JANUARY 7, 1886


Franklin, Dec. 25, by Rev. C. L. Banghardt, Mr. MAURICE PETERS of Bluehill and Miss THEO. H. GORDON of Franklin. (Corrected)

Amherst, Jan. 1, by Rev. C. C. Foster, Mr. MILLARD W. FOSTER of Amherst and Miss ESTHER E. GRAVES of Mariaville.

Tremont, Dec. 31, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. ELMER E. SMALLIDGE of Mt. Desert and Miss LOUISA L. LAWLER of Tremont.

Auburn, Maine, Dec. 31, EDWIN A. CLARKE, M.D. of Westboro, Mass. and Miss EDITH LEAVITT, M.D. of Auburn.


Ellsworth, Jan. 1, Mrs. SARAH J. ARMSTRONG, age 53 years, 9 months.

Great Pond, Dec. 28, SUSIE, daughter of Claudius and Mary ARCHER, age 1 year, 6 months.

Brooklin, Dec. 30, Capt. ARTHUR M. HERRICK, age 76 years.

Jan. 4, Capt. MERRILL ALLEN, age 74 years.

Cranberry Isles, Dec. 27, Mrs. MARY SPURLING, age 73 years.

JANUARY 14, 1886


Ellsworth, Jan. 10, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. EDWIN ARNOLD and Miss FLORA SARGENT, both of Ellsworth.

No deaths reported this issue.

Obituary: Mr. ROBERT NASON, whose death was mentioned in the American of December 24, was a native of North Ellsworth. When a young man, he studied dentistry in the office of Dr. Evans of Bangor, and for some time practiced successfully as a dentist in this city; until the disease, which after many years has caused his death, compelled him to give up his labors. He leaves a home bereft of the father, a widowed mother, and sorrowing children and sisters.

JANUARY 21, 1886


Ellsworth, Dec. 24, by the Rev. Salem D. Towne, Mr. JOHN O. SEGER and Miss EMMA W. BROWN, both of Ellsworth.

Jan. 16, by the same, Mr. HARRY H. SARGENT of Franklin and Miss SADIE STANLEY of Ellworth.

Bluehill Falls, Jan. 10, by Rev. D. B. Smith, Mr. HENRY A. MILLIKEN and Miss ESTELLA M. CANDAGE, both of Bluehill Falls.

Brooklin, Jan. 16, by Rev. Gideon Mayo, Capt. ROSCOE O. DORITY and Mrs. JANE PETERS, both of Brooklin.


Mt. Desert, Jan. 14, Mrs. EXPERIENCE HAMOR, age 87 years, 10 months, 22 days.

Boston, Jan. 7, of consumption, Mrs. NETTIE N. HIGGINS, age 32 years.

JANUARY 28, 1886


Ellsworth, Jan. 23, by Rev. F. H. Osgood, Mr. FRED J. BREWER of Bar Harbor and Miss GEORGIE S. HODGKINS of Hancock.

Machias, Jan. 20, at the Congregational Church, by Rev. Daniel Greene, Mr. A. I. SAUNDERS of Ellsworth and Miss JULIA E. PENNELL of Machias.

Milbridge, Jan. 15, by Rev. J. A. Hainer, JOHN T. WALLACE, JR. and Mrs. DORCAS H. CARVALLIS, both of Milbridge.

Sedgwick, Jan. 16, by Rev. W. A. McGraw, Mr. AUSTIN S. TURNER and Miss CLARA E. CARTER of East Bluehill.

North Penobscot, Jan. 24, by J. M. Hutchins, Esq., Mr. GEORGE W. LEACH of Penobscot and Mrs. R. A. WINSHIP of Bangor.

Deer Isle, Jan. 7, by Rev. M. G. Prescott, Mr. GEORGE C. EATON and Miss ABBIE A. DUNHAM, both of Deer Isle.

Jan. 16, by the same, Mr. HEZEKIAH H. POWERS and Miss MINNIE T. HASKELL, both of Deer Isle.

Cherryfield, Jan. 11, by Rev. R. H. Baker, Mr. F. W. VARNEY of Boston and Miss NANCY C. McGOULDRICK of Cherryfield.

Bangor, Jan. 19, by Rev. Dr. Tenney of Ellsworth, Rev. VOLNEY B. CUSHING of Iowa and Miss NELLIE PEARSON of Bangor.


Ellsworth, Jan. 22, Capt. WILLIAM CLARK, age 71 years, 4 months.

Bucksport, Jan. 14, FRED A. GOTT, age 18 years, 7 months.

Jan. 14, D. C. FURBISH, age 35 years, 9 months, 14 days.

Brooklin, Jan. 9, of pneumonia, Capt. A. J. TIBBETTS, age 63 years, 6 months.

Sedgwick, Jan. 12, Mrs. HANNAH A., wife of Royal MOORE, age 59 years.

FEBRUARY 4, 1886


Ellsworth, Jan. 31, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. WINNIE MILLIKEN and Miss AGNES WAKEFIELD, both of Ellsworth.

Winter Harbor, Jan. 26, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. A. J. GUPTILL and Miss CORA BUNKER, both of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, Jan. 29, FLORENCE L., daughter of Charles L. and Orissa McFARLAND, age 2 years, 7 months, 10 days.

Jan. 30, Mr. MICHAEL LOVETT, age 35 years, 10 months.

Ellsworth Falls, Jan. 31, LOTTIE BARTLETT, age 14 years, 2 months, 21 days.

North Sedgwick, Dec. 26, Mr. DAVID BICKFORD, age 85 years, 6 months.

Bucksport Centre, Jan. 27, Rev. BENJAMIN C. BLACKWOOD, age 66 years, 4 months, 13 days.

FEBRUARY 11, 1886


Ellsworth, Feb. 3, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. FRANK H. PRATT and Miss MAY MILLIKEN, both of Ellsworth.

Cherryfield, Jan. 30, by Rev. R. H. Baker, Mr. W. H. DRESSER and Mrs. I. M. JARVIS, both of Cherryfield.

Franklin, Feb. 5, at the residence of the bride's father (A. B. Fernald), by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Capt. COLMAN A. CRABTREE of Hancock and Miss LILLIAN L. FERNALD of Franklin.

Tremont, Dec. 22, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. WATSON L. THURSTON and Miss PHEBE M. MOULDING, both of Tremont.

Dec. 31, by the same, Mr. ELMER E. SMALLIDGE of Mt. Desert and Miss LOUISA L. LAWLER of Tremont.

Jan. 26, by the same, Mr. ALBION M. STANLEY of Cranberry Isles and Miss MINNIE M. RICHARDSON of Mt. Desert.

Orland, Feb. 6, by Frank Buck, Esq., Mr. FRANCIS A. BOWDEN and Miss AZALIA H. MARKS, both of Orland.

Penobscot, Feb. 8, by E. R. Bowden, Esq., Mr. EDWIN J. GRINDAL and Mrs. FLORA GRINDAL, both of Penobscot.


Ellsworth, Jan. 22, MARY C., daughter of John C. and Amanda MEADER, age 16 years, 7 months.

Feb. 7, Miss KATIE A. DUFFEE, age 23 years, 1 month.

Ellsworth Falls, Feb. 5, Mr. IVORY H. LORD, age 39 years, 21 days.

North Ellsworth, Feb. 6, BERTHA F. BOYD, age 20 years, 4 months.

Tremont, Jan. 26, Mrs. SALOME MORRISON, age 78 years, 4 months, 22 days.

Brooklin, Jan. 26, Mrs. ELIZABETH, wife of Prescott BRAY, age 64 years, 6 months.

Jan. 26, Miss JENNIE JUDGE, age 22 years.

Sedgwick, Feb. 5, Mrs. SOLOMON B. GRAY, age 70 years.

Trenton, Feb. 6, Mr. BYRON E. MURCH, age 52 years, 1 month (funeral occurred Feb. 8; lesson from God's Word, John 11:26, Rev. E. A. Davis officiating).

East Sullivan, Feb. 6, Mr. JOHN S. BEAN, age 75 years, 7 months, 14 days.

Feb. 6, Mr. SAMUEL G. ORCUTT, age 57 years, 6 months.

Feb. 8, Mrs. RHODA ROBERTSON, age 74 years.

Otis, Feb. 3, JUDITH H. BLAISDELL, age 84 years, 1 month, 12 days.

Bangor, Feb. 6, Mrs. ANNA R., widow of the late Richmond HAYWARD, age 76 years, 4 months.

Obituary: Another of our old people has passed away in the person of Mrs. GEORGE W. BLAISDELL, who died January 21. FRANCES WITHERSPOON BLAISDELL was born in Francistown, New Hampshire, October 24, 1794 and married her late husband November 11, 1824, coming to Dedham in March 1833. Her father was John Witherspoon and her maternal grandfather, Capt. John Mills, commanded a company in the battle of Bunker Hill and fought in many other engagements of the Revolutionary War. Mrs. Blaisdell was also related to Rev. John Witherspoon, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. U. D. Witherspoon, Esq. of Camden, whose death occurred the week previous to hers, was a brother about 13 months younger than herself. She taught school in early life. From the formation of the Republican Party, she was an enthusiastic adherent to its doctrines and fortunes. She leaves one daughter, Mrs. Sarah Nason, and two sons, Albert G. Blaisdell, Esq. of Ellsworth and James W. Blaisdell, Esq. of this town, at present one of the County Commissioners. Dated February 8, 1886 from Dedham.

FEBRUARY 18, 1886


South Thomaston, Feb. 10, by Rev. S. M. Dunton, Mr. JOHN A. BURTON of South Thomamston and Miss ANNIE M. DELLIHANT of St. George.


North Ellsworth, Feb. 15, Mr. STILLMAN J. WENTWORTH, age 38 years, 2 months.

Sullivan, Feb. 8, Mrs. MARIA WATSON, age 63 years.

Waltham, Feb. 15, Mrs. ELIZA TWYNHAM, age 80 years, 11 months.

Hancock, Feb. 14, MARGARET A. WALKER, age 32 years.

Obituary: As the holy Sabbath was drawing to a close, Miss KATIE DUFFEE, one of our beautiful young ladies, was called to join the heavenly choir. She was a member of St. Joseph's Choir, also of the Young Women's Sodality. Her parents, sister and brothers have the sympathy of a large number of friends and acquaintances.

FEBRUARY 25, 1886


Brooklin, Feb. 17, by Rev. G. Mayo, Mr. EMERSON C. INGERSOLL and Miss LUTIE B. WELLS, both of Brooklin.


Brooklin, Feb. 14, Mrs. MARY B., widow of the late Capt. Frederick A. ALLEN, age 60 years, 7 months.

Feb. 16, Mr. JAMES COUSINS, age 89 years, 11 months.

Hancock, Feb. 21, LEONORA WALKER, age 22 years, 3 months.

North Penobscot, Jan. 28, Mrs. CHARLOTTE E. GRAY, age 88 years, 7 months.

MARCH 4, 1886


Bluehill, Feb. 22, by Rev. H. A. Freeman, FREDERIC H. BUTLER of Castine and Miss MARY M. WESCOTT of Bluehill.

No deaths reported this issue.

MARCH 11, 1886


Lamoine, Feb. 27, by Rev. E. Hatfield, Mr. JOHN RYAN and Miss NELLIE SWETT.

Mariaville, Mar. 7, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. JOHN HASLAM, JR. and Miss ANNIE O. HEATH, both of Waltham.

Sep. 23, by the same, Mr. MARCELLUS R. MERRILL and Miss ELLA L. COKLEY, both of Mariaville.

Clifton, Feb. 1, by the same, Mr. WINFIELD S. McCARTNEY and Miss LYDIA HALL, both of Ellsworth.

West Brooksville, Feb. 13, by Rev. C. L. Skinner, Mr. FRANK W. STOVER of Bluehill and Miss JULIA F. LORD of West Brooksville.


Ellsworth, Feb. 15, Mrs. ANNIE RICHARDSON, age 82 years.

Feb. 24, Mrs. ELEANOR RICH, age 73 years, 10 months, 9 days.

Mar. 4, Mr. DENNIS HURLEY, age 38 years.

Brooksville, Feb. 16, Mrs. CATHERINE, widow of the late Capt. John LYMBURNER, age 85 years.

Bluehill, Mar. 5, Mr. ALBION P. FRIEND, age about 25 years.

Columbia, Calif., Mar. 5, Mr. JOSEPH L. HASLAM, age 55 years, 8 months, formerly of Waltham, Maine.

MARCH 18, 1886

No marriages reported this issue.


Ellsworth, Mar. 11, DESSA A., daughter of Annie H. and George W. BROWN, age 1 year, 10 months, 13 days.

Mar. 16, Mr. CHARLES H. DAVIS, age 37 years.

Mar. 9, FLORENCE MYRI, daughter of Perley J. and Agnes PHILLIPS, age 2 months, 9 days.

Orland, Mar. 12, Hon. JOHN A. BUCK.

Mar. 16, Deacon WILLIAM GRAVES, age 78 years, 9 months.

Bluehill, Mar. 11, Mr. GEORGE E. GRINDLE, age 47 years, 9 months, late of Company E, 6th Maine Volunteers.

MARCH 25, 1886


Trenton, Mar. 15, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. ARTELLE A. MOSLEY and Miss IDA H. ROBBINS, both of Trenton.


Ellsworth Falls, Feb. 28, Mrs. CHARLOTTE STARKEY, age 69 years, 6 months.

St. John, New Brunswick, Mar. 20, after a short illness, Mrs. E. MAUD, wife of Arthur M. MAGEE and only daughter of Samuel P. Osgood, Esq., age 23 years.

Penobscot, Mar. 9, Miss ETTA, daughter of Otis WIGHT, 21 years.

APRIL 1, 1886


Searsport, Mar. 24, Dr. FRED A. DAVIS and Miss SUSIE B., daughter of Capt. Daniel GOODALL, both of Searsport.

Bluehill, Mar. 24, by Rev. D. B. Smith, Mr. EUGENE CANDAGE and Miss LUCY M. CONARY, both of Bluehill.


Ellsworth, Mar. 26, Mr. DANIEL DONOVAN, age 57 years. [Obituary followed.] On Sunday, Mar. 28, at the Catholic Church, were observed the funeral services of Daniel Donovan who died the Friday previous, age 57 years. Mr. Donovan came to America about the year 1850 and to Ellsworth in 1853, having passed the intervening years in Connecticut and near Boston as a market gardener. While resident there, he twice crossed the continent in search of adventure, but was content to return to this, the first permanent home chosen by him in his adopted country. He leaves to his children a heritage more to be prized by them than riches.

Bluehill, Jan. 23, Mr. ROUNDY SNOW, age 65 years.

Obituary: Mar. 19, Winterport, Capt. WYNES A. HASKELL died very suddenly Wednesday noon, of heart disease. He had been sick for some time, yet his death came very unexpectedly. He was a member of the Howard Lodge of the Masons, and also of the Garfield Lodge of Odd Fellows. He had followed the sea most of his life and sailed for the firms of J. S. Emery & Company of Boston and T. J. Stewart of Bangor. On his last trip he was commander of the barque Geneva. He leaves a widow who has our deepest heartfelt sympathies.

APRIL 8, 1886


Ellsworth, Mar. 29, by Rev. E. A. Herring, Mr. WILLIS A. TRIM and Miss HARRIET D. LORD, both of Ellsworth.

Apr. 1, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Capt. JOHN H. PATTEN and Miss CHARLOTTE A. ARVIDSON, both of Ellsworth.

Lamoine, Mar. 29, by Rev. E. Hatfield, Mr. GEORGE WALKER and Mrs. ETHEL C. HAYNES, both of Lamoine.


South Hancock, Apr. 5, ALFRED P. FOSS, age 6 years.

WHEREAS it has pleased our Heavenly Father to remove from our Lodge, by the relentless hand of death, a beloved brother, WILLIAM H. HURD, therefore

RESOLVED that, at this time of our affliction, we feel deeply the loss of a good member, one who was ever ready to lend a helping hand to make our meetings interesting and profitable, and whose temperance principles were ever true,

RESOLVED that, while we deeply regret that one so young and full of promise should be removed from our midst, we realize with sadness that these things must be, and while we bow submissively to the Most High, we do not mourn less for our brother.

RESOLVED that the heartfelt sympathy of this Lodge be extended to the afflicted family at this time of their bereavement, and while the sorrowing parents may feel at times that nothing in the future seems worth living for, and may say "How can I survive this blow?" may they hear a still small voice from o'er the troubled waters saying, "Peace; be still." May the hope which they have of meeting him in heaven lessen their sorrow here.

RESOLVED that our charter and regalia be draped in mourning for one quarter, as a token of respect to our departed brother.

RESOLVED that a record of these resolutions be made by our secretary, and a copy thereof be transmitted to the family of our deceased brother, and to the Ellsworth American for publication.

Signed -- H. P. Burrill, Isora L. Harriman, and Ella L. Burrill,

Committee on Resolutions for Crescent Lodge No. 106,

I. O. of G. T., dated April 2, 1886 in Dedham.

APRIL 15, 1886


Ellsworth, Apr. 2, by Rev. R. W. Savage, Mr. RICHARD PERKINS of East Lamoine and Mrs. HELEN M. JORDAN of Ellsworth.

Oceanville, Deer Isle, Mar. 27, by Rev. E. R. Doane, Mr. CHARLES E. SMALL and Miss LILLIAN B. JORDAN, both of Deer Isle.


Ellsworth, Apr. 9, Miss MABEL F. NORRIS, age 19 years.

Apr. 10, Mrs. AUGUSTA E. DELANO, age 31 years, 11 months.

APRIL 22, 1886


Lowell, Mass., Apr. 3, by Rev. C. A. Dickenson, Mr. FRANK L. CARLTON of Lowell and Mrs. MATTIE GOODALE, daughter of C. W. Conners of Sullivan, Maine.

South Surry, Apr. 10, by Willard Treworgy, Esq., Mr. OTLEY GRAY of Penobscot and Miss MARY A. BONZEY of Surry.

Surry, Apr. 17, by Rev. R. L. Nanton, Mr. HENRY WOOD and Miss ANNIE WESCOTT, both of Surry.

Great Pond, Apr. 4, by Rev. C. C. Foster, EUGENE BRAGG of Clifton and Miss NETTIE F. COLSON of Great Pond.


Hancock, Mar. 2, after a long illness, Mr. MESSER.

Apr. 6, Mrs. DIADEMA BUTLER, age 78 years.

Los Gatos, Calif., Apr. 12, Mr. RUFUS G. SCAMMON, age 65 years, 7 months.

APRIL 29, 1886


Ellsworth, Apr. 17, by A. F. Burnham, Esq., Mr. WELLINGTON MOOR and Miss SARAH GARLAND, both of Ellsworth.

Amherst, Apr. 20, by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. LUTHER G. GILES of Amherst and Miss GEORGIA A. GUSHA of Clifton.

Steuben, Apr. 24, at the residence of Capt. Frank Gordon, by Rev. H. W. Norton, SAMUEL ROYAL, JR. of Ellsworth and Mrs. SARAH L. ROBINSON of Machais.


Oakland, Calif., Apr. 11, ANNA, wife of Eugene T. THURSTON, age 45 years, 2 months, 5 days.

Surry, Apr. 19, Mrs. JULIA A. SINCLAIR, age 69 years, 6 months, 11 days.

Sullivan, Apr. 13, Mrs. LYDIA STOVER, age 88 years, 3 months.

Apr. 22, ANNIE P., wife of Eben N. BEAN, age 50 years, 18 days.

East Sullivan, Apr. 21, JAMES ASHLEY, age about 70 years.

West Sullivan, Apr. 22, MARTHA, wife of George ROWLEY.

Waltham, Apr. 20, LUVIE I. JORDAN, age 4 years, 11 months, 20 days.

Hancock, Mar. 2, Mr. ALBION A. MESSER, age 49 years.

MAY 6, 1886


Orland, May 2, by Frank Buck, Esq., Mr. WESLEY J. BOWDEN of Penobscot and Miss INEZ C. CLEMENT of Orland.

Bluehill, May 4, by Rev. J. F. Eveleth, Mr. CHARLES CHOATE and Miss LAURA B. HALL, both of Brooklin.


Ellsworth, May 3, Dr. KILBURN H. SWETT, age 35 years, 3 months. Dr. Swett was born and reared in Surry. He studied medicine with Dr. R. L. Grindle of Mt. Desert and took a medical course at Bellevue. He commenced a successful practice of medicine in this city about 12 years ago. On the organization of the Hancock Medical Association in this city March 15 last, he was elected President. He was a prominent member of Lygonia Lodge of Masons, also of the Royal Arcanum and other secret organizations in this city. He leaves behind him a widow and three small children.

Hancock, May 2, Mr. LEWIS SPRINGER, age 80 years, 7 months, 18 days.

MAY 13, 1886


Amherst, May 5, by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. FRANK DUNHAM of Amherst and Miss EVA M. BRAGG of Clifton.

Bar Harbor, May 6, by Stephen L. Kingsley, Esq., Mr. RUSSELL S. DORR and Miss AGNES K. DOLLIVER, both of Bar Harbor.

Bluehill, May 3, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. H. A. Freeman, Dr. D. W. BUNKER and Miss IDA A. PETERS, both of Bluehill.

Eden, May 7, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. FRANK I. LELAND and Miss LIZZIE S. HAMOR, both of Eden.


Swan's Island, Apr. 24, Mr. HEZEKIAH MOREY, age about 64 years.

Bangor, May 9, Dr. FRANK W. OSGOOD, age 26 years.

Waupaca, Wisconsin, Apr. 17, REBECCA F. CHAMBERLAIN, formerly of Ellsworth, age 74 years, 3 months, 20 days.

Lamoine, May 9, EUNICE R. FOSTER, age 78 years, 8 days.

MAY 20, 1886


Ellsworth, May 15, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. GEORGE E. THOMAS of Ellsworth and Miss MARY E. LORD of Trenton.

May 15, by the same, Mr. JOHN A. MOORE of Ellsworth and Miss CORA J. LORD of Trenton.

Franklin, May 15, by Rev. C. L. Banghardt, Mr. FRANK S. SWAN and Miss ANGELIA L. CRABTREE, both of Franklin.

Castine, May 15, by Rev. A. E. Ives, Mr. FRANK R. RING of Bangor and Miss ARAVILLE A. WESCOTT of Brooksville.


Ellsworth, May 14, Mrs. ANNIE LOUISA, wife of George W. FISKE, age 57 years.

May 12, Mrs. J. G. BOYINGTON, age 88 years.

May 5, Capt. JOHN LANGLEY, age 77 years, 2 months.

Bluehill, May 15, ANDY F. JOHNSON, age 19 years, 26 days.

Castine, May 13, Miss ANNIE E. MACARSELIN, age 17 years, a recent member of Castine Normal School.

Franklin, May 17, Mr. HENRY E. MACOMBER, age 59 years, 10 months.

Mt. Desert, May ___, Mr. JAMES C. BARTLETT, age 39 years, 6 months, 28 days.

MAY 27, 1886


Ellsworth, May 22, by Rev. E. Harding, Mr. MILLARD F. FOSS and Miss ROSE L. BICKFORD, both of Hancock.


Ellsworth, May 20, Capt. PILLSBURY STEVENS, age 80 years, 1 month, 13 days.

May 21, Mrs. MAY L., wife of George W. WHITING, age 20 years, 6 months.

May 3, Mr. BENJAMIN FARRELL, age 86 years.

Otis, May 12, MARY, only daughter of Joseph J. and Josie HOPKINS, age 1 year, 3 months.

Bar Harbor, May 19, AQUA J., daughter of F. J. ALLEY, age 19 years.

JUNE 3, 1886


Ellsworth, May 27, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. LEMAN W. ROYAL and Miss EMMA M. WOOD, both of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, May 21, by Rev. S. L. Hanscom, Mr. EUGENE M. GORDEN of Solon and Miss ELLA F. TREWORGY of Ellsworth.


Brooksville, May 26, Mrs. LOIS, widow of the late Col. David WALKER, age about 85 years.

Surry, May 17, Mrs. MARGARET CONARY, age 67 years.

Franklin, Apr. 22, Mrs. LUCRETIA STRATTON HOOPER, age 53 years.

Bluehill, May 29, Mr. R. G. W. DODGE, age 71 years.

Bar Harbor, May 29, Miss OPHELIA W. ALLEY, age 27 years.

JUNE 10, 1886


Ellsworth, June 7, by J. H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. NELSON W. CHANEY and Miss BERTHA ROBINSON, both of Ellsworth.

Tremont, June 6, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. COLIN N. DIX and Miss INA B. NEWBURY, both of Tremont.

Gouldsboro, May 31, by C. C. Larrabee, Esq., Mr. ELMER E. RICE and Miss BESSIE E. BICKFORD, both of Gouldsboro.

Steuben, May 29, by Rev. E. S. W. Platt, Mr. ELLIOT N. BENSON of Tremont and Miss LENA C. SHAW of West Gouldsboro.

Melville, May 6, at the residence of the bride's father (Mr. L. Cockrell), by Rev. W. Edwards, assisted by Rev. J. T. Marston, Mr. GEORGE N. REED and Miss LILLIAN C. COCKRELL, both of Northumberland County, Virginia.


Ellsworth, June 4, KATIE E., daughter of George and Ella SCOTT, age 1 year, 8 months, 15 days.

Rosebud, Montana, May 11, ALICE, daughter of A. McC. HOWARD, formerly of Ellsworth Falls, age 16 years, 1 month, 17 days.

Gouldsboro, May 27, Mr. ALFRED YOUNG, age 75 years.

North Sedgwick, June 6, Mr. CHRISTOPHER ALLEN, age 72 years.

Obituary: Mr. THOMAS GRAVES, who died at his home in Hancock May 17, 1886, at the advanced age of almost 81 years, was the oldest child of Chase S. E. Graves and was born August 25, 1805 at the Hapworth place, Plantation No. 8, now a part of Ellsworth. When he was 12 years old, he was left without father or mother and was taken into the family of Mr. David Silsby of Aurora, Maine. He married May 7, 1829 to Miss Abigail C. Penney, and together they reared a large family, 7 of whom survive him. For many years he was engaged in the lumbering business.

JUNE 17, 1886


Ellsworth, June 12, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. WILLIAM R. JORDAN and Miss ANNIE S. LELAND, both of Eden.

Hancock, June 12, by J. M. Butler, Esq., Mr. JAMES BROWN and Mrs. SARAH J. WASGATT, both of Hancock.

Chelsea, Mass., June 10, by Rev. C. P. H. Nason, Mr. HENRY H. HERBERT of Palmyra, New York and Mrs. CLARA W. STEVENS of Bluehill.

San Francisco, Calif., May 30, at the residence of the bride's parents, by J. P. Beard, Mr. LESTER S. COOK, son of G. S. Cook of this city, and Miss MAY E. FLETCHER of San Francisco.

Eastbrook, June 12, by L. W. Bunker, Esq., Mr. JOTHAM S. BUNKER, JR. of Eastbrook and Miss NELLIE E. CHASE of Franklin.

June 14, by the same, Mr. MOSES W. WILBUR and Miss CHARLISSA WILBUR, both of Eastbrook.


Ellsworth, June 9, Mrs. SOPHIA E. WARREN, age 57 years, 6 months.

June 11, Miss SUSAN T. JELLISON, age 57 years, 10 months.

Bluehill, June 13, Mrs. SARAH R. TOWNES, age 66 years, 11 months.

Sullivan, June 10, Dr. NATHANIEL JOHNSON, age 83 years.

Tremont, June 10, Mr. BENJAMIN MURPHY, age 60 years, 1 month, 2 days.

JUNE 24, 1886


Shewsbury, Mass., at the residence of the Hon. Thomas Rice, by Rev. Frank H. Allen, Mr. BION S. JORDAN of Marlboro, Mass. and Miss L. ANGENETTA LAWRENCE of Shrewsbury.

Oceanville, June 10, by Rev. E. H. Doan, Capt. CHARLES M. HASKELL and Mrs. ARVILLA LUFKIN, both of Deer Isle.

June 11, by the same, Mr. WALTER P. GRAY and Miss ELLA B. STAPLES, both of Deer Isle.

Bluehill, June 16, by Rev. H. A. Freeman, WILLIAM P. FOSTER, Esq. of Bar Harbor and Miss RUBY A. HINCKLEY of Bluehill.


Franklin, June 20, infant daughter of Charles T. and Sarah BUNKER.

North Penobscot, June 6, Mr. WILLIAM HANEY, age 82 years, 5 months.

JULY 1, 1886


Ellsworth, June 18, by Rev. S. D. Towne, Mr. CHARLES A. WEBBER of Otis and Miss ROSETTA A. MOORE of Ellsworth.

Swan's Island, June 27, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. REUBEN B. JOYCE and Mrs. ABBIE C. YOUNG, both of Swan's Island.


Hancock, June 3, Mr. RUFUS F. LAWS, age 55 years.

Sullivan, June 24, at the residence of Dr. Bridgham, Miss MARY DYER, formerly of Castine, where her remains were taken for interment.

Surry, June 22, Mrs. RHODA KITFIELD, age 81 years, 10 months, 24 days.

Philadelphia, Pa., June 28, HARRIET J., wife of L. B. ULMER, age 52 years, 10 months.

JULY 8, 1886


Ellsworth, July 4, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. JAMES O. CROSSWHITE of Boston and Miss BERTHA ROGAN of Washington.

Brooklin, June 30, by Rev. G. Mayo, Mr. THOMAS C. STANLEY and Miss ALICE I. HALL, both of Brooklin.

June 13, by O. P. Carter, Esq., Mr. CYRENUS H. YOUNG and Miss ELDANA M. GRANT, both of Brooklin.

Bangor, June 26, by Rev. H. L. Griffin, Capt. GILBERT T. HADLOCK of Cranberry Isles and Miss MATTIE P. NOYES of Bangor.

Bucksport, June 27, by Rev. Mr. Hanscom, Mr. JOHN T. HIGGINS of Bar Harbor and Miss ADDIE WHITMORE of Bucksport.

West Gouldsboro, June 19, by Rev. E. S. W. Platt, Mr. FRANK GODFREY of Boston and Miss EMILY STEVENS of West Gouldsboro.

Amherst, July 3, by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. EBEN M. RICHARDSON and Miss MARY D. GILES, both of Aurora.

Orland, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. FRED W. BOWDEN of Verona and Mrs. MAGGIE ELDRIDGE of Orland.

Lamoine, July 3, by Rev. E. Hatfield, Mr. HENRY A. BICKFORD of Eden and Miss LILLIAN E. ROBINSON of Tremont.

East Lamoine, July 4, by Rev. E. Hatfield, Mr. J. SHERMAN DOUGLASS of Bar Harbor and Miss LETTIE HIGGINS of East Lamoine.


Ellsworth, June 30, Mr. ALBERT CORLISS, age 61 years, 2 months.

Mariaville, July 1, Mr. LOWELL K. JORDAN, age 70 years, 3 months, 7 days.

West Gouldsboro, June 25, GEORGIE BESSIE, twin daughter of Peter L. and the late Frances E. HILL, age 10 years, 6 months, 15 days.

Boston, June 30, JOSIE B., daughter of Dr. A. D. CRABTREE, age 16 years, 8 months. Another young life has thus gone out, a victim to the modern moloch, the pernicious school system of Massachusetts. As soon as her parents learned that her health was failing under the terrible "book cramming" process which is pushed in on public schools, to the injury of many a bright mind, young and tender, she was removed, but nothing could be found to restore the lost vitality of brain, and she went delirious, working to the last over unsolved problems in copybooks, and died of coma at last. Four physicians attended her. There are others here suffering from similar cause. Signed - A. D. Crabtree.

Obituary: Mrs. DORCAS S. BARRETT, widow of the late John Barrett of Surry, died in Orland June 5, 1886, age 64 years, 7 months, 14 days. She was converted and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in Surry under the labors of Rev. K. N. Meservy. In 1871 Brother Barrett passed peacefully to his reward; in '84 Sister Barrett joined the M. E. Church in Orland by letter. Her departure is mourned by two sisters, a daughter, two grandchildren and a large circle of friends.

JULY 15, 1886


Ellsworth, July 7, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, Mr. FRANK ALEXANDER and Miss OLIVE M. JELLISON, both of Ellsworth.

Eastbrook, July 6, by L. W. Bunker, Esq., Mr. RUEL W. CLARK and Miss ANNIE RICHARDSON, both of Eastbrook.

Amherst, July 5, by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. RODNEY W. CHICK of Amherst and Mrs. SUSAN HILSON of Tignish, P.E.I.

Cutler, July 3, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. ELDORAS MAKER and Miss JULIA A. WENTWORTH, both of Cutler.

Franklin, July 10, by Rev. H. L. McCann, Mr. FRED A. PATTEN of Franklin and Miss LIZZIE S. HAMMOND of Gouldsboro.


Franklin, July 1, Mr. EMERSON D. GOODWIN.

West Sullivan, July 5, RUSSELL GORDON.

Bluehill, July 7, Mr. EUGENE HOLT, age about 38 years.

Castine, July 7, Miss SARAH E. STEVENS, age 40 years.

Waterville, July 2, GEORGE ARMOUR, age about 27 years.

Chicopee, Mass., July 7, Mrs. KATIE S. DUTTON, wife of A. J. MARKS, Esq. of Chicopee and youngest daughter of the late Capt. Jesse Dutton of this city, age 41 years.

JULY 22, 1886


Surry, July 11, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. FRED H. CLOSSON and Miss MAVILLA M. WOODBURY, both of Surry.

By the same, Mr. FREDERICK W. McLANE of Surry and Miss ROXANNA M. PICKERING of Orland.


Surry, July 18, MARY E. YOUNG, age 45 years, 1 month.

Tremont, June 28, Mrs. HULDA H. WHITMORE, age 77 years, 3 months, 19 days.

Augusta, July 15, Mr. WILLIAM HOLMES of this city, age 48 years.

JULY 29, 1886


Sullivan, July 3, by F. A. Noyes, Esq., Mr. GEORGE WHALAN and Miss LENA BUNKER, both of Sullivan.

Amherst, July 21, by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. ELLIOTT S. GILES and Miss DORA E. RICHARDSON, both of Amherst.

Surry, July 24, by Rev. C. L. Banghardt, Mr. WILLIAM A. WOODBURY of Surry and Miss ELSIE B. CARTER of Bluehill.


Sullivan, July 24, Mr. JOHN ASHLEY, age 64 years, 11 months, 6 days.

AUGUST 5, 1886

No marriages reported this issue.


Ellsworth, July 30, JAMES TEMPLE, infant son of J. T. and Lucilla A. CUSHMAN, age 4 months.

July 30, Mrs. HANNAH F. BENNETT, age 68 years.

Tremont, July 30, Mr. LEVI HAMLIN, age 63 years.

Aug. 1, Mrs. LUCRETIA HAMLIN, age 62 years, 4 months, 1 day.

New London, Conn., July 17, Mrs. MARTHA S. PIERCE, age 60 years, 5 months, 17 days.

AUGUST 12, 1886

No marriages reported this issue.


Waltham, Aug. 7, Mrs. HULDAH GROVER, age 25 years.

Trenton, Bayside, Aug. 10, Miss ELLA M. BAILEY, age about 23 years.

AUGUST 19, 1886

No marriages reported this issue.


Ellsworth, Aug. 16, DANIEL DOWNEY, age 70 years.

East Lamoine, Aug. 17, SARAH E., wife of Capt. John HARRINGTON, age 55 years, 10 months.

Sullivan, June 8, FREDIE H., son of William and Mary J. DONNELL, age 13 years, 8 months, 6 days.

Trenton, Bayside, Aug. 11, MARY E., wife of George E. THOMAS of Bangor and daughter of Samuel Lord of Trenton.

Gouldsboro, Aug. 9, MARY, widow of the late Darius O. TRACY, age 69 years, 6 months, 10 days.

AUGUST 26, 1886


Lamoine, Aug. 18, by Rev. H. B. Tilden of Edgartown, Mass., Mr. JOHN H. LARNARD of Boston and Miss ELVIRA COGGINS of Lamoine.

Surry, Aug. 22, by Rev. C. L. Banghardt, Mr. VARDEN LORD and Miss LIZZIE H. WOOD.


Ellsworth, Aug. 23, Mrs. MARY KEARNS, age 63 years.

Sullivan, Aug. 17, GEORGIA GRANT, age 18 years, 9 months, 9 days.



Ellsworth, Aug. 28, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. CHARLES H. CURTIS and Miss NELLIE A. JORDAN, both of Ellsworth.

Orland, Aug. 28, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. GEORGE L. LEACH of Penobscot and Miss ESTELLA A. SAUNDERS of Surry.

Trenton, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. WILLIAM M. HOPKINS and Miss MARIETTA LELAND, both of Trenton.


Ellsworth, Aug. 28, RENA, daughter of William and Cora FORSYTH, age 15 months.

Died at sea, Aug. 26, Capt. SAMUEL DAVIS of this city, age 64 years, 10 months.

Chelsea, Mass., Aug. 26, Mr. LOVE JOY, age 58 years, 2 months, 21 days.

Franklin, Aug. 18, Mr. AMBROSE C. SPRINGER, age 63 years, 3 months.


No marriages reported this issue.


South Surry, Sep. 4, Mrs. ABIGAIL HOPKINS, age 86 years, 6 months.

Sep. 6, Mr. ALFRED YOUNG, age 64 years.

Somesville, Sep. 6, Mr. GEORGE B. SOMES, age 76 years.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1886


Bluehill, Sep. 4, by Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. ROBERT HOWARD and Miss LYDIA J. BRIDGES, both of Bluehill.

Sep. 11, by Rev. H. A. Freeman, Mr. LLEWELLYN W. PERKINS of Penobscot and Miss MARGARET E. JONES of Brooksville.

No deaths reported this issue.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1886


Amherst, Sep. 11, by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. WILLIAM KEMP and Miss DORA DAVIS, both of Aurora.

Mariaville, Sep. 15, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. SANS S. STANLEY of Otis and Miss ELVIRA OAKES of Clifton.

Castine, Sep. 11, by Rev. J. F. Locke, JACOB MILLARD DENNETT, eldest son of J. M. Dennett, and Miss NORA JUNE BAKEMAN, daughter of Oliver Bakeman of Cape Rozier.

Surry,Sep. 19, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. GEORGE M. CUNNINGHAM of Surry and Miss AGNES M. CARTER of Ellsworth.

Hancock Point, Sep. 18, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Dr. GEORGE A. WEEKS of Gardiner and Miss CORA E. OVERLOCK of Bangor.

Tremont, Sep. 15, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. GEORGE C. WHITMORE and Miss RUBY A. NORWOOD, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Sep. 14, CALVIN G. PECK, age 65 years, 10 months.

Sep. 14, SOLOMON JORDAN, age 70 years, 9 months.

Waltham, Sep. 14, Mrs. MARGARET KINGMAN, age 51 years, 17 days.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1886


Ellsworth, Sep. 26, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. CHARLES P. DeLAITTRE of Aitkin, Minn. and Miss SUSAN M. HAYNES of Ellsworth.

Sep. 25, by the same, Mr. WILLARD O. FOGG and Miss JESSIE M. JORDAN, both of Otis.

Castine, Sep. 15, by Rev. A. W. C. Anderson, Mr. EDGAR S. AVERY and Miss EVA DAILY, both of Castine.

Hancock Point, Sep. 23, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Mr. SAMUEL N. McFARLAND of Hancock and Mrs. AMELIA B. ALLEN of Canton, Mass.


Ellsworth, Sep. 13, Mrs. OLIVE S. BARBOUR, age 63 years, 4 months, 20 days.

Sep. 26, Mrs. ELLEN CARNEY, age 30 years, 8 months.

Lamoine, Sep. 23, Mr. EDWARD HUCKINS, age 69 years, 16 days.

Trenton, Sep. 23, Mr. WILLIAM H. FOSTER, age 57 years, 7 months.

Bar Harbor, Sep. 21, E. E. CARROLL, age 7 months, 13 days.

Surry, Sep. 23, Mr. BENJAMIN LORD, age [unreadable] __ years, 3 months.

Southwest Harbor, Sep. 23, Mrs. N. C. CLARK, age 60 years, 7 months, 11 days.

Oldtown, Sep. 23, JOHN A. BLANCHARD, Esq., age 54 years, 10 months.

North Ellsworth, Sep. 22, LENA BELLE, infant daughter of Andrew M. and Jennie M. KENNEY, age 6 months, 20 days.

Castine, Sep. 12, Miss JULIA MARSHALL, age [unreadable] __ years.

OCTOBER 7, 1886


Gouldsboro, Oct. 2, by A. S. Rolfe, Esq., Mr. EMERSON PARRITT of Steuben and Miss SOPHRONIA J. YOUNG of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, Oct. 2, FRANCIS E., infant son of Mr. and Mrs. James LAFFIN, age 2 months, 18 days.

Reed's Brook, Sep. 29, WILLIE, infant son of William H. and Lena W. MOORE, age 17 days.

Hancock, Mrs. MARTHA H., wife of John MOON, age 85 years, 6 months.

North Hancock, Oct. 4, Mrs. CHARLOTTE T. BATCHELDER, age 82 years, 21 days.

Jonesboro, Sep. 23, Mrs. LOUISA, wife of Joel MADDOX, age 60 years.

Bellows Falls, Vermont, Oct. 1, HARLAN A., son of Pembroke and Irene LELAND formerly of Eden, Maine, age 26 years, 7 months.

OCTOBER 14, 1886


Franklin, Oct. 7, by Rev. C. L. Banghart, Mr. JOHN K. HOOPER and Miss FLORA GROVER, both of Franklin.

Sullivan, Oct. 7, by F. A. Noyes, Esq., Mr. ELIJAH PARTRIDGE and Miss LOTTIE M. INMAN, both of Sullivan.

Brooklin, Oct. 10, by Rev. G. Mayo, Mr. LESLIE C. COUSINS and Miss CARRIE B. COUSINS, both of Brooklin.

Penobscot, Oct. 9, by Rev. Andrew Gray, Mr. OTIS CARTER of Bluehill and Miss DELLIE BURTON of Orland.

Surry, Sep. 29, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. WILLIAM TOWNSEND and Mrs. LOUISA CLOSSON, both of Surry.


Ellsworth, Oct. 12, MERCY R., wife of Elbridge G. URANN, age 69 years, 6 months.

Hancock, Oct. 5, MARIA N. PETTENGILL, age 41 years.

East Lamoine, Oct. 9, Mrs. HULDAH H., wife of Alanson GOOGINS, age 70 years, 10 months.

OCTOBER 21, 1886


Ellsworth, Oct. 14, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. HARRY C. LORD and Miss MATTIE WOODS, both of Ellsworth.

Castine, Oct. 16, by Rev. A. E. Ives, Mr. HENRY H. GRINDLE of Orland and Miss HATTIE M. HUTCHINGS of Castine.

North Brooksville, Oct. 7, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. ROSCOE D. GRAY of Sedgwick and Mrs. CLARA GILL of Brooksville.

Orland, Oct. 13, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. EBEN STUBBS of Bucksport and Mrs. MARY HAMILTON of Midland, Mich.

Rockville Centre, N.Y., Oct. 13, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. W. Wiley, Mr. FRANK W. NIX of Hempstead and Miss JESSIE LEE TRACY, daughter of Capt. Nathan S. Tracy of Rockville Centre.


Ellsworth, Oct. 10, CHARLES LEWIS, infant son of Joseph W. and Lettie C. NEALLEY, age 5 weeks.

East Bluehill, Oct. 5, GEORGE W., oldest son of P. R. GREENE, age 11 years.

WILLARD F., eldest son of William CHAPMAN, age 8 years.

Mt. Desert, Sep. 17, Mrs. NANCY M. NEWMAN, age 88 years, 2 months.

Reed's Pond, Oct. 15, of diphtheria, FANNIE L., daughter of John and Edith MERRILL, age 7 years.

Deer Isle, Oct. 10, JOHN J. HAYES, age 63 years, 1 month.

Sep. 26, Mrs. ELIZABETH S. STINSON, age 71 years, 21 days.

Sedgwick, Oct. 10, Mrs. HANNAH PERVEAR, age 81 years.

Oct. 9, ELMER E. TRAFTON, age 19 years, 7 months.

OCTOBER 28, 1886


Ellsworth, Oct. 23, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, Mr. AMOS H. PETTENGILL and Mrs. IDA C. KELLEY, both of Ellsworth.

Oct. 23, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. JOHN F. TOURTELOTTE and Miss MEDA STARKEY, both of Ellsworth.

Castine, Oct. 23, by J. H. Sylvester, Esq., Mr. FRED B. GRINDLE of Castine and Miss ETTA SAWYER of Deer Isle.

Franklin, Oct. 20, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Mr. L. C. BRAGDON and Miss JULIA K. GROVER, both of Franklin.

Bucksport, Oct. 19, by Rev. W. H. Pilsbury, Mr. SEBA W. HEATH of Verona and Miss MATILDA SMALL of Stockton.

Oct. 19, by the same, Mr. WELLMAN N. GRANT of Brooklin and Miss ROSE H. FRIEND of Verona.


West Gouldsboro, Oct. 9, ADA G., daughter of Elbridge and Isabel STEVENS, age 12 years, 10 months.

East Bluehill, Oct. 22, HELEN A., daughter of William and Mary CHAPMAN, age 2 years.

Oct. 23, MILLARD, only child of Emery and Grace LEACH, age 1 year.

Great Pond, Oct. 23, OAKMAN P. JORDAN of Ellsworth, age 25 years, 7 months.

NOVEMBER 4, 1886


Tremont, Oct. 31, by Rev. G. H. Fernald, Mr. SIM H. MAYO and Miss VIRA J. ROBINSON, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Nov. 1, WILLIAM O. McDONALD, age nearly 46 years.

Eden, Oct. 26, Mrs. NANCY ALLEY, widow of Jason Alley, age 70 years, 3 months.

Bluehill, Oct. 25, Mrs. VIOLA A. CANDAGE, age 36 years, 6 months, 29 days.

NOVEMBER 11, 1886


Ellsworth, Nov. 3, by Rev. R. W. Savage, Mr. OTIS E. LITTLE and Miss ANNIE E. JARVIS, both of Merrimac, Mass.

Green's Landing, Oct. 29, Mr. JOHN FARRILL and Miss ANNIE TYLER.

Boston, Nov. 3, by Rev. Emory J. Haynes, Mr. GRANVILLE RONILLARD of Boston and Miss MILLIE A. HADLEY of Boston, formerly of Eden, Maine.

[Several deaths reported this issue that are unreadable from microfilm.]

NOVEMBER 18, 1886

No marriages reported this issue.


Cotulla, Texas, Nov. 10, Capt. RICHARD JORDAN, age 62 years.

Seal Cove, Oct. 6, Mrs. MERCY, widow of the late Israel MURPHY, age about 87 years, 6 months.

Goose Cove, Tremont, Nov. 2, Mrs. JESSIE, wife of Capt. Winfield S. SPRAGUE, age about 35 years.

Hayti, Oct. 14, Capt. SAMUEL WESCOTT of Castine, age [unreadable] __ years.

NOVEMBER 25, 1886


Ellsworth, Nov. 17, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, Mr. LORING J. WENTWORTH and Miss JENNIE F. DONNELL, both of Franklin.

Oct. 27, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Mr. FRED H. MACOMBER and Miss CORA B., daughter of A. R. DEVEREUX, Esq., all of Ellsworth.

Orland, Nov. 15, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. FRANK A. GRAY of Bucksport and Miss ELNORA WYNOT of Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

Eden, Nov. 19, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. HENRY TRACY of Eden and Mrs. LINDA C. HANDY of Prospect Harbor.

South Hancock, Nov. 17, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Mr. WILLIAM W. JELLISON and Miss EVIE M. COLBY, both of Hancock.

Nov. 20, by the same, Mr. ARTHUR L. YOUNG and Miss GRACIE D. ANDERSON, both of Hancock.

Castine, Nov. 18, by Rev. J. F. Locke, Mr. SIMEON LOVEJOY of Charleston, Maine and Miss LIZZIE E. JONES of Castine.

Milbridge, Nov. 18, by Rev. H. E. Frohock, Mr. ARTHUR S. LEIGHTON and Miss EDITH L. DYER.

Nov. 22, by the same, Mr. GEORGE E. ALLEN of Tenant's Harbor and Miss MARY E. GOOGINS of Milbridge.

North Bluehill, Nov. 21, by J. P. Haney, Esq., Mr. FRANK E. PERKINS of Penobscot and Miss ELIZA H. GRINDLE of Bluehill.


Ellsworth, Nov. 17, Mr. THOMAS LINEHAN, age 73 years.

Ellsworth Falls, Nov. 17, Mr. GEORGE W. HOTCHKISS, age 81 years.

Trenton, Bayside, Nov. 19, EUNICE HAYNES, age 88 years, 8 months.

Castine, Nov. 18, Miss MEHITABLE CORNWALLIS, age about 60 years.

Milbridge, Nov. 18, Capt. ALFRED STROUT, age 68 years.

Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 14, Mrs. MATILDA WALLACE, age 63 years.

Nov. 17, Capt. MOSES H. SMALL of Milbridge, age 66 years, on board his vessel, 24 hours before arriving in Boston.

Arrow Rock, Mo., Nov. 11, LEWIS, oldest son of Lewis and Lois D. RICHARDSON, formerly of Rockland, age 14 years.

Eden, Nov. 14, EXPERIENCE HAMOR, [age unreadable].

DECEMBER 2, 1886


Franklin, Nov. 22, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. H. L. McCann, EDWARD W. JOHNSON of East Sullivan and AUGUSTA F. PATTEN of Franklin.

Dedham, Nov. 24, by P. P. Gilmore, Esq., Mr. WALLACE B. BLACK and Miss LENORA H. GOODWIN, both of Dedham.

Mariaville, Nov. 25, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. GEORGE A. JELLISON and Miss ALICE S. McDONALD, both of Mariaville.


Bluehill, Nov. 25, Deacon JOSEPH P. THOMAS, age 76 years, 4 months.

DECEMBER 9, 1886


Ellsworth, Nov. 10, by A. F. Burnham, Esq., Mr. SERENO E. JELLISON of Mariaville and Mrs. EMMA A. JOY of Ellsworth.

Brooklin, Dec. 5, by Rev. G. Mayo, Mr. FRED W. PATTERSON and Miss LOUISE A. TIBBETTS, both of Brooklin.

Bluehill, Dec. 4, by H. A. Tripp, Esq., Mr. WILLIS B. CANDAGE and Miss ADA R. CANDAGE, both of Bluehill.

Surry, Nov. 30, by Rev. C. L. Banghart, Mr. CHARLES E. WOODMAN of Ellsworth and Miss GENIE SINCLAIR of Surry.

Sullivan, Nov. 24, by F. A. Noyes, Esq., Mr. GEORGE D. JOHNSON of Plantation No. 7 and Miss EVA SHERMAN of Sullivan.


Clifton, Nov. 29, Mrs. MARTHA, wife of Eben N. PERKINS, formerly a resident of Aroostook County, age 74 years, 11 months, 9 days.

Bluehill, Dec. 4, Mr. PHINEAS DODGE.

Boston, Mass., Dec. 3, Mrs. JOHN HAVELIN, daughter of the late Thomas M. Lord.

Franklin, Dec. 6, ANNA M., widow of Daniel WEST, age 94 years, 8 months, 6 days.

Trenton, Dec. 6, Mr. WATSON LELAND, age 36 years.

DECEMBER 16, 1886


Ellsworth, Dec. 9, by Rev. R. W. Savage, DAVID H. CONNERS and JULIA A. WHITE, both of Sullivan.

Dec. 7, by Rev. C. F. Hubbard, Mr. CHARLES A. HANSCOM of Minneapolis, Minn. and Miss OLIVE B. EMERY of Ellsworth.

Deer Isle, Nov. 25, by Rev. E. H. Doane, Mr. WILLIAM A. BUCKMINSTER and Miss CARRIE F. CROCKETT, both of Deer Isle.

Nov. 28, by the same, Mr. WILLIAM L. CARTER and Miss CLARA F. TYLER, both of Deer Isle.


Ellsworth, Dec. 11, Mrs. JOHANNAH GOGGINS, age [unreadable] _4 years.

Dec. 13, Miss CECELIA E. ABRAM, age 19 years, 10 months, 19 days.

Franklin, Dec. 11, ANNA C. BLAISDELL, age 25 years, 2 months.

Bartlett's Island, drowned, Dec. 2, Capt. ISAAC BARTLETT, age 58 years.

Castine, Dec. 8, Mrs. ANN B. WEBBER, age 73 years, 9 months.

Oceanville, Nov. 19, Mr. ELISHA WOOD, age 81 years.

DECEMBER 23, 1886


Surry, Dec. 5, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. CHARLES M. SMITH and Miss LIZZIE E. SMITH, both of Surry.

Dec. 11, by Rev. C. L. Banghart, Mr. JONATHAN DOW of Ellswworth and Miss [first name unreadable but begins with "A"] FLOOD of Surry.

Lamoine, Dec. 18, at the residence of George Young, by Rev. E. Hatfield, Mr. EDWARD SAUNDERS of Ellsworth and Mrs. SARAH E. LANGLEY of Lamoine.

Dec. 20, by Rev. E. Hatfield, Mr. WILLIAM SPRINGER and Miss ANA D. EASTMAN, both of Lamoine.

Castine, Dec. 12, by Rev. J. F. Locke, AARON CHAMBERLAIN and SUSAN ORDWAY.


Ellsworth, Dec. 17, ROSIE M. PATRIQUIN, age 15 years, 11 months, 10 days.

Sedgwick, Nov. 23, DANIEL P. MORGAN, age 62 years, 7 months, 14 days.

DECEMBER 30, 1886


Dec. 25, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. LINWOOD P. SWETT of Ellsworth and Miss SALOME F. HINES of Annapolis, Nova Scotia.

Dec. 27, by the same, Capt. JOHN C. BUNKER and Miss PHEBA M. FARRELL, both of Ellsworth.

Tremont, Dec. 21, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, Mr. LESLIE C. OBER of Tremont and Miss FLORENCE WHELPLEY of Kittery.

Dec. 25, by W. W. A. Heath, Esq., Capt. LLEWELLYN S. NORWOOD and Miss AMANDA T. SAWYER, both of Tremont.

West Penobscot, Dec. 20, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. AVERILL D. HEATH and Mrs. EDITH F. WARDWELL, both of West Penobscot.

Orland, Dec. 22, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. CHARLES H. WOOD and Miss KATE SHAW, both of Gouldsboro.

Dec. 26, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM W. BROWN of Orland and Miss ISABELLA TRIM of Verona.

Eden, Dec. 25, by L. J. Thomas, Esq., Mr. SERENUS H. HIGGINS and Miss ADA ADEL HODGKINS, both of Eden.

Walla Walla, W.T., Dec. 6, by Rev. H. W. Eagan, Mr. SELWYN R. HASLAM and Miss RENA CHAPMAN, both of Walla Walla.

Castine, Dec. 28, by Rev. J. F. Locke, EBEN PAGE of Boston and ABBIE A. GAY of Castine.


Ellsworth, Dec. 24, HAMILTON JOY, age 70 years, 1 month.

Nov. 28, Mrs. MARY M. ROYAL, age about 72 years.

Gouldsboro, Dec. 23, Mr. AMOS G. GUPTILL, age 88 years.

Lamoine, Dec. 25, Mrs. SARAH COOLIDGE, age 89 years, 9 months.

Bar Harbor, Dec. 26, MOSES H. MAYO, age 77 years, 6 months.

Mariaville, Dec. 6, LEMUEL M. JORDAN, age 61 years, 3 months.

JANUARY 6, 1887


Ellsworth, Jan. 1, by John H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. JAMES W. McCOLLUM and Mrs. LYDIA B. MILLIKEN, both of Ellsworth.

Jan. 1, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. FRANK L. BREWER and Miss ABBIE E. PATRIQUIN, both of Bar Harbor.

Jan. 3, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. JOSEPH SHEA and Miss CORA LEE, both of Ellsworth.

Orland, Dec. 30, at the residence of the bride's father (Capt. Daniel Rich), by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. HARVEY A. COOK of Provincetown, Mass. and Miss SUSIE M. RICH of Orland.

Surry, Jan. 2, by Rev. C. L. Banghart, Mr. GEORGE H. BEEDE and Miss GERTRUDE H. HASKELL.

Dec. 31, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. GERONE YOUNG of Ellsworth and Miss FLORENCE A. TORREY of Surry.

Sullivan, Jan. 1, by Rev. C. A. Maine, Mr. FRANK P. NOYES and Miss MARY A. LORD, both of Sullivan.

Jan. 1, by the same, Capt. MOTT D. STRATTON of Hancock and Miss LIZZIE W. FENTON of Sullivan.

Gouldsboro, Dec. 29, by N. Hammond, Esq., Mr. ERNEST E. FIELD of North Paris, Maine and Miss EMILY F. JOY of Gouldsboro.

West Sullilvan, Dec. 30, by William B. Eaton, Esq., Mr. FRANCIS S. PERKINS and Miss HATTIE E. HAVEY, both of Sullivan.


Long Island Plantation, Dec. 20, BARTHOLOMEW R. LUNT, Esq., age 72 years, 7 months, 17 days.

West Gouldsboro, Dec. 30, after an illness of only 3 days, Mr. NATHAN SARGENT, age 89 years.

Watsonville, Calif., Dec. 21, Mr. DANIEL T. SWAN, age 80 years, 6 months.

At the Soldiers' Home, Togus, Jan. 2, WILLIAM B. CASH of this city, age 76 years.

Sullivan, Dec. 31, JOHN V. TURNER, age 85 years, 6 months.

JANUARY 13, 1887


Ellsworth, Dec. 22, by A. F. Burnham, Esq., Mr. LORENZO D. MOORE and Miss SARAH A. GARLAND, both of Ellsworth. (Corrected.)

Brooklin, Jan. 4, by O. P. Carter, Esq., Mr. CHESTON R. BRIDGES and Miss WINNIE A. STEWART, both of Brooklin.

Mt. Desert, Jan. 1, by J. Hamor, Esq., Mr. ARTHUR E. PARTRIDGE and Miss ALMA P. HADLEY, both of Eden.


Ellsworth, Jan. 9, Mr. LAWRENCE CARROLL, age 102 years.

Jan. 11, Miss ANN JORDAN, age 79 years, 6 months, 11 days.

Northeast Harbor, Jan. 5, Mrs. HANNAH A. McBRIDE, age 48 years.

Bluehill, Jan. 4, Mr. ALBINA H. CARTER, age 47 years, late a member of Company E, 6th Maine Regiment.

Mt. Desert Ferry, Oct. 25, Capt. CALVIN F. GRANT, age 20 years, 6 months.

Obituary: DANIEL T. SWAN left Ellsworth in the fall of 1872 with his wife, Aurelia Colby Swan, to make their home with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leland, formerly of Eden, Maine. They arrived in Watsonville, Calif., Nov. 10, 1872. His health remained good until a year ago, since which time he failed each day. After a long lingering illness which only seemed old age, he died Dec. 21, 1886 and was buried from the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Thomas Leland (his home in California), Fri., Dec. 24. He had six children, all but one living, Mrs. Sarah A. Cook, Ellsworth, Maine; Mr. Daniel H. Swan, Waterville, Maine; Mrs. Philena W. Leland, Watsonville, Calif.; Mrs. Adelia C. Moore, Beckett, Calif.; Miss Arvilla C. SWan, Watsonville, Calif. Mr. Eli C. Swan of Waltham, Maine died in Ellsworth, Maine Sep. 14, 1869, age 22 years, 6 months. Mr. Swan in his distant California home highly prized the Ellsworth American and read it until a week before he died. He had acquaintances and friends in nearly every town in the county of Hancock.

Obituary: SARAH COOLIDGE was born in 1797 in what is now East Lamoine. She was the daughter of William and Lucy Smith. Her girlhood was passed amid the stirring events of the times, and many of the incidents of the War of 1812 were indelibly impressed upon her mind. Her first husband was Edward Gillpatric by whom she had three children, one of whom (Mrs. Matilda Padelford of Waltham, Mass.) died a few years ago. Two are now living in Lamoine, viz: Mrs. Mary King, wife of the late Warren King, Esq.; and Mrs. Sarah Hodgkins, wife of Capt. G. B. Hodgkins. Sarah's second husband was Mr. Silas Coolidge of Lamoine; the only surviving child by this second marriage is Mr. John F. Coolidge of Waltham, Mass. Mrs. Coolidge was an active, earnest worker in the church, having been converted in her youth under the teachings of the Rev. Mr. McMaster. She was baptized by him and joined the First Baptist Church in the year 1817, and at her death was the oldest person on the church records. Although possessing what would in these days be called a limited education, she was a great reader, having a retentive memory.

JANUARY 20, 1887


Ellsworth, Jan. 15, by Rev. R. W. Savage, Mr. LEWIS A. JOY and Miss JENNIE M. THOMAS, both of Ellsworth.

Jan. 11, by Rev. Salem D. Towne, Mr. JENNESS McGOWN and Miss ASENITH G. LEACH, both of Ellsworth.

Franklin, Dec. 26, at the residence of J. S. Parsons, by Rev. H. L. McCann, LORENZO NORWOOD and ROSE E. RIDEOUT.

Deer Isle, Jan. 6, by Rev. E. H. Doane, Mr. GILBERT J. [B]ILLINGS and Mrs. ADELINE SELLERS, both of Deer Isle.

Birch Harbor, Jan. 12, by Daniel Deasy, Esq., Mr. FRED P. WINSLOW of Milbridge and Miss CORA B. YOUNG of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, Jan. 15, Mrs. PHILENA JELLISON, age 51 years, 5 months.

East Surry, Jan. 16, Capt. MICHAEL BELLATTY, age 58 years, 10 months.

Franklin, Jan. 9, ROSA T. SCAMMO[N], age 2 years, 4 months.

West Trenton, Jan. 16, Mr. SETH H. DOUGLAS, age 81 years, 8 months, 22 days.

JANUARY 27, 1887

No marriages reported this issue.


North Hancock, Jan. 20, Miss CAROLINE A. CLARK, age 56 years, 1 month.

Obituary: NEWELL A. GRINDALL, son of Robert Grindall of North Lamoine, died at Idaho Springs, Colorado, Jan. 18, 1887, age 26 years. He left home last October accompanied by his sister to Colorado, hoping to obtain relief from that dread disease, consumption, but it was too late. He died far from home. His sister remained with him until he died and accompanied the body home. The funeral occured at his father's house Sunday, January 23.

FEBRUARY 3, 1887


Ellsworth, Jan. 29, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. CHARLES SINCLAIR and Miss NELLIE HEATH, both of Ellsworth.

East Bucksport, Jan. 22, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. HERBERT W. WHITE of Orland and Miss MINNIE L. JOHNSON of East Bucksport.


Ellsworth, Jan. 31, Mrs. RUTH B., wife of Lemuel D. JORDAN, age 71 years, 2 months.

Jan. 27, Mr. JOHN DOYLE, age 41 years, 27 days.

Jan. 28, ERNEST A. MARTIN, age 25 years, 5 months.

Chelsea, Mass., Jan. 30, of pneumonia, Mrs. MARY OLIVE TUCKER, formerly of Ellsworth, age 65 years, 2 months, 13 days.

Trenton, Jan. 25, Mr. ORVILLE P. YOUNG, age 31 years, 4 months.

Obituary: GIPSON L. HANNA died in East Sullivan, Jan. 21, Mr. Gipson L. Hanna, age 74 years, 10 months. He died of tic-douloureux and dropsy. In occupation he was a farmer; in politics a lifelong Democrat; in religion a Methodist. He married Miss Betsy Ash, the same year both were converted and joined the church. Brother Hanna was a member of the M.E. Church for 56 years. He was buried Sunday, the 23rd of January, from the schoolhouse in his own district. Rev. Baldwin of Bar Harbor, a former pastor, officiated; his text was Phillipians 1:21 -- For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Obituary: ERNEST A. MARTIN, who died at his home at Ellsworth Bayside, on Friday morning last, was well known in this city as a most exemplary young man. He had long been in poor health. He was a valued member of Neal Dow Lodge of Good Templars in this city.

Obituary: Mrs. RUTH B. JORDAN. The people of this city were terribly shocked on Monday to hear of the death by suicide of Mrs. Ruth B., wife of Lemuel D. Jordan, Esq. It seems that her husband left home about 10 o'clock to buy something for dinner; on his return a short time after, he found his wife drowned in the cistern in the cellar with a flatiron tied to her neck. She had been in poor health and somewhat despondent for some time, but no one had the least suspicion that she contemplated suicide. She and her husband were excellent citizens and highly respected by all. She leaves (besides her husband) two sons; one is a resident of California and the other, J. N. Jordan, an Ensign in the U. S. Navy, is now serving on the U.S. steamer Tallapoosa, stationed for the present at Montevideo, Uruguay. Mr. L. D. Jordan and his sons in their great affliction will have the deepest sympathy of all who know them.

FEBRUARY 10, 1887


Orland, Feb. 3, by J. M. Hutchins, Esq., Mr. REUBEN LEACH and Miss CLARA F. HARRIMAN, both of Orland.


Portland, Jan. 25, Mr. DAVID O. MADDOCKS of Ellsworth, age 62 years, 13 days.

FEBRUARY 17, 1887


Ellsworth, Feb. 12, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. ABRAHAM C. FERNALD, JR. and Miss JULIA S. HEATH, both of Mt. Desert.

Waltham, Feb. 8, by Calvin Kingman, Esq., Mr. DANIEL BRAILEY and Miss EMILY DENICO, both of Waltham.

Sullivan, Feb. 14, by F. A. Noyes, Esq., Mr. WILL HAVEY and Miss FRANCES M. WOOSTER, both of Sullivan.


Ellsworth, Feb. 14, Mr. JOHN BETTERRY, age 38 years, 10 months.

Feb. 3, BENNIE LEACH, son of Jane and Mark L. MILLIKEN, age 1 year, 5 months.

Bar Harbor, Feb. 11, Mrs. ANNIE GRANT, age 26 years, 11 months.

Steuben, Feb. 1, Mrs. ALMA J. WHITTEN, age 48 years, 7 months, 9 days.

FEBRUARY 24, 1887


Ellsworth, Feb. 19, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Dr. WILLIAM E. EMERY of Surry and Miss LUCY J. CURTIS of Ellsworth.

Tremont, Feb. 20, by W. W. A. Heath, Esq., Mr. JAMES A. KELLEY and Miss EVA L. LATTY, both of Tremont.

North Brooksville, Feb. 12, by C. H. Perkins, Esq., Mr. ROBERT L. PERKINS of Penobscot and Miss CARRIE E. DOUGLASS of Sedgwick.

Amherst, Feb. 19, by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. FRANK F. NICKERSON of Amherst and Miss CORA E. WEBBER of Ellsworth.


Ellsworth, Feb. 16, Mrs. SARAH D. FARRELL, age 74 years.

Feb. 9, MAYNARD CHICK, SR., age 71 years, 9 months, 12 days.

Trenton, Nov. 26, WILLIAM A. CARPENTER, age 29 years, 2 months, 22 days.

North Hancock, Feb. 16, Mrs. NELLIE A. YOUNG, age 24 years, 1 month.

Surry, Feb. 16, Mr. JOSHUA GRAY, age 92 years, 8 months, 14 days.

MARCH 3, 1887


Ellsworth, Feb. 16, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Mr. MATTHEW MURRAY and Miss ELIZABETH MAYO, both of Ellsworth.

West Penobscot, Feb. 23, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. HERBERT E. CLEMENT and Miss FLORA A. GRAY, both of Penobscot.

Castine, Feb. 22, by Rev. J. P. Cushman, Rev. J. L. EVANS of Madison, Maine and Miss JULIA A. GRAY of Castine.

Feb. 26, by Rev. J. F. Locke, Mr. WILL WARDWELL of Penobscot and Miss KATE HOOPER of Castine.

Feb. 26, by Rev. A. W. C. Anderson, Mr. EDWARD BOWDEN of North Castine and Miss ADDIE NORTON of Castine.

Sep. 20, by Rev. Edgar F. Clark, Mr. JOHN L. JONES of Central Falls, R.I. and Miss GRACE D. MOSLEY of Ellsworth.


Swan's Island, Feb. 25, Capt. KIMBALL HERRICK, formerly of Sedgwick, age 84 years, 11 days.

Castine, Feb. 28, JAMES W. WEEKS of Castine, age 91 years, 2 months.

MARCH 10, 1887


Ellsworth, Mar. 5, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. EBEN N. STOVER of Ellsworth and Miss ANNIE C. KLATTE of Bangor.


Ellsworth, Jan. 25, Mrs. DOROTHY MOSLEY, age 68 years, 2 months, 4 days.

Mar. 2, Mrs. HANNAH T. MACOMBER, widow of the late John C. Macomber, age 76 years, 2 months.

Brooksville, Feb. 18, Mrs. DOROTHY, wife of Elliot DOUGLASS, age 67 years.

Sargentville, Feb. 28, LOTTIE, oldest daughter of Francis and Addie BILLINGS, age 12 years.

Milbridge, Mar. 1, Capt. EZEKIEL DYER, age 75 years, 2 months.

Castine, Mar. 1, Mr. ROBERT STRAW, age 83 years.

North Hancock, Jan. 24, Miss CAROLINE A. CLARK, age 66 years. She was the daughter of Deacon E. Clark and spent her late years in caring for the home and her aged father. She was a quick scholar and very successful teacher. When about 22 years of age, she united with the Second Baptist Church, of which she has since been a member. Like her sainted mother who passed on 11 years before, she has made their home a welcome place for God's servants. This has always been a minister's home. She has been both sister and mother to the youngest members of the family.

Obituary: Mrs. HANNAH T. MACOMBER, who died in this city Mar. 2, 1887, at the advanced age of 76 years and upwards, was born in Ellsworth Dec. 14, 1811 and was the daughter of the late Alfred Langdon. Her father's family, of which she was the fifth child, consisted of two sons and five daughters. Miss Hannah T. Langdon, the subject of this sketch, married when a young woman, John C. Macomber, who died we think in 1880. [Actually 12/15/1880; see 12/23/1880 edition.] Mrs. Macomber had often expressed the wish that when she died her children might all be present, and this wish was not denied her, her four children, consisting of three sons and one daughter being all present; the daughter, Miss Sarah W. Macomber coming from Boston and reaching home in season to administer to the last wants of her aged mother. The illness of Mrs. Macomber was a very brief one, lasting only a few days. We understand that her disease was pneumonia.

MARCH 17, 1887


Castine, Mar. 15, by Rev. J. F. Locke, WILLIAM HUNT of New York and MAY COLLINS of Castine.


Ellsworth, Mar. 3, Mrs. ANN JELLISON, age 69 years, 7 months.

Mar. 14, Capt. SOLOMON JORDAN, age 80 years, 3 months, 12 days.

Mar. 12, DELLIE M., wife of Capt. Horace LORD, age 27 years, 3 months, 24 days.

Ellsworth Falls, Mar. 14, Mrs. JULIA E. HOTCHKISS, age 82 years.

Bar Harbor, Mar. 11, Mrs. FRANCES H. BULGER, age 25 years, 4 months, 20 days.

Sullivan, Mar. 13, Mr. WILLIAM H. CLAPHAM, age 74 years.

Hancock Point, Mar. 12, LAURA C., wife of William A. CRABTREE, age 35 years, 18 days.

Lynn, Mass., Feb. 28, Dr. EUGENE ST. L. BABSON, oldest son of J. W. Babson of Washington, D.C., age 28 years.

Castine, Mar. 14, Mrs. JOHN REA.

MARCH 24, 1887


Ellsworth, Mar. 19, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, Mr. WALTER L. BLAISDELL and Miss MARY A. HOLT, both of Ellsworth.

Tremont, Mar. 16, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. STILLMAN S. DOLIVER and Mrs. EMELINE STANLEY, both of Tremont.

Mar. 18, by W. W. A. Heath, Esq., Mr. DAVID C. FOGG of Bluehill and Miss KATE M. GOTT of Tremont.

Hancock, Mar. 20, by J. E. Parsons, Esq., Mr. AMBROSE D. BUTLER of Franklin and Mrs. DORA A. ROYAL of Winn, Maine.

Surry, Feb. 5, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. D. W. WINCHESTER of Holden and Mrs. GEORGIE L. STONE of Surry.

Mar. 19, Mr. FRED E. TORREY and Miss HATTIE E. YOUNG, both of South Surry.

Salisbury Cove, Mar. 11, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. EVERETT E. LELAND and Miss MARY DEANE CLEAVES, both of Eden.

Mar. 17, by the same, Mr. HARVEY S. ALLEN and Miss FLORA B. THOMAS, both of Eden.


Ellsworth, Mar. 20, JEROME PERCY HOWARD, age 8 months, 6 days.

Deer Isle, Mar. 12, infant daughter of Justin and Elizabeth JOYCE.

Mar. 14, Mrs. MARGARET FINNEY, age about 87 years.

Bluehill, Mar. 2, Mr. RUFUS B. PETERS, age 69 years, 10 months.

West Gouldsboro, Mar. 19, Mrs. ELIZA SARGENT, age about 80 years.

Township No. 8, Mar. 13, Mr. JUDSON G. ARCHER, age 58 years, 10 months.

Buxton, Mar. 18, Mrs. SARAH MOODY, formerly of Ellsworth, age 70 years, 11 months.

Concord, N.H., City Hospital, Mar. 22, LEWIS R. HAWKINS of Arcade, N.Y., age 20 years.

MARCH 31, 1887


Ellsworth, Mar. 24, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. LEVERETT A. FERNALD and Miss GEORGIE A. SARGENT, both of Ellsworth.

Bluehill, Mar. 26, by Rev. H. A. Freeman, Mr. ALBION T. HUTCHINGS and Miss EVA COUSINS, both of East Bluehill.


Brooksville, Mar. 14, Mr. ELLIOT DOUGLASS, age 68 years.

North Brooksville, Feb. 22, Mr. WILLIAM ROBERTS, age 36 years, 3 months.

Hancock, Mar. 23, Mrs. CATHERINE LAFFIN, age 68 years.

APRIL 7, 1887


Ellsworth, Mar. 31, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Mr. MARTIN E. WEBBER of Ellsworth and Miss DEBORAH S. HAHN of Rockland.

Bluehill, Mar. 20, by H. A. Tripp, Esq., Mr. M. LEWIS CANDAGE and Miss RUBY M. PERVEAR.


Ellsworth, Mar. 30, Mrs. JANE B. AUSTIN, age 79 years, 7 months.

Southwest Harbor, Mar. 29, WINNIE, youngest daughter of John and Nancy BROWN, age 11 years, 3 months, 5 days.

Great Pond, Mar. 24, Mrs. MARY M. SMITH, age 60 years.

Sedgwick, Mar. 26, ABBIE, daughter of Rev. E. A. DAVIS, age 11 months, 20 days.

Brooksville, Mar. 29, GERTRUDE, infant daughter of Albert and Hannah FRIEND, age 5 months.

Boston, Mar. 19, Mr. JOSEPH E. PREBLE, formerly of Sullivan and son of the late Eben Preble, age about 50 years.

Mt. Desert, Apr. 2, SARAH H. PARKER, age 78 years.

APRIL 14, 1887


Ellsworth, Apr. 11, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. EDWARD L. DRUMMY of Ellsworth and Miss MARY O'CONNOR of Washington, D.C.

Surry, Apr. 10, by Rev. A. Gray, Mr. STEPHEN D. HOLT and Miss IDA M. SAUNDERS, both of Surry.


Otter Creek, Mt. Desert, Mar. 15, Mrs. DEBORAH, wife of Joseph TURNBUL, age [unreadable].

Mar. 28, Mrs. MARGARET E., wife of Edward STANLEY and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Turnbul, age 52 years, 9 months, 23 days.

Hancock, Mar. 5, Mr. CHARLES BUTLER, age 68 years.

Castine, Apr. 7, SARAH, wife of John A. COOMBS, age 67 years, 9 months.

Sedgwick, Apr. 9, Mr. JOSHUA GRINDLE, age 87 years.

Franklin, Apr. 9, GERTRUDE V. GRAVES, age 13 years, 10 months, 9 days.

APRIL 21, 1887


Ellsworth, Apr. 13, by John H. Brimmer, Esq., Mr. LEWIS D. YOUNG of Otter Creek, Mt. Desert and Miss LIZZIE E. SMALL of Ellsworth.

Apr. 16, by the same, Mr. JOHN W. JORDAN and Miss GUSTIE A. THOMAS, both of Ellsworth.

Apr. 16, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Mr. HERMAN D. ROBBINS and Miss HATTIE S. WOODS, youngest daughter of the late N. M. Woods, both of Ellsworth.

Brooksville, Apr. 12, by Rev. H. B. Hart, Mr. JAMES CAMPBELL of Vinalhaven and Miss SUSAN GRINDLE of Brooksville.


Ellsworth, Apr. 13, Mrs. AZUBAH, widow of the late Samuel GRAY, 3rd, age 88 years, 5 months.

Mar. 27, ELLA, wife of Capt. Henry TRUNDY, age 35 years, 10 months, 4 days.

Apr. 14, Mr. ABRAM D. SARGENT, age 84 years, 5 months, 11 days.

North Ellsworth, Apr. 14, Mr. NAHUM RICHARDSON, age 75 years.

South Bluehill, Apr. 4, Mrs. SARAH F., wife of Capt. William L. CANDAGE, age 59 years, 12 days.

North Castine, Apr. 12, Mr. ANDREW WEBSTER, age 79 years.

Swan's Island, Apr. 2, Mr. DANIEL BRIDGES, age 64 years, 3 months, 5 days.

APRIL 28, 1887


Orland, Apr. 20, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. RUFUS E. GRAY and Miss BERTHA H. SPARKS, both of Orland.

Winter Harbor, Apr. 22, at the residence of Wallace Sumner, Esq., by Rev. Orway C. Herbert, JOHN D. HARRINGTON, Esq. and FRANCINA A., daughter of Capt. Ira A. FOSS, both of Gouldsboro.


Eden, Apr. 22, Capt. CORNELIUS T. THOMAS, age 75 years, 3 months, 21 days.

Apr. 11, ADELIA A. WHITAKER, wife of Cyrus CONDIT, age 42 years.

West Gouldsboro, Apr. 19, Mrs. DORCAS, wife of William WOOD, age 73 years.

Obituary: The sad death of Mrs. CATHERINE P. RICKER, the death of a former resident of Surry, Mrs. Catherine P. Ricker of Minneapolis, Minn., formerly Miss Catherine P. Buker who married a gentleman in Bangor, Maine by the name of Ricker, occurred in Minneapolis recently under very painful circumstances which are related by her daughter, Martha M. Ricker, in a letter to her mother's sister, Mrs. J. W. Carter of West Ellsworth, as follows:

"Our house has been rented this winter to a family with whom Mother boarded. The man renting it has been away all winter, so his wife and Mother were alone. A week ago last Friday morning the lady was called away to attend a sick sister and as she did not come back that night, Mother was alone. A neighbor went in during the evening and stayed until 10 o'clock, Mother locking the door after him when he took his departure. At half past 10 some young men who were passing, seeing the top of the house all on fire, broke in the door, went upstairs, found the bed on fire and Mother in it. They carried her to a neighbor's and sent for a doctor; they then sent for myself and brother George who lived 3 miles away, and it was 2 o'clock before we got there. Mother knew George and talked with him some. She could not tell how the fire happened, but we think that she left a lamp burning and that it exploded. She was burned from head to feet but did not complain of the burn at all; said she felt cold, and called to have her feet warmed. She went into a stupor at 4 o'clock and died very easy at half past 8 in the morning." Her age was about 69 years.

MAY 5, 1887


North Penobscot, Apr. 27, by J. P. Haney, Esq., Mr. GEORGE F. BLAISDELL and Miss ROSA E. DUNHAM, both of Orland.

Amherst, Apr. 18, by Rev. L. Marsh, SAMUEL RICHARDSON, JR. and Miss FLORA E. STICKNEY, both of Aurora.

Great Pond, Apr. 30, by John R. Shuman, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM MORRISON and Miss ELIZA A. RANKIN, both of Amherst.

Deer Isle, Apr. 24, by Rev. E. H. Doane, Mr. ROLAND G. SMALL and Miss HATTIE E. PRESSEY, both of Deer Isle.

Orland, Apr. 27, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. JOSEPH C. CROSBY and Miss CARRIE E. GROSS, both of Orland.

Lamoine, Apr. 13, at the residence of J. B. Coolidge, by Rev. E. Hatfield, Mr. JAMES S. COVEY and Miss JULIA E. COOLIDGE, both of Lamoine.


Ellsworth, May 1, Mr. ROLAND H. PEEK, age 61 years, 6 months.

Trenton, Apr. 29, Mrs. FANNIE A. JORDAN, age 54 years, 18 days.

May 1, MARY SUTHERLAND, age 80 years, 16 days.

Apr. 28, ELEANOR H. HAYNES, age 80 years, 4 months.

Mariaville, Apr. 28, Mr. B. F. MOORE, age 31 years, 2 months, 16 days.

Castine, Apr. 25, PHEBE SAWYER, age 79 years.

Franklin, Apr. 24, Mr. HERBERT G. BLAKE, age 87 years, 1 month, 8 days.

Sargentville, Apr. 23, of consumption, ROLAND HOOPER, age about 24 years.

Steuben, Apr. 26, Mr. PILLSBURY S. WAKEFIELD, age 58 years.

MAY 12, 1887


Lamoine, Apr. 23, at the residence of the bride's father (Mr. Asa Hodgkins), by Rev. C. E. Woodcock, Mr. ALEXANDER G. MORRISON of Mariaville and Miss CARRIE A. HODGKINS of Lamoine.

Hancock, May 7, by Rev. W. C. Stetson, Mr. ULMORE E. FOSS and Miss LENA H. SARGENT, both of Hancock.


Ellsworth, May 9, Dr. HENRY A. JORDAN, age 53 years, 10 months.

May 5, Mr. EBEN SMALL, age about 66 years.

East Lamoine, Apr. 28, Mr. ALBERT BERRY, age about 72 years.

Obituary: Mr. THOMAS PINKHAM, the last survivor of the War of 1812 either in Dedham or for miles around, died February 19, at the age of 89 years, 5 months, 7 days. Mr. Pinkham was born in Boothbay, Lincoln County, Maine, September 12, 1797 and enlisted at Wiscasset in Capt. John Smith's Company 4th U.S. Infantry in June 1813. He was in the service 3 years, being discharged in June 1816. During the war he was in 5 pitched battles and many lesser engagements. The leading generals were Hardson, Scott, Ripley and Brown. In his anecdotes of army life, he frequently spoke of General Scott. The children now living are Alice P. Giles and Orrin C. Pinkham of Dedham, Andres L. Pinkham and Jennie F. Carr of Holden, Cordelia Iouance of Lynn, Mass., Orpha Hemenway of Rumford, Maine, and Albert Pinkham of Seattle, Wash. Terr. Charles H. died in 1884, and James R., late of Company D 12th Maine Infantry died in 1885.

Obituary: ALBERT BERRY, a veteran citizen of East Lamoine, passed to the Great Beyond on the 28th ultimate, at the age of about 72 years. Some 35 years ago, Mr. Berry and the present editor of the American were shipmates together on board the schooner D. R. Proctor, Capt. Eben W. Bragdon, on fishing voyages to Bank Quereau and Bay of Fundy. [Editor of this volume is listed as J. C. Chilcott.]

MAY 19, 1887


Ellsworth, May 14, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. LEMUEL STUART and Miss FANNIE E. SPAULDING, both of Ellsworth.

Castine, May 7, by Rev. J. F. Locke, Mr. JOHN SAWYER and Miss JENNIE MOREY, both of Castine.

Bethel, Maine, May 10, by Rev. D. W. Hardy, Mr. FREEMAN S. GRINDLE of Bluehill and Miss MARY E. GERRISH of Bethel.

Medicine Lodge, Kansas, Apr. 30, at the M. E. Church, Mr. ELWOOD HILL and Miss LETTIE A. JOY, both formerly of East Sullivan.

Jonesport, May 12, by Rev. Mr. Wallbridge, Mr. WILLIAM E. WASS of Harrington and Miss MARIANNA STEVENS of Steuben.

Sullivan, by F. A. Noyes, Esq., Mr. FRANK ROBERTSON and Miss MILLIE C. WOOSTER, both of Franklin.


Waltham, May 8, Mrs. ALMIRA KITTRIDGE, age 58 years.

Ellsworth Falls, May 16, Mrs. DYER D. SMITH, age 69 years.

Bluehill, May 12, Miss LOIS GREENE, age 68 years.

Bar Harbor, May 12, EUGENE D. RYDER, age 3 years, 9 months.

May 11, STEPHEN H. HIGGINS, age 17 years, 5 months.

Lamoine, May 11, Miss EMILY HIGGINS, age 61 years, 7 months.

MAY 26, 1887


Ellsworth, May 18, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. F. A. Palmer, Mr. HERBERT A. GASPER of Surry and Miss CLARA A. BARRON of Ellsworth.

May 24, at the residence of Capt. Samuel L. Lord, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, GEORGE A. LORD, M.D. of Amherst and Miss JENNIE DORMAN of Harrington.

By the same, at the same time and place, Mr. ALBINA H. DRESSER and Mrs. MYRA E. LORD, both of Orland.

West Gouldsboro, May 21, by P. L. Hill, Esq., Mr. OLIVER J. YOUNG and Miss MINNIE I. TOWLE, both of Gouldsboro.

Deer Isle, May 13, by Rev. E. H. Doane, Mr. JOHN NUTT and Miss MATTIE GREENLAW, both of Deer Isle.


Ellsworth, May 24, THERESA, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John MALONEY, age 4 years, 11 months.

May 19, Mr. JAMES P. LAFFIN, age 35 years, 10 months.

May 19, Mr. RODNEY FORSAITH, age 79 years, 4 months.

Winter Harbor, May 16, Mr. DAVID W. JOY, age 71 years.

JUNE 2, 1887


Amherst, May 23, by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. CHANDLER PEARSON and Miss FLORA A. MACE, both of No. 21.

New York, May 3, Mr. GEORGE DALEY of New York and Miss LUCY M. KENCH of Brooksville.


Ellsworth, May 30, Mr. JOHN DOYLE, age 74 years.

West Ellsworth, May 23, WALTER E. RICHERTON, age 9 years, 3 months.

South Brooksville, May 17, DAISY COLTON, age about 15 years.

Surry, May 26, ANN B. YOUNG, age 83 years, 21 days.

JUNE 9, 1887


Ellsworth, June 4, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Mr. LUTHER A. LEACH of Bar Harbor and Miss MARY E. AUSTIN of North Lamoine.

June 7, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Dr. GEORGE A. PHILLIPS and Miss VIOLA WYMAN, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, June 5, by Samuel Wasson, Esq., Mr. CIVILIAN GREENLAW and Miss ANGIE M. CARTER, both of Surry.

Mariaville, June 3, by J. H. Jordan, Esq., Mr. RUFUS CRAWFORD of Mariaville and Miss VESTA L. SALISBURY of Otis.

Searsport, May 18, Dr. A. A. JACKSON of Jefferson and Miss MATTIE J. PENDLETON of Searsport.

Swan's Island, June 6, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. LEWIS W. BRIDGES and Miss GRACIE E. GOTT, both of Swan's Island.

Prospect Harbor, June 6, by Daniel Deasy, Esq., Mr. TIMOTHY P. LEIGHTON and Miss EMMA E. COLSON, both of Milbridge.


Guyapi, Honduras, May 1, Mr. ROWLAND H. WATSON of Sedgwick, age 35 years.

Castine, June 1, Mrs. LUCY A. HUTCHINSON, age 63 years, 10 months; also the same day her daughter, SARAH C. HUTCHINSON, age 38 years, 6 months. [Following information is from body of newspaper.] Wednesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, the wife of Capt. Hutchinson died after a short illness. At 7 o'clock the same evening her daughter also died after a long illness. She was a graduate of the Normal School Class of 71. The household of three is thus suddenly reduced to one: a surviving son and a daughter not now residing at home.

Tremont, May 24, Mr. LEMUEL DOLIVER, age 32 years.

May 24, Mrs. CLARA HOLBROOK, age 23 years, 2 months.

JUNE 16, 1887


Ellsworth, June 14, at the residence of Lewis Friend, Esq., by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Mr. GEORGE H. GOULD and Miss OPHELIA SALISBURY, both of Ellsworth.

West Gouldsboro, June 12, by P. L. Hill, Esq., Mr. AUSTIN TRACY and Miss ADA E. BUNKER, both of Gouldsboro.

Orland, June 11, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. ULYSSES S. GROSS and Miss MAY E. AMES, both of Orland.


Ellsworth, June 8, FRED A., son of John M., Jr. and Rebecca W. HALE, age 18 years, 8 months. [Following information from obituary.] The death of this young man, who was the youngest child of the family and the only one that was left under the home roof, is a terrible blow to the bereaved parents, who have the deepest sympathy of all who know them.

June 12, Mrs. ELIZABETH ABRARN, age 71 years.

West Sedgwick, June 1, Capt. JOHN SNOW, age 83 years.

June 5, Mrs. ELIZA, wife of Hugh PAGE, age about 70 years.

North Brooksville, May 27, Deacon SIMEON ALLEN, age about 86 years.

Winterport, May 29, ABBIE NICHOLS, only daughter of Augustus and Sarah CLARK, age 13 years.

Augusta, May 28, JOSEPH, son of the late Elliot GRAY of West Sedgwick, age 41 years.

Boston, June 7, Miss ALICE M. KIMBALL, age about 22 years.

New York, May 12, JOHN, youngest son of the late Robert GRAY of West Sedgwick, age about 22 years.

JUNE 23, 1887


Ellsworth, June 15, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, Mr. WILLIAM JOHNSTON and Miss ALICE S. JEWETT, both of Amherst.

Deer Isle, June 1, by Rev. E. H. Doane, ELMER PEARL SPOFFORD, Esq. of Deer Isle and Miss LEONORA RICH of Boston.

Augusta, June 15, by Rev. J. S. Giedhill, Mr. EDGAR S. TURNER and Miss CORA A. BLAISDELL, both of Augusta. Wedding took place at the residence of the bride's parents on Winthrop Street Wednesday morning. Mr. A. T. Reynolds and Miss Louise Lockwood acted as groomsman and bridesmaid.


Cambridge, Mass., June 18, Mrs. EMELINE TINKER, formerly of this city, age about 63 years.

Prospect Harbor, June 17, BENJAMIN MOORE, Esq., age about 83 years.

Worcester, Mass., June 14, Mrs. LUCRETIA D. RIGBY, formerly of Steuben, age 30 years, 9 months, 11 days.

JUNE 30, 1887


Ellsworth, June 23, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, Mr. SHEPARD W. RIDEOUT of Bucksport and Miss LOVINA A. BROWN of Ellsworth.


Bluehill, June 27, Mrs. EMMA CHASE, age 81 years, 5 months.

Obituary: BENJAMIN MOORE, Esq., died at Prospect Harbor, Maine, June 17, age 83 years. He was born at the same place and lived there through his whole life. Not only was he for years one of the Selectmen of the town, but he also represented its interests in the Legislative Halls of his state. He was also for years Trial Justice, but he has gone, as has all of his family that bore his name.

JULY 7, 1887


Dedham, June 3, by P. P. Gilmore, Esq., Mr. GEORGE B. WAKEFIELD of Sullivan and Miss ABBY E. VARNUM of Holden.

Bluehill, July 2, by Rev. H. A. Freeman, Mr. WILBUR GRAY of Orland and Miss ELLA CANDAGE of Bluehill.

Orland, July 3, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. GEORGE A. DAVIS and Miss NINA F. GRINDLE, both of Bucksport.


Ellsworth, July 2, Mr. JEREMIAH SHACKFORD, age 83 years, 6 months.

Ellsworth Falls, June 30, Mrs. ALMIRA ROLFE, age 58 years.

Bangor, July 3, Mr. WILLIAM CASHMAN, formerly of this city, age 75 years.

JULY 14, 1887


Cherryfield, July 4, by Rev. R. H. Baker, Mr. F. L. ORCUTT of Franklin and Miss ADDIE V. NOYES of Sullivan.

Tremont, June 22, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. AMOS DOLIVER and Miss LIZZIE M. THURSTON, both of Tremont.

Green's Landing, July 4, by Rev. L. Collins, Mr. HERBERT STINSON and Miss ADDIE HARRIMAN, both of Deer Isle.

Argyle, Maine, July 9, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Herbert McCann, Mr. FRANK W. PRICE and Miss MATTIE D. FREESE of Argyle.


Ellsworth, July 10, Mr. LEVI JOY, age 81 years.

Green's Landing, July 7, Mrs. HATTIE W., wife of Alvaro NEVELS, age about 27 years.

Hancock, July 3, Mrs. HATTIE M., wife of Charles E. PERKINS, age 24 years, 10 months.

Hardwick, Vermont, July 1, Mr. NATHAN ARNOLD, age 90 years.

West Eden, June 27, Mr. ELISHA RICHARDSON, age nearly 87 years.

Surry, July 10, Mr. GEORGE HASKELL, age 29 years, 11 months, 29 days.

Texas, July 5, ALBERT BURRILL, formerly of Canaan, Maine.

Obituary: EPHRAIM CRABTREE. It is never too late to make suitable mention of a man who was worthy in the regard of his fellow men, and though the subject of this notice died as long ago as July 28, 1885, it is timely to do so now. Ephraim Crabtree was born at Hancock Point in 1815. He was born, reared and lived nearly all his life on the farm formerly owned by his father, Deacon George Crabtree, the first Deputy Collector of Customs in the District of Frenchman's Bay. His farm, which was a large and valuable one, was situated on the extremity of Hancock Point. During his life he held many municipal offices and for several years was one of the County Commissioners. In politics he was a Whig, so long as the Whig Party had a mission. When human progress and eternal right called the Republican Party into being, he was among the first to join it and continued a member for as long as he lived. In religion we think he lived and died a Baptist, believing in the fundamental principles of that creed. Mr. Crabtree was one of the pioneers in opening up Hancock Neck to summer residents and visitors. During his long illness Mr. Crabtree was patient and cheerful, and at the age of 70 years and 5 months death came to his relief. He was the youngest son of Deacon George and Rebecca Crabtree and was one of a family of eleven children. He married Miss Maria L. Bragdon of Sullivan who survives him.

JULY 21, 1887


Franklin, July 17, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. CALVIN B. SPRINGER of Gouldsboro and Miss NETTIE E. HOOPER of Franklin.


Ellsworth, July 5, BLANCHE MAUD, daughter of Samuel and Evy WHALEN, age 7 years.

Cranberry Isles, July 4, Capt. BENJAMIN SPURLING, age [50-something] years.

Dedham, July 15, Mr. WILLIAM SAUNDERS, age 95 years, 1 month, 24 days.

Boston, June 19, of diphtheria, ERNEST L., age 11 years, 5 months; June 26, of the same, GERTRUDE M., age 19 years, 3 months -- only children of H. W. and Helen A. SPRATT, formerly of Bangor.

Obituary: Died in Ellsworth, May 16, of heart disease, Mr. ALFRED DeBECK, age 44 years. His health had been failing for many months. His death was sudden and unexpected when it came. He was a kind and affectionate husband and beloved by all who knew him. He leaves a companion, one child and many friends.

Obituary: Capt. BENJAMIN SPURLING. We learn with much regret of the death of Capt. Benjamin Spurling at Cranberry Isles July 4. He was an honest man, kind father and husband; his widow and children will have the deepest sympathy.

JULY 28, 1887


Ellsworth, July 18, by J. E. Parsons, Esq., Mr. WESLEY A. CLARK and Miss LENA B. BUTLER, both of Franklin.

Lamoine, July 3, by N. B. Coolidge, Esq., GEORGE W. YOUNG and Miss ALICE A. SMITH, both of Tremont.


Sedgwick, July 14, Mrs. EMILY, wife of Hezekiah BYARD, age about 63 years.

Brooksville, July 20, ESTHER, youngest daughter of Charles and Prudence N. GRAY, age 1 year, 6 months.

Franklin, (Egypt), July 16, Mr. WILLIAM L. WENTWORTH, age 35 years.

Milbridge, July 16, Capt. WILLIAM R. SAWYER, age 65 years.

Obituary: GEORGE HASKELL died in South Surry on July 10 of consumption, age nearly 30 years. For more than 2 years his health had been failing. His death was a sad loss to the sisters who almost idolized their only brother, and the parents who expected to pass their declining years with him.

AUGUST 4, 1887


Sea View Cottage, Sands, Prospect Harbor, July 30, by Rev. James P. Nowlan, Mr. ALFRED TRACEY and Mrs. RHODA H. ALLEN, both of Gouldsboro.

Prospect Harbor, Aug. 1, by the same, Mr. ELISHA N. BICKFORD of Winter Harbor and Miss CLARA E., daughter of Robert JOY of West Bay.


Ellsworth, July 27, Mrs. DIREXA MADDOCKS, age 82 years, 1 month, 21 days.

East Bluehill, July 27, Mrs. RUTH, wife of Simeon GRINDLE, age 66 years.

Green's Landing, July 22, Mr. JOSEPH WEED, age about 80 years.

In Memoriam: Dated July 29, 1887, Paris. Died in Brooklin, July 18, after a painful and lingering illness, Mrs. GERALDINE DODGE POWERS, wife of Capt. E. R. Powers, age about 40. She leaves a most affectionate husband and four interesting children. She also leaves an aged mother.

AUGUST 11, 1887


Deer Isle, July 25, Mr. HOWARD G. SPOFFORD of Portland and Miss JENNIE M. C. RUSS of Deer Isle.

Boston, July 29, by Rev. Dr. John W. Olmstead, Mr. TOBIAS L. ROBERTS of Bar Harbor and Miss HATTIE ROLFE of West Gouldsboro.

Sunset, July 31, by Rev. Mr. Bradford, Mr. JOHN S. JUDKINS of Sunset and Miss SARAH JUDKINS of South Deer Isle.

Orland, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. CARLTON A. SAWYER and Miss ELLA V. BUKER, both of Orland.


Atlantic (Swan's Island), Aug. 2, Mrs. JOANNA (STAPLES) TORREY, widow of the late Levi Torrey, age 69 years.

Franklin, July 29, after a lingering illness, ABBIE JELLISON, age 19 years, 10 months.

AUGUST 18, 1887


Ellsworth, Aug. 13, by Rev. Sewell Tenney, D.D., Mr. FRED H. McFARLAND of Ellsworth and Miss MINNIE G. TAYLOR of Surry.

Sullivan, Aug. 7, by F. A. Noyes, Esq., Mr. FRED BARTLETT and Miss LILLIAN BUNKER, both of Sullivan.

Franklin, July 13, by Rev. E. A. Carter, CHARLES F. HARRIMAN and Miss HANNAH E. TRACEY, both of Franklin.

By the same, Aug. 14, CHARLES CLAPHAM and Miss MAUD MEANS, both of Sullivan.

Steuben, Aug. 7, Mr. EDWARD STANLEY of Steuben and Miss CLARA LEIGHTON both of Milbridge.

Tremont, Aug. 15, by George R. Fuller, Esq., JAMES JOHNSON of Newport, R.I. and Miss ANGIE M. LUNT of Mt. Desert.


Ellsworth, Aug. 12, Mr. HENRY SWAN, age 73 years.

North Ellsworth, Aug. 12, Mr. ALFRED McGOWN, age 81 years.

Holbrook, Mass., July 18, Mrs. MARINA E., wife of John W. ROBLE, formerly of Hancock, Maine, age 52 years.

Minneapolis, Minn., July 12, Mr. LEWIS WAKEFIELD, formerly of Steuben, age 81 years.

Bluehill, Aug. 13, Mr. FRANKLIN CUSHING, age 34 years, 6 months.

Bangor, Aug. 10, Mrs. RACHEL McKENNEY, daughter of Sabin Watts of Otis, age 24 years.

AUGUST 25, 1887


Sedgwick, June 22, by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. FRANK T. BRIDGES and Miss MATTIE E. FREETHY, both of Brooklin.

Aug. 13, by the same, Capt. GEORGE W. HERRICK and Miss HATTIE B. HALL, both of Brooklin.


Petersburg, Colorado, Aug. 13, ALBERT J. GROSS, formerly of Orland, Maine, age nearly 29 years.

Mt. Desert, Aug. 19, Mr. PHILIP MOON, age 85 years, 7 months, 2 days.

Smithville, Steuben, Aug. 9, after an illness of 3 months, Mrs. MARY S. CLARK, age 32 years, leaving 4 orphaned boys.

Gouldsboro, Aug. 14, NICHOLAS, son of Allen and Alfaretta SPURLING, age 11 years.

Deer Isle, Aug. 10, FRANK COLBY, age 20 years.

Obituary: ALFRED McGOWN. Mr. McGown was born in Dresden, Maine, in 1806 and in early manhood came to North Ellsworth where he cleared a farm and built a house and has lived for 62 years. There were 8 brothers who took up farms and settled in what has been known as the McGown neighborhood. The deceased was the last of the brothers living here, but one of them was to William McGown of Brewer who survives. In 1832 Mr. McGown was married to Miss Ruth Hastings; to them were born 12 children, 6 of whom survive their father, viz: Mrs. Mary W. Bates of North Ellsworth; Mr. Llewellyn L. McGown of Ludlow, Maine; Rev. Alfred J. McGown of Amherst, N.H.; Mr. Wilmot W. McGown of Berlin Falls, N.H.; Rev. Richard H. McGown of Mt. Vernon, N.H.; Dr. Wilson Y. McGown of Wilton, N.H. He has been in feeble health for several years and has resided with his son-in-law, Mr. Coleman Bates, on the old homestead and has been faithfully cared for by his only daughter. Here he passed quietly away Friday, Aug. 12, at the age of 81 years, 1 month, 4 days. Funeral occurred at the house Sunday afternoon, Aug. 14, Rev. Dr. Tenney and Rev. Mr. Drew officiating.

SEPTEMBER, 1, 1887


Ellsworth, Aug. 28, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. HENRY H. HIGGINS and Miss NETTIE E. PARSONS, both of Bar Harbor.

Surry, Aug. 26, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. FRANK E. SWETT of Surry and Miss JENNIE C. MOON of Ellsworth.

Franklin, Aug. 19, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. GEORGE W. WENTWORTH and Miss AGNES M. SCAMMON, both of Franklin.


Castine, Aug. 23, Mr. ALEXANDER B. JONES, age 58 years.

Aug. 25, Miss ELIZA GAY, age 87 years, 7 months.



Deer Isle, Aug. 22, Mr. MYRICK of Vinalhaven and Mrs. ALBERTIA HILL of Green's Landing.


Bluehill, Aug. 30, Mr. KIMBALL P. JOHNSON, age 67 years.

East Sullivan, July 18, Miss SOPHRONIA PREBLE, age 87 years.

West Gouldsboro, Sep. 3, Mr. DAMON SARGENT, age 77 years.

Deer Isle, Aug. 28, Mr. GEORGE W. FOSTER, age 76 years.

Charlestown, Mass., Aug. 31, RALPH E. LOOK, age 21 years, 11 months, 21 days.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1887


Brooklin, Sep. 5, by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. GEORGE W. GRANT of Winterport and Miss NETTIE L. DORITY of Brooklin.

Orland, Aug. 31, by J. S. Condon, Esq., Mr. ELLIS V. WATSON and Miss ANNIE B. MANK, both of Orland.


Bar Harbor, Aug. 28, LOTTIE WOODMAN, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. HIGGINS, age 23 days; Sep. 1, FLORENCE EVA, daughter of the same, age 1 year, 2 months, 10 days.

Sep. 11, LEAH B. DORR, age 11 months, 11 days.

Tremont, Sep. 9, A. L., son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard SEAVEY, age about 18 months.

Sep. 6, Mrs. LUCY E., wife of Capt. Ezra B. NORWOOD, age 35 years, 2 months, 21 days.

Mt. Desert, Sep. 1, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn MERCHANT, age 4 months.

South Bluehill, Sep. 8, Mr. HENRY BURNES, age 86 years, 3 months, 28 days.

Bluehill, Sep. 9, Mr. SIMEON PARKER, age 71 years.

North Ellsworth, Sep. 4, GENEIVRE B. McGOWN, age 17 years, 6 months.

Lamoine, Sep. 11, REBECCA S. SALISBURY, age 9 years, 1 month, 17 days.

Franklin, Sep. 1, ROSA E., daughter of George W. and Ella J. KENISTON, age 12 years, 5 months, 2 days.

West Eden, Sep. 11, FRANKIE M. DOUGLASS, age 14 years, 3 months.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1887


Sullivan, Sep. 14, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. GEORGE C. EMERY of Kansas City, Mo. and Miss LILLIE A. STIMSON of Sullivan.

Deer Isle, Sep. 7, by Rev. C. N. Gleason, Mr. CHARLES WOOD and Miss JENNIE HASKELL, both of Deer Isle.

Plymouth, Mass., Sep. 3, by Rev. Mr. Tuckerman, Mr. CHARLES F. SCHROEDER of Plymouth and Miss ANNIE E. SYLVESTER of Deer Isle.

Orland, Sep. 18, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. CHARLES W. MADDOX and Miss MAMIE C. SOPER, both of Orland.


Ellsworth, Sep. 1, CHARLIE, only son of A. B. and Allie M. STRAIGHT, age 3 months.

Sep. 15, PEARL H. LORD, age 29 years.

Brooklin, Aug. 28, MARY L., daughter of Capt. Emory E. and Mrs. Bryantha DODGE, age 21 years, 8 months.

Deer Isle, Sep. 9, Mrs. GEORGIANA GREENLAW, age 27 years.

Sunset, Sep. 9, of paralysis, Mr. E. P. HASKELL, age 55 years.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1887


Ellsworth, Sep. 27, by Rev. E. Harding, Mr. GEORGE M. CRIMMIN and Miss LILLIAN E. SCAMMON, both of Eastbrook.

Castine, Sep. 19, at the residence of the bride's father (Dr. G. A. Wheeler), by Rev. J. F. Locke, Mr. BOYD BARTLETT of Ellsworth and Miss LOUISE WHEELER of Castine.

Lamoine, Sep. 14, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge of Ellsworth, Mr. HERMAN W. HOLT and Miss ROSIE HODGKINS, both of Lamoine.

North Sedgwick, Sep. 18, by Rev. E. A. Davis, Mr. HORACE R. ALLEN and Miss ANNIE G. ELWELL, both of Sedgwick.

Surry, Sep. 24, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. FRANCIS J. GASPER and Miss ESSIE M. WITHEE, both of Surry.

Tremont, Sep. 25, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, Mr. FRED M. ROBBINS and Miss LILLIE S. ROBBINS, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Sep. 23, GRACIE WEST, youngest daughter of James E. and Lizzie M. PARSONS, age 1 year, 2 months, 24 days.

Sep. 26, Mr. JOSEPH F. SMITH, age 58 years, 4 months, 1 day.

Sep. 23, at the residence of her son (C. P. Dorr, Esq.), Mrs. ABBIE M. DORR, age 78 years, 5 months, 15 days.

Bucksport, Sep. 15, Mrs. ELIZA M. SMITH, widow of the late Seth Smith, age 88 years.

Surry, Sep. 20, WILLIE W., son of James and Julia A. CARD, age 15 years.

Boston, Sep. 22, Mrs. ANNA C. LYNDE, daughter of the late Nathaniel J. Murch of Ellsworth.

OCTOBER 6, 1887


Great Pond, Oct. 1, by John R. Shuman, Esq., Mr. CHARLES H. MARKHAM of Collina Corner, Kings County, New Brunswick, and Miss EMMA WILLIAMS of Great Pond.

Orland, Sep. [14 or 24], by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. PRESTON J. RUSSELL of Bucksport and Miss HATTIE BOWDEN of Penobscot.


Ellsworth, Sep. 28, WILLIE S., son of Wellington and Abbie McFARLAND of Bar Harbor, age 10 years.

Tremont, Sep. 18, Mr. BENJAMIN NEWMAN, age 72 years.

West Gouldsboro, Sep. 29, Mr. MAHLON C. WITHAM, age 47 years.

OCTOBER 13, 1887


Tremont, Oct. 5, at the home of the bride's father, by Rev. O. H. Fernald, Mr. WILLIAM F. HANNAH and Miss NELLIE B. ROBBINS, both of Tremont.

Tremont, Oct. 5, by W. W. A. Heath, Esq., Dr. JOSEPH D. PHILLIPS of Tremont and Miss CARRIE F. DIX of Mt. Desert.

Long Island Plantation, Oct. 7, by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM M. TEEL and Miss MARIA L. LUNT, both of Long Island Plantation.

Sedgwick, Oct. 9, by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. GROVES S. BRIDGES of Brooklin and Miss ANNIE S. PERT of Sedgwick.


Amherst, Oct. 8, Mr. JOHN RITCHIE, age 65 years.

Oldtown, Sep. 19, Mrs. P. W. JORDAN, wife of Luther Jordan, formerly of Mariaville, age 69 years, 6 months.

Castine, Oct. 8, MARY, wife of Capt. Frank B. WESCOTT, age 43 years.

Bluehill, Oct. 8, Mr. HEARD LORD, age 81 years, 10 months.

Northeast Harbor, Oct. 10, Mr. DANIEL KIMBALL, age 85 years, 2 months, 8 days.

Hancock, Oct. 5, Deacon EBEN CLARK, age 82 years.

Franklin, Oct. 7, CORA M. DARLING, age 17 years, 8 months.

OCTOBER 20, 1887


Ellsworth, Oct. 16, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. WELLINGTON C. BELLATTY of Ellsworth and Miss IDA A. COGGINS of Surry.

Eden, Oct. 8, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. HARRY C. HODGKINS and Miss ANNIE B. SALISBURY, both of Lamoine.

Oct. 12, by the same, Mr. GRANVILLE H. HAMOR of Eden and Miss EUGENIE H. CAROW of Philadelphia.

Winter Harbor, Oct. 13, by William Rand, Esq., Mr. FRANK L. COLBY and Miss LUZENA M. SPRINGER, both of Hancock.

Amherst, Oct. 14, by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. ALONZO BLAGG and Miss MARIA KIMBALL, both of Clifton.


Ellsworth, Oct. 14, CARRIE W., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. MASON, age 4 months, 4 days.

Sunset, Oct. 9, infant daughter of Thomas and Fanny COLE.

Brooklin, Oct. 14, Capt. WILLIAM JACKSON, age about 92 years.

North Hancock, Oct. 13, Mr. WILLIAM H. MARSHALL, age 28 years.

San Diego, Calif., Oct. 11, Mr. FRED B. LOWELL, formerly of Penobscot, age 4 years, 6 months.

OCTOBER 27, 1887


Ellsworth, Oct. 22, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. AUSTIN L. PARKER of Ellsworth and Miss MINA A. HIGGINS of Orland.

North Lamoine, Oct. 20, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard of Ellsworth, Dr. HERBERT G. HOGDKINS of Eastport and Miss HELENA M. HOLT of North Lamoine.

Deer Isle, Oct. 15, by Rev. C. N. Gleason, Mr. H. P. SMITH and Miss MINNIE HASKELL, both of Deer Isle.

Tremont, Oct. 16, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. PEARL A. CONARY of Mt. Desert and Miss JENNIE L. BUTLER of Tremont.


Trenton, Oct. 22, Mr. ELBRIDGE MOSLEY, age 50 years, 8 months.

Somesville, Oct. 20, Mr. ALEXANDER HAMILTON, age 57 years, 2 months, 8 days.

West Trenton, Oct. 18, Mrs. ELIZABETH TOWNSEND, widow of the late Thomas Townsend, age 65 years.

Idaho Springs, Colorado, Oct. 8, Mr. PETER MAYBERRY, formerly of Maine, age 71 years.

Obituary: FRED B. LOWELL. The community has suffered a loss in the death of Fred B. Lowell, a pioneer resident of San Diego and one of the most highly esteemed of citizens. His death, which took place yesterday afternoon, seemed sudden and although he had for some years been gradually failing health, he had of late apparently improved. Mr. Lowell came to San Diego in 1868 and was engaged in the feed-yard business in which he continued for more than 18 years. He was for a long time associated with Supervisor Briant under the firm name of Lowell & Briant. [The above is from the San Diego Union of October 12.]

Mr. Lowell was raised in Penobscot and was a respected citizen in that town. He leaves in this county many relatives and friends, among them two sisters and a brother in this city, Mrs. J. F. Smith, Mrs. L. D. Foster and Mr. George Lowell.

NOVEMBER 3, 1887


Ellsworth, Oct. 8, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. HUDSON KELLY of Lamoine and Miss TENA PIERCE of Eden.

Oct. 29, by the same, Mr. CHARLES M. BROOKS and Miss EDITH G. WHITTAKER, both of Ellsworth.

New Sharon, Maine, Oct. 20, Mr. GEORGE R. TRACY of Gouldsboro and Miss ANNIE C. SAUNDERS of New Sharon.

Rockland, Oct. 20, Capt. HENRY H. HAMMOND of West Gouldsboro and Mrs. LIZZIE H. RITCHER of Rockland.

Southwest Harbor, Oct. 29, by Rev. A. Redlon, Mr. ROBIE M. RUMILL and Miss NETTIE J. SPRAGUE, both of Tremont.

Eden, Oct. 29, by Rev. A. F. Palmer, Mr. NATHANIEL HIGGINS and Mrs. EUNICE P. HODGKINS, both of Eden.

Franklin, Oct. 22, by Rev. E. A. Carter, Mr. THOMAS F. SALISBURY and Miss EMILY A. BUNKER, both of Franklin.


Ellsworth Falls, Oct. 27, Mr. JESSE HINES, age 48 years.

East Bluehill, Oct. 24, JOHN RANDOLPH, son of Peyton R. and Eliza J. GREENE, age 7 years, 6 months.

Castine, Oct. 30, Mr. JOEL PERKINS, age 75 years.

Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 25, Mrs. MARILLA M. F. HIGGINS, formerly of Lamoine, age 49 years, 10 months, 10 days.

NOVEMBER 10, 1887


Ellsworth, Nov. 5, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. FRANK H. PARTRIDGE and Miss MAGGIE B. SCOTT, both of Ellsworth.

West Deer Isle, Oct. 30, by Rev. W. H. Hall, Mr. GEORGE STINSON and Miss ANNIE H. COLBY, both of South Deer Isle.

Harrington, Oct. 31, Dr. F. S. NICHOLS of Cherryfield and Miss MARY C. NASH, daughter of the Hon. A. M. Nash of Harrington.

Montpelier, Vermont, Nov. 1, by Rev. J. Edward Wright, WILLIAM R. HADLEY of Bluehill and JENNIE KIRKLAND of Middlesex, Vermont.


Ellsworth, Nov. 3, Mr. JOHN O. SARGENT, age 73 years, 10 months, 15 days.

North Ellsworth, Nov. 6, Mr. ISAIAH G. BROWN, age 69 years, 9 months, 10 days.

Sunset, Oct. 31, Mrs. W. R. SELLERS, age 50 years.

Rockland, Oct. 25, Mr. CHESTER SADDLER, formerly of Deer Isle, age 26 years.

Trenton, Nov. 5, Capt. DAVID MARSHALL, age 98 years, 5 months, 5 days.

Obituary: JOHN O. SARGENT. Another of our aged citizens is dead. John O. Sargent, at the age of 76 years, has joined the great majority on the other side. Mr. Sargent was born in Gloucester, Mass., Dec. 18, 1811. During the first three years of his life, or at any rate during a part of that period, his father, Capt. Sargent, commanded the garrison at Cape Ann. We have heard Mr. Sargent say he remembers visiting the garrison when he was less than three years of age while his father was the officer commanding. John O. Sargent was the third child in a family of 11 children, nine sons and two daughters. Eight of the sons and one daughter are still living, the oldest of the family being Mr. Benjamin C. Sargent who is now 79 years of age. Among the brothers are Hon. Wyer G. Sargent of Sargentville, age 77, and Hon. William H. Sargent of Castine. The Sargent family moved to Sedgwick when John O. was only 3 years of age; they after moved to what was then known as the Birchland, which later became a part of the town of Brooklin. By trade he was a shoemaker and learned his trade of his father. In his early life he went to sea for a few years, and later engaged in trade. For a period of about 20 years he held the office of Deputy Sheriff. 20 years ago he was elected to the office of Register of Deeds. When he entered upon his official duties, he took up his residence in this city where he remained until the time of his death. He held the office of Register of Deeds for one term, or five years. At the close of his official term, he entered into co-partnership with H. B. Saunders and together, under the style and firm of Saunders & Sargent, they kept a boot and shoe store in this city until a few months ago when they sold out to J. H. Brimmer. In 1837 Mr. Sargent married Miss Syrena O. Dority who was one of a family of 13 children. She survives her husband. They had four children who are now living, as follows: Capt. John C. Sargent of Bluefield, Central America; Miss Nellie F. Sargent of this city; Mrs. J. F. Choate of West Quincy, Mass.; and Mrs. C. F. Eaton of Green's Landing.

As we stated in our last issue, he received a fall on Sunday evening of last week which resulted in serious injuries. Those injuries were unquestionably the cause of his death. For a day or two he appeared to be conscious and the hope was indulged that he would recover. On Wednesday he grew rapidly worse, and on Thursday death came to his relief. On Sunday morning prayers were held in his late residence, after which the body was taken to Sedgwick for burial. Services were held at the Town House which years ago was the Baptist Church, the first church which Mr. Sargent ever attended. We hear that Mrs. Sargent will sell out here and move to Green's Landing where she will spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Eaton.

NOVEMBER 17, 1887


Ellsworth, Nov. 9, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. ALBERT E. FOSTER and Miss CARRIE G. McFARLAND, both of Ellsworth.

Nov. 15, by Rev. T. F. Butler, Mr. CORNELIUS DALY of Bangor and Miss LOUISE BROWN of Ellsworth.

Nov. 12, by Rev. V. P. Wardwell, Mr. EVERETT E. TINKER and Miss LENA R. SOUTHARD, both of Ellsworth.

Franklin, Nov. 12, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. GEORGE L. HOOPER and Miss ALLIE E. SARGENT, both of Franklin.

Tremont, Oct. 5, by Rev. Wesley C. Haskell, Mr. THOMAS W. JACKSON and Miss ELLA M. BENSON, both of Tremont.


Ellsworth, Nov. 14, VIOLA A., wife of Dr. George A. PHILLIPS, age 24 years, 1 month.

Sullivan, Nov. 1, Mrs. LIZZIE, wife of Capt. James W. URANN, age 50 years.

Deer Isle, Nov. 5, Mr. ARTHUR L. SCHELLENGER, age 33 years.

NOVEMBER 24, 1887


Southwest Harbor, Nov. 16, by Rev. A. Redlon, Mr. FRED D. GALLEY and Miss BELLE A. TWOMBLY, both of Tremont.

Franklin, Nov. 17, by Rev. J. R. Bowler, Mr. JUDSON A. GORDON and Miss CADDIE M. SPRINGER, both of Franklin.

South Deer Isle, Nov. 12, by Rev. Mr. Bradford, Mr. HARIAN GRAY and Miss HELEN BROWN, both of Sunset.

Bluehill, Oct. 28, by Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. HARVEY P. HINCKLEY and Miss LIZZIE H. MERRILL, both of Bluehill.

Surry, Nov. 19, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. HENRY W. NEVELLS and Miss NELLIE TREWORTHY, both of Ellsworth.

Winter Harbor, Nov. 19, by Rev. James P. Nowlan, Mr. WALTER B. HARRINGTON of Eden and Miss LILLIAN TORREY of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, Nov. 19, Mrs. MINNIE E., wife of William A. JONES, age 24 years, 1 month, 2 days.

Oct. 7, Miss SARAH MOORE, age 83 years.

Nov. 15, Mr. CLEVELAND FRAZIER, age 19 years.

Ellsworth Falls, Oct. 28, Mrs. MONILVIA E., wife of Fred MOORE, age 35 years, 10 months, 1 day.

Franklin, Nov. 17, Mr. CALVIN BUTLER, age 69 years, 6 months.

Southwest Harbor, Nov. 18, Rev. B. F. STINSON, age 75 years.

Deer Isle, Nov. 12, Mr. DUDLEY PRESSEY, age 75 years.

Sunset, Nov. 12, FRED L., son of Thomas and Fannie COLE.

Green's Landing, Nov. 10, Mrs. ROBERT KNOWLTON, age about 30 years.

West Sullivan, Oct. 7, ASHIE URIAH, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo TRIPP, age 4 months, 27 days.

DECEMBER 1, 1887


Ellsworth, Nov. 23, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Mr. ANTHONY W. GOULD and Miss LIZZIE J. CLARK, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, Nov. 26, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. EDWIN E. CONARY of North Bluehill and Miss CARRIE B. LONG of East Bluehill.

Mt. Desert Ferry, Nov. 24, by R. I. Wooster, Esq., Mr. JOHN THOMPSON of Sullivan and Miss IDA GRANT of Hancock.

Prospect Harbor, Nov. 23, by Rev. James P. Nowlan, Mr. LOUIS P. COLE and Miss SUSIE C. BLANCE, both of Prospect Harbor.

Indian Harbor, Nov. 24, by the same, Mr. JAMES F. COOMBS of Prospect Harbor and Miss AMANDA YOUNG of Indian Harbor.

Orland, Nov. 26, by Rev. H. W. Norton, Mr. FRED L. BRIDGES of Penobscot and Miss BERTHA M. GOTT of Orland.

Penobscot, Nov. 26, by J. M. Hutchins, Esq., Mr. HUMPHREY C. DUNBAR of Bluehill and Miss SARAH E. LITTLEFIELD of Penobscot.


Lamoine, Nov. 28, Mrs. LOUISA H. HODGKINS, widow of the late Nathan Hodgkins, age 68 years, 2 months.

Prospect Harbor, Nov. 23, Mrs. EMMA, wife of Capt. Daniel DEASY.

Boston, Nov. 23, Col. AUGUSTUS B. PERRY, age 84 years, 1 month, 13 days.

Brooksville, Nov. 28, Mr. JOSEPH WALKER, age 87 years, 11 months.

Obituary: Rev. BENJAMIN F. STINSON, an aged member of the East Maine Conference of the M. E. Church, departed this life at Southwest Harbor on Saturday, November 19, in great peace. He leaves a wife and two daughters to mourn his loss. He was buried with Masonic honors.

DECEMBER 8, 1887


East Sullivan, Dec. 3, by Rev. I. W. Burrows, Mr. S. B. BUNKER of Sullivan and Miss ETTA J. SHAW of Bucksport.

Castine, Nov. 29, by J. H. Sylvester, Esq., Mr. JACOB D. HATCH of Castine and Miss SADIE DOW of Sedgwick.

East Bluehill, Dec. 3, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C. J. F. Thompson, Mr. ARTHUR B. LEACH and Miss ADELIA L. CANDAGE, both of East Bluehill.


Buck's Mills, Nov. 27, Rev. STEPHEN GROSS, age 86 years.

Nov. 30, Mrs. ELIZA, widow of Rev. Stephen GROSS, age 78 years.

Brooklin, Dec. 2, Mrs. JENNIE S., wife of A. G. BLAKE, age 44 years.

Trenton, Dec. 3, A. H. SPEAR, age 45 years, 1 month, 20 days.

Mariaville, Nov. 30, SARAH ANN KEMP, age 11 weeks.

DECEMBER 15, 1887


Eastbrook, Dec. 3, by L. W. Bunker, Esq., Mr. GEORGE B. TRACY of Franklin and Miss EMMA F. MERCHANT of Eastbrook.


Jonesboro (Englishman's River), Dec. 5, J. SEWALL WHITNEY, age 84 years, 5 months.

Castine, Dec. 9, Mr. JOHN SNOWMAN, age 86 years, 6 months.

DECEMBER 22, 1887


Ellsworth, Dec. 14, by Rev. A. A. Cambridge, Mr. ERNEST L. CURTIS and Miss ADA F. DAVIS, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, Dec. 14, by Rev. C. L. Banghart, Mr. ROBERT CARLISLE of Surry and Miss HATTIE E. CUNNINGHAM, both of Bluehill.

Sullivan, Dec. 10, by F. A. Noyes, Esq., Mr. ERNEST C. GORDON and Miss MEDIE S. COOK, both of Sullivan.

Bluehill, Dec. 14, by Rev. H. A. Freeman, Mr. EDWARD E. CANDAGE and Miss ISABELLA M. LOVE, both of Bluehill.

Orland, Dec. 17, by F. W. Gross, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM H. SMITH of Bucksport and Miss LOTTIE E. GROSS of Orland.


Ellsworth, Dec. 21, Mrs. CHARLOTTE B., wife of George W. NEWBEGIN and daughter of the late Capt. Andrew Mackie of Portland, age 67 years.

East Sullivan, Dec. 13, Mrs. ABIGAIL HALL, widow of the late Isaiah Hall, age 82 years.

Gouldsboro, Dec. 10, Mr. THOMAS NEWMAN, age 77 years.

Trenton, Dec. 18, Mr. STEPHEN C. GORDON, age 70 years, 5 months.

Cumberland, Wisconsin, Nov. 9, Mr. JOHN PALMER, age 75 years.

Robnerville, Calif., Nov. 27, Mr. SETH H. CRABTREE, formerly of Ellsworth, age [unreadable].

Obituary: The remains of Mrs. ELIZA A. KNOWLES (who died in California November 3, age 55 years, and who after the death of her husband, Mr. William Knowles, went with her son to the above named state about 12 years ago) were buried in Surry December 13. She united with the Surry Baptist Church in 1851 and continued a faithful member.

DECEMBER 29, 1887


Ellsworth, Dec. 21, by Rev. C. F. W. Hubbard, Mr. EVERARD G. SMITH and Miss EVELYN A. DORR, both of Ellsworth.

Dec. 21, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. ALBERT L. NASH and Miss EVA M. HUCKINS, both of Lamoine.

Mariaville, Dec. 17, by Rev. C. E. Woodcock, Mr. ELWOOD J. SILSBY of Amherst and Mrs. CORA E. FOGG of Mariaville.

Sullivan, Dec. 22, by F. A. Noyes, Esq., Mr. SIMON H. BUNKER and Miss MABEL M. HAVEY, both of Sullivan.

Bluehill, Dec. 24, by Rev. H. A. Freeman, Mr. PEARL T. TAPLEY and Miss KATIE C. LYMBURNER, both of Brooksville.

Surry, Dec. 24, by Rev. C. L. Banghart, Mr. JOSEPH F. CARTER and Miss FRANCES E. JOHNSON, both of Surry.

South Brooksville, Dec. 25, by W. C. Bates, Esq., Mr. STEDMAN F. TORREY of Deer Isle and Miss ETTA F. GRAY of Camp Rosier.

Amherst, Dec. 24, by Frank H. Orcutt, Esq., Mr. EDWIN Y. BROWN and Miss LAURA A. WILLARD, both of Clifton.

Dec. 24, by Rev. L. Marsh, LEONARD MARSH, JR. and Miss ELLA M. FOSTER.

By the same, Mr. LUCIAN SUMNER and Miss MYRA E. GROVER, all of Amherst.


Obituary: Ellsworth, Dec. 22, ADA E., wife of Howard B. MOORE, died age 27 years, 7 months, 15 days. Mrs. Moore had been in failing health for more than 2 years, the last 6 months of which she suffered greatly.

Obituary: Died in Ellsworth, Oct. 4, of pneumonia, Mr. GREENLEAF STACKPOLE, age 83 years. Our brother gave his heart to God 10 years ago while we were holding meetings in the place. He leaves an aged companion in ill health, a widowed daughter who had just parted with her husband, and other children and grandchildren to mourn for him. [Written by E. Harding.]