JANUARY 1, 1891


Ellsworth, Dec. 24, at the residence of the bride's grandparents (Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hodgkins), by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. GEORGE W. MURCH and Miss MINNIE E. SALSBURY, both of Ellsworth

Dec. 23, by the same, Mr. JOHN B. BOWIN and Mrs. SUSIE M. GRAY, both of Bluehill.

Gouldsboro, Dec. 28, by Rev. G. W. F. Hill, Mr. NATHAN T. BUNKER and Miss THERESA O. TRACY, both of Gouldsboro.

West Gouldsboro, Dec. 29, by A. B. Kingsley, Esq., Mr. LESLIE A. SPRINGER of Hancock and Miss LINDA M. SNYDER of Gouldsboro.

Bluehill, Dec. 24, by Rev. Edward A. Mason, Mr. ALGERNON F. COOPER and Miss CARRIE A. CANDAGE, both of Bluehill.

Eden, Dec. 20, by Rev. W. C. Stetson, Mr. VERNON H. McFARLAND and Miss ABBIE E. THURBER, both of Eden.

Winterport, Dec. 24, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. WALTER S. COLSON AND Miss JOANNAH J. WENTWORTH, both of Winterport.

Frankfort, Dec. 28, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. FRANK E. RICE and Miss MINNIE E. COLSON, both of Frankfort.

Stockton Springs, Dec. 25, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. EMERY A. CALDERWOOD of Prospect and Miss HATTIE MOULTON of Stockton Springs.


Ellsworth, Dec. 26, Mrs. SUSAN M. DAVIS, age 82 years, 3 months.

Seal Cove, Dec. 17, Mr. JOSEPH H. MURPHY, age 95 years, 8 months, 17 days.

Centre, Dec. 19, Miss IDA J. GALLEY, age 23 years, 11 months, 24 days.

South Gouldsboro, Dec. 21, Mr. AUGUSTUS DODGE, age about 55 years.

Steuben, Dec. 25, Capt. CHARLES H. HASKELL, age 87 years.

Franklin, Dec. 12, Mr. SAMUEL B. GRANT, age 82 years, 1 month, 3 days.

JANUARY 8, 1991


Ellsworth, Dec. 31, at the residence of the bride's parents (Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Doyle), by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. ALLEN C. HOLT and Miss FLORA E. DOYLE, both of Ellsworth.

Lamoine, Dec. 30, by Rev. F. S. Bickford, Mr. EDWARD F. GILPATRICK and Miss NETTIE S. BERRY, both of Lamoine.

Hancock, Dec. 30, at the residence of the bride's parents, by A. B. Crabtree, Esq., Mr. WINFIELD S. STRATTON and Miss EMMA B. CRABTREE, both of Eden.

Eden, Dec. 23, by Rev. W. C. Stetson, Mr. CHARLES O. DOUGLASS of Trenton and Miss CECILIA RICHARDSON of Eden.

Dec. 24, by the same, Mr. CEYLON EMERY and Miss MAMIE ASH, both of Eden.

Bucksport, Jan. 3, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. JAMES M. GRAY and Miss EVIE A. SMITH, both of Bucksport.

Milbridge, Nov. 5, by George Googins, Esq., Mr. FRED S. COUSINS and Miss MAGGIE G. BROWN, both of Milbridge.

Nov. 29, by the same, Capt. J. E. MITCHELL and Miss EDITH P. FOREN, both of Milbridge.

Castine, Jan. 1, by Rev. J. F. Locke, Mr. GEORGE S. HATCH of Medford, Mass. and Miss MARY K. WHITING of Castine.

Jan. 3, by the same, Mr. EDWARD W. COOMBS and Miss NELLIE MOREY, both of Castine.

Orrington, Dec. 31, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. ALBERT B. YEATON of Bangor and Miss ALICE C. BLANCHARD of Orrington.

Dec. 31, by the same, Mr. WILLIAM W. WADLEIGH and Mrs. LIZZIE J. NYE, both of Bangor.

Portland, Dec. 25, Mr. OSSIAN F. MARR of Saco and Mrs. DORA I. CLEMENTS of Ellsworth.


Ellsworth, Jan. 5, PERSIS W., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. GRINDLE, age 7 years, 2 months, 13 days.

Hancock, Jan. 2, Mr. SAMUEL STRATTON, age 63 years, 3 months.

Northeast Harbor, Jan. 1, Mrs. RACHEL A. FULLER, age 62 years.

Eden, Dec. 29, MALCOLM C.; son of Mr. and Mrs. Julian EMERY, age 8 months.

Castine, Dec. 23, Mr. JOSIAH DAVIS, age about 70 years.

Center, Dec. 27, Mrs. ISABEL DOW, age 74 years.

JANUARY 15, 1891


Bluehill, Jan. 10, by Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. WALTER E. STOVER and Miss L. GERTRUDE CHASE, both of Bluehill.

Penobscot, Jan. 4, by Rev. T. S. Ross, Mr. OTIS LEACH and Miss ADDIE PERKINS, both of Penobscot.


Bucksport, Jan. 5, Mr. JACOB INGALLS, age 80 years, 3 months, 23 days.

Orland, Jan. 1, Mr. ISAAC HARRIMAN, age 75 years, 3 months, 30 days.

Penobscot, Dec. 29, Mr. RICHARD S. DUNHAM, age 20 years.

Centre, Jan. 1, Mr. GEORGE GRANVILLE ROBBINS, age 30 years.

Jan. 8, Mrs. AVILDA, wife of Capt. Bowen STANLEY, age 61 years.

Portland, Dec. 30, at the residence of J. P. Wescott, Mrs. RACHEL WATSON of Bar Harbor, age 23 years.

JANUARY 22, 1891


Ellsworth, Jan. 17, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. PEARL HOLLAND of Bluehill and Miss ALBERTIE LINSCOTT of Hancock.

Bucksport, Jan. 15, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. ULYSSES G. HOUSTON and Miss JULIA R. CHIPMAN, both of Bucksport.

Southwest Harbor, Jan. 11, by Rev. Thomas J. Lewis, Mr. NAHUM M. NORWOOD and Miss LIZZIE P. FARLEY, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Jan. 14, LIZZIE B., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. SMITH, age 4 years, 5 months, 11 days.

Penobscot, Dec. 16, Mrs. ELIZA J., wife of Otis M. CHURCHILL of Orland, age 61 years, 2 months, 22 days.

Franklin, Jan. 8, Mrs. BETSEY, wife of Capt. John ALLEN, age about 72 years.

Brewer, Jan. 17, SAMUEL ROYAL, JR., age 58 years, 6 days.

JANUARY 29, 1891


Ellsworth, Jan. 24, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. EDMOND MILLIKEN and Miss BERTHA BLONDIT, both of Ellsworth.

Winterport, Jan 24, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. WEBSTER HOPKINS and Mrs. JOANNA S. KNOX, both of Winterport.

Jan. 23, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. FRED L. COUSINS and Miss NETTIE M. RIDLEY, both of Prospect.

Southwest Harbor, Jan. 24, by Rev. Thomas J. Lewis, Mr. DENNIS R. NORWOOD and Miss ELLA M. WEBSTER, both of Tremont.


Marlboro, Jan. 19, Capt. CROSBY W. FORD, age 42 years, 7 months, 20 days.

Sea Wall, Jan. 23, Mrs. ELIZA MOORE, age 88 years.

Centre, Jan. 22, Capt. THURLOW DOW, age 80 years.

Beddington, Jan. 20, Mr. CHESTER B. STEVENS of Steuben, at one time a resident of Ellsworth, age about 60 years.

Portland, Maine General Hospital, Jan. 19, Rev. J. R. BOWLER of South Hancock, age 65 years, 6 months, 9 days.

FEBRUARY 5, 1891


Ellsworth, Jan. 29, at St. Joseph's Church, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. JOHN W. HAWKS and Miss CATHERINE A. HARLEY, both of Ellsworth.

Jan. 29, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. FRED L. MURCH and Miss GEORGIA H. MARSHALL, both of Trenton.

Feb. 1, by the same, Mr. WILLIS E. BECKER of Hartford, Conn. and Miss JOSIE E. HOPKINS of Ellsworth.

North Ellsworth, Jan. 28, by Rev. H. W. Conley, Mr. JOHN P. PHILLIPS and Miss CORA SAUNDERS, both of Ellsworth.

Hancock, Jan. 28, by A. B. Crabtree, Esq., Mr. JOHN E. BOWDEN and Miss MAUD A. MOORE, both of Hancock.

Deer Isle, Jan. 21, by L. Collins, Esq., Mr. ALPHONSO ROBINSON of Isle au Haut and Miss MAGGIE A. RICHARDSON of Deer Isle.

Jan. 16, by the same, Mr. WILLIAM MARTIN and Miss HATTIE MATHEWS, both of Deer Isle.

Prospect Harbor, Jan. 26, by C. C. Larrabee, Esq., Mr. LEWIS YOUNG and Miss LOVINA YOUNG, both of Gouldsboro.

Milton, Mass., Jan. 28, by Rev. W. I. Larence, Mr. CHARLES H. EMERY of Ellsworth and Miss MARY ALICE GODFREY of Milton.

Georgetown, Mass., Jan. 26, Mr. REUBEN A. COUSINS of Lamoine and Miss GRACE O. SAUNDERS of Georgetown.


South Surry, Jan. 28, Mr. CALVIN CURTIS, age 75 years, 8 months.

West Eden, Jan. 14, Mr. WILLIAM BURNS, age 84 years.

Long Island Plantation, Jan. 18, Mr. JOSEPH W. LUNT, age 62 years, 8 months, 21 days.

Hancock, Jan. 28, Mr. JOHN KELLEY, age 74 years, 8 months.

Northeast Harbor, Jan. 20, PEARL E., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry BRANSCOM, age 1 year, 4 months.

Wilbraham, Mass., Jan. 26, Prof. ROLAND M. PECK of Ellsworth, age 42 years, 3 months, 5 days.

Obituary: Rev. JAMES R. BOWLER, formerly of this city and for the past few years, pastor of the Baptist Churches in South Hancock and West Sullivan, died in Maine General Hospital, Portland, Saturday, Jan. 19. While yet a young man, he came to Rockland and entered the employ of the late Constant Rankin, farmer and manufacturer of lime. He was not at that time a Christian but was soon after converted and united with the Second Baptist Church on Cedar Street. About 1850 or 1851 he was married to Miss Adeline Turner of Livermore. June 10, 1854 he was licensed to preach by the Cedar Street Baptist Church, and on the 11th of July, 1855 he was ordained pastor of the Second Baptist Church, South Thomaston. He was pastor of this church for 3 years; for 2 years afterward he preached for the First Church, South Thomaston. He was subsequently pastor of the Baptist Churches in Union, Appleton, and Hope. On Nov. 10, 1883, while residing in California, he was married to Miss Amanda Watson, a daughter of Rev. R. Y. Watson of Hancock, Maine, who has proved a most devoted wife and who was with him in his last hours. Mr. Bowler went to the hospital in Portland Monday, Dec. 29, for a surgical operation. Under treatment he seemed as first to improve. His remains were brought to Rockland; funeral services occurred on Thursday at the residence of his son, Allen Bowler of South Thomaston.

FEBRUARY 12, 1891


Ellsworth, Feb. 7, at the home of the bride's parents, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. GEORGE M. BARRON and Miss GRACE WILBUR, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, Feb. 5, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, Mr. REUBEN G. OSGOOD and Mrs. MARY J. WOLVIN, both of Surry.

West Gouldsboro, Jan. 28, by A. B. Kingsley, Esq., Mr. ALDEN ROBERTSON of Sullivan and Mrs. MARIA A. SPERRY of Gouldsboro.

Milbridge, Jan. 28, by George Googins, Esq., Mr. CHARLES F. SPRAGUE and Miss MARY E. STAPLES, both of Milbridge.

Jan. 28, by the same, Mr. WARREN H. McCASLIN and Miss MARY WEST, both of Milbridge.

Southwest Harbor, Feb. 6, by Rev. Thomas J. Lewis, Mr. BENJAMIN GOTT and Miss MINA E. MARSHALL, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Feb. 7, Capt. SYLVESTER LORD, age 83 years, 7 months, 25 days.

Feb. 8, JAMES P., son of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy BRESNAHAN, 2nd, age 17 years, 10 months.

Bluehill, Jan. 22, very suddenly, of heart failure, Mr. FREDERIC A. DARLING, age 75 years, 4 months.

East Lamoine, Feb. 8, Capt. John HARRINGTON, age 82 years, 1 day.

Bucksport, Jan. 25, Prof. FREDERICK R. REED, age 31 years, 11 months, 23 days.

Bangor, Feb. 6, Mrs. ELIZABETH A. DEANE, wife of Andrew WIGGIN, age 76 years.

Waltham, Mass., Feb. 3, Mrs. MARY ANNIS, wife of Thomas Y. KING and daughter of J. A. Nesmith of Windham, N.H., age 33 years, 2 months.

Obituary - Capt. SYLVESTER LORD was born in Surry June 12, 1807 but settled in Ellsworth when a young man and followed the sea in the employ of Col. and George N. Black until 1857 when he gave up his vessel and returned to his snug farm. He was twice married, and 11 children survive him. His second wife died 13 years ago. 5 years ago last April he was stricken with paralysis which rendered his left side useless.

Obituary - Professor FREDERICK R. REED of Bucksport quietly passed to rest Sunday afternoon, Jan. 25. Mr. Reed was the second son of Rev. William and the late Eliza P. Reed, was born in Rochester, NY, Feb. 2, 1859 and came to Bucksport in the fall of 1881 to take charge of the grammar school which position he faithfully filled. He married Miss Annie E. Conley of Orrington who, through his long illness, proved herself a faithful, loving and patient wife. Last May Mr. Reed discovered a small bunch under his right arm which enlarged with such rapidity that, during the summer, by advice of Bucksport physicians, he consulted eminent surgeons in Boston who could give him but little hope. Yet he, upon Monday, Sep. 22, submitted to the use of the knife, and 4 weeks later, Tues., Oct. 21, a second operation was performed but the disease was beyond human skill. Professor Reed was a member of Bucksport Lodge No. 69 A.O.U.W. and Knowlton Lodge No. 108 N.E.O.P. Professor Reed leaves a widow and little children, Jessie L., Ralph C. and Abbie E. D.; also an aged father and brothers and sisters. At the funeral on Tues., Jan. 23, the Bucksport Lodge No. 15 A.O.U.W. escorted the remains to the Franklin Street M.E. Church. Burial took place in Orrington.

FEBRUARY 19, 1891


Ellsworth, Feb. 11, at the residence of the bridegroom, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. ALISTER TAYLOR of Ellsworth and Miss ANNIE M. WHITMAN of Annapolis, Nova Scotia.

Bar Harbor, Feb. 7, by Rev. G. G. Winslow, Mr. ROBERT M. FRAZER and Miss MINA R. ELWELL, both of Montpelier, Vermont.

Cranberry Isles, Jan. 20, by W. P. Preble, Esq., Mr. SETH HAMILTON RICE and Miss IDA C. BUNKER, oldest daughter of the late Capt. Charles F. Bunker of Portland.

Swan's Island, Feb. 2, by Rev. W. H. Hall, Mr. LINWOOD E. JOYCE and Miss LIZZIE L. TORREY, both of Swan's Island.

Deer Isle, Feb. 8, Mr. JOHN CARR and Miss NELLIE POWERS, both of Deer Isle.

Castine, Feb. 10, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, D.D., Mr. FRANK W. BOWDEN and Miss SARAH CONNER, both of Castine.


Ellsworth, Feb. 11, MARY E., wife of Leonard FRANKS, age 77 years, 6 months.

Feb. 11, Miss MARY A. STARKEY, age 18 years, 15 days.

North Lamoine, Feb. 16, Mrs. SARAH Y. SALSBURY, age 54 years, 3 months, 10 days.

Isle au Haut, Feb. 4, Mrs. BETSEY TURNER.

Pearsalle, Long Island, N.Y., Feb. 9, of heart trouble, Capt. JOSEPH H. URANN, son of the late Capt. Samuel Urann of Sullivan, age 58 years.

Obituary - Mrs. MARY E., wife of Leonard FRANKS of Ellsworth, passed to her home beyond the tide, Feb. 11, age 77 years, 6 months. For 51 years she shared with her husband the joys and sorrows of married life. 34 years ago she professed faith in the World's Redeemer. Her last sickness was long and lingering.

FEBRUARY 26, 1891


Brookline, Mass., Feb. 10, by Rev. Mr. Stowes, Mr. EDWARD S. CLARK of Bar Harbor and Miss LENA A. AECHILER of Brookline.


Surry, Feb. 23, Mrs. EMELINE TREWORGY, age 69 years.

Trenton, Feb. 19, Mr. HERMON D. GILBERT, age 44 years, 5 months.

Seal Harbor, Feb. 11, Mrs. CHARLOTTE, wife of Capt. James CLEMENT, age about 65 years.

East Bluehill, Feb. 21, Mr. JAMES YORK, age 83 years.

Dorchester, Mass., Feb. 15, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. ELIZA L. DARLING, formerly of Bluehill, age 85 years, 3 months.

MARCH 5, 1891


Ellsworth, Feb. 28, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. JOHN W. McKAY and Miss EMMA C. McFARLAND, both of Hancock.

Franklin, Feb. 28, by Rev. T. A. Hodgdon, Mr. FOLLETT G. HARTWELL and Miss JENNIE CRABTREE, both of Franklin.

North Danville, Vermont, Feb. 26, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. F. A. Palmer, Mr. ELLEARY F. CLARK of Cabot, Vermont and Miss HELEN D. ROBERTS of North Danville.


Waltham, Mar. 2, Mrs. SARAH MOORE, age 55 years, 9 months.

Northeast Harbor, Feb. 21, Miss MARY E., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel OBER of Bartlett's Island, age 19 years, 1 month, 17 days.

MARCH 12, 1891


West Gouldsboro, Feb. 28, by A. B. Kingsley, Esq., Mr. GEORGE G. BUNKER and Miss GEORGIE A. CROSS, both of Gouldsboro.

Bucksport Centre, Feb. 22, by Rev. J. A. Weed, Mr. WENTWORTH WARDWELL and Miss JULIA E. ATWOOD, both of Bucksport.


Ellsworth, Mar. 9, Mr. ROBERT P. McFARLAND, age 77 years.

Lamoine, Mar. 4, Miss PAULINE G. SWETT, age 25 years, 7 months, 14 days.

Mt. Desert, Mar. 7, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DOW.

Farmington, Ill., Mar. 8, Mr. AMOS B. THOMAS, brother of the late Isaac H. Thomas of this city, age 79 years, 5 days.

MARCH 19, 1891


Southwest Harbor, Mar. 11, by Rev. Thomas J. Lewis, Mr. SYLVESTER BROWN and Miss MAY W. FREEMAN, both of Southwest Harbor.

Winterport, Mar. 10, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. WILLIAM B. BELCHER and Miss FLORENCE P. TYLER, both of Winterport.

Mar. 11, by the same, Mr. EUGENE A. BUZZELL of Monroe and Miss LOTTIE M. COWAN of Winterport.

Mar. 11, by the same, Mr. FRED M. JOHNSTON of Newburgh and Miss EMMA L. HARDY of Ellingwood's Corner.

Bucksport, Mar. 14, by Rev. A. F. Chase, Mr. EDVILLE GERRARD ABBOTT of Hancock and Miss SARA, daughter of the late B. M. SARGENT, Esq., of Prospect Harbor.

Lynn, Mass., Mar. 16, by Rev. H. Hinckley, Mr. DANIEL M. WEST formerly of Franklin, Maine and Miss ALICE JOYCE of Lynn.


Ellsworth Falls, Mar. 16, Mrs. JULIA P., wife of Charles E. MORRISON, age 52 years.

Sedgwick, Mar. 12, Mr. NEWTON STOVER, age 87 years, 6 months.

North Penobscot, Mar. 24, Mr. REUBEN GRINDAL, age 88 years, 6 months.

South Penobscot, Mar. 8, Mrs. EMELINE, widow of the late Alexander PERKINS, age 75 years, 10 months, 25 days.

Trenton, Bayside, Mar. 14, MARY E., youngest daughter of Charles H. and Mary W. BAILEY, age 14 years, 8 months, 16 days.

Franklin, Mar. 1, Mr. JOHN G. BAKER, age 85 years, 10 months, 3 days.

Castine, ALVIN HOWARD, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard, age 9 years.

Bangor, Mar. 13, at the residence of her son-in-law (Edward F. Roberts), Mrs. PRISCILLA HARRIMAN of Bucksport, age 65 years.

Helena, Montana, Jan. 17, Mr. CHARLES F. BARKER, age 25 years, 7 months.

Resolutions of Respect

WHEREAS death has again entered Lamoine Grange and taken from us our much esteemed sister, SARAH Y. SALISBURY, and thus lengthened the break of the fraternal chain, therefore

RESOLVED that, by this oft repeated call, we are reminded that we have no abiding city here and are thereby admonished to seek one to come,

RESOLVED that we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved family and commend them to Him who doeth all things well,

RESOLVED that, as a token of respect for her memory, our altar and charter be draped in mourning 30 days, that these resolutions be inscribed on our records, a copy be sent to Brother Salisbury, also to the Ellsworth American for publication.

-- signed Myra A. Young and D. Y. McFarland

dated Lamoine, Mar. 10, 1891

MARCH 26, 1891


Bar Harbor, Mar. 14, by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Mr. HORACE T. YEATON of Steuben and Miss CARRIE I. WETHERBEE of Eden.

Gouldsboro, Mar. 19, by Rev. R. A. Farnham, Mr. MARK E. TRACY of Franklin and Mrs. MAGGIE E. YOUNG of Gouldsboro.

Hancock, Mar. 21, by A. B. Crabtree, Esq., Mr. WILLARD HAYWARD of Albert County, New Brunswick, and Miss LETTIE E. FOSS of Hancock.

South Bluehill, Mar. 1, by Rev. D. B. Smith, Mr. JONATHAN DOW of South Bluehill and Mrs. MARY S. CARTER of Orland.


Ellsworth, Mar. 20, Mr. SIMEON YORK, age 64 years, 5 months.

Lamoine Beach, Mar. 22, Mrs. ISABELLA K. DESISLES, age 78 years, 6 months, 18 days.

Bar Harbor, Mar. 14, Mr. ALMON HAMILTON, age about 23 years.

Southwest Harbor, Mar. 16, Mrs. LYDIA M., widow of the late Robert GOTT, age 73 years, 1 month.

Northeast Harabor, Mar. 10, Mrs. ARDELL, wife of Leslie A. WILSON, late of Bass Harbor, age 16 years.

Deer Isle, Mar. 5, Mr. TRISTAM HASKELL, age 76 years.

South Deer Isle, Mar. 9, Mr. GEORGE GROSS, age 73 years.

Obituary - Deacon ROBERT P. McFARLAND was born in Ellsworth Apr. 27, 1814. He was a son of James McFarland, whose family consisted of 7 sons and 4 daughters, only one of whom (Capt. DAVID McFARLAND) is now living. 2 of his sons were lost at sea. At the age of 12 years, the subject of this notice experienced religion and joined the Ellsworth Baptist Church of which he remained a most loyal, devoted and consecrated member until the day of his death. He was chosen deacon about 1867. In 1837 he married Miss Ann Anderson who is still living. Of their family, 3 children -- 1 son and 2 daughters -- are now living; they are Mr. Edmund McFarland, Mrs. Charles H. Haynes and Mrs. Frank L. Thurber. By trade Mr. McFarland was a ship carpenter. He was always a resident of Ellsworth with the exception of a few years spent in Kittery. In 1860 and 61 he had the honor to represent the town of Ellsworth in the State Legislature. Several years ago he had a stroke of paralysis which incapacitated him for some time, but he gradually recovered from it to a large degree. In October last he was taken ill and was not able to leave his bed during the remainder of his life. His death occurred on the 9th and funeral services were held on the 11th.

Obituary - At the Alencon Cottage, Lamoine Beach, on Sunday, Mar. 22, ISABELLA DESISLES, widow of the late William Desisles, passed from the transient to the eternal after only one day's suffering, in the 78th year of her life. Evidently on Saturday forenoon she was enjoying her usual good share of health, but putting aside her work and rising from her chair, she suddenly and unaccountably fell to the floor and sustained such serious physical injuries as resulted in her death after hours of intense and excruciating agonies. She was the mother of 4 daughters and 3 sons, all of whom survive her except one -- Leonard Y. Desisles, who died during the war for the defense of his country and whose remains rest on the banks of the Mississippi River.

APRIL 2, 1891


Ellsworth, Mar. 27, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. J. FRED RICHARDSON of Ellsworth and Miss KATE BLODGET of Surry.

Seal Harbor, Mar. 18, by G. W. Bracy, Esq., Capt. HERBERT A. DELAND of Vinalhaven and Miss CLARA W. WALLS of Mt. Desert.


Ellsworth, Mar. 26, Mrs. EFFIE, wife of George S. DORITY, age 27 years, 11 months, 17 days.

West Hancock, Mar. 30, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. TRACY.

East Lamoine, Mar. 28, Mr. NAHUM GILPATRICK, age 82 years, 1 month, 27 days.

Southwest Harabor, Mar. 23, Mrs. ELIZA, widow of the late Capt. Benjamin NEWMAN, age about 75 years.

Bar Harbor, Mar. 23, Mr. WALTER S. HARTWELL, age 37 years.

Seal Cove, Mar. 23, Mrs. DORCAS, widow of the late George MURPHY, age about 88 years.

East Sullivan, Mar. 20, Mr. SYLVESTER B. JOHNSON, age 63 years.

Mar. 21, Mr. GEORGE PETTEE, age 21 eyars.

Prospect Harbor, Mar. 22, WINCHESTER, only child of W. F. and Augusta C. BRUCE, age 6 months, 20 days.

Waltham, Mar. 30, Mr. AARON S. JORDAN, age 69 years, 3 months.

West Surry, Mar. 28, Mr. ANDREW WARREN of Castine, age 79 years.

Franklin, Mar. 17, RHODA LETITIA, daughter of Geroge C. and Lettie WILLIAMS, age 4 years, 7 months, 15 days.

Obituary - At midnight, Mar. 28, one of our oldest citizens, NAHUM GILPATRICK, after a few days confined to his sickroom, passed away. Mr. G was 82 years, 1 month, 27 days old, and had lived to this ripe old age near the spot where he was born. He married Lucy, a daughter of the late Solomon Young who died a few years ago. He leaves behind an affectionate daughter, Mrs. Springer, a contributor to the American, and two grandchildren, Henry Springer and Eva Eaton, who will mourn their loss. Mr. Gilpatrick was one of a family of 10 sons and 2 daughters born to Robert and Phebe Gilpatrick from the year 1788 to the year 1817, all of whom are now numbered with the dead. Nearly half a century ago he was a member of the first temperance society in this town. He was one of 27 citizens who formed a proprietary to build the First Baptist Church in what was at that time known as East Trenton (now East Lamoine).

Obituary - Our community was greatly shocked by the sudden death of Mrs. EFFIE DORITY Mar. 25 in the 28th year of her age. The grief stricken family, the widowed mother and brothers and sisters have our heartfelt sympathy. Her husband loses a kind and devoted wife, the 3 little children a loving and Christian mother.

APRIL 9, 1891


Westboro, Mass., Mar. 25, by Rev. E. A. Coil, Mr. FRANK H. MARTIN of Westboro and Miss EMMA F. MURCH of Ellsworth.


Jonesboro, Mar. 24, Mr. JOSIAH NOYES, age 71 years.

Harrington, Mar. 26, LUCLADA, wife of U. N. MERRITT, age 65 years.

Deer Isle, Mar. 28, Mr. SETH JOYCE, age about 66 years.

Mar. 28, Mr. WILLIS PRESSEY, age 45 years.

Unionville, Mar. 31, Miss MARY A. WILEY, age 14 years.

Bluehill, Mar. 31, Mrs. CLARA A., wife of Capt. John W. KANE, age 39 years, 6 months.

Amherst, Apr. 2, Mr. EBEN GILES, age 64 years, 11 months.

APRIL 16, 1891


Cherryfield, Apr. 6, by Rev. A. J. Lockhart, Mr. WILLIAM P. F. ROBIE of Gorham and Miss CLARA BARTON formerly of Cherryfield.

Franklin, Apr. 4, at the Relay House, by Rev. T. A. Hodgdon, Mr. CURTIS L. McDEVITT of Cherryfield and Miss ABBIE A. WITHAM of Franklin.


Ellsworth, Apr. 5, Mrs. ALMIRA CARD, age 54 years, 8 months.

Apr. 8, Mr. HORATIO TISDALE, age 76 years, 5 months.

Apr. 9, Mrs. HONORA DORGAN, age 77 years.

Brooklin, Alpr. 6, Mrs. MARY, wife of Moses DAY, age about 69 years, 5 months.

Prospect Harbor, Mar. 30, Mrs. MARGARET HUTCHINGS, widow of the late Samuel B. Hutchings, age 73 years.

Pittsfield, Apr. 5, Mrs. FLORENCE E., wife of Dr. Thomas N. DRAKE, age 43 years, 6 months, 20 days.

Somesville, Apr. 5, ERNEST L., only son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan HAMOR, age 34 years, 2 months, 12 days.

On the voyage from Scotland to Cuba, Feb. 22, Mr. CONRAD T. AMES of Orland was washed overboard in a gale from the schooner Grace Lynwood.

Greeley, Colorado, Mar. 30, Mrs. ERMINIE, wife of G. W. REYNOLDS, formerly of Lamoine, age 28 years.

Gouldsboro, Apr. 11, Miss ABIGAIL WHITAKER, age 84 years.

South Thomaston, Mar. 31, Mr. ISAAC N. MORGAN, age 50 years.

Tenafly, N.J., Apr. 12, Mr. GEORGE BURBANK JELLISON, son of the late William Jellison of this city, age 60 years.

Bangor, Mar. 15, Mr. JAMES M. TREADWELL, age 73 years, 7 months, 7 days.

Obituary - [From the Greeley, Col. Sun, Apr. 4, 1891 edition] Mrs. ERMINIE REYNOLDS, wife of G. W. Reynolds, died last Monday night of pneumonia after an illness of 2 weeks, age 28 years. Mrs. Reynolds was born at Lamoine, Maine. She was married to Mr. Reynolds June 26, 1881 and accompanied him to Colorado in 1883. 4 children (1 boy, 3 girls) were the result of this union, and they with the husband remain to mourn. Funeral took place from their residence on 13th Street Thursday afternoon, Rev. L. D. Lamkin of the Baptist Church officiating.

Obituary - Died at Penobscot, Maine, Mar. 25, 1891, CHARLES BRIDGES, age 73 years. Brother Bridges leaves a wife and 6 children.

APRIL 23, 1891


Ellsworth, Apr. 15, at the home of the bride's father (Mr. P. M. Joy), by Rev. H. W. Conley, Mr. PEARL A. JOY of Cambridge, Mass. and Miss ANNIE L. JOY of Ellsworth.

Apr. 18, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. EUGENE D. BRANN of Lamoine and Miss CARRIE G. FLOYD of Ellsworth.

Bar Harbor, Apr. 14, by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Mr. HARRY F. BRAGDON and Miss JULIA B. DYER, both of Eden.

Seal Cove, Apr. 14, at the home of the bride, by Rev. Dr. Bates, Mr. FRED J. RICH and Miss MARY M. NORWOOD, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Apr. 21, CHURCHILL E., son of C. L. and Carrie E. MORANG, age 2 years, 8 months, 23 days.

Prospect Harbor, Apr. 13, Mrs. AMY STROUT of Milbridge, age about 73 years.

Surry, Apr. 12, Mr. JESSE L. CONNERS age 56 years.

Brooklin, Apr. 9, Mr. JOHN WHITNEY HALE, age 79 years, 1 month.

Dixmont, Apr. 2, LAVINA H. BILLINGTON, widow of the late D. S. Billington of Dedham, age 77 years, 7 months, 5 days.

Bar Harbor, Apr. 14, Mr. CLARENCE A. BREWER, age 29 years, 11 months, 6 days.

Apr. 16, MABEL L., only daughter of Robert M. and Ella CAMPBELL of Ellsworth, age 3 years, 8 months. (Poem followed.)

Obituary - Mr. JAMES M. TREADWELL, who for 40 years has lived in Bangor, but whose home has been in Mariaville where his family resided, died at Bangor Mar. 15. He had been engaged at Bangor at his trade as a mechanic, a part of the time as employer and part of the time as employee. He kept at his work until within 2 days of his decease. He has been engaged with Schwartz Brothers alone for more than 20 years. His death was caused by la grippe resulting in heart failure. He leaves a widow who resides in Bangor and 2 children.

APRIL 30, 1891


Bar Harbor, Apr. 17, by Rev. G. G. Winslow assisted by Rev. J. F. Haley, A.M., Mr. WILLIAM H. DOLLIVER and Miss MYRA G. NORTON, both of Eden.

Bluehill, Apr. 6, by Rev. Edward A. Mason, Mr. WELLINGTON C. REDMAN and Mrs. HATTIE C. COLE, both of Brooklin.

Surry, Apr. 25, by Rev. S. O. Whitton, Mr. DYER J. CURTIS and Miss ROSANNA TREWORGY, both of Surry.

Franklin, Apr. 26, at the Relay House, by Rev. T. A. Hodgdon, Mr. EDMUND A. DOCKHAM and Miss EVA M. CARPENTER, both of Sullivan.

Apr. 26, by the same, Mr. DAVID COOK and Miss NELLIE TRACY, both of Sullivan.


Otis, Apr. 18, Mr. WILLIAM LALLY, age about 20 years.

Oldtown, Apr. 15, Mrs. OLIVE BLANCHARD ELKINS, widow of Dr. Jerome Elkins.

East Bluehill, Apr. 24, Mr. CHRISTOPHER BINDER, age 60 years, 3 months, 18 days, interment at Bluehill Apr. 26.

Bluehill, Apr. 18, TILLIE H., daughter of Frank E. and Addie M. MADDOX, age 5 years, 1 day.

Fort Morgan, Colorado, Apr. 15, Mr. JOHN H. CRISTIE, formerly of Ellsworth, age 50 years, 2 months, 14 days.

MAY 7, 1891


Ellsworth, May 2, by Rev. H. W. Conley, Mr. CHARLES E. GRAFFAM and Miss EUNICE WEBBER, both of Ellsworth.

Southwest Harbor, May 2, by Rev. Dr. Bates, ALBERT H. BLACKSTONE and REABINA B. HAWKINS, both of Mt. Desert.

Steuben, Apr. 19, by A. Y. Stevens, Esq., Mr. GEORGE E. BROWN of Gouldsboro and Miss MARY L. YOUNG of Steuben.

West Gouldsboro, May 1, by Arthur B. Kingsley, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM AREY of Gouldsboro and Mrs. JOSEPHINE DEWBON of Sullivan.


Ellsworth, May 2, Mr. DANIEL T. ELDRIDGE, age 81 years.

Mt. Desert, Apr. 27, Mr. ABISHA SMITH, age 84 years, 1 month, 20 days.

Centre, Apr. 25, FRANK GREELY, age 11 years, drowned.

Brewer, Apr. 29, Mrs. REBECCA McGOWN, widow of the late William McGown, age 79 years, 1 month, 3 days.

MAY 14, 1891


Ellsworth, May 12, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mr. OMAR W. TAPLEY and Miss MABEL L. HALL, both of Ellsworth. No cards.

Frankfort, May 5, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. S. H. COLSON of Frankfort and Miss AUGUSTA A. MORTON of Hurricane.

New London, Conn., May 7, by Rev. S. Leroy Blake, D.D., Mr. ISAAC E. CONKLIN of East Hampton, Long Island and Miss MARY E. GARLAND of Ellsworth.

Londonderry, Nova Scotia, Mar. 18, by Rev. G. B. Layton, Mr. JOHN W. REYNOLDS of Ellsworth and Miss ELLA S., eldest daughter of Edmund DAVIDSON, Esq. of Londonderry.


Bar Harbor, Apr. 24, Mr. CHARLES MANNING, age 73 years.

Waltham, May 9, Mr. SAMUEL J. HOOPER, age 62 years.

Holden, Apr. 24, Mrs. RUTH F. TEMPLE, age 85 years, 7 months, 13 days.

Machias, Apr. 28, Miss ELIZA G. LONGFELLOW, age 72 years, 10 months.

Milbridge, Apr. 28, Mrs. RUTH RICH, age 70 years.

MAY 21, 1891


Bluehill, May 14, by Rev. Albert Donnell, Mr. AUGUSTUS G. BLAKE and Mrs. JENNIE E. HERRICK, both of Brooklin.

Franklin, May 9, by William W. Bragdon, Esq., Mr. SAMUEL E. GOULD of Hancock and Miss HELEN G. HASLAM OF Waltham.


Bar Harbor, May 12, Mr. THOMAS O. FREEMAN, age 60 years, 3 months.

May 9, Col. ROBERT F. CAMPBELL of Cherryfield, age 73 years, 6 months.

Gouldsboro, Apr. 28, Mrs. FANNY DOWNS, age 24 years.

Boston, May 12, Mrs. REBECCA, widow of Col. A. B. PERRY, formerly of Sullivan, age 90 years, 4 months, 14 days.

Webster City, Iowa, May 11, Mrs. LETTIE HUNTER, daughter of Florentine D. Young of Eden, age about 23 years.

Obituary - Mrs. REBECCA H. PERRY, widow of Col. Augustus B. Perry, formerly of Sullivan, died the 12th inst. at the residence of her son, Oliver H. Perry, 23 Moreland Street, Roxbury, Mass., at the age of more than 90 years. Mrs. Perry went to the house of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John G. Moseley, in Boston to spend last Christmas and remained with them until after her 90th birthday, Dec. 28. When returning to the home of her son, she took a severe cold which developed other diseases of a serious nature that could not be overcome. She went to sleep in the forenoon and remained in that condition until about 11 o'clock a.m. when her daughter who was attending her heard a slight noise and, going to her bedside, found her dead. Her 2 daughters, Miss Martha A. and Mrs. Moseley, and more especially the former who was with her all the time, took care of their mother all through her long sickness. Mrs. Perry was an invalid for several years. Funeral services were held on Friday last at the residence of her son. Mrs. Perry, a daughter of the late Capt. Samuel Hill, was born in Sullivan, Maine in 1801. In Feb. 1827 she married Col. Perry; they resided in Sullivan until the fall of 1863 when they moved to Boston. Her husband died Nov. 23, 1887.

Obituary - Col. ROBERT F. CAMPBELL of Cherryfield, after a lingering illness, died at Bar Harbor the 9th inst., at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. H. Davis, where he had been during the winter. He was a native of Cherryfield and the son of Deacon Richard C. Campbell. His record as a military man began as an ensign in the Cherryfield Light Infantry. In 1837 when the complication growing out of the Aroostock troubles began to involve the United States and England in war, the Cherryfield Light Infantry tendered its services to the state. Relative to Col. Campbell's excellent military record in the War of the Rebellion, his comrade, Capt. Thomas Clark of the Adjutant General's office, Augusta, wrote a letter. [For complete text of letter, see newspaper microfilm]. After Col. Campbell returned home from the army, he with his family moved to this city where for a considerable time he was engaged as a surveyor of lumber. During his residence he was appointed a Deputy Collector and Inspector of Customs which he held for 4 years. Subsequently he moved back to Cherryfield, was elected one of the County Commissioners of Washington County for 3 terms. In 1888 he was elected Senior Vice-Commander of the Department of Maine, G.A.R. He was 6 times elected Commander of Hiram Burnham Post No. 50 of Cherryfield. He was 73 years old and leaves 2 sons and 4 daughters.

MAY 28, 1891


Brooklin, May 23, by A. G. Blake, Esq., Mr. EUGENE J. KANE and Miss ETTA L. TAINER.

North Penobscot, May 23, by Rev. T. A. Hodgdon, Mr. ELLERY F. LEACH and Miss BERTHA M. LEACH, both of Penobscot.

Dedham, May 17, at the home of the bride's parents, by H. P. Burrill, Esq., Mr. WILL CROCKER of Detroit and Miss GRACE A. CAMBER.


Ellsworth, May 15, Mrs. MARY FOWLER, age 71 years.

May 25, Hon. JOHN M. HALE, age 93 years, 20 months, 15 days.

May 21, Mr. JOSEPH EDGAR MOORE, age 42 years.

Mr. Desert Ferry, May 21, Mrs. SARAH B. McCRATE, age 82 years.

Franklin, May 12, Mr. FRANCIS B. PATTEN, age 80 years.

East Bluehill, May 13, WARD S., son of F. D. and Henrietta LONG, age 8 years, 3 months.

Bucksport, May 18, Mrs. HANNAH W., widow of Benjamin ROBINSON, age 76 years, 1 month, 9 days.

Stevensville, Mont., Apr. 30, Mr. EDWARD E. BUKER, formerly of Surry, age 34 years, 5 months, 17 days.

Resolutions passed by the William H. H. Rice Post G.A.R. at its regular meeting on the evening of May 18.

RESOLVED that the Post had heard with deep regret of the death of ROBERT F. CAMPBELL, a member of the Hiram Burnham Post of Cherryfield, a former respected resident of this city, a most gallant soldier during the war, and a past Senior Vice-Commander of the Department of Maine G.A.R., and that we send to his relatives and to the Hiram Burnham Post our warmest sympathy in their great loss.

JUNE 4, 1891


Lamoine, May 27, by Rev. F. S. Bickford, Capt. ALONZO F. BOWDEN of Hancock and Miss ROSA B. GARLAND of Lamoine.

Winterport, May 27, at the home of the bride's mother, by Rev. H. W. Norton, HARRY J. CHAPMAN, Esq. and Miss CLARA L. CLARK, both of Bangor.

Cherryfield, May 30, by Rev. H. B. Tilden, Mr. F. HERBERT McINTIRE and Miss SUSIE M. SMALL, both of Cherryfield.


Ellsworth, May 28, Mrs. LOIS S. JACKSON, age 80 years, 4 months, 18 days.

Ellsworth Falls, Mrs. FANNIE E. MOORE, age 20 years, 9 months.

Eastbrook, May 23, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. LOWRIE, age 11 weeks.

Castine, May 29, Miss ISABEL N. PARKER, age 19 years, 10 months.

Steuben, May 11, Mrs. AGREEN HODGKINS.


Columbia Falls, May 29, Dr. GEORGE N. HARDEN, age 47 years.

San Francisco, Calif., May 26, Dr. THOMAS B. GRANT, formerly of Bluehill, age 72 years, 7 months.

Obituary - JOHN M. HALE, who died in this city the 25th ult., was born in Rutland, Vermont, July 10, 1797. When 15 years of age he went to Castine to live with his brother who was a lawyer at that place. There he was employed as a clerk in the store of a Mr. Bryant. He continued there for several years. He was at Castine during the time the town was occupied by the British who held it from 1814 until Apr. 28, 1816, more than 4 months after the treaty of peace. About the time that Mr. Hale reached his majority, he took for the benefit of health a sea voyage to Bermuda with his brother who was master of the vessel. He gained rapidly in health but did not take kindly to a seafaring life. As his brother's vessel was bound to another foreign part, Mr. Hale left her there and came directly to the United States on another vessel, safely arriving in due season, but his brother's vessel never returned. She was lost with all aboard. Mr. Hale married Miss Sarah, daughter of Doty Little, Esq. of Castine Feb. 21, 1821 and shortly after, or about 70 years ago, came to Ellsworth where they established their home. Here he engaged in trade, opening the first cash store which was ever opened in Ellsworth. He also engaged extensively in the lumber business and was at various times in his life quite a large vessel owner. After engaging alone in trade for several years, he formed a partnership with the late Mr. Albert Robinson, father of E. F. Robinson, Esq., and they kept store on Main Street. Mr. Hale's experience as a mail route contractor dates back many years. For several years he and his sons and others were associated together in this and the livery stable business under the firm name of John M. Hale & Company. Mr. Hale was Collector of Customs in the District of Frenchman's Bay during the administrations of William H. Harrison and John Tyler. His first wife died in 1877, and in 1878 he married a second wife, Mrs. Frances Redman of Cherryfield who died in August last. Mr. Hale was the father of 15 children, 6 of whom are now living. Funeral took place at his late residence at the corner of Main and High Streets Thursday forenoon, Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard officiating.

JUNE 11, 1891


Cherryfield, June 4, by Rev. H. B. Tilden, Mr. DWIGHT BALDWIN of Allston, Mass. and Miss GRACE E. CAMPBELL of Cherryfield.


Ellsworth, June 3, LURA E. MURCH, age 11 years, 9 months.


June 4, Mrs. LOIS, widow of Jeremiah BOYNTON, age 79 years, 1 month, 22 days.

June 3, Mrs. SARAH G., wife of Albert SMITH, age 69 years, 7 months, 20 days.

Franklin, May 22, Mr. ANSEL BUTLER, age 73 years.

Dedham, June 5, Mr. LEONARD HARRIMAN, age 91 years.

Orono, June 3, Mrs. ANNIE PEAKES NEIL, formerly of Dedham, age 20 years.

West Tremont, June 4, Mrs. ALICE PENNELL FULLER, age 36 years, 9 months, 11 days.

Whitneyville, June 2, Mrs. LOVICY SALSBURY, age 86 years, 4 months, 21 days.

Boston, June 7, Miss LUCY L. PHELPS of Ellsworth, age 51 years.

Hamilton, R.I., May 7, Mrs. LUCY ANN, wife of David C. TRACY, age 72 years.

June 1, Mr. DAVID C. TRACY, formerly of Gouldsboro, age 77 years.

JUNE 18, 1891


Winterport, June 6, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. CLARENCE G. STUBBS and Miss ADDIE M. AREY, both of Winterport.

June 6, by the same, Mr. FRED ELLINGWOOD and Miss DAISY LITTLEFIELD, both of Winterport.

Frankfort, June 10, by the same, Mr. HORACE W. EMERSON of Colorado and Miss METTA FREEMAN of Prospect.

Bar Harbor, May 29, by Rev. G. G. Winslow, Mr. FRANK HOLT and Mrs. LYNDIA HIGGINS, both of Rockland.

Penobscot, June 10, by Rev. T. A. Hodgdon, Mr. CHARLES E. GRINDLE of Orland and Miss EMMA L. STAPLES of Penobscot.

Franklin, May 25, at the residence of George A. Martin, by Rev. S. S. Gross, Mr. CLARENCE EDWARD DYER and Miss JENNIE S. FRENCH.

North Penobscot, June 13, by J. P. Haney, Esq., Mr. FRED J. HOLWAY of Orland and Miss ARWILDA ORDWAY of Penobscot.

Lamoine, June 15, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. F. S. Bickford, Capt. FRED L. HODGKINS and Miss ALICE M., daughter of Henry COGGINS, Esq., both of Lamoine.

West Gouldsboro, June 13, by A. B. Kingsley, Esq., Mr. EPHRAIM C. CROWLEY and Miss CORA E. TRACY, both of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, June 14, BELLE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John CLARK, age 12 years, 1 month, 20 days.

Bucksport, June 6, Mrs. EVIE A., wife of J. M. GRAY, age 18 years, 2 months, 6 days.

Seal Cove, June 4, Mrs. ANNIE, wife of George M. KELLEY, age about 40 years.

JUNE 25, 1891


Orland, June 12, by Rev. T. S. Ross, Mr. EVERETT W. GROSS and Miss MARTHA S. PARTRIDGE, both of Orland.

Cherryfield, June 16, by Rev. H. B. Tilden, Mr. ISAIAH H. FREEZE of Addison and Miss MINNIE I. NELSON of Cherryfield.

Frankfort, June 17, by Rev. B. B. Merrill, Rev. DANIEL EVANS of East Weymouth, Mass. and Miss ADELAIDE S. AMES of Frankfort.

Milbridge, May 27, by George Googins, Esq., Mr. MILTON M. MORRISON and Miss JULIET F. STROUT, both of Milbridge.

June 8, by the same, Mr. WALTER STROUT and Miss LUCY H. HALL, both of Milbridge.

June 9, by the same, Mr. WESLEY CHIPMAN and Miss NELLIE E. STROUT, both of Milbridge.

Waltham, Mass., May 30, Mr. WILLIAM W. DARLING of Bluehill and Miss TILLIE HOOPER of Waltham.

Brookline, Mass., June 10, by Rev. Leonard K. Storrs, Mr. WALTER A. BARRON of Bar Harbor and Miss NETTIE AECHTLER of Brookline.


Bar Harbor, June 15, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. JORDAN.

Mt. Desert, June 13, PANSY PEARL, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John POMROY.

Milbridge, May 29, Mr. JAMES STROUT, age 76 years.

June 15, Mr. JOHN WYMAN, age 77 years.

Orrington, June 15, Mr. JAMES H. CHICK of Ellsworth, age 23 years, 6 months, 26 days.

Waltham, Mass., June 14, at the residence of her son (John N. Lord), Mrs. SERENA, widow of Deacon Heard LORD of Bluehill, age 88 years.

Portland, Oregon, June 9, LENA W., daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. B. MOORE, formerly of Bar Harbor.

Obituary - Miss LUCY H. PHELPS, who died in Boston, 7th inst., was born in that city Jan. 11, 1841. Her father, the Rev. Amos A. Phelps, was at that time pastor of the Marlboro Chapel, Boston, and was one of Massachusetts' foremost Abolishionists. Her mother, Caroline G. Little of Castine, died before her child Lucy reached her second year. Mr. Phelps gave her a second mother by marrying a sister of his deceased wife. After his death in 1847, the family came to Ellsworth which has ever since been their home. Owing to physical infirmities, Lucy did not go to school until she was about 11 years of age, but instead studied at home with her mother. Then after a few terms in the public school she went to Boston for medical treatment and entered one of the grammar schools there, remaining in the family of an aunt for a year and a half. It was during this time that she experienced religion. She had quite a strong liking for literary work and manifested no mean ability therein. Three small volumes of hers were published, one consisting of short stories written originally for her Sunday School class, another (a somewhat larger book) entitled "Grace Tilden" under the nom de plume of Alpha, the third entitled "The Veil on the Heart" by L.L.P. Funeral service was held at the Mt. Auburn Chapel.

JULY 2, 1891


Ellsworth, June 24, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. JOHN F. O'LEARY and Miss AMANDA DOUGLASS, both of Bangor.

June 27, by A. F. Burnham, Esq., Mr. NEWELL G. HARDISON and Mrs. ANNIE M. JORDAN, both of Ellsworth.

June 20, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. JOHN S. O'BRIEN of Monson, Mass. and Miss NELLIE F. DONOVAN of Ellsworth.

Sorrento, June 23, by Rev. John McGaw Foster of Bangor, ELLERTON LODGE DORR, JR. of Boston and Mrs. ELIZABETH G. HANCOCK of New York.

Boston, June 13, Mr. FREDERIC W. HILL and Miss GRACE HALE WILLIAMS, both of Boston.

June 23, Mr. DAVID B. FLINT and Dr. ALMENA J. BAKER, both of Boston.

Waltham, June 27, by Calvin Kingman, Esq., Mr. HERVEY W. KINGMAN of Waltham and Miss WINIFRED J. BRAGDON of Hancock.

Brewer, June 30, by Rev. B. B. Merrill, Mr. CHARLES L. AUSTIN of Ellsworth and Miss ANNIE S. NELSON of Bangor.


Sullivan, June 21, Mr. SAMUEL NEWELL BRAGDON, age about 70 years.

West Trenton, June 25, Mr. H. H. BUZZELL, age 63 years, 1 month.

JULY 9, 1891


Ellsworth Falls, July 1, by Rev. H. W. Conley, Mr. CHARLES G. MOORE and Miss ANNIE E. TATE, both of Ellsworth.

Mariaville, July 3, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. EUGENE P. TREWORGY and Miss ALICE M. SALISBURY, both of Otis.

South Deer Isle, June 28, by Rev. Mr. Wright, Mr. EBEN CANDAGE of Green's Landing and Miss ELLEN MATTHEWS of West Deer Isle.

July 3, by the same, Mr. JORDAN CARTER of Brooklin and Miss DELIA M. WHITMORE of Oceanville.


Ellsworth, July 1, Mr. HARRISON B. MASON, age 48 years, 5 months, 18 days.

July 1, GEORGE C. SWETT, age 10 years, 4 months.

Surry, May 9, Mr. CHARLES M. SMITH, age 27 years, 15 days.

Hull's Cove, June 21, Mr. RICHARD HAMOR, age 79 years.

Cherryfield, June 19, Mr. JOHN H. BURNHAM, age 52 years.

Castine, June 30, Deacon MARK P. HATCH, age 84 years, 9 months.

Bangor, July 4, Hon. HANNIBAL HAMLIN, age 81 years, 10 months, 7 days.

Resolutions of Respect

WHEREAS death, that unwelcome messenger, has again visited and broken asunder the fraternal chain of our order and removed from it our highly esteemed and much loved brother, WALLACE COGGINS, therefore

RESOLVED that we as an order do sincerely and deeply mourn his loss as a true and faithful friend and brother, whom to know was to love and respect, but there is no earthly tie so strong but when the Master above calls "Come up higher," it must be broken; but while we mourn, it is not as those without hope, for we are assured that our loss is his eternal gain and that he has indeed gone to his reward and to a loving Father who is too wise to err, too good to be unkind,

RESOLVED that we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved widow and family of the deceased, and that our charter and altar be draped in mourning for the space of 30 days, and that a copy of these resolutions be placed in the records of the Grange, another sent to the widow, also one to the Ellsworth American.

-- signed N. V. Coolidge and Sarah J. Young [Name of Grange not specified.]

Resolutions passed by William H. H. Rice Post of the 55 G.A.R., Ellsworth:

WHEREAS HANNIBAL HAMLIN, the idol of the Union soldiers and sailors, is dead, therefore

RESOLVED that with the citizens of the whole country we will mourn his loss, cherish his memory, and to some faint degree at least strive to emulate his rugged virtues,

RESOLVED that we offer to the near relatives of the deceased a soldier's sympathy and the almost overwhelming sorrow which has come to them.

Obituary - Ex-Mayor HARRISON B. MASON died in this city on Wednesday afternoon last of typhoid fever. He was the son of Joseph and Mary (Perkins) Mason and was born in Montville, Maine Jan. 13, 1843. His mother died before he had reached the age of 5 years. After her death, he went to live with his grandfather Mason; when he was about 12 years of age, he came to Ellsworth and attended school until he was about 16 when he went to Belfast where he worked for Axel Hayford for about 3 years and then came back to Ellsworth where he was employed by Love Joy with whom he remained until about the time he reached his majority. His next move was to go to Boston where he took a course in a commercial school; then he came back to Ellsworth and went into partnership with Love Joy and after a time bought him out and conducted the business alone. He sold the Love Joy store after occupying it for some length of time, and purchased the capacious store now known as the H. B. Mason store. For several years Mr. Mason did a very large lumbering businesss, employing many men. He also engaged to some extent in the Grand Bank Fisheries, owning a commanding interest in 2 or 3 vessels which he fitted out annually and sent to the Banks. Mr. Mason was elected Mayor of Ellsworth in 1886 and again in 87. He was a very active businessman with considerable ability, but he met with financial embarrassments in 1888 which caused his failure, and never afterward gained his former business standing. His brother, Mr. E. G. Mason, accompanied the remains to Montville where they were laid to rest in the family burial ground.

JULY 16, 1891


Milbridge, June 30, by Rev. J. F. Leathers, Mr. HENRY H. ENFIELD and Miss MATTIE SINCLAIR, both of Milbridge.

Rockport, July 8, by Rev. M. G. Prescott, Mr. W. A. PAUL of Camden and Miss MINNIE A. CARLISLE of Surry.

Portland, July 8, by Rev. S. K. Ware, Mr. FREDERIC P. TAYLOR of Calais and Miss ANNIE ELMIRA WAKEFIELD of Ellsworth.


Cherryfield, July 8, Judge JAMES A. MILLIKEN, age 77 years, 10 months.

Bass Harbor, July 5, Mrs. BETSEY, wife of James BALDWIN, age about 65 years.

Brewer, July 6, JESSIE MAY, daughter of Charles W. and Hattie E. CURRIER, age 8 years, 11 months.

Mt. Desert, July 8, Mr. ALBERT H. BLACKSTONE, formerly of Pownal, age about 27 years.

Bucoda, Washington, June 30, of scarlet fever, WILLIE, son of George W. and Maud TRACY, formerly of Ellsworth, age 3 years, 9 months. Mr. and Mrs. Tracy came here last November from Ellsworth, Maine, Mr. Tracy having until quite recently been employed at Raling's Camp.

Obituary - Judge JAMES A. MILLIKEN of Cherryfield died at his home on Wednesday evening of last week at the age of nearly 78 years. Though Judge Milliken had lived in Washington County for many years, he was born and reared in Hancock County. He was the son of James Milliken and was born Dec. 8, 1813 on the east side of the Kilkenny Stream near the Stephen Joy place, now in Hancock but then in the town of Trenton. He was educated in public schools; at the age of 18 years he learned the trade of mason at which he worked for several years. Subsequently he became a school teacher. About 1841 he entered the ministry as a Universalist preacher. It was while he was so engaged in the town of Sullivan that we first knew him. In 1841 he married Miss Lucretia B. Coffin of Columbia. Having an affection of the throat which obliged him to give up preaching, he fitted himself for the legal profession in the office of the Hon. George F. Talbutt then a successful lawyer in Machias. He was admitted to the Bar in 1855 and moved to Cherryfield where he opened an office and commenced the successful practice of law. In 1854 Mr. Milliken was nominated for Congress and only lacked a very few votes of an election. T. J. D. Fuller of Calais was the opposing candidate. Mr. Milliken more than once represented his district in the State Legislature. In 1873 Mr. Milliken succeeded Jotham Lippicott of Columbia Falls as Judge of Probate. At about this time he formed a law partnership with Fred I. Campbell, Esq. of Cherryfield which was continued until a very short time ago. Mr. Milliken continued to serve as Judge of Probate until the spring of 88 when he had a stroke of paralysis, and shortly thereafter resigned the office. Mrs. Milliken died in 1882, and the Judge leaves one son, Dr. Charles J. Milliken, now in active practice in Cherryfield.

Obituary - Mr. HEZEKIAH H. BUZZELL, respected citizen of West Trenton, died on Thursday, June 25, at the age of 63 years. He was confined to his home about 4 weeks with a distressing case of heart disease from which he had been an intense sufferer at times for several years. He was a native of Camden, Maine and lived in this place 2 years, 6 months since, having previously married a lady of this place, the widow of the late Capt. A. L. McFarland. His only child, a son by a former wife, in answer to a summons by telegram, came here and had his father's remains conveyed to Camden to be deposited beside those of his first wife who died several years ago. Mrs. Buzzell followed the remains of her husband to its last resting place. He was our mail carrier nearly 2 years, an honored soldier in the late war and received a wound from which he never fully recovered.

JULY 23, 1891


Ellsworth, July 15, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. HOLLIS N. MOSLEY and Miss LILLIE J. GROVER, both of Ellsworth.

July 18, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. CHARLES C. FRAZIER and Miss LEONORA A. YOUNG, both of Ellsworth.

Bangor, July 16, by Rev. Charles H. Cutler, Mr. CHARLES E. WOODWARD formerly of Ellsworth and Miss JENNIE E., daughter of the late R. W. KIMBALL, both of Bangor.


Bangor, July 6, Mrs. ELIZABETH BARKER, widow of Lewis Barker and daughter of the late Col. Francis Hill of Exeter, age 66 years.

Boston, July 14, Miss LIZZIE A. CARLTON of Sedgwick, age 23 years, 11 months.

Obituary - LENA MABEL, only daughter of Rufus P. and Selena (Gott) STOVER, died at her home in Bluehill, Maine, July 2, of quick consumption followed an attack of la grippe. Her age is 22 years, 11 months, 19 days. Funeral services were held at her father's house Sunday, July 6.

JULY 30, 1891


Ellsworth, July 22, at St. Joseph's Church, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. JOHN A. GUNN of Chelsea, Mass. and Miss HANNAH A. DUEN of Ellsworth.

July 27, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. ALLEN S. KINGSLEY of Gouldsboro and Miss MARY S. FRAZIER of Ellsworth.

Bar Harbor, July 18, Mr. MELVIN LEIGHTON of Cherryfield and Miss CORA L. ANDERSON of Surry.

Castine, July 14, by Rev. A. E. Ives, Mr. FERDINAND CLIFFORD of Belfast and Miss ADDIE MOWRY of Castine.

Winterport, July 21, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Capt. WILLIAM T. MARSHALL and Miss ELLEN A. McNEAL, both of Winterport.


Ellsworth, July 25, LAURA A. WHITAKER, age 1 month, 21 days.

Franklin, July 1, Mrs. ANN M. BUTLER, age 76 years.

Sullivan, July 24, Mrs. ABIGAIL, widow of Charles PREBLE, age about 80 years.

Surry, July 21, of typhoid fever, CHARLES SAMUEL, only son of Capt. Samuel B. and Mary M. FREETHY, age 15 years, 7 months.

Otter Creek, June 24, Mr. SAMUEL HADLEY, age 87 years.

Resolutions of Respect - Once more, by a mysterious stroke of Divine Providence, are the members of Sedgwick Grange No. 244 called to mourn the loss of a brother patron, therefore,

RESOLVED that, in the death of Brother DAVID B. ALLEN, Sedgwick Grange has sustained a loss which it deeply feels,

RESOLVED that the members of this Grange extend their heartfelt sympathy to the afflicted family of our departed brother, and that our charter be draped for 30 days,

RESOLVED that these resolutions be spread upon the records of this Grange, and that a copy be sent to the family, also a copy be sent to the Ellsworth American.

-- signed Clara M. Clapp, Abbie A. Page and Minnie Hale

AUGUST 6, 1891


Surry, July 25, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, Mr. HOLLIS E. ANDERSON and Miss FLORENCE YOUNG, both of Ellsworth.

Mt. Desert, July 3, by M. L. Allen, Esq., Mr. THOMAS H. SEAVY and Miss HATTIE M. DOW, both of Mt. Desert.

Bucksport, Aug. 1, by Rev. William Forsyth, Mr. J. FRED PARTRIDGE of Orland and Miss CHARLOTTE S. HARRIMAN of Bucksport.


Ellsworth, Aug. 1, Mrs. LOIS STANWOOD, age 80 years, 4 months.

Lamoine, July 28, Mrs. HATTIE B. BIBBER, age 28 years, 6 months.

Hancock, July 26, Mrs. FANNIE STRATTON, age 84 years.

Gouldsboro, June 21, Mr. JOHN STEVENS, age 63 years, 14 days.

Columbia Falls, July 20, Maj. HARRISON G. SMITH, age 71 years.

North Penobscot, Aug. 2, Mr. ADAM GRAY, age 83 years, 1 month.

East Boston, July 16, FREDERIC S., only son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. HOPKINS, age 3 months, 15 days.

Obituary - On July 21, 1891, the little village of Surry was called to mourn the loss by death of another of her promising young men, Master CHARLES SAMUEL, age 15 years, 7 months, only son of Capt. Samuel B. and Mary M. FREETHY. His sickness was typhoid fever of the most obstinate type. The bereavement falls heavily on the parents whose strength is failing, and the four sisters who confided in their only brother.

AUGUST 13, 1891


Southwest Harbor, Aug. 9, in the old church, by the Rev. Dr. Bates, Mr. HERMON FARLEY and Miss HATTIE S. KELLEY, both of Tremont.

Castine, Aug. 4, by Rev. A. E. Ives, Mr. WALTER S. NORTON and Miss LULU MOREY, all of Castine.

Steuben, Aug. 4, by Rev. H. B. Tilden of Cherryfield, Mr. CHARLES F. BAKER and Miss ALMIRA M. SMITH, both of Steuben.

Milbridge, July 26, by George Googins, Esq., Mr. HENRY D. PARKER and Miss GRACE M. CAIN, all of Milbridge.

Cherryfield, July 30, Capt. WILLIAM G. FOSTER and Mrs. JOSEPHINE NASH, both of Milbridge.


Ellsworth, Aug. 6, GLADYS V., daughter of Eugene and Annie HASTINGS, age 10 months, 14 days. [Poem followed.]

Lamoine, Aug. 10, Mr. REUBEN HARDEN, age 88 years.

Trenton, July 16, Mrs. LUCY HAYNES, age 75 years.

Castine, Aug. 9, Mrs. JANE E. CATE, relict of Charles A. Cate.

Boston, July 24, at 69 Emerald Street, EMMA T., wife of James B. FRASHER, age 49 years, 10 months. The months and years of weariness and pain and brought to her the rest she longed to gain.

Glencoe, Minn., Mrs. A. M. TIBBETTS, formerly of Bluehill, age 38 years, 7 months.

AUGUST 20, 1891


Ellsworth, Aug. 12, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. JOHN H. SCHOPPE and Mrs. RENA L. STODDARD, both of Machias.

Aug. 15, by Rev. J.F. Haley, Mr. C. W. GOULD and Miss HESTER E. TINKER, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth Falls, Aug. 16, by Rev. H. W. Conley, Mr. ABRAHAM MEADER and Mrs. MARY M. MADDOX, both of Ellsworth.

Bluehill, Aug. 14, by Rev. Albert Donnell, Mr. CHARLES GRAY of Verona and Miss PHEBE CANDAGE of Bluehill.

South Brooksville, Aug. 12, by W. C. Bates, Esq., Capt. FRANK L. HASKELL and Miss VIOLA S. MAGEE, both of Brooksville.

Lawrence, Mass., Aug. 12, at the residence of W. B. Drew, Esq., by Rev. T. M. Butler, Mr. N. C. MEANS of Fitchburg and Miss MARY E. BUTLER of Lawrence, sister of the officiating clergyman.


East Sullivan, Aug. 10, Mr. JOSIAH BEAN, age 77 years, 8 months.

South Deer Isle, Aug. 8, Mr. EBEN SELLERS, age 83 years.

Bucksport, Aug. 13, Mrs. IDA, wife of Warren A. HEYWOOD, age about 41 years.

Mrs. EMELINE H. GRINDLE, age 62 years.

Resolutions of Respect

WHEREAS our Heavenly Father in his all wise providence saw best to remove by death from our midst on July 21 CHARLIE S. FREETHY, a beloved friend and associate member of the Society of Y. P. C. E. of the Baptist Church of Surry, therefore,

RESOLVED that in the death of our brother we feel to mourn the loss of one who had endeared himself to us by his pleasant ways and willingness to help on the work in whatever way he could,

RESOLVED that we feel that the vacant place made in our ranks by this, the first loss by death, perhaps more keenly by being the first,

RESOLVED that we hope that the stroke of affliction only serves to bring us nearer together and stimulate us to work more earnestly for each other, and to the bereaved parents and sisters who are also of our number we would also extend our heartfelt sympathies in their hours of loneliness and sorrow.

-- signed J. A. Chatto, G. W. Freethy and A. L. Treworgy

AUGUST 27, 1891


Steuben, Aug. 22, Dr. SELDON B. OVERLOCK and Miss CORA L. SMITH, both of Steuben.

Florence, Alabama, Aug. 19, HENRY MARTIN HALL, JR. formerly of Ellsworth and Miss MAGGIE HUGH BROCK, both of Florence.


Ellsworth, Aug. 23, Miss GRACE J. GREGORY, age 18 years, 4 months, 11 days.

Aug. 21, Mrs. MARY W. BRIGGS, age 82 years, 5 months, 23 days.

Franklin, Aug. 20, Mrs. MARY ABBIE, wife of Sidney A. BUTLER, age 48 years, 5 months, 8 days.

Waltham, Aug. 19, Mrs. ABBIE K. HASLAM, age 55 years, 11 months.

Penobscot, Aug. 13, Mrs. MARY P. SNOWMAN, age 97 years, 9 months.

West Gouldsboro, Aug. 19, Mr. SAMUEL BUNKER, age 76 years.



Bucksport, Aug. 17, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. FREEMAN N. HEATH and Miss ALICE C. WOODBRIDGE, both of Bucksport.

Aug. 20, at the residence of the bride's father (Mr. V. F. Crocker), by Rev. George W. Avery of Topsham, Mr. HARRY E. WILSON of Vinalhaven and Miss NELLIE M. CROCKER of Bucksport; also Mr. WILLIAM T. WEST of Jonesboro and Miss CLARA F. CROCKER of Bucksport.

Amherst, Aug. 22, by Rev. S. Thomson, Mr. ALBERT McLAUGHLIN of Bucksport and Miss MARTHA FOSTER of Amherst.

Brooklin, Aug. 26, at the residence of M. A. Flye, Esq., by Rev. O. C. Herbert of Limerick, Mr. HAROLD A. GRINDLE and Miss DAISY D. HERRICK, both of Brooklin.


Ellsworth, Aug. 30, Mr. WILLIAM WARREN, age 84 years.

Aug. 31, GEORGIE M., infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George FLINT, age 10 months, 11 days.

Lamoine Beach, Aug. 30, CHARLES E. WALKER, age 19 years, 3 months, 15 days.

Clifton, Aug. 20, Mr. JOSEPH PENNEY, age 82 years, 6 months.

Orland, Aug. 17, Capt. HIRAM LEACH, age about 87 years.


Bucksport, Aug. 22, Mrs. EFFIE SIMPSON, age 23 years.

Surry, Aug. 30, Mrs. MIRANDA C. FLOOD, age 82 years.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1891


Bluehill, Sep. 2, by Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. HERMAN H. HOWARD and Miss ETHEL M. THOMPSON, both of Bluehill.

Mt. Desert, Sep. 1, by M. L. Allen, Esq., Mr. TRUMAN SINCLAIR of Eden and Mrs. EMMA J. STANLEY of Southwest Harbor.

Winterport, Sep. 4, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. JOHN H. MULLEN of Somerville, Mass. and Miss LOUISE L. PLUMMER of Winterport.


Ellsworth, Sep. 7, Mrs. EMMA A. NOYES, age 29 years, 7 months, 22 days.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1891


Ellsworth, Sep. 9, at St. Joseph's Church, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. MICHAEL W. BYRNES of Franklin, Mass. and Miss NELLIE F. NEVELL of Ellsworth.

Sep. 9, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. FRED L. KENT and Miss NELLIE LORD, both of Ellsworth. No cards.


Ellsworth, Sep. 8, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael DUFFEE.

Sep. 13, BEATRICE, infant twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Percy GRAFFAM, age 7 months.

Sep. 12, Mr. NELSON ADELBERT JOY, age 33 years.

Sullivan, Aug. 28, Mrs. IDA E., wife of Capt. Edgar BARTER of Isle au Haut, age 26 years.

Aug. 24, Mr. JOHN CUMMINGS, age 36 years.

East Dedham, FRANK M. HAYNES, age about 20 years.

Salem, Mass., Mr. WILLIAM A. RUMILL of East Dedham, age 51 years.

East Boston, Sep. 11, FRANK, son of Cyrus S. and Mary L. CAPELL, age 3 months, 5 days.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1891


Ellsworth, Sep. 16, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. GEORGE A. GILES and Miss GRACE MILLIKEN, both of Ellsworth.

Sep. 19, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. CHARLES LaROUCHE of Taunton, Mass. and Miss ALICE KINGSBURY of Ellsworth.

Surry, Sep. 20, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, at the home of the bride's father (Capt. I. P. Witham), Mr. FRED M. HASKELL and Miss ALICE M. WITHAM.

North Penobscot, Sep. 19, by J. M. Hutchins, Esq., Mr. JOHN P. GRAY of Bluehill and Miss MARIA HARRIMAN of Orland.

Bar Harbor, Sep. 17, at Mizzentop, the residence of Mrs. William Morris Hunt, by Bishop Doane of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, N.Y., Mr. HORATIO NELSON SLATER of Webster, Mass. and Miss MABEL HUNT of Boston.

South Deer Isle, Sep. 17, Mr. WOODBURY of Ipswich, Mass. and Miss LINNIE GREENLAW of Oceanville.


Lines written on the death by scarlet fever, Sep. 12, of NELSON ADELBERT JOY of Ellsworth, age 33 years, 3 months: Through that burning fever's putrid heat, his bleeding lips and pain-pierced brow, calm, conscious, he did oft repeat: (Now our consolation, Lord), "Why try to save me? Let me go, I'm not afraid to meet my God."

Bluehill, Aug. 29, Col. BYRON W. DARLING, age 77 years, 11 months, 6 days.

South Deer Isle, Sep. 12, infant son of B. S. W. and Lizzie HATCH.

Obituary - Col. BYRON W. DARLING was born in Bluehill Sep. 23, 1813. His grandfather, Jonathan Darling, was one of the first settlers of the town, and his descendants have ever been identified with the various enterprises and industries of this state. He was a successful school teacher for many years, commencing at the age of 18 years. He taught 39 terms of school and several singing schools. He was a member of the Maine Legislature in 1843; a coroner for the County of Hancock for 8 years; Deputy Sheriff under Richard Tinker and John R. Redman for 14 years; and Deputy Collector at Castine for 4 years. In military matters he took an active interest. He was promoted from the office of ensign to that of colonel of the 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade, 3rd Division of the Old Maine Militia. At the time of the Aroostook War, nearly 53 years ago, he was in command of the Bluehill Militia. In the opening and development of the granite quarries in this town, Col. Darling, with his father and brothers, had an active and interesting part. After the death of his father, the firm dissolved and Col. Darling then engaged in cemetery granite work. In 1835, Nov. 12, Col. Darling married Evelina W. Erskine of Lowell, Mass., an estimable woman who died Aug. 4, 1874. The two children lived to reach maturity -- Georgianna M., born May 14, 1837; she became the wife of Capt. Hiram Closson: she died Jan. 17, 1870, age 32, leaving a daughter 3 years old, Carrie G., who is now Mrs. Carrie G. Barnard living at Laupahoehoe, Hawaii. Her father, Capt. Closson, died in Humboldt, California Dec. 3, 1887. One son survives Col. Darling, Henry Byron. Col. Darling married several years ago Mrs. Emeline A. Buptill of Boston, Mass., who still survives him. In his religious faith he was a Congregationalist. The end came suddenly, unexpectedly. He had been at work in the garden during the day and retired as well as usual at night, but in the first hours of the morning, Aug. 29, 1891, he was taken with a severe attack of heart disease. He said, "I am a very sick man," and before medical aid could arrive, he had passed away. It is a singular fact that, in less than 10 months, 3 brothers should have died so suddenly. Nov. 3, 1890 Vespasian Darling died instantly at a hotel in Portland; Jan. 22, 1891 Fred A. Darling went out in a severe rainstorm to see to turning water away from his buildings, and in 5 minutes he was found near the corner of his house with life extinct. William W. Darling, the only grandson, came from Waltham, Mass. to attend the funeral services.

OCTOBER 1, 1891


Ellsworth,Sep. 26, by Rev. T. R. Smith, Mr. CHARLES L. SMITH of Hancock and Miss MARY MORRISON of Mariaville.

Mariaville, Sep. 20, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. ALFRED M. BLAISDELL of Otis and Miss BOSIE RANKIN of Mariaville.

West Dennis, Mass., Sep. 23, Mr. JOHN A. CASEY of Ellsworth and Miss ANNIE, daughter of Allen S. CROWELL, Esq. of West Dennis.

Bangor, Sep. 25, by Rev. G. B. Haley, Mr. LEWIS H. BURTON of Dedham and Miss MABEL COLBY of Bucksport.


Ellsworth, Sep. 28, Mr. THOMAS OLSEN, age 21 years.

Sep. 24, LOUISE CHASE BOWKER, daughter of Capt. S. A. and L. J. GOODWIN, age 1 year, 4 months, 11 days.

Sep. 22, Dr. EMERSON GOOGING, age 80 years, 10 months.

West Trenton, Sep. 23, Mrs. ALMENEA KITTREDGE THOMPSON, age 85 years, 9 months, 21 days.

Mt. Desert Ferry, Sep. 27, BERTIE W., son of William W. and Evie M. JELLISON, age 4 years, 5 months.

Reading, Mass., Sep. 16, Rev. SAMUEL BOWKER, formerly of Bluehill, age 76 years, 11 months, 26 days.

OCTOBER 8, 1891


Ellsworth, June 15, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. EVERETT E. PERKINS and Miss MERTIE L. FRIEND, both of Ellsworth.

Seal Harbor, Sep. 23, by G. W. Bracy, Esq., Mr. SAMUEL J. DODGE and Mrs. ANNIE M. SPAULDING, both of Seal Harbor.

Bar Harbor, Sep. 24, by E. S. Clark, Esq., Mr. CHARLES E. MORSE and Miss STELLA L. EASTMAN, both of Bar Harbor.

Winter Harbor, Sep. 20., by Rev. C. S. Hill, Mr. H. G. WESTON and Miss IDA BIDDEFORD, both of Gouldsboro.

Bluehill, Oct. 3, by Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. WILLIAM THOMPSON AND Miss NETTIE CARTER, both of Long Island, Bluehill Bay.

Cherryfield, Oct. 1, at the Congregational Chapel, by Rev. Charles F. Clarke of Machias, Rev. JOHN SHERIDAN ZELTE of Plymouth, Conn. and Miss HENRIETTA SHAPLEIGH, youngest daughter of Hon. Gleason R. CAMPBELL of Cherryfield.

Waltham, Mass., Sep. 24, by Rev. W. M. Mick, Mr. JAMES H. BARRON of Bar Harbor and Miss SADIE B. McISAAC of Waltham.


Ellsworth, Oct. 6, LORENE MARIA, only daughter of H. W. and Dora E. DUNN, age 7 months, 9 days.

Hancock, Sep. 30, Capt. ELIJAH STRATTON, age 67 years, 2 months, 1 day.

Franklin, Oct. 2, LYDIA K. ROYAL, age 76 years.

Bar Harbor, Sep. 22, JOHN WHITMORE, 2nd, age 47 years, 3 months, 13 days.

Atlantic, Sep. 27, Capt. JOHN STAPLES, age 72 years.

Obituary - EMERSON GOOGING, M.D., who died in this city the 22nd ult., was born in North Hancock Nov. 20, 1810. His father, George Googins (or Gooking, as the name was then spelled), was the father of 12 children -- 6 sons and 6 daughters; 6 of whom (4 sons and 2 daughters) are now living. As a young man, Dr. Googing was engaged in teaching school. He was educated as a physician at Bowdoin College and commenced practice of his profession at Surry where he spent several years. From Surry he came to Ellsworth about 1843 or 44 and remained a resident physician of that town until 1848 when he moved to Somesville. It was during his first residence in Ellsworth that he took a wife, marrying Miss Mary Susan, daughter of Calvin Peck, M.D., Dec. 25, 1845. Dr. Googing lived at Somesville about 22 years. In 1870 he moved back to Ellsworth where he continued to reside until the time of his death. Dr. and Mrs. Googing were the parents of 7 children, 6 of whom are now living. Mrs. Googing died in this city Oct. 10, 1877. Dr. Googing continued in the active practice of his profession until about 2 years ago when the increasing infirmities of age obliged him to discontinue.

OCTOBER 15, 1891


Ellsworth, Oct. 8, at the home of the bride, by Rev. Charles T. Canfield, Mr. RODERICK M. PALMER of Bangor and Miss SALLIE C. JONES of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth Falls, Oct. 10, by Rev. Henry W. Conley, Mr. FRED B. MARDEN and Miss WALTIE TUCKER, both of Ellsworth.

West Brooksville, Sep. 25, by Rev. J. C. Young, Mr. LEWIS F. STROUT of Harrington and Miss CLARA A. DOUGLASS of West Brooksville.

Winterport, Oct. 9, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. JAMES RAMEY and Miss LIZZIE KELLEY, both of Prospect.


Ellsworth, Sep. 21, EVA, only daughter of Stephen G. and Henrietta INMAN, age 2 years, 7 months.

North Ellsworth, Oct. 10, Mrs. MARY J., widow of Nahum RICHARDSON, age 69 years, 20 days.

Surry, Oct. 9, CHARLES G. ELLS, age 1 year, 9 months.

Trenton, Oct. 12, Mrs. MARY JANE BUZZELL, age 65 years, 6 months.

Brooklin, Oct. 8, Mrs. ANN, widow of John CUNNINGHAM, age upwards of 80 years.

Sedgwick, Oct. 2, Mr. ASA TURNER, age 78 years.

Oct. 7, NEAL, infant son of Theodore A. and Vergelia SMITH, age 2 weeks, 6 days.

OCTOBER 22, 1891


Ellsworth, Oct. 20, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. BARTON K. JOY of Ellsworth and Miss LENA B. BRAGDON of Franklin.

Winter Harbor, Oct. 13, by Rev. G. W. F. Hill, Mr. R. M. TORREY and Mrs. PRISCILLA G. MOORE, both of Gouldsboro.

Camden, Oct. 8, Rev. V. P. WARDWELL of Damariscotta and Mrs. ELIZABETH LEE of Camden.

Great Pond, Sep. 30, by John R. Shuman, Esq., Mr. F. A. AVERY of Passadumkeag and Mrs. CASSIA M. CHICK of Great Pond.

Deer Isle, Oct. 16, by Rev. J. S. Richards, Mr. AUGUSTUS C. THOMPSON and Miss NETTIE E. ALLIS, both of Deer Isle.

Amherst, Sep. 12, Dr. J. HERBERT PATTEN and Miss MAY BELLE FOSTER, both of Amherst.

Florence, Alabama, Oct. 5, by Rev. Dr. G. W. Briggs, Mr. WALTER M. YOUNG of Elgin, Illinois, formerly of this city, and Miss GERTRUDE M. SOUTHWORTH of Florence.


Ellsworth, Oct. 17, GEORGE W., son of John H. and Matilda A. CLARK, age 2 years, 5 months.

North Hancock, Oct. 16, AGNES B. TRACY, age 2 years, 5 months.

Brooklin, Oct. 13, Mr. ABRAM B. CARTER, age 56 years.

Portland, Oct. 19, Mr. GEORGE E. B. JACKSON, age 62 years, 3 months.

Resolutions - At a stated communication of Marine Lodge No. 122 F & A M, held in the Masonic Hall in Deer Isle, Oct. 6,

WHEREAS it has pleased the Great Architect of the Universe to call from labor our late brother, IRA BERRY, G.S., for the last 35 years secretary of the Grand Lodge of Maine of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that, though we humbly bow to the sovereign will of God in this, as in all His providential rulings, yet we would express and record our sincere sorrow in this event,

RESOLVED that it is also with deep gratitude that we recognize God's goodness in sparing for his friends and his work our late venerable brother to well nigh complete fourscore and ten years on earth, he being called from his labors at the advanced age of 79 years, 11 months, 27 days,

RESOLVED that we gratefully recognize the noble and loyal devotion of our brother through so many years to the sublime principles of Free Masonry,

RESOLVED that we are glad thereby to record our grateful appreciation for his long and faithful service as an officer of the Grand Lodge of Maine, his service both to the Lodge of which he was an honored member and to the order which now suffers great loss in his decease,

RESOLVED that we hereby extend to family and friends of our late brother our most affectionate sympathy in this their bereavement,

RESOLVED that these resolutions be spread upon the records of this Lodge and that a copy thereof be forwarded to the bereaved family, and to the Deer Isle Gazette and the Ellsworth American for publication.

-- signed J. S. Richards, A. O. Gross and E. L. Haskell

OCTOBER 29, 1891


Ellsworth, Oct. 27, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. CHARLES BURLINGHAM ROOD of Windham, Conn. and Miss CAROLINE LAMSON of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, Oct. 6, Mr. NATHAN REAY and Miss JENNIE HOBBS.

Gouldsboro, Oct. 17, by A. S. Rolf, Esq., Mr. GEORGE H. ROLF of Gouldsboro and Miss MARY R. TRACY of Sullivan.

Prospect Harbor, Oct. 24, by Rev. G. W. F. Hill, Mr. JOHN O. FOSS of Winter Harbor and Miss CLARA L. HAMILTON of Prospect Harbor.

Castine, Oct. 21, Mr. FRANK W. BUTLER and Miss ALICE E. SMITH.

West Park-on-the-Hudson, N.Y., Oct. 22, at Ascension Church, by Rev. L. R. Dickenson, HARRIET, daughter of the late Col. Rowland CARLTON of Sedgwick, Maine and Mr. EUGENE R. DURKEE of New York.


Ellsworth, Oct. 13, Mrs. LOUISA LIBBY, age 94 years, 9 months, 13 days.

Oct. 21, Mrs. SARAH A., wife of Isaiah BLAISDELL, age 68 years, 1 month, 5 days.

Oct. 26, Miss NELLIE B. CLARK, age 20 years, 10 months, 19 days.

North Ellsworth, Oct. 16, Mr. AUGUSTUS TOURTELOTTE, age 45 years, 3 months, 5 days.

Surry, Oct. 20, Mrs. JANE H., wife of Jesse M. RAY, age 63 years.

Orland, Oct. 24, Mrs. MARGARET, widow of John SOPER, age 92 years, 5 months, 14 days.

West Brooksville, Oct. 25, Mrs. REBECCA GRINDLE, age 56 years.

Brooklin, Oct. 25, Mr. ALFRED CARTER, age 68 years, 10 months, 19 days.

Bar Harbor, Oct. 17, Mr. STEPHEN HIGGINS, age about 78 years.

Birch Harbor, Oct. 22, PHOSA A., daughter of Jonas R. and Lucy J. CRANE, age 2 years, 9 months.

NOVEMBER 5, 1891


Winterport, Oct. 24, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. JOSEPH H. McAULIFFE of Bangor and Miss HELEN L. AREY of Winterport.

East Corinth, Aug. 31, by Rev. E. Harding, Mr. EPHRAIM CLARK and Miss ELLEN SIMMONS, both of Corinth.

Fort Fairfield, Oct. 28, by Rev. A. E. Luce, Mr. J. C. EMERY and Miss CONSTANTIA NICHOLSON, both of Monticello.

Orland, Oct. 24, Mr. ALBERT D. STAPLES and Miss CARRIE A. HUTCHINGS, both of Orland.


Ellsworth, Oct. 27, Miss ELIZA TRUE, age about 60 years.

Bluehill, Oct. 24, Mr. GILES J. WOOD, age 77 years.

Franklin, Oct. 5, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. ABBOTT.

Oct. 12, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. James GOULD.


Oct. 26, FRED, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. BLAISDELL.

Steuben, Oct. 19, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John WHITTEN.

Oct. 26, Mrs. ELIZABETH PARRITT, age about 72 years.

Nov. 1, Mrs. ANNIE WHITTEN, age about 84 years.

Castine, Oct. 30, Mrs. OLIVE, widow of Benjamin COOMBS, age 77 years, 8 months.

Bath, Oct. 31, MARY FRANCES, infant daughter of Henry G. and Helen M. WOOSTER, formerly of Hancock, age 1 year, 6 months.

Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 28, ROSA M. JORDAN, formerly of Ellsworth, age 27 years.

Nov. 2, Mr. SAMUEL E. JORDAN, formerly of Otis, age 41 years.

Obituary - Mrs. SARAH A. BLAISDELL, after a long and painful illness, died at her home in this city, Oct. 21, 1891. Converted at the age of 14, her life from that time was consecrated to her Savior. Soon after, she became a member of the Methodist Church and she remained a faithful and earnest worker until her death. For many years she was president of the Ladies' Circle. Her health had for several years been failing. Her bereaved husband and family have our sympathy. Mrs. Blaisdell came here from Milbridge; she was the daughter of the late Warren Leighton, Esq.

Obituary - Capt. GILES J. WOOD died Oct. 24 at his home in Bluehill; his age was 77 years.

Obituary - Miss ELIZA TRUE, who died in this city at the home of her nephew, Mr. Edward T. Campbell, on Thursday evening of last week, was born and reared in Yarmouth, Maine. Miss True came to this city about 7 years ago to make a permanent residence with her sister, Mrs. Ambrose S. Campbell, and though Mr. and Mrs. Campbell have now been dead several years, Miss True continued to reside with her nephew at the old homestead. The deceased was a sister of Capt. Edward True, the well known steamboat master, and of Mr. William H. True who has for many years been a resident of this city. Years ago she cared for her father and mother, and also her sister Abby, through long, wearying illnesses with the most untiring assiduity. For several years she has been a invalid, her illness and her retiring nature confining her to the house. Her funeral on Thursday afternoon last was officiated by Rev. E. A. Mason, pastor of the Baptist Church.

NOVEMBER 12, 1891


Ellsworth, Nov. 5, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. LAWRENCE GORMAN and Mrs. MARY MAHONEY, both of Ellsworth.

Nov. 7, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. CHARLES O. WOOD of Ellsworth and Miss SARAH NORTON of Jonesport.

Rockland, Oct. 27, by Rev. C. S. Cummings, Mr. GEORGE W. COLLINS of Rockland and Miss FANNIE EATON of Green's Landing.

Hancock, Nov. 2, by Rev. Benjamin F. Fogg, Mr. RICHARD E. MARTIN and Miss VESTA F. BLACK.

Green's Landing, Oct. 25, by Rev. V. W. Blackman, Mr. GEORGE H. TURNER and Miss EDNA B. SMALL, both of Isle au Haut.

Mr. A. CLEVELAND and Miss KATIE C. GRAY, both of Deer Isle.


Ellsworth, Nov. 8, Mrs. ELLA F. STAPLES, age 32 years, 9 months, 24 days.

North Ellsworth, Nov. 3, Miss MABEL P. HIGGINS, age 16 years, 7 months, 8 days.

Orland, Oct. 27, Mr. BENJAMIN A. KEYES, age 73 years, 7 months, 9 days.

Castine, Nov. 2, Mrs. ANGELIA, wife of Hon. L. G. PHILBROOK, age 69 years.

East Lamoine, Nov. 9, Mrs. AUGUSTA W., wife of Alden B. HIGGINS, age 51 years, 7 months.

Franklin, Nov. 6, Mr. ELISHA G. FERNALD, age 82 years, 7 months.

Obituary - JANE H. RAY, beloved wife of J. M. Ray and fourth daughter of James Milliken, Esq., died Tuesday night, Oct. 20, 1891, in her 63rd year. She was thoroughly converted to God and Methodism. All that her loving husband and kind sisters and brothers could think of was done to make her passage to the grave easy.

NOVEMBER 19, 1891


Bar Harbor, Nov. 8, by Rev. C. S. Leffingwell, Mr. DANIEL WOOD and Miss ADDIE H. GORDON, both of Eden.

Oct. 19, by the same, Mr. STERLING A. BILLS and Miss CORA E. RICHARDSON, both of Mt. Desert.

Bangor, Nov. 2, by Rev. George D. Lindsay, Mr. HENRY W. THURSTON of Tremont and Miss CARRIE F. DUNBAR of Bangor.

Steuben, Oct. 31, by J.C. Googins, Esq., Mr. ALDEN SEAVEY and Miss LILLIE REDDING, both of Gouldsboro.

Oct. 31, by the same, Mr. SEYMOUR PINKHAM and Miss EFFIE M. MORSE, both of Milbridge.

Nov. 8, by the same, Mr. TIMOTHY P. LEIGHTON and Miss CADDIE C. SULLIVAN, both of Steuben.

Winter Harbor, Nov. 12, by Rev. G. W. F. Hill, Mr. LLEWELLYN PENDLETON and Miss CLARA B. LINDSEY, both of Gouldsboro.

Gouldsboro, Nov. 10, by A. S. Rolfe, Esq., Mr. JOHN ANDREWS of South Gouldsboro and Miss ETHEL CRABTREE of Franklin.

Orland, Nov. 14, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. FRANK A. BENNETT and Mrs. ALICE M. GINN, both of Orland.

Mt. Desert, Nov. 15, by M. L. Allen, Esq., Mr. WALTER J. RICHARDSON and Miss ADDIE E. HODGDON, both of Mt. Desert.


Ellsworth, Nov. 16, Capt. EVERARD JORDAN, age 44 years.

North Hancock, Nov. 17, Mr. WILLIAM PHILLIPS, age 86 years, 9 months, 19 days.

Bartlett's Island, Nov. 11, Capt. HIRAM C. RAYMOND, age 64 years.

West Brooklin, Nov. 10, Mr. RICHARD EATON, age 79 years.

West Tremont, Oct. 27, ARCHIE ROY, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. RUMILL, age 3 months, 28 days.

Bucksport, Nov. 3, Mrs. MARY A. SILSBY, age 76 years, 4 months, 5 days.

Nov. 1, Mrs. SARAH P. HOWES, widow of Joshua R. Howes, age 80 years.

Bluehill, Oct. 23, Mrs. ELVINA STEVENS HINCKLEY, age 89 years, 5 months, 16 days.

San Luis Obispo, Calif., Nov. 1, Mr. HENRY AUGUSTUS DUTTON, formerly of Ellsworth, age 77 years, 8 months.

Obituary - We are pained to hear of the death of HENRY AUGUSTUS DUTTON at his home in San Luis Obispo, Calif. He was for many years one of the prominent businessmen of this city until he removed to California a few years ago. He was obliged to give up business in this city on account of failing health, but it was hoped the change of climate would prove beneficial. He leaves a wife, 2 sons and a daughter.

NOVEMBER 26, 1891


Ellsworth Falls, Nov. 18, by Rev. H. W. Conley, Mr. NICHOLAS E. CARROLL and Miss ESTELLA E. ARMSTRONG, both of Ellsworth.

Nov. 21, by the same, Mr. JAMES L. YOUNG and Miss MINNIE B. MOORE, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, Nov. 21, at the home of the bride's father, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, Mr. EDWIN ASHWORTH of East Bluehill and Miss GRACE L. STEWART of Surry.

Milbridge, Oct. 25, by George Googins, Esq., Mr. WILLIE S. KELLEY of Columbia Falls and Miss RITA J. STROUT.

Nov. 11, by the same, Mr. EDWARD M. CONNERS and Miss SYLVINA PINKHAM, both of Milbridge.

Nov. 18, by the same, Mr. SIMEON B. HUCKINS and Mrs. CLARA M. MORRISON, both of Milbridge.

Nov. 18, by Rev. A. J. Lockhart, Mr. EDGAR A. WYMAN and Miss REGINA S. WALLACE, both of Milbridge.

South Deer Isle, Nov. 10, by Rev. Mr. Wright, Mr. RALPH HENDRICK and Miss HATTIE M. WEBB, both of South Deer Isle.

Seal Harbor, Nov. 2, by Stephen Smallidge, Esq., Capt. JAMES CLEMENT, 2nd and Mrs. EMMA E. HOLDEN, both of Mt. Desert.


Ellsworth, Nov. 18, Dr. HOWARD DAVIS.

Nov. 18, Mrs. AMELIA, widow of John BRAGDON, age 45 years, 11 months.

Nov. 21, Capt. SAMUEL SPENCER HIGGINS, age 50 years, 2 months, 11 days.

Nov. 24, STEPHEN MONAGHAN, JR., age 23 years, 4 months, 19 days.

Ellsworth Falls, Nov. 23, Mrs. AMELIA A., wife of William A. RICHARDSON, age 48 years, 7 months, 23 days.

Seal Harbor, Nov. 4, Mrs. ABBIE, widow of Capt. James CLEMENT, age 77 years.

Somesville, Nov. 5, Mrs. ADELINE, widow of Abraham SOMES, age 76 years.

Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 13, Mrs. ANNA E., wife of Kendall K. HERRICK, age 54 years, 7 months.

Newton Junction, N.H., Nov. 19, Rev. JAMES P. NOWLAN, age 45 years, 10 months.

DECEMBER 3, 1891


Ellsworth, Nov. 25, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. JOHN C. RALPH of Tremont and Miss LINDA B. DIX of Mt. Desert.

Cherryfield, Nov. 24, by Rev. H. B. Tilden, Mr. ANDREW G. LINCOLN of Wareham, Mass. and Miss MARY K. BURNHAM of Cherryfield.

Winterport, Nov. 25, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. HOLLIS RITCHIE and Miss F. MARION DUNBAR, both of Winterport.

Tremont, Nov. 25, by G. R. Fuller, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM J. HARPER of Tremont and Miss MINNIE A. YOUNG of Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia.

Surry, Nov. 28, by Rev. D. E. Phelan, Mr. OTIS H. CARTER of Sedgwick and Miss ROSA F. CONARY of Surry.

South Deer Isle, Nov. 18, by Rev. T. J. Wright, Mr. CHARLES SMITH and Miss BELLE G. PICKERING, both of Deer Isle.

Hancock, Nov. 26, by Rev. W. C. Stetson, Mr. EBEN P. ROWE of Rockport, Mass. and Miss ANNIE A. WILKINSON of Hancock.

Nov. 28, by Rev. B. F. Fogg, Mr. ATWOOD S. MARTIN and Miss FLORENCE GRANT, both of Hancock.

West Gouldsboro, Nov. 25, Capt. GEORGE ALLEN, JR. of Prospect Harbor and Miss MARGARETT WOOD of West Gouldsboro.

Bangor, Nov. 26, by Rev. C. E. Mason, Mr. H. L. AREY of Bucksport and Miss EVE BOYNTON of Bangor.

Augusta, Nov. 12, by Rev. George W. Field, D.D. of Bangor, assisted by Rev. J. B. Williamson of Augusta, JOSEPH WILLIAMSON, JR. of Belfast and Miss VALLE M., daughter of Governor E. C. BURLEIGH.

Neponset, Mass., Nov. 18, Mr. SUMNER S. FOSTER formerly of Deer Isle and Miss SARAH L. SPEARE of Neponset.

Port Townsend, Wash., Oct. 13, Mr. FRANZ S. MOORE of Tremont, Solduck Valley, Washington, formerly of Southwest Harbor, Maine and Miss AUGUSTA ANDERSON of Port Townsend.


Ellsworth, Nov. 28, Mr. HENRY URIAH TRIPP, age 41 years, 15 days.

North Ellsworth, Nov. 28, Mr. CHARLES A. AUSTIN, age 69 years.

Bangor, Nov. 17, FLORENCE M., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eaton BUNKER, age 22 years, 4 months, 5 days.

Waltham, Mass., Nov. 21, Rev. THOMAS HILL, D.D. of Portland, age 73 years, 10 months, 14 days.

Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 28, Mrs. MARY GOODWIN, wife of Dr. H. A. EMERY, formerly of South Berwick, Maine.

Manitou, Colorado, Nov. 27, Dr. FRED, son of Dr. Jared and Mrs. Henrietta (Hinman) FULLER, formerly of Corinth, Maine.

DECEMBER 10, 1891


Ellsworth, Dec. 2, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. ABRAM LORD and Miss ELLA T. CUSHMAN, both of Ellsworth.

Dec. 2, by the same, Mr. WILLIAM T. ROYAL and Miss JENNIE ARCHER, both of Ellsworth.

Dec. 1, by the same, Mr. SIMON E. LAKE and Miss MAHALA J. JORDAN, both of Ellsworth.

Dec. 2, by Rev. Edward A. Mason, Mr. DANIEL S. BEAL and Mrs. CLARA B. DUNBAR, both of Ellsworth.

Gouldsboro, Dec. 1, by Charles C. Larrabee, Esq., Mr. EDWARD F. OBER and Miss PERCIS L. SMALLIDGE, both of Gouldsboro.

Orrington, Nov. 26, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. WALTER G. WHEELDEN of South Orrington and Miss ELLA I. CORNISH of Orrington.


Ellsworth, Dec. 1, Mr. SAMUEL H. DAVIS, age 66 years.

Lamoine, Dec. 7, Mr. CHARLES F. WALKER, age 57 years, 3 months.

Seal Cove, Dec. 3, Mr. FRED W. CUSHMAN of Ellsworth, age 22 years, 10 months, 21 days.

South Hancock, Dec. 2, Miss LESSIE BERNICE, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. YOUNG, age 25 years, 9 months.

Clifton, Nov. 28, Miss EDITH R. JELLISON, age 18 years, 2 months, 23 days.

Castine, Dec. 2, Capt. J. H. PARKER, age 57 years.

St. Thomas, W.I., Nov. 12, Capt. ALBERT CARTER of Sedgwick, age 53 years, 9 months.

Bangor, Nov. 30, FREDERICK CUTTING, only son of Augustus C. and Helen A. HAMLIN, age 18 years.

DECEMBER 17, 1891


Cherryfield, Dec. 10, by Rev. H. B. Tilden, Mr. WILLIAM H. STEWART of Burrillville, R.I. and Miss MARY H. CAMPBELL of Cherryfield.

Winter Harbor, Dec. 8, by William Rand, Esq., Mr. SIMEON V. SARGENT and Miss IDA MAY LINDSEY, both of Gouldsboro.

By Bedford E. Tracy, Esq., Mr. ALICK J. GRANT of Eden and Miss LAURA B. WESTON of Gouldsboro.

West Gouldsboro, Dec. 13, by A. B. Kingsley, Esq., Mr. ERNEST W. MOORE and Miss JANE DENBOW, both of Sullivan.

Sedgwick, Dec. 9, at the Baptist parsonage, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. VICTOR C. BRIDGES and Miss CELIA E. EATON, both of Brooklin.

At the same time and place, by the same, Mr. CLARENCE E. HUTCHINS of Sedgwick and Miss LENA R. HENDERSON of South Bluehill.

Bluehill, Dec. 3, at the Baptist parsonage, by Rev. G. Mayo, Mr. ALLEN A. FISK of Bluehill and Miss ADDIE F. CARLISLE of Surry.


South Deer Isle, Dec. 1, Mrs. LIZZIE E., wife of B. S. W. HATCH.

Southwest Harbor, Dec. 12, Mrs. ROSE, wife of Jones W. TRACY, age 34 years.

Castine, Dec. 8, Mr. I. L. SHEPHERD, age 58 years, 11 months, 19 days.

Steuben, Dec. 11, Mr. SHERMAN PINKHAM, age 24 years.

DECEMBER 24, 1891


Cranberry Isles, Dec. 13, by William P. Preble, Esq., Mr. ALONZO J. BRYANT and Miss LENA M. STANLEY, both of Cranberry Isles.

Dec. 13, by the same, Mr. FRED R. SPURLING and Miss NELLIE F. FERNALD, both of Cranberry Isles.

Sedgwick, Dec. 17, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. HENRY W. MORSE and Miss GRACE E. DORITY, both of Brooklin.

Hampden, Dec. 20, Mr. JAMES T. BARBOUR of Ellsworth and Miss MARY E. ATWOOD of Hampden.

Southwest Harbor, Dec. 20, at the home of the bride's parents, by Rev. Dr. Bates, Mr. H. EDWIN STANLEY and Miss MAUD E. LURVEY, both of Tremont.

Cherryfield, Dec. 21, by Rev. H. B. Tilden, Mr. IRVING W. WEBBER of Ellsworth and Miss NELLIE E. LEIGHTON of Cherryfield.


Ellsworth, Dec. 17, Capt. JOSEPH WARREN REMICK, age 62 years, 2 months, 10 days.

North Lamoine, Dec. 13, Mrs. SALLY J., wife of William M. YOUNG, age 74 years, 17 days.

Lamoine, Dec. 21, Mr. CHARLES EASTMAN, age 23 years, 8 months.

Deer Isle, Dec. 18, JOHN P. JOHNSON, age 15 years, 3 months, 22 days.

Dec. 18, RAYMOND C. RICHARDS, age 15 years, 5 months, 12 days.

Seal Cove, Dec. 18, UDOLPH, son of Lemuel and Nancy SPRAGUE, age 20 years.

Chico, Calif., Dec. 8, Mr. O. N. YOUNG, formerly of Lamoine, age about 43 years.

San Domingo, Nov. 24, Capt. GEORGE BUSH, formerly of Hancock.

Resolutions - At a stated meeting of Eggemoggin Lodge No. 128, held in the Masonic Hall, Sedgwick, Dec. 14:

WHEREAS the Grand Master of the Universe having exercised His will and pleasure in calling our brother, ABRAM B. CARTER, from his life to the celestial lodge above, and at low 12, while the craft were at rest, his spirit passed on through the gates to that city which hath foundations; and as we realize no words of ours can express our sorrow at this point at the bereavement which has befallen his family and the craft, therefore, it is

RESOLVED that, in the death of Brother A. B. Carter, his wife has lost a kind and affectionate companion, his children a good and considerate father, his friends a congenial companion, and the craft a honest, upright brother whose zeal for the order was only limited by his power to serve,

RESOLVED that we send our heartfelt sympathy to the sorrowing wife and family, feeling we too have a part in their great sorrow, and commend them to the care of Him who has promised to be a father to the fatherless and the widow's God,

RESOLVED that a copy of these resolutions be spread on the records of the Lodge, a copy sent to the family, and a copy forwarded to the Ellsworth American.

-- signed Orrin P. Carter, D. Proctor Dority and Jonathan Bridges

DECEMBER 31, 1891


Ellsworth, Dec. 24, at the residence of C. L. Morang, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. WILSON P. BONSEY and Miss MARY C. RAY, both of Ellsworth.

Dec. 24, by Fred L. Frazier, Esq., Mr. THOMAS C. CROSMAN and Mrs. SUSIE A. TREDRICK, both of Ellsworth.

Mt. Desert, Dec. 23, by M. L. Allen, Esq., Mr. JOHN D. TRACY of Franklin and Miss GERTRUDE E. TAYLOR of Mt. Desert.

Dec. 25, by the same, Mr. AMOS E. SINCLAIR and Miss NOREVA J. REED, both of Mt. Desert.

Steuben, Dec. 24, at the residence of Capt. William Perry, by B. W. Stevens, Esq., Mr. DAVID H. ELLIS formerly of Halifax, Nova Scotia and Miss JULIA A. WAKEFIELD of Steuben.

West Gouldsboro, Dec. 24, by N. Shaw, Esq., Mr. EDGAR HANDY and Miss BERTHA ROLFE, both of Gouldsboro.

Cherryfield, Dec. 25, by Rev. H. B. Tilden, Mr. FRANK E. HUCKINS of Presque Isle and Miss BLANCHE I. SMITH of Steuben.

Waltham, Dec. 24, by Calvin Kingman, Esq., Mr. DAVID L. HASKELL and Miss MARY S. HARPER, both of Castine.

Bucksport, Dec. 25, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. GEORGE W. SHUTE of Bucksport and Miss LYDIA W. HEATH of Verona.

Gouldsboro, Dec. 25, by Rev. E. W. Belcher, Mr. ELWOOD J. ROBERTSON and Miss EDNA G. ASH, both of Gouldsboro.

Omaha, Nebraska, Dec. 24, by Rev. Mr. Wilson, Mr. GEORGE H. DEVEREUX formerly of Ellsworth and Miss AMY MAUDE BARR of Omaha.


Ellsworth, Dec. 25, Mr. JOHN D. ROBINSON.

Dec. 26, Mr. ISRAEL WOOD.

Ellsworth Falls, Dec. 22, Mrs. NORA HANCOCK, age 31 years.

Hancock, Dec. 28, Mr. JOHN LAFFIN, age 86 years.

Surry, Dec. 23, Mr. AMOS J. CHATTO, age 53 years, 3 months.

Portland, Dec. 25, Mr. JOHN M. PECK, formerly of this city.

Obituary - Tidings on the death of JOHN M. PECK at his home in Portland on Christmas morning were sad news for the people of Ellsworth. Mr. Peck was formerly a resident of this city, the youngest son of the late Calvin Peck, M.D., for many years a well known practicing physician in Ellsworth. Mr. Peck was a photographer and made the fine art of picture taking the business of a large part of his life. For the last 20 years or more he has resided in Portland. He was a member of the Bosworth Post G.A.R. and a prominent Odd Fellow. He leaves a wife and daughter.

Resolutions of Disrespect

WHEREAS our not so hotsy-totsy sister, SUSANNAH PERSIS FLUETTA WUSSENER, has seen fit to depart this life, having done so by running headlong into a hurricane off Killdeer Point without benefit of oars in her skiff (never having had both oars in the water during her earthly life), therefore, be it

RESOLVED that we, the remaining and happy as clams members of the circle, do solemnly swear that we will henceforth enjoy being able to promote at least one idea per meeting without having to listen to 25 minutes of her opposing guff,

RESOLVED that we will deck the halls with boughs of holly for the next 12 years in her memory, and

RESOLVED that the surviving members of her jubilant family will receive a hearty handshake when meeting circle members anywhere on the street and, time permitting, will be dragged off to the nearest bar for a healthy snort, courtesy of the SU-PER-FLU-WUS Memorial Trust Fund.

-- signed a bunch of cowards