JANUARY 6, 1860


In Ellsworth, 21st ult., by Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. William A. JORDAN to Miss Mary A. DELAITE, both of Ellsworth.

In Ellsworth, January 1st, by A. M. Glidden, Esq., Mr. John S. WHITMORE of Trenton to Miss Delia F. MURCH of Ellsworth.

Surry, 23rd ult., by J. W. Davis, Esq., Mr. Martin V. B. HAYNES and Miss Rebecca MADDOX, both of Ellsworth.

Tremont, 25th ult., by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Capt. William OBER to Miss Ellen KENNEY, both of Tremont.

Orland, 25th ult., by Rev. B. S. Arey, Mr. Franklin C. MILLIKEN of Surry to Miss Clara F. BLAISDELL of Orland.

Trenton, 31st ult., by Rev. H. C. Estes, Mr. Samuel N. EATON AND Miss Aurilla GILPATRICK, both of Trenton.

Tremont, January 1st, by A. Tarr, Esq., Mr. T. M. NEWMAN to Miss Malinda S. NEWMAN, both of Tremont.

Cherryfield, 22nd ult., by Rev. Mr. Bond, Mr. John M. HALE, Jr. of Ellsworth to Miss Rebecca W. CAMPBELL of Cherryfield.


Swan's Isle, 16th ult., Mr. John STOCKBRIDGE, age 64 years.

Franklin, 4th, Sarah S., widow of the late Daniel SWAN, age 74 years, 11 months, 25 days.

JANUARY 13, 1860


Eden, January 3, by W. C. Higgins, Esq., Capt. Oren H. LELAND to Miss Almaretta RICH, both of Eden.

Bartlett Island (Mt. Desert), January 1, by S. J. Thomas, Esq., John H. GALLEY to Miss Isabella Maria BARTLETT.

Tremont, 31st ult., by Rev. J. W. Pirce, Capt. William STANLEY to Miss Abigail S. STANLEY, both of Tremont.

Tremont, 4th inst., by E. S. Foster, Esq., Capt. William C. MOORE to Miss Georgeanna ATHERTON of Sedgwick.

Green's Landing, Deer Isle, December 25, by the Rev. Mr. King, Mr. Elwin P. COLE of Calf Island to Miss Susan HATCH of Deer Isle.

Also Deer Isle, December 25 by the Rev. Mr. Shaw, Mr. Henry BANKS to Miss Eunice THURSTON.

Also Deer Isle, December 25 by Sullivan Green, Esq., Capt. William H. HARVEY to Miss Hannah S. HUTCHINGS, all of Deer Isle.

Buxton, December 21, by the Rev. John M. L. Babcock, Mr. Isaac D. SAWYER to Miss Mary J. SAWYER.

Machias, 29th ult., by Rev. H. F. Harding, Mr. Charles F. STONE to Miss Mary LONGFELLOW.

By the same Rev. H. Harding, 31st ult., Mr. Daniel C. MARSTON of Chelsea, Mass., to Miss Sylvesta S. HALL of Jonesboro.

By the same Rev. H. Harding, 8th inst., Mr. Henry GALLISON to Miss Caroline BURNHAM, both of Machias.

Harrington, 25th ult., by Rev. Mr. Williams, Mr. James W. CATES to Miss Delia WILSON.

By the same Rev. Mr. Williams, Thaddeus S. COFFIN to Miss Augusta NASH, all of Harrington.

Belfast, 25th ult., by Rev. Wooster Parker, Capt. Daniel F. SHUTE of Belfast to Miss Emily I., second daughter of B. W. FARRAR, Esq. of Machias.

Bangor, January 7th, Mr. Mark S. PATTEN to Mrs. Ann CURRIER.


Aurora, December 22, Charley O., son of Phineas and Lurana M. ANDERSON, age 11 years, 11 months, 3 days.

Brewer, January 7, Mrs. Lucy DALTON, formerly of Waterville, age 88 years.

Machias, 3rd inst., Ellery T., son of Capt. John HOLWAY, age 19 years.

Whitneyville, 5th inst., Betsey Ann, wife of Robert McARAVEY, age about 19 years.

Cherryfield, Miss Irene TUCKER, age 21 years.

Eastport, January 3, Daniel KILBY, Esq., age 69 years.

JANUARY 20, 1860


Ellsworth, 10th, by Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Daniel FOSTER to Miss Margaret A. YOUNG, both of Trenton.

Trenton, January 15, by Rev. Mr. Pierce, Mr. Charley GILLEY to Miss Icephene HIGGINS, both of Trenton.

Bangor, December 31, by Professor Smith, Mr. Joseph J. BURR to Miss Sarah B. MORRILL, both of Brewer.

Belfast, 7th inst., by Rev. W. Parker, Mr. Hartson C. PITCHER of Bangor to Miss Lydia A. LANCASTER of Belfast.

Machiasport, 17th (or 11th ?) inst., by Rev. G. Bacheller, Mr. Roscoe G. MITCHELL of Machias to Miss Harriet N. LEIGHTON of the same place and formerly of Pembroke.


Deer Isle, drowned at Webbs Cove, Mr. George HAMBLIN, age 17. He fell through the ice.

Deer Isle, Mr. Humphrey____________(last name and age unreadable).

Tremont, January 10, Capt. David GOTT, age 28 years.

Bangor, January 15, Mrs. Mary Leonard CRAM, widow of the late Levi Cram, age 62 years.

Machias, 8th inst., Abigail MOORE, age 76 years.

JANUARY 27, 1860


Ellsworth, December 30, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Amos C. PERRY to Miss Emily F. BOWDEN, both of Ellsworth.

Also, 21st inst., by the same Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Jacob T. LEWIS of Steuben to Miss Elvira WHITNEY of Ellsworth.

Holden, January 19, Mr. George E. RICE of Bangor to Miss Ruth E. FARRINGTON of Holden.

Gouldsboro, 25th inst., by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. James A. STEVENS of Steuben to Miss Sarah A. WORKMAN of Gouldsboro.

Machias, 23rd inst., Mr. Jacob ABBOTT of Calais to Miss Abbie T. BOYNTON of Machias.


Bangor, 21st inst., Mrs. Sarah P., wife of Mr. Ebenezer VARNEY, age 53 years and 5 months.

Athens, 3rd inst., Rev. Levi LORING, age 80 years.

Cranberry Isle, January 19, Mr. Justice GILLY, age about 46 years.

Tremont, January 13, Flora, daughter of Benjamin and Harriet BENSON, age 5 months.

Gouldsboro, December 30, Joseph NEWMAN, age 26 years, 9 months.

Castine, December 21, Charles K. TILDEN, Esq., age about 68 years.

Addison, 10th inst., Lizzie, adopted daughter of Jesse MERRILL, age 3 years, 3 months.

Also on 13th, Frank, age 7 years, and 13th, George, age 8 years, children of Samuel and Grace COLSON, all of canker rash.

Ellsworth, January 19, Arthur Benson, of Charles D. and Lois P. TRUWORGY, age 3 months. (Poem followed)

Ellsworth, January 12, of sore throat, Caddie Walker Brown, only daughter of John H. and Sarah PARTRIDGE. (Narrative followed)

Tremont, January 16, Mrs. Deborah R., wife of Henry PERRY and daughter of Capt. Jotham and Lydia Eaton, age 29 (or 20?) years. (Narrative followed)

FEBRUARY 3, 1860


Ellsworth, January 28, by Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Andrew J. KENISTON to Miss Eliza T. SOMERBY, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 30th ult., by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Hosea I. JOY of Ellsworth to Miss Adelma F. SOMES of Mt. Desert.

Blue Hill, January 30, by Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. Reuben H. GRAY to Miss Jemina STAY, both of Blue Hill.

Tremont, 26th ult., by Rev. J. W. Pierce, Capt. Israel CLARK to Miss Darinda STANLEY, both of Tremont.


Sedgwick, January 25, Lovina, eldest daughter of Robert BYARD, age 16 years.

Cienfuegos, December 29, Capt. John BILLINGS of Trenton. Capt. Billings at the time of his death was mate of the brig Umpire. He was an excellent citizen, a devoted Christian, and a kind and affectionate husband.

FEBRUARY 10, 1860


Bangor, February 7, by Rev. J. Malthy, Mr. Samuel F. JONES to Mrs. Ruth Ann CRAIG.

Rockland, 28th ult., Mr. George T. PERRY to Miss Clara O. HALL.

North Waldeboro, Mr. Charles H. BURNS to Miss Mary D. BARNAMAN.


Ellsworth, February 1, Mrs. Marilla K., wife of Samuel S. HIGGINS, age 23 years.

Bangor, 6th inst., Mrs. D. B. ELLIS, of Blue Hill, age 69 years.

Rockland, 28th ult., Mrs. Ann D. LITTLE, of New Castle.

Bath, January 26, Eunice McINTIRE, age 85 years.

FEBRUARY 17, 1860


Ellsworth, 4th inst., by Hamilton Joy, Esq., Mr. Levi T. HIGGINS of Eden to Miss Almanda D. BROWN of Ellsworth.

Gouldsboro, 12th inst., by H. M. Soule, Esq., Howard TRACY of Gouldsboro to Miss Abigail WHITTEN of Plantation #7.

Penobscot, 5th inst., by Rev. Mr. Dunbar, Mr. Albert LEACH to Miss Clara L. GRINDELL, both of Penobscot.

Boston, 6th inst., by Rev. Dr. Barrett, Mr. J. Proctor SNOW to Mrs. Mary A. RICKETSON, both of Boston.


Deer Isle, 11th inst., Mr. George HARVEY, age 68 years. He was a soldier in the War of 1812.

FEBRUARY 24, 1860


Mt. Desert, Feb. 4, by G. N. Jordan, Esq., Mr. Samuel P. DAVIS to Miss Mary Jane BRACY, both of Mt. Desert.


Dedham, 17th inst., Mr. Jeremiah TRUEWORTHY, age 62 years. He was one of the first settlers of Dedham and a very respectable man.

Penobscot, 16th ult., very suddenly, Miss Rose GINN, age 15 years.

Blue Hill, Feb. 18th, Mr. Jonah HOLT, Esq., age 77 years.

Blue Hill, Dec. 21, Mrs. Julia A. FOLGER of Worcester, Mass., age 29 years.

Blue Hill, Feb. 11, Ansel Leland, youngest child of Hamilton and Lydia A. DODGE, age 9 months (poem followed).

MARCH 2, 1860


Trenton, Feb. 20, by E. S. Foster, Esq., Mr. Rory McCARION to Miss Mary Ann GRIFFIN, both of Trenton.

Surry, Feb. 21, by T. C. Sargent, Esq., Mr. George M. BILLINGS of Orland to Miss Henrietta DAVIS of Surry.

Bangor, 21st ult., Mr. John D. HOLMES to Miss Laura J. HOLYOKE, both of Brewer.


Ellsworth, 24th ult., Mrs. Mary Ellen, wife of Capt. John McFARLAND, age 21 years, 2 months.

Ellsworth, Feb. 21, Mr. James ALLEY, age 23 years.

Hancock, Mrs. Jane, wife of Benjamin JOY, age 44 years.

Trenton, Feb. 5, Mrs. Mary, wife of Josiah HIGGINS, age 73 years.

At sea, Jan. 10, on board the bark Omega on the passage from Palermo to New York, Luther B. POWERS of Orrington, Maine, seaman.

MARCH 9, 1860


Orland, Feb. 19, by Rev. B. S. Arey, Mr. Joseph H. SAUNDERS to Miss Ellen M. GREEN both of Orland.

Deer Isle, 8th inst., by Rev. J. King, Mr. Edwin P. COLE of Charles Isle to Miss Susan W. HATCH of Deer Isle.

Brooklin, Mar. 5, by Rev. L. Bridford, Mr. Alonzo W. HERRICK to Miss Julia A. BATCHELDER, all of Brooklin.


Ellsworth, Feb. 17, Olive S., wife of J. B. JOHNSON, age 41.

Ellsworth, 3rd inst., Elizabeth, wife of George ROBINSON, age 19 years, 10 months.

Orland, Feb. 24, Miss Cecilia R., daughter of Jesse and Abigail GARDNER, age 18 years. She was a patient sufferer, a devoted Christian, and died in the triumph of the Christian faith.

Bangor, 1st inst., Honorable William EMERSON, age 82 years.

Gray, 23rd ult., Mrs. Lizzie C., wife of Dr. W. GREEN, age 29 years.

Cumberland, Jan. 9, Emerson, age 8 years, 10 months;

Jan. 10, Olive L., age 12 years, 10 months;

Jan. 21, Gilbert W., age 15 years, 9 months;

children of Joseph and Olive SAWYER. Sedgwick, 3rd inst., after a few hours suffering, Betsey Maria, daughter of Freeman and Judith DORITY, age 21 years. (Narrative omitted.)

Brooklin, Feb. 27, Mrs. Elizabeth FREETHY, age about 104 years. Mrs. Freethy linked us far back to the past. She was the first white child born in this town, then a part of Sedgwick. She lived in the stirring, trying times of the Revolution. Her husband served during war. She saw the British come into Waskeag, burn every building upon the point except an old hovel, shoot down the cattle, and commit other outrages. All these youthful memories were as fresh in her mind as if they transpired yesterday. She became a hopeful disciple of Christ in the first revival of religion that occurred in this town under Father Merrill. Under his ministry she joined his church, then Congregational, of which she remained a worthy member until it became extinct. The last time I saw her alive she spoke of that revival. "You can remember that?" I asked her; "Oh, yes," she replied, "I shall never forget that I had long felt myself a lost helpless sinner. It seemed there no pardon, no hope, no Savior for me. I arose one morning feeling all was lost. I was ready to give up in despair. I stepped to the door facing east and put one hand on each sill and looked out. Just then the sun arose, clear, beautiful, bright, and the Son of Righteousness arose too, upon my soul, with healing in His wings. Everything seemed to break forth into a song of praise, and I joined in the song. Oh, I shall never forget how precious Jesus looked to me then, and He is now." Hers was a quiet, steady, consistent, cheerful piety which led her to make all feel happy about her. Someone said to me the other day, "We children all loved Aunt Lizzie. We loved to go there. She always had a kind word, a gentle smile, a soft hand, a nice piece of bread and cheese for all the children who went to see her." This fact gives an insight into her real character. She had a green old age, though her head was gray, the skin wrinkled and her limbs feeble and tottery, yet she had a young heart. She loved the children and they loved her. She was the mother of 12 children, 8 of whom are still living. She leaves some 200 living descendants, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren down to the 5th generation. One of the relatives assured me that he has counted up over 350 of her descendants. She served her generation and now sleeps in Jesus.

MARCH 16, 1860


Eden, 11th inst., by H. C. Higgins, Esq., Mr. Jason SPRINGER, late of California, to Miss Charlotte SALSBURY of Trenton.

Tremont, Feb. 17, by Andrew Tarr, Esq., Capt. A. J. ROBINSON to Miss Henrietta, eldest daughter of S. H. CLARK, Esq., all of Tremont.

Tremont, Mar. 2, by Andrew Tarr, Esq., Mr. Allison C. DODGE to Linda L., eldest daughter of Capt. H. E. DAY, all of Tremont.

Machias, 10th inst., Mr. James McCABE to Miss Susan WHITNEY, both of Machias.

Columbia, Mr. Francis M. TUCKER to Miss Sarah J. HAMLIN, both of Columbia.


Ellsworth, Mar. 9, Mr. James MADDOCKS, age 57 years, 11 months.

Ellsworth, 14th inst., Mrs. Caroline D., wife of Leonard WEBBER, age 42 years, 7 months.

North Cambridge, 2nd inst., at his residence, of quick consumption, Capt. Enoch BROWN, formerly of Gouldsboro, Maine, age 38 years.

Machias, Kennebec District, 2nd inst., Kate M., daughter of Capt. John HOLWAY, Jr., age 22 years.

Bangor, Mar. 9, Mr. Alexander DUNNING, age 47.

Cranberry Isle, Mar. 7, Ada A., daughter of Capt. George and Maria SPURLING, age 5 years. (Narrative and poem follow)

Obituary - Orland, Mar. 12, 1860

Mr. Editor: A gloom of sadness settled upon the hearts of many friends as the news of the death of our friend, John N. CONDON, was received. This young man died in California, January 18, age 22 years, 6 months. The circumstances attending the death of our friend were peculiarly sad. He left the home of his childhood, bid adieu to the friends of his youth, and amid the rigors of winter, started for the faroff shores of the Pacific. A kind Providence protected him from the dangers of the ocean and he was safely landed in the desired port, but undue exposure and fatigue and haste to reach a desired place, his strength and health failed and he found himself among strangers, sick with a burning fever. He recovered sufficiently to walk out and, strange to tell, his body was found a short distance from the house where he stoped (??) in a small stream of water. Thus has a kind and dutiful son, a dear brother and noble young man passed away. Though he died alone, in a land of strangers, with no kind friend to minister to his wants, though the hand of affection may never be permitted to plant the flowers of love and friendship upon his grave, still it will be long before he will be forgotten, the kind words which he spoke, nor the deeds he performed will long be remembered by many dear friends. May the Dispenser of Human Happiness comfort the heart of the sorrowing ones.

MARCH 23, 1860


Penobscot, 15th inst., by Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. Benjamin L. CONDON of Brooksville to Miss Abby C. GRINDELL of Penobscot.


Ellsworth, 15th inst., Mr. Israel M. CLAY, age 34 years.

Ellsworth, Mar. 14, Caroline, wife of Leonard WEBBER, age 42 years, 7 months.

Ellsworth, Mar. 20, Geneva, daughter of G. W. and Abigail THURBER, age 1 year, 4 months.

Franklin, Mar. 18, Abby A., wife of Richard HADLEY, age 21 years, 10 months.

Ellsworth, Mar. 20, Edar Elelar, child of Stephen and Frances MANN (of Holden), age 11 months.

Trenton, Mar. 21, Daniel, child of Edwin and Sarah HAYNES, age 4 months.

Blue Hill, Mar. 6, Albion Parks, son of Jeremiah STOVER, age 20 years.

Cherryfield, 15th inst., Nathan ARNOLD, age 81.

MARCH 30, 1860


Orrington, Mar. 22, by Rev. A. Church, Capt. George W. REED of Bucksport to Miss Sarah S. NICKERSON of Orrington.

Bangor, 25th, by Rev. Mr. Tefft, Rev. W. F. FARRINGTON to Miss Mary A. BOLTON, all of Bangor.

Eddington, 24th inst., by L. Woodbury, Esq., Mr. Willard A. KINGSBURY to Miss Louisa M. FIELD, both of Holden.

Cutler, Mr. Leonard J. WORMELL to Miss Mary A. ANDREWS, both of Cutler.

Belfast, 15th inst., by Rev. Wooster Parker, Mr. Augustus ROSE to Miss Abby M. CHASE, both of Brooks.


Tremont, 16th inst., Isophinea H. OBER, age 17 years, daughter of Deacon William OBER.

Sullivan, Mar. 23, Rowland S. PREBLE, age about 28 years. Mr. Preble was a young man of sterling integrity, temperate habits, of a strong and vigorous mind. No young man in this community was more deserving of or possessed in a greater degree the confidence of his fellow citizens.

North Searsmont, 13th inst., very suddenly, Mr. Caleb Gordon CRESSEY, age 27 years.

Bangor, 22nd inst., Mrs. Mary J., wife of John W. HOWARD, age 27 years.

Orono, 24th inst., Martha W., daughter of Nathaniel and Mary P. TREAT, age 14 years.

Lost overboard, 13th, from the brig H. B. Emery, on the passage from Messini to New York, Charles DEVERAUX, seaman, of Castine, Maine, age 20 years.

APRIL 6, 1860


Ellsworth, Feb. 15, by A. McAllister, Esq., Mr. Daniel H. SWAN of Waltham to Miss Arvilla, only daughter of John WHITTAKER, Esq. of Ellsworth.

Tremont, 18th last, by W. Guptill, Esq., Capt. William A. NORWOOD of Tremont to Miss Sarah J. ELLIS of Etna.

Penobscot, 1st inst., by Rev. M. Dunbar, Capt. Samuel WARDWELL to Mrs. Alice BEAL, both of Penobscot.

East Machias, 31st ult., by Rev. J. L. Sanborn, Mr. George W. CAMPBELL to Miss Henrietta LYON, both of Machias.

Calais, 27th ult., Mr. Solomon D. STROUT to Miss Addie A. SMITH, both of Alexander.


North Ellsworth, Delia, daughter of Jonah and Sarah HEATH, age 15 years, 6 months.

West Gouldsboro, Mar. 30, Mr. James KINGSLEY, age about 36 years.

Machias, 1st inst., Samuel, son of Rev. E. M. FOWLER, age 7 years.

Marshfield, 16th ult., Mr. Daniel BERRY of East Machias, age 84 years.

Cherryfield, Mr. Ross LEIGHTON, age 94 years.

Alexander, 16th ult., Mr. Jonathan PINCO, formerly of Cooper, age 80 years.

Bangor, 2nd inst., Mr. Thomas CARROLL, age 62 years.

Bangor, 2nd inst., Mrs. Elizabeth H. JEWELL, age 47 years.

Charleston, 26th ult., Mrs. Ann, wife of Capt. Theophilus SANBORN, age 87 years.

APRIL 13, 1860


Ellsworth, Mar. 29, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Lebbeus RAY of Bangor to Miss Hattie S. TRIPP of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Apr. 7, by Asa McAllister, Esq., Mr. Bainbridge D. THOMPSON to Miss Sarah E. EELLS (??), both of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, Mar. 31, by Rev. Mr. Craig, Mr. George BOWLEY to Miss Martha A. PHILLIPS, both of Orland.

Bangor, 7th inst., Mr. Albion H. BRADBURY and Miss Augusta A. PISHON, both of Belfast.

Calais, 2nd inst., by Rev. G. W. Durell, Rev. Joel A. STEELE of Belfast to Mrs. Ellen F. SNOW of Calais.


Ellsworth, Mr. Benjamin MADDOCKS, age 66 years, 8 months.

Ellsworth, Mr. James COX, 48 years.

Blue Hill, Mar. 28, John BARBES of Surry, age 18 years.

Boston, 5th inst., Mrs. Josephene L., wife of Otis N. JONES of Boston and daughter of General Thomas A. Staples of Machias, age 22 years.

APRIL 20, 1860


Tremont, Apr. 8, by Rev. John W. Peirce, Mr. John C. MANCHESTER of Mt. Desert to Miss Lucinda MAYE of Tremont.

Carmel, Apr. 8, by R. Jones, Esq., Mr. Richard M. JOHNSON of Carmel to Miss Charity R. CARTER of Sedgwick.

Calais, 9th inst., Mr. Calvin V. HORTON to Miss Annie McALLISTER.


Ellsworth, Apr. 13, Mr. John B. RICHARDS, age 34 years, 6 months.

Ellsworth, child of Green HODGKINS, age 11 months.

Ellsworth, Daniel, child of Daniel HARRINGTON, age 17 months.

Sedgwick, Apr. 15, of consumption, Susan Mary EATON, age 17 years, 10 months.

Sedgwick, Apr. 7, Mrs. Mercy DORITY, age 41 years.

Leeds, Maine, Apr. 12, Mr. Samuel LARRABEE, age 80 years.

Machias, 13th inst., Mary Lizzie, daughter of Joseph W. FENNO, age about 5 years.

APRIL 27, 1860


Blue Hill, Apr. 19, by Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. John E. HORTON of Lexington, Mass., to Miss Laura A. WEBBER of Blue Hill.

Addison, Apr. 8, Mr. Moses N. LOOK and Miss Christiana P. LOOK, both of Addison.

Bangor, 18th, by Rev. C. G. Porter, Mr. Daniel W. SYLVESTER to Miss Amanda M. FRANK, both of Etna.

Bangor, Apr. 21, by George W. Snow, Esq., Mr. Caleb HORTON to Miss Frances A. GOVE, both of Bangor.


Castine, 13th, William WITHERLE, age 75 years, 4 months.

Castine, 18th, Mrs. Elizabeth MARTIN, daughter of the late Charles Atherton, age 40 years.

Volcano, Calif., 22nd, of consumption, Mr. Frank H. McCLURE, formerly of Bangor.

Surry, Apr. 19, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Mr. Christopher ELDRIDGE, age 26 years.

MAY 4, 1860


Ellsworth Falls, Apr. 29, by C. P. Jordan, Esq., Mr. David A. PATTEN to Mrs. Elizabeth H. COOPER.

Sullivan, 22nd ult., by Ambrose Simpson, Esq., Mr. Amaziah GORDON to Miss Sarah J. BADGER, both of Sullivan.

Bangor, 26th ult., by Rev. Mr. Farrington, Mr. Elbridge MOSHIER, printer, to Miss Anna SMITH, both of Bangor.

Norridgewock, Apr. 30, by Rev. Mr. Tappan, Mr. J. W. HATHAWAY, Jr. of Bangor to Miss Jane TENNEY, daughter of Judge Tenney of Norridgewock.


Ellsworth, 2nd inst., Mrs. Almira L. PECK, wife of C. G. Peck, age 38 years. Mrs. Peck was a most estimable woman and beloved by all who knew her. She was born in Colrain, Mass. January 7, 1822.

Ellsworth, 28th ult., Mrs. Emma, wife of John T. HASKELL, age about 40 years.

Ellsworth, Apr. 30, James COCKLIN, age 64 years.

Waltham, Apr. 29, Olive Jane, wife of Mr. George COOK, age 34 years.

Kirkland, Lake County, Ohio, Mar. 30, Dr. William WHITLEY, age about 67 years.

Penobscot, 10th ult., Mr. Addison WARDWELL, age 41 years.

Penobscot, 19th, Mrs. Lovina BRIDGES, age 45 years.

Penobscot, 12th, Miss Eliza DUNBAR, age 24 years.

Bangor, Apr. 23, Mr. Charles O. RECORD, age 44 years, 4 months.

Kenduskeag, 18th ult., Mr. Isaiah FISK, age 70 years.

MAY 11, 1860


Boston, Mass., May 3, in the Somerset Street church, by Rev. Dr. Neale, Mr. John B. JARVIS to Miss Louisa CHASE, both of Ellsworth, Maine.

Swan's Island, Apr. 1, by Benjamin Smith, Jr., Esq., Mr. Courtney B. CROCKETT to Miss Malvinia E. COLOMY, both of Deer Isle.

Mercer, 7th inst., by Rev. H. M. Eaton, Hamlin F. EATON of Readfield, son of the officiating clergyman, to Lizzie M., daughter of B. C. GOODWIN, Esq. of Mercer.

Columbia, 21st ult., by Jotham Lippincott, Esq., Mr. Samuel CHASE of Cherryfield to Miss Alice P. CHASE of East Machias.

Santa Clara, Calif., Dec. 1, Mr. George FERGUSON to Miss Maria CARR, formerly of Bangor.


Penobscot, May 4, William J. SMITH, age 12 years.

Newcastle, Apr. 29, Col. Joshua LINCOLN, age 49 years.

Machias, 24th ult., Mary Jane, wife of George W. FLYNN and daughter of Eri Longfellow, Esq., age 29 years.

MAY 18, 1860 (very hard to read whole edition)


Old Town, May 11, by Rev. D. C. Littlefield, Mr. Joseph COOKSON of Charlestown, Mass. to Miss Mary J. BOSTON of Old Town.

Eden, 6th inst., Jonathan A. LELAND of Eureka, Calif. to Miss L_______ (Luzetta?) K. GILPATRICK of Eden.


Ellsworth, May 11, Catherine, wife of John CALLAGHAM, age 37 years.

Ellsworth, 15th inst., James, only son of Ransome and M. Susan SPRINGER, age 1 year, 11 months, 9 days.

Dunbarton, New Brunswick, Apr. 24, Mr. Benjamin NASON, tinsmith, a native of Maine.

Jonesboro, 27th ult., Amy, wife of Mr. John NOYES, age about 74 years.

New Orleans, Apr. 1, Mr. Samuel S. LITTLEFIELD, age about 58 years, born in Castine, Maine. One of the editors and proprietors of the New Orleans (name of paper unreadable - perhaps Price Carpet?).

MAY 25, 1860


Ellsworth, Sunday, 20th inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Charles W. PEARSON to Miss Maria P. LOVEJOY, both of Bangor.

Meddybemps, 7th inst., by D. M. Young, Esq., J. S. BRIDGES to Miss Ada F. GARDNER, all of Meddybemps.

Addison, by J. Dorr, Esq., John H. WASS to Miss Jane L. MERRITT, both of Addison.


Ellsworth, May 21, Mr. Andrew ALEXANDER, age 25 years, 5 months.

West Trenton, Apr. 26, Mrs. Adeline D., wife of John HOPKINS, age 38 years, 10 months, 10 days. She leaves a husband and 6 children to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate wife and mother.

Bangor, 16th, Mr. Jesse NORCROSS, age 47 years, 10 months.

Bangor, 7th inst., Mr. Albert KIMBALL, age 49 years, 10 months.

Augusta, Honorable Asaph R. NICHOLS, age about 63 years.

Portland, 12th, Mrs. Abigail L., wife of John GARDNER, age 53 years.

JUNE 1, 1860


Machias, 26th, by Rev. N. Whitney, Mr. Wilmot THOMPSON, to Miss Elizabeth ELSMORE, all of Machias.

Machiasport, 19th, by Rev. G. Bachellor, Mr. A. J. LONGFELLOW to Miss Abby G. HARMON.

Also, Machiasport, 19th, Mr. B. F. LONGFELLOW to Miss Laura S. HARMON.

Bangor, 28th, by the Rev. Dr. Tefft, Mr. Samuel E. BURNHAM of Bangor to Miss Mary W. HEWINS of Hudson, Maine.


Ellsworth, 24th, Hannah, daughter of Hugh and Eliza TWINEHAM, age 16 years.

Ellsworth, 26th, William, son of Thomas and Jane BRAWN, age 17 years, 9 months.

Bangor, 28th, Capt. Moses MORRILL, age 56 years.

Bangor, 22nd, Mrs. Elizabeth MILLIKEN, at the residence of her son William Thompson, widow of the late Capt. Joel Milliken of Portland, age 84 years.

Machias, 23rd, Isaac Ham LONGFELLOW, age 16 years, 11 months, 18 days.

JUNE 8, 1860


Boston, May 29, by the Rev. James Belcher, Hamilton JOY, Esq., Postmaster of Ellsworth, Maine, to Mrs. Mary A. DEMING, both of Ellsworth.

Penobscot, 1st inst., by the Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. John D. GRAY to Miss Joanna P. GRINDELL, both of Penobscot.

Sullivan, May 30, by James C. Chillcot, Esq., Mr. Alonzo HOOPER of Franklin to Miss Martha E. ASH of Sullivan.

Kennebunk, May 21, Mr. U. L. PETTINGILL of the firm of S. M. Pettingill & Company, Boston, to Miss Phebe L. HALL.

Boston, May 22, Gabriel DESIBOURG, French Vice-Consul at Charleston, S.C., to Miss Mary L., youngest daughter of the late Judge JOHNSON of Belfast, Maine.


Blue Hill, June 1, Mrs. Rhodes P., wife of Capt. E. G. CONARY.

Bangor, May 28, Capt. Moses MERRILL, age 56 years.

Surry, 29th, Mrs. Judith, wife of Nicholas OBER.

Surry, May 7, Mrs. Abigail CLARK, wife of John Clark, age about 60 years. She was the daughter of the late Richard Heath, a Revolutionary soldier. Mrs. Clark experienced religion in 1826 and connected herself with the Baptist Church in Surry. To her numerous family and children, she was always kind, affectionate and faithful; as a neighbor, she was esteemed highly and will long be remembered. She died in the triumphant hope of a blessed immortality.

JUNE 15, 1860


Ellsworth, 1st inst., by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Edward R. JORDAN to Miss Louisa A. PARRITT, both of Ellsworth.

Machiasport, 2nd, by Rev. G. Bachelor, Mr. Tamlin ELWELL of Northfield to Miss Sarah A. WATTS of Whitneyville.

Cherryfield, Mr. Henry SINCLAIR to Miss Phebe SHOPPEE.

Bangor, June 4, by Rev. Roger S. Howard of Portland, Capt. Mark L. POTTER of New York City to Miss Mary L., only daughter of Benjamin PLUMMER, Esq. of Bangor.

Hampden, 1st inst., Mr. Daniel W. HARDY to Miss Sarah D. HOPKINS, both of Hampden.


Ellsworth, June 7, child of W. A. BARRON, age 18 days.

Bangor, June 6, Mrs. Fanny D. YOUNG, age 19 years.

Bangor, June 6, Rev. Moses SHEPARD, age 58 years.

Bangor, June 5, Col. John POOLER, age 57 years, 8 months.

Jonesport, Josiah DRISKO, age 70 years.

Surry, Sunday, 10th inst., Mrs. Rebecca, wife of David MILLIKEN, age 62 years. Having sustained all the relations of wife, mother, neighbor and friend with uprightness, integrity and Christian fidelity, when summoned to meet her great and last change, with a firm trust and confidence in her Savior, she was able to say, "I am ready this moment." Surely the righteous hath hope in His death.

JUNE 22, 1860


Ellsworth, 16th inst., by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Rodney P. FULLERTON to Miss Elizabeth TATE, both of Ellsworth.

Mariaville, 10th inst., by Rev. William P. Davis, Mr. John CARR to Mrs. Isabella BRODERICK, both of Mariaville.

Harwich, Mass., by Rev. Joseph R. Munsell, Dr. George N. MUNSELL, late of Brewer and son of the officiating clergyman, to Miss Lizzie K. NICKERSON, daughter of Mr. W. Nickerson, Esq. of South Dennis.

Houlton, 22nd ult., by J. F. Paul, Esq., Mr. William AUSTIN to Miss Sarah ADAMS, both of Littleton.

Portland, 14th inst., Chester S. CONANT, Esq. of Greenfield, Mass. to Miss Sarah B., only daughter of the Rev. Roger S. HOWARD of Portland.

Portland, 14th inst., Mr. James S. BEDLOW to Miss Sophia H. KELLOGG, both of Portland.


Mt. Desert, 10th inst., Mr. John T. ATHERTON, age 31 years.

Blue Hill, 12th inst., Agenett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Israel FRIEND, age 17 years.

Penobscot, 19th inst., Mr. Taylor WARDWELL, age 58 years.

Sedgwick, 7th inst., Mrs. Huldah BILLINGS, wife of Capt. Reuben Billings, age 71 years. She had been a member of the First Baptist Church in Sedgwick more than 40 years and sustained an unblemished Christian character till the date and hour of her departure.

Bangor, 17th inst., Samuel HARRIS, Esq., age 57 years.

Deer Isle, 19th inst., Mrs. Nancy EMERSON, age 51 years, 3 months, of the consumption, after a long and painful sickness of 17 months which she bore with patience and fortitude.

JUNE 29, 1860


Surry, 23rd inst., by the Rev. S. L. Blake, Mr. Francis H. JARVIS to Miss Lucy S. GRINDLE, both of Surry.

Sedgwick, 14th inst., by Rev. G. W. Watts, Mr. Mendall S. EVERETT of Princetown, Mass. to Miss Joana M. ALLEN of Sedgwick.

Boston, 33rd (printed 33rd, prob. 23rd ?) inst., Mr. Jesse N. NASON of Franklin, Maine, to Miss Nellie M. THOMPSON of Ellsworth.

Calais, 10th inst., Mr. A. PARSONS of Fredericton, New Brunswick, to Miss Mary E. HATT of St. George.

Islesboro, 16th, Capt. William P. SPRAGUE to Marilla M. PARKER.


Hancock, 22nd inst., Miss Susan HODGKINS, age 87 years.

Tremont, 23rd inst., Horace D., son of Capt. N. G. and Sarah J. TUCKER, age 1 year, 4 months.

Bangor, 25th inst., Laura A., wife of Benjamin F. FARRINGTON, age 33 years.

Clifton, 20th inst., Mrs. BROWN, widow of the late Thomas Brown, age 80 years.

At Batavia Island of Java, Apr. 10, Francis William, only son of Capt. Samuel B. HUSSEY, formerly of Durham, age 20 years.

JULY 6, 1860


Ellsworth, 4th inst., by Hamilton Joy, Esq., James MOSELY, Jr. to Miss Sarah HIGGINS.

Ellsworth, 10th inst., by R. J. Nason, Esq., Mr. Jeremiah McGOWN of Ellsworth to Miss Joanna R. CONARY of Sedgwick.

Lincoln, 24th inst., by Rev. H. C. Henries, T. Chandler WOODBURY to Ann Maria, daughter of John ESTES, Esq.

Rockland, 17th ult., by C. F. Tucker, Esq., Mr. William F. MELVIN and Miss Sarah A. HOWARD, both of Rockland.


Tremont, 30th inst., Elnora KING, age 13 years.

Brooklin, 17th inst., Mary E. EATON, age 18 years.

Castine, 2nd inst., Mrs. Sarah, widow of the late William WITHERLE, age 68 years, 10 months.

Bath, 26th ult., Mrs. Melinda J. VARNEY, age 31 years.

Farmington Falls, 8th inst., Mary GORDON, age 18 years.

Bangor, 18th, Joshua JEWETT, formerly of Norridgewock, age 27 years.

JULY 13, 1860


Ellsworth, July 7, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Alanson J. HASLAM of Waltham to Miss Elizabeth P. JORDAN of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, June 30, by Asa McAllister, Esq., Mr. Rowland C. WEBBER to Miss Susan HAWKINS, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, July 2, Mr. Daniel REMICK to Miss Adeline JORDAN, both of Otis.

Penobscot, July 10, by Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. Lucius M. GRINDELL to Miss Flora LEACH, both of Penobscot.

Sedgwick, July 1, by Rev. G. W. Watts, Mr. Frank DAUCETT of Blue Hill to Miss Vesta CONDOR of Brooksville.

Brooksville, June 21, by B. Walker, Esq., Mr. George D. B. MERRICK of Sterling, Mass. to Miss Augusta E. GOTT of Brooksville.

Columbia, May 23, by Rev. A. S. Adams, Talbot S. FRENCH to Miss Tephena N. PUFFER, both of Columbia.

Columbia, 4th inst., by L. Leighton, II, Esq., Mr. G. W. KILTON of Jonesboro to Miss Jane C. PINEO of Columbia.

Addison, 30th ult., by Rev. D. B. Byther, Horace A. HINCKLEY to Miss Susanna WASS, both of Addison.

Bangor, 1st inst., Mr. William H. GALLISON of Bangor to Miss Olive M. GARDNER of Portland.

Steuben, June 23, by W. Leighton, Esq., G. W. McCURDY to Miss Amelia W. DAVIS, both of Steuben.


Ellsworth, July 11, Mrs. Polley, wife of Ephraim BROWN, age 70 years, 4 months.

Brooklin, 28th ult., Mr. David WATSON, age 52 years.

Hancock, 9th inst., Melinda Ursula, wife of R. H. B. MOON, Esq., age 23 years, 4 months.

Machias, 2nd inst., Mrs. Hannah MOREY, wife of Mr. William Morey, Sr., age 75 years. After a long life of usefulness and a companionship of over 56 years with the husband of her youth, she has gone home.

Machias, June 39 (obvious misprint -- 29th or 30th?), Mrs. Sarah, wife of Deacon John S. KELLEY, age 78 years.

Surry, June 30, Mrs. Sophia, wife of Mr. John TOREY, age about 57 years. She had been a professor of the Christian religion from her youth, was a member of the Second Baptist Church in Blue Hill. Although subject to the fear of death in her lifetime, yet was calm and peaceful at the last and ready to depart.

JULY 20, 1860


Ellsworth, 13th inst., by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. B. F. THOMAS of the firm of B. F. Thomas & Company of Ellsworth, to Miss Sarah B. LEACH of Penobscot.

Ellsworth, 9th inst., by A. M. Gordon, Esq., Mr. Samuel B. MOOR of the firm of D. N. Moor & Company, to Miss Victoria B. BONSEY, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, by the same A. M. Gordon, Esq., Mr. James M. BONSEY, proprietor of the Ellsworth Falls House, to Miss Rebecca J. MOOR, both of Ellsworth.

Otis, June 7, Mr. John G. REMICK of Otis to Miss Sarah DEXTER of Dedham.

Boston, Mr. George H. HAYES of London to Miss Eliza A. BILLINGS of Bucksport.

Surry, 15th inst., by the Rev. S. A. Blake, Mr. David RAY to Miss Ann WILSON, both of Surry.

South Surry, 15th inst., by Rev. E. Pinkham, Mr. Charles O. YOUNG to Miss Amanda TREWORGY, both of Surry.

Hampden, 7th inst., by Rev. J. K. Mason, William C. CLARK, attorney at law of Lincoln to Miss Eliza C. RICE of Hampden.

New York, 6th inst., Edwin BOOTH, Esq., the celebrated tragedian, to Miss Mary DEVLIN also of the theatre profession.


North Hancock, July 17, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, wife of Charles E. McFARLAND, age 22 years.

On board the brig William A. Dresser of Bangor, June 29th, of fever, Luther Blake JORDAN of Brewer, age 23 years.

Downieville, Calif., June 2, Caroline, wife of Rev. W. C. POND and daughter of Rev. Richard Woodhull of Bangor, born at Thomaston January 29, 1832.

Northfield, E. Evie, eldest daughter of Charles R. and Amelia A. ALBEE, age 6 years.

Bangor, 17th inst., Franklin ADAMS, age 56 years, 10 months.

Bangor, 16th, by drowning, Franklin W. FISHER, age 17 years.

JULY 27, 1860


Sedgwick, July 17, by Rev. T. J. B. House, Mr. Benjamin P. REA of Sedgwick to Miss Mary A. MOULTON of Brooklin.

Bucksport, 22nd inst., by Rev. A. Prince, Mr. J. Edwin SHERMAN to Miss Velzora A., daughter of the Hon. Parker TUCK, all of Bucksport.

Sedgwick, July 18, by Rev. G. W. Watts, Mr. James H. ORCUTT to Miss Phebe HALE, both of Brooksville.

Franklin, 17th inst., by Joseph Scammons, Esq., Mr. John DRISCOLL to Miss Abby J. HARDISON.

Orland, by Isaac Harriman, Esq., Mr. Samuel SAUNDERS to Miss Hannah BURTON.

Portland, 19th inst., Rev. Roger S. HOWARD to Mrs. Charlotte P. JEWETT, both of Portland.

Milbridge, 8th inst., by George Googing, Esq., Capt. John BRAY to Miss Martha HAYLAND.


Ellsworth, 15th inst., George W. CLARK, age 46 years.

Trenton, 18th inst., Mary, wife of Mr. Zachariah JELLISON, age 25 years.

Brooklin, Mrs. Mary CARTER, age 82 years.

Williamsburg, June 30, Mr. Francis W. B. MORRILL, age 23 years.

Brewer, 16th inst., Miss Clarissa CARLOW, formerly of Calais, age 26 years, 8 months.

Boston, 20th inst., Rev. George B. LITTLE, formerly pastor of the First Congregational Church in Bangor.

Bath, 18th inst., Hon. Charles PORTER, Judge of Probate for Sagadahoc County.

Cherryfield, 16th inst., Benjamin F., son of William TODD, Esq., age 26 years, 8 months.

Milbridge, 8th inst., Mr. David FIELD, age about 45 years.

AUGUST 3, 1860


Ellsworth, July 27, by Addison Pool, Esq., Mr. Enoch L. BROWN to Mrs. Louisa H. DEVEREUX, all of Ellsworth.

Cincinnati, 19th ult., by Rev. W. H. Sutherland, Hon. John A. POOR of Portland, Maine to Mrs. Margaret GWINNE of Cincinnati, Ohio.


Ellsworth, 30th ult., Asa McALLISTER, M. D., age 54 years, 3 months.

Ellsworth, 30th ult., Thomas, son of Sewell and Sarah FLETCHER, age 1 month.

Bangor, 17th ult., of dropsy, Franklin ADAMS, lumber merchant of the firm of Adams & Dillingham.

Foxcroft, 15th ult., Capt. George W. GOODWIN, formerly of Boston, Mass., age 63 years.

Isle au Haut, July 24, Miss Mary SIMPSON, age 76 years, formerly of Hampden.

East Machias, June 30, Charles P., age 13 years;

July 17, Mary Emily, age 10 years;

July 18, Willie Jarvis, age 10 months

-- all children of Rev. W. H. and Mary E. BECKWITH.

AUGUST 10, 1860


Trenton, Aug. 4, by E. S. Foster, Esq., Capt. David G. KING to Miss Amelia WILLIAMS of Franklin.

Cooper, Mr. Moses MUNSON of California to Miss Lydia CLARK of Cooper.

Bangor, Mr. Nathaniel DAVIDSON of Hampden to Miss Cordelia MUDGETT of Dixmont.

Bangor, 3rd inst., by Rev. A. Battles, Mr. George H. YEATON to Miss Temperance GULLIFER, all of Bangor.


Bucksport, July 28, very suddenly, Mary A. HOMER, wife of David C. Homer, age 35 years.

Bangor, Aug. 5, of consumption, Sarah J., wife of Dr. A. YOUNG, age 39 years.

Mobile, Ala., 5th ult., Mr. George A. CURTIS of Hampden, Maine, age 32 years.

Cherryfield, 16th ult., Benjamin A., son of William TODD, age 30 years.

AUGUST 17, 1860


Ellsworth, July 20, by Rev. S. Tenney, Sylvester H. FLETCHER to Miss Matilda C. FRAZIER.

Ellsworth, Aug. 4., by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. William D. THOMPSON to Miss Mary C. CROWLEY, all of Ellsworth.

Trenton, Aug. 12, by Rev. I. A. Wardwell, Mr. Leonard J. HIGGINS of Eden to Miss Evelyn L. NASH of Steuben.

Thomaston, 29th ult., Mr. James M. ELLIOTT of Phippsburg to Mrs. Mary A. BOYLES of Thomaston.


Mt. Desert, July 31, Capt. William STANLEY, age 61 years, 10 months.

AUGUST 24, 1860


Machias, 11th inst., by the Rev. H. F. Hardy, Albert MOORE of Calais to Mrs. Lucy L. BOWKER of Machias.

Bath, Mr. Edward S. LINCOLN to Miss Katie E. SHERRI, both of Bath.

Augusta, Rev. S. Freeman CHASE to Miss Ellen M. DOE.


Ellsworth, 16th, drowned, Charles B., son of Joseph GETCHELL, age 7 years, 11 months.

Trenton, 15th inst., Eva, daughter of Moses McFARLAND, age 5 years.

North Hancock, Aug. 17, James I., son of James H. and M. A. McFARLAND, age 4 years, 11 months, 3 days.

Machias, 14th inst., Obediah HILL, age 74 years.

Cherryfield, 28th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Hiram BURNHAM, Esq., age 45 years.

Island of Navassa, W.I., 10th ult., on board the brig S. G. Bass, Capt. John WINCHESTER of Eastport, age 57 years.

AUGUST 31, 1860


Ellsworth, 28th inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. H. AUSTIN to Miss Margaret H. BURLEY, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Aug. 27, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Wyatt S. MOORE to Miss Caroline E. BUNKER, both of Ellsworth.

Blue Hill, Aug. 26, by Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. David ARMOUR of Shediac, New Brunswick, to Mrs. Hannah OSGOOD of Blue Hill.

Cherryfield, 20th inst., by the Rev. P. Bond, Mr. Lot M. ROLLINS of Havanna to Miss Delia S. CAMPBELL, daughter of Alexander Campbell, Esq. of Cherryfield.

Machias, Mr. William REYNOLDS to Miss Susan DAVIS, both of Whitneyville.

Bangor, 26th inst., Mr. Charles VARNEY to Miss Emma HOWES, both of Bangor.


Ellsworth, 29th inst., very suddenly, Freddy Hatch, only child of Edward and Adelia MACOMBER, age 5 months.

Ellsworth, Aug. 25, Arno W., child of Sterling H. and Sarah P. HAYNES.

Trenton, Aug. 29, Julia A., daughter of Elisha and Mary A. COUSINS, age 20 years.

Blue Hill, Aug. 18, Mr. Roscoe LONG, age 20 years.

Blue Hill, Aug. 19, Pearl LERVEY, age 3 years.

Bangor, Aug. 26, Theodora, infant daughter of H. A. WOOD, Esq.

Brewer, Aug. 28, Ellen L., wife of John E. HOLYOKE, age 25 years, 9 months.

Bath, 17th inst., Rev. John W. ELLINGWOOD, D.D., age 78 years, 3 months.

Brewer, Aug. 23, Jeannette, daughter of Joseph and Eunice W. HOLYOKE, age 13 months.

Holden, Aug. 14, Elisha M. MANN, age 25 years, youngest son of Jacob and Laurana Mann.

Portland, 28th inst., Mrs. Ann E., wife of David G. DRINKWATER and daughter of Eben and Harriet Knight, age 36 years, 6 months.



Ellsworth, Sunday, 2nd inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Capt. David McFARLAND to Miss Ellen M., daughter of John M. HALE, Esq., all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 28th ult., by John B. Frazier, Mr. Samuel D. MOORE to Miss Emeline GARLAND, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Sept. 6., by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Melvin McGOWN to Miss Georgeana McFARLAND, both of Ellsworth.

Trenton, 2nd inst., by H. S. Trevett, Esq., Mr. Thomas B. WALKER to Miss Rosalind TRIPP, both of Trenton.

Sullivan, 31st ult., by J. C. Chilcott, Esq., Capt. Samuel URAN to Mrs. Mahala PREBLE, all of Sullivan.

Mt. Desert, 2nd inst., by S. N. Jordan, Esq., Capt. Enoch COOK of Searsmont to Miss Mary A. DAVIS of Mt. Desert.

Machiasport, 29th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Bachellor, Mr. George A. PARLIN, junior publisher of the Machias Union, to Miss Mary E. HANSCOM, both of Machias.

Bangor, 30th ult., by the Rev. Dr. Shephard, Rev. A. FOSDICK of Merrimack, N.H., to Miss Cornelia F., daughter of Thomas A. WHITE, Esq.

Tremont, Sept. 22, by C. C. Fuller, Esq., Mr. David CLARK to Mrs. Mary K. HODGDON, all of Tremont.


Ellsworth, 5th inst., Charley Everett, son of Charles and Almira DELAITE, age 9 months, 13 days (poem followed).

Ellsworth, Aug. 30, Joseph JORDAN, age 36 years, 7 months.

North Ellsworth, Aug. 29, Mr. Allen HOPKINS, age 33 years, 6 months.

Sedgwick, Aug. 19, Martha E., wife of Wyer G. SARGENT, age 46 years.

Sedgwick, Aug. 20, Celia S., youngest child of Capt. Ezra EATON.

Sedgwick, Aug. 25, Betsey GRAY, age 91 years.

Tremont, Sept. 5, Lucy, wife of Collins McKAY, age 40 years.

Holden, 29th ult., William J. HART, age 57 years, 5 months.

Machias, 31st ult., Mrs. Elizabeth O. INGLEE, age 81 years.

Whiting, 8th ult., Thaddeus GARDNER, age 3 years, 3 months.

Whiting, 29th, John H. McCARTY, age 11 years, 8 months.

Pensacola, Fla., Aug. 4, Capt. F. J. THOMAS, master of the brig Leghorn.

Eastbrook, 29th ult., Thomas McGUIRE, age about 50 years.

Franklin, 28th ult., Ellen D., daughter of Stevens GOULD, age 4 years.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1860


Ellsworth, 8th inst., by Rev. R. Cole, Capt. Mark S. CHASE to Miss Margaret E. HOLMES, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Sept. 13, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Charles J. ULMER to Miss Elizabeth WHITCOMB, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, Sept. 8, by the Rev. S. A. Blake, Mr. Joseph EMERSON to Miss Frances J. WOOD, both of Surry.

Sullivan, 9th inst., by J. C. Chilcott, Esq., Mr. James W. UURAN to Miss Elizabeth R. WHITE, both of Sullivan.

Eden, Sept. 9, by G. N. Jordan, Esq., Mr. Robert J. YOUNG of Eden to Miss Mary J. PETTY of Gouldsboro.

Gouldsboro, Sept. 8, by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. Gilbert HERVY of Gouldsboro to Miss Ella LaDURNA of Sullivan.

Maysville, Aug. 19, by S. L. Carpenter, Esq., Mr. David B. PIKE of Presque Isle to Miss Addie M. GUPTILL of Gouldsboro.

Bangor, Sept. 5, by the Rev. Dr. Shephard, Major John A. VEAZIE to Miss Etta L., eldest daughter of the Hon. John L. HODSDON.

Upper Stillwater, Sept. 4, by M. W. Gammon, Esq., Mr. Andrew J. WATTS to Miss Elizabeth McLELLAN, both of Old Town.

Eddington, Sept. 2, by L. Woodbury, Esq., Mr. Daniel F. OAKES to Miss Ruth F. SMITH, both of Eddington.

Hampden, Sept. 2, by Rev. J. K. Mason, Mr. Samuel W. TEMPLE, Jr. of Hampden to Miss Mary E. WEBBER of Hermon.


Ellsworth, Sept. 11, Helen, daughter of Walter SMITH, age 21 years, 8 months.

Bangor, Sept. 10, very suddenly, W. F. STACEY, age about 31 years.

Tremont, July 9, Abram, Jr., son of Capt. Abram and the late Deborah RICHARDSON, age 20 years. Abram was a promising young man but has fallen a victim of that fell destroyer of human life, consumption. He departed in peace and hope, and was buried in the yard where lies his excellent mother, to await the triumphant call to a better life.

Tremont, Sept. 4, Lucy, wife of Capt. Collins McREA and daughter of Charles and Rhoda Mitchell, age 36 years. Mrs. McRea was, in the language of another, a charming woman; her virtues have shown conspicuously in all the walks of life from childhood's balmy days to the mature life. In this relation of daughter, maiden and wife. As an active Christian, her influence was strongly felt in the Sabbath School and in her social intercourses throughout her life. Her benevolence in the Sewing Circle and in acts of kindness as a neighbor, a readiness to relieve suffering under any of the ills of mortal life, all grades of society delighted in her charming virtue, so she was universally beloved in life and universally lamented in death. May God comfort and guide the bereaved husband, soothe the sorrows of the afflicted widowed mother, and console the lacerated affections of the brothers and sisters of the deceased, is the fervent prayer of the writer. The coffin was preceded by members of the Sewing Circle with black crepe on the left arm and followed by a large company of mourners to the grave, conducted by James Crockett, Esq. who deposited with evergreens by the Circle, appropriate music by the choir, to rest till called for at the morn of resurrection. Presented in beautiful style, a new edition of his work well corrected and revised by the author.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1860


Ellsworth, 17th inst., by the Rev. W. R. Davis, Mr. Jasper FRAZIER to Miss Abby MERRILL both of Dedham.

Sedgwick, Sept. 12, by the Rev. T. J. B. House, Mr. Joel E. YOUNG of Trenton to Miss Ellen V. HIGGINS of Brooklin.

Bangor, 11th inst., Mr. J. W. LOW of Lincoln to Miss Martha A. CRESSEY of Brewer.

Calais, 13th inst., Mr. E. D. SAWYER to Miss Addie DAREN, both of Calais.

Hampden, 8th inst., by the Rev. J. K. Nason, Mr. Solomon J. GRAY of Ellsworth to Miss Frances S. GREENE of Hermon.


Franklin, 12th inst., Mr. Joseph SCAMMONS, age about 70 years.

Surry, 15th inst., Eunice, wife of Francis GASPER, age 30 years.

Brewer, Sept. 11, Mrs. Elvira W., wife of Arthur. C. WHITCOMB, age 18 years, 9 months.

Orrington, Sept. 8, Miss Lizzie G. GIBSON, age 20 years.

St. Stephens, 10th inst., Charlotte Ann, wife of William THOMPSON, Esq., age 60 years.

Brooklin, Sept. 17, Albert SMITH, age 19 years.

Trenton, Aug. 13, Julia A., daughter of Elisha and Mary A. COUSINS, age 20 years, 24 days. Julia was possessed of many fine traits of character which won her many friends. She was sympathizing, patient in spirit, and embued with a deep religious feeling. A few days before her spirit took its flight from its frail tenement, she entreated her younger sister to prepare to meet her in Heaven. A few hours before her death, she wished to be placed where she could take a last view of the green fields and the setting sun, and her departing spirit seemed to discover in them new beauties. It was her last view, for ere the rising of the morning sun, her spirit had entered the Celestial City where there is no need of the sun neither of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God did lighten it and the Lamb is the light thereof. (A poem followed that she wrote a few months before her death.)

SEPTEMBER 28, 1860


Gouldsboro, 23rd inst., by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. William SPURLING to Miss Esther N. JOY, all of Gouldsboro.

Belfast, 10th inst., Capt. Darius SHUTE to Miss Lucy A. AMES, both of Belfast.

Bangor, Sept. 24, by Rev. W. F. Farrington, Rev. R. B. CURTIS to Miss Mary Louisa HATCH, all of Bangor.


Ellsworth, Sept. 25, Mrs. Hattie N., wife of A. A. BARTLETT, Esq., age 21 years, 8 months, 26 days.

Ellsworth, 19th inst., Llewellyn, child of Nathaniel L. and Fannie E. MILLIKEN, age 9 months.

Waltham, 25th inst., Miss Ann FOX, age 35 years.

Deblois, 8th inst., Mary A., daughter of Edmund and Mary LIBBEY, age 12 years.

Sept. 9, from the wreck of the Mary E. Pierce, Francis E. HARDEN, age 24 years.

Port Jarvis, July 7, Rev. John E. REYNOLDS who was a resident among us for 3 years or more. (written from Sedgwick)

OCTOBER 5, 1860


Ellsworth, Sept. 20, by Rev. R. Cole, Mr. William A. ULMER to Miss Frances E. WHITCOMB, all of Ellsworth.

Sedgwick, Sept. 27, by the Rev. T. J. B. House, Mr. Kendall K. HERRICK to Miss Joanna E. HOPKINS, all of Sedgwick.

Hampden, 30th ult., by the Rev. J. K. Nason, Capt. Donald N. BELCHER to Miss Hannah FERNALD, both of Frankfort.

Mt. Desert, Sept. 30, by G. N. Jordan, Esq., Mr. Thomas SAVAGE to Mrs. Mary A. LANCASTER, both of Mt. Desert.


Sept. 30, Mary Jane, wife of Rev. James BELCHER.

Ellsworth, 30th ult., Henry, son of Jerry BRADY, age 2 years, 4 months, 15 days.

Hancock, 20th ult., Mary, wife of Jerome POMEROY, age about 50 years.

Surry, Oct. 2, child of Calvin CLARK, age 3 months.

Waltham, Sept. 29, Miss Emma J., daughter of Joseph and Sarah HASTINGS, age 24 years, 4 months.

Gouldsboro, Sept. 11, Mr. Nathaniel ASH, age 59 years.

Gouldsboro, Sept. 22, Miss Lucy A. PERRY, age about 25 years.

Sedgwick, Sept. 23, Hannah HARDING, age 76 years.

Deblois, Mary A., daughter of Edmund and Mary LIBBEY, age 16 years, 8 months.

Cherryfield, 17th ult., Harriet, daughter of Caleb and Mary Ann TRACY, age 15 years, 8 months.

Castine, Mary Etta, only daughter of Capt. J. W. and M. A. SYLVESTER, age 9 years. (Poem followed)

OCTOBER 12, 1860


Ellsworth, 2nd inst., by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Capt. Sylvester LORD of Ellsworth to Miss Annie ANDERSON of Trenton.

Ellsworth, 3rd, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Francis McPHETERS of Veasie to Miss Emma J. COOK of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 3rd, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Edward FRANKLIN to Miss Charlotte McFARLAND, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 4th, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. George W. BAGLEY to Miss Penelope A. FRANKS, both of Ellsworth.

Blue Hill, Sept. 29, by the Rev. W. H. Kelton, Mr. Wilfred E. GRINDLE to Miss Betsey GRAY, both of Sedgwick.

Mt. Desert, 7th inst., by W. C. Higgins, Esq., Mr. Eben F. RICHARDSON to Miss Albertine T. LEAR, both of Mt. Desert.

Prospect, 18th ult., by Luther Mudgett, Esq., Freeman COOMBS of Bucksport to Miss Lydia ELLIS of Prospect.

Addison, 6th inst., by the Rev. C. C. Long, Mr. Henry H. WHITE of Addison to Miss Betsey S. NASH of Columbia.


Ellsworth, Oct. 4, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph STRATTON, age 51 years.

Dover, 30th ult., Elder Moses AMES, formerly pastor of the Freewill Baptist Church of Dover.

St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 4, of consumption, Governor WILLARD of Indiana.

Bangor, 7th inst., Luremia, wife of John P. BENT, age 48 years.

South Surry, 1st inst., Perle L., son of Calvin C. and Diadama E. CLARK, age 3 months. (poem followed)

Obituary - Rosa Carlton CLAPP, whose death we chronicled last week, was born in Sedgwick May 18, 1843. She was the daughter of pious parents, her father, Rev. S. Clapp having been for some years preacher of the Gospel. (Long narrative omitted.)

OCTOBER 19, 1860


Ellsworth, 13th inst., by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. George W. McFARLAND to Miss Mary M. MADDOX, both of Ellsworth.

Brooklin, Oct. 12, by Rev. L. Bradford, Mr. William K. BABSON to Miss Cynthia T. HERRICK.

Blue Hill, Oct. 3, by William Wescott, Esq., Mr. Franklin M. BILLINGS of Bucksport to Miss Margaret A. WESCOTT of Blue Hill.

Penobscot, 17th inst., by P. G. Staples, Esq., Mr. Samuel GRAY of Belfast to Miss Sally STAPLES of Penobscot.

Brownville, Oct. 7, by the Rev. J. P. Roberts, Mr. Elbridge RIDER of Brownville to Miss Helen L. HUTCHINGS of Orland.

Machias, 6th inst., by the Rev. G. Batchelder, Mr. G. W. THAXTER to Miss Clara J. PALMER, both of Machias.

Perry, Sept. 9, William STODDARD to Miss Annett BOYDEN.

Perry, Oct. 7, Joseph RODGERS to Miss Sabry BOYDEN.

Lubec, Oct. 7, Mr. Frank E. ALLEN to Miss Lizzie O. MIARS, both of Lubec.

Lubec, Oct. 7, Mr. Eben G. SMALL, Jr. to Miss Margery E. ELLIS, both of Lubec.


Ellsworth, 14th inst., Henry L., son of Henry S. and Matilda BOYNTON, age 1 year, 2 months.

Hancock, 15th inst., Eliza Jane, wife of Capt. Thomas CURRY, age 46 years.

Hancock, Mr. James BROWN, age 75 years.

Franklin, 23rd inst., Miss Nellie M. CROSBY of Orland, age 26 years.

Franklin, Oct. 27, Mary K., daughter of Elisha G. and Abigail FERNALD, age 9 months, 15 days.

Orland, 8th inst., Mr. Charles HIGGINS, age 30 years.

Nassau, N.P., Bahamas, 21st ult., Francis T. SARGENT, Esq., age 37 years.

Bangor, 9th inst., Mrs. Marcia C., wife of Joseph W. THOMPSON, age 20 years, 6 months.

Hampden, Oct. 12, Joshua HILL, Esq., age 46 years.

Brewer, Oct. 12, Capt. Josiah P. TOWLE, formerly of Searsport, age 47 years.

Searsport, 6th inst., Alexander BLACK, age 64 years.

Bucksport, Oct. 9, infant daughter of J. T. and Mary T. DORR, age 6 months, 7 days. (Poem followed)

OCTOBER 26, 1860


Brooklin, by Joseph Hutchings, Esq., Mr. Ephraim BRIDGES of Bucksport to Miss Viretta DEANE of Brooklin.

Sedgwick, 11th inst., by L. G. Philbrook, Esq., Mr. Mark L. ELWELL of Bath to Miss Rose A. FRIEND of Sedgwick.

East Trenton, 18th inst., by H. S. Trevett, Esq., Mr. Stephen TRIPP of East Trenton to Mrs. Lydia R. RICHARDSON of Gouldsboro.

Bangor, 20th inst., by the Rev. C. G. Porter, Mr. Abson B. CUSHMAN to Miss Lizzie PEASE, both of Rockland.

Bangor, 21st, by Rev. C. G. Porter, Mr. Stephen JENNINGS to Miss Ellen G. INGALLS, all of Bangor.

Bangor, 21st inst., by Rev. Mr. Stebbins of Portland, Edwin D. MARSH to Lucretia S. WASGATT, both of Bangor.

Bangor, by Rev. Mr. Stebbins, Oliver C. ASHTON of Ohio to Eunice S. MARSH of Colchester, Conn.

Plantation Number #14, 13th inst., Marcus PETERS of Marion to Miss Eliza A. DODGE of #14.

Bloomfield, Calif., July 31, Lewis W. MILLER formerly of Whitneyville, Maine, to Miss Rebecca L. COCHRILL of Bloomfield.

Anson, by Asa W. Moore, Esq., Mr. Charles H. MAGOON of Bloomfield to Miss Olive E. PARLIN of Anson.

Augusta, 13th inst., Charles H. LONGFELLOW to Emma E. SMITH, both of Winthrop.

Hancock, 16th inst., by R. H. B. Moon, Esq., Capt. Samuel L. DOW to Miss Celestia E. POMEROY, both of Hancock.


Otis, 20th inst., Susan, wife of John B. FRAZIER, age 62 years.

Surry, 20th inst., Rosilla, child of William and Rosilla ROMER, age 1 year.

Bangor, 2nd inst., Miss Sarah P., daughter of Maj. John P. AVERY of Castine, age 21 years, 10 months.

Whitefield, Mr. Edward MURPHY, age 78 years.

Hancock, 19th, Margaret C., wife of Mr. Franklin BALL, age 31 years.

Belfast, 7th inst., Liberty B. WITHERBEE, Esq., age 63 years.

Cornish, 1st inst., Eliza, wife of William SAWYER, age 44 years.

Solon, Deacon Nathan JEWETT, age 89 years.

Augusta, Selia, daughter of Freeman and Lucy BARKER, age 7 months, 12 days.

Bangor, 22nd inst., James Albert SMITH, age 19 years.

Nevada City, Calif., 16th ult., Josiah M. WATTS, formerly of Jonesboro, Maine, age 24 years.

San Francisco, Calif., George W. REYNOLDS, a native of Maine, age 33 years.

Surry, 16th inst., of scarlet fever after a short sickness of only 36 hours, Henry Lee, only child of Rev. Clarkson B. and Mary ROBERTS, age 8 months, 10 days. One year and a half ago they were called to part with their only child, Osmond C., age 2 years, 3 months; thus have these deeply afflicted parents been called to mourn the loss of an only child twice within the short space of 18 months. But who shall say that their loss as parents is not the infinite and eternal gain for the precious little ones while we hear Jesus say, "Suffer little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

NOVEMBER 2, 1860


Ellsworth, 20th ult., at the Ellsworth House, by the Rev. R. Cole, Mr. Edmund N. FOSS to Mrs. Eliza J. MOORE, both of Hancock.

Bangor, Oct. 27, Mr. John C. TURNER to Miss Amanda M. DAVIS, both of Eddington.

Bangor, by the Rev. A. Battles, Dr. William H. PHIPPS of Bradford to Miss Sarah A. GREELEY of Bangor.

Bangor, by the Rev. A. Battles, Mr. Joshua M. JORDAN to Miss Sarah A. CRANE, both of Eddington.

Hampden, 16th ult., Mr. John PERKINS, Jr. to Miss Eliza Ann SAWYER, both of Hampden.

Corinth, Oct. 22, by Rev. J. Mariner, Mr. John LARY to Miss Elmira EDDY, both of Corinth.

Machiasport, by the Rev. Mr. Batchelder, Mr. Valentine DUNNING to Miss Susan WATTS, both of Whitneyville.

Beddington, 21st ult., by Rev. John S. Peckham, Mr. Eri C. FARNSWORTH of Beddington to Mrs. Hannah SMALL of Cherryfield.

Beddington, 21st ult., by Rev. John S. Peckham, Mr. Jeremiah G. GRIFFIN of Beddington to Miss Julia A. HUTCHINSON of Cherryfield.

Penobscot, Oct. 20, by Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. Benjamin P. DORITY of Sedgwick to Miss Augusta S. HERRICK of Rockland.

Penobscot, 28th, by Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. Erin CHAMBER to Miss Francis M. ORDWAY, both of Castine.

Mt. Desert, 27th ult., by N. G. Richardson, Esq., Mr. Byron NORTON to Miss Louisa ROBINSON.

Bucksport, 29th ult., by the Rev. A. Prince, Mr. George W. PETTES of Provincetown, Mass. to Miss Elisiada B. TURNER of Bucksport.


Ellsworth, 22nd ult., Mr. Ezra DAVIS, age 76 years.

Ellsworth, Oct. 27, James, son of Mr. George GRANT, age 4 years.

Mariaville, 27th ult., Dorcas PENNY, age 40 years.

Brewer, Oct. 26, Dudley C. OAKES, age 50 years.

Holden, Oct. 7, Mrs. Susan, wife of Isaac CLEWLEY, age 46 years.

Bangor, Oct. 28, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Daniel GREELEY, Esq., formerly of Foxcroft.

Fort Fairfield, 24th ult., Mr. Stillman GORDAN, age 52 years.

East Machias, 13th ult., Mrs. Apphia, relict of the late Abijah FOSTER, age 88 years.

Charlotte, 26th ult., Mr. Joseph TARBELL, age about 73 years.

Dexter, 5th inst., Amasa C., only son of John Q. and Leoniece WHITTEMORE, age 19 years, 8 months.

Sedgwick, Oct. 5, Mrs. Mary Jane, wife of Lewis GRINDELL, age 38 years.

NOVEMBER 9, 1860


Ellsworth, Nov. 1, by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Thomas P. HUNNEWELL to Miss Sophia N. JORDAN, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Nov. 3, by William Somerby, Esq., Mr. Owen BYRN to Miss Susan H. OBER, both of Ellsworth.

Bangor, 25th ult., by Professor Shephard, Mr. M. L. AVERILL to Miss Albra E. GETCHELL of Old Town.

Franklin, 27th ult., by Samuel Wasson, Esq., Mr. William WOOSTER of Sullivan to Miss Sarah E. CLARK of Franklin.

Winterport, Oct. 26, by R. A. Rich, Esq., Mr. George W. LOWELL of Portland to Miss Annie E. NICKERSON of Bangor.

Portland, 2nd inst., Mr. Charles A. GARDNER to Miss Maria F. BROWN, both of Portland.

Rockland, 18th ult., Mr. James THOMAS of Thomaston to Miss Adda JACKSON of Rockland.

Machiasport, 31st ult., Mr. Horace W. GETCHELL to Miss Caroline C. BERRY, both of Marshfield.

Trescott, Mr. Robert McFADDEN to Miss Henrietta LANCASTER, both of Trescott.

Falmouth, Mass., Oct. 31, by Rev. Dr. Thompson of Roxbury, Mr. I. A. HATCH formerly of Bangor to Miss Harriet S., daughter of the late Hon. John JENKINS of Falmouth.

Sacramento, Calif., Sept. 30, Capt. Samuel C. HALL to Miss Annie M. HODGKINS of Bangor.

Bangor, 5th inst., by George W. Snow, Esq., Capt. Benjamin O. TARR of Pittston to Mrs. Mary T. KIRKPATRICK of Bangor.


Southwest Harbor, Nov. 3, Laura, wife of Robert NEWMAN, age 30 years.

Machiasport, 17th ult., Hannah, wife of Capt. J. COLBETH, age 19 years.

Machiasport, 23rd, Richard PAGE, age 79 years.

Jonesport, 29th ult., Eveline, daughter of N. PEASLEE, age 23 years.

Eastport, Charles W. CARPENTER, age 40 years.

Pembroke, 28th ult., Persis, wife of Deacon Johnson REYNOLDS, age 80 years.

Bangor, Oct. 31, Mary A., wife of Ira GOODHUE.

Bangor, 29th, William LOWELL, age 49 years.

Turner Village, Mr. E. S. WHITMAN, by being thrown from his carriage.

Portland, 1st inst., Annis, widow of the late John SALVADOR, age 70 years, 9 months.

Skowhegan, 1st inst., Hon. David KIDDER, age 73 years.

Obituary for Mrs. Rosalie V. DELAITRE (Long narrative not repeated here completely but gives data of born in East Trenton, August 9, 1799, oldest of family's six children; her father was from France, by the name of Desisles. She was married to Charles Delaitre 9 January 1827 and she died 18 October 1860.)

NOVEMBER 16, 1860


Ellsworth, 2nd inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Wheelock W. HINCKLEY of Blue Hill to Miss Mary S. TREWORGY of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Nov. 4, by C. P. Jordan, Esq., Mr. Augustus SARGENT to Miss Diana OBER, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 14th inst., by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Capt. David D. LELAND to Miss Josephene HIGGINS, daughter of Capt. Steven HIGGINS, all of Eden.

Cherryfield, 3rd inst., by J. A. Milliken, Esq., Mr. James G. SANBORN, Esq. of O. to Miss Ann L. GODFREY of Steuben.

Machiasport, 31st ult., Horace W. GETCHELL to Miss Caroline G. BERRY, both of Marshfield.

Lubec, 3rd inst., Leonard TUCKER to Miss Mary E. MYERS, both of Lubec.

Dedham, Nov. 12, by the Rev. James Wells, Rev. George A. PUTNAM of North Yarmouth to Miss Fannie M. WELLS of Dedham.

Hampden, 11th inst., by the Rev. J. K. Nason, Capt. Lemuel K. STUBBS of Winterport to Miss Darcas E. ROGERS of Hampden.


Ellsworth, Nov. 9, Emily, daughter of Chancy R. and Abigail SADDLER, age 2 years, 9 days.

Ellsworth, 11th inst., Alonzo, son of Alpheus MOOR.

Machias, 8th inst., Kate, daughter of Heman and Olive BOSWORTH, age 5 months.

Machias, 6th inst., Fred U., son of William G. and Eveline L. STONE, age 1 1/2 years.

Milltown, St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Nov. 1, Mary Ellen, wife of W. H. TODD, M.D., in the 26th year of her age.

Tremont, Sept. 30, of scrofula, Capt. Samuel S. WEBSTER, son of Capt. Sullivan and Eliza Webster, age 19 years, 3 months.

Millbridge, Oct. 15, Celia B. CLARK of Gouldsboro.

Amherst, 7th inst., Helen P., wife of William L. BOYD and daughter of Manson and Sabra Crosby of Marion, Iowa, age 21 years, 6 months.

East Eddington, Sept. 21, Sanford D. CLEWLEY, age 26.

Southwest Harbor, Mt. Desert, Sept. 16, Mrs. CLARK, wife of Mr. Israel Clark, age 23 years, 5 months, 21 days. (Long narrative not repeated here verbatim, but she was sick for 2 years; her mother and father had both predeceased her, and when she died, she left a husband and 2 brothers and 3 sisters. But no given name shown for Mrs. Clark anywhere.)

Farmington, 19th ult., Mr. Elijah SMITH, age 89 years, 4 months.

NOVEMBER 23, 1860


Orland, Nov. 10, by the Rev. Joab Harriman, Mr. Isaac M. KENNEY to Miss Clara A. DAVIS, both of Orland.

Olamon, 13th inst., Mr. William SWEET to Miss Mary E. HALL of Howland.

Orrington, 23rd ult., by Rev. A. Church, Mr. Jeremiah BLANCHARD of Hampden to Miss Clara A. FREEMAN of Orrington.

Orrington, Nov. 1, Mr. Gideon HOXIE of Bucksport to Miss Mary E. SMITH of Orrington.

Orrington, Nov. 11, Mr. Francis A. LINNELL to Eliza J. NICKERSON, both of Orrington.

Hampden, Nov. 14, by the Rev. A. Church, Mr. James HOPKINS to Miss Lucinda H. PORTER, both of Hampden.

Addison, 11th inst., by the Rev. C. C. Long, Capt. Warren IRONS to Miss Hannah COFFIN, both of Addison.

Addison, Mr. Sidney H. AUSTIN of Addison to Miss Augusta A. LEIGHTON of Columbia.


Ellsworth, 20th inst., Frank Delaite, son of Benjamin S. and Caroline A. JORDAN, age 2 years, 3 months.

Bucksport, Nov. 12, Alfred E. PATTERSON, age 21 years, 11 months.

At Pensacola, Oct. 15, of yellow fever, Thaddeus S. GREEN, son of Samuel L. and Mary Green of Surry, age 21 years. He was a worthy young man and had secured the friendship of all who enjoyed his acquaintance.

Mt. Desert, Mr. Webster SMITH, age about 30 years.

Tremont, Nov. 12, Mrs. Lucy, wife of William MITCHELL.

Hampden, 18th inst., Alexander JONES, age 41 years, 6 months.

Castine, Nov. 5, Mary A., daughter of Dr. R. H. BRIDGHAM, age 17 years.

Holden, 25th inst., Thomas F. BLAKE, age 40 years, 4 months.

Wellington, Oct. 12, Deacon Joseph MOSES, age 84 years, 6 months.

Hodsdon, Nov. 10, Mr. William WILLIAMS, age 78 years.

Holmes's Hole, Nov. 15, Benjamin GOTT, seaman, of Tremont, Maine, age 18 years; fell overboard from the main top gallant yard and was drowned.

SchZSnow in Gloucester, 10th inst., from Bangor for New Haven, lost overboard the same day one of her men, Jefferson GRAY of Sedgwick.

Tremont, 12th inst., Mrs. Lucy MITCHELL, age 23 years, leaving a husband just on the verge of the grave, one child and numerous relatives and friends to mourn her early departure. The coffin was preceded by members of the Benevolent Purple clad with appropriate insignia, conducted with appropriate address to the grave by James Prophet, Esq.

Tremont, Sept. 30, of scrofula, Capt. Samuel S. WEBSTER, son of Capt. Sullivan and Eliza Webster, age 19 years, 3 months. (Narrative followed including information that he was sick for about 1 year.)

NOVEMBER 30, 1860


Ellsworth, 24th inst., by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Benjamin B. SALSBURY to Miss Augusta BOWDEN, all of Ellsworth.

Deer Isle, by Bartholmew B. Lunt, Esq., Mr. James M. BARBER to Miss Margaret RICH, both of Long Island.

Auburn, Nov. 1, Horace C. LITTLE of the Portland Advertiser to Miss Rosa J. ROAK.

Dedham, 12th ult., by the Rev. James Wells, Rev. George A. PUTNAM of North Yarmouth to Miss Fannie M. WELLS of Dedham.

Cape Elizabeth, Capt. John Jarvis BREWSTER of Rockland to Miss Emeline Merrill MARINER of Cape Elizabeth.


Ellsworth, Nov. 29, Mr. George HODGKINS, age 86 years, 3 months.

Ellsworth, 18th inst., Caroline CHAMBERLAIN, age 29 years, 19 days.

Waltham, 25th inst., Betsey JELLISON, age 70 years.

Harpswell, 11th inst., Deacon Joseph ORR, age 58 years.

Augusta, 22nd inst., Rev. Daniel C. INGRAHAM, son of the Rev. J. H. Ingraham, age 30 years.

Bangor, 20th inst., Franklin HERSEY, age 25 years, son of Maj. Joshua Hersey.

Hampden, 22nd inst., of consumption, Miss Nancy Octavia, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel BARTLETT, age 18 years.

Hampden, 18th inst., Mr. Alexander JONES, age 44 years, 6 months.

Brewer Village, 20th inst., of consumption, Abby W., wife of Calvin KENT, age 28 years, 8 months.

DECEMBER 7, 1860


Ellsworth, on Thanksgiving evening, by the Rev. Sewall Tenney, Mr. John F. WHITCOMB to Miss Lena G., daughter of Charles HAYNES, Esq., all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 4th inst., by the Rev. R. Cole, Capt. James S. LORD to Miss Harriet L. HALL, both of Sullivan.

Ellsworth, Nov. 30, by C. P. Jordan, Esq., Mr. William A. FRENCH of Eastbrook to Miss Roxana FROST of Mariaville.

Hampden, 29th ult., Mr. Stephen SIMPSON to Mrs. Louisa KNOWLES, both of Hampden.

Bangor, 29th ult., by the Rev. A. Dalton, Mr. Rudolph R. WIGGIN to Miss Lucinda C. WITHERLY, all of Bangor.

Topsham, at the residence of Charles Thompson, Esq., Nov. 28, by the Rev. A. D. Wheeler, D.D., Charles HAMLIN, Esq., attorney at law of Orland and son of the Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, to Miss Sarah Purrington THOMPSON, only daughter of Capt. Dixey Thompson.

Glenburn, Nov. 28, by Professor D. T. Smith, Capt. Charles B. SANFORD of Bangor to Miss Maria T., only daughter of Mrs. George S. FRENCH of Glenburn.

Bucksport, Thanksgiving eve, by the Rev. A. Prince, Capt. Frederic WOOD to Miss Mary FARNHAM, all of Bucksport.


Ellsworth, Nov. 27, Mrs. Ann, wife of William TURNER, age 43 years, 24 days.

Blue Hill, Sept. 7, Lena M., daughter of Abner and Martha EATON, age 23 months, 13 days.

Blue Hill, Nov. 11, Harriet Ann, daughter of John and Deborah CAIN, age 2 years, 11 months, 21 days.

Columbia, 30th ult., Mrs. Mary Ann, wife of John DUFFER, Jr.

Addison, 7th ult., of heart disease, Mr. Daniel CHANDLER.

Addison, 9th, of consumption, Darius D. JOY, age 25 years.

Addison, 17th, George H. CHANDLER, age 23 years.

Addison, 27th, J. Pierpont, only son of Capt. H. N. and Priscilla PLUMMER, age 10 months.

DECEMBER 14, 1860


Ellsworth, 13th inst., by the Rev. S. Tenney, Hon. John WEST of Franklin to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of the late Benjamin JORDAN, Esq. of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 6th inst., by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Simon GARLAND of Ellsworth to Miss Elizabeth A. FROST of Mariaville.

Ellsworth, 9th inst., by the Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. John HOWARD to Miss Catherine JUDE, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, on Thanksgiving Eve, by the Rev. C. B. Roberts at the Methodist parsonage, Mr. Jesse L. CONARY to Miss Dorathy A. FLOOD, all of Surry.

Penobscot, Nov. 25, by the Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. Moses P. ALLEN of Sedgwick to Miss Emma T. HINCKLEY, of Blue Hill.

Franklin, 1st inst., by S. Wassen, Esq., Mr. Lewis M. MURCH of Trenton to Miss Louisa BRAGDON of Eastbrook.

Hampden, 6th inst., Mr. Charles PALMER of Bangor and Miss Susan G., daughter of the Rev. T. GREENBAUGH of Hampden.

Hampden, 6th inst., Mr. Horatio N. TRIBOU to Miss Lucinda ATWOOD, both of Hampden.


Ellsworth, 13th inst., Mrs. Lois, wife of William A. JACKSON, age 61 years.

Tremont, 9th inst., wife of Rufus KING, age about 35 years.

Hancock, Dec. 6, Susan A., wife of James McFARLAND, age 19 years, 8 months.

Eddington, Dec. 9, Miss Harriet A. Newhall, wife of C. G. THOMPSON.

Bangor, Dec. 9, Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. James O'DONOHUE.

DECEMBER 21, 1860


Exeter, N.H., 18th inst., at the residence of Woodbridge Odlin, Esq., by the Rev. O. T. Lanphear, Mr. Charles J. PERRY to Miss Maria S. BLACK, daughter of William H. Black, Esq., both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 9th inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Abdon H. COOLIDGE to Miss Clarenda YOUNG, both of Trenton.

Boston, Dec. 13, by Rev. James Belcher, Capt. John L. MURCH of this town to Miss Lucy M. PIO of Boston.

Surry, at the Methodist parsonage, by the Rev. C. B. Roberts, Mr. Emory S. WARDWELL of Bucksport to Miss Roxie HATCH of Penobscot.

Waterville, 29th ult., Mr. Joseph L. PATTEN of Skowhegan, publisher of the Somerset Telegraph, to Miss Lizzie SCATES of Waterville.

Brewer, 13th inst., Mr. William H. H. EMERSON to Mrs. M. A. KNIGHTS, both of Brewer.


Hancock, Dec. 5, Mrs. Susann C., wife of Mr. James M. McFARLAND, age 19 years, 8 months.

New York, 23rd ult., Arthur A., son of Capt. Samuel and Lucinda STEVENS of Steuben, age 16 years.

San Francisco, Charles E., son of A. J. and Emily F. POPE, age 1 year, 3 months.

DECEMBER 28, 1860


Ellsworth, 26th inst., by the Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. John R. CARTER of Brooklin to Miss Hellen E. TOURTLOTTE of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Dec. 8., by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Charles J. HATCH to Mrs. Henrietta M. BAILEY.

Strawberry Valley, Calif., 25th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Dickens, at the residence of Jason Springer, Mr. George W. SHARER of Illinois to Miss Sarah C. SPRINGER of Maine.

Machias, 6th inst., by Rev. H. F. Harding, Mr. Albion G. TYLER to Miss Persis ANDERSON, both of Machias.

Belfast, 19th, by the Rev. Dr. Palfrey, Mr. John HITCHCOCK of the firm of Potter, Hitchcock & Co. of Boston, to Miss Sarah Frances, daughter of ex-Governor CROSBY.


Ellsworth, Dec. 21, Cornelius MOOR, age 72 years, 8 months, 20 days.

Ellsworth, Dec. 25, Mariana C. HAMMOND, daughter of Moses and Margaret Hammond, age 18 years, 9 months.

Bangor, Dec. 16, Sarah KITTREDGE, wife of Ingalls Kittredge, formerly of Readfield, age 54 years.

Bangor, 23rd inst., Amy P., wife of H. M. ELLIOTT, age 34.

Machias, 24th ult., Lucy E., daughter of Nathan W. and Caroline E. REYNOLDS, age 1 year, 4 months.

Cherryhill, 18th, William NICHOLS, Jr.

Calais, 15th, F.A.P., son of Deacon Samuel KELLEY, age 22.

Machias, 20th, Deborah FARNSWORTH, age 77 years.

Tremont, Dec. 9, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Capt. Rufus KING, age 41 years, 3 months. (Narrative not quoted verbatim but discloses that Mrs. King left a husband, 5 sons, parents, 1 brother, and 2 sisters; she was wasting away of consumption for more than 18 months.)

JANUARY 4, 1861


Ellsworth, Dec. 30, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Marcellus GINN to Miss Addie ROSS, both of Bucksport.

Tremont, Dec. 27, by C. C. Fuller, Esq., Mr. William HARPER to Miss Hannah E. MARSHALL, all of Tremont.

Trenton, 29th inst., by H. S. Trevett, Esq., Mr. John F. SMITH, Jr. to Miss Henrietta BUTLER, both of Franklin.

Penobscot, 23rd ult., by Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. James D. GRAY of Blue Hill to Miss Emma F. WIGHT of Penobscot.

Orono, Dec. 25, by the Rev. S. L. Bowler, T. F. McFADDEN, Esq. to Miss Phebe W. COLBURN, both of Orono.

Bucksport, 23rd inst., by Rev. H. K. Craig, Mr. John M. SMALL to Miss Josephene M. PEACH, both of Bucksport.

Bucksport, 25th inst., Mr. Daniel S. EMORY of Boston to Miss Lyda S. HILL of Sullivan.

St. John's Church, Dec. 26, by the Rev. A. Dalton, Mr. Calvin HOWE of Haverhill, Mass. to Miss Isabella ELDER, daughter of E. W. Elder, Esq., of Bangor.

Bangor, Dec. 25, by the Rev. S. Harris assisted by Rev. G. Sheppard, Mr. Wallis S. CHASE of Boston to Miss Mary A. L., daughter of David MOSMAN, Esq. of Bangor.


Sullivan, Dec. 6, Deacon Enoch HILL, age 83 years.

Sullivan, Dec. 13, Miss Cordelia, daughter of Dr. Nathan JOHNSON, age 29 years.

Winter Harbor, Dec. 28, Nathan H., son of John S. SARGENT, age 5 years.

West Brooksville, 26th inst., Zader Ellen, daughter of Alonzo and Susan SNOW, age 3 months.

Windsor, Nov. 28, Capt. Shedrack W. COUSINS of Brooksville, age 42.

Castine, Dec. 8, Annie H., only child of J. S. and S. T. NORTON, 10 months (poem followed).

JANUARY 11, 1861


Ellsworth, Dec. 30, by Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. Edwin H. HOPKINS to Miss Ann E. WHITMORE, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 6th inst., at the residence of J. W. Hill, by Rev. B. M. Mitchell, Mr. Joshua B. JOHNSON to Miss Eliza C. HILL, both of Sullivan.

Surry, Jan. 1, by Luther Lord, Esq., Capt. Michael BELATTY to Miss Nancy LORD, both of Surry.

Mt. Desert, Dec. 30, by W. C. Higgins, Esq., Mr. Leonard NORTON of Mt. Desert to Mrs. Zidanna YOUNG of Harrington.

Addison, Jan. 1, by Rev. C. C. Long, Mr. Frank W. HILL to Miss Julia M. BARKER, both of Mariaville.

Cherryfield, Jan. 5, at the residence of William Guptill, Esq., Mr. Sewal T. ROYAL of Ellsworth to Miss Martha T. HOOGS of Plantation #10.


Surry, Jan. 2, Sanford S. SMITH, age 24 years.

Franklin, Jan. 2, Nahum BUNKER, age 85 years.

Mariaville, Jan. 7, Robert MORTON, age 30 years.

Amherst, of consumption, Dec. 29, 1860, George Edgar COX, son of George I. and Paulina Cox, 16 years, 22 days.

Tremont, Nov. 26, Abby H., daughter of William, Jr. and Hannah MULLIN, age 10 years, 6 months, 1 day (poem followed).

Ellsworth, 10th inst., by P. W. Perry, Esq., Mr. Eliakim HUTCHINS, Jr. of Penobscot to Miss Mary E. CARMAN of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, Jan. 3, by Rev. A. Prince, Capt. George A. GOTT to Miss Martha IRVING, all of Bucksport.

Hampden, 8th inst., by the Rev. J. K. Nason, Mr. Thomas J. WHITTIER to Miss Ellen J. SAVAGE, both of Bangor.

Bangor, 6th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Battles, Mr. Frank O. J. BURR of Brewer to Miss Theresa ROGERS of Bangor.

Machias, 3rd inst., by the Rev. J. L. Sanborn, Mr. B. F. TOBEY of Machiasport to Miss Amanda T. CAMPBELL of Machias.

Deer Isle, 1st inst., by Sullivan Green, Esq., Capt. Daniel HAMBLIN of Deer Isle to Miss S. WOOD of Rockland.

Deer Isle, 1st inst., Elisha ROBBINS, Esq. to Susan M. BERRY, all of Deer Isle.


Ellsworth, 16th inst., Mrs. CLAY, widow of the late Israel M. Clay.

Portland, 17th inst., Mr. Samuel B. NEWBEGIN, age 37 years.

Machias, 9th inst., Hannah SMITH, age 82 years.

Machias, 11th, Jonathan LONGFELLOW, age 85 years.

Machias, Otis CROCKER, age 70 years.

Holden, Jan. 6, Mr. A. J. ROGERS, age 42 years, 9 months.

Bangor, Jan. 9, Mrs. Eliza H., wife of Dr. William GALLUPE, age 57 years.

Bangor, 7th inst., Mary B., wife of N. H. DILLINGHAM, Esq., age 44 years, 6 months.

Bangor, 3rd inst., Fred E. BRADFORD, son of Lemuel Bradford, Esq., age 24 years.

Brewer, 14th inst., Sarah B., wife of Capt. J. H. GARMAN, age 56 years.

Gouldsboro, 8th inst., Mrs. Sarah A., wife of James A. STEVENS and daughter of William and Lydia Workman, 20 years, 1 month (poem followed).

JANUARY 25, 1861


Bucksport, 13th inst., by the Rev. H. K. Craig, Mr. Joseph PARTRIDGE of Orland to Miss Deborah H. WIGHT of Bucksport.

Bucksport, at the same time, Mr. Charles PARTRIDGE of Orland to Miss Clara A. WIGHT of Bucksport.

Leicester, Mass., 16th inst., by the Rev. H. C. Estes, Mr. Frederic A. LYON of Leicester to Miss Frances A. LAMB of Oxford.

Nevada, Calif., Oct. 27, at the National Exchange, by Hon. Niles Scarles, District Judge, Mr. Z. DUNNING of Woolsey's Flat, formerly of Charleston, Maine, and Miss Sarah H. HATHORN of Thomaston, Maine.

Boston, Jan. 17, by Rev. Mr. Manning, Mr. Milton C. TENNEY of Georgetown, Mass. to Miss Augusta E., daughter of the Hon. John M. NOYES of Mt. Desert, Maine.


Hancock, 17th inst., Miss Philena HODGKINS, age 24 years.

Fell overboard and was drowned at sea, 11th inst., from the brig Young Republic Libby, Cardenas, Thomas CLARK, seaman, of Mt. Desert, Maine, age 19 years.

Springfield, Ill., Dec. 29, Robert N. SMITH, Esq., son of the Hon. Noah Smith of Calais, age 32 years, 3 months, 13 days.

St. John, New Brunswick, 10th inst., Thomas PLUMMER, Esq., age 67 years, formerly of Bangor.

Machias, 14th inst., Mr. Isaac C. PENNELL, age 77 years.

Jonesport (Shorey's Island), 16th inst., John SHOREY, Esq., age 81 years.

FEBRUARY 1, 1861


Ellsworth, Tuesday, 29th ult., by Rev. Mr. Tenney, Capt. Ezra ANDERSON of Trenton to Miss Lydia A. HAMOR of Eden.

Surry, Jan. 17, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C. B. Roberts, Capt. Matterson I. CONERY to Miss Lizzy P. PERT, all of Surry.

Surry, Jan. 22, at the Methodist parsonage, by the Rev. C. B. Roberts, Mr. John T. HASKELL to Mrs. Judith O. FRIEND, all of Surry.


Trenton, Jan. 27, Wilson Forest, son of Capt. Wilson R. YOUNG, age 3 years, 6 months, 19 days.

Tremont, Jan. 24, Peta F., daughter of Capt. N. A. HARPER, age 12 months, 10 days. (Poem followed)

Winterport, Jan. 21, Capt. Joshua HOWES, age 84 years.

Hermon, Jan. 27, Mr. Alfred M. KIMBALL, age 22 years.

Bangor, Jan. 23, Alfred P. GROVER, age 43 years.

FEBRUARY 8, 1861


Bucksport, Jan. 31, by the Rev. A. Prince, Mr. Joseph CLISH to Miss Juliatta KING, all of Bucksport.

Hallowell, Mr. Charles W. TRAFTON of Waterville to Miss Emily B. GILMAN of Hallowell.

Belfast, 18th ult., Capt. James ROBBINS to Miss Susan PATTERSON, both of Belfast.

Bangor, Mr. Manasseh SAUNDERS to Miss Parrazanda M. RICE , both of Bangor.

Newport, Mr. Franklin PUSHOR of Plymouth to Miss Eliza HANSEN of Palmyra.

Orono, Mr. W. H. FOLSOM to Mrs. J. A. LOCKWOOD, both of Orono.

Fort Fairfield, by the Rev. C. H. Ellis, Warren C. PLUMMER of the Pioneer to Miss Nancy C. HAINES.


Ellsworth, 4th inst., Mary, youngest daughter of Ellen CARNEY, age 14 years.

Ellsworth, 5th inst., Ella, only child of Edward and Adelia SAUNDERS, age 4 years, 11 months, 9 days.

Mariaville, 6th inst., Jonathan R. JACKSON, age 71.

Hancock, Jan. 29, Hannah GATES, age 84 years.

Eddington, Jan. 10, John Calvin SWEET, age 95 years, 10 months, 10 days.

Bangor, 29th ult., Philip Curtis BRYANT, son of Joseph Bryant, Esq., age 32 years.

Malden, New York, Jan. 30, Rev. Edward H. BUCK, pastor of the Congregational Society in Melrose, Mass., formerly of East Machias.

Etna, 28th ult., Abigail WHITTEN, age 88 years.

Machiasport, Adonijah ACKLEY, age 70 years.

Cherryfield, 21st ult., Robert BURNHAM, age 20 years.

Cherryfield, 22nd ult., Miss Frances MADDEN, age 19 years.

Tremont, Jan. 25, Mrs. Isiphenia, wife of Capt. William HOLDEN, age 44 years, leaving a husband, 4 children, various brothers and sisters to mourn their loss. (Long narrative followed about Mrs. Holden which we are not reproducing here.)

FEBRUARY 15, 1861


Tremont, 3rd inst., by Rev. John W. Pierce, Capt. Joshua S. MOOR to Miss Caroline F. SEINES, both of Tremont.

Trenton, Feb. 7th, by the Rev. I. A. Wardwell, Mr. Lyman HOPKINS to Miss Salome C. HOPKINS, both of Trenton.

Bangor, 6th inst., by the Rev. Professor Shepherd, Mr. William W. BROWN of the firm of W. & W. W. Brown of Portland, to Miss Emily Hart, daughter of C. W. JENKINS of Bangor.

Rockland, 3rd inst., Mr. Thomas TOVIN to Miss Barbara A. REAVER, both of Rockland.

Rockland, Capt. A. J. PACKARD to Miss Rebecca GREGORY of Camden.

Thomaston, 25th ult., Theodore EUGLEY to Miss Sarah F. LASH of Waldoboro.

Warren, 24th ult., Mr. E. L. DILLINGHAM to Miss Elizabeth S. CARLTON of Thomaston.

Orland, 1st inst., by Rev. B. S. Arey, Mr. William SAUNDERS to Mrs. Amanda J. SAUNDERS, both of Orland.

Lubec, Mr. John COLLOM, agent of the Lubec Mining Company, to Miss Mary Jane RICE.


Trenton, 7th inst., Thomas D. CHILDS, age 74 years.

Bangor, Mrs. Relief C., wife of Alonzo SMITH, age 27 years.

Corinth, 5th inst., Eliza M., wife of Jonathan EDDY, Esq., age 63 years, 16 days.

Bangor, 7th inst., Paris Hatch, son of Abram and Mary E. LOUNDY, age 10 years, 5 months.

Rockland, 4th inst., Emeline F., wife of William H. GLOVER, age 24 years, 6 months.

St. George, Jan. 24, Mrs. Rosina Willard, wife of Capt. Simon PIERSON, age 33 years.

Gardiner, Mrs. Harriet E. Blish, wife of Hon. Noah WOODS, age 43 years.

Bristol, Mr. Harrat FITCH, age 64 years; while going to a neighbor's house in company with his son, suddenly fell dead in the snow.

Dr. George SEYMOUR of Litchfield, Conn., died 29th ult., from the effects it is said of the national hotel disease at Washington, contracted 4 years since.

At the Marine Hospital in Westbrook, 3rd inst., Judah NICKERSON, age 18 years.

Machias, 6th inst., Catherine, wife of Crosby SHOREY, landlord of the Eastern Hotel, age 31 years. Brooklin, Jan. 20, Mr. John YORK, age 53 years.

Sedgwick, Mr. James HARDING, age 70 years.

Eden, Capt. Smith HOPKINS, age 91 years.

Eden, Capt. Thomas MAYO, age 75 years.

Dedham, 5th inst., Mr. Jacob SMITH of Bangor, age 56 years.

Arno, 10th inst., Hiram JOY, Esq., age 49 years.

Spoken, the ship Sea Serpent from Whampo Bay Oct. 20 for New York, reported Capt. Jacob D. WHITTEMORE of Bath dead.

FEBRUARY 22, 1861


Ellsworth, 14th inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Edward S. TISDALE to Miss Harriet S. BLACK, daughter of William H. Black, Esq., all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, 16th inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. George H. BROOKS to Miss Charlotte M. BURLEIGH, all of Ellsworth.

Surry, 3rd inst., by the Rev. E. Pinkham, Mr. Josiah CUNNINGHAM of Trenton to Miss Lydia F. CURTIS of Surry.

Bangor, 17th inst., Mr. William Wallace SEAVEY to Miss Amanda J. STEWART, both of Bangor.

Biddeford, 9th inst., Mr. Leonard JORDAN of Westbrook to Miss Jane H. DALE of Biddford.

Cutler, 9th inst., Isaac G. JOHNSON, Esq. to Miss Eliza J. RAMSDELL.

Norridgewock, Feb. 14, Mr. William C. HOUGHTON to Miss Eveline V. GOODRICH, both of Madison.

Bangor, 6th inst., Moses H. PIKE, Esq. of Skowhegan to Mrs. Lavina GARLAND of Carmel.

Bangor, Feb. 18, by the Rev. M. H. Tarbox, Mr. Samuel BICKFORD of Bangor to Miss Mary ARBO of Farmington.


Surry, 15th, Edward, son of Varden Araneth LORD, age 1 year, 3 months, 4 days.

Roxbury, 27th ult., Capt. John BALCH formerly of Trescott, age 57 years.

Eastport, 30th ult., Charles R. AVERY, age 37 years.

Lubec, 30th ult., George BENNETT, age 62 years.

Milford, Mr. Steven MARINER, age 73 years.

Portland, 15th inst., Georgeana, only daughter of David and Isabella WESCOTT, age 10 months.

MARCH 1, 1861


Brooklin, 22nd ult., by B. C. Sargent, Esq., Mr. Abram B. CARTER of Sedgwick to Miss Hattie W. REDMAN of Brooklin.

Tremont, 16th ult., by C. C. Fuller, Esq., Capt. Mark W. HODGDON to Miss Mary Jane TRUFRY of Trenton.

Stetson, Feb. 19, by Lewis Barker, Esq., Dr. George A. TABOR of New Bedford, Mass. to Mrs. Charlotte F. WORKS of Bangor.

Belfast, Feb. 17, Mr. Melvin S. BAGLEY of Bangor to Miss Annie F., only daughter of J. F. MILLIKEN, Esq., of Belfast.

Belfast, 14th ult., Mr. Phineas NICHOLS to Miss Lucy J. BLANCHARD, both of Sedgwick.

Machiasport, 23rd inst., by the Rev. G. Bachellor, Charles SANBORN to Miss Jane PHINNEY.


Surry, Feb. 26, John D. TRUNDY, age 56 years, 3 months.

Machias, 11th ult., Mrs. Elizabeth DOW, age 63 years.

Marshfield, Henry, son of Simeon E. and Adeline CROCKER, age 11 months.

Lubec, 13th ult., Sylvia MORTON, age 89 years.

Waldo, Jan. 18, of consumption, Alexander WILSON, age 69 years.

Bangor, 23rd ult., Charles Wareham, only son of W. and S. N. BRIGGS, age 4 years.

East Hampden, Feb. 24, Edgar, son of T. C. and Harriet E. GODING, age 3 years, 7 months.

Boston, Feb. 21, Nathaniel CUSHING, formerly of Brewer, 53 years.

Old Town, Mr. David ELKINS, age 65 years.

MARCH 8, 1861


Tremont, Feb. 10, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. Samuel H. RICH and Miss Freelove M. MARTIN, both of Tremont.

Tremont, 3rd, by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Capt. Robert DIX to Miss Maria L. LUNT, both of Tremont.

Castine, by J. B. Woods, Esq., Mr. John WITHAM, Jr. to Miss Isabella GENN of Orland.

East Bucksport, 28th ult., by the Rev. J. Wells of Dedham, Capt. B. F. TALER of Winterport to Miss Fanny J. HEWEY of East Bucksport.

Holden, 3rd inst., in church, by the Rev. W. Newell, Rev. Francis SOUTHWORTH to Miss Emma W. FARRINGTON, both of Holden.

Whitefield, 31st ult., William H. PEARSON, Esq. to Miss Nancie Della BENJAMIN, both of Boston.


Ellsworth, Tuesday evening, 5th, Edward S. TISDALE, age 25 years.

Ellsworth, Feb. 26, Charles G. THOMPSON, age 18 years.

Castine, Mar. 4, David S. O. WILSON, of Bangor, age about 50 years.

Bangor, 4th inst., Sarah G. PEARSON, daughter of Simon T. Pearson, age 40 years.

Bangor, Feb. 28, Mrs. Anna HOLDEN, widow of Edward Holden, Esq. of Dorchester, Mass., age 88 years.

Portland, 5th inst., at the residence of her son, Mrs. Susan, widow of the late Porter SAWYER of Ellsworth, age 84 years, 4 months.

Teckaleet, W.T., Dec. 20, Mary E., wife of Daniel LONGFELLOW, formerly of East Machias.

Argyle, 25th ult., Mrs. Sarah, widow of the late William FOSTER, Esq., age 69 years.

Exeter, 3rd ult., David CROWELL, age 81 years.

Portland, 3rd inst., widow Anna HUNTRESS, age 77 years.

Windham, 1st inst., Mary, widow of Charles ELDER, age 87 years, 10 months.

Bucksport, Mrs. Elsie Judson, wife of Capt. Prescott POWERS, age 24 years, 9 months.

Bucksport, S. Walter, son of Capt. Samuel and O. G. JORDAN, age 3 years, 4 months.

Tremont, Jan. 29, George E., son of James T. and Rachel Melinda CLARK, age 5 years.

(short narrative followed but omitted here)

MARCH 15, 1861


Brooklin, 6th inst., by B. C. Sargent, Esq., Mr. Reuben A. DODGE to Miss Medora V. FLY, both of Sedgwick.

Hallowell, 5th inst., William Henry ANDREWS of Lockport, New York, to Miss Sarah Delano ROSE of Livermore.

Searsport, 21st ult., Capt. Freeman McGILVERY to Miss Hannah THURSTON, both of Searsport.

Saccarappa, Mr. Randall J. ELDER of Gorham to Miss Frances E. ROBERTS of Westbrook.

South Waterford, 7th inst., by Rev. Samuel L. Gould, Mr. Osgood BAILEY of North Bridgeton to Miss Sarah A. GREEN; both deaf mutes, graduates of the American Assylum, Hartford, Conn.


Ellsworth, Mar. 9, Jacob TOWNSEND, age 61 years.

Sullivan, Mar. 8, Mary URAN, age 81 years.

Brewer, Feb. 28, Mrs. Nancy B., wife of Capt. Francis G. AREY, age 40 years.

Eddington, 6th inst., Margaret D., wife of Coolidge CUMMINGS, II, age 39 years.

Bangor, 7th inst., Samuel F. BROWN, Esq., age 77 years, 19 months, formerly of Bucksfield.

Howland, 3rd inst., Miss Hannah V. STEVENS, age 23 years.

Portland, 7th inst., Mary E., daughter of Albion and Frances A. PRINCE, age 20 years.

Portland, 7th inst., Mr. Foster C. FRITH, printer, age 36 years.

Brunswick, 6th inst., Mr. Bailey CURTIS, age 57 years.

Belfast, 19th ult., Mrs. Sarah H. GRAY, age 72 years.

Hope, 5th inst., Cyntha, wife of Samuel CRABTREE, age 60 years.

Columbia, 7th inst., Miss Clara M., daughter of Levi and Betsey LEIGHTON, age 22 years, 6 months.

Glenburn , 6th inst., Mrs. Lucy PRINCE, formerly of Minot, age 67 years.

MARCH 22, 1861


Ellsworth, 14th inst., by the Rev. R. Cole, at his residence, Mr. Gilbert HADLOCK of Cranberry Isle to Miss Georgie, daughter of B. J. TINKER, Esq. of Ellsworth.

Penobscot, Mar. 12, by the Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. Winfield S. McFARLAND of Cherryfield to Miss Laura E. GRINDELL of Penobscot.

Brewer, 14th inst., by the Rev. J. O. Knowles, Mr. Abram N. FREEMAN to Miss Helen P. BAKER, both of Bucksport.

Brewer, Mar. 16, at the residence of Capt. Gilbert Soule, by the Rev. J. O. Knowles, Mr. David J. DOANE to Miss Louisa T. MILLS, all of Brewer.

Dover, 4th inst., Dr. James H. THOMPSON of Orono to Miss Lizzie, daughter of John G. MAYO, Esq., of Dover.

Enfield, 10th inst., Mr. Joshua WATTON, Jr. to Miss Sarah J. CURTIS, both of Enfield.

Corinth, 10th inst., Mr. John ROYAL of Dover to Miss Lydia S. MITCHELL of Corinth.

Calais, 8th inst., Mr. Marcellus WALKER to Miss Emeline LINSCOTT.

Calais, 10th inst., Mr. Hugh McGREGOR to Miss Harriet L. ROBARTS.


Ellsworth, 20th inst., Lydia, wife of Addison H. WEBBER.

Surry, 16th inst., Mr. Samuel MEANS, age 72 years.

Surry, 14th inst., Charles, son of Charles and Phebe ALLEN, age 5 years.

Trenton, 17th inst., James CALKIN, age 80 years.

Trenton, 19th inst., Mr. Josiah HIGGINS, age 77 years.

Dedham, 17th inst., Mr. John PHILLIPS, age 87 years, 6 months.

Holden, 19th inst., Miss Charlotte C. FARRINGTON, age 21 years, 7 months.

Bangor, 19th inst., Mrs. Almira S. KIMBALL, age 42 years, 7 months.

Orrington, l7th inst., of consumption, Caleb Fuller PIERCE, age 23 years, 9 months.

Meddybemps, 8th inst., Mrs. Sarah L. GARDINER, age 60 years, 5 months.

Brewer, Mar. 12, Anthony F., son of Amos FICKETT, age 40 months, 8 days.

Windham, 10th inst., of diphtheria, Maj. Isaiah H. BAKER, age about 40 years.

Augusta, 6th inst., Mr. George FISHER, age 43 years.

Dresden, Tenn., Feb. 28, Edward B. LEARNED, formerly of Bangor, age 44 years.

Bucksport, 19th inst., Capt. Jabez SNOW, age 72 years; after a severe sickness of about a week. Capt. Snow was an honorable and high minded man and a Christian gentleman who had been a shipmaster from Bucksport for many years, and his loss in that town will be severely felt by all who shared his acquaintance.

MARCH 29, 1861


Ellsworth, 26th inst., by Rev. Robert Cole, Mr. John O'KEEF to Miss Mary J. ADAMS, both of Ellsworth.

Gouldsboro, 17th inst., by H. M. Sewall, Esq., Mr. William W. GUPTILL to Miss Caroline HAMMOND, both of Gouldsboro.

Cherryfield, 4th inst., by the Rev. P. Bond, Mr. George W. BRIGHTMAN to Miss Lucy J. COLE, both of Cherryfield.

Cherryfield, 9th inst., by William Wentworth, Esq., Henry GRACE of Harrington to Miss Belle STROUT of Milbridge.

Machias, 17th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Whitney, Mr. Jared CRANE to Miss Hannah M., second daughter of Amos B. LONGFELLOW, Esq., all of Machias.

Hampden, 20th inst., by the Rev. J. K. Nason, Mr. Elias HUMPHREY to Miss Malinda SMITH, all of Hampden.


Trenton, 23rd inst., Eliza Jane, wife of Joseph HOPKINS, age 52 years.

Orland, at the residence of Dr. N. Emerson, Mrs. Eliza R. ROBINSON, formerly of Paris, age 67 years.

Waldoboro, 19th inst., Charles W. BALCH, age 26 years.

Port Huron, Mich., 13th inst., Sarah L., wife of Albert K. COMINS, formerly of Dedham, age 26 years.

Foxcroft, 15th inst., Isaac PLUMMER, Esq., age about 68 years.

Boston, 21st inst., suddenly of congestion of the lungs, Samuel ADAMS, Jr., Esq. of Castine. He left home on Monday for Boston via Bangor, and experienced much difficulty in traveling on account of the storm. He was a merchant and most worthy man who was held in high esteem by his townsmen.

Cherryfield, 4th inst., Mrs. Sally CAMPBELL, age 81 years, wife of Deacon R. C. CAMPBELL.

Cherryfield, 9th inst., John STROUT, age 52 years.