JANUARY 2, 1890


Ellsworth, Dec. 25, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. FRED P. BAKER and Miss LOUISA B. CHICK of Ellsworth.

Franklin, Dec. 25, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. HERVEY J. SCAMMON and Miss MAY E. DYER, both of Eastbrook.


Ellsworth Falls, Dec. 27, ROGER JOSEPH, only son of William and Annie BLAISDELL, age 10 months, 8 days.

Sullivan, Dec. 21, Mrs. LORENDA DOYLE, age 87 years.

Resolutions of Respect:

WHEREAS God, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to visit our fraternal band for the first time and remove from our ranks our esteemed brother, CHARLES H. PEPPER, therefore,

RESOLVED that, in the death of Brother Pepper, George W. Thompson Camp No. 45, S. of V., has lost a faithful member and the brothers a social friend,

RESOLVED that we, as a brotherhood, extend our sympathies to his brave family and, much as we esteemed our brother here, we recognize the power of our all wise Commander above and bow in submission to Him who doeth all things well,

RESOLVED that our charter be draped in mourning for a period of 30 days, a copy of these resolutions be spread on the records of the camp, a copy sent to the bereaved family, and one sent to the Ellsworth American for publication.

-- signed George A. Hatch, A. G. Emery and E. P. Higgins

Obituary: The community here was saddened on Tuesday of this week by hearing of the death of Mrs. MARY E. TRUE, wife of Capt. Benjamin True, who died at Somerville, Mass., the 18th inst., at the residence of her son. Her disease was an inward cancer. She was born and reared in this place, being the daughter of the late Capt. William Leland. She removed to Portland with her husband and family 25 years ago where she has since resided.

JANUARY 9, 1890


Ellsworth, Jan. 4, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. EDWARD W. BRANN of Lamoine and Miss HATTIE W. BUNKER of Sullivan.

Waltham, Dec. 24, by Rev. C. E. Woodcock, Mr. JESSE B. CONARY of Surry and Miss ABBIE A. BUTLER of Eastbrook.

Dec. 28, by the same, Mr. HERVEY A. MURCH and Miss CARRIE B. COUSINS, both of Franklin.

Camden, Dec. 25, Capt. CHARLES H. WOOSTER of Sullivan and Miss JOSEPHINE C. THORNDIKE of Camden.

Winterport, Dec. 31, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. WILLIS J. CARLTON and Miss SUSIE M. ELLINGWOOD, both of Winterport.

Steuben, Jan. 4, Mr. ANDREW LEIGHTON and Miss DORA LEIGHTON, both of Steuben.

Wolfeborough, N.H., Jan. 1, by the bride's brother (Rev. L. D. MacDONALD), Mr. FRED E. HERSEY and Miss ANNA M. MacDONALD, both of Wolfeborough.


Lamoine, Jan. 1, FRANKIE S. GILMAN, age 8 years, 3 months, 15 days.

Bar Harbor, Dec. 27, Mrs. MARY A. HAMOR, age 72 years, 7 months.

Castine, Jan. 2, Maj. CHARLES J. WHITING, age 75 years.

Sullivan, Dec. 31, very suddenly, of heart disease, Mr. GEORGE BRISON, a native of Scotland, age about 45 years.

Trenton, Jan. 6, Mr. THOMAS P. HAYNES, age 70 years, 7 months.

East Boston, Jan. 4, suddenly, on board the steamer Kennebec, Mr. SOLOMON JORDAN of Ellsworth, age 44 years, 3 months.

Brooklyn, N.Y., Jan. 2, Mr. WHITHROP SARGENT JONES, formerly of Ellsworth.

JANUARY 16, 1890


Ellsworth, Jan. 7, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. WILLIAM J. COUGHLIN and Miss KATE L. SULLIVAN, both of Ellsworth.

Jan. 8, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. DENNIS A. McCARTHY and Miss KATE E. COUGHLIN, both of Ellsworth.

Jan. 8, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. PERCY GRAFFAN and Miss ANNIE McLEAN, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, Jan. 11, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, Mr. WILLARD D. TREWORGY of Surry and Miss FLORA E. MEADER of Ellsworth.

Franklin, Jan. 7, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. ALVIN H. STINSON of Sullivan and Miss LILLIAN M. ORCUTT of Franklin.

Bucksport, Dec. 29, Mr. JOHN ARTHUR and Miss CORA S. NORWOOD, both of Bucksport.

Buck's Mills, Jan. 12, by Rev. J. T. Moore, Mr. HOWARD F. CLOUSTON and Miss ADA C. QUIMBY, both of Bucksport.

Mt. Desert, Dec. 28, by J. Hamor, Esq., Mr. STEPHEN RICHARDSON and Miss EFFIE M. ROBBINS, both of Mt. Desert.

Brewer, Jan. 11, by Rev. B. B. Merrill, Mr. WILLIAM H. MERCER of Hancock and Miss LAURA C. HAYNES of Dedham.

Eastbrook, Jan. 10, by L. W. Bunker, Esq., Mr. ADELBERT I. MERCHANT and Miss JENNIE FRENCH, both of Eastbrook.


Lamoine, Dec. 27, Mr. CHARLES FARNHAM, formerly of Penobscot, age 67 years, 4 months, 16 days.

South Deer Isle, Jan. 6, Mr. MARTIN V. B. WARREN, age 55 years.

Jan. 8, Mrs. DAVID WARREN.

Seal Harbor, Jan. 5, GEORGE WILLARD, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. JORDAN, age 1 year, 1 month, 28 days.

Jacksonville, Florida, Jan. 7, Mrs. SOPHIA HERRICK WATSON, widow of the late Hon. N. K. SAWYER, formerly of this city.

JANUARY 23, 1890


Ellsworth, Jan. 18, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. EDWIN J. CARTER of East Bluehill and Miss HATTIE A. GRANT of Ellsworth.

Seal Cove, Jan. 19, by Rev. Wesley C. Haskell, Mr. J. HOWARD OBER and Miss MAUD S. STANLEY, both of Tremont.

St. Louis, Missouri, Jan. 15, THEODORE WORCESTER, Esq., formerly of the Hancock Bar and Miss ELIZABETH BROWNE SARGENT.

Chicago, Dec. 31, Mr. GEORGE RAY formerly of Steuben and Miss HANNAH WILLIAMS of Chicago.


Ellsworth, Jan. 19, SADA B. GRAY, age 1 year, 7 months.

West Ellsworth, Jan. 6, Mrs. OLIVE B. STACKPOLE, age 75 years, 11 months.

West Sedgwick, Jan. 1, Mrs. HANNAH GRAY, widow of the late Caldwell Gray, age 74 years.

Washington, Jan. 15, WALKER BLAINE, Esq., age 34 years, 8 months.

Boston, Jan. 16, LEWIS A. BARKER, Esq. of Bangor, age 35 years, 5 months.

Orono, Jan. 15, Mr. JOHN M. CHASE, age 69 years.

Cherryfield, Dec. 20, Mrs. ABBIE NEWENHAM, age 45 years.

Machias, Jan. 2, Mrs. MARGARET, wife of Capt. Eugene ELLICOTT.

Holden, Jan. 6, Mrs. CLARISSA, wife of Joseph B. COPELAND, age 75 years, 5 months.

Resolutions of Respect:

Hall of Lejok Lodge No. 90, I.O.O.F., Ellsworth, Jan. 17, 1890.

WHEREAS, in view of the loss sustained by the decease of our brother and associate, SOLOMON JORDAN, and of the still heavier loss sustained by those who were nearest and dearest to him, therefore be it

RESOLVED that it is but a just tribute to the memory of the departed to say that, in regretting his removal from our midst, we mourn for one who was in every way worthy of our respect and regard,

RESOLVED that we sincerely condole with the family of the deceased in the dispensation with which it has pleased Divine Providence to afflict them, and commend them for consolation to Him who orders all things for the best and Whose chastisements are meant in mercy,

RESOLVED that this heartfelt testimony of our sympathy and sorrow be forwarded to the family of our departed brother, and a copy of it placed among the archives of our Lodge.

-- signed James E. Parsons, O. A. Tompkins and Harry E. Fiske

JANUARY 30, 1890


Franklin, Jan. 25, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. ELISHA A. GORDON and Miss A. NETTIE BLAISDELL, both of Franklin.

Bangor, Jan. 14, by Rev. A. Battles, Mr. HARRY C. ROWE of Ellsworth and Miss AVIS L. KIMBALL of Hermon.


Ellsworth, Jan. 25, Miss MARY ELLEN BRADY, age 29 years, 8 months, 2 days.

Jan. 26, Mrs. LYDIA M. TAYLOR, age 32 years, 7 months.

Trenton, Jan. 23, Capt. WILLIAM H. LELAND, age 71 years, 5 months.

Hancock, Jan. 28, Mr. JOSIAH CLINE, age 85 years, 10 months, 24 days.

Franklin, Jan. 23, Mr. LEMUEL SPRINGER, age about 80 years.

Tremont, Jan. 19, Mr. FRANCIS YOUNG, age about 77 years.

Jan. 22, Mrs. MELISSA NUTTER, age about 49 years.

Jan. 24, Mrs. EMELINE, wife of John M. BILLINGS, age about 39 years.

Aurora, Jan. 26, GEORGE R. RITCHIE, age 17 years, 2 months.

FEBRUARY 6, 1890


Hancock, Feb. 2, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. ROSCOE BRAGDON and Miss GERTRUDE L. BARTON, both of Franklin.

North Sedgwick, Jan. 31, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. HENRY B. MARKS of East Bluehill and Miss MINNIE E. PAGE of Sedgwick.

North Penobscot, Jan. 25, by Rev. T. S. Ross, Mr. MORRIS LEACH and Miss ROSA E. GRAY, both of Penobscot.

Bucksport, Feb. 3, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, D.D., Mr. CHARLES N. CURTIS of Verona and Miss GEORGIA V. QUIMBY of Bucksport.

Boston Highlands, Jan. 29, Mr. JUSTIN F. HASTINGS formerly of Ellsworth and Miss EDNA M. BAXTER of Boston.


Ellsworth, Feb. 1, Mrs. ANNETTE, wife of Charles MONAGHAN, age 31 years, 8 months.

West Ellsworth, Feb. 1, Mrs. LETTIE M. BARRON CARTER, age 31 years, 5 months, 13 days.

FEBRUARY 13, 1890


Franklin, Feb. 9, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. WALTER B. BLAISDELL and Mrs. LIZZIE W. BLAISDELL, both of Franklin.

Wilton, Jan. 23, Mr. BYRON M. SMALL and Miss SADIE B. EATON, both of Wilton.


Ellsworth, Feb. 5, Mrs. ELLEN B., wife of Winthrop COUSINS, age 36 years, 3 months, 27 days.

Feb. 6, Mr. E. J. SAUNDERS, age 52 years, 5 months.

Waltham, Feb. 9, Mr. WALTER J. HASLAM, age 77 years, 5 months.

Bluehill, Feb. 4, Mr. ORMAND F. HINCKLEY, age 25 years, 10 months.

Aurora, Feb. 4, Mr. GEORGE WHESTON, age 22 years, 8 months.

Orland, Jan. 31, Mr. PELTIAH WHITE, age 78 years.

Bucksport, Feb. 3, Mr. JOSHUA HATCH HILL, age 67 years, 3 months, 26 days.

East Bucksport, Feb. 1, Mrs. ELMIRA S. LOWELL, age 96 years, 1 month.

Brooklin, Feb. 4, Capt. ROSCOE H. CAIN, age 52 years.

Northeast Harbor, Nov. 16, Mr. JONAS CORSON, age about 77 years.

Trenton, Nov. 30, Mr. GEORGE HAYNES, age 72 years.

Tremont, Feb. 9, Mr. JOHN M. BILLINGS, age about 60 years.

FEBRUARY 20, 1890


Ellsworth, Feb. 15, by Rev. F. A. Palmer, Mr. ALLEN M. CRABTREE and Miss VELETTA R. CARTER, both of Hancock.

Sullivan, Jan. 30, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. JULIUS DARLING of Franklin and Miss EVIE CARPENTER of West Sullivan.

Seal Cove, Feb. 4, by Rev. F. A. Vinal, Mr. GEORGE HODGDON and Miss LILLIE B. WALLS, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Feb. 16, Mr. ANDREW MAHAN, age 84 years, 2 months.

Feb. 12, Mrs. ELLEN DORGAN, age 42 years, 7 months, 11 days.

Surry, Feb. 15, Mrs. DELIA F. WITHAM, age 25 years, 2 months.

Trenton, Feb. 15, Mr. WILLIAM H. HAMMETT, age 53 years, 5 months.

Waltham, Feb. 12, Mrs. SERENA O. JORDAN, age 26 years.

Franklin, Feb. 13, Mrs. ABIGAIL W. FERNALD, age 70 years, 10 months.

Brooksville, Feb. 1, Mr. JACOB COUSINS, age 90 years.

West Eden, Feb. 11, BUELAH L., eldest daughter of George W. and Ida L. MAYO, age 7 years, 5 months.

West Sullivan, Feb. 10, Mr. WILLIAM ANSAND, age 30 years, 3 months.

West Gouldsboro, Feb. 11, very suddenly, Mrs. MARTHA A., widow of the late Joseph G. HILL, age 69 years.

Gouldsboro, Feb. 6, Mrs. LORINDA SINCLAIR, age 67 years, 10 months.

Obituary: Among many noble spirits called up higher from our quiet village by the sea is DELIA F. WITHAM. She was born in Surry, Maine in 1864 and died in Christian triumph Feb. 15, 1890. Her last sickness was protracted through many months and characterized by intense physical sufferings which she bore with remarkable patience and heroic fortitude. She moved calmly through the shaded valley into the world of eternal joy, there to wait in hope for her two beautiful boys and her loving companion to meet her.

FEBRUARY 27, 1890


Saccarappa, Feb. 20, by Rev. E. E. Bacon, Mr. BENJAMIN F. JOY of Ellsworth and Miss EDNA A. WARREN of Saccarappa.

West Gouldsboro, Feb. 15, by N. Shaw, Esq., Mr. CHARLES E. TRACY and Miss LILLIAN A. HOVEY, both of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, Feb. 24, Mr. DANIEL BRADY, age 35 years, 2 months, 27 days.

Great Pond, Feb. 16, Deacon GEORGE WILLIAMS, age 66 years.

Bangor, Feb. 16, Mrs. SUSAN JONES of North Ellsworth, age 69 years.

MARCH 6, 1890


Deer Isle, Feb. 9, by Rev. C. N. Gleason, Mr. MADISON TORREY and Miss NETTIE COLE, both of Deer Isle.

Cherryfield, Feb. 17, Mr. JAMES SMITH of Cherryfield and Miss LIZZIE HUTCHINS of Milbridge.

Bucksport, Mar. 1, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, D.D., Mr. RUFUS C. TURNER and Miss NELLIE G. PARTRIDGE, both of Bucksport.

Winterport, Mar. 1, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. JOHN H. FOSS of Winterport and Mrs. AMANDA I. ABBOTT of Newburgh.


Eden, Feb. 6, EBEN L., youngest son of Eben and Mary WILBUR, age 23 years, 4 months, 26 days.

South Bluehill, Feb. 17, Mrs. ABIGAIL H., widow of Vespasian CARTER, age 82 years, 1 months.

Deer Isle, Feb. 12, Mr. JOHN REDMAN, age 66 years.

Bar Harbor, Feb. 2, GRACIE M., infant daughter of Charles and Eva LINSCOTT, age 7 months.

Milbridge, Feb. 11, Mrs. ALBION F. FICKETT.

Bucksport, Feb. 20, Mrs. SUSIE L. HEATH, age 20 years, 1 month, 16 days.

Cherryfield, Feb. 15, Mr. CALVIN SMALL, age 70 years.

Dedham, Feb. 13, Mr. WILLIAM G. BURRILL, age 77 years, 11 months.

Mt. Desert, Feb. 20, Mr. JOHN RICHARDSON, age 90 years, 17 days.

Tremont, Feb. 23, Mr. WILLIAM GOTT, age about 75 years.

Tremont (Goose Cove), Feb. 23, Mrs. MELISSA, wife of William G. NORWOOD, age about 50 years.

Gouldsboro, Feb. 28, Mrs. SOPHRONIA, widow of the late Capt. Elijah S. DOANE.

Winter Harbor, Feb. 8, MABEL SMALLAGE, age 13 years.

Castine, Mar. 1, Mr. SAMUEL DATSON, age 74 years.

Mt. Desert Ferry, Feb. 24, infant child of Reuben and Cynthia GRANT, age 10 weeks.

Osseo, Wisconsin, Feb. 4, Mrs. ELIZA T., widow of the late Mark SHEPARD formerly of Ellsworth, age 63 years; Feb. 6, Mrs. DELIA F., widow of the late David PERRY, age 67 years. Mrs. Shepard and Mrs. Perry were daughters of the late Samuel S. Ingalls of Sullivan.

MARCH 13, 1890


Ellsworth, Mar. 10, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Mr. JOHN M. MARSHALL and Miss OLIVE E. DOW, both of Hancock.

North Penobscot, Feb. 27, by Rev. T. S. Ross, Mr. SOLOMON J. TREWORGY and Miss IDA L. WARDWELL, both of Penobscot.

Franklin, Mar. 8, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. CAMPBELL R. WILLEY of Cherryfield and Miss MINNIE E. PHILLIPS of Franklin.

By the same, Mr. HARVEY B. BRAGDON and Miss HATTIE L. HARTWELL, both of Franklin.

Orland, Feb. 27, by Rev. W. T. Johnson, Mr. RICHARD P. HARRIMAN and Miss BELLE DAVIS, both of Orland.


Ellsworth, Mar. 11, Mrs. ABBIE, wife of Daniel ADAMS, age about 70 years.

Mt. Desert, Feb. 27, CHARLES E., only son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. YOUNG, formerly of Eden, age 8 years, 6 months.

Sedgwick, Feb. 28, Mr. BENJAMIN C. SARGENT, age 82 years.

Feb. 25, Mrs. MARTHA MEANS, age 69 years.

Mar. 5, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn HOOPER, age 3 months.

Mar. 2, Miss ANGIE HAZEN, age 46 years.

West Gouldsboro, Mar. 1, Mrs. LOUISA, widow of the late John CARROLL, age 70 years.

Winter Harbor, Mar. 8, VERA J., infant daughter of Bedford E. and Rubie J. TRACY, age 3 months, 22 days.

Boston, Mar. 10, Mr. HENRY F. JOY, formerly of this city, age 38 years.

MARCH 20, 1890

No marriages reported this issue.


Ellsworth, Mar. 13, Mr. GEORGE W. FISKE, age 62 years, 6 months.

Mar. 13, Mr. THOMAS F. BRESNAHAN, age 28 years, 7 months.

Ellsworth Falls, Mar. 15, SARAH E., wife of George F. BOYNTON, age 59 years, 10 months, 8 days.

Surry, Mar. 13, Mr. NEWELL OSGOOD, age 72 years, 7 months.

Mt. Desert, Mar. 7, ELLA, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Jasper RICHARDSON, age about 12 years.

Mar. 11, Mr. JOHN CARTER, age 89 years, 11 months.

East Bluehill, Feb. 25, Mrs. WILLIAM MARKS.

Feb. 24, Mr. LEONARD LONG, age 76 years.

Otis, Feb. 23, KNOWLTON BUNKER, age 6 years, 10 months.

Machias, Feb. 28, FRANK, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. GOULD, age 5 years.

Cherryfield, Mar. 7, Mr. MANNING DUNBAR, age 72 years.

Mar. 4, Mr. JOSEPH A. WILLEY, age 72 years.

North Penobscot, Mar. 6, Mr. JAMES STAPLES, age 78 years, 10 months.

Mar. 10, Mrs. MARGARET, widow of the late Edward HANEY, age upwards of 80 years.

Southwest Harbor, Feb. 16, Miss FANNIE EDITH CARROLL, age 15 years, 10 months, 23 days.

Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 27, CHAUNCEY A., infant son of Charles W. and Hattie V. HOLT.

Dorchester, Mass., Mar. 5, Mrs. ADELIMA, wife of Warren H. WHITAKER and second daughter of Heman and Ann Cousins, formerly of Lamoine, age 47 years, 16 days.

North Sedgwick, Mar. 8, Mr. JONATHAN YOUNG, age nearly 84 years.

North Castine, Mar. 11, Mr. JEREMIAH BOWDEN, age 73 years.

Winter Harbor, Mar. 11, Mrs. RELIANCE BICKFORD, age about 70 years.

Mar. 15, Mrs. ANNIE PENDLETON, age 46 years.

Steuben, Feb. 23, Mrs. ELIZA W. LEIGHTON, age 65 years.

Mar. 2, Mr. L. B. SAWYER, age 88 years.

Mar. 15, CLARENCE, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Melzor S. SMITH, age 11 years.

MARCH 27, 1890


Ellsworth, Mar. 19, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. DENNIS E. HARRIGAN and Miss CLARA E. MALONE, both of Ellsworth.

Deer Isle, Mar. 17, by Lafayette Collins, Esq., Mr. CYRUS THOMPSON of Machias and Miss VESTA E. KNOWLTON.

Pretty Marsh, Mar. 18, at the residence of the bride's father (Capt. William H. Freeman), by George R. Fuller, Esq., Mr. ANDREW J. CARTER and Miss LAURA E. FREEMAN, both of Mt. Desert.


East Bluehill, Feb. 25, Mrs. CORA E., wife of C. W. MARKS, age 34 years, 10 months, 18 days.

Deer Isle, Mar. 17, Mr. THOMAS KNOWLTON, age 68 years.

Mar. 17, Mrs. ROSANNA JUDKINS, age 83 years.

Mar. 18, HARRY, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. GOSS.

North Hancock, Feb. 26, Mr. JOSEPH E. DUNBAR, age 47 years, 11 months.

Castine, Mar. 17, Mrs. FLORA A., wife of William G. SARGENT, age 38 years.

Obituary: Died in this city, Mar. 11, Mrs. ABIGAIL J., wife of Mr. Daniel ADAMS and daughter of the late Capt. Meltiah Lord of Surry, Maine. Abigail Jane Adams was born in Surry Oct. 8, 1822; died in Ellsworth, Mar. 11, 1890. Mrs. Adams was the mother of 10 children, 7 of whom survive her -- 2 having died in infancy and William who died in San Francisco a few years since. The remaining children have found homes on the Pacific Coast, and for several years Mr. Adams and his wife have occupied the old homestead alone. But though this separation has been a sore trial for the fond mother, she has often been heard to say: "They are good children and it is hard to have them all leave me, but if they're happy and good men and women, what more could I ask?" During her last long and painful illness, she was lovingly attended and nursed by her daughter, Mrs. Susan Heppner of Alaska, and her son, Mr. Herbert Adams of Oregon, who were summoned from their distant homes to be with her.

Obituary: JOSEPH E. DUNBAR died in Hancock Feb. 26, age 47 years, 11 months. He experienced religion some 25 years ago and maintained a Christian hope.

APRIL 3, 1890


Franklin, Mar. 30, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. FRANK B. STOVER and Mrs. ELIZA J. JOY, both of Franklin.

Steuben, Mar. 16, Mr. GEORGE LEIGHTON and Miss ELLEN PINKHAM, both of Steuben.


Ellsworth, Mar. 26, RALPH L., son of Albert and Nellie F. HAMILTON, age 2 years, 8 months, 6 days.

Franklin, Jan. 29, Mrs. LYDIA F. WALTON, age 60 years, 6 months, 5 days.

South Surry, Mar. 27, Mr. WILLARD TREWORGY, age 76 years, 4 months.

Resolutions of Respect

WHEREAS the angel of death has again visited our Grange and removed from our midst our worthy secretary and dearly beloved sister, CORA MARKS,

RESOLVED that in her death we have lost a member who will long be remembered at our meetings, but we have the consolation of knowing that she has gone to a better world where pain and sorrow are unknown,

RESOLVED that we, the officers and members of East Bluehill Grange, extend our sincere sympathy to her bereaved husband and only sister and brother in this their hour of great trouble; may they be comforted in their grief by the remembrance of her cheerful acceptance of the cross laid upon her by her illness and her perfect resignation to her Father's will,

RESOLVED that we greatly mourn her loss and tend to her husband our heartfelt sympathy, that our charter be draped in mourning for 30 days, that a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the records of this Grange, a copy be sent to the husband, sister and brother of the deceased, and a copy sent to the Lewiston

Journal and the Ellsworth American for publication.

-- signed Fannie A. Long, Lizzie Youtman and Hannah Ashworth

East Bluehill, Mar. 22, 1890

Resolutions of Respect - Hall of East Bluehill Lodge No. 59, A.O.U.W.

East Bluehill, Mar. 21, 1890

WHEREAS it has pleased our Supreme Creator to break the first link in our mystic circle and remove from our midst our beloved brother, CHARLES H. HAMILTON, therefore be it

RESOLVED that we realize in the sad and sudden loss to our Lodge that, when a good man dies, he but passes on to reap the reward of a well spent life and receives the light of a glorious immortality, gleaming brightly on the boundless shore of eternity,

RESOLVED that we extend our heartfeld sympathy to the bereaved family and commend them to the Great Creator and Preserver of the Universe, Who alone has power to comfort and console them in their great affliction,

RESOLVED that the Lodge charter and officers' jewels be draped in mourning for a period of 30 days, and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of the deceased, and another sent to the Ellsworth American for publication, and a copy be placed upon the records of the Lodge.

-- signed S. Watson Cousins and Frank H. Binder

Resolutions of Respect - Franklin Granite Band

WHEREAS, in view of the loss sustained by the sudden death of our dear brother, ELISHA A. GORDON, and of the still greater loss sustained by those who are nearest and dearest to him, therefore

RESOLVED that we, though keenly feeling the loss of our leader, who was in every way worthy of our highest respect and regard, bow with submission to God's will, believing that He doeth all things well,

RESOLVED that these resolutions be placed on our record and a copy be sent to the editor of the American for publication, and that we, members of the band, wear emblems of mourning at our regular meetings for 30 days,

RESOLVED that we extend our tenderest sympathy to the bereaved wife and mother, and to all who so deeply feel their loss, and may God give them power to say: "Thy will be done."

-- signed Fred E. Blaisdell and John S. Wentworth; Franklin, Mar. 24, 1890

Resolutions of Respect - The following resolutions were unanimously passed by Verona Grange No. 206 on the occasion of the death of Miss SUSIE L. HEATH, one of their number:

WHEREAS, by the inscrutable providence of the Great Master on High, our much esteemed and worthy sister, Susie L. Heath, has been translated from an earthly to a heavenly grange, therefore

RESOLVED that, in her death, we suffer the loss of a kind and genial companion, a sound and trusty counselor, a gentle and accomplished lady, a true and sincere Christian,

RESOLVED that we will strive to emulate her virtues, profit by her lessons of wisdom, and seek the blessings and favors of her God,

RESOLVED that we extend our sincere sympathy and heartfelt condolence to the relatives of the deceased in this hour of their great trial and bereavement,

RESOLVED that a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to the local papers for publication, to the family of the deceased in their sorrow, and be spread on our book of records for preservation.

-- signed O. H. Fernald and Mrs. Hattie Harriman

APRIL 10, 1890


Ellsworth, Mar. 23, at the residence of Parker Perry, Esq., by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. FRANK P. PERRY, M.D. of Orland and Miss GRACE M. BLAISDELL of Dedham.

Sorrento, Mar. 4, by W. H. Lawrence, Esq., Mr. SHEPARD L. LELAND of West Trenton and Miss MYRA E. DONNELL of Sullivan.


Bucksport, Apr. 1, ELEANOR, wife of Joseph RONCO, age 64 years, 16 days.

Winter Harbor, Mar. 23, Mrs. ELEANOR WEARE, age 72 years, 10 months.

Castine, Apr. 5, Mr. JAMES WITHAM, age 70 years.

Obituary: The sad news of the death of Mr. HENRY F. JOY, as it was seen in the telegraphic reports of the daily papers on the 10th inst., brought sorrow to many a reader. He was the New York State and Michigan salesman from Moore, Smith & Company, Boston, and his death was very unexpected. During his business career, he had always been in the hat trade, first traveling for Sanderson, Foster & Company. For 2 years or more he had been a sufferer with some trouble in his ear. The difficulty increased and he was compelled to come home from his last trip before it was finished. An operation similar to that performed on the late Roscoe Conkling was found necessary, and it resulted fatally. He was in truth a mother's boy, and left a will leaving everything to her. He was born in Ellsworth, Maine, 38 years ago, and was the oldest son of a family of 5.

Obituary: Died at Franklin, Mar. 20, ELISHA A. GORDON, son of the late Asa D. and Eliza A. Gordon of Franklin. Elisha A. Gordon was born in Franklin Feb. 2, 1864. In 1887 he attended Bryant & Stratton's Commercial College in Boston; in 1888 and 1889 he attended the Business College in Rockland where he graduated Feb. 15, 1889. It was Mr. Gordon's intention to enter a commercial house at once, but being advised by his physician and friends to avoid close confinement, he bought a farm. On Jan. 26, 1890 he married Miss Nettie A. Blaisdell of Franklin and shortly after commenced housekeeping under the most favorable auspices. His illness was not considered dangerous, and his friends suspected to see him out in a few days. On the 19th, at 4 o'clock in the morning, he was taken with a severe pain in the lower part of the abdomen; and at 3 o'clock, Mar. 20, he died. Examination of the remains showed the cause of death to be a loop formed in the lower part of the bowels.

APRIL 17, 1890


Frankfort, Apr. 8, at the home of the bride's parents, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. CHARLES A. AVERILL and Miss HATTIE M. DORR, both of Frankfort.

West Eden, Apr. 5, by J. E. Hamor, Esq., Mr. ELMER E. SARGENT of Mt. Desert and Miss LUELLA M. HIGGINS of West Eden.

Milbridge, by George Googins, Esq., Mr. FRANK E. STEELE and Miss JOSIE P. STROUT, both of Milbridge.


Mt. Desert (the town of Quarryville), Apr. 1, Mr. JOEL M. HADLEY, age 38 years, 9 months.

Cranberry Isles, Apr. 9, Capt. JOSEPH S. SPURLING, age about 73 years.

Sedgwick, Apr. 4, Mrs. MARY A. NEVELLS, age 52 years, 9 months.

Brooklin, Apr. 8, Mr. JOSHUA G. SMITH, age 47 years.

Tremont, Feb. 23, Mr. BENJAMIN GOTT, age about 90 years.

Rockland, Apr. 13, Mr. WILLIAM B. EATON of West Sullivan, age 50 years.

Rushville, Nebraska, Mar. 5, Mr. WILLIAM J. BABBIDGE, formerly of this city, age 64 years, 4 months, 23 days.

Georgetown, D.C., Mar. 25, Mr. MARK H. GREENE, formerly of Surry, age 51 years, 4 months.

APRIL 24, 1890


Ellsworth, Apr. 20, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. HENRY W. LINSCOTT of Hancock and Miss ADDIE M. AUSTIN of North Lamoine.

Apr. 22, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Mr. ARTEMAS CHAMBERLAIN and Miss LILLIE S. YORK, both of Bluehill.

Brooksville, Apr. 9, by Rev. H. B. Hart, Capt. ERNEST BABSON of Pumpkin Island Light Station and Miss LILLIAN A. DOUGLASS of Brooksville.

Holden, Apr. 13, by Rev. S. W. Chapin, Mr. FRED SMART of Dedham and Miss EDITH BURTON of Holden.

Steuben, Apr. 1, at the residence of D. B. Byther, Mr. GEORGE L. PERRY of Gouldsboro and Miss MINNIE NOWLAN of Steuben.

Green's Landing, Apr. 19, by Rev. Lafayette Collins, Mr. P. S. KNOWLTON, Editor of The Deer Isle Gazette and Miss ELNORA P. SIMPSON, both of Green's Landing.


Ellsworth, Apr. 16, Mr. LAFAYETTE DAVIS, age 65 years, 3 months, 18 days.

Apr. 20, Mrs. ABBIE E., wife of Galen MADDOCKS, Jr., age 26 years, 4 months.

Apr. 17, Mr. PARKER W. PERRY, age 71 years.

West Ellsworth, Apr. 3, Mr. EUGENE S. HIGGINS, age 26 years.

Bucksport, Apr. 15, Mr. GEORGE H. GRANT, age 23 years, 6 months.

Sullivan, Apr. 10, CLARA G., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William G. COLE, age 3 months.

Castine, drowned, Apr. 20, WILLIAM, son of Sylvester MOREY, age 16 years.

Sheridan, Montana, Mar. 29, Mrs. ALIANZA HAYWOOD, daughter of the late Capt. W. H. and Sarah E. Means formerly of Bluehill, 41 years, 2 months, 10 days.

Obituary: GEORGE H. GRANT, the victim of a fatal and terrible accident in Bucksport, Tuesday, Apr. 15, was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Grant, then of New York where George was born in October, 1866 and where he lived until the age of 4 years, his father being an invalid, he was brought to Ellsworth to his father's people and made his home for many years with his great-uncle and great-aunt, Mr. and Mrs. George H. Grant. The deceased was a grandson of the late Robert Grant who was a brother of the late Joseph T. and George H. Grant; also a brother of the Misses Frances W. and Ann Grant of this city. Deceased has one sister living, Mrs. Colan Davis of Trenton, and 3 aunts who are now living in Baltimore. George H. Grant, 2nd, continued to live with his uncle and aunt in this city until about 6 years ago when he went to Bucksport to attend the E. M. C. Seminary, graduating in the scientific and commercial courses in 1887. He decided to remain there and made his home with Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Googins. He was employed for some considerable length of time in the Bucksport Electric Light Station, and afterward and at the time of his death by the Maine Central Railroad Company. Mr. Grant was a member of Branch No. 850 O.I.H., of Deluge Engine Company No. 3, the Bucksport Band, and a local club calling themselves The Allstar Minstrels. Funeral services were held in this city Thursday at the residence of Mrs. George H. Grant, Rev. J. T. Crosby officiating, and the remains were buried in Woodbine Cemetery by the side of those of his brother and sisters.

Obituary: Mr. LAFAYETTE DAVIS was a gentleman of marked intrinsic worth. His wife died last June ,and his 2 daughters and son are called to mourn a double loss.

Obituary: WILLIAM B. EATON, who died in Rockland, 13th inst., left his home in West Sullivan the previous Friday morning. The following day he telegraphed to his wife that he was sick and asked her to come at once. She left home with the least possible delay and was able to reach her husband several hours before he died. He had been in failing health for a year or more but battling bravely against that formidable foe. Mr. Eaton was the son of the late Rev. E. G. Eaton of Lewiston, Maine. His son, William B., was well known in Massachusetts where he had in former years been connected with the Rockport Granite Company. For the last year, he had been general manager of the Stimson Quarry at West Sullivan and in charge of the large business connected therewith, of which his brother-in-law, the late John H. Stimson, was owner. Mr. Eaton served in the 13th Maine Regiment during the late Rebellion and was for 4 years a valiant soldier. He was a most active and useful member of the Great Army Post No. 89 of East Sullivan in which he had served as Commander, and was also a highly respected member of the Lygonia Lodge of Masons in that city. A zealous and conscientious Republican, he took a deep interest in political matters. He was appointed Postmaster at West Sullivan a very short time previous to his death. He leaves a widow and one son, Phillips; also a sister at Sullivan, Mrs. C. A. Stimson, all of whom have our fullest sympathy.

MAY 1, 1890


Sedgwick, Apr. 25, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. JAMES A. YOUNG of Brooklin and Mrs. LIZZIE P. GRAY of Belfast.

Mt. Desert, Apr. 26, by Rev. H. R. McCartney, Mr. MURRAY W. LURVEY of Eden and Miss AMELIA REED of Mt. Desert.


Ellsworth, Apr. 27, HUTSON CORBETT, son of Peter and Louisa J. McLEOD, age 3 months, 9 days.

Apr. 28, CHARLES W. JOY, age 53 years, 11 months, 13 days.

Apr. 26, Mrs. MARIA T. ALLEY, wife of Capt. Samuel Alley, Jr., age 42 years.

Apr. 23, HARVEY W., son of John W. MOSLEY, age 6 years, 2 months.

North Ellsworth, Apr.25, Mr. ABRAM TOURTELOTTE, age 80 years, 2 months.

West Trenton, Apr. 21, Mr. ANDREW J. RINALDO, age 54 years, 7 months, 14 days.

Eden, Apr. 16, Mr. LEONARD McFARLAND, age [can't distinguish 17 or 77] years, 3 months, 16 days.

Mt. Desert, Apr. 19, JAMES S., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKENZIE, age 1 year, 6 months, 14 days.

Birch Harbor, Apr. 26, Mr. SEWALL HANCOCK, age about 70 years.

Castine, Apr. 23, FRED R., son of Mr. and Mrs. James ORDWAY, age 28 years.

Apr. 24, Mr. LEVI RODDEN, age 22 years.

Bangor, Apr. 20, Dr. JOHN A. CLOUGH, formerly of Waltham, age 33 years, 7 months.

Dexter, Apr. 8, at the home of James Leighton, Miss LIZZIE L. ADDITON, age 31 years, 9 months.

MAY 8, 1890


Waltham, May 3, by Calvin Kingman, Esq., assisted by Rev. C. E. Woodcock, LYNWOOD F. GILES, Esq. of Ellsworth and Miss HATTIE KINGMAN of Waltham, daughter of the officiating magistrate.

Bar Harbor, Apr. 26, by Rev. Joseph Torrey, Mr. FRANCIS J. BOYNTON and Miss ELLEN E. MOORE, both of Ellsworth.

Brooklin, Apr. 29, by Rev. O. C. Herbert, Mr. JUDSON E. FREETHY of Brooklin and Mrs. MERCY J. COOPER of Sedgwick.

Canton, Maine, Apr. 19, by Rev. J. M. Long, Mr. EPHRAIM ALLEY of Eden and Miss LULU T. BOSWORTH of Canton.


Ellsworth, May 4, MATILDA GENEVA, daughter of Reuben and Susan SARGENT, age 4 months.

East Sullivan, May 2, Mr. THOMAS LANGDON HILL, age 82 years, 7 months, 20 days.

Mt. Desert (Quarryville), Apr. 27, ARCHIE W., son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. NORWOOD, age 2 months, 20 days.

Mariaville, Apr. 26, Mrs. ELIZA BRIMMER, age 87 years, 3 months.

Obituary: THOMAS LANGDON HILL was born at East Sullivan July 12, 1807. On the homestead where he was born, he always lived, and died there May 2, 1890. He was the only son of Deacon Enoch Hill and the grandson of Thomas Hill, Esq., who was one of the early settlers of Gouldsboro and one of the most prominent men of the town. A few years ago the infirmities of disease and age obliged him to discontinue manual labor, and he confined himself quite largely to his home. His funeral took place at his residence on Monday afternoon of this week, the Rev. Frank E. Healey of this city officiating. Mr. Hill leaves a widow and an aged sister, Mrs. Miriam Wooster, now an inmate of his late home, both of whom have our fullest sympathy.

MAY 15, 1890


Ellsworth, May 10, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Capt. FRANCIS B. FULLERTON and Miss MARY E. COOK, both of Ellsworth.

May 10, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. EDWIN G. BURNHAM of Franklin and Miss VICTORIA A. REMICK of Hancock.

North Lamoine, May 7, by Rufus Hodgkins, Esq., Mr. FRED W. COOK of North Lamoine and Miss ALMA J. CURTIS of Surry.

South Gouldsboro, May 2, by Fred P. Sargent, Esq., ALFRED HAMILTON, JR. of Prospect Harbor and Miss ABBIE SARGENT of South Gouldsboro.

East Bluehill, May 10, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, Mr. OLIVER H. RACKLIFF of South Thomaston and Miss CHRISTINA LOVE, daughter of John Love of East Bluehill.

Winter Harbor, by Fred Sargent, Esq., Mr. RUSSELL TORREY and Miss NETTIE JOY, both of Winter Harbor.


Ellsworth, May 12, Miss ANNIE A. HAWKS, age 21 years, 5 months.

Ellsworth Falls, May 8, Mrs. MATILDA D. CROCKER, age 66 years, 8 months.

Surry, May 11, Mrs. ANNIE J. WOOD, age 25 years, 11 months.

Deer Isle, May 6, ALFRED RANDALL, son of Steadman F. and Floretta TORREY, age 1 year, 5 months.

MAY 22, 1890


Ellsworth, May 20, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. STEPHEN B. HULBART and Miss ANNIE McGILOREY, both of Sullivan.

Bucksport, May 18, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. ALONZO H. HARRIMAN and Miss MATTIE J. GRAY, both of Bucksport.

Long Island Plantation, May 11, by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. EDWARD E. DEL ZELIE and Miss LINNIE D. RICE, both of Long Island Plantation.

Bar Harbor, May 10, Rev. Joseph Torrey, Mr. EUGENE F. DOW of Tremont and Miss MAUDE A. BURNS of Eden.

Steuben, May 17, Mr. GEORGE DORR of Steuben and Miss ANNIE SPURLING of Gouldsboro.


East Orland, Apr. 12, Mr. THOMAS MASON, age 79 years.

West Brooksville, Mr. JOEL VARNUM, age 79 years.

Trenton, May 13, Mr. NAHUM JORDAN, age 81 years, 6 months.

Stockholm, Sweden, Apr. 20, WILLIAM WIDGERY THOMAS, 3rd, son of the Hon. W. W. Thomas, Jr. and Dagmar E. Thomas, age 1 year, 7 months, 13 days.

MAY 29, 1890


Washington, D.C., May 17, at the residence of the bride's father (Hon. James G. Blain, Secretary of State), Mr. WALTER DAMROACH of New York and Miss MARGARET ISABELLA BLAIN of Augusta.


Ellsworth Falls, May 20, Miss LULIE S. MORRISON, age 21 years, 2 months.

May 24, Miss LIZZIE S. HINCKLEY, age 26 years, 1 month.

Egypt, Mrs. JOHN F. CLARK.

Hancock, May 26, CLARA A. GOOGINS, age 30 years, 6 months.

Mt. Desert, May 26, Mrs. ADELLE F. SOMES, age 34 years.

Southwest Harbor, May 20, Mrs. SUSAN, widow of the late Andrew TARR, age about 92 years.

Tremont (Center), May 14, LEON C., son of Mr. and Mrs. George S. OBER, age 2 months, 20 days.

Castine, drowned, May 18, Mr. FRED B. GRINDLE of Castine, age 28 years, and Mr. MELVERA GRINDLE of Penobscot, age about 40 years.

Orland, May 22, Mrs. DRUSA CROCKETT, age 55 years, 10 months.

JUNE 5, 1890


Ellsworth, June 3, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. CHARLES F. COOK and Miss LAURA R. FARRELL, both of Ellsworth.

North Brooksville, May 29, by C. H. Perkins, Esq., Mr. MINOT S. PIPER and Miss HATTIE MONROE, both of Bluehill.

Orland, May 31, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. CHARLES H. SAUNDERS and Miss JOSEPHINE S. GROSS, both of Orland.


Ellsworth, May 31, Mr. GEORGE W. NEWBEGIN, age 76 years, 5 months, 19 days.

West Ellsworth, May 27, Mr. JESSE TREWORGY, age 86 years.

North Ellsworth, May 29, LAURA B. SEGER, age 1 year, 1 month, 13 days.

Winter Harbor, May 28, Mr. SAMUEL PENDLETON, age 82 years.

JUNE 12, 1890


Hancock, June 2, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. EUGENE S. COOMBS and Miss GEORGIE A. COOK, both of Franklin.

Winter Harbor, June 8, by William Rand, Esq., Mr. LEWIS S. NOONAN and Miss CLARA SEAVEY, both of Gouldsboro.

Castine, June 7, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, D.D., Mr. WILLIAM STEELE and Miss JENNIE WITHAM, both of Castine.

Surry, June 3, by Rev. S. O. Whitten, Mr. CHARLES E. CLOUGH and Mrs. CAROLINE McCARTHY, both of Ellsworth.


Ellsworth, May 27, Mr. JOHN S. JORDAN, age 76 years, 9 months, 24 days.

June 6, Rev. SEWALL TENNEY, D.D., age 88 years, 9 months.

June 9, Miss NELLIE F. BRESNAHAN, age 18 years, 8 months.

Abbott, Maine, June 3, MABEL E., daughter of Charles W. and Hattie E. CURRIER, age 5 years, 1 month.

Bluehill, June 7, Mr. JOHN STEVENS, age 86 years.

Lamoine, June 9, Mrs. LYDIA GILPATRICK, age 93 years, 9 months.

JUNE 19, 1890


Ellsworth, June 11, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. BLOOMFIELD R. SMITH of Mt. Desert and Miss JENNIE A. STROUT of Steuben.

Waltham, June 5, by Calvin Kingman, Esq., Mr. ROSCOE HASLAM and Miss HELEN KINGMAN, both of Waltham.

Winterport, May 24, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. NATHANIEL PAGE and Mrs. ALMEDA P. MADDOX, both of Winterport.

Northeast Harbor, June 12, at Bishop Doane's chapel, Mr. JOHN B. PINE and Miss CAROLINE PRYON, both of New York City.

Bluehill, June 12, by Rev. F. L. Drew, Mr. W. I. PARTRIDGE and Miss LIZZIE L. PETERS, both of Bluehill.

Orrington Center, June 14, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. FRED M. LEACH of Bangor and Miss HATTIE E. SEAVEY of Orrington Center.


Ellsworth, June 7, Mrs. HARRIET S. HAPWORTH, age 68 years, 2 months.

June 11, Mr. JAMES M. JEWETT, age 57 years, 10 months.

Ellsworth Falls, June 12, Miss C. ALICE WEBER, age 16 years, 11 months, 22 days.

North Hancock, June 14, Capt. MARCUS MULLAN, age 65 years.

Cranberry Isles, June 7, Mrs. JENNIE M. GOOGINS, age 38 years.

West Gouldsboro, June 13, Mr. CHARLES KINGSLEY, age 52 years.

Bass Harbor, June 18, Mr. AMBROSE W. CLEAVES, age 31 years, 3 months, 7 days.

Resolutions of Respect - The following resolution, introduced by Rev. Dr. Torrey at the annual meeting of the Hancock County Congregational Conference at Deer Isle, was unanimously adopted:

WHEREAS it has pleased God to remove from us by death our venerable and beloved friend, Rev. SEWALL TENNEY, D.D.,

RESOLVED that the Conference desires to place on record its grateful appreciation of the long and valuable services which he performed among us and in many of our churches, in our sorrow that the face which has been so constantly seen and the voice which has been so often heard in meetings of the Conference, shall be seen and heard among us no more.

JUNE 26, 1890


Ellsworth, June 25, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. JOSIAH G. LEIGHTON of Deblois and Miss CLARA L. SOUTHARD of Ellsworth.

Sedgwick, June 15, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. LUTHER M. BATES and Miss LULIE W. CONDON, both of Brooksville.

Brewer, June 8, by Rev. F. E. Witham, Mr. GEORGE W. AYER of Orland and Miss AFFIE P. HAMILTON of Rockland.


Ellsworth Falls, June 23, Mr. FRANCIS HEATH, age 60 years, 10 months, 3 days.

June 22, Mr. HENRY W. SARGENT, age 37 years.

Amherst, Mrs. MARY, wife of David HADLEY, age 55 years.

North Lamoine, June 24, HAZEL I. HASLAM, age 11 months, 26 days.

Bucksport, June 19, Mr. GREENLEAF CLAY, age 98 years, 4 days.

Bluehill, June 8, Mrs. SUSIE HENDERSON, age 22 years.

North Bluehill, June 9, Mr. DANIEL EMERTON.

Resolutions of Respect

WHEREAS our Father has seen fit to remove from our midst by death our highly esteemed and beloved member, C. ALICE WEBER, be it

RESOLVED that we have met a loss that cannot be repaired, but while we deeply mourn the event, we would bow in humble submission to God's will, believing in His wisdom,

RESOLVED that we cherish in memory her great love for good books, her interest in the welfare of the Circle, her many helpful sugestions and her happy, cheering presence which made our evenings together pleasant ones,

RESOLVED that, through respect to her, the Circle hold no more meetings this year,

RESOLVED that we hereby tender our heartfelt sympathy to her bereaved parents and other relatives,

RESOLVED that these resolutions be sent to the Ellsworth American for publication, and a copy of the same sent to her family.

-- per order of the C.L.S.C., Ellsworth Falls, June 23, 1890

Obituary: Mrs. ALLES ABBOTT COUSINS passed peacefully away Apr. 28, 1890, taking her infant daughter with her. She leaves a husband, father, mother, brother, and a large circle of friends. By her only brother, she will be much missed; they were together in their sports and attended the same school.

JULY 3, 1890


Ellsworth, June 25, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. OWEN MORAN, JR. and Miss SARAH A. NICKERSON, both of Ellsworth.

Tremont, June 27, by George R. Fuller, Esq., Mr. EDWARD D. KELLEY and Miss CLARA B. REED, both of Tremont.

Bangor, June 21, by Rev. C. E. Mason, Mr. WILLARD H. PHILLIPS of Hancock and Miss ELSIE D. PENNEY of Mariaville.

Addison, June 9, by F. E. Wass, Esq., Mr. LORING A. STANLEY of Cranberry Isles and Miss VELMA R. LOOK of Addison.

Winterport, June 25, by Rev. W. H. Norton, Mr. HORACE M. MANSUR of Monroe and Miss ADDIE CLARK of Winterport.

Castine, June 25, by Rev. A. E. Ives, Mr. EDWARD H. FISK of Shelburn, Mass. and Miss LUCY E. HALE, daughter of Deacon Thomas E. Hale of Castine.


Ellsworth, June 25, Mrs. ELIZA J., wife of Abram LORD, age 63 years, 8 months, 11 days.

June 28, Mr. ALBERT J. HASTINGS, age 19 years, 11 months, 28 days.

Great Pond, June 29, Mr. TOBIAS LORD, age 73 years, 2 months, 13 days.

Amherst, June 25, MABELLE R. GILES, age 2 months, 23 days.

Dedham, May 28, Mr. TYRREL GILMORE, age 75 years.

Surry, June 25, Mrs. JANE H. BEAL, age 88 years, 2 months.

Bar Harbor, June 24, Mr. C. C. SOPER, age 59 years, 4 months.

Castine, June 28, MIRIAM RANDALL, daughter of Charles Randall of Boston, age 7 years.

Brockton, Mass., June 19, Mrs. CAROLINE A., wife of John B. LAWRENCE, age 48 years, 11 months.

Nashua, N.H., June 20, Mrs. GENEVA E., oldest daughter of Edward and Julia A. GILLEY, formerly of Trenton, age 26 years.

JULY 10, 1890


Ellsworth, July 3, by Rev. E. Harding, Capt. D. F. CLOSSON and Miss CORA A. MOSLEY, both of Hancock.

Mt. Desert, July 2, by M. L. Allen, Esq., Mr. NATHAN L. COUSINS and Miss EMELINE RICHARDSON, both of Mt. Desert.


Ellsworth, July 7, Mr. DANIEL B. HARRINGTON, age 22 years, 6 months.

Ellsworth Falls, July 2, LAURA B., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George E. DAVIS, age 3 years, 15 days.

Mt. Desert (Bartlett's Island), June 25, Mr. WINFIELD C. DYER, age 24 years, 3 months, 17 days.

Castine, July 6, Mr. WILLIS A. RICKER, age 40 years.

JULY 17, 1890


Otis, July 8, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. GEORGE I. MOORE of Otis and Miss LAURA A. HOLMES of Marshfield.

Camden, July 2, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, Mr. WILLIAM F. CLARK and Miss LOTTIE MAY BRAZILL, both of Bar Harbor.

Castine, July 13, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, D.D., Mr. CHARLES W. SMALLIDGE and Miss GRACE C. HIBBERT, both of Castine.

Revere, Mass., July 9, by Rev. T. C. Wheeler, Mr. FRANK E. NAREY of Revere and Miss MILLIE F. HASKELL of Ellsworth.


Surry, July 13, ETHEL A. YOUNG, age 6 years, 11 months.

Green's Landing, June 30, Mr. JAMES GOTT, a soldier of the late war.

Southwest Harbor, July 4, Mrs. SARAH H. RICH, formerly of Cooper, age 84 years, 9 months, 17 days.

Wesley, July l4, Mr. GRANVILLE C. GRAY, age 56 years.

JULY 24, 1890


Eastbrook, July 13, by L. W. Bunker, Esq., Mr. GEORGE A. BUNKER and Miss EVELINA TRACY, both of Franklin.

Cherryfield, July 7, by E. S. Wilson, Esq., Mr. GEORGE L. SPRAGUE of Cherryfield and Miss LILIAN F. SMITH of Raynham, Mass.

July 13, by Rev. J. A. Lockhart, Mr. AARON TRACY and Miss MABEL TENAN, both of Cherryfield.

Mt. Desert, July l3, by J. Hamor, Esq., Mr. GEORGE W. HALEY of Prospect and Miss GRACIE J. PERKINS of Mt. Desert.

July 14, by M. L. Allen, Esq., Mr. JAMES O. VARNUM of Ellsworth and Miss KITTIE STANLEY of Southwest Harbor.


Ellsworth, July 16, Mr. JOHN F. BRAGDON, age 52 years, 7 months.

July 17, Capt. CHARLES M. ALLEY, age 35 years, 2 months.

July 16, Miss MARY F. SARGENT, age 20 years, 2 months.

Sullivan, July 13, PHILLIPPA, wife of Charles HALL, formerly of Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, age 37 years.

East Sullivan, July 20, Mr. JACOB S. JOHNSON, age 64 years.

July 13, Mr. JAMES DOYLE, age 62 years, 2 months.

Sorrento, July 17, Rev. HENRY BERNARD CARPENTER, age 49 years, 3 months.

Wayne, July 13, at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. G. S. Smith), Mrs. REBECCA C. BUTLER, widow of the late Truphant Butler, age 83 years, 3 months.

Steuben, July 12, Mrs. EDITH S. HOWARD, daughter of H. C. Baker, Esq., age 32 years.

Obituary: Mrs. TRUPHANT BUTLER, nee REBECCA COATS of Hancock, Maine, entered into rest about 8 o'clock Sunday evening, the 13th inst., in Wayne at the residence of her son-in-law, Rev. G. S. Smith, where for some time she had been visiting. On the previous Thursday she was using her needle as usual, and was only prevented from attending a ladies' mission circle from weariness. During the evening she was attacked severely by a neuralgic affection of the heart which stubbornly resisted all interference on the part of her physicians. Mrs. Butler was born Apr. 23, 1807. She was converted in youth and became a member of the Baptist Church in the town of Hancock (or Sullivan, as then called) and until the week of her death was an interested observer of all contemporary events. Her remains were brought to her late residence in West Hancock for interment by the side of her late husband and 2 sons who of her children have preceded her. Appropriate services held by Rev. Mr. Bickford of Lamoine in the presence of the survivors of her father's family -- Mr. Charles Coats, Mrs. Johanna Butler and Mrs. Rosella Milliken of Hancock; her surviving son, Rev. T. M. Butler of Canton, Mass.; Miss Mary E., Mrs. Sarah Miles of Wolburn, Mass.; and Mrs. Hattie Tilden of Chester, Vermont with her husband, also her daughter-in-law, Mrs. J. M. Butler. Flowers were sent by her absent daughter, Mrs. Georgie Drew, and granddaughter, Mrs. Electa Royal of Lawrence, Mass.

JULY 31, 1890


Hancock, July 27, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. BURT M. MOON and Miss CLARA J. GRANT, both of Hancock.

Sedgwick, July 18, by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. FRANK E. FRIEND of Anamosa, Iowa and Miss GRACE A. WILSON of Sedgwick.


Bluehill, July 22, Mrs. HELEN M. JOY, age 57 years, 19 days.

Bucksport Center, W. ROY, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Olin AREY, age 1 year, 9 months, 15 days.

Salisbury Cove, July 10, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. WOOD, age 2 weeks.

Sedgwick, July 22, Mr. GEORGE H. HOLDEN of Portland, age 59 years.

West Brooksville, July 20, Mr. SAMUEL CONDON, age about 51 years.

Seal Harbor, July 16, EARLE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. CLEMENT, age 1 year, 5 months.

July 18, Mrs. CORA, wife of Simeon PINKHAM, age about 30 years.

Holden, July 15, Mr. LEMUEL POND, age 78 years, 4 months.

AUGUST 7, 1890


Bar Harbor, July 19, by E. S. Clark, Esq., Mr. EDWARD J. WINSHIP and Mrs. CARRIE CARL, both of Bar Harbor.


Ellsworth Falls, July 31, Mrs. ABBIE, wife of Stephen G. INMAN, age 62 years.

Bar Harbor, July 25, Mrs. ANNIE BURK, age 50 years.

Cranberry Isles, July 26, Mr. NATHAN Y. SPURLING, age about 52 years.

Obituary: Hancock has lost one of her best men, Capt. EASTMAN GOOGING, who died July 17. He was born 43 years ago in that town, assuming the care of a large family at the death of his father when he was a boy of 10. It was only a year or two later that he began the career in which he was so successful, of a seaman's life. He leaves a mother, a widow, and a beautiful child.

Resolutions of Respect - Passed at a regular meeting of Mt. Desert Lodge F.& A.M., on the 26th day of July, on the death of Brothers WINSLOW HADLEY, WILLIAM T. THOMAS, ISRAEL ATHERTON and JOHN RICHARDSON:

WHEREAS it has pleased an all wise Providence to remove by death from our midst and from their families and friends our esteemed brothers, be it

RESOLVED that, by this dispensation of Providence, the community loses some of its most respected citizens, their families kind and sympathizing husbands and fathers, and the fraternity some of its most zealous members,

RESOLVED that, while we bow with submission to the Divine will, we nonetheless mourn the loss of our brothers who a little while ago were called to lay aside their working tools to enter the celestial lodge above,

RESOLVED that we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the families of the deceaseds in their affliction, and commend them to the care of Him who doeth all things well,

RESOLVED that a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the records of the Lodge and sent to the families of the deceaseds, and to the Ellsworth American for publication.

-- signed T. S. Somes, J. W. Somes and M. T. Richardson, Mt. Desert, July 23

AUGUST 14, 1890


Mariaville, July 28, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. CHARLES F. YOUNG and Miss LENA E. SWAN, both of Mariaville.

Eden, July 30, by Rev. J. Torrey, Mr. EDWARD P. LORD of Ellsworth Falls and Miss JULIA E. THOMAS of Eden.

Long Island Plantation, July 29, by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. SAMUEL RICE and Miss SABRA A. LUNT, both of Long Island Plantation.

July 29, by the same, Mr. JAMES H. THURLOW and Miss LIZZIE M. LUNT, both of Long Island Plantation.

Mobile, Ala., July 28, at the Cathedral, by the Rt. Rev. Bishop O'Sullivan, Mr. HADLEY Y. BROOKE of Washington, DC and Miss SADIE E. INGALLS of Mobile, daughter of William Waldo Ingalls, formerly of Sullivan, Maine.


Ellsworth, Aug. 10, Mrs. FRANCES S., wife of John M. HALE, age 80 years, 6 weeks.

Ellsworth Falls, Aug. 6, Mr. ALPHEUS MOORE, age 73 years.

Gouldsboro, Aug. 1, Mrs. PHILENA K., wife of George WHITAKER, age about 75 years.

Castine, Aug. 1, Mrs. SARAH, widow of the late Frank REDMAN, age 79 years.

Bar Harbor, July 29, EDDIE, youngest son of Elbridge and Clara FARNSWORTH, age about 3 years, 6 months.

East Sullivan, July 30, MABEL, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward DOCKHAM, age 2 months.

Sullivan, Aug. 6, Mrs. HARRIET BURRITT, wife of Ambrose SIMPSON, age 74 years, 7 months, 13 days.


Boston, Aug. 9, Mrs. AMANDA, wife of Oliver H. PERRY.

Resolutions of Respect - by the P. Amola Grange No. 265

WHEREAS our esteemed brother and co-laborer, LEONARD WOOSTER, has been removed from our order by death, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that, in this event, the Grange has sustained an irreparable loss, the temperance cause a staunch and fearless advocate, the family a kind husband and indulgent father, and the community a citizen of unquestioned veracity and integrity,

RESOLVED that the officers and members of P. Amola Grange tender to the brave family our heartfelt sympathy in this hour of their great affliction,

RESOLVED that in death, no less than in life, we recognize and acknowledge the kind supervision of our Heavenly Father into whose keeping we confidently commit the spirit of the departed brother,

RESOLVED that the charter of our order be draped in mourning 30 days,

RESOLVED that these resolutions be published in the Ellsworth American and a copy forwarded to the family.

-- signed Livy Penny, Elijah Stratton and Nannie M. Abbott

Obituary - Mrs. HARRIET BURRITT SIMPSON, wife of Ambrose Simpson, Esq., of Sullivan, who died Wednesday, Aug. 6, at her residence in Sullivan at the advanced age of 74 years, 7 months, 13 days, was the second child of Mr. and Mrs. George Hinman and was born at Sullivan Dec. 24, 1815. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson were married Feb. 17, 1842 and had born to them 8 children, 3 of them dying in childhood, and 3 sons -- Truman Hinman, Ambrose, Jr., and John Emery Simpson -- and 2 daughters, Mrs. L. A. Marshall of Sioux Falls and Mrs. Mary A. Flye of Haines City, Fla. survive her to mourn her loss. She leaves 3 brothers -- George Hinman, a retired merchant at Boston, Joel Hinman, a merchant at Baltimore, and Otis Hinman, a banker at Boston -- and 2 sisters, Mrs. Henrietta Fuller, widow of the late Dr. Jared Fuller of East Corinth, and Mrs. Mary A. Franklin, widow of the late Capt. William Franklin. The funeral service was conducted by the Methodist minister, Rev. C. C. Phelan, Friday, 8th inst., and her remains were laid in the family lot in the cemetery.

Obituary - Died at South Hancock, Aug. 2, Mr. LEONARD WOOSTER, age 75 years, 11 days. In Pamola Grange, the loss cannot be estimated. To him it owes its existence. Early in the year 1884 he agitated the forming of the Grange in this town. He was chosen master and by his strong character and indominitable will led the organization when one of less determination would have faltered. His funeral was held at the church, South Hancock, Rev. J. R. Bowler officiating. He was buried in Riverside Cemetery with appropriate ceremonies by the Grange. He leaves a widow, 3 sons and 3 daughters.

AUGUST 21, 1890


Bar Harbor, Aug. 6, by Rev. Joseph Torrey, D.D., Mr. EVERETT H. LELAND and Miss LAURA M. TITUS, both of Eden.

South Gouldsboro, Aug. 4, by Fred P. Sargent, Esq., Mr. HENRY C. YOUNG and Miss HATTIE L. ANDREWS, both of Gouldsboro.

South Deer Isle, July 31, by Rev. T. J. Wright, Mr. GOODWIN J. EATON and Miss ABBIE J. EATON, both of Deer Isle.

Cherryfield, July 31, Mr. JOHN G. HAMBLEN of Bridgton and Miss MARY A. WINGATE.

Southwest Harbor, Aug. 16, by Rev. Wesley C. Haskell, Mr. WILLIAM W. HIGGINS and Miss MYRA E. RANKIN, both of Southwest Harbor.


Ellsworth, Aug. 13, Mr. ELBRIDGE G. URANN, age 78 years.

Aug. 11, CARROLL KINGSLEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. MORAN, age 1 year, 11 months, 9 days.

Surry, Aug. 6, Capt. ALBERT G. BELATTY, age 31 years, 10 months.

West Trenton, Aug. 16, Mrs. ELVINA B. SMITH, age 51 years, 7 months.

Somesville, Aug. 10, CHARLES LUNT, age about 18 years.

Northeast Harbor, Aug. 10, Dr. HERMAN E. DAVISON of Gloucester, Mass., age 75 years.

Seal Harbor, Aug. 7, Deacon STEPHEN SOUTHARD, age about 79 years.

Addison, July 28, Mr. WALTER TABBUTT "The Hermit," age 39 years.

Boston, Aug. 9, Mrs. H. AMANDA, wife of Oliver H. PERRY, age 50 years, 1 month, 11 days.

AUGUST 28, 1890


Surry, Aug. 10, by H. H. Eldridge, Esq., Mr. JOHN E. STAPLES of Deer Isle and Mrs. RACHEL STAPLES of Surry.

Bucksport, Aug. 24, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. ALBERT ATKINSON of Orland and Mrs. ELIZA A. DAVIS of Bucksport.

Cherryfield, Aug. 2, by Rev. G. Mayo, Mr. HARVEY J. GRANT and Miss ELLA TUCKER, both of Cherryfield.

Boston, Mass., Aug. 25, by Rev. E. F. Merriam, Mr. CYRUS CONDIT of Kansas City, Mo. and Miss ALICE E. LEVENSELLER formerly of Holden, Maine.


Ellsworth, Aug. 20, Mr. JOHN L. MOOR, age 87 years, 9 months.

Moose Hill, Aug. 25, Mrs. MARY S. MACE, age 32 years, 3 months.

Surry, Aug. 19, LOIS S., infant daughter of Forest E. and Flora D. SHAPLEIGH of Concord, Mass.

Otter Creek, July 17, Mrs. JANE NORRIS, age 79 years, 11 months.

Sorrento, Aug. 6, Mrs. ELIZA, wife of Alex. BRINTON, age 22 years.

Franklin, Aug. 24, Mrs. SARAH DONNELL, age 85 years, 3 months.

Los Angeles, Calif., July 9, Mr. H. W. POND, a native of Ellsworth, Maine, age 68 years, 7 months, 25 days.

Obituary - On Wednesday morning last, the Hon. JOHN L. MOOR, at the ripe age of nearly 88 years, closed forever his mortal eyes to the scenes of earth. He was born in Surry (now Ellsworth) Dec. 1, 1802. By trade he was a house carpenter, a vocation to which he devoted many years of his life. He also engaged to some extent in the lumber business. For many years he was one of the selectmen of the town of Ellsworth and held many other important municipal offices, both under town and city rule. He was a member of the Legislature in 1837 and again 1838 when an extra session was called to deliberate on the exigencies which grew out of the disputed Aroostook boundary line. He was also a member in 1856 and 57. Mr. Moor was greatly interested in the local history of the place and, being a ready writer, he prepared many interesting and valuable historical articles for the American and other papers. These were published over the signature of "J.L.M." He was greatly interested in Masonry and for many years was one of the best members the Lygonia Lodge had. He was a member of Lygonia Lodge for 63 years; he received the first 3 degrees in January 1827, was chosen master in 1832 and '33; he was the oldest Mason and the oldest Past Master of Lygonia Lodge now living. He was appointed District Deputy Grand Master by the Grand Lodge for the years 1851 and '52, and was the oldest District Deputy Grand Master of this Masonic district.



Ellsworth, Aug. 27, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. WILLIAM A. SAVIDGE of New York and Mrs. FLORENCE EVELYN DOW of Ellsworth.

Sep. 2, by Rev. William Forsyth of Bucksport, Mr. WALTER RUSSELL PARKER and Miss ALICE HILLS LOWELL, both of Ellsworth.


Deer Isle, Aug. 22, Miss CLARA E. EATON, age 15 years.

Cumberland Mills, Aug. 28, Miss LETTIE E. SNOW, formerly of Bucksport, age 18 years.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1890


Ellsworth, Sep. 9, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Mr. FRED SIAS of Midland, Michigan and Miss HATTIE B. WHITTAKER of Ellsworth.

Eastbrook, Sep. 7, by L. W. Bunker, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM C. MERCHANT and Miss ROXIE B. ABBOTT, both of Eastbrook.

Orrington, Sep. 2, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. ELMER S. BAKER and Miss ROSE E. SMITH, both of Orrington.


Ellsworth, Sep. 8, Mrs. CATHERINE HAWKES, age 75 years, 6 months.

Sep. 7, Mrs. BETSEY FLOOD, age 88 years, 7 months, 11 days.

Lamoine, Sep. 5, EVA L. NASH, age 20 years, 8 months, 5 days.

Brooksville, Aug. 26, Mrs. F. M. BILLINGS, age 50 years.

Bar Harbor, Aug. 27, Mrs. JULIA, wife of George HIGGINS, age 43 years.

Aug. 22, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. TROTT.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1890


Ellsworth, Sep. 13, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. ARTHUR C. THORSEN of Hancock and Miss CADDIE F. AUSTIN of Lamoine.

Waltham, Sep. 13, by Rev. Charles E. Woodcock, Mr. ELMER L. GILES and Miss IDA E. COOK, both of Waltham.

Hancock, Sep. 13, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. CHARLES E. THOMAS and Miss GEORGIE A. COOK, both of Sullivan.

Sep. 14, by the same, Mr. BURTON M. MERCHANT and Miss EMMA C. ABBOTT, both of Hancock.

Castine, Sep. 12, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, D.D., Capt. F. W. RICE of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Miss LOWENA WARDWELL of Penobscot.

Dyer's Bay, Steuben, Sep. 8, at the home of the bride's parents (Mr. and Mrs. William Leighton), by Rev. J. B. Brown, Mr. JAMES L. COLEWELL and Miss ETHEL M. LEIGHTON, both of Steuben.

Bar Harbor, Sep. 2, by Rev. G. G. Winslow, Mr. EDMUND K. HERRICK of Bluehill and Miss FLORA E. CARTER of Surry.

Orrington, Sep. 11, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. DAVID P. SMITH of South Brewer and Miss LOTTIE M. SMITH of Orrington.

Milbridge, Aug. 31, by George Googins, Esq., Mr. JASON FOSTER and Miss PHILA KENNEDY, both of Milbridge.


Ellsworth, Sep. 12, Mrs. ANNIE M. BARTLETT, age 85 years, 11 months, 10 days.

Franklin, Sep. 10, ETTA B., twin daughter of J. Madison and Hattie West CLARK, age 2 years.

Harrington, Aug. 22, Mrs. PAMELIA WHITE, age 84 years.

Cumberland Mills, Aug. 28, LETTIE E. SNOW, formerly of Bucksport, age 18 years.

Southwest Harbor, Aug. 30, CECIL, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. HASKELL, age 5 months, 15 days.

Tremont (Seal Cove), Sep. 6, Mrs. CHARLOTTE, wife of Benjamin SAWYER, age 61 years, 7 days.

Sep. 14, AMANDA, wife of Ellis ROBINSON, age 39 years.

Milbridge, Sep. 11, Mr. LYCURGUS WASGATT, age 43 years.

Steuben, Sep. 6, Mrs. LORENZO WHITTEN, age 31 years.

Ogdensburg, N.Y., Sep. 9, Mr. GEORGE L. SIMPSON, late of Sullivan, Maine, age 55 years, 6 months.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1890


Ellsworth, Sep. 22, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. NORRIS I. HIGGINS of Ellsworth and Miss SADIE B. DAVIS of Bucksport.

At St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Sep. 16, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. CHARLES MURRAY of Boston and Miss LIZZIE SHEA of Ellsworth.

Sep. 18, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Mr. HENRY W. CUSHMAN and Miss MARY HALL, both of Ellsworth.

Mariaville, Sep. 17, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. ABRAM M. WARREN of Otis and Miss EMMA MORRISON of Mariaville.

Gott's Island, Sep. 13, by Rev. I. B. Conley, Mr. AMOS W. STAPLES of Swan's Island and Miss HANNAH I. JOYCE of Tremont.


Franklin, Sep. 2, SUSAN, wife of Mr. Barney MARTIN, age 26 years.

Sep. 4, FRANK A. MARTIN, age 8 years.

Sep. 14, FERN MARTIN, age 4 years.

Castine, Sep. 15, EDWARD SPENCER, son of Dr. Edward E. and Hattie A. PHILBROOK, age 2 years, 8 months, 9 days.

OCTOBER 2, 1890


Penobscot, Sep. 24, by Rev. T. S. Ross, Mr. COLON LEACH and Miss ELLA BOWDEN.

Fitchburg, Mass., Sep. 18, by Rev. Jesse Wagoner, Mr. ANDREW W. WILLIS of Gardner, Mass. and Miss DELIA E. HODGKINS of East Lamoine.


West Gouldsboro, Sep. 18, WILLIAM, son of Joseph D. and Hannah H. WOOD, age 18 months.

Hancock Point, Sep. 29, Capt. ELEAZER CRABTREE, age 66 years, 6 months.

Mariaville, Sep. 26, Mrs. EVA M. DUNHAM, age 26 years, 26 days.

Augusta, Sep. 27, Mr. THEOPHILUS ANDERSON of Ellsworth, age 67 years, 8 months.

OCTOBER 9, 1890


Ellsworth, Sep. 17, by Rev. E. Harding, Mr. HOWARD M. LINSCOTT of Hancock and Miss JESSIE A. LUNT of Ellsworth.

Oct. 5, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. JOSEPH MORRISON of Ellsworth and Miss BERTHA E. SMITH of Trenton.

Oct. 4, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Mr. JOHN HENRY HATCH and Miss EMMA CROCKER, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth Falls, Oct. 2, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. JOHN O. WHITNEY and Miss HENRIETTA A. FOX, both of Ellsworth Falls.

Franklin, Sep. 30, by Rev. T. A. Hodgdon, Mr. CHARLES J. MURCH and Miss FANNIE CRABTREE, both of Franklin.

Sedgwick, Sep. 27, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. WILLIAM F. GRAY of Brooksville and Miss NELLIE M. GRAY of Brooklin.

Orrington, Sep. 29, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. RICHARD W. KNOWLTON of Deer Isle and Miss LYDIA M. SMITH of Orrington.


Ellsworth, Oct. 6, Mrs. TEMPE JORDAN, age 91 years, 6 months, 21 days.

Oct. 5, Mrs. SOPHIE COLE, wife of Amos McCULLY of Nova Scotia, age about 28 years.

Bar Harbor, Sep. 28, RAYMOND C., only child of Martin L. and Rubie C. LORD, age 15 months.

Sep. 1, Mr. JOHN S. DYER, age 54 years.

Sep. 26, CATHERINE IRENE, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. CANNING, age 9 months, 5 days.

Brooklin, Sep. 24, Mr. ISAAC CARTER, age about 84 years.

Mt. Desert, Sep. 22, VIOLA, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delmont RICHARDSON, age 7 months.

Seal Harbor, Sep. 27, Mr. CHARLES GRINDLE, age 20 years.

Bass Harbor, Sep. 27, MARY H., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel COUGH, age 19 years, 9 months, 9 days.

North Castine, Oct. 2, Mr. MILES GARDNER, age 81 years.

Bluehill, Sep. 26, Mrs. LENA C. MERRILL, age 29 years, 10 months, 19 days.

South Surry, Oct. 4, Mr. JOB YOUNG, age 87 years.

OCTOBER 16, 1890


Bar Harbor, Oct. 6, by DeGrasse Fox, Esq., Lt. LUDWIG PAUL CARL KLIPFEL of Hanover, Germany and Miss ELIZABETH H. ELWOOD of Rochester, New York.

Cherryfield, Sep. 27, by Rev. A. J. Lockhart, Mr. LYNN C. HAYCOCK and Miss ALICE TEENAN, both of Cherryfield.

Augusta, Oct. 6, at the Congregational Church, by Rev. A. Redlon assisted by Rev. J. S. Williamson, Mr. JOHN R. BOARDMAN and Miss NETTIE, daughter of Capt. Thomas CLARK, both of Augusta.

Sullivan, Sep. 21, by Rev. C. C. Phelan, Mr. PERLEY P. POND of Sullivan and Miss CORA M. WHITAKER of Gouldsboro.

Lamoine, Oct. 7, by Rev. F. S. Bickford, Mr. GEORGE F. WOOSTER and Miss LILLIE M. YOUNG, both of Lamoine.

Castine, Oct. 11, by Rev. John P. Cushman, Mr. SEWALL PERKINS and Miss LETTIE DOUGLAS, both of Castine.

Deer Isle, Oct. 5, by Rev. T. J. Wright, Mr. FRANK H. HARDING of Sedgwick and Miss CORA L. TORREY of Deer Isle.

Orrington, Oct. 9, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. CHARLES L. CARD of New Haven, Conn. and Miss MATTIE A. FIELD of East Orrington.

Brewer, Oct. 11, by Rev. H. W. Norton of Winterport, Mr. THOMAS McCLELLAND and Miss ELLEN STUBBERT, both of Brewer.

Oct. 11, by the same, Mr. LEWIS M. COWIN and Miss JULIA A. McGILL, both of Brewer.


Ellsworth, Oct. 8, Mrs. SALLIE P. BLACK, age 65 years, 9 months.

Oct. 10, Mrs. JANE M. BROWN, age 70 years, 2 months.

Oct. 11, Miss JANE RING, age 88 years, 10 months.

Bar Harbor, Oct. 13, Professor AUSTIN PHELPS, age 70 years.

Sullivan, Oct. 11, Mrs. NANCY BEAN, widow of the late John Bean, age 88 years.

Franklin, Oct. 11, infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey BRAGDON.

Bluehill, Sep. 8, Mrs. JANE, wife of Ezra P. CARTER, age 43 years.

Sedgwick, Oct. 4, Mrs. IRENE HOOPER, age 71 years.

Orland, Oct. 4, Capt. GEORGE HANCOCK, age 77 years.

Milbridge, Oct. 3, Mr. JOHN H. FOSTER, age about 49 years.

Bangor, Oct. 9, Hon. LEWIS BARKER, age 72 years, 7 months, 21 days.

OCTOBER 23, 1890


Lamoine, Oct. 13, by Rev. F. S. Bickford, Mr. HERVEY E. SALISBURY and Miss SUSIE S. BERRY, both of Lamoine.

Bluehill, Oct. 16, by Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. GEORGE G. FREDERICK of Methuen, Mass. and Miss ADDIE MAY OSGOOD of Bluehill.

Winterport, Oct. 17, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Capt. J. F. HUTCHINGS of Winterport and Mrs. LYDIA J. ROBBINS of Belfast.


Cranberry Isles, Oct. 12, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Benniah BUNKER, age about 3 months.

Bartlett's Island, Oct. 13, BEULAH, daughter of N. Q. and Caddie M. BARTLETT, age 1 month, 28 days.

Southwest Harbor, Oct. 14, OLCOTT A., son of Mr. and Mrs. Asher ALLEN, age 3 months, 23 days.

East Lamoine, Oct. 17, Mr. ISAIAH GILLPATRICK, age 73 years, 7 months.

West Hancock, Oct. 14, Mrs. BELLE BROWN, age 37 years.

Malden, Mass., Oct. 10, Mrs. LOVINA ANN, wife of Henry H. WAUGH of Stoughton, Mass., formerly of Ellsworth, age 54 years, 6 months, 24 days.

Obituary - [From Stoughton, Mass. Sentinel] Mrs. LOVINA ANN WAUGH, wife of Henry H. Waugh of this town, died in Malden Friday, 10th inst., age 54 years, 6 months, 24 days. Mrs. Waugh was well known in this town where she resided for many years. She was born in Ellsworth, Maine, the daughter of Joseph Milliken and was one of the family of 4 children; one brother is now living, being a sailing master. A sister lives in Ellsworth, Maine; another brother (deceased) was Nathaniel, father of Frank H. Milliken of this town. She married Henry H. Waugh in this town June 12, 1859. In the fruit of this happy union was the birth of 4 children, all but one of whom are now living. They are Henry of Whitman, Mass.; Grace, the wife of Charles Gardner of Malden; and Agnes.

Obituary - Very suddenly, on Tuesday last, Mrs. BELLE, beloved wife of Jesse A. BROWN of West Hancock. She was born in Eden in 1853 but has since her marriage (which occurred some 16 years ago) made her permanent home in Hancock. On the morning of her death, although weighed down with weakness, she insisted on being dressed to join the family in the sitting room, but scarcely had she risen when a great faintness seized her. Husband and friends thronged about her, rendering all assistance, but before they could scarcely realize it, God had called her home. She leaves a husband, 4 interesting daughters, an aged father, mother and 5 sisters. Funeral services were held at her late residence, the Rev. Mr. Bowler officiating.

OCTOBER 30, 1890


Bar Harbor, Oct. 20, by Rev. C. S. Leffingwell, Dr. CHARLES C. MORRISON and Miss IDA M. CONNERS, both of Bar Harbor.

Bluehill, Oct. 23, by Rev. E. A. Mason, Mr. CLARENCE S. SNOWMAN and Miss SADIE L. HORTON, both of Bluehill.

Milbridge, Oct. 12, by George Googins, Esq., Mr. GEORGE GRAF and Miss ELLA RAMSDELL, both of Milbridge.

Sullivan, Oct. 22, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. PETER SINCLAIR of Sullivan and Miss KATHERINE BELL of Detroit, Mich.

Steuben, Oct. 21, by Rev. Mr. Peck, Mr. JAMES COOK of Franklin, Mass. and Miss LIZZIE KENDALL of Steuben.


Orland, Oct. 12, Mr. DANIEL JORDAN, age about 75 years.

Bar Harbor, Oct. 17, JAMES, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace R. WESTON, age about 9 years.

West Trenton, Oct. 12, BLOOMFIELD H., son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan LELAND, age 24 years, 9 months, 17 days. He died in his father's residence after an illness of several months with consumption. He leaves father, mother, two brothers and an adopted sister, the wife of Capt. Charles Hodgkins of Lamoine. Mr. and Mrs. Leland have been severely afflicted during the last few years, having lost three from their family of five sons, two previously dying at sea and their graves lie beneath the cold dark waves. [Aforegoing information from obituary published in next column in newspaper although obituary not reproduced in entirety.]

Brooklin, Oct. 17, Miss NELLIE HERRICK, age 28 years.

Camden, Oct. 20, Mrs. LUCY J., wife of Rev. V. P. WARDWELL, age 48 years, 3 months, 2 days.

West Gouldsboro, Oct. 15, Miss JESSIE M. KINGSLEY, age 20 years, 2 months, 17 days.

Ironbound Island, Oct. 25, CELESTIE TOBIN, age about 52 years.

Freeport, Oct. 25, NELLIE, daughter of Joel B. PATERSON and niece of Isaac L. Emery of this city, age 15 years.

Obituary - Brief notice was made in the American last week of the death of Mrs. LUCY J., wife of Rev. V. P. WARDWELL, which occurred at the Methodist parsonage in Camden on Monday night, Oct. 20. Mrs. Wardwell was the daughter of Asa Warren, Esq. of Bangor and was married to Mr. Wardwell 26 years ago at Bucksport, where for much of the first 12 years of their married life he was a teacher. During Mr. Wardwell's connection with the M. E. Conference, they have been located at Machias, Orrington, Newport, Dover, Castine, Ellsworth and Camden. She had been district secretary of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society, president of the W.C.T.U. of Knox County, president of the local W.C.T.U., and department inspector of W.R.C. She had been a sufferer from heart trouble for some time but had been critically ill for only a comparatively short period. Beside her husband, she leaves 3 daughters grown to young womanhood. Her remains were taken to Bangor Wednesday, and on Thursday forenoon the obsequies were held at the residence of her father on Palm Street. Her remains were carried to Mt. Hope where she peacefully rests. Mrs. Wardwell was, with her husband and family, a resident of Ellsworth for 3 years.

NOVEMBER 6, 1890


Ellsworth, Nov. 1, by Rev. E. Harding, Mr. GEORGE W. GARLAND and Miss LORINDA A. MOORE, both of Ellsworth.

Nov. 3, by A. F. Burnham, Esq., Mr. BERTRAM B. BETTS and Miss MINNIE A. MILLIKEN, both of Ellsworth.

Otter Creek, Nov. 1, by Rev. Andrew Gray, Mr. HENRY L. STANLEY of Otter Creek and Miss ANNIE E. WHITMORE of Ellsworth.

Cherryfield, Oct. 18, by Rev. A. J. Lockhart, Mr. ERNEST L. WILLEY of Cherryfield and Miss CARRIE J. JORDAN of Milbridge.

Oct. 18, by the same, Mr. FRED F. SMALL and Miss CARRIE ROBINSON, both of Milbridge.

Harrington, Oct. 11, By Rev. S. M. Small, Mr. FRED H. STROUT of Milbridge and Miss SUSIE E. FARREN of Cherryfield.


Lamoine, Oct. 26, Capt. HENRY GRANT, age 86 years, 10 months.

Green's Landing, Oct. 29, Mr. ATWOOD H. BOWDEN, age 24 years, 1 month, 29 days.

Castine, Oct. 28, Miss MARY ELIZABETH HUTCHINS, age 50 years, 7 months.

Nov. 1, ALMIRA A. HAWES, age 81 years, 4 months.

NOVEMBER 13, 1890


Ellsworth, Nov. 5, at the residence of the bride's uncle (the officiating magistrate), by John H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. JOHN ALBERT CUNNINGHAM and Miss AGNES ESTELLE HALL, both of Ellsworth.

Nov. 8, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. EVERETT E. TINKER and Miss FLORENCE E. MATHEWS, both of Ellsworth.

West Surry, Nov. 2, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, Mr. ANSON M. CUNNINGHAM and Miss MATILDA TRUEWORTHY, both of Ellsworth.

Northeast Harbor, Oct. 30, by Stephen Smallidge, Esq., HOWARD C. FRAIZER and DORA F. CARTER, both of Mt. Desert.

Surry, Nov. 5, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, Mr. FRANK L. JORDAN and Miss ELSIE L. SMITH, both of Surry.

Cherryfield, Oct. 30, by Rev. A. J. Lockhart, Mr. HERBERT T. SILSBY of Aurora and Miss MAGGIE F. SCHOPPEE of Beddington.

Nov. 2, by the same, Mr. EDWARD E. EMERY of Bar Harbor and Miss LOUISE H. CONNORS of Cherryfield.

Bucksport, Nov. 5, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. PERCY F. MOORE and Miss INA F. SMITH, both of Bucksport.

Winterport, Nov. 8, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. JOSEPH COOKSON and Miss CASSIE PORTER, both of Winterport.

Boston Highlands, Nov. 6, at the home of the bride's parents, by Rev. Mr. Wilson of Hopedale, Rev. THOMAS JAY HORNER of Westford, Mass. and Miss FLORA M., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Halsey J. BOARDMAN, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Hinman, and great-granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Moseley, formerly of Sullivan, all of whom were present on the occasion.

Louisville, Kentucky, Oct. 30, by Rev. D. O'Sullivan, Mr. HENRY E. HARRINGTON formerly of Ellsworth and Miss ATTIE SAMPSON of Louisville.

Golden Wedding - At Franklin, Sep. 16, it being the 50th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. STILLMAN BUTLER, at their old home where they had spent their wedded life. 5 of their 9 children were present; also 2 brothers and 2 sisters of Mrs. Butler. Notwithstanding the threatening storm, there were 25 present. A letter from a sister of Mrs. Butler was read, regretting much that she could not be present.


Ellsworth, Nov. 8, Mr. EDWIN MOOR, age 58 years, 2 months, 20 days.

Nov. 2, Mr. JOHN E. RAYMOND, age 78 years.

Bluehill, Oct. 28, Miss MABEL L. WESCOTT, age 21 years, 11 months.

Nov. 5, Mr. JAMES Y. GRENDELL, age 68 years, 5 months, 24 days.

East Bluehill, Oct. 28, HERBERT THOM, age 7 months.

Oct. 29, IRVEN L. CROCKER, age 10 years, 6 months.

Gouldsboro, Oct. 27, Mr. GEORGE WHITAKER, age 85 years, 7 months.

Bar Harbor, Nov. 4, Mr. WILLIAM H. WEBBER, age 65 years.

Bucksport, Oct. 27, Mrs. MARY E., widow of the late John GRANT, Jr., age 75 years, 6 months.

Great Pond, Nov. 1, Mrs. ISA, wife of J. P. PATTERSON and daughter of Asa Williams, age 30 years, 12 days.

Waltham, Nov. 7, Mrs. CATHERINE JORDAN, age 74 years, 7 months, 7 days.

Lamoine, Nov. 11, Mr. STEPHEN YOUNG, age 85 years, 2 months, 16 days.

NOVEMBER 20, 1890


West Surry, Nov. 2, by Rev. D. B. Smith, Mr. ANSON M. CUNNINGHAM and Miss MATILDA TRUEWORTHY, both of Ellsworth (corrected).

Bluehill, Nov. 16, by Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. EUGENE C. LEACH and Miss EVA H. BUKER, both of Bluehill.

Southwest Harbor, Nov. 15, by Rev. Dr. Bates, Mr. DEAN W. GRINDLE of Brooksville and Miss RHODA A. MURPHY of Tremont.

Nov. 16, by the same, at the home of Professor Carter, Capt. LUNT and Miss MARY S. CARTER, both of Tremont.

Orland, Nov. 16, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. EDWIN J. BOWDEN and Miss GEORGIE L. TOBAN.

Franklin, Nov. 16, at the Methodist parsonage, by Rev. T. A. Hodgdon, Mr. WILLIAM L. McKUSICK and Miss GERTIE M. SMITH, both of Sullivan.


Ellsworth Falls, Nov. 8, of consumption, Mr. WILLIAM T. BLAISDELL, age 32 years, 5 months.

Lamoine, Nov. 17, Mr. ROBERT GRINDLE, age 63 years, 8 months.

Orland, Nov. 2, Mrs. AUGUSTA D., widow of the late John R. GROSS, age 65 years, 7 months, 8 days.

Cranberry Isles, Nov. 9, Capt. ENOCH SPURLING, age about 78 years.

Nov. 10, Mrs. ELLA E., wife of Wilbert A. RICE, age 40 years.

Portland, Nov. 3, very suddenly, of heart failure, Mr. VESPASIAN DARLING, age 62 years, a native of Bluehill where he leaves two brothers, F. A. and B. W. Darling.

NOVEMBER 27, 1890


Ellsworth, Nov. 19, at the home of the bride's parents, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. ELBRIDGE MILLIKEN of Hancock and Miss AGNES D. WOOD of Ellsworth.

Nov. 22, at the M.E. Parsonage, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. FRED M. BLAISDELL of Ellsworth and Miss FLORENCE A. KINGSLEY of Gouldsboro.

Bluehill, Nov. 19, by Rev. Edward A. Mason, Mr. JAMES B. BETTEL and Miss NETTIE A. BILLINGS, both of Bluehill.

Waltham, Nov. 15, at the residence of the bride's father (Mr. Gilman Jordan), by Rev. C. E. Woodcock, Mr. JOHN A. MORSE of Boston and Miss MINNIE A. JORDAN of Waltham.

Brooklin, Nov. 12, by Rev. E. H. Doane, Dr. FRED S. HERRICK and Miss LIZZIE W. WELLS, both of Brooklin.

Bar Harbor, Nov. 19, by Rev. T. F. Butler of Ellsworth, Mr. EDWARD B. RODICK and Miss ELIZABETH M. MORAN, both of Bar Harbor.

Dedham, Nov. 8, by P. P. Gilmore, Esq., Mr. WILLIS E. HOWARD and Miss MATTIE A. YOUNG, both of Dedham.

Orrington, Nov. 19, by Rev. E. A. Carteer, Mr. EDWARD S. HOMER of Bucksport Center and Miss ADDIE T. SMITH of Orrington.

Camden, Nov. 24, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, Mr. EVERETT FENNO HEATH of Bangor and Miss MARY EVELYN WARDWELL of Camden, daughter of the officiating clergyman.

Bucksport, Nov. 22, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. JOHN A. TORREY and Mrs. IDA M. ELDRIDGE, both of Bucksport.


West Eden, Nov. 13, Mrs. LYDIA, wife of Benjamin Whiting KITTREDGE, age 83 years, 10 months.

Bass Harbor, Nov. 13, Mrs. CLARISSA, widow of the late Samuel G. RICH, age about 85 years.

West Tremont, Nov. 18, Mrs. HATTIE L., wife of Albion H. RICH, age about 35 years.

Long Island, Sep. 11, Mrs. JOHN DUFFEE, age about 38 years.

Oct. [no day given], Mr. RICHARD DUFFEE, age 71 years.

North Sedgwick, Nov. 9, Mr. NATHAN STAPLES, age 81 years, 6 months.

Steuben, Nov. 21, Mrs. WILLIAM ATWATER.

Bangor, Nov. 21, Miss ANNA S. MURCH, age about 20 years.

Bridgeport, Conn., Nov. 15, Mr. CHARLES E. P. CHAMBERLAIN, formerly of Ellsworth, age 79 years.

St. John, N.B., Nov. 22, Mr. SAMUEL P. OSGOOD, formerly of Bluehill.

Obituary - SAMUEL P. OSGOOD, Esq. of St. John, New Brunswick, died after a short illness at his residence Saturday, Nov. 22, in his 79th year. A native of Bluehill, Maine, where he received an academical education, he resided until his removal to Bangor. From the St. John Globe, Nov. 22 inst., we quote the following: "The death of Mr. S. P. Osgood this afternoon removes an old and highly esteemed citizen. Mr. Osgood has been for over 42 years a resident of this city. He came here in 1848 from Bangor where he learned the trade as a marble cutter and commenced business in company with Mr. J. W. Smith. Mr. Smith died around about 1856, and ever since the name of S. P. Osgood & Company has been a most familiar one all over the city."

DECEMBER 4, 1890


Ellsworth, Nov. 28, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. HENRY E. MAYO and Mrs. H. AMANDA LORD, both of Trenton.

Nov. 26, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Mr. JOHN H. NEVILS and Miss ELSIE A. MOORE, both of Ellsworth Falls.

Nov. 23, by the same, Mr. JOHN W. COUSINS and Miss ALTA COUSINS, both of Ellsworth.

Hancock, Nov. 26, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. HOWARD M. HODGKINS and Miss EMMA A. YOUNG, both of Hancock.

Lamoine, Nov. 29, by Rev. F. S. Fickford, Mr. WOODBURY Y. BOWDEN and Miss FANNIE A. CLOSSON, both of Hancock.

South Bluehill, by Rev. D. B. Smith, Mr. DAVID P. FRIEND and Miss CLARA W. DODGE, both of Bluehill Falls.

Deer Isle, Nov. 19, Mr. LEROY STAPLES and Miss CETTIE CLOSSON, both of Deer Isle.

Sedgwick, Nov. 27, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. BELCHER T. TYLER and Miss MILLIE C. BRIDGES, both of Brooklin.

Winterport, Nov. 25, by Rev. H.W. Norton, Mr. HERBERT LITTLEFIELD and Miss NORA B. CURTIS, both of Monroe.

Nov. 26, by the same, Mr. FRANK W. CARLTON and Miss MABEL KNOWLES, both of Winterport.

Nov. 30, by the same, Mr. FRANK M. FAIRBANKS of Monroe and Miss CORA M. LIBBY of Winterport.

Orrington, Nov. 24, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. ADELVO B. AMES and Miss CELIA A. DEAN, both of Orrington.


Ellsworth, Nov. 26, Mrs. SARAH W. REDMAN, age 91 years, 10 months.

Nov. 30, Mrs. MARTHA S., wife of James P. WHITMORE, age 72 years, 8 months.

North Lamoine, Nov. 28, Mr. GEORGE W. YOUNG, age 46 years, 3 months.

South Surry, Dec. 1, Mrs. SUSAN T. CLARK, age 87 years, 6 months, 9 days.

Franklin, Nov. 19, Mrs. CADDIE, wife of JUDSON GORDON, age 22 years, 2 months.

Nov. 25, of heart failure, Mr. ROLAND BUNKER.

Northeast Harbor, Nov. 20, Mr. JAMES E. WASGATT, age 32 years.

Winter Harbor, Oct. 5, Mrs. PHILENA SUMNER, age 80 years.

Deer Isle, Nov. 24, Mrs. EDMOND STINSON.

Brooklin, Nov. 17, Mr. JOHN COUSINS, age about 68 years.

North Brooklin, Nov. 18, Mrs. REBECCA DOW.

Everett, Mass., Nov. 12, Mr. PETER AYERS HAYNES, formerly of Trenton, age 88 years.

Obituary - Mrs. JAMES P. WHITMORE, after a lingering illness, died on Sunday morning last. She will be greatly missed. Her afflicted family, and especially her aged husband, will have the fullest sympathy of the whole community. For several years she was the earnest, untiring, self-sacrificing president of the W.C.T.U. in this city.

DECEMBER 11, 1890


Ellsworth, Dec. 6, at the residence of Dr. H. L. Holt, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. FRED S. CLINE of Lamoine Beach and Miss NELLIE F. WEED of Ellsworth.

Bluehill, Dec. 4, by Rev. Edward A. Mason, Mr. WILLIAM S. HORTON and Miss ETTA B. DORITY, both of Bluehill.

South Bluehill, Dec. 4, by Rev. D. B. Smith, Mr. LEWIS L. SULLIVAN AND Miss HATTIE B. EATON, both of South Bluehill.

Southwest Harbor, Nov. 13, by Rev. T. J. Lewis, Mr. CHARLES B. GILLEY and Miss ALICE E. GILLEY of Cranberry Isles.

Nov. 22, by the same, Mr. LEON E. HIGGINS of Eden and Miss NELLIE B. MAYO of Southwest Harbor.

Holden, Nov. 19, by Rev. Mr. Pettingill, Mr. C. F. RAND of Brewer and Miss MYRA A. POND of Holden.

Nov. 26, at the home of the bride's parents, by Rev. Mr. Bradford, Mr. GEORGE SEVERANCE and Miss EMMA F. COPELAND, both of Holden.

Vinalhaven, Nov. 24, Mr. CHARLES E. PERKINS of Ellsworth and Miss JENNIE W. SMITH of Vinalhaven.


Ellsworth, Dec. 6, Mrs. CHARLOTTE, wife of Sumner FIFIELD, age 55 years.

East Surry, Dec. 9, Mr. SAMUEL GRAY, formerly of Bluehill, age about 50 years.

Sedgwick, Dec. 1, Mrs. ABBIE B., wife of Eben HOOPER, age 62 years.

Bar Harbor, Nov. 25, ETHEL MAUD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orlando ASH, age 4 years, 4 months, 19 days.

Bass Harbor, Nov. 28, Mr. MATHEW BENSON, age 60 years.

Cranberry Isles (Baker's Island), Nov. 29, Capt. ROBERT S. STANLEY, age 62 years, 7 months.

Cherryfield, Dec. 7, HENRY HOWARD, youngest child of Ida M. and W. H. DRESSER, age 2 years.

Portland, Dec. 2, Mr. FRANCIS COBB of Rockland, age 73 years, 9 months.

Rockland, Nov. 26, Mrs. MARY A., wife of Joseph EMERY, age 60 years, 6 months, 29 days.

Andover, Mass., Nov. 25, Mr. NEWELL WOOD MURCH, son of the late John L. Murch, formerly of Ellsworth, age 35 years.

St. Clair, Nevada, Nov. 23, suddenly, of heart disease, FRANK A., son of the late B. F. AUSTIN, formerly of Ellsworth, age 33 years.

Obituary - [From the Andover, Mass. Townsman of Nov. 28] NEWELL WOOD MURCH died Tuesday at the home of Oliver W. Vennard on Central Street after a long illness of consumption. He was born in Ellsworth, Maine, Apr. 1864 and was therefore at the time of his death 26 years old. When quite a young boy, he left home and embarked on a vessel as cook. He contracted typhoid and was taken to the Marine Hospital in Chelsea, from which place he was brought by Mr. Vennard to town. Since then, with the exception of about 5 years, his time has been spent here. He entered public schools here soon after his arrival and then became a student in the Scientific Department of Phillips Academy, graduating in 1884. Soon after graduating at Phillips, Mr. Murch went west and first settled in Plainville, Minn., where he was a school teacher. After a stay there, he began the study of law in a large office in Rochester, Minn., but feeling the need of a more congenial climate, he went to Los Angeles. There he established a school, but the disease which at last proved fatal was fast bringing him into a feeble condition. Last August he returned to this town with the intention of going west again, but every day he grew more feeble until finally the end came. 4 brothers and 4 sisters survive him. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at the South Church vestry, Rev. F. W. Greene of the West Church of which the deceased was a member and Rev. J. J. Blair conducting the services. Interment in the South Cemetery.

DECEMBER 18, 1890


Ellsworth Falls, Dec. 10, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. H. W. Conley, Mr. BYRON P. GATCHELL and Miss CARRIE L. TREWORGY, both of Ellsworth Falls.

North Orland, Dec. 14, by W. P. White, Esq., Mr. WILLIE P. DODGE and Miss CORA B. MOORE, both of North Orland.

Hancock, Dec. 13, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. SAMUEL STRATTON and Mrs. MARGARET HUTCHINS, both of Hancock.

Dec. 10, by the same, Mr. HOWARD T. BALL of Hancock Point and Miss LUCY A. CRIMMIN of Eastbrook.

Lamoine, Dec. 13, by Rev. F. S. Bickford, Mr. ALBERT W. FARREN OF Cherryfield and Miss ALMA F. WHITAKER of Lamoine.


Ellsworth Falls, Sep. 12, Mr. ADDISON FRANKLIN, age 49 years, 9 months.

Brooklin, Dec. 13, Capt. JOHN HERRICK.

Orland, Dec. 2, Mrs. NANCY S. PARTRIDGE, age 66 years.

Dec. 3, Mrs. MELINDA P. CARPENTER, age 65 years.

West Surry, Nov. 5, Mr. DANIEL DAVIS, age 39 years, 6 months, 26 days.

Mt. Desert (Long Pond), Dec. 7, Capt. EZEKIEL PIERCE, age about 75 years.

Bangor, Dec. 4, Mrs. WILLIAM JOHNSON, formerly of Dedham, age 72 years.

Resolutions - WHEREAS the Divine Chastener has taken to Himself from this order our well loved brother, GEORGE W. YOUNG, and realizing that in his death Lamoine Grange has lost a worthy member, the community in which he lived an honorable citizen, the G.A.R. a brave and patriotic comrade, the bereaved family a kind and loving husband and father, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that we give to our sister and brother sympathies for hearts made heavy by the loss to us of a noble brother, and may the cheer and comfort that is only divine hover over and console and brighten with Christian resignation the grieved and desolate home, also

RESOLVED that our altar and charter be draped in mourning for 30 days, that a copy of these resolutions be sent to sister Young, one inscribed on the records of the Grange, and one sent to the Ellsworth American for publication.

-- signed John F. Lear and N. B. Coolidge

Resolutions - At the last meeting of the local W.C.T.U. of this city, the following resolutions were passed and ordered to be printed in the American:

WHEREAS death has again visited our little union and we are called to mourn the loss of a faithful friend and sister, Mrs. SUMNER FIFIELD, who after many months of suffering entered into the rest prepared for the weary and heavy laden on Friday, Dec. 5, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that, in the death of our sister and friend, our union has lost one of its most faithful members and the cause of temperance an uncompromising advocate,

RESOLVED that we recall with satisfaction the words of cheer and assurance of loyalty to our union that came to us from our sister during the long and weary months of sickness when unable to attend our weekly meetings,

RESOLVED that we express our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved husband and children of our sister and commend them to the tender care of Him who doeth all things well.

DECEMBER 25, 1890


Franklin, Dec. 17, by Rev. T. A. Hodgdon, Mr. JAMES R. GOULD and Miss MABEL BLAISDELL, both of Franklin.

Dec. 17, by the same, Mr. JOHN W. HARDI[SON?] and Miss MINNIE A. BURGESS, both of Franklin.

Dec. 19, by the same, Mr. EMERY COLSON AND Miss EMMA M. PHILLIPS, both of Franklin.

Brewer, Dec. 29, at the residence of Samuel Royal, Jr., by Rev. E. F. Pember of Bangor, Mr. JOHN M. ROYAL of Ellsworth and Miss MATTIE R. WHEELDON of South Orrington.

Limerick, Dec. 23, by Rev. T. S. Perry, Mr. HIRAM ROWE of Sanford and Miss ALBERTA M. SIMPSON of Limerick.


Ellsworth, Dec. 20, Mr. CHARLES McGOWN, age about 49 years.

Lamoine, Dec. 19, Hon. HIRAM S. BARTLETT,age 70 years, 3 months.

West Gouldsboro, Dec. 19, Mr. SAMUEL W. CLEAVES, age 86 years, 8 months.

Obituary - SAMUEL W. CLEAVES, one of nature's noblemen, is dead. He formerly resided in Steuben but for several years has lived with his daughter, Mrs. John A. Shaw, at West Gouldsboro. For some considerable time he had been gradually failing in body and mind under the infirmities of age, until on Friday morning last he suddenly passed away. Thursday night he rested better than usual, and Friday morning with help dressed himself and walked into the sitting room where he partook of his breakfast. Shortly after that his family were out of the room and in another part of the house; they heard a sharp scream and Mrs. Shaw rushed into the sitting room to find her father's head thrown back and life extinct. Mr. Cleaves was born in Kennebunk on Apr. 19, 1804. In the fall of 1805 his father, Joshua Cleaves, sailed in a small vessel from Kennebunk for Nova Scotia and was never heard of afterward. The widow, being left with 4 small children, moved back to her native town of Steuben following the summer of 1806. The family was separated during the summer, and Samuel W., then about 2 1/2 years old, was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. George Chilcott, the grandparents of the writer of this article whose home was on Iron Bound Island. The writer's father, then a young man, was a member of the family and a few years after Samuel's advent into the house the writer's parents were married and established their home with the old folks. [The writer of this article is not identified by name.] In religious belief he was a Universalist. Mr. Cleaves married Miss Leoniece B. Leighton, the daughter of Deacon Hateval Leighton of Steuben Feb. 7, 1830. To them were born 4 children -- a son and 3 daughters. The son was lost at sea and one of the daughters is dead; the other 2 daughters -- Mrs. John A. Shaw and Mrs. Jason S. Sargent -- both reside at West Gouldsboro. Mrs. Cleaves died April 30, 1879. Mr. Cleaves' funeral services were held at the church in Steuben on Sunday afternoon last.

Resolutions - Ira Berry Lodge No. 187 F & A M

WHEREAS in the loss by death of our friend and brother, JAMES Y. GRINDLE, we are again reminded of the certain decay of all earthly things and of man's mortality, and while we deeply feel and sadly mourn his death, yet we know that the springtime will come, and in that place of death there will be life, beauty and joy,

RESOLVED that we offer to his mourning relatives and friends our sincere condolence,

RESOLVED that the Lodge room will be draped in mourning for a period of 30 days,

RESOLVED that these resolutions be entered on the records of the Lodge and published in the Ellsworth American, and a copy sent to his family.

-- signed Nahum Hinckley, Charles A. Appel and Frank A. Davis

Bluehill, Dec. 15, 1890

Resolutions - Rising Sun Lodge No. 71 F & A M has been called again to mourn the loss of a loved and valued member.

WHEREAS, through the painful dispensation of Divine Providence we are bereft of our brother, DUDLEY P. SAUNDERS, who for 20 years has been a constant and loyal member of our Lodge, a craftsman who has endeared himself to us by his genial disposition, good will and kindness, therefore,

RESOLVED that in the death of Dudley P. Saunders we have lost a brother who by his untiring efforts and sincere devotions to the pure principles of Masonry merits the respect of all,

RESOLVED that we extend to the wife and family of our deceased brother our heartfelt sympathy in this hour of sorrow, and trust the member of his good qualities and loving deeds may in some measure console them in their affliction,

RESOLVED that a copy of these resolutions be spread on our records, that our charter be draped in mourning for the space of 60 days as a tribute of respect, that a copy be sent to the family of our deceased brother, also a copy be sent to the Ellsworth American for publication.

-- signed J. P. Haney and R. D. Sparrow

Resolutions - In the memory of SAMUEL K. GRAY,

WHEREAS, after a long and lingering sickness borne with unusual patience and

implicit trust in God, our worthy and honored comrade has passed to the eternal camping ground, therefore,

RESOLVED that in the death of Comrade Gray, James A. Garfield Post has lost a faithful comrade who has ever been an honor to the order, that his life is a safe model for us all to live by; having served his country faithfully in the dark days of the Rebellion as well as in the civil pursuits of life, he leaves as a monument to his memory an unsullied record, and it may well be said of him: "Well done, good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of thy Master."

RESOLVED that this Post extend their sympathy to the bereaved family and a copy of these resolutions be sent to his widow, and to the Ellsworth American for publication, and a page of the record book be inscribed to his memory, the Post hall be draped in mourning for 30 days, and the officers to wear their usual badge of mourning.

-- signed S. P. Snowman and Charles A. Appel

Obituary - The Hon. HIRAM S. BARTLETT, a prominent citizen and Supervisor of Schools of Lamoine, died Friday. In the forenoon of that day he examined the pupils proposing to enter the high school. In his usual health, he entered into the Coolidges' house by invitation to take dinner, and while standing by the fire warming himself, he fell to the floor, expiring in a few minutes. His age was about 70 years. For many years he was a teacher in the district schools where he did excellent work.

Obituary - Died in Bucksport, Sun., Dec. 14, ELIZA P., wife of Rev. William REED, age 63 years, 9 months, 23 days. Mrs. Reed had been in delicate health for a few years past, which resulted in nervous prostration, but her death was unexpected. She was born in Bridgewater, England, Feb. 21, 1827. At the age of 10 years she became a member of the Methodist Church, though from earliest childhood she had been devoutly inclined. In 1847 she was united in marriage to Rev. William Reed at Sidmouth, Devonshire, and 5 years later they came to the United States. There were 5 children born to them, all of whom are now living -- Charles F., now in the far west; Mrs. Bartlett, lately of Livingston, Montana, who after an absence of 10 years, had the satisfaction of being with her mother in her last days; Mrs. Hattie Ware of South Brewer; Professor F. R. Reed, for a number of years a respected teacher of the grammar school in Bucksport; and Mabel B., who was living at home -- all of whom have the sympathy of many friends. Mrs. Reed leaves two sisters who are living in England. Burial was at the beautiful cemetery at North Bucksport.