JANUARY 1, 1874


Ellsworth, 25th ult., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. WILLIAM H. LELAND and DELIA A. MOORE, both of Trenton.

Bucksport, 25th ult., by the Rev. William Forsyth, LEVI YOUNG and MALLIE A. PARSONS, both of Stockton.

Prospect Harbor, 27th ult., at the residence of Benjamin Moore, by H. D. Coombs, Esq., Mr. JOHN WITAKER and Miss JULIA MOORE, both of Gouldsboro.

Gouldsboro, 26th ult., by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. GEORGE W. WESCOTT and Mrs. CHARLOTTE A. JOY, both of Gouldsboro.

Eden, 23rd ult., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney of Ellsworth, Mr. GEORGE B. MITCHELL of Ellsworth and Miss NINA A. PEACH of Eden.

Cranberry Isles, Christmas Eve, by A. C. Fernald, Esq., Mr. ROBERT ASH of Tremont and Miss MARTHA A. STANLEY of Cranberry Isles.

Sedgwick, 24th ult., by the Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. FRANCIS H. CLOSSON and Miss JULIA STAPLES, both of Sedgwick.

24th ult., by the same, Mr. LOWELL GRINDLE and Miss SOPHRONIA L. PARKER, both of Sedgwick.

Winter Harbor, 24th ult., by F. R. Bunker, Esq., Mr. JOSEPH N. BICKFORD of Gouldsboro and Miss ANNA SPRINGER of Franklin.

Brewer, 24th ult., by the Rev. C. E. Libby, SETH W. LURVEY of Tremont and Mrs. PERSIS ANNIS of Brewer.

San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 8, Capt. LEWIS E. GRAY, formerly of Orland, and Miss HATTIE POPE of San Francisco.


Surry, 30th ult., Mrs. HANNAH GOODWIN, age 69 years.

Sullivan, 13th ult., WILLIAM M. HIGGINS, age 21 years.

Bluehill, 20th ult., Mrs. MARTHA D., wife of Deacon Isaac S. OSGOOD, age 88 years.


ELLA BERNICE, daughter of Rodney W. and Sabra A. CHICK, age 10 months.

An infant child of Edgar and Jennie ANDERSON.

Eden, Bar Harbor, 17th ult., Capt. JAMES HAMOR, age 79 years. In early life he was an active shipmaster and, having acquired a competency, he settled on a farm. He was among the first to open a public house at Bar Harbor, which he managed successfully until a short time before his death. Funeral sermon was preached by Rev. William Corthell from the text: "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Winter Harbor, 17th ult., STILLMAN T., son of Thomas and Elizabeth SMALLIDGE, age 12 years, 5 months. He leaves father, mother, sister and brothers to mourn his early departure.

JANUARY 8, 1874


Ellsworth, 6th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. NEHEMIAH H. HIGGINS, JR. of Ellsworth and Miss MARION D. MACOMBER of Franklin.

Ellsworth, 1st inst., by the Rev. W. H. Lyon, B. F. PHILLIPS and LAURA ETTA REYNOLDS, all of Ellsworth.

Surry, 30th ult., by the Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. GEORGE E. DODGE of Surry and Miss ETTA M. MOON of Ellsworth.

Norridgewock, 28th ult., by the Rev. B. Tappan, Mr. EUGENE J. SWAN of Franklin and Miss STELLA L. BOSTON of Norridgewock.

Bluehill, 1st inst., by the Rev. G. T. Raymond, Mr. EUGENE D. HOLT and Miss HARRIET ADA TOWNS, both of Bluehill.

Nov. 15, by J. P. Byard, Esq., Mr. JAMES HENDERSON and Miss ELIZABETH J. DUFFIE, both of Bluehill.

Brooklin, 25th ult., by J. P. Thomas, Esq., Mr. THOMAS A. CANDAGE and Miss MATILDA CARTER, both of Bluehill.

3rd inst., by J. P. Byard, Esq., Capt. OLIVER L. CANDAGE and Mrs. MARY E. MORSE, both of Bluehill.


Township No. 40, 2nd inst., Mr. GEORGE McINTOSH of Ellsworth, age 49 years.

Bluehill, 30th ult., Mr. AMBROSE MAYO, formerly of Brooksville, age 62. Mr. M. was found dead on the floor of his sleeping room early in the morning.

Mt. Desert, 16th ult., EDWIN, son of John and the late Cedelia W. CLEMENT, age 7 years, 5 months, 10 days.

Brooksville, 30th ult., Mrs. ALICE GOTT, age 63 years, 5 months, 13 days.

Sedgwick, 2nd inst., V. H. CURRIER, wife of Capt. Gilbert R. Currier, age 23 years.

JANUARY 15, 1874


Surry, 12th inst., by the Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. EDGAR TREWORGY and Miss ABBIE O. COGGINS, both of Surry.

Hancock, 11th inst., Capt. ORLANDO W. FOSS and Miss CADDIE C. MOORE, all of Hancock.

11th inst., by E. Stratton, Esq., Mr. ALFRED HACKETT of Lowell and Miss SOPHIA M. MOON of Hancock.

Buxton, 31st ult., by the Rev. S. S. Bixby, Mr. FRED E. LIBBY and Miss LILLIAN E. ELWELL, all of Buxton.

Ellsworth, 11th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Capt. EDWIN W. AUSTIN of Surry and Miss FRANCES L. OBER of this city.

Tremont, 15th ult., Mr. ISAAC O. REED and Miss HENRIETTA BAKER, both of Tremont.

23rd ult., Mr. JOHN W. OBER and Miss EMMA J. HARPER, both of Tremont.


Hancock, 2nd inst., Miss ALDAMA CLARK, age 40 years.

Eden, 6th inst., Mrs. BETSEY STANWOOD, widow of the late Benjamin Stanwood, age 82 years, 6 months.

Brooklin, 3rd inst., Mrs. MARTHA P. HERRICK, wife of Capt. Richard A. Herrick, age 53 years.

JANUARY 22, 1874


Ellsworth, 17th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. MOSES STEVENS of this city and Miss PRUDENCE GAULT of Boston.

17th inst., by the same, Mr. LUTHER C. BUTLER and Miss DELIA A. CLARK, both of Franklin.

Mariaville, 6th inst., by Charles Carr, Esq., Mr. WINFIELD S. SMITH of Kingman and Miss ALVENA M. JORDAN of Ellsworth.

Bluehill, 19th inst., at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. G. T. Raymond, Mr. SAMUEL A. BENT of Yorktown, Va., and Miss M. ETTA GREEN of Bluehill.


Brooklin, 2nd inst., ENEDA C., daughter of John D. and Clarinda J. WOODBURY, age 3 years, 2 months, 18 days.

JANUARY 29, 1874


Ellsworth, 21st inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. AUGUSTUS C. MOOR and Miss ANNIE L. OSGOOD, all of Ellsworth.

Amherst, 24th inst., by Rev. H. S. Loring, Mr. EDWARD E. MILLS of East Eddington and Miss LAURA S., daughter of Moody A. FOSTER, Esq. of Amherst.

Port Townsand, Indiana, Washington Ter., by Rev. M. E. Rice, Mr. GEORGE W. BILLINGS of Orland, Maine, and Miss MARY KANE of Port Townsand.


Ellsworth, 21st inst., FREDERIC GOODALE, age 17 years.

Bar Harbor, 25th inst., THOMAS D. LYNCH, formerly of Alexandria, Va., age 76 years.

Lawrence, Mass., 25th inst., Mrs. WELTHA SMITH, formerly of Eastbrook, Maine, age 66 years.

Bartlett's Island, 7th inst., Mrs. ABBIE FOGG, age 22 years.

FEBRUARY 5, 1874


Ellsworth, Feb. 1, by Rev. W. H. Lyon, at the residence of the bride's father, EDWARD K. HOPKINS and CLARA E., daughter of Dr. J. T. OSGOOD, all of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, Jan. 1, by Rev. F. V. D. Garretson, Mr. AUGUSTUS CLARK and Miss IDA C. COUSINS, both of Tremont.

Bucksport, Jan. 28, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. William Forsyth, Mr. C. F. EDDY and Miss LIZZIE C. GENN.


Ellsworth, Jan. 31, Mrs. MARY JANE JOY, wife of Charles Joy, Esq., age 56 years. Affectionate wife and loving, devoted mother.

Ellsworth, Feb. 1, of scarlet fever, MINNIE MOORE, adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Moore, age 9 years.

Cranberry Isles, 17th ult., Mrs. ABIGAIL C. PREBLE, wife of William P. Preble, formerly of York, Maine, age 65 years, 6 months, 14 days.

Brooksville, Jan. 28, Mrs. HATTIE H. GREEN, age 37 years, 10 months.

Portland, 26th ult., Mrs. OLIVE, relict of the late Capt. David DRINKWATER, age 88 years, 10 months.

FEBRUARY 12, 1874


Ellsworth, 5th inst., at the City Hotel, by N. H. Higgins, Jr., Esq., Mr. EUGENE H. COUSINS and Miss LUCY A. JORDAN, both of Trenton.

Long Island Plantation, 28th ult., by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. GEORGE P. DAVIS of Booth Bay and Miss MARY O. RICE of Long Island.

Bluehill, 1st inst., by the Rev. G. T. Raymond, Mr. HOWARD A. TUCKER and Miss JULIA M. PILLSBURY, both of Bluehill.

Otis, 30th ult., by A. M. Blaisdell, Esq., Mr. ORRIN J. BURLEIGH of Aurora and Miss FLORA A. TIBBETS of Otis.

Eden, 30th ult., Mr. EDWARD PETTENGILL of Hancock and Miss ELBA HELENA THOMAS of Eden.

Addison, 2nd inst., by Rev. M. Dunbar, Mr. J. OTIS NASH and Miss FANNIE E. KNOWLES, both of Addison.


Swans's Island, 29th ult., Mrs. CAROLINE, wife of Joseph W. STAPLES, age 45 years, 16 days.

FEBRUARY 19, 1874


Ellsworth, 15th inst., at the residence of John Reed, Mr. FRANK DOW and Miss FLORENCE CLEMENTS, both of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, 15th inst., by the Rev. A. L. Skinner, Mr. FRANK CUNNINGHAM and Miss LINNIE R. COOMBS, both of Bucksport.

Winter Harbor, 13th inst., by William Rand, Esq., Capt. ENOCH S. BICKFORD and Miss SABRA E. SARGENT, both of Winter Harbor.

Gouldsboro, 14th inst., by H. M. Sowle, Esq., Mr. ENOS S. TRACY of Gouldsboro and Miss CLARA E. CLEAVES of Steuben.

Lamoine, 15th inst., at the parsonage, by Rev. E. A. Van Kleeck, Mr. EDWARD F. YOUNG of Lamoine and Miss AMANDA E. HOPKINS of Eden.


Ellsworth, 14th inst., Mrs. FRANCES H. BLACK, widow of the lat Col. John Black, age 70 years.

Salem, Mass., 14th inst., Mrs. MEHITABLE BUCKMORE, wife of Samuel Buckmore of this city, age about 67 years.

Mt. Desert, 13th inst., Mrs. EMILY MASON, wife of Timothy Mason, age 32 years.

Gouldsboro, Mrs. MARY, wife of Samuel YOUNG, age 78 years. For more than 30 years she was a faithful and consistent member of the Baptist Church.

FEBRUARY 26, 1874

No marriages reported this issue.


Ellsworth, 21st inst., GEORGE FREDERIC HOPKINS, age 28 years.

20th, Mrs. ABIGAIL CLOUGH, age 55 years.

9th inst., JOSEPHENE M., daughter of Orrison and Louisa J. CALL, age 3 months.

Boston, 20th inst., WALTER S. HOLMES, age 22 years.

Augusta, in the Insane Asylum, Mr. HIRAM ROLLINS of this city, age about 64 years.

Sedgwick, 11th inst., very suddenly, Mr. THOMAS CURRIER, age 74 years.

MARCH 5, 1874


Bucksport, 22nd ult., by the Rev. A. L. Skinner, Mr. LEWIS B. ELDRIDGE and Miss VIOLA A. HOLLIS, both of Bucksport.

Cranberry Isles, 22nd ult, by G. T. Hadlock, Esq., Mr. GEORGE H. FERNALD and Miss EMMA J. GILLEY, both of Cranberry Isles.


Ellsworth, 1st inst., MELVILLE PARKER GORDAN, age 6 years.

27th ult., OLIVE McCOLLUM, age 55 years.

27th ult., ENDORA C. THURBER, age 22 years.

Hancock, 17th ult., CYNTHIA J. ABBOTT, wife of Leamon Abbott, age 32 years.

Brooklin, 23rd ult., Mr. JOHN STANLEY, age about 82 years.

BARNABAS GRINDLE, age about 75 years.

Brewer, 28th ult., DAVID B. PIKE of Gouldsboro, formerly of Presque Isle.

Orland, 22nd ult., Mrs. MALINA E. GROSS, wife of Horatio E. Gross and only daughter of Rufus G. and Mary B. Scammon, age 21 years.

North Hancock, 20th inst., Mrs. MARY HIGGINS, widow of the late Robert Higgins, age 63 years. Mrs. H was a member of the Second Baptist Church in Hancock. A faithful wife, loving mother. We tender our sympathies to the aged parents who mourn the loss of an affectionate daughter, and to the orphaned family. On the occasion of her funeral the sermon was by her pastor, Rev. I. Steadman, text Revelations 12:13: "And I heard a voice saying unto me, 'Write - Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; Yea, saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them."

MARCH 12, 1874


Ellsworth, 21st ult., at the bride's father's, Mr. JOHN T. GOODWIN and Miss MARY E. HODGKINS, both of Ellsworth.

Hancock, 28th ult., at the Baptist parsonage, Mr. LUTHER GILPATRICK of Lamoine and Miss HATTIE MERCHANT of Hancock.

Cranberry Isles, 28th ult., by William P. Preble, Esq., Capt. EDWARD J. STANLEY and Miss MARY S. MOOR, both of Cranberry Isles.

Surry, 5th inst., by Rev. William Reed, Mr. PHILIP BROWN and Mrs. MARY W. LORD, both of Surry.

9th inst., by Luther Lord, Esq., Capt. CHARLES F. HAMMOND of Surry and Miss ALICE E. MASON of Mt. Desert.

Deer Isle, 19th ult., by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. MOODY THURLOW, JR. and Miss EVA GILKEY, both of Deer Isle.

Gouldsboro, 7th inst., by H. M. Sowle, Esq., Capt. GEORGE M. SEAVY and Miss MARTHA ROGERS, both of Gouldsboro.


Franklin, 5th inst., Mrs. ELEANOR H. SMITH, age 65 years.

Sullivan, 7th inst., LEWIS B., youngest child of Joshua B. and Caroline JOHNSON, age 1 year, 10 days.

Gouldsboro, 27th ult., Mrs. MARY WALLS, age about 48 years.

Aurora, 2nd inst., Mr. JOHN SAUNDERS, age 54 years. Mr. S. was a member of the Legislature in 1867.

Cranberry Isles, Jan. 17, Mrs. ABIGAIL C. PREBLE, age 65 years, 6 months, 14 days. Sister Preble embraced the Christian religion in early life. A loving, devoted wife; an affectionate, kind and fond mother; her excellent husband bears testimony, saying, "We have lived together nearly 36 years."

MARCH 19, 1874


Deer Isle, 11th inst., by the Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. MARK H. SAWYER and Mrs. SARAH D. EATON, both of Deer Isle.

Orland, 9th inst., by Rev. Ezra Andrews, Mr. WILLIAM F. HEATH of Valijo, Calif., and Miss MARGARET S. BREWSTER of Orland.


Ellsworth, 4th inst., CAROLINE F., wife of Samuel R. HOLLIS, age 24 years.

Cranberry Isles, 7th inst., Mr. ISAAC RICHARDSON, age 83 years, 9 months, 27 days.

At a regular meeting of Lygonia Lodge, Mar. 4, 1874, the following resolutions were read and adopted by the Lodge as follows:

WHEREAS, by the sudden dispensation of an overruling Providence, we are called to mourn the death of Brother GEORGE F. HOPKINS, it is highly becoming us as his brethren who have known him so long and so well to give utterance to the sentiments of our hearts touching the melancholy bereavement, therefore

RESOLVED that the members of this Lodge bear united testimony to the manliness and integrity that was ever conspicuous in the character of our departed brother, who endeared himself to the Lodge by his friendly greeting of the members in cheerful manner;

RESOLVED that as a fair appreciation of his eminent traits of character we cherish his memory and hold his reputation in very highest esteem;

RESOLVED that we sympathize with his bereaved widow and mourning relatives and tender them as brethren our sincere condolence in this trying dispensation of Providence.

MARCH 26, 1874


Ellsworth, 19th inst., at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. F. V. D. Garretson, Mr. FRANK P. PERTY and Miss HELEN F. DUTTON, both of Ellsworth.

21st inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. HERBERT W. HART of Machias and Miss SUSAN A. HODGKINS of Ellsworth.

Eden, 11th inst., by the Rev. W. Corthell, Mr. HIRAM J. EMERY and Miss ROSE A. HIGGINS, both of Eden.

Mt. Desert, 21st inst., by J. D. Parker, Esq., Mr. CHARLES ROBINSON of Mt. Desert and Miss ELDORA BUTLER of Tremont.

Brooklin, at the Brooklin House, by Rev. M. Hanscom, Dr. SIDNEY SMITH and Mrs. MARGARET G. FOREHAN, both of Brooklin.


Ellsworth, 14th inst., FIDELIA GARLAND, age 36 years.

Bucksport, 20th inst., Col. JOHN N. SWAZEY, age 86 years, 9 months.

East Lamoine, 11th inst., Mr. PHILLIP HODGKINS, age 74 years.

Lyman, 13th inst., Mrs. HARRIET, widow of Elias DOWNS, Esq., late of Lyman, age 77 years.

Fredonia, Kansas, 16th inst., Mrs. J. L. GOOGINS, daughter of Nathan and Deidamia BUTLER, age 26 years, 10 months, 17 days.

APRIL 2, 1874


Ellsworth, 28th ult., by the Rev. W. H. Lyon, Mr. JOHN ANDERSON of Ellsworth and Miss JULIA ADA EVANS of Millbridge.

30th ult., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. JOHN A. SCOTT and Mrs. RACHEL SPENCER, both of Ellsworth.

North Penobscot, 31st ult., Mr. SAMUEL BATEMAN of Brooksville and Miss ROSANNAH GRAY of Penobscot.

Bucksport, 23rd ult., by Rev. William Forsyth, Mr. JAMES J. RANDALL of Verona and Miss ABBIE M. LUCE of Bucksport.

Bucksport, 14th ult., Mr. FOSTER RAY and Miss ANNIE SHAW, both of Cherryfield.

Eden, 28th ult., by E. M. Hamor, Esq., Mr. JESSE A. BROWN of Hancock and Miss ISABEL D. YOUNG of Eden.

Amherst, 21st ult., by Rev. L. Marsh, Mr. ALVIN N. JEWETT of Aurora and Miss ANNIE H. CHICK of Amherst.


Ellsworth, 23rd ult., Mrs. POLLY, widow of the late William SMITH, age 92 years, 9 months, 12 days. Mrs. S belonged to the first family who settled on what is now called the Bucksport Road and was, we think, the oldest person in town.

Cranberry Isles, 4th ult., Mrs. MARGARET, wife of John STANLEY, age 76 years, 7 months.

Deer Isle, 30th ult., SAMUEL E. HOLDEN, keeper of Deer Isle Thoroughfare Light.

Franklin, 18th ult., of consumption, JOHN H., only son of John P. and Lenora W. FRENCH, age 26 years, 7 months.

Gouldsboro, 23rd ult., JOSEPH M. SINCLAIR, age 27 years.

Grand Manan, Jan. 25, Capt. JONATHAN DAWES, formerly of Long Island, age 73 years.

Surry, 24th inst., DWIGHT P., adopted son of Asa and Mary GREEN, age 7 weeks.

Chicopee Falls, Mass., 17th ult., FIDELIA A. GARLAND, daughter of Abijah and Jane Garland of North Ellsworth, age 36 years.

APRIL 9, 1874


Ellsworth, by D. T. Eldridge, Esq., M. ALEXANDER THURBER and Miss EMMA PEACH, all of Ellsworth.

Apr. 4, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. NORMAN W. McFARLAND and Miss HENRIETTA L. COUSINS, both of Trenton.

Mariaville, 28th ult., by Rev. E. L. Marsh, ROBERT MILLIKEN of Plantation No. 21 and Miss CATHERINE TOWLE of East Mariaville.

Amherst, 4th inst., by the Rev. H. S. Loring, Mr. JACOB FROST and Miss MELVA STROUT, both of Mariaville.

Bluehill, 15th ult., by Rev. G. T. Raymond, Mr. GEORGE W. CLOUGH of Worcester, Mass. and Miss MARY M. BILLINGS of Bluehill.


Surry, 19th ult., in hope of rest in heaven, CARRIE AUGUSTA, daughter of Charles JARVIS, age 15 years, after an illness of more than two years, which she bore with great patience.

Milbridge, 1st inst., CHARLES EVERETT, youngest child of Finley N. and Agnes A. McDONALD, age 4 years, 5 months.

Bradley, Mrs. BIOLA PERKINS, daughter of Capt. Joseph Perkins of Clifton.

APRIL 16, 1874


Ellsworth, 11th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. CHARLES B. MOOR and Miss F. I. M. FRAZIER, all of Ellsworth.

Sullivan, 12th inst., by John U. Hill, Esq., Mr. AMMI C. BUNKER of Gouldsboro and Miss ALICE M. ASHLEY of Sullivan.

Sargentville, 11th inst., by W. G. Sargent, Mr. FRANCIS M. BILLINGS and Miss ADDIE L. BILLINGS, both of Sedgwick.


Ellsworth, 10th inst., ALFRED C. AUSTIN, age 25 years.

9th inst., Mr. B. F. AUSTIN, age 62 years.

9th inst., Mrs. EUNICE H. ATHERTON, age 20 years, 11 months.

10th inst., Mr. JOSHUA TOURTELOTTE, age 67 years, 21 days.

10th inst., Mrs. EMILY J. HODGKINS, age 52 years.

11th inst., MARIAN E. FULLERTON, daughter of Rodney and Elizabeth Fullerton, age 3 years, 10 months.

Jacksonville, Florida, 6th inst., SARAH, wife of Ambrose WHITE of Bucksport.

Buxton, Maine, Apr. 5, Capt. JACOB S. THOMAS, late of Eden, age 78 years.

Boston Highlands, Apr. 5, of paralysis of the brain, Capt. J. W. CARLTON of Newtonville, son of Col. Rowland Carleton, age 46 years.

Orland, Apr. 9, HARRY M., infant and only child of James R. and Sarah E. FAIRBANKS, age 1 month, 10 days.

APRIL 23, 1874


Long Island Plantation, 8th inst., by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Capt. WILLIAM DAVIS and Mrs. MARY TWISS, both of Long Island Plantation.


Ellsworth, 15th inst., Mrs. MARY ANN SCOTT, age 29 years.

10th inst., ALFRED C., son of Charles A. and Rebecca S. AUSTIN, age 24 years, 11 months.

13th inst., JAMES GRANT, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Grant, age 2 years, 6 months.

Boston, Mass., 10th inst., Mrs. LUCY A. LAWRENCE, wife of Edward Lawrence, age about 50 years.

Bucksport, 19th inst., PARKER STEVENS, age 30 years.

Gouldsboro, 26th ult., Mr. SAMUEL YOUNG, age 84 years.

Muskegon, Mich., 11th inst., Mr. DANIEL REMICK of Bucksport, age 70 years.

Clinton, Mass., 12th inst., JAMES MADISON BABSON, in the 60th year of his age. He was a resident of Hancock County during most of his life. Although he never made a public profession of religion, yet it could not but be seen by his evident attachment to religious institutions, and particularly the Bible which he had read through in course 8 or 10 times, that he highly respected the institution.

APRIL 30, 1874


Mt. Desert, 12th ult., by Rev. Andrew Gray, Mr. GIDEON P. GROVER and ELIZABETH J. GRAY of Eden.

By the same, Capt. WILLIAM HARVEY BUNKER of Eden and MARY A. BRACY of Mt. Desert.


Ellsworth, 10th inst., Mr. B. F. AUSTIN, age 62 years. May heaven's choicest blessings rest on a devoted wife and those fond and loving children whose hearts are made so sad by the loss of him.

Bucksport, 19th inst., Mr. PARKER STEVENS, age 60 years.

18th inst., of heart disease and dropsy, Mr. GEORGE L. BRADLEY, age 49 years. Mr. Bradley has been our most successful dry goods merchant. His family, wife and one son, will miss him.

Eden, 22nd inst., Capt. HARRY D. LELAND, age 37 years.

Milbridge, 18th inst., Mr. JAMES FOSTER, age 52 years.

Long Island Plantation, 13th inst., Mrs. FREELOVE BREWER, wife of George E. Brewer, age about 29 years.

21st inst., Mr. JOSEPH COUSINS, age about 74 years.

East Bluehill, 13th inst., Miss FLORA A. PARKER, age 22 years.

Surry, 22nd inst., MR. J. SMITH FLOOD, age 76 years.

25th inst., A. JUDSON WOOD, son of the late Dudley Wood, age 27 years.

Bluehill, 7th inst., KATIE M. TRUNDY, age 6 years, 5 months.

Fairfield, Maine, 12th inst., Mrs. MARTHA J. SNELL, age 40 years.

Boston, 20th inst., Mr. EDWARD A. LAWRENCE, formerly of Castine, age 52 years, 5 months.

MAY 7, 1874


Ellsworth, 2nd inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. EDWARD PHILLIPS and Miss LUCRETIA A. STRATTON, both of Franklin.


Ellsworth, Mrs. CLARISSA HART, widow of the late Thomas Hart, age 82 years.

Jacksonville, Fla., 1st inst., WILLIAM ALLEN, formerly of this city, age about 40 years.

North Hancock, 1st inst., ALBERT ALLEN, youngest son of R. Allen and Susan M. HEATH, age 2 years, 14 days.

Brewer, 25th ult., ANNIE S. SPRAGUE, wife of Henry C. Sprague, age 25 years.

MAY 14, 1874

No marriages reported this issue.


Ellsworth, 8th inst., PHEBE MURCH, wife of William Murch, age 22 years.

Surry, 6th inst., Mr. PHILIP BROWN, age 69 years.

8th inst., Mrs. BETSY FLOOD, widow of the late Dominicus Flood, age 91 years.

Sullivan, 7th inst., AUGUSTUS H., son of Daniel and Lorinda WILSON, age 22 years.

North Hancock, 1st inst., ADELBERT ALLEN, youngest son of R. Allen and Susan M. HEATH, age 2 years, 14 days.

Mt. Desert, 29th ult., Capt. R. T. R. FREEMAN, age 68 years. Capt. Freeman was the master of a vessel for several years, but latterly had left the sea.

5th inst., Mr. BENJAMIN L. WADE, a photographer.

MAY 21, 1874


Brooklyn, N.Y., 14th inst., by the Rev. Emory J. Haynes, Mr. HENRY A. BROWN of Bangor and Miss CARRIE Y., youngest daughter of Capt. Jeremiah WOOSTER, of Hancock.

Prospect Harbor, 10th inst., by H. D. Coombs, Esq., Mr. CALVIN CRANE and Miss HANNAH CRANE, both of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, 14th inst., Mr. WILLIAM MADDOCKS, age 56 years, 6 months.

8th inst., JAMES F. BILLINGS, age 29 years.

16th inst., LEMUEL MADDOCKS, age about 52 years.

Brooklin, 13th inst., of scarlet fever, LOIS E. FOGG, age 10 years, 3 months.

Franklin, 8th inst., MELATIAH J. BLAISDELL, age 29 years.

MAY 28, 1874


Ellsworth, 24th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Garretson, Mr. STEPHEN STRATTON and Miss ANN MERCER, both of Hancock.

Bucksport, 23rd inst., by the Rev. George Forsyth, Mr. CHARLES C. SOPER and Miss IRENE PARTRIDGE, both of Bucksport.

By the same, Mr. JAMES P. BOWDEN and Miss NELLIE SAULSBURY, both of Bucksport.

Hampden, 21st inst., by Rev. Ammi Prince, Mr. HENRY R. SNOW and Miss OLIVE C. TRIBOU, both of Hampden.


Ellsworth, 23rd inst., Miss SARAH WITHAM, age about 19 years.

JUNE 4, 1874


Ellsworth, 30th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Tebbets of Bluehill, Mr. WALLACE RAYMOND and Miss MARY E. McQUINN, both of Ellsworth.

Mt. Desert, 30th ult., at the Mt. Desert House, by Daniel Somes, Esq., Mr. JOHN CLEMENT and Miss OLIVE E. HIGGINS, both of Mt. Desert.

Cherryfield, 16th ult., by James Milliken, Esq., Mr. EDWARD L. DAVIS and Miss NELLIE S. CAMPBELL, all of Cherryfield.

Minneapolis, 25th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. H. A. Stimpson, Mr. O. L. SWETT and Miss ROSA DeLAITTRE.


Ellsworth, 27th ult., Miss EVA MURCH, age 13 years.

28th ult., Mrs. MARTHA P. FERRILL, age 73 years.

29th ult., GEORGE WILLIAM SARGENT, age 18 years.

30th ult., GEORGE W., oldest son of George A. and Ellen S. BONSEY, age 17 years, 10 months.

Sullivan, 1st inst., Mrs. PHILOMELIA, wife of Dr. Nathaniel JOHNSON, age 68 years. An affectionate wife and mother.

JUNE 11, 1874


Ellsworth, 6th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. CHRISTOPHER W. CLOUGH and Miss ADELIA E. JONES, all of Ellsworth.

West Brooksville, June 1, at the parsonage, by the Rev. E. R. Osgood, Mr. WILLIAM H. STOVER and Miss LAURA F. HAWES, both of Brooksville.

Castine, 2nd inst., by the Rev. C. P. Bartlett, RUFUS P. GRINDLE, M.D., of Bluehill and Miss JENNIE SARGENT of Castine.

Sedgwick, 3rd inst., by the same, Mr. RODOLPH B. SARGENT and Miss EVA C. COLE, both of Sedgwick.

Bucksport, May 30, by the Rev. William Forsyth, GEORGE W. SMALL of Verona and ETTA BREWSTER of Orland.

Bangor, June 7, by Rev. C. Stone, Mr. FRANK J. TEMPLE and Miss LAURA E. JELLISON, both of Bangor.


Ellsworth, May 28, Mrs. MARTHA P., widow of the late Capt. John FARRELL. She embraced religion 42 years ago and united with the Baptist Church in Tremont.

May 25, ALICE BLANCHE, infant daughter of Parlin H. and Annie P. BONZEY.

East Bluehill, 29th ult., Mrs. MARY A., wife of John J. CARTER, formerly of Albany, New York, age 24.

Orland, May 27, NEWRY BLAISDELL, age 78 years; JULIA N., widow of the late Newry BLAISDELL, age 70 years.

Oldtown, 4th, NATHAN MOORE, Esq., age 47 years.

Franklin, May 15, NETTIE, daughter of Enoch and Elizabeth COOMBS, age 6 years, 2 months, 9 days.

Sullivan, 6th inst., Capt. ALBERT DREW, age 76 years.

Tremont, June 7, ALMON P., only child of Emeline and Edward RINALDA, age 4 years, 9 months.

JUNE 18, 1874


Ellsworth, 15th inst., by the Rev. W. H. Lyon, DANIEL J. CHAMBERLAIN of Boston, Mass. and LESSIE L., daughter of James H. CHAMBERLAIN of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, 11th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Merritt C. Beale of Orland, Rev. GEORGE N. ELDRIDGE of Harrington and NORA P., daughter of the Hon. S. T. HINKS of Bucksport.

Fall River, Mass., 8th inst., by the Rev. W. H. Lyon, assisted by Luther Drake, Esq., WALTER L. COX of Ellsworth and ALICE G., daughter of Luther GILES of Fall River.

Chester, Mass., 7th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. E. Burlingham, OSCAR F. ELY and Miss ADDIE J. MARKS, both of Chester.


Trenton, 10th inst., ADDIE E., age 3 years, 11 months, 17 days; 15th inst., GRACE A., age one year, 2 months, 22 days -- daughters of David B. and Alma S. ALLEY; 16th inst., JOHN CLIFFORD, age 12 years, son of the same.

Sullivan, 12th inst., Mr. ABIAL PETTEE, age 73 years.

Orland, 7th inst., ELIZABETH F., wife of Oliver GRAY, age 71 years.

North Brooksville, 4th inst., Mr. JEREMIAH GREEN, age 86 years.

JUNE 25, 1874


Ellsworth, Sunday evening [last Sunday evening's date was June 21], at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Mr. Keese, Mr. SHERMAN F. HILDRETH of Cohoes, N.Y. and Miss JULIA A., daughter of J. R. JORDAN, Esq. of Ellsworth.

Surry, 10th inst., by the Rev. L. S. Tripp, Capt. EDWARD CURTIS and Miss HATTIE HASKELL, both of Surry.

Hancock, 21st inst., by O. W. Young, Esq., Mr. THOMAS W. FERNALD and Miss ANNIE F. SINCLAIR, both of Gouldsboro.

Lamoine, 4th inst., at the residence of the bride's brother (William C. Ryder), by Warren King, Esq., Mr. JAMES ALEXANDER of London, England and Miss ANNE V. RYDER of Lamoine.

Stockton, 13th inst., Mr. NELSON W. STAPLES of Stockton and Miss MARY McCASLIN of Penobscot.

Castine, 18th inst., by the Rev. A. E. Ives, CHARLES R. PERKINS and SUSIE E. HAMMOND, both of Castine.


Ellsworth, 20th inst., Mrs. ELINOR CASH, age 70 years.

Surry, 8th inst., ADDIE, daughter of Mr. Newell OSGOOD, formerly of North Bluehill.

9th inst., Mrs. POLLY GREENE, wife of Mr. S. Sprague Greene, age 69 years, a member of the Baptist Church in S. Faithful loving wife and good mother.

18th inst., Mr. ABRAHAM TREWORGY, age 75.

Verona, 2nd inst., CASSIE L. COLLINS, age 20 years.

Cherryfield, 9th inst., Mrs. SOPHIA T., wife of William FREEMAN, Jr., Esq., age 48 years.

JULY 2, 1874


Ellsworth, 24th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. A. Keese, Mr. GEORGE E. PATTERSON of Bucksport and Miss CADDIE A. WATTS of Ellsworth.

30th ult., at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. ARTHUR W. GREELY and Miss ALICE ELIZABETH DUTTON, daughter of Samuel Dutton, Jr., all of Ellsworth.

25th ult., by D. T. Eldridge, Mr. TYLER BROWN and Miss ADELAIDE MOSELY, all of Ellsworth.

Trenton, 11th ult., by K. K. Thompson, Esq., Mr. HARTFORD MURCH and Mrs. RACHEL J. ANDERSON, both of Trenton.

Franklin, 27th ult., by N. A. Swan, Esq., Mr. JAMES McHENAN and Miss ROSE HOOPER, both of Franklin.

Surry, 28th ult., by the Rev. Frederic A. Bragdon, Mr. EDGAR A. ELDRIDGE and Miss ALMIRA ALLEN, both of Surry.

Castine, 26th ult., by the Rev. J. H. Mooers, Mr. W. H. PERKINS and Miss CLARA E. HUTCHINGS, both of Castine.


Franklin, 26th ult., Mr. ISAAC H. CLARK, age 77 years.

JULY 9, 1874


Ellsworth, 3rd inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. BENJAMIN F. CARTER and Miss ABBY L. HIGGINS.

11th inst., by the same, Mr. GEORGE A. GOODWIN and Miss LAURA M. HARDISON, both of Franklin.

6th inst., by A. F. Burnham, Esq., Mr. THOMAS E. BROWN and Miss ELLA E. NORRIS, both of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, 30th ult., Mr. ZACHARIAH WEAVER of Ellsworth and Miss CLARA E. SMITH of Orland.

Orland, 19th ult., by S. E. Condon, Esq., Mr. JOSHUA E. GROSS and Miss ALICE M. GROSS, both of Orland.

Bluehill, 13th ult., by Rev. A. H. Tebbets, Mr. THOMAS J. WESCOTT and Miss FANNIE E. BURNHAM.

4th inst., by the same, Mr. WILLIAM N. YORK and Miss IDA M. FRANKS, all of Bluehill.

Gouldsboro, 5th inst., by H. M. Sowle, Esq., Mr. EBEN G. PREBLE of Sullivan and Miss HANNAH S. PHERSON of Gouldsboro.


North Hancock, June 23, Mrs. SOPHIA, wife of Moses BUTLER, age 73 years, 6 months.

West Brooksville, July 1, JAMES SMITH, age 47 years.

JULY 16, 1874


Ellsworth, 10th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. EPHRAM E. BROWN of Ellsworth and Miss ELIZA L. McININTH of Plantation No. 33.

By the same, Mr. LAUREN D. HASLAM of Ellsworth and Miss LAURA A. KINGMAN of Waltham.

Surry, 12th inst., by the Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. CHARLES P. JARVIS and Miss ROSE V. LORD, both of Surry.

Hancock, 4th inst., by the Rev. J. A. Steadman, Mr. WINFIELD W. WOODWORTH and Miss GEORGIA A. HOOPER, all of Franklin.

Otis, 4th inst., by A. M. Blaisdell, Esq., Mr. ORRIN SALISBURY and TRYPHENA LALLY, all of Otis.


Ellsworth Falls, 9th inst., MELLIE S. BOUMIAR, infant daughter of Joseph and Nancy Boumiar, age 10 months.

Orland, 10th inst., SUSIE M., youngest daughter of Oliver P. and Elizabeth A. DORR, age 8 years, 6 months.

Boston, 10th inst., Mrs. DELIA S. GILPATRICK, daughter of Mr. Levi Joy of Ellsworth, age 36 years.

JULY 23, 1874


Ellsworth, 4th inst., Mr. SAMUEL R. HOLLIS and Miss ADDIE YOUNG.

12th inst., Mr. FRANK O. BOWDEN and Miss M. ARCHER.

18th inst., Mr. DANIEL WOODS and Miss CLARA TREWORGY.

Sedgwick, 27th ult., by the Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. A. B. EARL of Milford, N.H., and Miss JULIA E. EMERSON of Sedgwick.

15th inst., by the same, Mr. EDWARD C. COLE and Miss HATTIE M. COOMBS, both of Sedgwick.


Sullivan, 13th inst., Miss RACHEL WHITE, age 76 years.

Orland, 13th inst., MARTHA B., wife of James C. SAWYER, age 40 years, 6 months.

West Brooksville, 11th inst., ELIZA, only child of Capt. Newton LORD, age 1 year, 7 months.

Trenton, 9th inst., EDWIN S., only child of Heman C. and Eliza J. DOUGLASS, age 4 years, 8 months.

Bartlett's Island, 23rd ult., VESTA A. FOGG, age 11 months, 11 days.

JULY 30, 1874


Ellsworth, 26th inst., Mr. GEORGE A. COTTLE and Miss VICTORY L. THOMAS, both of Ellsworth.

Mariaville, 4th inst., by Charles Carr, Esq., Mr. BENJAMIN JORDAN and Miss ALICE STANLEY, both of Otis.

Meriden, Conn., 15th inst., by the Rev. Alfred E. Ives of Castine, Rev. JOEL S. IVES, pastor elect of the First Church in East Hampton, Conn., to EMMA S. BUTLER, daughter of Joel I. Butler, Esq., of Meriden, Conn.


Ellsworth, 26th ult., FREDERIC WEAVER, son of Donald and Jane Weaver, age 4 years, 7 months.

Orland, 17th inst., MARIA J., daughter of Nathan and Susan DEXTER, age 28 years, 1 month.

AUGUST 6, 1874


Ellsworth, 30th ult., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Capt. PERBERT H. STRATTON of Hancock and Miss JULIA S. HUTCHINGS of Franklin.

1st inst., by the same, Mr. MOSES I. MAYO of Ellsworth and Miss MAGGIE F. MASON of Somesville.

3rd inst., at the City Hotel, by N. H. Higgins, Jr., Esq., Mr. GEORGE W. RODICK of Bar Harbor and Miss IDA DUNHAM of Amherst.

Gouldsboro, 2nd inst., by H. M. Sowle, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM W. CRANE and Miss CLARA D. MORRIS, both of Gouldsboro.

Surry, 28th ult., by the Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. MELVILLE S. TREWORGY and Miss ADELAIDE E. STEVENS of West Waterville.


Surry, June 8, ADDIE E., daughter of Newel and Adaline OSGOOD, age 17 years.

AUGUST 13, 1874


Long Island Plantation, 27th ult., by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. SALATHIEL REED of Tremont and Mrs. ABBY DAWES of Long Island Plantation.

Gouldsboro, 10th inst., by H. M. Sowle, Esq., Mr. FRANK NORRIS and Miss ABBIE CROWLEY, both of Gouldsboro.

Bucksport, 9th inst., by Silas B. Warren, Esq., Mr. GEORGE H. TAYLOR of Effingham, N.H. and Miss HENRIETTA BLAKE of Bucksport.

Verona, 2nd inst., by A. H. Whitmore, Esq., Capt. ANDREW BENNETT and Miss ALMEDA LORD, both of Bucksport.

Salem, Mass., 28th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Mr. Andrews, Mr. SETH P. JORDAN of Boston and Miss ANNIE C. WILSON of Salem.


Surry, Feb. 4, Mrs. MARY A. CANDAGE, age 27 years, wife of Capt. Rufus Candage.

Sedgwick, 8th inst., Mr. ELLIOTT GRAY, age 61 years, 9 months.

Bass Harbor, 4th inst., Capt. E. A. RICHARDSON, son of Capt. A. Richardson, age 26 years. He leaves a wife and one child.

Orland, 8th inst., EUNICE S. GOTT, widow of the late Capt. William N. TURNER, age 34 years, 6 months.

Winterport, 7th inst., Mrs. MARY KILBURN, formerly of Bucksport, age 84 years.

East Hardwich, Vt., 8th inst., ABBY L., wife of William F. JORDAN, formerly of Mariaville, age 25 years, 7 months.

Bluehill, June 1, Mr. JOHN A. GREENE, age 64 years.

10th ult., Mr. JOSEPH W. GREEN, age 26 years.

4th inst., EVELINA W. ERSKINE, wife of Col. Byron W. DARLING, age 65 years. Mrs. D. has suffered many years with heart disease. Mrs. D, with her husband, united with the Congregational Church in Bluehill July 8, 1866 as fruits of the revival under the labors of Rev. J. U. Parsons. Of her children, only one remains, five having preceded her to the heavenly home.

AUGUST 20, 1874

No marriages reported this issue.


Sedgwick, 4th inst., Mr. DANIEL M. MEANS, age 57 years.

11th inst., Mrs. LYDIA BYARD, age 83 years.

North Castine, 11th inst., Mrs. JULIA A., wife of Hudson DEVEREAUX of Penobscot, age 38 years.

Rockland, 13th inst., Mrs. EUNICE HAMILTON, age 88 years.

Hallowell, 14th inst., of typhoid fever, Mrs. H. L. HAWES, wife of Dr. J. Q. A. Hawes.

AUGUST 27, 1874


Surry, 4th inst., at the parsonage, by Rev. Frederic A. Bragdon, Mr. EDWARD W. COUSINS and Miss EVELYN GOODWIN, both of Surry.


Bucksport, 15th inst., DARWIN M. POWER, oldest son of Joseph and Hannah Power, age 16 years, 8 months.

Sedgwick, 14th inst., PRUDENCE L., wife of S. H. GRAY, age 55 years, 6 months, 4 days.

East Bass Harbor, 30th inst., Mrs. MARY ANN YOUNG, wife of Mr. Francis Young, age 49 years, 6 months.



Ellsworth, 29th ult., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. A. JUDSON AUSTIN and Miss MARY C. BONZEY, both of Ellsworth.

Winter Harbor, 23rd ult., by William Rand, Esq., Mr. MARTIN PENDLETON and Miss FANNY M. DOE, both of Boston, Mass.

Camden, 12th ult., Mr. AUSTIN B. WALKER of Ellsworth and Miss H. EUGENIA EATON of Camden.


Ellsworth, July 24, HENRY W. POMEROY, age 25 years.

7th ult., Mr. SAMUEL M. BECKWITH, age 67 years.

Lamoine, 5th ult., GRAFTON FULTON, son of J. G. and L. A. ARCHER, age 2 years, 4 months, 10 days.

Gouldsboro, July 15, JOHN F., son of H. D. and J. L. HOVEY, age 18 years, 8 months.

Deer Isle, July 23, Mrs. ABIGAIL CONARY, wife of John Conary, age 71 years, 5 months. For more than 36 years she was a worthy member of the Congregational Church. Her funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. H. Houston and was from Revelations 14:13.

Sunny Side, Va., 6th ult., FREDDIE B., son of George M. and Ella G. McFARLAND, formerly of Brooklin, Maine, age 2 years, 4 months.

Mrs. HANNAH HAWES, the wife of Dr. J. Q. A. Hawes of Hallowell, died very suddenly Friday evening, Aug. 14, at 7 o'clock, at the age of 48 years. Mrs. Hawes had been suffering for two weeks with typhoid fever, but appeared to be doing well in every way until 6 o'clock in the evening, when a profuse hemorrhage from the bowels set in, causing her death in one hour. Funeral services were attended at the residence of Mr. John Lowell on Tuesday afternoon, 4 o'clock, Rev. Mr. Jaques of the Methodist Church and Rev. McCully of the Congregational Church officiating. Mrs. Hawes was a member of the Methodist Church and always maintained a most exemplary Christian character.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1874


Ellsworth, 5th inst., Mr. JOHN D. HARRINGTON and Mrs. EMILY E. PARKS, all of Ellsworth.

3rd inst., CHARLES H. SWEENY and Miss ADDIE F. MADDOX, both of Ellsworth.

Surry, 22nd ult., by Rev. Frederick A. Bragdon, Mr. ALBERT B. NASON of Ellsworth and Miss HATTIE E. CARTER of Surry.

Brooksville, 5th inst., by Rev. H. S. Loring, JOSEPH E. WALKER and Miss SARAH J. DOUGLASS, both of Brooksville.

Eden, 2nd inst., by L. J. Thomas, Esq., Mr. WALTER M. HAMOR and Miss ALMEDA ADA THOMAS.

Cranberry Isles, 25th ult., by A. C. Fernald, Esq., Capt. WILLIAM H. BULGER and Miss ELVIE A. SPURLING, both of Cranberry Isles.


Orland, 1st inst., SOPHIA B., wife of William B. GROSS, age 61 years, 5 months.

Bluehill, [date unreadable], VIRGINIA ESTELLE, youngest daughter of Joseph W. and Hattie GREEN, age 9 months.

Sedgwick, Mr. WILLIAM NEAL, age 85 years.

Brooksville, ALVAH COUSINS, age 19 years.


Minnesota, Mrs. AUGUSTA, wife of Arthur POND and daughter of Chauncy Case, late of Mariaville, Maine.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1874


Ellsworth, 12th inst., by the Rev. W. H. Lyon, EDWIN E. ROBERTS and SARAH D., daughter of Isaac T. SMITH, all of Ellsworth.

Aug. 24, by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. FRANK T. GOODALE of Lowell and Miss MATTIE J. CONNERS of Sullivan.

Gouldsboro, 5th inst., by H. M. Soule, Esq., Mr. JOSEPH A. SARGENT and Miss EMMA J. ROSEBROOKS, both of Gouldsboro.

18th inst., by the same, Mr. LEANDER E. MARTIN of Sullivan and Miss MARY A. LEIGHTON of Milbridge.

12th inst., Mr. ADELBERT GARLAND and Miss EUDORA P. SMITH, both of Ellsworth.

15th inst., by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. LIBBEUS D. PATTEN and Miss GEORGIA S. WIGGIN, both of Ellsworth.


Ellsworth, 12th inst., GEORGIA A. SMITH, age 29 years.

9th inst., JOHN SUMMINSBY, age 62 years.

11th inst., HARRY, son of George BROOKS, age 9 months.

12th inst., ALLIE, son of Edward HATCH, age 9 months.

11th inst., EVERETT A., son of G. W. and Addie M. MASON, age 3 months.

Aug. 28, CHARLES IRVING, son of Henry and Lucretia FOX, age 2 years, 9 months, 7 days.

Aug. 7, CHARLES W., son of Charles and Lucy Ann BONSEY, age 24 years, 11 months, 7 days.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1874


Ellsworth, 21st inst., by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. BENJAMIN J. FRANKLIN and Miss SARAH S. MADDOX, both of Ellsworth.

17th inst., at the City Hotel, by N. H. Higgins, Jr., Mr. T. N. NICKERSON of Boston, Mass. and Miss HATTIE E., daughter of William H. CARD of Franklin, Maine.

Otis, 13th inst., by G. M. Blaisdell, Esq., Mr. ARIEL S. JORDAN of Waltham and Miss LIZZIE E. STANLEY of Otis.

Eden, July 22, by Rev. Mr. Corthell, Mr. MILLARD L. HAMOR and Miss IDA J. LELAND, both of Eden.

12th inst., by the same, Mr. BENJAMIN L. HADLEY and Miss ARDELLE EMERY, both of Eden.

Black Island, 13th inst., by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. HENRY HESSAY and Mrs. MARY E. LAWSON, both of Black Island.

Orland, 20th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. LORING E. PAGE of Bucksport and Miss ADDIE L. SPRAGUE of Orland.

Bucksport, 13th inst., by W. H. Pilsbury, Esq., Mr. MELVIN L. ABBOT and Miss JULIET H. FARMER, both of Verona.

Castine, 11th inst., by the Rev. A. E. Ives, Mr. AMOS G. HEATH and Miss EMILY A. LEACH, both of Castine.


Ellsworth, 17th inst., Mrs. JANE STANWOOD, age 77 years.

17th inst., ZACHARIAH WEAVER, age 44 years.

19th inst., CYNTHIA MADDOX, age 62 years.

12th inst., HARRY, son of George H. and Charlotte M. BROOKS, age 1 year, 3 months.

Rev. ARTHUR DRINKWATER, died on Wednesday, Sept. 16, at his late residence in Waterville where he had passed several years in a retirement of quiet and infirm old age. He has been a wise counselor in the general educational interests of the Baptist denomination of this state. He was many years an efficient member of the Board of Trustees in Waterville College (Colby University). He served an honored pastorate of 12 years in Danvers, Mass., but spent most of his life in Hallowell, Mt. Vernon, Skowhegan and other churches in the Bowdoin and Kennebec Associations of this state. For a few years past, he has been unable to perform public service by reason of his advanced age, upwards of 80 years. He leaves a widow, his second wife, formerly Mrs. Rev. A. B. Tilton of Waterville and of Franklin Institute, Indiana; and an only son, the Hon. A. F. Drinkwater of Ellsworth, and also an adopted daughter, Mrs. Rev. N. M. Williams, D.D. of Rhode Island.

OCTOBER 1, 1874


Ellsworth, 24th ult., by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. E. C. OAKS and Miss MARY E. URANN, both of Ellsworth.

Aug. 15, by Rev. William A. Keese, Mr. CURTIS DURGIN of Sedgwick and Miss JOANNA WESCOTT of Bluehill.

Bluehill, 6th ult., at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. C. G. Harwood of Eastport, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Tebbets, Mr. C. M. LITTLEFIELD of Belfast and Miss JULIA ADELLE TREWORGY, daughter of the late Spencer Treworgy of Bluehill.

Rockland, 19th ult, FRANK A. WI__ON [WILSON?] of Camden and Miss CLARA A. CHOATE of Bluehill.


Ellsworth, 26th ult., WILLIE A., son of Ruel R. and Dellie F. DORITY, age 10 months.

18th ult., HERBERT PERCY, son of Abram and Ellen S. SARGENT, age 3 years, 3 days.

28th ult., Mr. HARRY SILSBY of Amherst, age 66 years.

Surry, 20th ult., Mrs. PELETIAH TAPLEY, age 57 years.

22nd ult., EMMA RAY, only child of Jesse Ray, age 18 years.

27th ult., Mr. JESSE MEANS, age 80 years.

9th ult., VIRGELIA ESTELLA, only daughter of the late Joseph W. and Hattie GREEN, age 9 months, 3 days.

OCTOBER 8, 1874


Ellsworth, 3rd inst., by the Rev. F. V. D. Garretson, Mr. JOHN W. CONNERS and Miss ELEANOR B. MARSHALL, both of Trenton.

South Hancock, by O. W. Young, Esq., Capt. ISAAC CRABTREE and Mrs. JOANNA THORNE, both of South Hancock.

Swan's Island, 26th ult., by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. B. F. SPRAGUE and Miss MARY E. WHITNEY, both of Swan's Island.

Bucksport, 4th inst., by W. H. Pilsbury, Esq., Mr. JAMES H. COLWAY and Miss EMMA E. FARMER, both of Verona.


Ellsworth, 3rd inst., CLARANCE W., son of Capt. Joseph M. and Annie M. POMROY, age 1 year, 3 months.

Winter Harbor, 27th ult., BESSIE, youngest daughter of Capt. N. M. and Jennie HAMMOND, age 4 years, 6 months.

OCTOBER 15, 1874


Ellsworth, 10th inst., by Rev. William A. Keese, Mr. HOWARD L. COUSINS of Eden and Miss KATIE M. CRIPPEN of Trenton.

Brooksville, 20th inst., by Rev. K. N. Meservey, Mr. CHARLES H. CONARY of Surry and Miss ALMENIA BRIDGES of Brooklin.

Bar Harbor, 3rd inst., by A. F. Higgins, Esq., Mr. ADELBERT C. HAMOR and Miss EMMA A. CAMPBELL, both of Eden.

Boston, Mass., 24th ult., by Rev. L. L. Wood, Mr. HENRY W. PETTINGILL of Boston and Miss MARY F. GILPATRICK of East Lamoine.


Ellsworth, 4th inst., Mr. ELIHU JONES, age 73 years.

10th inst., HATTIE M., infant daughter of Henry U. and Jane TRIPP, age 11 weeks.

Trenton, 30th ult., Mr. BENJAMIN BUNKER, age 76 years, 10 months.

30th ult., Mrs. ANN MARIA HOPKINS, wife of William Hopkins, age 58 years, 4 months, 27 days.

Eden, 10th inst., Mrs. MARTHA, wife of Zaccheus HIGGINS, age 61 years.

Portland, 10th inst., Mr. BENJAMIN V. MILLIKEN, formerly of Surry, age 36 years.

OCTOBER 22, 1874


Surry, 13th inst., by Rev. L. S. Tripp, Mr. NAHUM HINCKLEY and Miss EVELYN M. TREWORGY, daughter of Mr. Samuel Treworgy, both of Surry.


Surry, 8th inst., Mrs. EMMA R., wife of Luther T. SMITH, age 22 years, 7 months.

Brooklin, 16th inst., Mr. SAMUEL HALL, age 17 years, 7 months.

Long Island, Bluehill, 13th inst., Deacon SAMUEL CARTER, age 74 years. Deacon C was for many years a member of the Second Baptist Church in Bluehill.

Hollowell, 19th inst., Mr. GEORGE S. STEVENS, formerly of Bluehill, age about 36 years.

Portland, 7th inst., Mr. BENJAMIN V. MILLIKEN, formerly of Surry, age 86 years.

Lafayette, Calif., June 9, EDWIN LINDON, age 4 years, 11 months; also Sept. 18 MARIA LOUISA, 6 years, 9 months -- only children of Martin L. and Mary Emerson GRAY, formerly of West Sedgwick, Maine.

OCTOBER 29, 1874


Ellsworth, 24th inst., by Rev. R. V. D. Garretson, Mr. EDWARD A. HOPKINS and Miss ZILLIE R. McFARLAND, both of Trenton.


Ellsworth, 21st inst., Mrs. MARY T. BRIMMER, age 68 years.

Sullivan, 24th inst., JENNIE S., youngest daughter of Charles W. and Rebecca A. CONNERS, age 7 years, 4 months.

NOVEMBER 5, 1874


Ellsworth, 1st inst., by Rev. W. H. Lyon, Mr. JOHN R. CLOUGH and HARRIET V. DARLING, both of Bluehill.

Gouldsboro, 31st ult., by H. M. Sowle, Esq., Mr. JOSEPH W. STAPLES and Mrs. ELLEN STANLEY, both of Swan's Island.

By the same, Mr. SIMON M. GORDEN of Franklin and Miss ABBIE ASH of Gouldsboro.

Bucksport, 21st ult., by Rev. C. A. Plummer, JAMES W. PALMER and Miss CHARLOTTE E. HOLT, both of Bucksport.


Gouldsboro, Sep. 20, Mrs. HESTER ANN WEARE, age 62 years. A worthy wife and mother.

Bucksport, 23rd ult., Capt. SETH CURTIS, age 75 years, 5 months, 26 days.

NOVEMBER 12, 1874


Ellsworth, 4th inst., by Rev. F. V. D. Garretson, Mr. WILLIAM GEORGE and Miss ELIZABETH A. FLETCHER, both of Ellsworth.

7th inst., by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. NATHANIEL F. BOWDEN and Mrs. JERUSHA H. JORDAN, both of Ellsworth.

8th inst., by the same, Mr. SAMUEL D. BONSEY of Ellsworth and Miss LYDIA M. YOUNG of Sedgwick.

5th inst., at the residence of Mr. John O. Sargent, by Rev. William A. Keese, Mr. CHARLES F. EATON of Deer Isle and Miss LOIS I. SARGENT of Ellsworth; also, Mr. JOHN C. SARGENT of Ellsworth and Miss REBECCA S. DYER of Brewer. (The editor's acknowledgements for a generous slice of the bridal loaf and good wishes for the happiness of the quartet.)

Franklin, 8th inst., by W. W. Bragdon, Esq., Mr. JAMES L. SMITH of Orrington and Miss JOSEPHINE F. CURTIS of Hancock.

Gouldsboro, 5th inst., by H. M. Sowle, Esq., Mr. AUGUSTUS SMALL of Steuben and Miss ARRITTIA SEAVEY of Gouldsboro.

East Bluehill, 9th ult, by G. W. Collins, Esq., Mr. JOHN J. CARTER of Bluehill and Miss ABBIE E. BILLINGS of Sedgwick.

Milbridge, 10th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. George N. Eldridge of Harrington, Rev. MERRITT C. BEALE of Orland and ALMEIDA L., daughter of Capt. Alex. C. RAY of Milbridge.

Lawrence, Mass., 4th inst., by Rev. George W. Gile, Mr. HENRY E. BARTLETT of East Lamoine and Miss JULIA CHEEVER of East Hardwick, Vermont.


Eden, 3rd inst., Mr. ZACHEUS HIGGINS, age 63 years.

Franklin, 9th inst., ROSA AGNES, daughter of Otis SPRINGER, age 9 years, 10 months, 18 days.

NOVEMBER 19, 1874


Surry, 11th inst., by Rev. Frederic A. Bragdon, Mr. HARVEY J. CUNNINGHAM of Surry and Miss SUSIE STOVER of Bluehill.

Bluehill, 9th inst., by Rev. Joseph H. Taylor, assisted by Rev. A. H. Tibbetts, Mr. HERBERT S. SMITH of Beverly, Mass. and Mrs. MARY S. ALLEN of Bluehill.

Sedgwick, 7th inst., by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Mr. GEORGE F. ANNIS of Camden and Miss LAURA J. COUSINS of Brooklin.

Brooklin, 10th inst., by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Capt. WHITNEY A. HALE of Brooklin and Miss FLORENCE E. TILTON of Plymouth.

7th inst., by Rev. K. N. Meservey, Mr. CHARLES C. COUSINS and Miss CELIA H. BRADFORD, both of Brooklin.

Castine, 14th inst., by Rev. A. E. Ives, Mr. WALTER B. BARTRAM of Brewer and Miss HELEN A. DUNHAM of Castine.

Eden, 21st ult., by Rev. W. Corthell, Mr. ALEX. C. HAGERTHY, M.D. of Steuben and Miss MADELLA A. GREEN of Mt. Desert.

Mt. Desert, 9th inst., by Daniel Somes, Esq., Mr. GEORGE GOOGING and Miss JENNIE M. TRUSSELL, both of Ellsworth.

Tremont, 10th inst., by D. P. Marcyes, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM P. PREBLE, Esq. of Cranberry Isles and Mrs. MATHILDA J. SANFORD of Tremont.

Bucksport, 31st ult., by A. L. Skinner, Mr. H. D. TROTT and Mrs. JANE A. SHERBURNE, both of Bucksport.

Brewer, 9th inst., by Otis Gilman, Esq., Mr. P. J. HODGKINS of Brewer and Miss NELLIE SALISBURY of Ellsworth.

No deaths reported this issue.

NOVEMBER 26, 1874


Ellsworth, 24th inst., at the residence of Mrs. M. Leighton, by Rev. William A. Keese, Mr. EDWARD A. WARREN and Miss EMMA L. LOW, both of Worcester, Mass.

Surry, 8th inst., by Henry J. Milliken, Esq., Mr. ALBERT WILLINS of Surry and CLARA C. HERRICK of Bluehill.

Also, by the same, Mr. NICHOLAS OBER and Mrs. JOANNAH S. McLANE, both of Surry.

Tremont, 14th inst., by Rev. B. F. Stinson, Mr. LEWIS W. GALLY and Miss HANNAH W. GOTT, both of Tremont.

East Bucksport, 8th inst., by Rev. O. R. Wilson, Mr. J. E. HOUSTON of Bucksport and Miss SUSIE A. JAMESON of Rockland.

Milford, N.H., 22nd inst., at the residence of and by Rev. C. A. Cressy, CHARLES LIVINGSTON of Milford and Miss CLARA L. HINCKLEY of Bluehill, Maine.

Tahiti, L.I., Sep. 9, Capt. ALFRED R. HODGKINS of San Francisco, Calif., son of Henry Hodgkins, Esq. of Lamoine, and Miss BERTHA GOODING of Tahiti.


Ellsworth, 17th inst., ALICE T., only daughter of Asa and Jane JORDAN, age 18 years, 2 months.

21st inst., ADELBERT IRVING, son of Charles L. and Orissa McFARLAND, age 12 months.

Franklin, 14th ult., HANNAH E., wife of Col. R. G. BLAKE and daughter of Capt. D. W. Clark, age 36 years.

Waltham, 21st inst., CHARLES H. THOMAS, age 21 years, 6 months; buried at Lamoine.

Tremont, 14th inst., Capt. I. R. LUNT, age about 43 years.

Bluehill, 21st inst., WILLIAM A. EVANS, Esq., age 64 years, 3 months, brother of the late Hon. George Evans.

Castine, 10th inst., HARRY W., son of S. K. WHITING, age 14 years, 9 months.

Eastbrook, Oct. 15, EDGAR W., son of George W. and Julia M. ASH, age 1 year, 3 months, 28 days.

DECEMBER 3, 1874


Ellsworth, 26th ult., Mr. PERCIVAL A. SMITH and Miss LIZZIE T. QUINN, both of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, 24th ult., by Rev. William Forsyth, Mr. CHARLES G. ATKINS and Miss NELLIE H. MOSES, both of Bucksport.

Bluehill, 25th ult., by Rev. Joseph H. Taylor, Capt. RICHARD A. HERRICK of Brooklin and Mrs. MARY H. FLYE of Sedgwick.

Castine, 27th ult., by Rev. A. E. Ives, Mr. CHARLES E. STOCKBRIDGE and Miss ELLA A. ANDREWS, both of Castine.


Ellsworth, 19th ult., ALICE F., only daughter of Asa and Jane JORDAN, age 18 years.

Trenton, 13th ult., Mrs. BETSEY SPEAR, age 71 years, 3 months.

Mt. Desert, 17th ult., Mrs. ABIGAIL WASGATT, age 82 years.

East Bluehill, 24th ult., MARY E. STOVER, wife of Capt. Haslin P. Stover and daughter of J. R. and L. H. Long, age 31 years, 6 months. Beloved wife, kind mother and loving sister.

Sherman, Maine, 18th ult., JENNIE W. CURTIS, age 21 years.

DECEMBER 10, 1874


Hancock, 1st inst., by J. M. Butler, Esq., Mr. LAFAYETT M. BUTLER and Miss OLIVE L. HODGKINS, both of Franklin.

Sedgwick, 6th inst., by Rev. C. P. Bartlett, Capt. ABNER E. DODGE and Mrs. LAURA THOMAS, both of Brooklin.

Penobscot, 4th inst., by S. H. Perkins, Esq., Mr. FRANK H. STAPLES of Sedgwick and Miss MARGARET A. GRAY of Bluehill.

Castine, 3rd inst., by Rev. A. E. Ives, Mr. ARTHUR GEORGE RICHARDSON of Richmond, Virginia and Miss CLARA ADELL WESCOTT of Castine.

Long Island Plantation, 4th ult., by Bartholomew R. Lunt, Esq., Mr. JAMES H. LUNT and Miss HANNAH WALLS, both of Long Island Plantation.

30th ult., by the same, Mr. GEORGE W. M. MERITHEW of Deer Isle and Mrs. CAROLINE WALLS of L. I. P.


Lamoine, 5th inst., Mr. SAMUEL EATON, age 93 years, 6 months.

Amherst, 2nd inst., Mr. JOHN POOL, age 83 years, a native of England.

Brooklin, 22nd ult., Mrs. LUCY ANN, widow of the late Samuel BLAKE, age 50 years, 11 months.

DECEMBER 17, 1874


Ellsworth, 8th inst., at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. Dr. Tenney, Mr. FRANK P. GREEN of Bluehill and Miss ARVILLA J. CRIPPEN of Ellsworth.

At the Congregational parsonage, by the same, Mr. EATON J. GILLEY and Mrs. LYDIA ANDERSON, both of Trenton.

Hancock, 6th inst., by J. A. Steadman, Mr. L. CRABTREE of Hancock and Mrs. E. B. McCRATE of Hancock, formerly of Gouldsboro.

Tremont, 13th inst., at the house of David Clark, by W. W. A. Heath, Esq., Capt. BENJAMIN E. HODGKINS and MARY E. BEVERLY, all of Tremont.

Winter Harbor, 12th inst., by W. Rand, Esq., Mr. WILBUR F. VOSE of Rockland and Mrs. FANNIE E. SARGENT of Gouldsboro.

Mt. Desert, 15th inst., by Rev. A. R. Plumer, Mr. CAROLUS DOWNING of Portland and Miss IDA, daughter of Daniel SOMES, Esq. of Mt. Desert.

Bucksport, 5th inst., by Rev. William Forsyth, Mr. HENRY T. ABORN of Boston, Mass. and Miss LIZZIE M. BENNETT of Bucksport.

New Bedford, 30th ult., by Rev. George W. Stearns, Mr. MONTGOMERY HILL of Brockton and Miss ELIZA E. MARCHANT of Edgartown.


Ellsworth, 10th inst., FREDERICK B., son of Charles A. and R. S. AUSTIN, age 20 years, 3 months, 13 days.

Trenton, GEORGE F., age 12 years, 2 months; Oct. 16, ELLA, age 18 months, 12 days; Dec. 4, WILLIAM, age 20 years -- sons and daughter of Newel WEBBER.

DECEMBER 24, 1874


Lamoine, 17th inst., by Rev. P. F. Fogg, Mr. HENRY D. GERRISH and Miss CARRIE D. FOGG, both of Hancock.

Tremont, 16th inst., by Rev. Israel Hathaway, WINFIELD S. NORWOOD and Miss ANNIE E. OBER, both of Tremont.

Orland, 16th inst., by Rev. A. L. Skinner, Mr. CHARLES E. VALENTINE and Miss CLARA A. SOPER, both of Orland.

Bucksport, 19th inst., by Rev. William Forsyth, Mr. ALONZO W. PACKARD and Miss JENNIE H. MOORE, both of Ellsworth.


Cranberry Isles, 12th inst., very suddenly, of apoplexy, Capt. WILLIAM MOORE, age 73 years, 5 months.

Boston, Mass., 2nd inst., Mr. GEORGE W. WOOSTER, age 36 years, formerly of South Hancock, Maine.

DECEMBER 31, 1874


Ellsworth, 27th inst., at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. F. V. D. Garretson, assisted by Rev. S. Tenney, D.D., Mr. CHARLES A. COLE of Paris, Maine, son of the late Judge Cole, and Miss MARGARET R. REDMAN of Ellsworth.

Orland, 24th inst., by Rev. Merritt C. Beale, Mr. EDWIN P. GRAY and Miss ROSE L. HEATH, both of Orland.

Otis, 22nd inst., by Charles Carr, Esq., Mr. IZRA W. REED of Tremont and Miss ANNIE M. SALSBURY of Otis.

Eden, 20th inst., by E. M. Hamor, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM S. WALLS and Miss ABBIE T. TRACY, both of Eden.

Gouldsboro, 25th inst., by H. M. Sowle, Esq., Mr. DAVID A. HOOPER of Franklin and Miss LOIZA DECKER of Gouldsboro.


Ellsworth, 26th inst., HANNAH S., wife of Levi JOY, age 64 years.

26th inst., Deacon SAMUEL DUTTON, after a short illness, age 85 years. Deacon Dutton was a native of Ellsworth, born in 1790, and has always resided here. During his younger days he was actively engaged in the lumbering business, and later in life in trade and navigation. He leaves a widow and five sons and one daughter living.

Sedgwick, 21st inst., of heart disease, Mr. CHARLES MOORE, age 22 years.

Tremont, 24th ult., WILBER E., only child of William H. and Lucy E. WHITMORE, age 1 year, 1 month, 12 days.