JANUARY 3, 1889


Ellsworth, Dec. 26, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. FRED H. OSGOOD and Miss MINNIE C. MEANS, both of Ellsworth.

Jan. 1, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, Mr. MARSHALL A. ROGERS of Orrington and Miss ALETHA V. BAKER of Ellsworth.

Sullivan, Dec. 22, by Rev. C. C. Phelan, Mr. EDMUND A. DOCKHAM of Prospect and Miss MABEL A. BUNKER of Sullivan.

South Penobscot, Dec. 28, by E. R. Bowden, Esq., Mr. FRANK L. SEGAR of Orland and Miss ANNA P. NESSEL of Brooksville.

Bluehill, Dec. 25, by Rev. Edward A. Mason, Mr. EUGENE S. OSGOOD and Miss BLANCHE A. WARDWELL, both of Bluehill.

Bucksport, Dec. 19, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. GEORGE E. CLAY of Bucksport and Miss ANNIE L. MILLS of Castine.

North Penobscot, Dec. 25, by Rev. C. H. Fuller, Mr. AURY L. HUTCHINGS and Miss LILIA A. BOWDEN, both of Penobscot.

Bar Harbor, Dec. 24, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. CHARLES A. G. JACKSON and Miss RUBIE MAE PINEO, both of Bar Harbor.

Salisbury's Cove, Dec. 19, by Rev. H. E. Frohock, Mr. ARTELL AUSTIN of Bar Harbor and Miss HATTIE B. HAMOR of Salisbury's Cove.

Franklin, Dec. 24, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. GLEASON E. SCAMMON and Miss GRACE M. ASH, both of Franklin.

Dec. 26, by the same, Mr. WILTON H. SIMPSON and Miss LIZZIE B. WOOSTER, both of Sullivan.

Sedgwick, Dec. 25, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. HARTWELL H. CANDAGE of Brooklin and Miss ALICE O. MILLER of Sedgwick.

North Sedgwick, Dec. 30, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. JOHN W. YOUNG and Miss LETTIE S. HUTCHINSON, both of Bluehill.


Islesford, Dec. 23, at the residence of her son (William E. Hadlock), Mrs. MARY A. HADLOCK, age 72 years, 5 months.

Penobscot, Dec. 17, Mrs. ABBY LEACH, age 42 years.

Bucksport, Dec. 25, Mrs. JOANNA, wife of Eben BASSETT, age 76 years, 11 months.

Bluehill, Dec. 26, Mrs. ELDUSTA H. MERRILL, age 51 years, 5 months.

Castine, Dec. 28, Mr. JOHN A. COOMBS, age 77 years, 5 months.

JANUARY 10, 1889


Ellsworth, Jan. 2, at the residence of the bride's father (Hon. H. B. Saunders),by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Mr. GEORGE W. WHITING and Miss GRACE E. SAUNDERS, both of Ellsworth.

Bar Harbor, Jan. 1, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. MAYNARD W. PAINE and Miss HATTIE L. PECKHAM, both of Bar Harbor.

Hulls Cove, Dec. 31, by Rev. C. S. Leffingwell, Mr. CALVERT G. HAMOR and Miss HELENA B. CAMPBELL, both of Hulls Cove.

Prospect Harbor, Jan. 5, by C. C. Larrabee, Esq., Mr. JOHN W. NOONAN and Miss CELIA C. TEMPLE, both of Gouldsboro.

Deer Isle, Jan. 1, C. H. FLYE and Miss L. M. GOSS, both of Green's Landing.

Dec. 28, Mr. FRED GREENLAW and Miss MAUD A. GRAY, both of Deer Isle.


Bar Harbor, Dec. 4, LORENA MAY, daughter of J. F. and H. J. HODGKINS, age 6 years, 9 months.

No. 7, Steuben, Dec. 29, NEVA TRACY, age 11 years.

Unionville, Steuben, Jan. 4, IDA, youngest daughter of Nathaniel and Ellen GUPTILL, age 18 years.

South Bluehill, Jan. 4, Miss ABBIE S. DAY, age 56 years, 7 months.

Surry, Jan. 3, Mrs. MATILDA L. KIMBALL, age 76 years, 8 months, 23 days.

Amherst, Jan. 5, SARAH E. INGALLS, age [unreadable].

Sunset, Jan. 4, Mr. PARKER SYLVESTER, age 22 years.

Deer Isle, Dec. 23, SARAH SMITH, age [unreadable].

Obituary: Died in South Bluehill, Jan. 4, ABBIE S. DAY. Sister Day was a member of the F. B. Church and a devoted Christian. She had been a great sufferer for many years. Services were held at her brother's residence which had for so many years been her pleasant home, by her pastor, Rev. D. B. Smith; text MIC 2:10.

JANUARY 17, 1889


Amherst, Jan. 6, by A. W. Silsby, Esq., Mr. JOSIAH CLEWLEY and Miss DENA MOSLEY, both of Clifton.

Mt. Desert, Jan. 6, by M. L. Allen, Esq., CHARLES S. LELAND and IDA M. RICHARDSON, both of Mt. Desert.


Ellsworth Falls, Jan. 9, Miss EVA J. MARSHALL of Trenton, age 20 years, 23 days.

Lamoine, Jan. 11, GEORGE LEONARD YOUNG, age 20 years, 4 months, 23 days.

Castine, Jan. 9, Mr. SAMUEL T. NOYES, age 64 years, 4 months, 14 days.

South Gouldsboro, Nov. 27, Mrs. JANE H. SARGENT, widow of the later Jotham Sargent.

Augusta, Dec. 31, Mr. SAMUEL ABBOTT of Eastbrook.

JANUARY 24, 1889

No marriages reported this issue.


Ellsworth, Jan. 16, ABIGAIL MADDOX, age 68 years, 8 months.

Moose Hill, No. 21, Jan. 17, Mr. DANIEL S. JORDAN, age 72 years, 10 months, 14 days.

Obituary: A tribute of respect. In the death of Mrs. ALICE E. TURNER of Orland and Miss LIZZIE LEACH of Penobscot, Excelsior Sewing Circle of Orland loses two loved and respected members. Sister Alice, who was young, was one of whom we naturally expected many years of usefulness and anticipated many pleasant associations. Lizzie had taught many terms of school in this district. Therefore,

RESOLVED that, as a society, we tender to the afflicted families our sincere and heartfelt sympathy, and

RESOLVED that a copy of these resolutions be placed on the records of our society and a copy forwarded to the bereaved families, also sent to the Bucksport Clipper and Ellsworth American for publication.

-- signed Mrs. Nettie Gross, Mrs. Emma Gott and Mrs. Fannie Saunders

Obituary: On Sunday last we were called to pay our last tribute of respect to one of our number, G. LEONARD YOUNG, who after weeks of constant suffering departed this life Friday evening, Jan. 11. In his death, the Grange has lost a worthy brother, his schoolmates a loved associate, and the parents a devoted son.

JANUARY 31, 1889


Ellsworth, Jan. 29, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. CHARLES E. JONES of Ellsworth and Miss CORA A. LEIGHTON of Cherryfield.

Deer Isle, Dec. 28, Mr. FRED GREENLAW and Miss MAUD A. GRAY, both of Deer Isle.

Bar Harbor, Jan. 19, by Rev. Joseph Torrey, Mr. IRVIN S. MITCHELL and Miss SEBRA C. CORTHELL, both of Bar Harbor.

West Eden, Jan. 20, by Rev. W. C. Stetson, Capt. JOHN F. PRAY and Miss GRACE AGNES HIGGINS, both of Eden.

Green's Landing, Jan. 20, by Rev. T. J. Lewis, Mr. W. McKENZIE of Green's Landing and Miss ABBIE A. STINSON of Sunset.


Aurora, Jan. 17, Mr. BENJAMIN CROSBY, age 60 years.

Deer Isle, Dec. 23, Mrs. SARAH SMITH, age 26 years, 4 months.

Eden, Jan. 23, Capt. ISAAC HOPKINS, age 81 years.

Jan. 25, Mrs. BETSEY SALISBURY, age 86 years, 9 months, 22 days.

Jan. 26, Mr. SIMEON H. RICHARDSON, age 69 years, 7 days.

Winter Harbor, Jan. 17, Mr. WILLIAM DODGE, formerly of Islesboro, Maine, age 75 years.

Boston Highlands, Jan. 18, Mr. WILLIAM M. HINMAN, a native of Sullivan, age 38 years.

Newark, Calif., Jan. 11, Mrs. ANNA HOWARD JARVIS, wife of Hon. Leonard Jarvis, late of Surry, age 100 years, 7 months.

FEBRUARY 7, 1889


Mt. Desert, Jan. 10, by J. Hamor, Esq., Mr. FERDINAND NELSON of Boston and Miss MINNIE A. BROWN of Mt. Desert.

Oldtown, Jan. 11, by Rev. Sewall Browne, Mr. JOHN W. BLAKE of Cape Rozier and Miss MARY A. KEITH of Oldtown.

Bucksport, Jan. 19, by Rev. William Forsyth, Mr. CHARLES A. STUBBS and Miss CHARLOTTE A. DOUGLASS, both of Bucksport.


Ellsworth, Feb. 2, Mr. RICHARD LAFFIN, age 40 years, 9 months.

North Sedgwick, Feb. 2, Mrs. DIANA L., wife of Isaac L. EMERY, age 63 years, 6 days.

Prospect Harbor, Jan. 26, Capt. DAVID G. COLE, age 59 years, 1 month, 21 days.

Milbridge, Jan. 8, Mr. JAMES E. FOSTER, age 24 years.

North Bucksport, Jan. 10, Mr. WALDO P. LOWELL, age 61 years, 4 months, 17 days.

Bar Harbor, Jan. 11, FRANCESCO S. DEMICELL of Calabretto, Italy, age 14 years.

Bucksport, Jan. 13, CARRIE L. SMITH, age 26 years, 7 months, 28 days.

Isle au Haut, Jan. 14, Mrs. SARAH BARTER, age 34 years.

Bay City, Mich., Jan. 3, Mrs. CHARLES EDDY, daughter of the late William H. Genn of Bucksport.

Eel River Bar, Calif., Jan. 3, by drowning, Capt. WILLIAM S. ADAMS, formerly of this city, age 42 years.

Winchester, N.H., Jan. 29, Mrs. SARAH W. REED, formerly of Surry, age 66 years.

Bluehill, Jan. 28, Mrs. OLIVE R., widow of the late Eben MAYO, age 71 years, 9 months, 5 days.

Castine, Jan. 26, Mr. HARRIET P., wife of Rev. A. E. IVES, age 79 years.

Obituary: Mrs. HARRIET P. IVES, wife of the Rev. Alfred E. Ives, died at Castine, January 26, 1889, age 79 years. Mr. Ives came to Castine in the spring of 1855 and during his long pastorate here of 23 years, Mrs. Ives was active in all the affairs of the Orthodox Church. About 12 years ago, the first slight indications appeared of softening of the brain; these very gradually increased with comfortable bodily health until 2 or 3 days before her death. Her funeral was attended Jan. 30 with services conducted by Rev. Mr. Cushman, assisted by Rev. Messrs. Locke and Witham. Her son, Rev. Joel S. Ives of Stratford, Conn., was present at the funeral.

Obituary: Capt. WILLIAM SHIEF ADAMS, son of Daniel and Abigail Adams of Ellsworth, Maine, late master of the tug Robarts, who was drowned on Eel River Bar Jan. 2, 1889, a native of Ellsworth, age nearly 42 years. From his earliest boyhood he showed strong liking for the sea. At the age of 12 years he made his first voyage, sailing before the mast in a vessel plying between Ellsworth, his native place, and Boston. From this time on and up to the time of his coming to California 21 years ago, he made numerous trips in various vessels to different foreign ports, having sailed a considerable length of time on Mediterranean Sea. The deceased leaves a wife and little boy in Ferndale, an aged father and mother in Maine, one sister in Alaska, one in Ohio, one in Montana, and one in Minnesota, two brothers employed on the steamer Idaho running to Alaska, and one brother in Dakota.

FEBRUARY 14, 1889


Bar Harbor, Feb. 9, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. NATHAN S. KINGSLEY and Miss MAY E. PECKHAM, both of Bar Harbor.

Deer Isle, Jan. 30, by Rev. C. N. Gleason, Mr. E. A. GREEN and Miss KATE D. SMALL, both of Deer Isle.


Ellsworth, Feb. 8, Mr. NATHAN S. SALSBURY, age 56 years, 11 months.

Milbridge, Feb. 2, FRANCES, wife of Capt. Alec RAY, age 55 years.

Sedgwick, Feb. 4, Mrs. LIZZIE HENDERSON, age 25 years, 10 months, 20 days.

Feb. 4, WINNIE MAUD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn HOOPER, age 4 years.

West Gouldsboro, Feb. 1, Mr. SAMUEL GOULDSBORO, age 84 years.

San Domingo, W.I., Jan. 15, WALTER R. GONZALEZ, formerly of Ellsworth, age 8 years, 10 months.

Obituary: NATHAN S. SALSBURY, who died in this city the 8th inst., was born in Mt. Desert Feb. 23, 1832. His father, Mr. Reuben S. Salsbury, is still alive, now residing with his daughter, Mrs. Eben Hamor, at Eden and is about 86 years of age. The subject of this sketch, a cripple from early life, came to this city when about 15 years of age and learned the tailor's trade of Mr. William Somerby, first establishing himself in the tailoring business at Orland where he remained until shortly after the war, when he moved to Bucksport and established himself there. In 1877 he moved to Ellsworth and opened the Boston Clothing Store which he conducted until the time of his death. Mr. Salsbury was twice married; by his first wife he had 2 sons, both of whom were drowned -- one at Orland while he was a resident at that place, and the other, a promising young man, was second mate of the illfated ship, N. T. Hill, which a few years ago sailed from Calcutta for the United States with a load of rice and was never heard of more. Mr. Salsbury's second wife was a daughter of Mr. Elisha Hatch of North Penobscot. There were 2 daughters by this marriage, both of whom, together with the widowed mother, survive the deceased. The obsequities were held at Mr. Salsbury's late residence Sunday afternoon last. Relatives were present from out of town as follows: the Hon. E. M. Hamor, a brotherinlaw; and Mrs. Hamor Higgins, a sister; G. N. Rich of Eden; George H. Fifield of Bar Harbor; Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Wardwell and Miss Wardwell of Bucksport; M. N. Wardwell of Bangor; George and Jolin Hatch of North Penobscot.

FEBRUARY 21, 1889


Sedgwick, Feb. 10, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. RALPH H. CONDON and Miss FANNIE L. CHATTO, both of Brooksville.

Feb. 13, by the same, Mr. JOHN L. WELLS and Miss MAUD R. BRIDGES, both of Brooklin.

Tremont, Jan. 9, at the residence of the bride's sister (Mrs. Joel Hodgdon), by Rev. W. C. Haskell, Mr. FRED E. SAWYER of Deer Isle and Miss LILLIS A. JORDAN of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Feb. 18, Miss MARY J. SILVY, age 23 years, 1 month, 11 days.

Feb. 15, Mrs. ADA F., wife of Ernest L. CURTIS, age 27 years, 7 months.

Sullivan, Feb. 16, Mr. DANIEL WILSON, age 73 years.

Bluehill, Jan. 4, Mr. ZENAS CLOSSON, age 76 years, 5 months.

Lewiston, Feb. 9, Mrs. PAULINA A. GENT, eldest daughter of the late James and Elizabeth Sargent of Lamoine.

FEBRUARY 28, 1889


Bucksport, Feb. 17, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, D.D., Mr. GEORGE A. WARDWELL of Verona and Miss MAUD W. HOMER of Bucksport.

East Bluehill, Feb. 19, by John F. Ridlon, Esq., GEORGE A. WEBBER of Surry and LAURA A. ABBOTT of East Bluehill.

Marlboro, Feb. 20, by John H. Douglass, Esq., Mr. CHARLES A. FLOYD and Miss BELLE M. HODGKINS, both of Marlboro.


Ellsworth Falls, Feb. 26, Mrs. D. C. WILLIAMSON, age 71 years.

Bucksport, Feb. 19, Miss MARY BELL COBB, age 45 years, 10 months.

Sullivan, Feb. 13, Mr. LANGDON LIBBY of Deblois, age 50 years.

Addison, Feb. 22, Dr. CHARLES P. CHANDLER, age about 64 years.

MARCH 7, 1889


West Surry, Mar. 3, by Rev. D. B. Smith, Rev. ANDREW GRAY of Eden and Mrs. MARY K. CARTER of Surry.

Dennysville, Feb. 26, Mr. F. WESTON WINTER of Upper Gloucester, formerly of East Orland, and Miss M. ELLA BURNS of Dennysville.


Ellsworth, Mar. 1, SARAH RUSSELL OTIS, wife of the late Jesse DUTTON, born in Boston, Mass. June 10, 1803.

North Lamoine, Feb. 28, CHARLES T. GRAVES, age 16 years, 4 months, 18 days.

Obituary: Died in Ellsworth, Maine, Mar. 1, SARAH RUSSELL OTIS, wife of the late Jesse Dutton, born June 10, 1803. Mrs. Dutton was the daughter of the late Joseph Otis and a descendant of James Otis of Revolutionary fame. She was born in Boston where she received a liberal education. At an early age, her father moved with his family to Ellsworth where she has ever since resided. Born of a Unitarian family, she exemplified in her life the value of practice rather than profession. A dear lover of good books, she was fully alive to all the reforms of the day.

MARCH 14, 1889


Mariaville, Mar. 10, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. GEORGE W. JOHNSON and Miss ANNIE M. RICH, both of Otis.

Steuben, Mar. 9, by J. C. Googins, Esq., Mr. BRADBURY SMITH and Miss ALICE G. SMITH, both of Steuben.

Boston, Feb. 27, by Rev. Leo P. Boland, Mr. EUGENE B. GOODALE of Bar Harbor and Miss NELLIE CONDON of Boston.


Ellsworth, Mar. 12, ALICE L. GREENAN, age 6 years, 4 months, 2 days.

Mar. 8, Mrs. FANNIE A. BELCHER, age 50 years.

West Ellsworth, Mar. 6, Mrs. JULIA ANN E., wife of John WASGATT, age 69 years, 8 months.

Bar Harbor, Mar. 5, Mr. CHARLES A. INGALLS, age 30 years, 9 months.

West Sedgwick, Feb. 19, Capt. JAMES C. GRAY, age 65 years, 8 months, 10 days.

Woburn, Mass., Mar. 7, CHARLES L., son of C. C. and Sarah R. MILES, formerly of Hancock, Maine.

Lawrence, Mass., Nov. 30, SAMUEL [middle name unreadable] LORD, formerly of this city.

MARCH 21, 1889


Steuben, Feb. 2, Mr. E. O. STEVENS of Steuben and Miss CARRIE TURNER of Milbridge.


Ellsworth Falls, Mar. 20, Mr. OBEDIAH MADDOCKS, age 80 years.

Eastbrook, Mar. 12, Mrs. ELLA CLOW, age 41 years, 5 months.

South Surry, Mar. 8, Miss LIDA HASKELL, age 23 years, 11 months, 20 days.

Prospect Harbor, Feb. 28, HARRY E., son of Welch and Mary MOORE, age 11 years.

Mar. 11, Mr. GEORGE A. CLARKE, age 74 years.

Lamoine, Mar. 18, Mrs. JANE SALISBURY, age 65 years, 2 months.

Sullivan, Mar. 18, Mr. JOHN H. STIMSON, age 59 years.

Castine, Mar. 11, Miss GRACE CLARK, age 16 years, 11 months, 28 days.

Springvale, Maine, Feb. 20, Capt. HERMAN D. JOY, formerly of Hancock, age 54 years, 8 months.

Pembina, Dakota, Feb. 26, Mrs. MARY L., wife of Rev. L. D. WARDWELL, age 70 years, 3 months, 22 days.

Musquodovolt, Nova Scotia, Capt. JOHN W. HILL of Ship Harbor, Nova Scotia, formerly of this city, age 69 years.

MARCH 28, 1889

No marriages reported this issue.


Ellsworth, Mar. 23, MARGARET L., wife of Joseph SILVY, Jr. and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Harrington, age 31 years, 2 months, 23 days.

Mar. 22, Miss ANNIE MAHONEY, age 21 years, 3 months.

South Surry, Mar. 21, Mr. BENJAMIN YOUNG, age 81 years, 5 months.

Sunset, Mar. 18, Mrs. ABIGAIL GRAY, age 86 years.

Gouldsboro, Mar. 12, Capt. ELIJAH S. DOANE, recently of Sorrento, age 71 years, 4 months, 12 days.

Castine, Mar. 19, Mr. MELVILLE J. CLARK, age 33 years.

APRIL 4, 1889


Sullivan, Mar. 27, by Cyrus Emery, Esq., Mr. GEORGE W. CHILCOTT and Mrs. ELIZA J. SMITH, both of Sullivan.

Orland, Mar. 27, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. HIRAM H. POOLE of Canton, Mass. and Miss JOSIE A. STARR of Orland.

Brooklin, Mar. 27, Mr. EUGENE B. DAY and Miss LIZZIE HALL, both of Brooklin.


Bucksport, Mar. 21, Mr. JOHN DOUGLASS, age 68 years, 5 months, 26 days.

North Penobscot, Mar. 22, Mrs. ELISHA HATCH, age 77 years.

Bluehill, Mar. 21, Mrs. HARRY SAUNDERS.

Town Hill, Eden, Mar. 19, Mrs. THANKFUL C., wife of Reuben SALSBURY.

Orland, Mar. 25, Mrs. ROXANNA D., widow of the late John HOPKINS, age 64 years.

Brooklyn, N.Y., Mar. 27, MARVILLE, only child of Alfred and Myra NICHOLLS, age 9 months, 27 days.

APRIL 11, 1889


Bar Harbor, Mar. 29, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. FRANK S. SCAMMELL of St. John, New Brunswick and Miss GELETTE F. ALLEY of Bar Harbor.

Franklin, Apr. 6, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. EDGAR M. PAINE of Eden and Miss ADDIE M. FRENCH of Franklin.

Sullivan, Apr. 2, by Rev. C. C. Phelan, Mr. HENRY O. WHALING and Miss MARY A. HOOPER, both of Sullivan.

Milbridge, Mar. 28, by George Googins, Esq., Mr. JAMES STROUT and Mrs. ELLA W. STROUT, both of Milbridge.

Worcester, Mass., Feb. 27, by Rev. Calvin Stebbins, Mr. J. HARVEY BROWN of Boston and Miss MABELLE I. NARBIS of Orland.


Ellsworth, Apr. 3, Mr. CALVIN P. JORDAN, age 68 years, 11 months, 21 days.

Eden, Apr. 8, LEONARD J. THOMAS, Esq., age 84 years, 9 days.

Castine, Apr. 5, Mr. JOHN McKINNON, age 77 years.

APRIL 18, 1889


Ellsworth, Apr. 7, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. ALBERT P. HARVEY and Miss SARAH E. TATE, both of Ellsworth.

Eden, Apr. 11, by Rev. W. C. Stetson, Mr. TYLER W. STANLEY and Miss CARRIE N. HIGGINS, both of Eden.


Ellsworth, Apr. 16, Mr. ROBERT MULLAN, age 55 years, 11 months.

Apr. 13, Mrs. DELIA S. GRAY, age 52 years, 10 months.

Sullivan, Apr. 5, infant child of David and Julia CONNERS.

Bucksport Centre, Mar. 31, Miss MARGIE A. KENNEDY, age 18 years, 7 months, 8 days.

Bucksport, Mar. 26, Mrs. REBECCA E. HAMBLEN, age 60 years.

South Surry, Apr. 12, Mrs. RUTH C., wife of Job YOUNG, age 78 years, 6 months, 15 days.

Castine, Apr. 8, Mrs. SARAH, wife of George H. WITHERLE, age 53 years, 11 months.

Tremont, Mar. 15, Capt. SAMUEL HARPER ROBBINS, age 62 years.

Mar. 17, Capt. ANDREW LOPAUS, age about 77 years.

Apr. 8, VIENNA, wife of Fred RICH, age 26 years.

Mt. Desert, Mar. 28, Mr. MARK GRAY, age 77 years.

Obituary: LEONARD J. THOMAS, Esq. of Eden passed to his eternal home Apr. 8 without a struggle at the advanced age of 84 years, 9 days. He held the oldest commission as postmaster of any man in the United States, it being dated Nov. 21, 1825. Jan. 8, 1839 he received an appointment as Deputy Collector of the port of Ellsworth. About 1844 he was elected Representative to the State Legislature and about 1853 we find him in the office of Secretary of State at Augusta filling the position of Engrossing Clerk. Mr. Thomas also held a commission as Register of Probate for Hancock County for years, beginning with 1839. He received a commission as Justice of the Peace in Quorum as early as 1840, one as Notary Public in 1842, holding them through life. He was also Trial Justice and Public Administrator at different times. In politics he was a lifelong Democrat, casting his last vote at the last state election. Esq. Thomas was a Mason of Lygonia Lodge in the town of Surry, that part that is now Ellsworth, Jan. 30, 1828, more than 61 years ago, and retained an interest in the principles of Masonry until the close of life. He and his estimable wife, who departed this life 5 months since, were baptized into the fellowship of the Eden Baptist Church Oct. 7, 1832, of which he remained a faithful and consistent member. He leaves a daughter and grandson to mourn their loss.

APRIL 25, 1889


Ellsworth, Apr. 18, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. JOSEPH W. DAVIS and Miss ELLEN D. HOWARD, both of Bluehill.

Mariaville, Apr. 21, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. FRED C. GROVER of Mariaville and Miss MAGGIE E. HODGKINS of Hancock.

West Gouldsboro, Apr. 21, by A. B. Kingsley, Esq., Mr. LEWIS W. FERNALD and Miss MABEL GUPTILL, both of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, Apr. 22, Mrs. CHARITY MURCH, age 79 years, 3 months.

North Ellsworth, Apr. 18, Mrs. MARGARET T. HAYNES, age 82 years, 3 months.

Gouldsboro, Apr. 19, Mrs. LIZZIE E. SOWLE, age 32 years, 10 months.

Franklin, Apr. 12, VESTA A., infant daughter of Joseph L. and Amanda E. DEVEREAUX, age 2 months, 7 days.

North Castine, Apr. 18, Mr. ELIAKIM HUTCHINS, age 51 years.

Mark Island Light, Winter Harbor, Apr. 22, BENJAMIN W. MADDOCKS, age 16 years.

Jonesboro, Apr. 16, Mr. DECATUR B. H. TUPPER, age 75 years, 10 months, 15 days.

Orland, April 19, a fatal accident: GILMAN CRAIM was painting the end of his house and while moving his stage, one of the hooks which held the one end gave away, throwing him to the ground about 25 feet, breaking one wrist, one leg, cutting his forehead badly, and inflicting internal injuries. He lived about 4 hours. He was 53 years old. He learned the blacksmith trade while young. He went to California 3 times. He came home 12 years ago, took the homestead and cared for his parents while they lived. He was twice married, leaving a widow and two daughters.

MAY 2, 1889


West Surry, Apr. 14, by Rev. Andrew Gray, ARTHUR D. HATCH of Orland and ABBIE D. CARTER of West Surry.

Bass Harbor, Apr. 20, S. H. RODICK of Bar Harbor and Miss PHEBE SAWYER of Bass Harbor.

Tremont, Mar. 23, by W. W. A. Heath, Esq., Mr. JAMES H. TURNER of Bluehill and Mrs. AMANDA R. MURPHY of Tremont.

Southwest Harbor, Apr. 25, by the same, Mr. ELMER E. GOTT and Miss LOUISE A. TINKER, both of Tremont.


Deer Isle, Mr. EBEN RAYNES.

Sunset, Apr. 12, Mrs. SUSAN SMALL, age 87 years, 3 months.

Bluehill, Apr. 18, Mr. MILTON TUFTS, age 77 years.

Brooklin, Apr. 21, Mrs. MARY H., wife of Capt. Richard HERRICK, age 56 years, 4 months, 21 days.

South Deer Isle, Apr. 23, CHARLES HATCH, age 21 years.

Obituary: On Thursday morning, 18 ult., Capt. MILTON TUFTS was taken, bleeding at the lungs, and died about 5 o'clock at his son-in-law's, Mr. Eugene S. Wardwell's, age 76 years, 7 months. Capt. Tufts was a native of Belfast, Maine and in 1815 moved to Cherryfield and engaged in the lumbering business and trade. He then went to Sullivan where he was engaged in the same business until he received a severe accident that rendered him incapable of further business. He was twice a candidate of his party, once as Senator and once as Representative. His remains were taken to Sullivan for burial beside his wife.

-- dated Bluehill, Apr. 27, 1889.

MAY 9, 1889


Bar Harbor, Apr. 29, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. GEORGE A. DODGE of Bluehill and Miss NETTIE H. COOMBS of Prospect Harbor.

Cherryfield, Apr. 20, by Rev. A. C. Peck, Mr. IVAN B. WILLEY and Miss KATE FLAHERTY, both of Cherryfield.

Waltham, Mass., May 1, Mr. JOHN W. WYMAN formerly of Ellsworth and Miss DAISEY D. HACKELTON of Waltham.


Ellsworth, Apr. 24, RICHARD I. LAFFIN, age 1 year, 9 months.

West Surry, May 4, Mr. NICHOLAS OBER, age 88 years, 4 months, 19 days.

MAY 16, 1889

No marriages reported this issue.


Ellsworth, May 13, MILLIE I. MURCH, age 15 years, 10 months.

Surry, May 10, Mr. JAMES W. DAVIS of Ellsworth, age 69 years, 2 months, 18 days.

East Lamoine, Apr. 27, Mrs. LUCY S. THOMAS, wife of Henry HODGKINS, age 78 years, 9 months.

Bucksport, May 6, very suddenly, SEWALL B. SWAZEY, Esq., age 72 years.

Winter Harbor, May 3, Mr. STILLMAN GUPTILL, age about 92 years.

Obituary: We were greatly shocked to hear of the death of Mr. JAMES W. DAVIS from a stroke of lightning on Friday afternoon, May 10. Mr. Davis was born in this city Feb. 22, 1820 and for several years filled the office of Register of Deeds. Upon retiring from office, he engaged in the carriage manufactury. He was the originator of the famous Davis Buckboard. His reputation is worldwide. He carried his business successfully through financial embarrassments that wrecked so many prosperous houses from 1870 to 1880. After many years in the business he sold out to his sons, W. H. and H. E. Davis and retired to private life. He took an active part in Republican politics. For many years he was a liberal supporter of the Unitarian Church in this city. Mr. Davis leaves a wife who has been an invalid for many months; 5 sons and a daughter are left to mourn the loss.

MAY 23, 1889


Ellsworth, May 15, at the residence of B. T. Sowle, Esq., by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. RICHMOND S. DODGE of Mt. Desert and Miss ANNIE McFARLAND of North Hancock.

May 20, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Capt. HENRY E. TRUNDY of Ellsworth and Mrs. MAGGIE C. WALLS of Tremont.

Orland, May 7, by Rev. Andrew Gray, Mr. FRANK CONARY of Orland and Miss DRUSA H. SAUNDERS of Surry.

Franklin, May 19, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. FRED J. CLARK and Miss BINA L. KNIGHT, both of Sullivan.

Mt. Desert, Apr. 20, by J. Hamor, Esq., Mr. EUGENE D. RICHARDSON and Miss NELLIE A. WALLS, both of Mt. Desert.

Bluehill, May 15, by Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. LEVI FRANKS and Mrs. ADELINE E. FOSTER, both of Brooksville.

West Deer Isle, May 10, by Rev. W. H. Hall, Mr. RICHARD HAMBLEN of West Deer Isle and Miss LUCY LUFKIN of Sunset.


Ellsworth, May 18, Mrs. ALMA, widow of John D. RICHARDS, age 88 years, 9 months.

May 19, Mrs. MARGARET C., widow of James W. DAVIS, age 64 years, 9 months, 4 days.

May 16, CHARLES W., oldest son of Robert F. SWEENEY, age 19 years, 24 days.

May 10, Mrs. LYDIA J. EMERSON, age 69 years.

West Trenton, May 20, Mrs. PHILINDA, wife of Andrew RINALDA, age 48 years, 11 months.

Sunset, May 12, Mr. W. A. SAUNDERS, age about 50 years.

May 16, LIONEL J. HENERIES, age 22 years.

Bar Harbor, May 14, WILLIE NORTON, age 17 years, 9 months.

East Lamoine, May 11, Mr. JAMES HERBERT HODGKINS, age 29 years, 8 months, 6 days.

Winter Harbor, May 12, Mrs. MELVIN TORREY, age 42 years.

MAY 30, 1889


Bucksport, May 18, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. LELAND P. LOWELL of Bucksport and Miss BERTHA F. HARRIMAN of Orland.

Franklin, May 20, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. WESTON L. ROBERTSON and Miss ANNIE B. HANNA, both of Sullivan.


Ellsworth, May 23, Mr. DANIEL HAMILTON, age 74 years, 7 months.

Islesford, May 16, Capt. THOMAS STANLEY, age 84 years.

Orland, May 20, Mrs. CAROLINE B., wife of George W. AYER, age 63 years.

York, Maine, May 21, Mr. JOHN STOVER PERKINS, age 58 years.

Butte, Montana, May 21, Mr. L. EDWARD SHEPHERD, age 27 years, 2 months, 17 days.

JUNE 6, 1889


Eastbrook, May 25, by L. W. Bunker, Esq., Mr. SAMUEL G. BUTLER and Miss ANNIE L. TRACY, both of Franklin.

South Hancock, June 1, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. FRED A. MERCHANT and Miss LILLIAN E. HAVEN, both of Hancock.


Ellsworth, June 1, Mrs. LENA R. TINKER, age 24 years.

Augusta, Mr. REUBEN R. WOOD of Surry, age 39 years, 7 months, 19 days.

Resolutions of Respect: Hannibal Hamlin Camp, No. 16, Friends of Veterans.

In view of the loss we sustained by the death of our friend and comrade, CHARLES SWEENEY, and of the still heavier loss sustained by those who were nearest and dearest to him, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that it is but a just tribute to the memory of the departed to say that, in regretting his removal from our midst, we mourn for one who was in every way worthy of our respect and regard;

RESOLVED that, while we mourn the loss of our valued comrade and pay these tokens of respect which are due to his memory, we extend our tenderest sympathy to the family of the deceased and commend them for consolation to Him who orders all things for the best and Whose chastisements are meant in mercy.

JUNE 13, 1889


Winterport, June 6, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. MELVIN J. VERRILL and Miss MYRTIE E. BOWDEN, both of Winterport.

Omaha, Nebraska, May 25, by Judge Gustave Kroeger, Mr. CHARLES E. HALE formerly of this city and Miss KATE BRAINARD, both of Omaha.

Pawtucket, R.I., June 4, Mr. JOHN H. BRENNAHAN and Miss MARY KIMBALL, both of this city.


Surry, May 23, infant child of Capt. Albert and Lucy TREWORGY, age 5 weeks.

South Surry, June 5, Mrs. ABIGAIL THOMAS, age 85 years, 9 months.

Sedgwick, May 23, Mr. FREEMAN DORITY, age 79 years.

North Sedgwick, May 29, Mr. SETH CARTER, age 87 years, 3 months, 20 days.

New York, June 7, Capt. CHARLES E. LORD of this city, age 58 years, 9 months, 13 days.

Obituary: A. J. HAYNES, drowned. A terrible accident happened in our bay Tuesday afternoon near Trenton Bayside which resulted in the drowning of Mr. A. J. Haynes of Trenton, a gentleman well known in this city. He, with Messrs. Austin H. Joy and William Lord, was engaged in fishing in a dory only a short distance from Mr. Haynes' shore when, by some means, the boat was upset. Messrs. Joy and Lord got hold of the dory and saved themselves, but Mr. Haynes, although he several times got hold of the dory and once got hold of the person of Mr. Lord, lost his hold and shortly thereafter disappeared beneath the surface, sinking in about 12 feet of water. The other two men were seen from shore and rescued.

JUNE 20, 1889


North Penobscot, June 16, by J. M. Hutchins, Esq., Mr. GEORGE M. PERKINS and Miss ABBIE J. PATTEN, both of Penobscot.

Castine, June 4, by Rev. William Forsyth, Mr. JOHN N. SWAZEY and Miss CARLOTTA LINDSEY, daughter of Capt. A. A. FENGAR.

Faulkton, South Dakota, May 27, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. W. J. Hyde, Mr. AUGUSTUS C. MOOR formerly of Ellsworth and Miss ADDIE L. PECK, both of Faulkton.


Surry, June 11, Mr. JOSEPH DUNHAM, age 26 years.

Bucksport, May 30, Mr. JOHN BUCK, age 68 years, 5 months, 8 days.

Deer Isle, June 9, Mrs. AMOS HOWARD, age 87 years.

Sullivan, June 8, Mrs. MARY SIMPSON BIXBY, age 56 years.

Trenton, June 11, Mr. ANDREW J. HAYNES, age 57 years, 4 months.

Mt. Desert, June 16, Mr. W. E. RICHARDSON, age 38 years, 1 month.

JUNE 27, 1889


Franklin, June 22, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. WILLIE E. BRAGDON of Franklin and Miss MATTIE A. BEAN of Sullivan.

Long Island Plantation, May 5, by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. DAVID G. DAWS of Tremont and Miss IRENA DAVIS of Long Island Plantation.

June 6, by the same, Mr. WILLIAM DAVIS of Long Island Plantation and Miss MAGGIE E. BUTLER of East Black Island.


Ellsworth, June 11, Mrs. ELIZABETH SMITH, age 83 years, 8 months.

June 24, Mr. ALFRED SPRINGER, age 66 years, 3 months.

June 20, Mrs. MARY A., wife of Lafayette DAVIS, age 57 years, 11 months.

June 20, FRED McFARLAND, son of Herbert R. and Susan B. HOLMES, age 9 months, 3 weeks.

Bluehill, June 17, Mr. CHARLES E. WITHAM, age 40 years, 6 months.

Castine, June 19, Mr. DAVID DUNBAR, age 80 years, 11 months, 20 days.

Outer Long Island, May 4, HARRY ARTHUR; June 5, JOHN ROBINSON -- twin sons of Charles V. and Flora GRAY.

Deer Isle, June 9, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Zelotus EATON, age 6 weeks.

Obituary: Mrs. MARY A. DAVIS departed this life on Thursday night of last week [June 20]. For years she has been a earnest member for temperance and a very efficient member of the W.C.T.U. in this city, also a consistent and devoted member of the Ellsworth Congregational Church.

JULY 4, 1889


Franklin, June 25, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Rev. HENRY R. McCARTNEY of Nashville, Michigan and Miss AGNES VIOLA ORCUTT of Franklin.

June 29, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. COLBURN S. COUSINS and Miss ALICE ABBOTT, both of Franklin.

Hancock, June 26, by Rev. B. F. Fogg, Mr. JOHN S. GATCOMB and Miss JENNIE M. HAVEY, both of Hancock.

Winterport, June 29, by Rev. W. H. Norton, Mr. PERCY N. HALL and Miss LIZZIE A. EATON, both of Winterport.


North Ellsworth, June 29, Mr. GEORGE A. MADDOCKS, age 22 years, 2 months.

Lamoine, July 2, Capt. GEORGE HODGKINS, age 44 years.

Bluehill Falls, June 13, Capt. WILLIAM CONARY, age 82 years, 15 days.

JULY 11, 1889


Ellsworth, July 3, by Rev. F. A. Palmer, Mr. GEORGE W. YOUNG and Miss ROSIE E. DOW, both of Hancock.

July 3, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. ARTHUR R. BARTON of Brewer and Miss MARGARET C. FORD of Bangor.

East Bluehill, May 29, by Frank H. Binder, Esq., Mr. ARTHUR P. EMERTON and CLARA A. WEBBER, both of Bluehill.

Steuben, July 6, by J. C. Googins, Esq., Mr. ARTHUR B. KINGSLEY of Gouldsboro and Mrs. EMMA J. TRACY of Steuben.

Sedgwick, July 4, by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. A. LINCOLN CLOSSON of Sedgwick and Miss CARRIE E. CARTER of Brooklin.

Franklin, July 4, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. GIPSON H. HANNA and Miss GRACE M. McCRATE, both of Sullivan.


Ellsworth, July 5, Capt. ABIEL McFARLAND, age 69 years, 10 months.

July 10, Mrs. FLOREL SAUNDERS, wife of Paul Saunders and daughter of John P. Brown of Winn, Maine, age 31 years, 4 months, 9 days.

Bluehill, July 5, Mrs. SARAH F. HINCKLEY, age 80 years, 6 months, 14 days.

Castine, July 1, FREDDIE, son of Mr. and Mrs. William MOREY, age 21 months.

Brooksville, June 28, Mr. SAMUEL B. BABSON, age 77 years, 8 months, 27 days.

Obituary: At 2 o'clock on the morning of July 5, Capt. ABIEL McFARLAND. His death was sudden and unexpected. He had not been in good health for some years but he had been able to attend to his business and make himself useful in various ways. The night of the 4th he went to bed as usual, taking his little granddaughter with him, Mrs. McFarland sleeping in an adjoining room with an open door between them. At about 2 o'clock in the morning she heard him breathing somewhat hard and hurried to his bedside, only to see him breathe his last. He knew that he was suffering from heart disease or rheumatism of the heart. In early years he engaged in seafaring pursuits. He soon became a very successful ship master and sailed in command of a vessel for a long time. During the war he was acting master in the United States Navy on some of our best war steamers. We remember distinctly with what interest we listened to him as he gave us on one occasion his graphic description of a passage of Fort Jackson and St. Philip by the United States naval fleet in May of 1862. [Story followed in notice, but not detailed herein.] Capt. McFarland was an honored member of the William H. H. Rice Post #55 G.A.R. of this city, and at the time of his death held the second office in the post, that of Senior Vice-Commander. At his funeral on Sunday, the post turned out in large numbers.

JULY 18, 1889


Bangor, July 16, at the residence of the bride's parents (Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Sellers), by Rev. Amory Battles, GEORGE EDWARD KRAUTH of Winchester, Virginia, Professor in the Normal School at Winchester, Tennessee and Miss JENNIE SELLERS of Bangor, late teacher of vocal music in the Young Ladies Seminary at Staunton, Virginia.


Mt. Desert, July 2, Mrs. LUCY F., wife of John W. SOMES, age about 42 years.

July 9, Capt. EPHRAIM PRAY, age 82 years, 6 months, 9 days.

East Lamoine, July 11, Mr. NAHUM BERRY, age 77 years, 1 month, 6 days.

Mariaville, July 15, Mr. RICHARD GOODWIN, age 82 years.

In memory of BENNIE W. MADDOCKS who died Apr. 22, age 15 years, 22 days. [There are lines written by his mother at Winter Harbor Light Station.]

Obituary: Death of ENOCH L. WILLEY. (from the newspaper Mason County Journal, Shelton, W.T., June 28, 1889) Last Saturday word was brought down that Enoch L. Welley had accidentally shot himself at his home at the head of the bay. We learn that Mr. Willey was about to mount his saddle horse and was putting his rifle, a 32 caliber Stevens (which, by the way, the editor once owned), in the holster when it was accidentally discharged, the ball entering his body just above the groin and ranging down came out the fleshy part of his left limb above the knee, severing in its passage one of the main arteries and causing internal hemorrhage which caused his death on Saturday afternoon. Enoch L. Willey was born in Steuben, Maine, 1820; thus he was 69 years of age. He conducted a large gun shop in his native state and was a first class gunsmith, but after varied success in business, he drifted to this northwest coast in 1858 and was on hand during the Frazer River excitement, and also lived in Bellingham Bay in Seabeck in this territory, still engaged at times in the manufacture of rifles of all sorts. About 1855 he concluded to settle down and did so upon the place he lived at the time of his death. He shortly after constructed a sawmill, utilizing the water power, and thus with logging and gunsmithing at times formed employment for himself and grown sons. Mr. Willey was married 3 times; his last wife survives him. 5 of his children are dead and 8 are living. Mrs. Josephine Moran and Lizzie Willey are the surviving daughters while the sons are Walter, Benny, Frank, Harry, Eli and Fred Willey, nearly all grown to manhood. Funeral was held on Tuesday and the deceased was buried in the cemetery at Oakland with the rites of the Masonic Fraternity.

JULY 25, 1889


East Bluehill, July 6, by Frank H. Binder, Esq., CHARLES ELWELL and LAURIE M. CARTER, both of East Bluehill.


Ellsworth, July 19, Mr. WILSON R. JORDAN, age 58 years.

July 20, Mrs. MARGARET SMITH, age 76 years, 10 months.

Surry, July 9, Capt. GEORGE TREWORGY, age 76 years, 7 months.

July 17, ARMELIA RAY, age 77 years, 11 months, 10 days.

Hancock, July 5, Mr. CHARLES LUTHER HAVEN, age 33 years.

Sedgwick, July 3, Miss LELIA A. FREETHY, daughter of Judson Freethy, age 23 years, 3 months, 6 days.

East Lamoine, July 21, Mrs. ELIZA L. SMITH, age 81 years, 6 months, 17 days.

Waltham, July 19, Mr. DAVID INGALLS, age 66 years, 8 months.

North Bucksport, July 13, Mr. CHARLES DeFORREST REED, age about 53 years.

Bucksport, at the residence of his parents (Freeman and Lucinda Higgins), LEO F. HIGGINS, from congestion of the brain caused by injury from an accident at Bar Harbor, age 22 years, 3 months, 7 days.

Wyoming, N.J., July 20, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH, wife of Bertram YOUNG and only daughter of the Hon. Thomas D. and Eliza Ann Jones of Brooklyn, N.Y.

AUGUST 1, 1889


Steuben, July 23, by Rev. James P. Nowlan, Mr. ALFRED F. PINKHAM of Steuben and Miss FLORA M. GRACE of Addison.

Tremont, July 21, by W. W. A. Heath, Esq., Mr. CHARLES E. HAYNES and Miss CORA E. NEWMAN, both of Southwest Harbor.


Ellsworth, July 30, Mrs. ADDIE A. DAVIS, age 41 years, 5 months.

East Lamoine, July 28, infant son of C. A. PETTINGALL, age 5 months.

Steuben, July 23, Mr. RICHARD BIMSON, who served during the War in the 13th Maine Regiment, age 79 years.

Brockton, Mass., July 28, IVORY SHARPLESS BROWN, son of Dr. D. E. and L. M. Brown, age 2 years, 4 months, 22 days.

Charlestown, Mass., July 26, Mr. ICHABOD KENT, formerly of this city, age 76 years, 1 month.

AUGUST 8, 1889


Amherst, July 27, by Arthur W. Silsby, Esq., Mr. EDWARD J. RICHARDSON of Aurora and Miss NETTIE M. SUMNER of Amherst.

Bradford, July 20, by Rev. S. T. Page, Rev. EDWIN H. HADLOCK of Waldoboro and Miss BERTIE M. KINGSBURY of Bradford.

Cherryfield, July 7, by William Freeman, Esq., HERVEY C. LEIGHTON and Miss CLARA C. LEIGHTON, both of Steuben.

July 13, by Fred I. Campbell, Esq., WILLIAM CAMPBELL of Cherryfield and Mrs. ELLA MITCHELL of Milbridge.


Ellsworth, Aug. 5, Mr. FRANK S. GILMAN, age 36 years, 10 months, 5 days.

South Gouldsboro, July 17, Mr. WILLIAM BUNKER, age 79 years.

Sunset, July 29, Miss JENNIE SMITH, age 16 years.

AUGUST 15, 1889


Brooklin, Aug. 10, by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. WILLARD R. CARTER of Sedgwick and Miss ELLA G. CARTER of Brooklin.

Bluehill, Aug. 10, at the home of the bride's aunt (Mrs. Mary A. Horton), by Rev. Edward A. Mason, Mr. FRANK P. GRAY of Chelsea, Mass. and Mrs. EMMA F. LEGG of East Boston, Mass.


Sunset, July 29, JENNIE SMITH, age 16 years.

AUGUST 22, 1889


Ellsworth, Aug. 17, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. SAMUEL E. CHAPMAN and Miss JENNIE H. WHITTAKER, both of Ellsworth.


West Ellsworth, Aug. 11, Mrs. HATTIE E., wife of Anson CUNNINGHAM, age 28 years, 13 days.

Deer Isle, Aug. 15, Mrs. CLARA, wife of Theodore BRAY, age about 35 years.

Aug. 10, KATHLEEN L., daughter of Dr. Frank and Edith McCOLLUM, age 11 months, 28 days.

North Sedgwick, Aug. 13, Mrs. LOIS A. EATON, age 69 years, 6 months.

AUGUST 29, 1889


Bucks Mills, Aug. 18, at the residence of Charles Harriman, by Rev. James T. Moore, Mr. ISAAC F. DAVIS and Miss ROSA A. STAPLES, both of Bucksport.

Whatcom, Wash. Terr., July 20, by Rev. D. G. LeSourd, Mr. JOHN E. MITCHELL and Miss DELILAH A. FELKER, both of Whatcom.


Ellsworth, Aug. 23, Mr. BARTHOLOMEW DOYLE, age 72 years.

West Sullivan, Aug. 19, EARL C., youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Eben F. WEBBER, age 6 months, 5 days.

Cherryfield, Aug. 16, Mr. LUTHER P. STEVENS, age 70 years.

Steuben, Aug. 9, Gen. AMASA WAKEFIELD, age 86 years, 4 months.



Ellsworth, Aug. 21, by Rev. S. A. Blaisdell of Bath, Mr. CHARLES TARRANT of Milwaukee, Wisc. and Miss LIZZIE MACOMBER of Ellsworth.

Surry, Aug. 31, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, ALVARO L. CARTER of Bluehill and LOIS E. STAPLES of Surry.

Orrington, Aug. 24, by Rev. B. S. Arey, Mr. CHARLES E. BOWDEN of Ellsworth and Miss ISA M. SMITH of Orrington.


Bangor, Aug. 27, Miss MARY F. EMERSON of Ellsworth, age 21 years, 4 months, 21 days.

Bar Harbor, Aug. 25, Mr. ALEXANDER McQUINN, age 52 years, 5 months.

Aug. 26, Mrs. NANCY V. AREY, age 43 years, 11 months.

Mt. Desert, Aug. 25, CARL F., son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank ARNOLD, age 4 years, 9 months.

Town Hill, Eden, July 28, FRED HIGGINS, son of the late Capt. Richard Higgins of Hulls Cove, age 22 years, 5 months.

Eden, Aug. 28, ALBERTA CAMPBELL, age 56 years.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1889


Franklin, Sep. 2, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. LEONARD B. CLARK of Franklin and Miss ROSA B. BUTLER of Eastbrook.

Sep. 7, by the same, Mr. GEORGE A. GOODWIN and Mrs. MARY M. ORCUTT, both of Franklin.

Trenton, Sep. 8, at the home of the bride, by Rev. S. W. Gage, Mr. FRED OAKES and Mrs. FRANCES S. SPRINGER, both of Trenton.

Surry, Sep. 5, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, Mr. LORING THOMAS of Surry and Mrs. HELEN STEVENS of Ellsworth.

Steuben, Aug. 28, at the hotel (the Dirigo House) of the bride's father (Mr. Melzor S. Smith), by Rev. Mr. Trow, NATHANIEL NOYES, JR. of Sullivan and Miss ANNIE L. SMITH of Steuben.

Winterport, Sep. 5, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. JOHN H. COLE and Miss LAURA LANE, both of Winterport.


Ellsworth, Sep. 5, MATTIE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John CRIMMIN, age 13 months.

Sep. 6, HARVEY WAEREN, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Arno W. KING, age 1 year.

Surry, Sep. 8, HARRY E. TORREY, age 1 year, 9 months, 6 days.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1889


Ellsworth, Sep. 14, at the residence of the bride's father (George W. Brooks, Esq.), by the Rev. Frank E. Healy, Mr. GEORGE P. BUTLER of Hancock and Miss OPHELIA BROOKS of Ellsworth.

Surry, Sep. 7, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, Mr. EUGENE P. WARREN of Ellsworth and Miss KATE B. MOON of Surry.

Sep. 10, by the same, Mr. ALFORD E. WEBBER and Miss CLARA MOORE, both of Bluehill.

Great Pond, Sep. 14, by John R. Shuman, Esq., Mr. EVERETT ARCHER and Miss ANNIE BELLE RICHARDSON, both of Aurora.

Sullivan, Sep. 14, by Henry Boynton, Esq., Mr. IRVING W. GRAY and Miss FANNIE M. MOULTON, both of Sullivan.

Southwest Harbor, Sep. 15, by Rev. Wesley C. Haskell, Mr. HORACE W. JELLISON and Miss JENNIE Z. ALLEN, both of Eden.

Bar Harbor, Sep. 10, by Rev. C. S. Leffingwell, Mr. GEORGE E. GOOGINS of Portland and Miss CARRIE E. SMITH of Bar Harbor.

Bucksport, Sep. 10, by Rev. William Forsyth, Mr. CARL D. BUCK and Miss CLARINDA D. SWAZEY, both of Bucksport.

Bangor, Sep. 10, by Rev. T. E. Busfield, Mr. MARK P. PENDLETON, Editor of the Belfast Age, and Miss INEZ L. MATTHEWS of Bangor.

Lawrence, Mass., Sep. 10, Mr. EDWARD A. JOHNSON of Lawrence and Miss FLORA M. FRENCH of Franklin, Maine.


Lamoine, Sep. 11, Mrs. ANN, wife of Heman S. COUSINS, age 70 years, 8 months, 5 days.

Trenton, Sep. 9, WILFORD L., only son of Mr. and Mrs. John HAYNES, age 9 months, 10 days.

Deer Isle, Sep. 2, Mr. JAMES TYLER, age 87 years.

Steuben, Sep. 5, Mr. L. F. NEAL, age 62 years.

Surry, Sep. 11, Mrs. ELLEN P. OSGOOD, age 46 years, 24 days.

Tremont, July 30, NETTIE; and Aug. 2, LETTIE -- twin children of Warren and Katie NORWOOD, age about 6 months.

Sep. 2, Mrs. LIZZIE, wife of Joel HODGDON, age about 34 years.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1889


Ellsworth, Sep. 20, by Rev. Frank E. Healy, Mr. ROBERT S. LEIGHTON of Steuben and Miss SARAH F. JORDAN of Ellsworth.

Sep. 19, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. J. E. GINN of Verona and Miss SARAH E. DUNHAM of Surry.

Sep. 21, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. JEREMIAH ABBOTT and Mrs. CARRIE A. DOWNES, both of Ellsworth.

Eddington, Sep. 14, by C. E. Drew, Esq., Mr. ALBERT C. SMITH and Mrs. LOUISE P. FOGG, both of Eddington.

Franklin, Sep. 21, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. EUGENE F. ORCUTT and Miss MARY I. CLEMENS, both of Franklin.

Bluehill, Sep. 20, by Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. EZRA C. DODGE of Bluehill and Miss ABBIE S. SANBORN of Brooksville.

Sullivan, Sep. 14, by Henry Boynton, Esq., Mr. DAVID BRUCE of Sullivan and Miss JOANNA DICK of Dundee, Scotland.


Ellsworth, Sep. 24, Miss CARRIE PARCHER HALL, age 16 years, 10 months, 8 days.

Sep. 18, MARGARET, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. DONOVAN, age 9 months.

Bar Harbor, Sep. 11, BRYANT S., son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett BREWER, age 9 months, 10 days.

Bluehill, Sep. 17, Mr. D. AUGUSTINE MERRILL, age 55 years.

Brockton, Mass., Sep. 13, Mrs. LAURA M. LEWIS, wife of William GRINDLE of Bucksport.

OCTOBER 3, 1889


Ellsworth, Sep. 23, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. EDWIN F. BARTLETT of Ellsworth and Miss HATTIE L. LAWRIE of Eastbrook.

Surry, Sep. 28, by Rev. D. B. Phelan, Mr. ASA C. PEAVEY of Orland and Mrs. ANN M. KITFIELD of Surry.

Holden, Sep. 29, by P. P. Gilmore, Esq., Mr. ALFRED H. GRAY of Dedham and Miss LIDA F. LOMBARD of Holden.

Mariaville, Sep. 28, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. ARTHUR R. PENNEY and Miss LAURA C. CHICK, both of Clifton.

Sullivan, Sep. 22, by Rev. C. C. Phelan, Mr. DAVID W. REYNOLDS and Miss OLIVE L. GARDINER, both of Bar Harbor.

Sep. 23, by the same, Mr. JAMES E. PREST and Miss JULIA J. McGOWN, both of Bar Harbor.

Sep. 28, by the same, Mr. WILLIAM A. CLARKE and Miss LOTTIE E. HAVEY, both of Sullivan.

Winterport, Sep. 28, at the home of the bride, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. CHARLES C. MOODY and Miss ORRIE E. GRANT, both of Winterport.


Ellsworth, Sep. 25, Capt. BENJAMIN I. WOOD.

Waltham, Sep. 28, BERTHA A. MARTIN, age 4 years, 10 months.

Eastbrook, Sep. 25, HARRISON ELMORE PIPER, age 11 months, 10 days.

Sullivan, Sep. 22, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. M. NASH.

Green's Landing, Sep. 20, infant daughter of Allen and Nettie McDONALD, age about 3 weeks.

Sep. 21, Mrs. NETTIE McDONALD, daughter of S. B. Thurlow, age 20 years.

Bartlett's Island, Sep. 19, Mr. EDWIN BARTLETT, age 63 years.

Beddington, Sep. 18, Mrs. SOPHIA, widow of Joseph WESTON and formerly of Jonesboro.

Bar Harbor, Sep. 19, Mr. HENRY F. MILLER, age 62 years, 5 months.

Resolutions of Respect:

WHEREAS, in view of the loss we have sustained in the death of our brother, DAVID S. DODGE, and the still heavier loss sustained by those nearest and dearest to him, therefore be it

RESOLVED that it is but a just tribute to the memory of the departed to say, in regretting his removal from our midst, we mourn for one who was in every way worthy of our respect and regard;

RESOLVED that, in the death of David S. Dodge, Ira Berry Lodge has lost an active and efficient member, whose place will be hard to fill, but we cherish his memory in fond recollection of his faithfulness as our Junior Deacon in devotion to our order;

RESOLVED that we sincerely condole with the family of the deceased and the dispensation with which it has pleased Divine Providence to so afflict them, and commend them for consolation to Him who orders all things for the best and Whose chastisements cometh in mercy;

RESOLVED that a page be set apart in our records as a memorial on which shall be inscribed his name and age as a mark of respect to his memory, and that the hall be draped in mourning for 30 days.

-- signed Harvey P. Hinkley, S. B. Wescott and A. C. Peters

Ira Berry Lodge No. 187 F.& A.M., Bluehill, Sep. 16, 1889

OCTOBER 10, 1889


East Eddington, Oct. 3, by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. ERNEST E. ROWE of Aurora and Miss MAUD E. LAUGHLIN of Great Pond.

Sedgwick, Sep. 29, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. MOSES P. PETERS and Mrs. SUSAN A. DIX of Sargentville.

Sep. 24, by the same, Mr. OSCAR G. FLYE and Miss MAGGIE M. BARTER, both of Deer Isle.

Great Pond, Oct. 3, by John R. Shuman, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM CHICK of Amherst and Miss CASSIE McINNICH, all of Great Pond.

Winterport, Oct. 5, by Rev. W. H. Norton, Mr. XAVIER B. GRIFFIN of Stockton Springs and Miss ESTELLA A. THOMPSON of Prospect.

Chelsea, Sep. 24, by Rev. Frederick Woods, Mr. AUGUSTUS L. HODGKINS of Ellsworth and Miss LIZZIE A. MAXWELL of Chelsea.


Ellsworth, Oct. 7, Mrs. PRUDENCE R., wife of Haskell S. LANCASTER, age 70 years.

Oct. 1, Mrs. OLIVE M. DAY, formerly of Lewiston, age 82 years, 10 months.

Brooksville, Oct. 2, Mrs. OLIVE L. EMERSON, age about 87 years.

Southwest Harbor, Sep. 25, Miss MAUD E. KENT of Swan's Island, age 16 years, 10 months.

Waterville, Oct. 4, Rev. DAVID N. SHELDON, D.D., age 82 years, 3 months.

Lawrence, Mass., Sep. 30, ALIDA FRANCIS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. F. ROYAL, age about 7 years.

Danvers, Mass., Oct. 3, Mr. JESSE GARDNER, formerly of Castine, age 70 years, 4 months.

OCTOBER 17, 1889


Bar Harbor, Oct. 7, by A. F. Higgins, Esq., Mr. FOREST L. HAVEY and Miss NELLIE E. McQUINN, both of Bar Harbor.

Deer Isle, Oct. 3, by Rev. R. L. Nanton, Mr. IRVING MIDDLETON and Miss LAVINA HASKELL.

Brooksville, Sep. 29, by Rev. H. B. Hart, Mr. GEORGE DOLMAN of Bar Harbor and Mrs. VINNIE S. COOMBS of Brooksville.

Long Island Plantation, Sep. 25, by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. GEORGE E. CLOSSON of Surry and Mrs. ELLEN F. TURNER of Long Island.

Castine, Oct. 6, by Rev. John P. Cushman, Mr. GEORGE L. WEEKS and Mrs. M. J. GRINDLE, widow of the late Samuel P. Grindle, both of Castine.


Ellsworth, Oct.9, Mrs. MIRANDA THOMAS, age 69 years.

Surry, Sep. 30, LIZZIE ADDITON, daughter of Walter S. and Minnie A. LEIGHTON, age about 4 years.

Oct. 9, Mrs. VIENNA WITHAM, age 82 years.

Bucksport, Sep. 30, Mr. DAVID N. DAVIDSON, age 66 years, 3 months.

Rockland, Oct. 8, Mrs. LOIS A. KARL, age 41 years.

OCTOBER 24, 1889


Ellsworth, Oct. 15, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. ETHAN A. LERMOND and Miss ELLEN A. DOUGHERTY, both of Ellsworth. For 8 or 9 years the bride has been a most faithful and efficient compositor in this office.

Oct. 20, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. OLIVER W. ROBINSON and Miss ALICE M. CLOUGH, both of Ellsworth.

Sedgwick, Oct. 15, by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. GEORGE M. SNOW and Mrs. ROSIE L. STANLEY, both of Brooklin.

Sullivan, Oct. 10, by Rev. C. C. Phelan, Mr. FRANK S. LIBBEY and Miss LIZZIE A. JOY, both of Gouldsboro.

Oct. 19, by the same, Mr. JAMES B. HAVEY and Mrs. MARIA STEVENS, both of Sullivan.

Southwest Harbor, Oct. 19, by Rev. W. C. Haskell, Mr. ALBERT STAPLES and Miss EMILY P. HADLEY, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Oct. 17, Mrs. ELIZA J., wife of John F. ROYAL, age 47 years, 6 months.

Ellsworth Falls, Oct. 19, Mrs. MARY E., wife of Apollos HUNT, age 61 years.

Bartlett's Island, Oct. 20, CHARLES H. PEPPER, age 23 years, 9 months.

South Deer Isle, Oct. 17, Mrs. CALEB SAWYER, age 46 years.

Milbridge, Oct. 13, WARREN LEIGHTON, Esq., age 89 years.

Rockland, Oct. 8, Mrs. LOIS A. KARL, age 31 years, 4 months (corrected).

Sheridan, Montana, Oct. 3, Mrs. LIZZIE A. MARSH, daughter of the late Capt. William H. and Sarah E. Means, formerly of Bluehill, age 25 years, 11 months.

OCTOBER 31, 1889


Bar Harbor, Oct. 23, at the residence of Mr. John Hopkins, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. W. H. SHERMAN, Editor of The Record, and Miss ANNIE F. SMITH, both of Bar Harbor.

Oct. 17, by Rev. J. Torrey, Mr. WILL T. RICHARDSON and Miss GEORGIA S. BREWER, both of Bar Harbor.

Oct. 19, by the same, Mr. JUNIUS M. COLE and Miss ARLETTIE L. GRINDLE, both of Bar Harbor.

Oct. 20, by the same, Mr. JUDSON SMITH and Miss HATTIE RUNNELS, both of Bar Harbor.

Oct. 5, by the same, Mr. JOHN W. PIERCE of Eden and Miss ANNIE E. TURNER of Eddington.

Oct. 12, by the same, Mr. GEORGE W. HATCH and Miss NANCY. W. LEACH, both of Penobscot.

Salisbury Cove, Oct. 19, by the same, Mr. WALTER E. RODICK of Bar Harbor and Miss ANNIE M. HAMOR of Salisbury Cove.

Brooksville, Sep. 29, by Rev. H. D. Hart, Mr. GEORGE W. DOLLIVER and Miss MINNIE L. GRINDLE, both of Bar Harbor.

Prospect Harbor, Oct. 12, by C. C. Larrabee, Esq., Mr. LEWIS E. FOSS and Miss SUSIE P. TRACY.

Bangor, Oct. 23, at St. John's Episcopal Church, by Rev. John McGaw Foster, Mr. CLARENCE SUMNER LUNT, City Editor of The Commercial, and Miss EDITH MARY PRESCOTT, both of Bangor.

Orland, Oct. 23, at the home of the bride, by Rev. H. W. Norton of Winterport, Mr. CLARENCE S. YORK of Bethel, Maine and Miss MARCIA E. NARBIS of Orland.

Franklin, Oct. 24, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. WINFIELD S. CLARKE of Spruce Head (St. George) and Miss ABBIE M. CLAPHAM of Sullivan.

Southwest Harbor, Oct. 22, by Rev. W. C. Haskell, Mr. JOSHUA A. SAWYER and Miss ALBERTA HODGDON, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Oct. 24, Mr. WILLIAM WEED, age 45 years, 5 months.

Lynn, Mass., Oct. 22, Mrs. JULIA A., wife of W. T. CHRISTIAN, age 44 years, 5 months.

Sullivan, Oct. 26, Mr. JABEZ S. FOSTER, age 84 years.

Sunset, Oct. 24, LEROY, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harlan L. GRAY, age 1 year, 6 months.

West Deer Isle, Oct. 25, Mr. JESSE STINSON.

Waltham, Oct. 22, Mrs. MARY E., wife of A. K. DYER, age 31 years, 6 months, 23 days.

Orland, Oct. 24, Mr. WILLIAM PICKERING, age [unreadable].

Penobscot, Oct. 19, Mrs. ELIZA LEACH, age 77 years, 6 months.

NOVEMBER 7, 1889


Somesville, Oct. 30, by Rev. H. R. McCartney, Mr. HOWARD MAYO of Eden and Miss PHOSA RICHARDSON of Mt. Desert.

Penobscot, Nov. 2, by Rev. J. Frank Jones, Mr. HORACE WESCOTT and Miss LILLIAN WARDWELL, both of Penobscot.

Castine, Oct. 29, by Rev. A. W. Witham, Mr. CHARLES W. COLLINS of Castine and Miss ALICE M. SHERBORNE of Eastport.


West Brooksville, July 18, Mr. KENNEY S. GRINDLE, age 82 years, 3 months, 10 days.

Sep. 29, Capt. NATHANIEL PERKINS, age 81 years, 12 days.

Oct. 3, FREEMAN, son of Sewall and Fanny LORD, age 3 years.

Oct. 12, Mr. DANIEL BLODGETT, age 74 years, 2 months.

Castine, Oct. 29, Mr. HENRY VOGELL, age 80 years, 11 months, 16 days.

NOVEMBER 14, 1889


Ellsworth, Nov. 3, by Rev. J. F. Haley, Mr. ROBERT O. SMITH and Miss JULIA A. SMITH, both of Ellsworth.

Nov. 3, by Rev. F. A. Palmer, Mr. ARTHUR A. WHITTAKER and Miss IDA M. PATTERSON, both of Ellsworth.

Oct. 13, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. HALLET R. DURLING and Miss JOSIE M. WORKMAN, both of Sullivan.

Sullivan, Nov. 2, by Henry Boynton, Esq., Mr. JOHN MORTIMER and Miss LIZZIE M. BUNKER, both of Sullivan.

East Sullivan, Nov. 9, by F. A. Noyes, Esq., Mr. R. W. JOHNSON of Sullivan and Miss ANNIE L. BUTLER of Columbia.

Bucksport Center, Nov. 6, by Rev. Mr. Weed, Mr. AUSTIN E. SNOW and Miss ETTA PARKER, both of Bucksport.

Winterport, Nov. 8, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. CALEB R. LOUGEE and Miss ANNA H. SCOTT, both of Winterport.

Brooklin, Nov. 9, by A. G. Blake, Esq., Mr. EDWARD W. GRIFFIN of Brooklin and Miss CARRIE E. SMITH of Bluehill.

Swan's Island, Nov. 2, by Rev. W. H. Hall, Mr. EDWIN A. DUNHAM of Deer Isle and Miss BLANCHE M. STANLEY of Swan's Island.

Bangor, Nov. 4, by Rev. Father O'Brien, Mr. JERRY CROWLEY of Bangor and Miss GRACE MILLIKEN of Ellsworth.


Ellsworth, Nov. 7, WILLIE H., son of Mr. and Mrs. Chaney R. SADLER, age 22 years, 11 months, 27 days.

Gouldsboro, Nov. 28, Mrs. DELIA S. MARTIN, age 67 years.

West Brooksville, Nov. 2, Mr. JOB TAPLEY, age 86 years, 4 months.

Trenton, Nov. 9, Mrs. SALOME C. HAYNES, age 49 years, 1 month, 7 days.

Alameda, Calif., Oct. 30, Mr. CHARLES J. CHASE, a native of Ellsworth, age 48 years, 7 months, 21 days.

NOVEMBER 21, 1889


Ellsworth, Nov. 13, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. ROBERT F. CAMPBELL of Truro, Nova Scotia and Miss HANNAH McWILLIAMS of Ellsworth.

Nov. 15, by Rev. F. A. Palmer, Mr. VINCENT M. CARTER of Hancock and Miss EMMA MADDOCKS of Ellsworth.

Nov. 16, by the Rev. Frank E. Healey, Mr. JOHN B. WHITTAKER and Miss LENA F. HAMILTON, both of Ellsworth. The bridegroom has for some years been a valued compositor in the American office, and for the last two years or more he has been the trusted sub-foreman in the composing room.

Nov. 14, by Rev. Frank E. Healy, Mr. LLOYD H. HIGGINS and Miss TENA J. FARRELL, both of Ellsworth.

North Penobscot, Oct. 26, by Rev. T. S. Ross, Mr. LLEWELLYN GRAY and Miss LIZZIE HOWARD.

Nov. 5, by the same, Mr. HARRY GRAY and Miss MELVINA HERRICK.

Bluehill, Nov. 16, by Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. ALONZO J. CANDAGE and Miss FRANCENA P. CURTIS, both of Bluehill.

Orland, Nov. 16, by Rev. W. T. Johnson, Mr. CHARLES E. TURNER and Miss LENA F. JORDAN, both of Ellsworth.

Franklin, Nov. 12, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. BARTLETT WALLACE and Miss CLARA S. GORDON, both of Franklin.

Sedgwick, Nov. 6, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. JAMES S. DEAN and Miss LOIS C. STANLEY, both of Brooklin.


Tremont, Oct. 24, Mrs. SUSANNAH, widow of the late Samuel HARPER, age about 76 years.

Oct. 25, Mrs. CAROLINE, widow of the late Capt. John POMROY, age 68 years.

Oct. 28, Mr. WILLIAM A. CLARK, age about 56 years.

Castine, Nov. 16, Mrs. JULIA A., wife of John GRAY, age 63 years.

Obituary: Died in West Sullivan on the 7th of Nov., Mr. JOHN B. KEEF, only child of Mrs. Caroline Y. Keef, age 38 years, 1 month, 19 days.

NOVEMBER 28, 1889


Ellsworth, Nov. 20, at the residence of the bride's grandparents (Mr. and Mrs. Henry Whiting), by Rev. Dr. Tenney, JOHN ANDREW PETERS, JR. of Bar Harbor and Miss MARY FRANCES, daughter of A. W. CUSHMAN, Esq. of Ellsworth.

Nov. 21, by Rev. F. A. Palmer, Mr. HENRY A. COLPITTS and Miss ALICE M. SARGENT, both of Ellsworth.

Bar Harbor, Nov. 17, by Rev. C. S. Leffingwell, Mr. GALEN YOUNG of Hancock and Miss FLORA HAMILTON of Bar Harbor.

West Trenton, Nov. 16, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard of Ellsworth, Mr. ARTHUR M. FOSS of Bar Harbor and Miss JULIA ALMENIA THOMPSON of West Trenton.

Bluehill, Nov. 22, by Rev. Edward A. Mason, Mr. JOSEPH STEELE and Mrs. VESTA E. HOWARD, both of Bluehill.

Nov. 22, by the same, Mr. ORANGE M. CUNNINGHAM and Miss CARRIE M. BOWDEN, both of Bluehill.

Brooklin, Nov. 20, at the Baptist parsonage, by the father of the bride assisted by Rev. E. A. Davis of Sedgwick and Rev. C. F. J. Thompson of North Sedgwick, Mr. ALBERT EDWARD STANLEY and Miss GRACE WILLOUGHBY, daughter of Rev. O. C. HERBERT, both of Brooklin.

Nov. 24, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. O. C. Herbert, Mr. GEORGE A. LOPAUS and Miss ANNIE L., daughter of John MARKS, Esq. of Brooklin.

Mariaville, Nov. 9, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. RICHARD J. SALISBURY and Miss CELIA GARLAND, both of Otis.

Lowell, Mass., Nov. 20, by Rev. J. W. Short, Mr. WARREN F. WHEELER of Stoneham and Mrs. CARRIE E. WHITNEY of Jamaica Plain.


Ellsworth, Nov. 21, LEON WILLIS, son of Willis L. and Carrie B. PLATT, age 2 years, 3 months, 11 days.

Waltham, Nov. 23, Mr. JOHN WILBUR.

DECEMBER 5, 1889


Ellsworth, Nov. 27, by Rev. F. A. Palmer, Mr. WILLIAM H. BUTLER and Miss SARAH J. MASON, both of Ellsworth.

Nov. 27, by Hon. John B. Redman, Mr. BENJAMIN F. BARSTOW and Mrs. ALICE B. CAMPBELL, both of Ellsworth.

Franklin, Nov. 24, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. FRANK B. SMITH and Miss MARY McGILLVRAY, both of Sullivan.

Steuben, Nov. 9, Mr. ELI LEIGHTON of Steuben and Miss BERTHA HARADEN of Gouldsboro.

Nov. 17, Mr. JOHN WHITTEN and Miss LOUISE SMITH, both of Steuben.

Machias, Nov. 16, by Rev. E. H. Boynton, Mr. GEORGE W. ANDERSON of Bar Harbor and Miss BERNICE HANSON of Machiasport.


Ellsworth, Nov. 28, Mrs. CATHARINE FOLEY, age 80 years.

Nov. 28, GRACIE M. BURGESS, age 2 months, 28 days.

Sullivan, Dec. 3, Miss CARRIE, daughter of the late Mrs. Mary BIXBY.

Castine, Dec. 1, Mrs. SARAH P., widow of the late Daniel JOHNSTON, age 65 years, 2 months.

North Sedgwick, Nov. 27, FLORENCE MAUDE, only child of Horace H. and Annie G. ALLEN, age 5 months 7 days.

Steuben, Nov. 25, Mrs. HENRY OVER, age 65 years.

Beddington, Nov. 8, Mr. DANIEL COFFIN, age 86 years.

Salisbury's Cove, Nov. 22, Mrs. NANCY L. MAYO, age 84 years, 2 months, 17 days.

West Sedgwick, Nov. 21, Mrs. MARTHA C. GRAY, widow of the late Elliott Gray, age 73 years.

DECEMBER 12, 1889


Ellsworth, Dec. 8, by Rev. F. A. Palmer, Mr. AMOS J. CHATTO of Surry and Mrs. ETTA S. RICHARDS of Ellsworth.

Dec. 8, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. JOSEPH H. NASON and Miss HELEN N. HANNA, both of North Ellsworth.

Southwest Harbor, Dec. 6, by Rev. W. C. Haskell, Mr. FRANK E. TORREY of Tremont and Miss CARRIE S. DAVIS of Deblois.

Dec. 8, by the same, Mr. LOREN FARLEY and Miss CORA KELLEY, both of Tremont.

Eden, Dec. 1, by Rev. W. C. Stetson, Mr. JOHN S. THOMAS and Miss AMANDA J. LELAND, both of Eden.

Franklin, Dec. 7, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. WILLIAM E. SAVAGE and Miss LINDA E. BUTLER, both of Franklin.

Mt. Desert, Dec. 3, by Rev. H. R. McCartney, Mr. WILLIAM COOLEN and Mrs. MAGGIE J. HAWSE.

Dedham, Nov. 18, Mr. DANIEL BABBITT of Brockton, Mass. and Miss NELLIE M. PHILLIPS of Dedham.

Bucksport, Dec. 8, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, D.D., Mr. CYRUS P. CROCKER of Bucksport and Mrs. SARAH A. KILLMAN of Stockton Springs.

East Bucksport, Dec. 1, by Rev. James T. Moore, Mr. MELVILLE W. HEWEY of East Bucksport and Miss VESTA M. PERKINS of Penobscot.

Oakland, Calif., Nov. 19, LESTER L. M. SALSBURY of Oakland and EMELIE W. MAXWELL of Saratoga Springs, New York.


Ellsworth, Dec. 7, Mrs. MELISSA, wife of John A. LAMPSON, age 51 years, who passed away Saturday morning after a painful suffering of some days. She leaves a husband and two children.

Dec. 5, Mrs. H. A. NICHOLS, wife of John C. Nichols of Somerville, Mass., age 58 years.

Lamoine, Dec. 9, Mrs. MARY A. BUNKER, age 73 years, 10 months.

Bucksport, Dec. 4, at the residence of her son-in-law (Mr. Stephen Bennett), Mrs. ELIZABETH S. CARR, age 92 years, 11 months, 25 days.

Eagle Island Light Station, Dec. 2, Mrs. AMANDA S., wife of Capt. John BALL, age 49 years, 15 days.

DECEMBER 19, 1889


Ellsworth, Dec. 14, by Rev. J. T. Crosby, Mr. EDGAR NICHOLSON and Miss CHRISTINA McGILLVERY, both of Sullivan.

Dec. 17, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. CALVIN H. CHICK and Miss ETTA COLPITTS, both of Bar Harbor.

Bucksport, Nov. 27, by W. A. Remick, Esq., Mr. GEORGE W. GRAY and Mrs. EMMA R. RIDEOUT, both of Bucksport.

Great Pond, Dec. 7, by Rev. D. B. Smith, Mr. EDGAR McININCH and Mrs. ANNIE BRACY, both of Great Pond.

Franklin, Dec. 16, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. FRED A. BILLINGS of Eastbrook and Miss DELIA E. JOHNSON of Sullivan.

Steuben, Dec. 9, Mr. CHARLES HOYT of Jacksonville, Florida and Miss JENNIE KENDAL of Steuben.

Taunton, Mass., Dec. 14, by Rev. J. K. Wilson, Mr. HENRY FLYE of Taunton and Miss CLARA FLYE of Brooklin, Maine.


Ellsworth Falls, Dec. 13, PERCY ELMER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram W. HAMILTON, age 9 years, 10 months.

Bluehill, Nov. 29, Mrs. ARABELLA FARNHAM, age 88 years, 4 months, 9 days.

Castine, Dec. 15, Mr. WILLIAM SAWYER, age 76 years, 9 months.

DECEMBER 26, 1889


Tremont, Dec. 21, at the residence of the bride's parents, by George R. Fuller, Esq., Mr. FRED B. GOODWIN of Hingham, Mass. and Miss ALLIE BLANCHE, youngest daughter of Capt. N. A. HARPER of Tremont.

Mt. Desert, Dec. 21, by Rev. H. R. McCartney, Mr. SELDEN R. TRACY of Milbridge and Miss GEORGIA A. GILPATRICK of Mt. Desert.


Ellsworth Falls, Nov. 11, Mr. GEORGE A. COTTLE; so at the age of 38 years he passed from this world. He leaves one child and an invalid wife who stood by him through all his sickness.

Bar Harbor, Dec. 6, HAROLD W., son of Mr. and Mrs. E. I. LORD, age 3 years, 7 months, 13 days.

Sunset, Dec. 11, Mr. JOSEPH C. JUDKINS, age 79 years.

Isle au Haut, Dec. 11, Mr. EZRA TURNER.

Deer Isle, Dec. 12, Mrs. WARREN BRAY and child.

Castine, Dec. 17, Mr. ABNER J. SAWYER, age 37 years.

Newport News, Va., Dec. 7, Mr. C. T. CLUVERIEUS, age 38 years.