to his room. Subsequently consumption set in, occasioning his death. He suffered much during his sickness but was patient and cheerful. He was a good citizen, kind and affectionate father and husband. For 17 years he was a faithful member of the Baptist Church in Oceanville. Professors and un-professors regarded him as a living exemplification of the Christian religion. He has gone to receive his reward.

Deer Isle, Feb. 19, of dropsey in the head, after a protracted illness of 6 years, Mr. William JOYCE, age 50 years, 11 months. Brother Joyce, from the peculiarity of his disease, did not suffer much acute physical pain; it was more mental suffering which is more deserving of sympathy. As the disease increased in his head, his body weakened. For months, what was once an unusually strong and vigorous body was almost helpless and, when moved, was dependent upon the arm of his faithful companion. He leaves many friends, an affectionate wife, a large family of children to lament his loss. He united with the Baptist Church on Swan's Isle at the age of 24 years and continued a member there until he united with the church at Oceanville 4 years since. While he enjoyed health, he was constant at his post of duty at the House of God and in the place of prayer. He was willing to bear the Christian cross that he might wear the Christian's crown. He has changed the earthly house of his tabernacle for an eternal one in heaven. (Additional narrative omitted.)

Tremont, Feb. 22, Mrs. D. J. GILLEY, wife of Charles Gilley, of the Calvary Regiment of the Maine Volunteers, 19 years, 2 months. Mrs. Gilley has for some months been failing in health under the influence of that insidious disease, consumption, which has brought so many to an early grave. It appears to have been her earnest prayer and the aim of her daily life for some time past, especially since the death of their child (Orrin Lesley, who died August 19, 1861, age 8 months, 12 days) to be prepared to meet that darling son in the kingdom of Heaven where sickness is unknown and sorrow never enters........ (some narrative omitted). She retained to the last her reason, and took affectionate leave of parents and sisters present, and left a short message for each absent sister. It is our prayer that this affliction may be santicified to her husband and surviving friends that they may be in readiness to meet her where death does not enter and parting is unknown.

It is resolved.....the death of Alfred HARPER of Tremont, who died in Calais, Maine, on the 7th of September, A.D., 1861, whose remains were removed to Tremont and interred with Masonic ceremonies (additional wording of Masonic resolution omitted).

MARCH 21, 1862


Old Town, Mar. 12, Mr. Alpheus K. DOE of Stillwater, Minn., to Miss Mary F. BROWN of Old Town.

Levant, 11th inst., Mr. Howard M. DOYEN to Miss Hattie M. MILLER, both of Levant.

Abbott, Feb. 13, Mr. Alonzo W. STEVENS to Miss Eliza E. LOMBARD, both of Abbott.


Ellsworth, 9th inst., Mrs. Christina, widow of the late Capt. John WHITTAKER, age 79 years, 7 months.

Surry, 18th, Mrs. Mary O. PECK, wife of Samuel Peck, age 37 years. Service at the vestry at the Congregational meeting house in Ellsworth at 2 o'clock Friday P.M.

Brewer, Mar. 13, David SILSBY, formerly of Aurora, age 67 years, 6 months.

Bucksport, 5th inst., Mrs. Aphia UPTON, widow of the late Elias Upton, age 74 years.

Brooklin, 14th inst., Mrs. Rebecca, widow of the late Capt. Samuel WATSON, age 75 years.

Augusta, 5th inst., quite suddenly Rodney C. DAVIS, a member of Capt. Burbank's Company in the Cavalry Regiment.

Port Royal, Frank G. WALKER, son of Oliver Walker of Skowhegan. He was a member of the Regimental Band of the 9th Maine.

Southbridge, Mass., Mrs. Flavilla J. GOODALE, oldest daughter of W. J. Dodge of Searsport, age 41.

Bangor, 13th inst., Mrs. Betsey WEBB, age 75 years.

Hallowell, 12th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH, wife of Capt. Samuel Smith, age 75 years, 5 months.

Augusta, 7th inst., Dr. Joseph W. ELLIS, age 37 years.

Augusta, 11th, Capt. Isaac GAGE.

Norridgewock, 7th inst., Dr. Amos TOWNSEND, age 82 years.

Lines on the death of Israel B. LUNT, Esq., of Long Island, Maine, entitled "My Father" and signed Rhodie M. L.

MARCH 28, 1862


Ellsworth, Dec. 17, by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Hamilton CAMPBELL to Miss Margaret CARNEY, both of Ellsworth.

Eden, 19th inst., by S. J. Thomas, Esq., Capt. Zacheus K. HADLEY to Miss Clementine E. PAINE, both of Eden.

West Waterville, Mar. 18, by the Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. Allen S. PHILPOT to Miss Victoria G. HALL.

Machias, Mar. 15, by the Rev. J. L. Sanborn, Mr. Amos L. FOSTER to Miss Lydia L. WILSON, both of Machias.

Machiasport, Mar. 5, by S. B. Lowell, Esq., Asa B. GRAY to Miss Lucy A. COLBETH, both of Machiasport.

Marchiasport, Mar. 8, by the Rev. Mr. Bacheller, Alvin L. HARMON to Miss Sarah W. PHINNEY, both of Machiasport.

Calais, Mar. 9, David JOHNSON to Miss Mary A. GLIDDEN.

Sullivan, 23rd inst., by N. Johnson, Esq., Mr. Daniel WILKINSON to Miss Huldah WASGATT.

Sedgwick, 12th inst., by the Rev. William Read, Mr. F. C. HOWES of Orland to Miss Mary A. COLE of Sedgwick.


Ellsworth, 4th inst., Capt. James MARTIN, age 69 years.

Ellsworth, 22nd inst., James, child of William WHIBY, age 3 months.

Sullivan, 7th inst., Miss Mary H. DURNEY, age 25 years.

Surry, Mar. 18, Mrs. Nancy J. PECK, wife of Samuel Peck, age 37 years.

Port Royal, Feb. 27, Asa M. TOURTELOTTE of Ellsworth of Company G, Maine 8th.

Winter Harbor, Feb. 21, suddenly, of lung fever, Capt. Stephen RAND, father of William Rand, Esq., age 75 years. He was one of the first settlers of Winter Harbor and has always been a very industrious, honest and worthy citizen.

Machias, Mar. 16, at the residence of his son, J. S. Getchell, Abel GETCHELL, formerly of Waterville, age 75 years.

Machiasport, Mar. 12, suddenly, Jonathan MARSTON, age 85 years.

Cutler, Mar. 2, Augusta, wife of James W. RANDELL, age 22 years.

Hodgdon, Mar. 2, Thomas WHITE, age 87 years.

Houlton, Mar. 2, Moses WHITE, age 74 years.

Eastport, Mar. 8, Nelson, son of Joseph WOODWARD, age 15 years.

Eastport, Feb. 17, Fannie Maria, youngest daughter of Joseph and Mary A. SANBORN, age 9 months.

Calais, Mar. 7, William LOUDON, age 50 years.

St. Stephen, Mar. 9, Daniel FROST, age 40.

Cooper, Feb. 19, Joseph AVERILL, age 79 years, (??) months.

Ellsworth, 16th inst., Edna, daughter of Sidney F. and Edna FIFIELD, age 10 months, 6 days. (poem followed)

Eden, 26th inst., youngest child (no first name given) of James and Alberta CAMPBELL, age 15 months. (poem followed)

Eden, 21st, Capt. William RICHARDS, age 85 years. He was a native of Newburyport, Mass., a worthy citizen and an exemplary Christian.

APRIL 4, 1862


West Waterville, Mar. 26, by the Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. Francis B. MOSHER of Smithfield to Miss Abby E. GIRDLER of Waterville.


Ellsworth, 22nd ult., James, child of William WHITBY, age 3 months.

Ellsworth, 26th, Ellen, daughter of Barthomew and Catherine DOYLE, age 10 years.

Surry, Mar. 11, Estella, daughter of Jacob and Lizzie YOUNG, age 3 years, 11 months.

Waltham, of diphtheria, Emily, wife of Benjamin JELLISON, age 29 years.

Eden, 21st ult., Capt. William RICHARDS, age 85 years.

Eden, 22nd, Mrs. Lydia THOMAS, widow of the later Deacon Nicholas Thomas, age 87 years, 6 months, 11 days. Mrs. Thomas, formerly Lydia Hadley, was one of the members of the Baptist Church in Eden at its organization 1799, and continued a worthy member and a devoted Christian until her death, leaving but two of the original members to tarry a short time, when they too will go to the rest prepared for the people of Christ's church. An appropriate discourse was addressed to the church by a Rev. J. A. Baskwell from Phillipians, 1st chap., 23rd verse.

On Friday morning, March 21, at 2 o'clock, Miss Margaret COURTNEY, age 39 years. The funeral to take place tomorrow, Saturday, at 11 a.m., from the residence of her mother, Courtneyville.

Waltham, 18th inst., Georgeanna, eldest daughter of A. K. and M. S. SNELL, of diphtheria, age 11 years, 18 days. (Poem followed).

Killed in battle, James BRESLIN, a young man from Winterport, 18 years of age, a sailor on board the frigate Congress, was killed at the late engagement between the Merrimack and that vessel. He was shot through the right leg which was amputated, but death ensued from the loss of blood. He was captain of the Mizzentop, was a thorough seaman, and much beloved by his comrades. He was buried at Newport News. His father, James Breslin, has two more sons now in the service of his country.

APRIL 11, 1862


Sedgwick, Apr. 6, by B. C. Sargent, Esq., Mr. Moses HERRICK of Sedgwick to Miss Phebe Maria DOW of Brooklin.

Belfast, Mar. 28, Mr. Greenleaf CHILDS to Miss Lovina M. DUNCAN, both of Rockland.

Lewiston, 12th ult., Mr. George B. MOORE to Miss Louisa M. CUSHMAN.

Holden, Apr. 1, Mr. John A. MAYHEW of Bangor to Miss Selinda N. BLAKE of Holden.


Ellsworth, Apr. 3, George Edward, youngest son of Samuel M. and Mercy BECKWITH, age 15 years.

West Eden, 4th inst., at his own residence, instantly, Capt. William B. RICHARDS, age 53 years. The deceased leaves quite a large family to mourn his sudden departure.

Southwest Harbor, Mar. 24, Willie Thomas, only son of Capt. William and Abby STANLEY, age 6 months, 7 days.

Waltham, Mar. 24, of diphtheria, Helen M., daughter of Almond H. and Abbie GILES, age 13 years, 5 months, 17 days. (poem followed)

APRIL 18, 1862


Milbridge, Feb. 22, by George Goggins, Esq., Mr. James W. GAY to Miss Hattie E. BROOKS of Ellsworth.

Saco, Apr. 9, at the American House, by E. R. Wiggin, Esq., Mr. Isaac L. EMORY of Biddeford to Miss Julia A. PATTERSON of Saco.

Hermon, Mr. Charles H. PACKARD to Miss Etta WILEY of Bangor.

Stetson, Apr. 5, Mr. Charles A. FRENCH to Miss Louis(a?) WING, both of Levant.

Hampden, 13th inst., Mr. Rufus H. CROSBY of Grasshopper Falls, Kansas, to Miss Nettie KENDALL of Hampden.


Ellsworth, 14th inst., Lydia, daughter of Moses and Mary GRANT, age 14 years.

Waltham, Mar. 30, of diphtheria, Emily, wife of Benjamin JELLISON, age 29 years.

Orland, Apr. 8, Flora J., daughter of Frank and Ann C. BUCK, age 11 years, 8 months, 8 days.

Levant, Apr. 10, Mr. Daniel MOOR, age 75 years.

Dover, Jan. 13, Mr. Samuel BATES, age 75 years.

Dover, April 1, Mrs. Arathusa BATES, wife of the above, age 79 years, 2 months, formerly of Fairfield.

Rockland, 6th inst., drowned, John MANNING.

Exeter, 14th inst., Emma, daughter of Francis W. HILL, Esq., age 14 years.

Waltham, Apr. 6, of diphtheria, Abby E., second and only daughter of A. K. and M. J. SNELL, age 9 years, 5 months.

Trenton, 11th inst., Mrs. Flora D. KING, wife of Capt. Nathan King, age 56 years. Mrs. King was one of the excellent women of the earth. She was an affectionate and faithful wife and mother, true friend, devoted Christian. In early life, she devoted herself to the service of the Lord and for 30 years she had been a member of the church.......(additional narrative omitted).

APRIL 25, 1862


Brooklin, Apr. 13, by Rev. William Read, Mr. Ruel W. HIGGINGS of Eden to Miss Mary A. HALE of Brooklin.

Machias, Apr. 19, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Mr. Wardwell, Mr. Henry R. TAYLOR to Miss Amelia N., daughter of Amos B. LONGFELLOW, Esq., all of Machias.

Brooksville, 9th inst., by the Rev. Benjamin Dodge, Mr. Frederick M. HOOPER to Miss Margaret M. EMERSON, both of Sedgwick.

Bangor, 17th inst., Mr. James H. SMITH of Brewer to Miss Lydia H. GENTHNER of Bangor.


Ellsworth, Apr. 19, Charles Herrick, infant son of George and Abby TREWORGY. (Poem followed)

Daufuski Island [S.C.], Apr. 16, of fever, Peter HACKET of Company G, 8th Maine Regiment.

Franklin, 17th inst., Sarah A. BRAGDON, age 59.

West Medway, Mass., Mrs. Ellen J. BLAKE, wife of the Rev. S. A. Blake, formerly of Surry, age 27 years.

Exeter, 14th inst., Emma, daughter of Francis W. and Sarah A. HILL, age 14 years.

MAY 2, 1862


Tremont, Apr. 20, by the Rev. J. W. Pierce, Mr. Joseph H. ROMER to Miss Julian GOTT, both of Tremont.

Oceanville, Deer Isle, 23rd ult., by Seth Whitmore, Esq., Capt. George W. SMALL to Miss Augusta T. HARDY.

Brewer, Apr. 25, by the Rev. Mr. Marsh, Mr. George W. HARLOW to Miss Martha B. FOSS, all of Brewer.


Ellsworth, 30th ult., Mrs. Elizabeth ADAMS, age 82 years, 5 months.

North Ellsworth, Apr. 26, of consumption, Mrs. Mary Melissa, wife of George W. McFARLAND, age 23 years, 1 day. (Poem followed)

Surry, Apr. 14, Lidia, daughter of Moses and Mary GRANT, age 14 years.

Gouldsboro, 11th ult., Samuel H. SARGENT, age 68 years.

Bangor, Apr. 26, very suddenly, Mary J., wife of Frank M. ROWE.

Phillips, Apr. 23, Mrs. Alice R. BRETT, age 82 years.

MAY 9, 1862


Surry, May 5, at the residence of A. C. Lord, Esq., Mr. Frederick H. HOLT of Blue Hill to Miss Theodocia LITTLEFIELD of Penobscot.

Brewer, Apr. 29, by the Rev. L. G. Marsh, Capt. Francis G. AREY of the firm of Arey & Hoxie, to Carolyn A., only daughter of David B. DOANE, Esq., all of Brewer.

Bangor, 1st inst., Mr. Henry F. YORK to Miss Mary E. WOOD; also Mr. R. W. WOOD to Miss Emma W. COLBY, all of Bangor.


Waltham, 3rd inst., of diphtheria, Lewis W. HASLAM, adopted son of Daniel T. and Aurelia C. Swan, age 9 years, 8 months.

Machias, May 1, Lydia Jane, daughter of Nelson CLARK, age 18 years, 1 month, 10 days.

Calais, Apr. 23, John N. TODD, age 70 years.

Bangor, 3rd inst., Mrs. Elizabeth BARTLETT, relict of the late Thomas Bartlett, formerly of Newburyport, Mass., age 81 years.

Mr. BOYD, age 50 years, of Waldoboro, committed suicide by shooting himself with a rifle on the 16th ult.

Orono, Apr. 29, William COLBURN, Esq., age 72 years, 2 months, 20 days.

Augusta, Apr. 23, Isaac HOLMES of the Mansion House, age 43.

Bradford, Apr. 24, Emmons KINGSBURY, Esq., age 84 years.

Dexter, Mar. 15, Mr. Robert SAMPSON, age 67 years.

Blue Hill, Apr. 18, of consumption, Miss Margery A. CHATTO, age 32 years, 12 days. (Narrative omitted here.) (Poem followed)

Obituary - Died in the hospital at Daufuskie Island, S.C., of typhoid fever, Richard Fletcher TAFT, Sergeant of Company G, 8th Maine Regiment Volunteers, and son of Ephraim W. and Maria B. Cobb Taft of West Gouldsboro, age 22. Among other things, Lt. W. F. Lane of the same company writes to the afflicted family: "He was buried with the highest military honors pertaining to his rank. A board, the only substitute for a headstone that could be procured, upon which was engraved his name, letter of his company, regiment of the deceased, served to mark his resting place." (Additional narrative omitted.)

MAY 16, 1862


Brewer Village, 8th inst., Mr. Calvin BUMPUS to Miss Lizzie CLEVELAND, both of Orrington.

Bangor, 1st inst., Mr. K. W. WOOD to Miss Emma W. COLBY, both of Bangor.

Thomaston, 1st inst., Samuel T. KEEN, Esq. of Rockland to Miss Sarah F. PRINCE of Thomaston.

Belfast, Apr. 24, Mr. A. Judson CONDON to Miss Addie S. HUTCHINSON.

Belfast, 28th, Mr. George A. BECKETT to Miss Mary A. BROWN.

West Lubec, 19th ult., Solomon ALLEN of Lubec to Miss Dory RAMSDELL of Trescott.

Eastport, 28th ult., William A. HERSEY of St. Johns to Miss Phebe A. PEAVEY of Eastport.


Ellsworth, May 2, Mrs. Abigail, wife of Robert ALEXANDER, age 58 years.

Ellsworth, 13th inst., Eddy J., son of A. M. and M. J. GLIDDEN, age 1 year, 6 months.

Ellsworth (Reed's Brook), Apr. 13, Mrs. Mariam FRAZIER, age 94 years. Mrs. Frazier was the oldest person within the limits of the town.

Franklin, 11th inst., Mrs. Mary BUTLER, age 81 years, 2 months, 7 days.

Camden, 29th ult., William W. KEEN, age 27 years, 11 months.

Rockland, 3rd inst., Mr. Charles CLARK, age 63 years.

Brewer, May 10, Lena Mary, only child of Capt. D. F. and Ruth A. SARGENT, age 2 years, 2 months.

Bangor, May 12, Alice, child of Mrs. Angeline DORE, age 14 months, 3 days.

Bangor, 9th inst., of consumption, Mrs. Caroline, wife of Hiram H. FOGG, age 38 years.

Bangor, 11th inst., Leonard, only son of the late Leonard MARCH, Esq., age 20 years.

Bradley, 1st inst., Mr. Jonah DODGE, age 66 years, 6 months, 3 days.

Garland, Mar. 31, of congestion of the lungs, Mrs. Mary A., wife of the Rev. L. HATHAWAY, age 43 years.

Garland, Feb. 26, Ada L., daughter of the above Rev. L. and Mary A., HATHAWAY, age 7 years.

Machias, 7th inst., Mary O'Brien, infant daughter of the Rev. H. P. and Mary O'Brien HARDING.

Wesley, 22nd ult., Triphena T., daughter of Nathaniel and Margaret HIGGINS, age 22 years.

West Trenton, Apr. 16, Bell, daughter of Enoch and Abby BOWDEN, age 3 years, 4 months, 22 days. (poem followed)

MAY 23, 1862


Ellsworth, 18th inst., by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Eaton GILLEY to Miss Mahala ANDERSON of Trenton.

Bangor, 19th inst., Mr. Henry M. SNELL of Boston to Miss Maria H., daughter of the late Thomas G. SANFORD of Topsham.

Lincoln, 15th inst., Mr. William P. DICKEY of the firm of Dickey & Sawtelle of Bangor to Miss Eliza FOSS of Lincoln.

Hampden, 15th inst., Mr. John E. TRIBOU to Miss Elizabeth GORHAM, both of Hampden.


Aurora, 13th inst., of consumption, Mary S. FERNALD, adopted daughter of Lewis and Mary SILSBY, age 15 years, 10 months, 16 days.

Seal Cove, May 2, Mrs. Abigail M., wife of Capt. Joshua SAWYER, age 74 years, 9 months. She had been a professing Christian for more than 40 years, and has adorned that profession by a well ordered life and conversation. She was a member of the Congregational Church in Tremont.

Lancaster, Mass., Apr. 3, Martha A., oldest daughter of Dr. A. W. and Harriet W. POLLARD, age 29 years, 6 months, formerly of Bangor.

Corinth, 14th inst., Edmund CLEMENTS, age 46 years.

Exeter, 16th inst., Mrs. Rachel, wife of N. S. GRINNELL, age 73 years.

Orland, 14th inst., Mrs. Mehitabel P. EMERSON, widow of the late Capt. Phineas Emerson, age 80 years, 4 months.

Lubec, May 11, William HART, age 79 years.

MAY 30, 1862


Deer Isle, 17th inst., by the Rev. S. Bowker, Capt. Alfred TORRY to Miss Angeline GREENLAW of Deer Isle.

Hampden, 19th inst., Mr. Charles GREEN to Miss Sarah A. FOSTER of Newburgh.

Newport, Mr. William E. GETCHELL of Augusta to Miss Susan A. McKAY.

Dover, May 24, Rev. William W. MARSH of the East Maine Conference to Miss Ellen S. BRANN of Dover.

Pembroke, Apr. 29, Mr. McKINLEY to Miss Esther LAMON, both of Pembroke.


At Camp Reno, Newbern, N.C., on the 30th of Apr. last, John Deane JELLISON, Sergeant, Company G, 51st New York Regiment, age 21 years, 10 months, son of William Jellison of North Ellsworth.

In the hospital at Newbern, N.C., May 4, John H. TWIST of Company H, 24th Mass. Regiment, age 18 years.

Yorktown, 11th inst., George JACOBS of Cherryfield, Sergeant of Company G, 6th Maine Regiment, age 19 years.

New York, 22nd inst., B. Frank LONGFELLOW of Machias, private of Company C, 6th Maine Regiment, age 22 years.

In the hospital at Fortress Monroe, May 8, George N. LEIGHTON, Orderly Sergeant of Company G, 6th Maine Regiment, age 26 years. His home was Columbia, Maine.

Perry, 13th inst., Oliver S. JOHNSON, age 62.

Pembroke, Apr. 28, of diphtheria, William B., son of Samuel CARTER, Esq., age 20 years.

Hampden, May 23, Mrs. Salome, wife of Samuel JACKSON, age 71 years.

Bangor, 17th inst., Moody D. FURBUSH, age 31 years.

Columbia, May 21, Abby F., daughter of Rev. C. C. and H. F. LONG.

Havanna, 16th inst., of black vomit, Capt. Charles PENDLETON of Searsport.

Skowhegan, three children of Clement BELL, of diphtheria, making six children in all of that disease.

Ellsworth, May 25, of lung disease, Mary Frances, only daughter of S. F. and E. A. FIFIELD, age 4 years, 7 months. (poem followed)

JUNE 6, 1862


Avon, Conn., May 22, by the Rev. Joseph Smith, Benjamin P. HODGKINS of Trenton, Maine, to Miss Maria S. CALVIN of Avon.

Bangor, 31st ult., Mr. Albert M. FOSTER of Augusta to Miss Lydia A. EDGERLY of Bangor.

Bangor, Mr. William K. FAVOR of Brewer to Miss Georgeanna H. LITTLEFIELD of Bangor.

Holden, May 22, by the Rev. Mr. Wells of Dedham, Mr. B. F. FARRINGTON to Miss Nancy J. FISHER, both of Holden.

Beaver River, Nova Scotia, May 18, William A. RAYMOND of Beaver River to Miss Ellen M. BECKWITH of Machias.


Ellsworth, June 4, Hannah G., wife of Mr. Barlow HALL, age 59 years, 2 months, 29 days.

North Ellsworth, May 10, Mrs. Sarah, wife of William JAMES, age 72 years, 9 months.

Eden, 25th ult., of diphtheria, Willie T., son of Thomas and Philena W. LELAND, age 1 year, 8 months. (poem followed)

Gouldsboro, May 17, Deacon Marshall HILL, age 88 years.

Gouldsboro, 21st ult., Sophia J., wife of Rufus K. HILL, age 29 years.

The schooner Ida Mae at Barnstable from Bangor reports having lost overboard, off the race on Wednesday, a young man named George COLSOME of Bucksport.

Lubec, 26th ult., William F. CLARK, age 6 years, 5 months.

Calais, 28th ult., Mr. Wilmot W. LOWELL, age 45 years.

Charlotte, May 20, of diphtheria, Alice M., age 8 years, 3 months; and the next day, Elsie, age 15 years, 1 month; children of Thomas and Alice McGLAUFLIN.

Enfield, May 25, of diphtheria, Addie L., age 1 year, 5 months, 20 days; 27th, Emevilia I., age 8 years, 1 month; children of Albert T. and Abigail I. CURTIS.

JUNE 13, 1862


Machias, 7th inst., Mr. Sewall CROCKET to Miss Maria A. WILCOX, both of Machias.

Bangor, June 4, Dr. William GALLUPE of Bangor to Mrs. Elizabeth L. FERNALD of Frankfort.


Ellsworth, 9th inst., Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Wilmot and Hannah JOHNSON, age 2 years, 3 months. (Poem followed)

Ellsworth, 10th inst., Mrs. Rebecca HANSCOME, age 34 years.

Rockland, 8th inst., Augusta C., wife of Greenleaf PORTER.

Machias, 3rd inst., Samuel A. MORSE, Esq., age 78 years. He was buried with Masonic honors.

Bangor, June 6, Hon. Joshua Warren HATHAWAY, late Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, age 64 years.

Orrington, June 5, Mr. Jesse ATWOOD, age 83 years, 6 months.

North Bucksport, 4th inst., of paralysis, Mrs. Lydia, wife of Capt. Abel STUBBS, age 61 years, 3 months, 22 days.

Waltham, May 28, Mary Hattie, daughter of Almond H. and Abbie M. GILES, age 1 year, 4 months. (Poem followed)

Ship Island, Mississippi, May 7, Thomas Henry, son of Capt. J. OSGOOD of Blue Hill, member of the 13th Regiment of Maine Volunteers, age 19 years. The following is from a letter from one of his comrades to his father, announcing his death: "Dear Sir -- I write to annouce to you the mournful tidings which you will no doubt hear before this reaches you. Thomas Henry died on the morning of the 7th, at 8 o'clock. He was sick for two days in quarters. In the evening of the second day when we came off dress parade, we found him quite ill and administered to his relief, but after a while his illness returned with two-fold force and then we went to the hospital with him. The doctor said it was an attack of apoplexy. He did not appear to know any of us in the morning before he died. He died very easy and calm. It was a sad blow to the whole company, for Thomas was a favorite with all who knew him. His conduct ever since he has been with us in the army has been good, never taking part in anything that was wrong, and we have good reason to believe that he died a Christian."

JUNE 20, 1862


Bangor, 8th inst., by B. Kimball, Esq., Robert G. BLAKE to Hannah E. CLARK, both of Franklin.

Bangor, 10th inst., Rev. Walter E. DARLING of Dover to Miss Ellen SHEPARD of Bangor.

Veasie, June 1, Mr. William R. FISK to Miss Cordelia L. DOWNS, both of Brewer.

Deer Isle, May 20, by the Rev. W. A. Merrill, Mr. Frederick PICKERING to Miss Clarissa B. WARREN, all of Deer Isle.


East Trenton, 5th inst., Mr. Benjamin SIMMONS, age 24 years.

Eastbrook, 17th inst., Mrs. Mary BILLINGS, wife of John Billings, age 84 (81?) years.

Robbinston, Roger STANCHFIELD, age 8 1/2 years; Henrietta W. KALER, age 6 years; Thomas KALER, age 11 years.

Calais, 13th inst., Francis SWAN, Esq., age 77 years.

Brewer Village, 11th inst., Theophilus NICKERSON, Esq., age 73 years.

Foxcroft, 1st inst., suddenly, Mr. Joshua YOUNG, age 64 years. He was buried with Masonic honors.

Portland, 11th inst., Capt. David NEWBEGIN, age 73 years, 5 months.

Sedgwick, 13th inst., of consumption, Miss Mary Ann, daughter of J. L. and Priscilla B. MOORE, age 17 years.

JUNE 27, 1862


East Trenton, 14th inst., by the Rev. William A. Durfee, Mr. Amos H. PETTINGILL of Hancock to Miss Ellen M. JORDAN of Ellsworth.

Blue Hill, 21st inst., by the Rev. Samuel Bowker, Mr. Leonard C. WEBBER to Miss Sophronia A. CANDAGE, all of Blue Hill.

Frankfort, 19th inst., Mr. Edward N. STOWERS of Stockton to Miss Abbie W. CAMPBELL of Frankfort.

Cherryfield, 7th inst., by J. A. Milliken, Esq., Mr. Emerson STROUT of Milbridge to Miss Lucy HUNTLY of Harrington.


Trenton Point, May 28, William S. HUCKINS, age 38 years, 17 days.

Tremont, May 27, Lewis, son of George L. and Christiana H. GODFROY, age 11 months, 22 days.

Eddington Bend, 17th inst., Mrs. Louis A. BEGAZE, age 29 years.

Medford, 15th inst., Kirkland G. CHASE, age 30 years.

Livermore, May 28, Mr. Reuben WING, age 90 years, 6 months, 11 days.

Machias, 20th inst., William ARMSTRONG, age 72 years.

Milbridge, 12th inst., Albert HAYFORD, Esq., age 56 years.

Steven SAWYER of Orient, Maine, a private in Company I, 11th Mass. Regiment, died at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, of consumption.

Baltimore, Md., June 19, of typhoid fever, Ambrose S., son of William G. and Patience S. BUNKER of Eden, a member of the Maine 11th Regiment, Company G, age 24 years, 1 month, 23 days.

Died in the U. S. Army at Ship Island [Mississippi], on the 22nd of April last, Joel CLOSSON, son of Zenas and Mary Closson of Blue Hill. His brother Samuel, a fellow soldier with him, in a letter to his parents, says of him: "He died, I believe, a true Christian. He was not afraid to die for he should be happy. His death was perfectly calm and he wished us all to meet him in heaven. He took the diphtheria and when he got better of that, the consumption set in. Lt. Blodgett, two of his tentmates, and myself were with him when he died."

JULY 4, 1982


Ellsworth, 27th inst., by P. W. Perry, Esq., Mr. Ira T. GRINDLE to Miss Frances E. THOMPSON, both of Ellsworth.

Sedgwick, June 26, by the Rev. William Read, Mr. Horace N. DORITY to Miss Rubie H. HERRICK, both of Sedgwick.

Holmes' Hole, May 7, by the Rev. S. A. Thomas, Dr. A. Judson GRAY of Orland, Maine, to Miss Alice W. MERRY of Tisbury, Mass.

Jonesport, June 19, Mr. Oscar E. BLACKINGTON of Rockland to Miss Susan B. MANSFIELD of Jonesport.

Castine, 28th ult., by Rev. A. K. Ives, Mr. Philip J. HOOKE to Mrs. Lucy A. GAY, both of Castine.


Ellsworth, June 27, Freddie A., son of Archibald H. and Margaret A. TREWORGY, age 1 year, 2 months, 11 days.

Bangor, 30th ult., Meander PEARSON, Esq., age 51 years.

Hancock, June 19, Sarah M. BUTLER, age 14 years, 2 months.

At the White House Hospital, Virginia, June 16, Silvester ROGERS, age 19 years, a private in Company G, 11th Maine Regiment, son of Samuel L. Rogers of Trenton.

Melrose, Mass., June 24, Mrs. Elizabeth D., widow of the late Rev. E. BUCK, formerly of East Machias.

Lubec, May 20, Thomas FOLET, age 54 years.

Cooper, June 3, Abigail, wife of Deacon Johnson BURBANK, age 80 years.

The Calais Advertiser says: "Within a brief period, the following aged inhabitants of this city have passed from time to eternity: Mr. Francis WILLIAMS; John N. TODD; William McHENRY; Mrs. Martha TOWERS; Mrs. Margaret A. DILLON; Mr. James MURPHY; Mr. Thomas ARMSTMRONG; and Mr. SWAN -- of whom had lived beyond the number of years allotted to man."

JULY 11, 1862


Ellsworth, July 8, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Milo E. RICH to Miss Frances E. JORDAN, both of Ellsworth.

East Trenton, July 5, by the Rev. W. A. Durfee, Mr. George W. WHITAKER of Clifton to Miss Ellen M. KING of East Trenton.

Addison, May 23, by the Rev. C. C. Long, William S. NICHOLS of Searsport to Miss Priscilla S. AUSTIN of Addison.

Waltham, June 1, by the Rev. C. C. Long, Mr. David FOX of Waltham to Miss Lizzie DAVIS of Eddington.

Mariaville, June 11, by the Rev. C. C. Long, Mr. Jeremiah JORDAN of Mariaville to Mrs. Saphrona PERRY of Bangor.

Orrington Centre, 26th ult., Mr. Elisha H. FREEMAN to Miss Helen F. BATES, all of Orrington.

Winterport, 28th ult., Mr. Reuben H. BYARD of Winterport to Miss Susan H. ABBOTT of Verona.

Belfast, 29th ult., Mr. Benjamin R. DYER of Brooksville to Miss Eliza A. EATON of Belfast.


Ellsworth, 2nd inst., drowned in Union River, Charles P., son of Daniel T. ELDRIDGE, age 16 years.

Hancock, July 6, Lewis S. BUTLER, age 7 years, 3 months.

Franklin, 8th inst., wife (no first name given) of Andrew J. CLARK.

Ft. Jackson, Mississippi, May 15, of fever, Thomas A. ALLEN, age 27 years, a member of Company D, 26th Regiment Mass. Volunteers. Deceased was the son of Mr. Nathan Allen of North Sedgwick, Maine, and a consistent member of the Baptist Church at Sterling, Mass.

Sullivan, 2nd inst., Mrs. Eunice, widow of the late Capt. Samuel McKAY, age 93 years.

Old Town, 4th inst., Asa SMITH, Esq., age 82 years, 3 months.

Sebec, Mr. George KNIGHT, age 82 years.

Dixmont, 14th ult., Franklin BUCKNAM, age about 26 years.

Bangor, 20th ult., Isaac D. WHITE, son of J. C. and Mary Ann White, age 22 years.

JULY 18, 1862


Ellsworth, on Sabbath evening, 13th inst., by the Rev. N. M. Williams, Mr. George B. SPRINGER of Hancock to Miss Sarah Y. GILPATRIC of Trenton.

Eden, 25th ult., by L. J. Thomas, Esq., John W. SMITH to Miss Anthelia M. FREEMAN, both of Mt. Desert.

Bangor, 10th inst., Mr. Harlan P. SARGENT of Brewer Village to Miss Ellen M., daughter of C. S. BRAGG, Esq. of Bangor.

Machias, July 11, Mr. William M. FLYNN to Miss Phebe A. MILLER, both of Whitneyville.

Long Island Plantation, July 4, by Bartholomew K. Lunt, Esq., Lorenzo R. YOUNG of Vinalhaven to Miss Caroline DAVIS of Long Island.


Ellsworth, 15th inst., Mr. Edward BEAL, age 86 years, the oldest inhabitant of this town, having been born and always lived in this town.

Franklin, Bertha, daughter of Ira and Christiana SCAMMONS, age 15 months.

Insane Hospital, Augusta, July 1, Mrs. Julia A., wife of Capt. W. P. SPOFFORD, Company G, 11th Maine Regiment, of Dedham, age 42 years.

Bangor, 10th inst., by drowning, C. Nelson THOMPSON, age 9 years, son of John and Lucy Thompson of Lee.

Near White House, Va., June 6, of fever, George R. PETTENGILL, a private in Company G, 11th Maine Regiment, son of Capt. Edmund Pettengill of Hancock, age 18 years. Captain Spofford, writing to his mother regarding George's death says: "Your son died in the discharge of his duties. He was always an obedient and faithful soldier, and it was hard for him to give up and go to the hospital. He was cared for as well as possible under the circumstances."

JULY 25, 1862


Ellsworth, 19th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. John C. MEADER to Miss Amanda M. KIDLEY, all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 18th inst., by Rev. William R. Davis, Mr. Alex P. STARKEY to Miss Albina JORDAN, all of Ellsworth.

Eden, 16th inst., by Leonard J. Thomas, Esq., Mr. Isaac H. EMORY to Miss Clarissa H. RICHARDSON, both of Eden.

Sullivan, by the Rev. B. C. Blackwood, Mr. R. G. WAKEFIELD to Miss Hellen L. DONNELL, both of Franklin.

Levant, 12th inst., Mr. Arad MAYNEW of Carmel to Miss Julia LEACH of Levant.


Ellsworth, 19th inst., Deacon Joseph MORRISON, age 74 years, 10 months, 22 days. Deacon Morrison was an exemplary Christian, a kind husband and affectionate father. He united with the Baptist Church in Ellsworth in 1827, since which time he has adorned the doctrines of God, our Savior, by a godly life and a well ordered conversation. His family and the church of which he was a member will deeply mourn his departure, but they mourn not as those who mourn without hope.

Ellsworth, Tuesday morning, July 22, at 1 o'clock, Mr. Anson MASON of the firm of Hale, Mason & Company, age about 40 years.

Farmington, 18th inst., Esther, wife of William MORRISON, age 40 years.

Old Town, 10th inst., from the effects of matches, Elmer E., son of Lorenzo and Mary A. SMART, age 3 years, 5 months, 4 months (as printed; probably means 4 days?).

Bangor, 21st inst., of consumption, Henry J., eldest son of James DUNNING, Esq., age 17 years, 9 months.

Bangor, 18th inst., Eunice, widow of the late Capt. Daniel DRESSER, age 80 years, 3 months.

AUGUST 1, 1862


Ellsworth, Wednesday evening, July 30, by Rev. N. M. Williams, Lt. Milton FRAZIER to Abby J., daughter of Capt. Benjamin LORD, all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, July 29, by the Rev. N. M. Williams, Capt. Leonard H. HIGGINS of Hancock to Miss Sarah A. CLARK of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, July 24, by the Rev. H. K. Craig, Mr. Schuyler COBB to Miss Mary L. PILSBURY, both of Bucksport.

Frankfort, July 27, Capt. David A. AREY of Winterport to Miss Anna H. DEANE of Frankfort.

Orono, 24th ult., Rev. Charles F. BOYNTON to Miss Ellen L. LORING of Orono.


Franklin, July 21, Hattie, daughter of George E. DYER, age 2 years, 7 months.

Brewer, 27th ult., Mrs. Elvira W., wife of Isaac DUNNING, age 52 years, 2 months.

Brewer Village, 26th ult., Miss Helen P. SMITH, age 25 years.

At Ship Island [Mississippi], June 25, Edward M., son of M. H. WILDER of Machias, age 17 years, 6 months. He was a musician, Company I, Maine 13th. Also, 13th, James W. L. RING, son of Jere' L. and Jane Ring, age 19; he belonged to Company K, Maine 15th Regiment.

AUGUST 8, 1862


Ellsworth, July 31, by the Rev. Robert Cole, Lt. Wilbur F. LANE of the Maine 8th Regiment to Maria L., daughter of Mr. Elijah ORCUTT, all of Ellsworth.

Belfast, 27th ult., Capt. George C. SMALL to Miss Amanda J. MERRITHEW, both of Searsport.

Hampden, July 30, Mr. Frank A. PITCHER of Bangor to Miss Emma N. ABBOTT of Hampden.

Oceanville, 2nd inst., by B. S. Wood, Esq., Mr. John T. LANE of Deer Isle, a volunteer in the 16th Maine Regiment, to Miss Ellen PHILBRICK of Thorndike, Maine.


Ellsworth, 29th ult., William J. MOORE, son of Alex. and Eunice H. Moore, age 6 months, 19 days.

Waltham, Aug. 6, Albert KELLIHER, age 19 years.

Bangor, Aug. 2, Charlotte Belieda, wife of William S. TOWNSEND, 56 years, 5 months, 22 days.

Baltimore, June 16, Ambrose F. PENDLETON of Belfast, age 22 years, 3 months.

Harpswell, 25th ult., Mr. Joseph STOVER, age 83 years, 10 months.

Dudley, Mass., 25th ult., Dr. Samuel P. KNIGHT, age 80 years, one of the oldest physicians in the State.

August 15, 1862


Ellsworth, Sunday evening, August 10, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Lt. William T. PARKER of Company C, 18th Regiment, Maine Volunteers, to Miss Margaret W., daughter of N. A. JOY, Esq., all of Ellsworth.

Eastport, Aug. 4, by the Rev. Henry L. Myrick, Thomas H. TALBOT, Lieutenant Colonel, 18th Regiment, Maine Volunteers, to Mrs. Mary L. POWERS of Eastport.

Bucksport, July 31, by the Rev. H. K. Craig, Mr. Leander HANCOCK to Miss Sarah A. ORCUTT,, both of Bucksport.

Bucksport, Aug. 2, by the Rev. H. K. Craig, Mr. Edward SILSBY to Miss Joanna T. HENDERSON, both of Bucksport.

Bangor, Aug. 3, Mr. Samuel P. JACKSON to Mrs. Clara A. COBB, both of Bradley.

Tremont, 12th inst., by Andrew Tarr, Esq., Mr. Willard W. YOUNG of Eden to Miss Charlotte GILLEY of Tremont.

Searsport, Aug. 10, Mr. John T. GIVEN to Miss Anna O. HARRIMAN, both of Brewer.


Ellsworth, 8th inst., Winslow E. HOPKINS, age 14 years.

Bucksport, July 14, Mrs. Eliza S., wife of Capt. Zoeth WILEY, age 29 years.

Bucksport, July 25, Mrs. Nancy J., wife of Leander SIMPSON, age 29 years.

Amherst, 10th inst., Mrs. Paulina COX, widow of the late George L. Cox, age 45 years, 9 months, 15 days.

Brewer, 6th inst., Nora R., wife of Thomas W. BURR, age 22 years, 9 months, 20 days.

Centerville, July 29, very suddenly, Cynthia M., eldest daughter of Heney W. and Ann FOSTER, age 19 years, 8 months.

Ft. Rupert, Vancouver's Island, June 2, Gilbert HATCH, formerly of Maine.

Hancock, 10th inst., Abby Frances, only child of Oliver W. and Eunice H. YOUNG, age 4 years, 7 days. She was an only child, and her disease (the cholera) was such that she was insensible of pain most of the time during her short sickness. (poem followed) (Complete narrative not quoted verbatim.)

AUGUST 22, 1862


Ellsworth, 14th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Henry L. MOOR to Miss Sarah BROWN, all of Ellsworth.

Harrington, 13th inst., Mr. John KELLEY to Mrs. Augusta RANDALL, both of Harrington.

Brooklin, Aug. 16, by the Rev. L. Bradford, Mr. W. A. FRIEND to Miss Elmina C. HERRICK, all of Brooklin.

Oceanville, Aug. 17, in the Baptist meeting house, by the Rev. George O. Adkinson, Deacon B. S. WOOD of Oceanville to Mrs. Ann H. HILL of Newport.


Ellsworth, Aug. 15, Josie, daughter of Joseph F. and Emily L. SMITH, age 2 years. (Poem followed)

Ellsworth, Aug. 6, Winslow Irving, son of Sylvester and Julia A. HOPKINS, age 8 years, 10 months, 28 days. (Poem followed)

Ellsworth, Aug. 14, Jeremiah SHACKFORD, age 9 months.

Ellsworth, 18th inst., child of Jason and Almah PHILLIPS, age 6 months.

Thomaston, Aug. 12, of typhus fever, Miss Hattie C. TINKER, age 27 years, 6 months, daughter of Richard Tinker, Esq.

Brooklin, Aug. 11, Humphrey WELLS, Esq., age 60 years.

Machias, 17th inst., Hiram F. BERRY, age 26 years, 7 months.

Calais, 12th inst., Thomas SAWYER, age 16.

AUGUST 29, 1862


Sedgwick, 19th inst., by the Rev. William Read, Capt. Samuel H. WILSON to Miss July Ettie OBER, both of Sedgwick.

Bangor, Aug. 20, Mr. Edward EMORY of the 18th Regiment to Miss Sarah EMERSON of Bangor.

Exeter, Aug. 21, Mr. Edgar S. BATCHELDER to Miss Maria J. CHAMPION, both of Garland.


Bucksport, 27th inst., Col. Sewall LAKE, age 73 years, 9 months.

Mt. Desert, 17th inst., of diphtheria, Edwin F., only son of Capt. Jacob and Susan N. H. CLEMENT, age 17 years, 6 months, 17 days.

Bangor, 22nd inst., Mr. Alexander STEVENS, age 99 years.

Abbott, 17th inst., Mrs. Lucy C., wife of Joseph LOMBARD, Jr., age 34 years.



Ellsworth, 30th ult., by Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Albert HOOPER to Miss Lucy R. NUTTER, both of Brooklin.

Tremont, Aug. 9, by the Rev. J. A. Plummer, Mr. Jonathan RICH to Miss Roseanna B. DIX, both of Tremont.

Bangor, Sept. 1, by the Rev. A. K. P. Small, Mr. T. C. JOHNSON to Miss Fannie E. BITHER, both of Bangor.

Bangor, Aug. 30, Mr. Otis WORTHING to Miss Etta JONES, both of Bangor.

Tremont, Sept. 1, by Andrew Tarr, Esq., Mr. William R. DODGE to Miss Eliza S. TARR, both of Tremont.

East Trenton, 19th ult., by the Rev. W. A. Durfee, Mr. Lewis A. AUSTIN of East Trenton to Miss Caroline McFARLAND of Hancock.

Southwest Harbor, 31st ult., Rev. John W. RICHARDSON to Miss Frances A. ROBINSON, both of Tremont.

Sedgwick, Aug. 28, by the Rev. William Read, Mr. Jasper D. ALLEN to Miss Adelia H. MORGAN, both of Sedgwick.


Ellsworth, Sept. 3, Alfred AUSTIN, age 67 years.

Ellsworth, June 1, Frances B. DENICO, age 26 years.

In the Union Army, on the Mississippi River, in June, George F. DENICO, age 29 years, a member of the 15th Regiment, Maine Volunteers.

Tremont, July 13, Adleburt O. YOUNG, age 7 years.

Brewer, Aug. 31, Oscar J., son of Jacob and Cyrene SARGENT, age 18 years, 4 months.

Bangor, Sept. 1, Charlie Howard, eldest son of R. B. and Fannie S. WIGGIN, age 4 years, 8 months.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1862


Ellsworth, Sept. 9, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Randall SPRAGUE to Miss Annie L. SPEAR, both of Ellsworth.

Southwest Harbor, Aug. 31, by the Rev. John W. Pierce, Capt. Perry W. RICHARDSON to Miss Frances A. ROBINSON, both of Tremont.

West Eden, Sept. 6, by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Capt. William E. HOLDEN to Miss Emma E. RICHARDSON, both of Tremont.

Brewer, Sept. 4, Mr. James R. BRASTOW of Brewer to Miss Mary M. CHAPIN of Orrington.

Columbia, 31st ult., Asa T. WOOSTER to Miss Lucinda V. TABBUT, both of Columbia.


Eden, Sept. 4, Capt. Steven HIGGINS, age 57 years.

Bucksport, 5th inst., Charles H. BLODGETT, age 26 years.

Eastport, Aug. 31, Miss Mary E., daughter of Dr. Mark R. WOODBURY, age 19 years.

Eastport, Sept. 2, Augustus F. SWETT, age 46 years.

Cherryfield, 26th ult., Otis S. TENNEY, age 55 years.

Boston, Sept. 2, on her 89th birthday, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Susan MURCH, widow of the late Joseph Murch and daughter of Mr. Benjamin Joy, one of the first settlers of the town of Ellsworth, she being the first female childl born in the town. She was the mother of 13 children, most of whom are still living; had 92 great-grandchildren. Her remains were deposited beside those of her husband in this town; her husband died about 3 years ago at the ripe old age of 99 years. She went to Boston soon after her husband's death, to spend the remainder of her days with her daughter. During her last sickness she was surrounded by kind and affectionate children and friends, and had all of the consolation which religion and most tender affection could bestow. She experienced religion when she was 50 years of age, and her declining years were blessed by a calm and submissive spirit. Her temperate conduct and sweetness of disposition toward those around her and her kind hospitality and charity will long be remembered by those of her neighbors who still survive her. She was a kind mother and faithful in all her maternal duties. She has left behind her the savor of a good name which is better than precious ointments.

Tucson, Arizona Territory, of intermittent fever, James L. RICHARDS, age 29 years, son of John D. Richards, Esq. of Ellsworth. Young Richards was at the time of his death a member of Company H, 1st Regiment, California Volunteers.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1862


Southwest Harbor, 13th inst., by the Rev. John W. Pierce, Mr. J. T. R. FREEMAN to Miss Ada J. CROCKETT, both of Tremont.

Hodgdon, 18th ult., by the Rev. L. Mayo, Capt. Zemroe A. SMITH of Company C, 18th Maine Regiment to Miss Alice H. ROBINSON of Hodgdon.

Brooksville, 9th inst., by the Rev. Benjamin Dodge, Capt. George H. TAPPLEY to Miss Lizzie L., youngest daughter of David WASSON, Esq., all of Brooksville.

Brooklin, Sept. 8, by the Rev. L. S. Tripp of North Sedgwick, Mr. Orrin S. CLOSSON of Brooklin to Miss Sarah E. FOSTER of Machiasport.

East Machias, 8th inst., Eliakim W. HILL to Isabel BURNS, both of Machias.

Pembroke, Aug. 31, Adoniran J. WILDER to Miss Sarah LANDICK, both of Pembroke.

Pembroke, Sept. 7, Robert K. LANDICK to Miss Hannah J. WATT, both of Pembroke.

Dixmont Centre, Sept. 12, Mr. Albert C. NASON to Miss Roxa Adelia CUSHMAN, both of C.


Ellsworth, 13th inst., Honora MAHONEY, age 1 year, 5 months.

Orland, 3rd inst., Mr. Phineas N. BROWN, age 60 years. He was a kind husband, father and friend; to know him was to love him.

Orland, 13th, Lizzie, daughter of John and Sarah T. BUCK, age 25 years, 6 months.

Blue Hill, Sept. 5, Mr. John DODGE, age 75 years.

Bangor, 13th inst., Mr. Henry McHOLLAND, age 27 years, 7 months.

Winn, Aug. 15, Mr. Joseph SNOW, age 81 years. He was one of the first settlers of that region.

Hampden, 7th inst., Amelia I., eldest daughter of Levi A. and Roxy W. BLAKE, age 18 years, 9 months.

Hampden, Sept. 15, Jennie M., daughter of the late Capt. David NYE, age 20 years, 5 days.

Richmond, Maine, Hon. Paulinus M. FOSTER, age 50 years.

Lubec, Aug. 26, Abigail M. KNIGHT, age 39 years, 11 months.

At the residence of her father near Mt. Gilead, Anderson County, Kansas, Aug. 9, Miss Celia A. BLUNT, daughter of John Blunt, Esq. and sister of Gen. J. G. Blunt, age 18 years.

Mt. Desert, 12th inst., of consumption, Isaiah, son of Jonas and Martha CARSON, age 19 years. (poem followed)

SEPTEMBER 26, 1862


Ellsworth Falls, 20th inst., by C. P. Jordan, Esq., Mr. Edward K. BUTLER to Miss Mary Ann COUSINS, both of Eastbrook.

Ellsworth Falls, 21st inst., by C. P. Jordan, Esq., Mr. Solomon KELIHER to Miss Almira P. BARTLETT, both of Ellsworth.

Newport, 14th inst., Mr. John J. PILSBURY of Evansville, Ind., to Miss Rosette WHITNEY of Pittsfield.

Detroit, Mich., 1st inst., Lt. Col. A. S. CHADBOURN of Chicago to Miss Harriet HOLWAY of Machias.

Cherryfield, 8th inst., Mr. James P. SHOPPE to Miss Haziah SINCLAIR, both of Cherryfield.


Steuben, 15th inst., Mrs. Susannah ROYAL, age 78 years.

Cherryfield, 18th inst., Frances A., wife of Mr. Eben D. LOTHROP, age 30 years.

Columbia, 18th inst., Mr. Solomon R. INGERSOLL, age 49 years.

Brewer, Sept. 20, Charles Austin, only son of Joseph and Roxanna JORDAN, age 19 years, 5 months.

Bangor, 20th inst., Daniel P. McQUESTION, Esq., age 66 years.

Southwest Harbor, 19th inst., Athalana MOOR.

Amherst, Sept. 20, Mr. Albert GILES, age 44 years.

Eden, Sept. 14, of diphtheria, Lewis M., only son of Capt. Cornelius and Mary Ann THOMAS, age 8 years, 9 months, 11 days.

OCTOBER 3, 1862


Tremont, Sept. 27, by the Rev. John W. Pierce, Capt. Abraham RICHARDSON to Miss Amanda M. ROBINSON, both of Tremont.

Orland, Sept. 26, by the Rev. Mr. Parker, Mr. James C. SAUNDERS to Miss Adelaide A. SARGENT, all of Orland.

Bangor, Sept. 29, by the Rev. Mr. Small, Mr. Henry L. LANE to Miss Addie A. McLAUGHLIN, all of Bangor.

Cherryfield, 22nd inst., Mr. Tilley WHILO of Harrington to Miss Cyrene ASH of Cherryfield.

Cherryfield, 22nd inst., Mr. James H. NEWENHAM to Miss Eliza J. HART.

Cherryfield, 22nd inst., Mr. Thomas A. ANDERSON to Miss Margaret H. TENNIN.

Cherryfield, 22nd inst., Mr. Curtis LEIGHTON to Miss Mary McALPIN.

Steuben, 14th inst., Levi PINKHAM to Martha S. WEST, both of Steuben.

Columbia, 21st inst., Archibald SMITH to Hannah M. LOOK, both of Addison.

Lee, Sept. 23, by C. A. Cushman, Esq., Mr. Benjamin H. BURR to Miss Josephene WEATHERBEE, both of Springfield.

Augusta, Lt. Hillman SMITH of the 8th Maine Regiment to Miss Sarah S. PERRY of Augusta.


Eden, of diphtheria, Louise, only daughter of Capt. Abel and Hannah HADLEY, age 24 years.

Sullivan, 25th inst., Elizabeth L., wife of Ransom B. SMITH, age 38 years, daughter of the late Frederic Spencer of Belgrade.

Sullivan, 26th inst., Katy Jane, daughter of Abram and Mary M. MITCHELL, age 4 years.

Trenton, 26th inst., Lucy A. SMITH, age 21 years.

Eastbrook, 28th inst., Laura SMITH, age 14 years.

Mariaville, 26th inst., Ida W., daughter of Luther and Polly W. JORDAN, age 7 years, 3 months, 25 days.

Machias, Sept. 22, Olive Steward, daughter of Amos F. and Clymenia PARLIN, age 8 years, 1 month, 24 days.

Machias, 25th, Mary A., daughter of Lewis and Hannah LONGFELLOW, age 3 years.

Steuben, 16th inst., Susannah ROYAL, age 78 years.

Eastport, 14th inst., Eliphlet Y. SABINE, age 55 years, 6 months.

Anson, 18th, Hon. Bezer BRYANT, age 94 years.

Bangor, 25th inst., of consumption, Mary B., wife of Charles S. SPRINGER, age 24 years, 2 months.

St. Albans, Sept. 9, of consumption, Mr. David ROWE.

East Eden, Sept. 4, Capt. Stephen HIGGINS, age 57 years. For more than 30 years Capt. Higgins has been known in this vicinity as a skillful and superior officer in the merchant service, and all bear testimony to his perfect integrity and uprightness, to his kind generous nature, and many will say a good man has left us; a noble generous friend has departed.

OCTOBER 10, 1862


Winter Harbor, Oct. 1, by Nathaniel Pendleton, Esq., Capt. Charles W. PENDLETON to Susan A. GERRISH, both of Gouldsboro.

Sedgwick, Sept. 27, by Rev. William Read, Mr. Ransom C. GOULD of East Corinth to Miss Augusta A. O. MORGAN of Sedgwick.

Bangor, 4th inst., Mr. James M. GORDON of Chesterville to Miss Alwilda A. COWAN of Bangor.

Bangor, 5th inst., Mr. James M. GRAVES to Miss Nancy D. HUTCHINS, both of Bangor.

Whitneyville, 2nd inst., Mr. J. W. SWEAT of Northfield to Miss Emma McREAVY of Whitneyville.

Harrington, Sept. 27, Rinaldin W. PLUMMER of Addison to Clara M. LEIGHTON of Cherryfield.


Bangor, Oct. 6, at the residence of B. Bugbee, Esq., Miss Mary A. DEANE, eldest daughter of Joseph A. Deane, Esq. of Ellsworth, age about 30 years.

Chicago, Sept. 25, Mrs. Mehitabel C., widow of the late Joseph P. LADD, Esq. of Maine., age 76 years, 10 months.

West Trenton, Sept. 26, Lucy A., daughter of Capt. John SMITH, age 21 years, 14 days.

Bangor, Oct. 1, Mr. Orrin F. MILLETT of the firm of Millett & Vose, age 38 years, 6 months.

Frankfort, Sept. 30, Mr. Daniel CAMPBELL, age 79 years.

Camden, Hon. Christopher YOUNG, Jr., of diphtheria.

Union, of typoid fever, John M. LITTLE, Esq.

Lynchburg, Va., July 16, Levi DELANO, Company M, 1st Maine Cavalry, formerly of Abbott, age 21 years, 6 months.

Boston, 2nd inst., Hon. Benjamin F. HALLETT, a member of the Suffolk Bar and a distinguished politician of the Democratic school.

Brewer, Oct. 6, Sarah A., daughter of the late Calvin P. GREEN, age 15 years.

New Orleans, Sept. 17, Sgt. D. U. THOMPSON, son of the Rev. D. P. Thompson of New Castle, a member of the 15th Maine Regiment, age 22 years.

Southwest Harbor, 5th ult., Frances M., youngest surviving daughter of Capt. David and Emma KING, age 20 years. (Long narrative followed which is not quoted verbatim here, but following information given.) In her sickness, she maintained a buoyance in spirits on account of the family who had been so severely afflicted within the past few years in the death of one son and three daughters.

Columbia, Sept. 16, Mr. Solomon R. INGERSOLL, age 49 years, 6 days. He leaves a wife and 5 children, was a leading member in the church of his choice for more than a quarter of a century. He was converted under the labors of Rev. J. C. Aspinwall and soon after connected himself with the M. E. Church and continued a member until he received a commission to go up higher. He was a faithful and kind husband and father, a choice leader and steward, an excellent friend. His funeral services were attended by the writer on the campgrounds nearby. He had a large and solemn concourse of people present who seemed to deeply sympathize with the bereaved family.

OCTOBER 17, 1862


Surry, July 11, by C. K. Higgins, Esq., Mr. George E. ELDRIDGE and Miss Mary L. MORGAN, both of Surry.

Surry, Oct. 10, by C. K. Higgins, Esq., Mr. Bryant PERKINS of Penobscot to Miss Sophia E. WREN of Blue Hill.

Sedgwick, Oct. 12, by Rev. William Read, Mr. Amos H. ESTABROOK to Miss Willamena GRAY, all of Sedgwick.

Gouldsboro, 12th inst., by H. M. Sewell, Esq., Mr. Eli H. YOUNG to Miss Martha H. YOUNG, all of Gouldsboro.

Bangor, 5th inst., by the Professor Smith, Lt. James C. COLLINS of Company B, 2nd Maine Regiment, to Miss Sarah SMITH of Bangor.

Winterport, 4th inst., Mr. Ephram W. HAMILTON to Miss Alice DREW, both of Winterport.

Hampden, 11th inst., by Samuel W. Matthews, Esq., Mr. Abel F. STUBBS of Bucksport to Miss Lottie A. EVANS of Dixmont.


Ellsworth, 16th inst., Jerome Willis, age 13 1/2 months, son of Julia A. and Samuel WATERHOUSE, Esq.

Ellsworth, Oct. 11, Mr. Isaac McCOLLUM, age 63 years.

North Ellsworth, 8th inst., John Loring, youngest child of Jeremiah and Sarah G. SHACKFORD, age 9 months.

Surry, 13th inst., Abigail GARLAND, age 77 years.

Eden, 10th inst., George ROBERTS, age 60 years.

Eastbrook, 8th inst., John BILLINGS, age 85 years.

West Trenton, Oct. 10, at the residence of William Thompson, Esq., Robert George, age 1 year, 6 months, son of Robert G. and Annie T. SCOTT of Richmond, Virginia.

Sedgwick, Sept. 23, Deacon Daniel MORGAN, age 93 years, 10 months, 25 days.

Bangor, 12th inst., Rufus TITCOMB, age 56 years.

In the 18th Maine Regiment, William HARRIS, Company I; Lorenzo D. JONES, Company B; Ellis MAHAN, Company G; all of typhoid fever.

Dr. Rufus L. HINCKLEY of East Boston died a few days since and his body was carried to Hampden for interment.

Blue Hill, Oct. 1, Mr. Benjamin FRIEND, age 78 years. He had long had a standing in one of the Baptist churches in this vicinity. He died as the residence of Capt. Leonard Candage where he had spent several months past.

A resolution from Camp Stetson, near Ft. Gaines, Headquarters, 18th Maine Regiment, Washington, DC, Oct. 5, 1862 -- Friend Sawyer: At rollcall this morning, the following resolutions were read and unanimously adopted by Company C, 18th Maine Regiment Volunteers, in view of the death of our comrade, George H. TREWORGY, etc. (Full resolution not repeated here but identifies George H. Treworgy as being from Ellsworth.)

OCTOBER 24, 1862


Ellsworth, Oct. 20, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Alvin A. BARTLETT, Esq., Register of Probate for Hancock County, to Miss Maria L. BLOOD of Bucksport.

Bangor, 16th inst., by the Rev. A. K. P. Small, Mr. Samuel G. ROBINSON to Miss M. E. SNOW, all of Bangor.

15th inst., by the Rev. Professor Smith, Mr. N. S. HARLOW to Miss Olive H. HILLARD, both of B.

Dover, 6th inst., Rev. L. P. FRENCH of Corinth to Miss Augusta CARTER of Shirley.

Bangor, Oct. 21, Mr. Charles G. GLIDDEN to Miss Eliza A. SNOW, both of Brewer.


Ellsworth, 21st inst., at the residence of Capt. Alonzo Herrick, Miss Hannah BACHELOR, daughter of Capt. Joseph Bachelor of Brooklin.

Bangor, Oct. 17, Capt. Nehemiah COLE of Winterport, age 36 years.

Bangor, 14th inst., Mr. Benjamin MORRILL, age 73 years, 4 months.

Bangor, 18th inst., Mr. Samuel FLETCHER of the firm of Jones & Fletcher, of typhoid fever, age 38 years.

Bangor, 19th inst., suddenly, Asa WATERHOUSE, Esq., age about 49 years.

Bucksport, Sept. 27, Amelia Evelyn, daughter of Enoch and Hannah J. AVERY, age 5 years, 4 months, 10 days.

Bucksport, 12th inst., Mrs. Chloe R. THURSTON, late of Sedgwick, age 95 years, 5 months.

At the Army Hospital, Philadelphia, Oct. 1, Calvin Richman OSGOOD of the 6th Maine Regiment, son of Calvin Osgood, Esq., of Garland, age 25 years.

Newport, Oct. 13, Carlostin HIGHT, age 27 years.

Ellsworth, Sept. 23, Ada Jeanette, only child of V. B. and R. HAYNES, age 2 years, 21 days. (poem followed)

Eden, 10th inst., Capt. George ROBERTS, age 62 years. He married for his third wife the widow Cornelius Moor of Ellsworth some less than a year ago. Capt. Roberts died suddenly. He was a member of the denomination called the Christians. May this providence be blessed to the two sons which survive their father, with an only brother and sisters. His afflicted widow feels the loss and yet indulges the blessed hope of his being with Jesus. (poem followed)

OCTOBER 31, 1862


Ellsworth, 20th inst., by the Rev. W. Davis, at the residence of E. W. Moor, Esq., Mr. James C. FRAZIER to Miss Sarah J. MOOR, all of Ellsworth.

Hancock, Oct. 13, Capt. Isaiah WOOSTER of Hancock to Miss Miriam S. HILL of Sullivan.

Blue Hill, 29th inst., by S. P. Wood, Esq., Mr. Francis COUSINS to Miss Mary A. ROBERTSON, both of Blue Hill.

Dexter, Oct. 18, by the Rev. L. Kingsman, Capt. Isaiah FIELDS to Miss Betsey H. FLY, all of Dexter.

Bangor, 22nd inst., Mr. Gershon F. LIBBY and Miss Laura A. COOMBS, both of Islesboro.

Machias, 23rd inst., by the Rev. H. F. Harding, Mr. R. T. CRANE to Miss Angelia M. GARDNER, both of Machias.

Machias, 23rd, by the Rev. H. F. Harding, Mr. George BEDFORD to Mrs. Mary GOFF, both of Machias.


Orland, 19th inst., Susan WESCOTT, age 76 years.

Eastbrook, 17th inst., Charles ROLLINS, age 3 years, 6 months.

Eastbrook, 18th inst., Aseneth SPRINGER, age 22 years.

Eastbrook, 24th inst., Luther BILLINGS, age 13 years.

Mariaville, 17th inst., Jonathan SMITH, age 68 years.

Mariaville, 24th inst., Erastus JORDAN, age 19 months.

Bangor, 26th inst., Mr. Charles W. JENKINS, age 57 years.

Bangor, 25th inst., Ebenezer COE, age 76 years, 10 months, 20 days.

Bangor, Oct. 22, Judith, wife of Ira DUNBAR, age 46 years, 4 months.

Belfast, 22nd inst., Joseph S. NOYES, Esq., age 38 years.

Belfast, 22nd, Joseph E. DAVIS, for several years past, the popular agent for the steamer M. Sanford.

Sharpsburg, Va., Wesley A. BROWN of Company B, 2nd Maine Regiment, from a wound received in the Groveton Battle, Aug. 30.

Eastbrook, Oct. 8, Mr. John BILLINGS, age 77 years, 6 months, 27 days. Mr. Billings was born at Linden, 2 miles from the field of Waterloo. At 19 he was a conscript and entered the service of Napoleon the Great, whom he served 8 years. In 1806 he was with Marshall Junot in the campaign that wrested the last vestige of independence from Portugal. In 1809 he helped to defeat English army of Sir John Moore and to slay its commander at Corrunna. In the same year he was present at the French defeat at Talavora. In 1812 he was made prisoner at Salamanca; while in prison he found a fellow prisoner, John Demeyer, whose native place was near his own, and after two years of adventure and hardship, having been in the meantime in the English army, they reached together the "assylum for the oppressed of all nations" except Africans. Tiring of the soldier's life and dreading the conscription which preceded Napoleon's final downfall, they remained here. Mr. Billings spent 4 years in Sullivan, tending the ferry part of the time. Finally he and fellow soldier married Yankee girls and settled on adjoining farms in Eastbrook, bringing with them the quiet and tireless industry of their early homes to spend their days in peace. Amid the wild commotion of this Civil War, the old soldier has laid him down in his grave, leaving his comrade in arms to follow him presently.

NOVEMBER 7, 1862


Rockport, Mass., at the First Congregational Church, by the Rev. W. Gale, Mr. Andrew F. CLARK to Miss Abbie B. POOLE, all of Rockport.

Searsport, 26th ult., by Rev. S. H. Beale, Mr. William A. DICKEY to Miss Helen M. BLACK, both of Searsport.

Steuben, Oct. 12, by Warren Leighton, Esq., Mr. Israel LEIGHTON to Miss Elizabeth A. BROOKS, both of Steuben.

Steuben, Oct. 18, by Warren Leighton, Esq., Mr. John E. CALDWELL to Miss Prudence J. NASON, both of Steuben.

Harrington, Nov. 1, Augustus NASH to Miss Anna WILSON, both of Harrington.

Eastport, Oct. 27, Maj. Oliver HOLMAN, U.S.A, to Miss Emiline LINCOLN of Eastport.


Ellsworth, Nov. 1, Annie W., daughter of Elizabeth W. and George B. JOY, age 11 years, 10 months.

Surry, Mr. Seth F. GOODWIN, age 22 years.

Brewer, 4th inst., Capt. Benjamin MORRILL, age 75 years, 6 months.

Machias, Oct. 24, Mrs. Margaret B. LONGFELLOW, relict of the late Jonathan Longfellow, age 82 years.

Machias, 28th ult., Mr. A. J. RICH, age 35 years, 6 months.

At Cliffburn Hospital, Washington, Oct. 17, of typhoid fever, Thomas CAIN of Ellsworth, a member of Company C, 18th Maine Regiment.

In the hospital at New Orleans, Oct. 9, of dysentery, D. Mason ALLEN, of 14th Regiment, Maine Volunteers, age 27 years. He was the eldest son of Deacon Isaac M. Allen and a grandson of the late Rev. Daniel Merrill, first pastor of the Baptist Church in Sedgwick. Deceased was a worthy member of the Baptist Church at North Sedgwick, and for some time a clerk and the leader of its choir. He was also, when he joined his regiment, clerk of the town of Sedgwick, and one of the superintending school committee.

NOVEMBER 14, 1862


Ellsworth, Nov. 12, by the Rev. William J. Wilson, Mr. Edwin B. COUSINS to Miss Lucy A. SMITH, both of Ellsworth.

Tremont, Oct. 28, by J. A. Plumer, Esq., Mr. Colin McRAE of Tremont to Miss Rena A. HOVEY, of Gouldsboro.

Tremont, Oct. 30, Mr. John W. SMITH to Miss Berrilla B. GROVER, both of Tremont.

Bucksfield, Nov. 10, by the Rev. J. A. Baskwell, Mr. Joseph BICKNELL of Boston, Mass., to Mrs. Rosetta J. HALL, of Buckfield, Maine.


In Carver Hospital, Washington, DC, Edward C. D. WEST, age 18 years, 10 months, 10 days, eldest son of Lyman M. and Esther West. He was a private in Company I, 2nd Regiment Maine Volunteers, was wounded at the second Bull Run battle, Aug. 30, in his thigh, lying on the field two days, had his leg amputated Oct. 11. Deceased was shot down in his youthful days while manfully doing duty to support our government and laws, by rebels in arms, not only against direst straits of man but against God. Edward was good boy. His parents depended in a large measure upon aid rendered by him to help support their large family of small children. (Additional narrative not repeated here.)

At hospital, Washington, Oct. 22, Leonard YOUNG of Company I, 2nd Maine Regiment.

Sullivan, Nov. 8, Capt. Nahum HILL, age 79 years.

Sullivan, Nov. 8, Lewis AREY, of diphtheria, age 7 years.

In hospital at Washington, 27th ult., of typhoid fever, Daniel WILKINSON of Sullivan, a private in the 18th Regiment, age 29 years.

NOVEMBER 21, 1862


Mt. Desert, 15th inst., Mr. Reuben W. CARTER to Miss Charlotte C. RICHARDSON, both of Mt. Desert.

Blue Hill, 16th inst., by the Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. Reuben G. W. DODGE to Miss Caroline A. ALLEN, both of Blue Hill.

Hancock, Nov. 16, by the Rev. R. Y. Watson, Mr. James M. McFARLAND of North Hancock to Miss Fannie S. FRENCH of Eastbrook.

Bangor, 11th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Small, Rev. Gowen C. WILSON of Winterport to Miss Martha CHAMBERLAIN of Bangor.

Bangor, 12th inst., Mr. Noah A. BARKER to Miss Susan W. OSGOOD, both of Burlington.


Ellsworth, 9th inst., Thomas HAYNES, age 65 years.

Surry, 17th inst., Elizabeth SAUNDERS, age 19 years.

Trenton, 9th inst., Nancy B. HAYNES, age 22 years.

Eastbrook, 8th inst., Henry SMITH, age 8 years.

Bucksport, 17th inst., Thomas Loring, son of Thomas Y. and Lizzie T. DAVIDSON, age 4 years, 9 months, 4 days.

Blue Hill, Mrs. Sallie ALLEN, wife of Mr. Amos Allen, age 57 years.

Bucksport, 13th inst., Mary E., second daughter of Mr. Enoch BARNARD, age 18 years.

NOVEMBER 28, 1862 -- missing from microfilm records.

DECEMBER 5, 1862


South Surry, Nov. 25, by the Rev. E. Pinkham, Mr. George W. YOUNG to Mrs. Phebe M. YOUNG.

Belfast, 27th ult., Mr. John WEBSTER of Waldo to Miss Emily T. GILBRETH of Belfast.

Bangor, 27th ult., Mr. Nathan P. PENDLETON to Miss Helen M. SMITH, both of Bangor.


Tremont, Nov. 9, John T. MURPHY, age 21 years, 1 month, 19 days.

Orland, Nov. 25, Nathaniel P., son of Elias and Joan HARRIMAN, age 19 years, 10 months.

Bucksport, Nov. 10, Capt. Augustus F. WARDWELL, age 32 years.

San Juan del Norte, Graytown, Oct. 21, Alvah McFARLAND, first mate of the brig Sarah Peters, and son of Nathaniel McFarland of Hancock, age 23 years, 7 days.

Thomaston, Nov. 26, Mrs. Mahitable, wife of Richard TINKER, Esq., warden of the State Prison, after a very severe sickness of 10 weeks.

DECEMBER 12, 1862


Ellsworth, 3rd inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Judson G. GRAY to Miss Maria L. MADOX, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 9th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Leander JACKSON to Miss Georgeana BOYNTON, all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 10th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Lewis S. FOSTER to Miss Arvilla S. MASON, all of Ellsworth.

Surry, Dec. 10, by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. John H. JARVIS to Miss Emeline T. BARRETT, both of Surry.

Surry, Nov. 25, by the Rev. E. Pinkham, Mr. George W. TORRY to Mrs. Phebe M. YOUNG.

Cutler, 23rd ult., Mr. Frank H. SMITH of Belfast to Miss Mary E. CORBETT of Cutler.

West Lubec, Nov. 28, by S. H. Bradbury, Esq., Mr. William H. ALLEN to Miss Melvina HUDDLESTON.

Machias, Nov. 27, by the Rev. Mr. Harding, Mr. Leander H. CRANE to Miss Edwina F. SMITH, all of Machias.

Bucksport, 2nd inst., by the Rev. W. O. Holway, Mr. Freeman B. GROSS of Orland to Miss Joan C. SMITH of Provincetown, Mass.

Hancock, Sept. 19, by the Rev. R. Y. Watson, Capt. H. D. JOY to Miss Lizzie CLARK, all of Hancock.


Hancock, 5th inst., Mr. Samuel STRATTON, age 71 years.

Eden, 9th inst., Mercy HIGGINS, age 67 years.

Blue Hill, 10th inst., Mrs. Elvira O. RICHARDS, age 29 years.

Tremont, Nov. 9, John T. MURPHY, age about 21 years, son of George and Dorcas Murphy.

Tremont, Nov. 27, Mr. Richard BANKS, age about 83 years.

Jonesboro, Nov. 24, Henrietta, daughter of Joel and Louisa MADDOCKS, age 9 years.

At the United States Hospital, Baltimore, Md., Sept. 13, James H. ABBOTT of Company G, 11th Regiment Maine Volunteers, age 18 years, 7 months, son of William A. Abbott of Tremont.

DECEMBER 19, 1862


Blue Hill, 10th inst., by the Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. Harlan P. STOVER to Miss Mary E. LONG, all of Blue Hill.

North Sedgwick, 9th inst., at the parsonage, by the Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. Sewall P. SNOWMAN of Sedgewick to Miss Caroline M. PETERS of Blue Hill.

Waltham, Sept. 11, by Calvin Kingman, Esq., Mr. Henry E. JELLISON to Mrs. Harriet JELLISON, all of Waltham.

Waltham, Nov. 24, by Calvin Kingman, Esq., Mr. Benjamin JELLISON to Miss Jane E. MACE, both of Waltham.

Waltham, Nov. 25, by Calvin Kingman, Esq., Mr. William J. CONIC to Miss Sarah J. JELLISON, both of Waltham.

Waltham, Nov. 28, Mr. Samuel B. GILES of Aurora to Miss Emma J. JELLISON of Waltham.

Brewer, 10th inst., by Rev. L. G. Marsh, Capt. Henry C. SNOW of 7th Maine Regiment, Hampden, to Miss Abby N. BURR of Brewer.

North Bucksport, Nov. 27, by Winslow Hinks, Esq., Mr. Henry W. SMITH of Orrington to Miss Susie D. FREEMAN of Bucksport.


Blue Hill, Dec. 10, in Christian hope, Mrs. Eliza O. RICHARDSON, age 29 years, wife of Mr. Albert Richardson of Blue Hill, and daughter of James Grendle, Esq. of Penobscot.

Blue Hill, Dec. 8, Hannah, wife of Francis GRANT, age 71 years.

Surry, 13th inst., Thomas OLIVER, age 71 years.

Machias, Nov. 28, Bell, daughter of E. Gerry ALLEN, age 6 months.

Bangor, Dec. 12, Henry S. SAVAGE, son of Mr. George Savage, age 23 years, 5 months.

DECEMBER 26, 1862


Ellsworth, Dec. 23, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Joseph HUTCHINGS to Miss Lorana C. McGOWN.

Ellsworth, 24th inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Edwin CLARK to Miss Phebe A. HOLDEN, both of Tremont.

Ellsworth, Nov. 30, by E. Garland, Esq., Mr. Henry DUNHAM of Orland to Miss Lizzie QUINN of Ellsworth.

Sedgwick, 21st inst., by V. C. Sargent, Esq., Mr. James A. DODGE of Sedgwick to Miss Hattie C. HERRICK of Brooklin.

Concord, Mass., Nov. 13, by the Rev. G. Reynolds, Mr. George H. WITHERLE of Castine to Miss Sarah P. BEANE of Concord.

Surry, Nov. 16, by C. K. Higgins, Esq., Mr. Benjamin CARTER to Miss Maria A. SAUNDERS, both of Surry.

Surry, 17th inst., by the Rev. E. Pinkham, Mr. William J. RICHARDSON of Mt. Desert to Miss Emily A. GOTT of Surry.

Winterport, 21st inst., Mr. Ira GOODHUE of Bangor to Miss Abby J. ELLINGWOOD of Winterport.

Milbridge, 18th inst., Capt. Charles N. HOPKINS to Miss Julia A. WALLACE, both of Milbridge.


Ellsworth, 21st inst., of congestion of the lungs, Helen Theresa, infant daughter of B. F. and Susan C. AUSTIN, age 10 months.

Hancock, Dec. 23, Joseph CRABTREE, age 5 years.

Trenton, Dec. 22, Betsey HARDING, age 70 years.

Trenton, Dec. 9, Maria A. GAULT, age 19 years, 10 months.

Surry, 8th inst., Mr. John GARLAND, age 80 years, 6 months.

Bangor, the wife (no first name given) of Stephen GOODWIN, Jr., formerly of Surry, age about 25 years.

Castine, Dec. 18, of typhoid fever, Charles E. JARVIS, age 35 years.

Bangor, 22nd inst., of lung disease, Mr. Thomas H. SHAW, late of the firm of Shaw & Merrill.

Brewer, 20th inst., William S. PRICHARD, age 63 years.

Brewer, 23rd inst., Deacon Jeremiah ELDRIDGE, age 62 years. Mr. Eldridge was attending the funeral of Mr. Prichard, and before the procession had left the house, he was still, in death.

Farmington, Benjamin SAMPSON, Esq., Registrar of Probate for Franklin County.

Lubec, 7th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Jeremiah DRISCOLL, age 24 years.

Lubec, 11th, John DRISCOLL, age 27 years.

Yorktown, Va., Dec. 18, Joseph CLINE of Hancock, age 29 years. He was a member of Company D, 11th Maine Regiment.

Hancock, 11th inst., of diphtheria, Lydia Maria, age 5 years, 2 months, 12 days; 17th, George C., age 1 year, 4 months, 9 days; 22nd, Willie T., age 3 years, 2 months -- all children of Thomas and Mary MERCHANT. In the short space of 11 days, three bright, lovely children have been removed from them. (poem followed)

JANUARY 2, 1863


Ellsworth, Dec. 27, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. Rowland BONSEY to Miss Sophia C. OBER, all of Ellsworth.

Sedgwick, Dec. 28, by B. C. Sargent, Esq., Mr. John F. GRAY to Miss Lucy M. GRINDLE, both of Sedgwick.

North Sedgwick, Dec. 22, by the Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. Freeman G. HIGGINS to Miss Julia A. HAMILTON, both of Brooklin.

Sullivan, Dec. 19, by Ambrose Simpson, Esq., Charles H. LYNAM to Eunice ABBOTT, both of Sullivan.

Cherryfield, Dec. 20, Mr. Gilbert L. HILL of the Cherryfield House to Miss Georgeanna SPROUL, both of Cherryfield.

Brewer, Dec. 25, by the Rev. W. Newell, Mr. Calvin KENT of Brewer to Miss Adeline E. HART of Holden.

Patten, Dec. 21, Mr. Isaiah GUPTIL to Miss Martha J. DREW, both of Patten.

Bangor, Christmas Eve, by the Rev. L. G. Marsh, Mr. Manly HARDY of Brewer to Miss Emma T. WHEELER of Galesburg, Ill.

Orington, 20th, Mr. William F. CORNISH of Hampden to Mary E. BAKER of Orrington.

Bangor, Dec. 26, the Hon. Noah WOODS of Gardiner to Mrs. Fannie A. BLAKE of Bangor.


Ellsworth, Dec. 31, Freddie Cutting DUTTON, youngest son of Henry A. and Helen F. Dutton.

Ellsworth, Dec. 29, Beniah C. WOODWARD, formerly of Sutton, N.H., age 68 years.

Blue Hill, Dec. 23, Mr. Jeremiah EATON, age 78 years, a member of the Second Baptist Church of Blue Hill.

Corinth, Dec. 25, Henry W. HERSEY, age 20 year, 9 months, 23 days.

Baltimore, Md., 16th ult., Anne Burr, wife of E. S. COURTNAY.

Brooklyn, N.Y., Dec. 15, of typhoid fever, Charlie H. WITHERSPOON, age 25 years, 7 months, son of the late Capt. R. K. Wetherspoon of Camden, Maine. (poem followed)

JANUARY 9, 1863


Ellsworth, Jan. 6, by S. Waterhouse, Esq., Mr. Roscoe E. BURLEY to Miss Sarah A. WOOD, all of Ellsworth.

South Deer Isle, Dec. 25, by Thomas Warren, Esq., Mr. Samuel EATON to Miss Naomi WARREN, all of Deer Isle.

West Lubec, Dec. 28, William H. ALLEN to Miss Malvina HUDDLESTON.

Columbia, New Year's Eve, by James Bailey, Esq., E. S. Conant MERRITT of Addison to Miss Emeline STANLEY of Steuben.

Kenduskeag, Dec. 23, Mr. Otis W. McCASLIN to Miss Sarah M. PIPER, both of Kenduskeag.


Ellsworth, Mrs. Sophia GETCHELL, age 26 years.

Franklin, Dec. 25, Asa ORCUTT, age 46 years.

Eastport, Dec. 25, Rosa P., daughter of Lowell and Solena DYER, age 4 years.

Bucksport, Dec. 31, Priscilla S., relict of the late Col. Joseph LEE, formerly of Milo, age 85 years.

Cherryfield, Dec. 27, Catherine Maria, wife of Capt. Joseph DOWNING, age 59 years, 7 months, 23 days.

Sullivan, of diphtheria, Nov. 22, Isephene Olive, age 5 years, 7 months, 24 days; Dec. 5, George Franklin, age 11 years, 14 days; 8th, Henrietta Preble, age 13, years, 13 days; 9th, Augusta Emeline, age 7 years, 4 months, 4 days -- all children of the late Samuel RICHARDSON.

Blue Hill, Dec. 30, Jedediah DARLING, Esq., age 78 years. Mr. Darling was the last survivor of one of the first families that settled the town in the year 1762. He bore his trials and sufferings with Christian resignation and without a murmur. In his death was indicated his faith that the gospel he had so long professed to believe. He had his senses to a remarkable degree to the very last, and died in the full assurance of a glorious immortality. His last words were, "I see the portals of heaven open to receive my soul. Oh, Blessed Savior, behold the Lamb of God."

San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 3, Ruel W. SMITH, age 19 years, son of Benjamin Smith of Surry. Deceased was a young man of much promise and great amiability and, therefore, was universally respected and beloved, and will long be remembered and deeply mourned. His disease was the palsy, of which he was sick 9 days. He was anxious to reach his home, and left the place where he was tarrying and reached San Francisco and, among kind sympathizing friends, he breathed his last.

In Hampton Hospital, Virginia, Dec. 17, R. Horace HINCKLEY, son of R. W. Hinckley of Blue Hill and a member of Copmpany H, 26th Maine Regiment, age 20 years, 8 months. (Letter followed that his father received from the Captain of Company H, 26th Maine Regiment, not repeated here, but discloses that Horace died of typhoid fever.)

JANUARY 16, 1863


Ellsworth, Dec. 21, by William Somerby, Esq., Thomas ROBINSON to Sarah McFADDEN.

Ellsworth, Jan. 1, by James W. Davis, Esq., Mr. Jas. D. PATTEN to Miss Julia F. TOURTELOTTE, all of Ellsworth.

East Trenton, 6th inst., by Rev. William A. Durfee, Mr. Seneca H. REMICK to Miss Sedelia A. HODGKINS, both of Hancock.

Tremont, Jan. 9, by Andrew Tarr, Esq., Capt. Rufus KING to Miss Eliza F. STANLEY, both of Tremont.

Tremont, Dec. 29, by Wilson Guptil, Esq., Mr. Simeon BUTLER to Miss Melinda DAWES.

Cranberry Isle, Jan. 11, by A. C. Fernald, Esq., Capt. Henry H. STANLEY to Miss Hannah E. FERNALD, all of Cranberry Isle.

Milo, 1st inst., Mr. James R. SEARLES of Brownville to Miss H. A. JOHNSON of Milo.

Rutland, Vt., Dec. 20, Mr. Charles H. WHITNEY of Bangor to Miss Mary M. WARD of Rutland.


Ellsworth, Jan. 10, of throat distemper and scarlet fever, Cora Allura, daughter of Philander R. and Calista AUSTIN.

Ellsworth, 11th inst., Mr. George L. THOMAS, age 39 years.

Sullivan, Jan. 11, Hiram EMORY, Esq., age 76 years, 6 months.

Sullivan, 7th inst., Charles B., youngest son of Dr. Sidney and Mary A. SMITH, age 13 years, 6 months. (This age was subsequently corrected to 11 months; see February 6, 1863 issue.)

Franklin, 19th inst., Willie M., son of Justin and Harriet SCAMMONS, age 3 years.

Tremont. Dec. 14, Mr. George MURPHY, age 62 years.

Surry, Dec. 23, Alden B., son of J. T. and Emily H. MOSES, age 17 years.

Cranberry Isle, Jan. 8, Capt. Albion S. MOORE, of diphtheria, age 33 years, 2 months.

Cranberry Isle, 10th, Mr. Nathaniel KING, age about 45 years.

Gouldsboro, Sunday night, Jan. 12, Wendall P., youngest child of Peter L. and Frances E. HILL, age 11 months.

Orland, Jan. 5, Charles Green, age 1 year, 5 days, son of Margaret L. and Capt. William H. JORDAN.

Bangor, 30th ult., Francis WARDWELL, age 61 years.

Bangor, Jan. 8, Charles Herman, son of Capt. Herman BARTLETT, age 4 years, 2 months.

Orrington, Jan. 8, Phebe KENT, wife of Capt. William Kent, age 70 years.

West Brooksville, Dec. 10, John Frederick, son of Rev. B. DODGE, age 2 years, 8 months, 25 days.

JANUARY 23, 1863


Southwest Harbor, 1st inst., by the Rev. J. W. Pierce, Capt. Israel CLARK to Mrs. Nancy C. COUSINS, both of Tremont.

Eden, Jan. 14, Mr. William F. RICHARDS to Miss Eliza L. HIGGINS, both of Eden.

East Trenton, 18th inst., by the Rev. W. A. Durfee, Mr. Watson K. SPRINGER of Strawberry Valley, Calif., to Miss Emma J., daughter of Wallace COGGINS, Esq. of East Trenton.

Milbridge, Jan. 10, by the Rev. J. L. Sanborn, George W. FOSTER to Miss Susan M. HILTON, both of Milbridge.

Hampden, 13th inst., Mr. William E. WHITE of Maysville to Miss Margaret A. WHITCOMB of Newburgh.

Haynesville, Jan. 4, Mr. George W. SMITH of Mattawamkeag to Miss Rosetta K. BROWN of Haynesville.

Dover, 8th inst., Mr. George E. WHITMORE of Foxcroft to Miss Clara RICHBORN (?) of Medford.

Upper Stillwater, Jan. 3, Mr. Eugene C. NICHOLS of Corinth to Miss Sarah A. TYLER of Bangor.


Brewer, 10th inst., Augustus G., son of D. W. and B. WASHBURN, age 4 years, 1 month.

Holden, Jan. 15, of consumption, Frances E., eldest daughter of James and Sophia W. WINCHESTER, age 18 years, 11 months, 15 days.

South Weymouth, Mass., Jan. 1, of consumption, Mrs. E. B. HAYES, wife of the Rev. S. H. Hayes, formerly of Foxcroft.

Howland, Jan. 6, of diphtheria, Effie, daughter of Orrin A. and Almeda TOURTELLOTTE, age 1 year, 9 months.

Thomaston, Dec. 11, Rev. Robert C. STARR, who was pastor of the Baptist Church in Woolwick from 1818 to 1828, at the advanced age of 83 years, 10 months.

Machias, 12th inst., Corporal B. F. CAMPBELL of the 6th Maine Regiment; he had been discharged on account of sickness.

Boston, on his way home to Milbridge, Corporal William H. WALLACE of the 6th Maine Regiment.

Washington Hospital, 20th ult., Cpl. Edwin D. BOYNTON of the 6th Maine from Harrington.

Bath, Jan. 8, James C. WHITMORE, Esq., age 75 years.

JANUARY 30, 1863


Ellsworth, 28th inst., at the Ellsworth House, by Rev. N. M. Williams, Mr. William P. WOOD of Rockland to Miss Elonia A. SITES of Gouldsboro.

Trenton, Jan. 18, by H. S. Trevett, Esq., Mr. James GILBERT to Mrs. Martha J. LELAND, both of Trenton.


South Surry, 25th inst., Mina Etta, daughter of Capt. Zenas and Mrs. Mehitabel TREWORGY, age 3 years, 10 months, 13 days. (poem followed)

Blue Hill, Jan. 12, of whooping cough, Bethuel L., only son of Eli N. and Hannah C. BINGDON, age 2 years, 2 months, 7 days. (poem followed)

Rockville, Md., Nov. 29, 1862, of consumption, Sgt. Otis W. FRIEND, 4th Maine Regiment, age 36; he was formerly of Blue Hill and leaves a wife and family of 3 children.

Sullivan, Jan. 13, Mary L., daughter of Steven and Lydia R. TRIPP, age 1 year, 2 months, 18 days. This is the fifth time that death has entered this home circle within the short period of two months.

Eden, 21st inst., suddenly, Nicholas WASGATT, age 74 years. He had just returned from Somesville in a wagon when, after getting out and walking a few rods, apparently in health, he fell and instantly expired.

FEBRUARY 6, 1863


Sebec, by Rev. N. Whitney, Mr. Judson E. PARKER of East Corinth to Miss Melvina C. FORD of Sebec.

North Deer Isle, on Christmas Eve, by the Rev. W. A. Merrill, Capt. Caleb LOW to Miss Martha H. KINNEY, both of Deer Isle.

Exeter, Jan. 28, Mr. Joseph B. JOHNSON of Garland to Mrs. Lizzie S. GRIFFIN of Lowell, Mass.

Sullivan, Jan. 18, by the Rev. B. F. Blackwood, Mr. Asa L. WHITE to Miss Mary DOYLE, both of Sullivan.


Ellsworth, Jan. 20, Joanna MOOR, age 63 years.

Sullivan, Jan. 25, of consumption, Katie D. SMITH, eldest daughter of Dr. S. and Mary A. Smith, age 17 years.

A mistake was made in the age of Charles B., a son of Dr. S. and Mary A. SMITH as published 2 weeks since. His age was 11 months.

Surry, Jan. 25, Alna E., daughter of Capt. Zenas and Emma K. TREWORGY, age 3 years, 10 months, 13 days.

Castine, Jan. 30, William JARVIS, Esq., age 51 years.

Bangor, Feb. 1, Phebe P., wife of Capt. Albert TREAT and daughter of the late William Jarvis, Esq. of Castine, age 34 years, 9 months, 17 days.

Orono, Jan. 29, William M. ALLEN, M.D., age 56 years, 4 months, 26 days.

Mansion House General Hospital, Alexandria, Va., S. H. FIFIELD of Favette, age 27 years, 9 months, a member of Company C, 16th Maine Regiment.

Eastport, 31st ult., very suddenly, Mrs. Mehitabel THAYER, widow of the late Silas Thayer and sister of Mrs. John D. Richards of Ellsworth, age 76 years. Mrs. Thayer was one of the oldest members of the Baptist Church in this place. She had been connected with the church about 44 years. Her sudden and unexpected death was a great shock to the community. She had retired to her room, as was her custom each day for her devotional exercises, and was found dead. (Additional narrative not repeated here.)

Bucksport, Wednesday morning last, Enoch BARNARD, Esq., age 59, of congestion of the lungs. Mr. Barnard was one of the oldest businessmen in Bucksport and had an enviable reputation for strict integrity, business capacity, energy and self-reliance. From the establishment of the Bucksport Bank, he had been its president, taking an active interest in its management. (Additional narrative omitted.)