Program for a Community Dance

Sample Dance Program

This program seems to work with beginners groups of all ages. It probably seems Mickey Mouse to experienced dancers. So what? Here is some of the reasoning that went into it:

DANCE TUNES TOTAL Time Grand March: March of St Timothy, Bonaparte Crossing 10 min Alabama Gal: Alabama Gal 12 min Head Couple Sashey down and back Partners turn by the right Partners turn by the left Head Couple cast off, down to bottom of set, make arch Others follow, through arc, back to top. Gay Gordon: Scotland the Brave 20 min Fwd 3, turn, Backwd 4 (twice) Balance in, out, roll lady away Balance in, out, roll lady behind Fwd 3, turn, Backwd 4 Circle Mixer: Johnny don't get Drunk, Over the Waterfall 20 min Neal made up. Simple, but Progresses in wrong direction. Circle left Left Allemand Neighbor once. Gypsy Partner. DoSiDo Neighbor. Swing Neighbor (have progressed, but wrong direction) After running mixer for a while, caller breaks in and does a free form mountain big circle with stuff like: spiral arches rip and snort roll it over. Alternate: La Bastringue, (tune and dance) All join hands, forward and back (2x) Circle left; Circle Right Partner Swing for 16 Promenade Sicillian Circle: 20 min Haste to the Wedding Circle Left; Circle Right Star Left; Star Right Partner DSD; Clap Twice; Partner turn Corner DSD; Clap Twice; Pass Thru Waltz Mixer: Southwind 14 min Step in, bring arms up, Step out arms down. (2x) Turn Partner by right, take full 12 steps. Turning Waltz Partner, take 12 steps, Switch to next lady, Balance in & out, Gents turn back to circle New England Style Contra Dance (simpler Variant of Jefferson & Liberty) Red Wing Circle Left; Circle Right Star Left; Star Right One's swing, end facing down the hall All four go down the hall, One's Arch, pop 2's through Free Waltz