Deaths and Marriages as published in EASTERN FREEMAN

April 22, 1853


April 13 by Rev. H. S. Loring, Mr. Samuel HARRIMAN of Butte County, California, to Miss Fidelia H. FANNING of Amherst.

In Castine, by Rev. Mr. Sewell, Mr. Joseph W. EASTMAN of Penobscot, to Miss Sarah H. LAWRENCE of Castine.

In this town, April 2, by H. S. Jones, Esq., Mr. Samuel H. DAVIS of Ellsworth, to Miss Lydia M. CARTNEY of Brewer.

In Castine, by J. B. Wood, Esq., Mr. Hezekiah HOLBROOK, to Miss Angeline SMITH, both of Swan's Island.

In Castine, by Rev. Mr. Atwell, Mr. George BATCHELDOR to Miss Hannah H. COLLINS.


In Ellsworth, March 29, of consumption, Miss Sarah E. JORDAN, age 15 years, 10 months, 11 days.

In East Trenton, after an illness of 4 days, Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. Samuel SPRINGER, age 35 years.

At Mt. Desert, March 30, after a short but painful illness of 16 hours, Ellenor R., wife of Mr. Israel TAYLOR, age 29 years.

In East Trenton, on the 10th inst., Capt. Steven HIGGINS, departed this life aged 58 years; his last sickness, which was a lingering consumption, was very long and severe, but he bore it with great patience and resignation. He had long resided in Trenton, being one of the first settlors of that town where, by honest industry and strict integrity of character, he had won many warm friends. The loss to that community occasioned by his death cannot well be made good. He was a worthy and respected citizen, a kind and obliging neighbor, a loving and indulgent father, and a devoted and affectionate husband. His loss we deplore, and his memory will long be cherished by those who knew him. (followed by poem)

April 29, 1853


In Bangor, April 23, by Rev. A. Battles, Mr. James R. MACOMBER, to Miss Mercy PERKINS, both of Bangor.

At Ellsworth, Mr. Samuel H. DAVIS of Ellsworth, to Miss Lydia M. CARTNEY of Brewer.


At Searsport, April 17, Ann, wife of Asa WARREN, age 50 years.

In East Machias, 14th inst., Warren F. HOBEY, Esq., Postmaster at that place, age 42 years.

In Eastport, 18th inst., Mr. Seth BENNER, Jr., age 42 years.

May 6, 1853


In Tremont, 13th ult., Capt. Robert NEWMAN, to Miss Laura DOLIVER.

In Lowell, Massachusetts, Mr. Jasper K. HALL, to Miss Margaret H. OSGOOD of Bluehill, Maine.


In Ellsworth, May 4, Capt. Samuel PATTERSON, age about 50 years.

In Ellsworth, 21st ult., Mrs. Deborah ULMER, wife of Levi B. Ulmer, Esq., age 26.

In Mariaville, April 23rd, Mrs. Dorcas JORDAN, wife of John Jordan, age 91 years and 12 days.

In Penobscot, 21st ult., Ebenezer LEACH, 64.

In Thomaston, 26th inst., Hezekiah P. COOMBS, age about 40.

In Bangor, May 4, George H., son of Samuel and Eliza Ann GARNSEY, age 10 years.

May 13, 1853


In Trenton on Sunday last, by Williams Haines, Esq., Mr. Antonio F. SMITH of Ellsworth, to Miss Caroline NEWMAN of Eden.

In Ellsworth, March 21st, by Charles Lowell, Esq., Mr. Blyce CARLANE to Miss Henrietta McCAFFREY, both of Ellsworth.

In Bangor, May 8, by Rev. A. Battles, Mr. Lewis I. KITTRIDGE, to Miss Mary Jane REED, both of Bangor.


In Brooklin, May 8, Albertine, daughter of Capt. Theopholus and Patience HERRICK, age 9 years.

In Bangor, May 5, Mrs. Sarah D., wife of Simeon PIERCE, age 48 years.

In Bangor, May 9, Mrs. Sallie G., wife of Jacob SMITH, age 45 years.

May 20, 1853


In this town, May 15, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Benjamin F. GREY, to Miss Rebecca F. JORDAN.

In Belfast, 2nd inst., Mr. Asa RIGGS of Essex, Mass., to Miss Louisa REED of Belfast.


In Sedgewick, May 15, Miss Patience BRIDGES, daughter of John and Betsey Bridges.

In Gorham, 8th inst., Mr. Nathan DYER, age 56 years, 2 months.

In Nacogdoches, Texas, 21st ult., Horatio NELSON, Esq., formerly of Maine.

In Washington, D.C., Mrs. Isabella Leavitt Howard, wife of Charles WEST and granddaughter of Mr. James Howard, one of the original founders in 1756 of Augusta, the capitol of this state.

May 27, 1853


In this village, on Tuesday last, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Seth CRABTREE, to Miss Caroline Ophelia PARKER, both of Ellsworth.

In Eden, by James Hamor, Esq., Mr. Warren SALSBURY, to Miss Elenor ROBERTS, both of Eden.

In East Trenton, May 23, by W. King, Esq., Capt. Mark KING, to Miss Martha A. YOUNG, both of Trenton.

In Trenton, May 19, by William Heath, Esq., Mr. Edward P. DODGE, to Miss Hannah D. LURVEY, both of Tremont.

In Corinth, on Sunday last, by Rev. Mr. Foley of Dover, Mr. Thomas J. HAYNES of Levant to Miss Maria L. EDDY of Corinth.

In Augusta, Stephen HOLWAY to Miss Eliza SHOREY.


In Eden, Mr. John T. WASGATT, age 66 years.

In Bangor, May 19, Mrs. Clara A. N. MOOR, wife of the Hon. W. B. S. Moor of Bangor.

In Bangor, May 23, Adaline, daughter of Pamelia A. and Paul R. BARKER, age 18.

At Thomaston, May 20, Mrs. Susan, wife of Col. William BENNETT, Warden of the State Prison and formerly of this village.

Marriage, died, married in Lawrence, April 8, by Rev. J. H. Johnson, Mr. John N. VERMOUTH, to Miss Amanda E. SANBORN, all of Lawrence. Died in Andover April 11, Mr. John N. VERMOUTH, in 30 minutes after receiving a blow on the head while passing under a bridge on the morning train for Boston.

June 3, 1853


In this town, May 31st, by Daniel Elbridge, Esq., Mr. Ambrose A. SMITH, to Miss Justina M. BRIDGES, both of Ellsworth.

In Boston, 29th ult., Mr. James H. LORD, of Surry, to Miss Ann M. RAY of Boston.


In Otis, May 19, Capt. Isaac FRAZIER, age 84 years.

In Westborough, Mass., on the 28th ult., Henry C., son of Capt. John and Mary C. CAMPBELL, formerly of Salem.

In Washington, Mrs. Julia S., relict of the late Commodore Charles W. MORGAN.

June 10, 1853


In Rockland, 22nd ult., by A. L. Cary, Esq., Capt. Charles M. SPENSER, to Miss Ann E. CAMPBELL, both of C.

In Rockland, 22nd ult., by Rev. Mr. Fessenden, Mr. Joseph H. FLINT of Rockland, to Miss Rooksley M. ROBINSON, of Warren.

In Foxcroft, 31st ult., by Rev. E. M. Whitney, Rev. Edwin A. HELMERSHAUSEN of Frankfort to Miss Annie T. BRANN of Dover.


In Ellsworth, June 7, Capt. Jesse MOOR, age about 50.

In Sullivan, May 26, Mrs. Jane SIMPSON, widow of the late James SIMPSON, age 81 years.

In Ellsworth, May 7, Lettia G. MOOR, daughter of David and Rebecca C. MOOR, age 19 years; born April 24, 1833.

In Dover, May 28, Sarah E. LAMBERT, age 27 years.

In Foxcroft, May 28, Lydia BEAN, age 24 years.

At sea, of yellow fever, March 28, Nathaniel S. PARTRIDGE, formerly of Bangor, age 33.

In Hampden, May 26, George W. HIGGINS, age 19 years.

In Boston, Gen. John TYLER, age 74. He was emminent as a merchant/auctioneer of some 30 years standing, and a very respectable and popular man. The flags of the shipping in the harbor were placed in mourning in respect of his memory.

June 17, 1853


In Ellsworth, June 14, by Thomas R. Hart, Esq., Mr. John WALLIS to Miss Lucy M. RICH, both of Ellsworth.

May 28, by I. L. Brown, Esq., Mr. Thomas J. FRAZIER of Ellsworth, to Miss Francis A. BARTLETT of Brooklin.

In Orland, May 31, by Rev. Mr. Sawyer, Mr. C. H. ROGERS of Orrington, to Miss C. H. HARRIMAN of Orland.

At the same place, June 1, by the same, Mr. Alanson WALKER of Union, to Miss E. F. HARRIMAN of Orland.

In Penobscot, by Rev. G. Butler, Mr. Tenney BRIDGES to Miss Abigal L. H. GRAY of Sedgwick.

In Bluehill, June 6, Mr. Isaac SMITH to Miss Sarah GASH, both of Bluehill.


In this town, on Monday last, Miss Sarah, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary MURCH, age 21 years, 6 months. Miss Murch underwent a long and painful sickness which she endured with true Christian patience and resignation, and although called by death in the bloom and vigor of youth, she went down to the grave in the full faith of a Christian's hope for a glorious immortality beyond its narrow portals. She was much respected and beloved during her life, and although her death has caused an aching void among her numerous friends and relatives, they should still be thankful for the blessed assurance that what is their loss will prove to be immortal gain of the dear departed.

In Ellsworth, May 9, William FLETCHER, Jr., age 43 years, 4 months.

In Bangor, June 7, Martha Elizabeth CAMPBELL, age 8 years.

In Machias, June 3, Amanda CROCKER, age 1 year.

At sea, May 25, Miss Ella C., daughter of Scott J. TALLMAN, Esq. of Bath, age 22 years.

In Gardner, June 6, Benjamin SHAW, Esq., age 69.

In Machias, 11th inst., Mrs. Ellen QUINN, age 25.

Lost overboard from schooner Constitution, on the passage from Boston to Tremont, Mr. Stephen ALBEY, of Tremont.

June 24, 1853


In Waltham, by Elder C. C. Long, Mr. Gideon S. COOK, to Miss Sarah A. SWAN, both of Waltham.


In Bluehill, June 15, of consumption, Miss Ellen M. DOUGLASS, age 16 years.

In Trenton, 22nd inst., William DRISKEL, age about 45. Mr. Driskel was a long and patient sufferer. He died not like the unbeliever, but with a firm hope in the happy reunion with the blessed in heaven.

July 1, 1853


In this town, June 26, Mr. Rufus GOSS to Miss Christiana SARGENT, both of this town.

In Ellsworth, June 25, by Thomas K. Hart, Esq., Mr. Ephram C. CARD to Miss Elmira TRIPP, both of Ellsworth.

In Castine, Mr. Henry WHITCOMB to Miss Mary CORNWALLIS.

In Castine, by Rev. Mr. Sewell, Mr. William STODDARD of Lowell, Mass., to Miss Mary Ann Jarvis LITTLE, of Castine.


In Bluehill, June 24, Mrs. Spencer TREWORGY, age 76.

In Rio Janeiro, April 28, of yellow fever, Mrs. George RUDGE, Jr., daughter of E. Kent, Esq., U. S. Consul at Rio.

In Kingston, Jamaica, of yellow fever, May 23, Mr. Henry RICH of Orrington, 1st officer of brig Chief, age 24.

July 8, 1853


In Trenton, by Warren King, Esq., Mr. William E. HIGGINS to Miss Caroline POTTER, both of Trenton.

In Ellsworth, June 18, by A. McAllister, Esq., Mr. George KINGMAN, to Miss Margaret TROYMAN, both of Waltham.


In Gouldsboro, after a long and lingering sickness, Capt. James STONE, age 44 years. He was formerly of Orland.

July 15, 1853


In this town, on the 9th inst., by E. Whitcomb, Esq., Mr. Sumner GILPATRICK to Miss Delia F. JOY, both of this town.

In Bluehill, July 4, by Putnam Ingalls, Esq., Mr. Vespasian CONERY of Bluehill, to Miss Mary Ann CARLTON of Salem, Mass.

In Dexter, July 3, by Rev. Mr. Cilley, Mr. J. F. WITHERWELL (Editor of The Gem), to Miss Betsey LANE, both of Dexter.


In this town, July 6, Miss Ellen SHEPARD of Holden, age 18 years.

In Bluehill, July 6, Capt. Amos W. BARNUM, age 36.

In Bangor, July 10, John R. GREENOUGH, Jr., Esq., age 30 years.

On board bark Hyperion, on the passage from Ponce to New York, 21st ult., Mr. William DICKSON, of Eastport, 1st officer of the Hyperion.

July 22, 1853


In Ellsworth, July 16, by A. F. Drinkwater, Esq., Mr. Everard H. GREELY of the firm of Brown & Greely, to Miss Ann F. JARVIS of the firm of E. D. Shaw & Company. Success to the new co-partnership, and may the surviving partners of each of the old firms soon follow the excellent example of their younger and more enterprising associates!!

In Ellsworth, by A. McCallister, Esq., Capt. William WATTS to Matilda J. TUCKER, both of Ellsworth.

In Gouldsboro, by Nathaniel Pendleton, Esq., Mr. Freeman ROSEBROOK to Miss Elizabeth YOUNG.

In Gouldsboro, Mr. John MOORE to Miss Melissia PENDLETON, all from Gouldsboro.

In Bangor, July 13, by Rev. Mr. Porter, Mr. Ephraim WASHBURN to Miss Pamelia C. BREWSTER, both of Bangor.


In Bluehill, suddenly, July 13, Miss Nancy BARTLETT, age 18 years.

Also, July 18, Capt. William SANDS, age 64, formerly of Milo, Maine.

In Rockland, 15th inst., Capt. Joshua SPAULDING, age 85.

July 29, 1853


In Bluehill, by Rev. Mr. Chase, Mr. Rufus W. HERRICK, to Miss Ann J. TIBBETS, of Brooklin.

In Brooklin, Isaac M. Allen, Esq., Mr. William FREETHY to Miss Judeth WATSON, all of Brooklin.


In Trenton, July 15, Mary Caroline, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth C. HADLEY, age 2 months.

In Bucksport, 16th inst., Capt. James TURNER.

Of consumption, on 19th, Mr. Benjamin SWETT, age 55 years, in Bucksport.

In Bangor, 16th inst., Mary Jane, wife of Reuben McGRATH, age 34 years.

In Bangor, 22nd, Mary Eliza, daughter of Henry and Mary J. WILCOMB, age 6 months.

August 5, 1853


In Ellsworth, August 4, by A. F. Drinkwater, Esq., Mr. Addison D. CRABTREE, to Miss Ann A. STEVENS, both of this town.

In Ellsworth, July 30, by A. McCallister, Mr. Sylvester JELLISON, to Mrs. Maria JELLISON, both of this town.

August 5, 1853

In Bangor, 21st ult., by Rev. Mr. Weaver, Mr. Robert H. PICKETT of Boston, to Miss Sarah E. HAM of Bangor.

In Bangor, July 26, by Rev. Mr. Battles, Mr. Hanson GRAY to Miss Emily F. FOWLER, both of Bangor.

In Dexter, Mr. A. H. BILLINGS to Miss Ellen E. HORN.


In Ellsworth, July 31, Mrs. Abigal, wife of Mr. Thomas TOWNSEND.

In Bluehill, July 27, Mrs. Jacob INGALLS, age 80 years.

Lost overboard, January 6, from on board the ship Canton (Capt. Wing) of New Bedford, Clinton THOMPSON, eldest son of Jeremiah S. Thompson of Dover, Maine.

In Foxcroft, July 29, Artemas WARREN, age 66 years.

In Norridgewock, July 13, Mrs. Mary PARLIN, in her 91st year.

August 12, 1853


Cranberry Isle, Capt. William P. BUNKER to Miss Hannah GILLEY, both of Cran. Isle.

Gouldsboro, Peletia MOORE to Phoebe STRATTON, of Hancock.

Tremont, August 10, by A. Tarr, Esq., Mr. John W. LEIGHTON to Mrs. Fanny N. WASGATT, both of Mt. Desert.


Ellsworth, August 6, Edwin Francis, son of Elijah and Lydia J. COUILLARD, age 7 months.

In New Orleans, on the 30th of June last, Mrs. Emma G. COUSENS, wife of Capt. John H. Cousens of Belfast, age 45 years. By this dispensation of Providence, a tender wife and mother has been removed from the head of the family to whom she was peculiarly endeared by a most faithful and affectionate discharge of all her duties to them. The church to which she belonged has been deprived of a member who adorned her profession of Christ by the uniform rectitude of her life and conversation, and who was ever ready for the promotion of every good work. A numerous circle of connections and friends have been bereaved of one who was never wanting in any of the kind offices of friendship and neighborhood, and whose Christian example was a light to all who lived within the sphere of her influence. She had been severely tried by the discipline of sorrow, and that experience had been blessed to her in the production in her heart and life of the peaceable fruits of righteousness. All who knew her will cherish in affectionate remembrance of her unpretending excellence, her calm and meek piety, her conscientiousness in the performance of all known duty, and the warmth of her disinterested benevolence. The summons of death was very sudden, and it met her at a distance from most of those who were dearest to her heart, but it found her prepared. The sincerity and strength of her faith was proved by the instant of cheerful readiness with which she yielded herself to the Divine Will. Whilst her departure has deeply wounded many hearts, the whole tenor of her life and of the circumstances of her death afford in the fullest measure, to her mourning friends, the consoling assurance that, to her, to die was gain.

August 19, 1853


Eden, August 9, by George N. Jordan, Esq., Mr. William DURFEY to Miss Permelia H. YOUNG, both of Eden.

Lowell, Mass., Samuel W. FOSTER to Miss Elizabeth T. STENCHFIELD of Bucksport.


Ellsworth, August 6, Anna Susan, only daughter of Dr. Asa and Ann C. McALLISTER, age 1 year.

Trenton, August 7, Betsey, wife of Peter Ayers HAYNES, age 40 years. Thus, suddenly and unexpectedly, has fallen by the shafts of death a confiding and affectionate wife, a tender mother and a true friend. She early embraced religion which she found a comfort in health and prosperity, a support in affliction and the hour of death. In the faith of a glorious immortality, she gave her parting blessing to each member of her family, then calmly and peacefully yielded up her spirit into the hands of Him who gave it, there to join a daughter who preceded her. She had much to attach her to life, leaving 11 children, one an infant a fortnight old, just at an age to require her care and counsel.

In Gonaibes, 9th ult., Capt. Charles D. BRIDGHAM of Castine, late master of the schooner Eglantine.

August 26, 1853


Ellsworth, August 19, by E. Whitcomb, Esq., Mr. Andrew NEWMAN to Miss Anna S. KELLIER, both of Ellsworth.

Bucksport, August 11, by Rev. James H. B. Walker, Mr. James H. SPROUL of Frankfort, to Miss Sophia R. HOURS of Newburyport.

Bath, Mr. John WINSLOW to Mrs. Jane SMITH, both of Brunswick.

Hallowell, 6th inst., William A. STONE of Sidney, to Miss Caroline DREW.

Deer Isle, 14th inst., by W. V. Jordan, Esq., Mr. Samuel H. POWERS of Bangor, to Miss Eliza A. CARR of Deer Isle.


In this village, Mrs. Nancy HOPKINS, wife of George B. Hopkins, Esq., died on the 23rd inst., age 34 years. The deceased had been a long and patient sufferer, having been gradually wasting away for several months past by consumption. She had long been fully aware of her approaching dissolution, yet she mourned not nor complained, but calmly awaited the will of her Heavenly Master in whom she had some years since learned to place her reliance. She has been a worthy member of the Baptist Church in this village and, in her, the church loses one of its brightest ornaments. She leaves an affectionate husband and three small children to mourn her departure, and also a large circle of warm friends and relatives. Her loss will be deeply felt by

her numerous friends with whom she was accustomed to associate, but severely does it fall upon the bereaved husband and the motherless children, for her place to them can never be made good. Yet the afflicted friends have a consolation in the midst of their grief to know that their loss is her gain.

Ellsworth, 22nd inst., after a long and distressing illness which she bore with true Christian patience, Wealthy, wife of Jacob STRAW, age 51 years. Of Mrs. Straw, it may truly be said that in her journey through life, she faithfully discharged her duties as a wife, mother and neighbor and, although possessed strong hope of a glorious immortality beyond the grave, she always amidst her most severe suffering, expressed a desire to live as long as she could be useful to her family and friends. Her end was calm and peaceful, and her life has been such that her memory will long be cherished by her relatives and friends.

Ellsworth, August 21, Elizabeth ROBINSON, wife of Sandford Robinson and daughter of Mr. Michael Howard, age 16 years.

Tremont, 21st inst., Emma Edward, daughter of Charles C. FULLER.

Bangor, 16th inst., Mrs. Mercy R. MAYO, age 46 years.

Hallowell, 6th inst., Mrs. Sarah WATERHOUSE, age 32.

Bath, 5th inst., W. S. WALKER, age 29.

Kennebec, 12th inst., Isaac SANFORD, age 44.

Bangor, August 23, Mrs. Susan A. LACY, age 25 years.

September 2, 1853


Tremont, August 28, by A. Tarr, Esq., Capt. Smith ROBINSON, Jr. of Tremont, to Miss Lydia S. RICHARDSON of Sullivan.

Belfast, August 3, by Rev. Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Alfred S. OSGOOD to Miss Martha H. CLOUGH, both of Bluehill.

Machias, 28th ult., by William Brown, Esq., Mr. Charles A. WALLACE of Milbridge, to Miss Susan J. CONNERS of Machias.


Treton, August 28, Laura E., only child of Capt. John and Mary H. ANDERSON, age 16 months, 9 days.

Bluehill, August 25, of consumption, Miss Julia D., daughter of Josiah HINCKLEY, age 20 years.

Addison, 19th ult., Mrs. Mary P. NORTON, age about 82 years.

September 9, 1853


Ellsworth, September 8, by A. McAllister, Esq., Mr. Nahum H. JOY to Miss Alphia T. MOORE, both of this town.

Ellsworth, August 20, by Rev. J. E. McKeen, Mr. Elisha BLAKEFIELD to Miss Sarah TATE, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, August 27, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Nathaniel N. HODGKINS to Miss Martha J. HADLEY, both of Trenton.

Bucksport, September 2, James EMERY, Esq. to Miss Caroline HARVEY, both of Bucksport.

Dedham, August 2__, by Rev. H. Goodrich, Mr. Charles V. NODDIN of Veazie, to Miss Mary H. MILLIKEN OF Dedham.


Ellsworth, September 8, Lucy B., daughter of D. C. and M. A. JELLISON, age 6 years, 5 months.

Ellsworth, August 5, Harry, son of Seth and Mathilda PADELFORD, age 9 months.

Ellsworth, September 2, Catherine, daughter of Otis W. and Miriam KENT, age 13 months.

Trenton, August 27, after a distressing sickness which she bore with Christian resignation, Clara S., wife of Capt. C. W. MILLIKEN and only daughter of Capt. Daniel Foster, age 24 years. Where she was most known, she was most loved and, there, even time itself cannot obliterate her memory.

Bucksport, August 30, Miss Cyntha Jane, daughter of William FARNHAM, Esq., age 17.

Bucksport, Mary CROSBY, age 12 years.

September 16, 1853


Barre, Vermont, September 4, at the M. E. Church by the Rev. E. Copeland, Rev. J. P. FRENCH of the East Maine Conference, to Miss Lucretia L. FREEMAN of Barre.

Dayton, Ohio, 4th inst., by Rev. Wm. H. Sutherland, Mr. Alexander McCOMBIE of Dayton, to Mrs. Lucy A. SHEASE of Ellsworth, Maine.

Ellsworth, September 2, by Daniel Eldridge, Esq., Capt. Levi C. JORDAN of Trenton, to Miss Jerusha SALSBURY of Eden.


Ellsworth, 13th inst., Mr. Owen CAULFIELD, age 89 years. Mr. C. was born in the County of Down in the Parish of Kilburn, Ireland. His wife, Rose, from the same place, died in this town seven years since.

Surry, 1st inst., Flavius J., eldest son of Isaac and Sabina GREEN, age 16.

Brewer, 8th inst., Mary H. HAMMOND, age 17 years.

Carmel, 7th inst., Major John SHAW, age 48 years.

Hampden, 8th inst., Miss Mary MURCH, age 18 years.

Bangor, 3rd inst., Sarah Ellen, only daughter of D. S. O. WILSON, age 15 years.

September 23, 1853


Bangor, September 15, by Rev. S. F. Wetherbee, Mr. Philo A. STRICKLAND to Miss M. Elizabeth LARRABEE, both of Bangor.

Searsport, Mr. Asa WARREN to Mrs. Mary PENNY.

Veazie, September 17, by M. S. Randall, Esq., Mr. Ephraim L. CHAPMAN of Cambridge, to Miss Catherine CROSBY of Veazie.


Ellsworth, September 10, Mrs. Harriet DELAITTRE, age 88 years.

Bangor, September 16, Mrs. Julia M. COLLET, age 25 years.

Carmel, Mrs. Olive RACKLEFF, age 38.

September 30, 1853


Ellsworth, September 23, by Asa McAllister, Esq., Mr. James TYNAM to Miss Elmira K. KINGMAN, both of Waltham.

Lowell, Mass., September 22, by Rev. Mr. Blanchard, Mr. Augustus STEVENS of Bluehill, Maine, to Miss Emeline GOOGINGS of Lowell.

Bangor, September 24, by Rev. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Edward S. GORHAM to Miss Welthea Ann BOLTON, all of Bangor.

Rockland, 18th, Mr. Philip T. ULMER to Miss Catherine TOLMAN of Camden.

Weare, N.H., 6th, Rev. Frederick MOULTON of South Berwick, Maine, to Miss Hannah GEORGE.

Portland, 21st, by Rev. J. S. Eaton, Mr. G. F. CUSHMAN to Miss Julia A.



Sullivan, September 28, George HINMAN, Esq., age 72 years. Mr. H. was one of the oldest and most respected citizens of our county, and has long been identified with the busines prosperity of its more eastern towns. He leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his death.

Deer Isle, September 10, Mrs. Jane H., wife of Levi MARSHALL, Jr., age 26 years.

Bangor, 24th, Willis, son of Z. P. EASTES, age 13 months.

October 7, 1853


East Boston, September 29, by Rev. Dr. Clark, Mr. Stephen B. WOODARD of the firm of S. B. & C. Woodard of Ellsworth, to Miss M. E. MILLER of East Boston, Mass. The publishers tender their acknowledgements to the above happy couple for a large and generous slice of the bridal loaf, and for their kind and friendly consideration they leave to assure them they received the poor printers' most heartfelt wishes for a long life and prosperity.

Brewer, October 2, by Rev. S. W. Partridge, Mr. Jeremiah M. HOBBS to Miss Emeline DOANE, both of Brewer.

Sebec, September 29, by Rev. W. S. Sewall, Mr. John MORRISON of Orono, to Miss Eliza Jane FORD of Sebec.


Bluehill, October 1, Mrs. Dorathy FISHER, wife of the late Rev. Jon Fisher, age 83 years.

Trenton, September 10, William Henry, son of William and Mary PENDER, age 3 weeks. (Poem followed.)

October 14, 1853


Machias, 8th inst., by William Brown, Esq., Mr. John MULBERN to Miss Isabel H. MARSTON, both of Whitneyville.

Machias, 9th inst., by William Brown, Esq., Mr. Jeremiah JOHNSON to Miss Elizabeth FOSS, both of Machias.

Brewer, 9th inst., by John Halferty, Esq., Mr. George O. CRAM of Brewer, to Miss Pamelia TOWER of Eddington.

Searsport, 26th ult., by John C. Black, Esq., Capt. Samuel H. BLAKE of Prospect, to Miss Nancy M. NICHOLS of Searsport.

Searsport, 2nd inst., by John C. Black, Esq., Mr. John BLACK to Searsport, to Miss Jane TYLER of Prospect.

October 14, 1853


Machias, 10th inst., Mrs. Huldah ALBEE, wife of Henry Albee, age 40 years.

Bath, 4th inst., Isabella J., daughter of G. W. and Henrietta LOKER, age 17 months.

Brewer, 4th inst., Lesley N., eldest son of Ransom and Catherine HINCKLEY, age 5 years, 8 months.

October 21, 1853


Ellsworth, October 3, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Edmund B. HODGKINS to Miss Rachel M. YOUNG, both of Trenton.

Ellsworth, October 19, by Rev. S. Tenney, Dr. Moses R. PULSIFER, homeopathic physician of Ellsworth, to Miss Mary L. BERRY of Trenton.

North Yarmouth, 13th inst., by Rev. C. Hobart, Mr. Samuel CHASE to Miss Lydia E. DUNN.


Bangor, 10th inst., Mr. William NEAL, age 43.

Bangor, 19th, Arthur N., son of Isaac W. and Eliza GOODHUE, age 2 years, 11 months.

October 28, 1853


Belfast, Mr. A. J. BENNER of Waldoboro to Miss Susan L. ROBINSON of Thomaston.

Belfast, Mr. Hamilton BEANE to Miss Abba A. BEANE.

Belfast, Mr. L. D. McGRAY to Miss Caroline M. REED of St. John, New Brunswick.

Belfast, Mr. Jonas WHITCOMB of Fitchburg, Mass. to Miss S. E. POOR.

Boston, 20th inst., by Rev. Dr. Stowe, Mr. Edgar WHIDDEN, Esq., counsellor at law of Calais, Maine, to Miss Harriet M. FOSTER of Dover.

In Harrington, Capt. Henry BROWN from Millbridge, to Miss Henriet ALINE of Harrington.


Porter, 6th inst., Sleeps in Jesus, Mr. Daniel WORMWOOD, age 93 years, 2 months, 25 days. Sermon by Rev. Jos. Stanley from 21 Samuel 14-18.

Porter, 25th inst., Gone to Rest, widow, Abigail MENDON, wife of Richard Mendon, formerly of Prospect, age 75 years; sermon by same from Matthew 27:14.

Waterville, 2nd inst., Benjamin DOOLITTLE, a Revolutionary soldier, age 89 years, 5 months.

November 4, 1853


Ellsworth, November 1, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Charles L. M'CARTNEY of Brewer, to Miss Jane LATTY, of Mt. Desert.

Ellsworth, November 1, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Colman A. MOORE to Miss Eliza J. STRATTON, both of Hancock.

November 11, 1853


Ellsworth, November 3, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Daniel M. ALLEN and Miss Ann, daughter of Mr. Ivory JOY.

Ellsworth, November 1, by the same, Mr. Samuel ROYAL, Jr. and Miss Sarah J., daughter of Mr. Benjamen BARKER.

East Trenton, 5th inst., by Warren King, Esq., Mr. Eben H. KING to Miss Hannah H. YOUNG, both of Trenton.

By the same, 8th inst., Mr. Thomas Y. KING to Miss Mary A. McFARLAND, both of Trenton.

By the same, Mr. Samuel N. SPRINGER to Miss Rachel TRACY, both of Trenton.

November 18, 1853


Ellsworth, November 10, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. David T. BONSEY and Miss Julia A. MADDOCKS, both of Ellsworth.

Ellsworth, November 13 by the same, Mr. William TAYLOR and Miss Elizabeth GARLAND, both of Ellsworth.

Bangor, October 28, by Rev. J. Malthy, Mr. James S. SIMPSON of Ellsworth, to Miss Abby E. SAWYER of Bangor.

In Albion, 6th inst., Mr. Joseph M. HODGKINS of Bangor, to Miss Mary B. HUSSEY of Albion.

In Biddeford, Foxwell B. STAPLES of Biddeford, to Miss Annie E. MARSH, of Bangor.

Deer Isle, 30th ult., Mr. William C. GRAY to Miss Hannah HASKALL, both of Deer Isle.


At Deer Isle, 6th inst., Amasa HOLDEN, age 70 years. He was born in Mendon, Mass. and removed to Deer Isle in early life where he taught school 52 winters. He was a man of great vigor of body and mind, which continued to the day of his death.

In East Boston, 5th inst., of typhoid fever, Augustus PIKE, formerly of Bangor, age 30.

In Belfast, 9th inst., Mrs. Lydia Shaw WHITE.

November 25, 1853


Ellsworth, November 18, by Rev. Jas. Belcher of Oldtown, Charles E. WHITCOMB, Esq. and Miss Lucretia B. MORRISON, both of Ellsworth.

Gouldsboro, November 17, by Nathaniel Pendleton, Mr. William TEMPLE to Miss Phoebe Ann CLARK, both of Gouldsboro.

Brooksville, Thanksgiving Eve, by David Walker, Esq., Mr. Frederick A. GRAY to Miss Nancy C. GRAY, eldest daughter of Capt. John W. Gray, both of Sedgwick.

Grass Valley, Mr. Levi H. WAKEFIELD, formerly of Cherryfield, Maine, to Miss Mariah F. CAMPTON, late of Havannah, New York.

Bedford, 10th inst., Mr. Enoch ROBERTS of Lyman, to Miss Hannah JELLISON of Waterborough.

Boston, 11th inst., Mr. James M. ADAMS of Bangor, to Miss Lizzie M. STEVENSON of Saco.

Machias, November 15, by Rev. A. Prince, Mr. Holmes N. WASS to Miss Arathusa L. WILSON, all of C.


Lost overboard from the schooner Charlie & Willie, on passage from New York River to Damarascotta, Robert KELLEY of Boothbay, seaman.

Skowhegan, Mrs. Dorcas WORTHLEY, age 91.

November 25, 1853

Biddeford, 10th inst., Mrs. Mary BRADGON of East Boston, age 50 years.

Biddeford, 23rd inst., Mr. Amasa DOW.

December 2, 1853


Bucksport, 12th inst., Mr. Allison PARTRIDGE to Miss S. Ann COTTON, both of Orland.

Bangor, Thursday evening, November 14, by Rev. George B. Little, Andrew S.

LUQUES, Esq., merchant of Kennebunkport, to Miss Mary E. NOWELL of Bangor, daughter of General Simon Nowell.

Brewer, November 25, by John Hilferty, Esq., Mr. Samuel LEACH of Brewer to Miss Ellen M. LEACH of Bucksport.

Machias, 20th inst., Charles FOSS, Jr. to Miss Eliza Ann FOSS, both of Machias.


Solon, 18th inst., Mrs. Martha PIERCE, age 73 years.

Thomaston, 15th inst., Mr. David JENKS, age 75.

Bangor, 16th inst., Mr. Samuel P. DRESSER, age 42.

December 9, 1853


Fryeburg, December 1, by Rev. Mr. Richmond, Samuel WATERHOUSE, Esq., of this town, to Miss P. M. KNIGHT of Fryeburg.

In Trenton, December 2, by Elder Marshall, Eben L. HIGGINS of Trenton, to Hannah H. NUTT of Rockland.


In this town, on the 6th inst., Mr. Jasper POND died very suddenly whilst sitting in his chair, age about 70. The deceased was a brother of the late Major Asa Pond who died so suddenly a few weeks since in this town.

In Trenton, on the 5th inst., Mr. Robert BERRY, age about 70.

December 16, 1853--------MISSING

December 23, 1853


In Seaville, by John M. Noyes, Esq. of Mt. Desert, Mr. John H. RICHARDSON of Eden, to Miss Elmeria BARTLETT of Seaville.

In Gouldsboro, December 1, Mr. Elisha SARGENT to Mrs. Charlotte WILKERSON, all of Gouldsboro.

In Gouldsboro, December 5, Mr. Dudley SARGENT to Miss Sarah Jane HAMMANDS, all of Gouldsboro.

Mt. Desert, December 8, by Rev. Samuel Booker, Danforth MARCYESER to Miss Helen A. GOTT, all of Mt. Desert.


In Waltham, Mass., December 6, Miss Sarah SHEPARD of this town, age 31 years and 9 months. Miss Shepard left home some five weeks before her death, in good health, to spend the winter with her friends in Massachusetts and was taken sick upon her arrival at Waltham, which ended in her death in about five weeks. Though far from the ministering of a mother's care, she received from other relatives and friends every care and attention which it was possible for the hand of affection and friendship to bestow. Miss S was a professor of the Christian religion, and as her life had been pure and blameless, her end was peaceful and happy. Her mortal remains were brought home and on the 10th inst. were consigned to the grave to slumber with the kindred dust of relatives and friends.

December 30, 1853


In this place, December 25, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Edmund MACOMBER to Miss Delia L. SOMERBY, both of this place.

In Eden, December 25, by N. J. Thomas, Esq., Mr. John HOPKINS to Miss Amanda LELAND, all of Eden.


In Waltham, December 6, Sarah SHEPHARD, age 31.

In Appleton, December 14, Lavelos, son of Edward A. FULLER, age 1 year.

Nothing published in January 1854.

FEBRUARY 3, 1854 - No marriages or deaths.

February 10, 1854


Died in West Trenton, January 31, of typhus fever, Laura M., youngest daughter of Capt. Thomas and Laura ANDERSON, age 17 years, suddenly and unexpectedly was swallowed by the shafts of death. A lovely and affectionate daughter, after a severe and painful illness of four weeks. Some few days previous to her death, she informed her mother that she was happy in Christ and did not fear death. Thus, calmly and peacefully, she opened up her spirit into the hands of Him who gave it, there to join a father who preceded her. She had much to attach her to life, leaving a large circle of brothers and sisters behind, likewise an aging mother to require her care and counsel. We trust she has left great evidence upon earth that our loss is her eternal gain. (Poem followed.)

February 17, 1854 - no marriages or death notices.

February 24, 1854


In Ellsworth, on the 15th inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, William H. CHANCY, Esq., editor of the Ellsworth Herald, to Miss Mary JORDAN, daughter of Joshua R. Jordan of the firm of Austin & Jordan of this place.

In Ellsworth, 22nd inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Joseph W. OSGOOD, of this place, to Miss Hannah MORGAN of Old Town.


In Brooklin, 17th inst., Mr. Joseph CANDAGE, age 67 years. The deceased, up to the moment of his death, was in the full enjoyment of health and had just partaken of a hearty supper and moved away from the table and was in conversation with his family when he fell from his chair and instantly expired.

In Sedgwick, 16th inst., widow Hepsebeth OSGOOD, age 83 years.

March 3, 1854


In Ellsworth, 17th inst., John D. GILMORE, Esq., age 73 years. Mr. Gilmore was highly respected and esteemed by all who knew him and the community has sustained a great loss in his death. Although quite advanced in years, Mr. G retained until within a short time of his death full powers of his mental and physical strength.

March 10, 1854


In Bluehill, 5th inst., by Putnam Ingalls, Esq., Mr. Gideon H. STEVENS of Thorndike, to Miss Celestia A. PERKINS of Bluehill.

Also at the same time, by John Stevens, Esq., Capt. Henry LUFKIN of Deer Isle to Miss Sarah DODGE of Brooklin.

In this town, 4th inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Capt. Wilson R. YOUNG of Trenton, to Miss Sarah A. McGOWN of Ellsworth.

March 17, 1854


In Rockland, 6th, Mr. Augustine RICHARDSON to Miss Susan CANDAGE, both of Rockland.

7th, Mr. Robert CATLING of Searsport to Miss Amanda STETSON of Lincolnville.


In Mariaville, February 1, Mr. John JORDAN, age 85 years and 9 months.

In Bluehill, 7th inst., very suddenly, of consumption, Miss Annette JOHNSON, daughter of Haskell W. JOHNSON, age 14 years. Annette was a young lady of much promise, a fine scholar and a member of the Congregational Sabboth School where, for her punctual attendances and good behavior, she won the esteem, confidence and love of her teacher and also her classmates. By this sudden and afflicting dispensation of Providence, the school are called to mourn the loss of a worthy member, and the parents of a loving and affectionate daughter.

March 24, 1854


In Scccarrappk (??), 7th inst., by Rev. H. J. Bradbury, Mr. George CLOUDMAN to Miss Martha F. MABURY, both of Westbrook.

In Old Town, March 11, by Rev. Jas. Belcher, Mr. Amos G. CHAPMAN of Hartland, to Miss Cordelia A. MOORE of Bangor.


In Bluehill, on the 15th inst., Mr. Joseph OSGOOD, age 94.

Also, the same evening, Mrs. Asa CLOUGH, age 87, the two oldest people in town.

March 31 - Issue missing from microfilm.

April 7, 1854


In this town, March 16, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Charles ALLEN to Miss Phoebe GOODWIN, both from Franklin.

In Ellsworth, 4th inst., by Rev. S. Tenney, Charles JAMES to Marie PATTEN, both of Ellsworth.

In Tremont, March 15, by Samuel G. Rich, Esq., Mr. James CLARK to Miss Melinda LOPAS.


In Orland, 29th ult., Mary, infant daughter of J. S. and Deborah L. HANCOCKH, 5 weeks. (Poem followed).

April 14, 1854 - no marriages or deaths.

April 21, 1854


In Saco, 17th inst., after a short but distressing sickness supposed to be a disease of the heart, Capt. Naylor WATERHOUSE of Saco.

In San Francisco, California, December (23, 28, 26, 29 ?), Miss Mehitable B. EMERY, age 40.

In Milbridge, 4th inst., Eugene, son of Ezekial and Mary DYER, age 3 years, 6 months.

In Milbridge, 6th inst., Eugene Augustus Means, son of Dr. George and Mary L.

GOOGING, age 2 years.

In Millbridge, 8th, Zebulon FICKETT, age about 96.

April 28, 1854


In Old Town, 9th inst., by Rev. James Belcher, Mr. Oren CLARK to Miss Emma Jane, the eldest daughter of D. J. PERLEY, Esq., M.D., all of Old Town.

In Houlton, 6th inst., Mr. Elihue COGSWELL to Miss Margaret J. ROBINSON.

April 28, 1854

At the same time and place, Mr. W. H. DROST of Brighton, to Miss Maria COGSWELL of the aforesaid place.

In Paris, 17th inst., Mr. William SWAN to Miss Mary J. DUNHAM.


In this village, 24th inst., Miss Sarah PECK, age 25; same day, infant son of Samuel PECK.

In Eastport, 11th inst., Mr. Arthur McCOBB, formerly of Booth Bay, age 42.

May 5, 1854


In Hallowell, Mr. Henry BAILEY to Miss Elmira GRAY, both of Kennebec.

In Farmington, Mr. Rufus B. WINTER to Miss Lydia E. SWIFT.

In Sidney, 10th inst., by A. S. Haywood, Esq., Mr. Allen PORTER to Miss Louisa J. ARNOLD.


In this village, the 2nd inst., Miss Sarah Millesia FARNSWORTH, age about 20.

In Portland, 17th inst., John W. GOFF of Sidney, age 29.

In Sidney, 11th inst., Sumner DYER, age 35.

May 12, 1854


In Eastport, Mr. James A. CARTY to Miss Hannah E. MORGAN.

In Perry, Mr. S. H. OSBORN of Pembroke to Miss Cynthia NUTT.

In Rockland, Mr. Benjamin CUSHING to Miss Julia Laurette DEAN.


In Bangor, lst inst., Mr. Henry D. HARRIMAN, age 52 years.

In Sebec, 1st inst., Daniel BROWN, age 77 years.

In Campobello, Sarah Ann, wife of William TINKER, Jr., age 24 years.

May 19, 1854


In Boston, May 11, Benjamin F. SAWYER of Boston, to Miss Elizabeth P. BLOOD of Bucksport, Maine.

In Calais, Mr. Harlow WHITNEY of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, to Mrs. Lucinda

GEBBARD of Calais.


In Bangor, Henry D. HARRIMAN, age 62.

In Oakland, California, December 9th, Mehitabel A. EMORY of Eden, age 40.

May 26, 1854


In this town, on the Sunday last, by Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Cyrenus LORD to Miss Affa FLOOD, all of Ellsworth.

In Bangor, 22nd inst., Mr. James C. CURTIS to Miss Freelove V. FERREN, both of Levant.

In Veazie, May 14, Mr. A. S. WHITTEN and Miss Emma P. SOMERTON of Orono.

In Lewiston, Mr. Andrew JACKSON and Miss Delvina P. RANKINS.


In Sterling, Mass., on the 5th inst., Mrs. Martha Ann GOSS, wife of Mr. George Goss and daughter of Simeon B. Lowell, Esq., of Whitneyville, Maine. The deceased was just 25 years of age at the time of her death which was caused by consumption. She was a lady of mild and amiable disposition in a calm and serene temperament, and died in a happy frame of mind and a firm hope of a glorious immortality, leaving an extensive circle of friends to mourn their early bereavement.

In Troy, 18th inst., Capt. Charles SMITH, age 60 years.

June 2, 1854


In Bangor, Rev. A. BATTLES, pastor of the Universalist Society of Bangor, to Pamelia A. BARKER of that city.

In Thomaston, 14th ult., Thomas R. HEWITT to Miss Elizabeth F. THOMAS.

In Camden, Capt. Henry T. VERRILL of Rockland to Miss Margaret E. POTTER of Camden.


In Bangor, 26th ult., Josiah DEAN, M.D., age 58.

In Holden, 26th ult., Mrs. Eliza Cook.

In Hollis, 20th ult., Mr. James HODSDON, age 79.

In Winthrop, Alexander BELCHER, age 75.

June 9, 1854


In Franklin, 3rd inst., Steven SCAMMONS, Esq., age about 75 years. One of the most respectable and worthy citizens of that town, his death will prove a serious loss to the community in which he has so long honorably resided.

In Bangor, 7th inst., at the residence of E. A. Upton, Joseph R. FOLSOM, Esq., an emminent merchant of Bucksport, age 65 years.

In Grand Salt Lake, March 23, Mr. James P. BROOKS, a native of Castine and for many years a resident of New Orleans.

June 16, 1854


In Ellsworth, Tuesday, 13th inst., by Rev. Sewell Tenney, Mr. Henry Martin HALL to Miss Mary Louisa JOY, both of Ellsworth.

In Trenton, 10th inst., by Joseph Hopkins, Esq., Thomas H. DARK to Miss Susan A. LELAN, all of Trenton. (Poem followed)

In Hampden, 6th inst., by Rev. J. K. Mason, Mr. Stephen HIGGINS to Miss Sarah H. DUDLEY.


In Bath, 9th inst., Anna Henrietta, daughter of Stephen P. JEWELL, age 18 months.

In Bath, 7th, Frances, daughter of John HILLING, age 2 years, 10 months.

In Dexter, June 3, Miss Mary J., daughter of Mr. Robert and Mary J. SAMPSON.

In Chesterville, 8th inst., Wealthy, relict of Mr. Sohn OAKES, age 83 years.

June 23, 1854


In this town, June 18, by the Rev. S. Tenney, Mr. Joel S. STELPHEN and Miss Mary A. MOORE.

Also in this townm June 18, Mr. Nahum FLOOD and Miss Susan E. MOORE, all of Ellsworth.

In Tremont, 12th inst., by S. G. Rich, Esq., Mr. George REED to Miss Eunice DIX, all of Tremont.

In Old Town, June 18, by Rev. James Belcher, Mr. Moses McCAY to Miss Delilah C. GLOVER, all of Old Town.

In Winthrop, 12th inst., Mr. Thomas H. HAYWARD to Miss Laura H. PERKINS.

In Boston, Mr. Zina CAMPBELL to Miss Annie McGIVEN, both of Bowdoinham.

In Albion, Mr. John WENTWORTH to Miss Liza C. WEBB.


In Ellsworth, June 15, Leonard, youngest son of Nathan and Nancy PHILLIPS, age 3 months, 19 days. (Poem followed.)

In Hancock, June 14, Mrs. Olive M. CLARK, wife of the late Capt. N. T. CLARK and daughter of Eastman HUTCHINGS, Esq., of Hancock, age 28 years.

In Franklin, 21st inst., William, son of Thomas and Sarah ORCUTT, age 2 years, 3 months.

In Hancock, 17th inst., John M. GUY, age 5 years.

In Brownville, June 19th, Deacon Francis BROWN, age 76 years.

In Dover, 19th inst., Miss Esther Ann, daughter of Mr. Otis STINCHFIELD, age 16 years.

At sea, February 14th, on a passage from Baltimore to Shanghai, William H. LASH of Newcastle, age 18.

June 30, 1854


Rome, Italy, May 21, Lewis CASS, Jr., charge at Rome, to Miss Mary LUDLOW of New York.

New York, U. S. Senator WELLER to Mrs. Eliza STANTON.

Bangor, June 21, Mr. Samuel H. STUART to Miss Margaret P. TURNER, both of Bangor.

Bangor, Mr. Osborn R. STERNS to Sabina PRATT, both of Bangor.


In this town, on Tuesday last, after a long and painful sickness, Mrs. Mahaly, wife of William R. FULLER, age 30 years.

In Bangor, 21st inst., Miss Lucy Ann FOX, daughter of the late John Fox, Esq., age 35.

In Bangor, 20th inst., James FINULE, age 54.

In Dexter, Ellen A. CARR, age 13.

In Montville, 10th inst., Mrs. Sally V., wife of Hiram KELLEY, age 56.

July 7, 1854


In Damariscotta Island, July 2, Mr. David SIDELINGER to Miss Jane GAMMONS.

In East Corinth, by A. L. Cary, Mr. John DUREN, II to Miss Emerline S. SCRIVNER, both of Corinth.

In Bingham, Mr. Maxey J. GOODRICH to Miss Persia B. CHASE.


Swan's Island, 22nd ult., Mrs. Jane, wife of Elias MORREY, age 63 years and 5 months. Sister Morrey experienced religion on Deer Isle; at 38 years of age removed to this place, united with the Baptist Church, giving evidence to all of her being born of the Spirit of God. She suffered much in sickness, at times for 5 years, which she endured with Christian fortitude. In her last moments, her soul was filled with love and peace to God which enabled her to look beyond the grave with pleasure. Truly of her we could say -- Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

July 14, 1854


In Belfast, 2nd inst., by Rev. E. F. Cutter, Theodore J. PIKE of Westbrook, and Miss Mary J. TEMPLE of Belfast.

In Belfast, 4th inst., Mark WOOD and Miss Mary E. CATLIN, both of Belfast.

In Searsmont, 4th inst., by Rev. Holmes Chipman, James T. MOSS and Miss Lois L. BENNETT, both of Searsmont.

In Damariscotta, 19th ult., by Rev. S. A. Kingsbury, Mr. Harrison BAKER of Skowhegan, and Miss Etta C. WILSON of Damariscotta.


In Belfast, 4th inst., Mrs. Nancy DECKER, age 86 years and 6 months.

In Australia, previous to February 23, Mr. Charles HAMMAT of Bangor, and Mr. Archibal CHASE of Frankfort.

In San Juan on his way home from California, May 6th, Mr. William JEWETT of Canaan, age 26.

In Columbia, California, May 19th, John N. NORTON of Jonesport, Maine. (Poem by Susan Norton follows; starts Dearest Brother and is signed Susan Norton).

July 21, 1854


In Old Town, July 14, by Rev. James Belcher, Mr. Dudley W. MOOR and Miss Annie L. HUNT, all of Old Town.

In Veasie, July 16, by Nahum Warren, Esq., Mr. Ferdinand WESTON and Miss Caroline L. R. WEATHERBEE, both of Veazie.

In Rockland, Vespacian F. HINCKLEY of Bluehill to Miss C. A. HEARD of South Thomaston.


In Machias, 4th inst., Frank MORSE, son of S. A. Morse, Jr., age 13 months.

In Portland, 16th inst., Mrs. Matilda W., wife of the late Capt. Philip DRINKWATE of Camden.

In Scarborough, 12th inst., Samuel SIBLEY, Esq., age 80 years; he was a worthy and much respected citizen.

In Reading, Mass., 16th inst., Thomas D. SMITH, formerly of Machias, Maine, age 44.

July 28, 1854


In Orland, July 15, by John P. Mason, Esq., Capt. Freeman H. BLAISDELL to Miss Elmira SAUNDERS, both of Orland.

In Columbia, Mr. George C. PINEO of Columbia, to Miss Delany A. LOOK of Addison.

In Jonesboro, 22nd inst., Mr. John T. ALLEN, to Miss Druzilla B. ALLEN, both of C.


In Machias, 13th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth COOPER, widow of the late John Cooper, age 84 years.

Lost overboard from the barque Thomas Dallet, on the passage from Laguayra to Philadelphia, Bernard RRUINER, seaman, age 17.