We are a family band which exists to play old-time dance music, gospel music, and have fun. Our musical influences are Irish fiddle tunes, Southern Banjo tunes, traditional Appalachian music, and old-time Gospel.

We've been playing since 1999. Michelle started learning to fiddle in 1997, and we started to accompany her when she practiced.

Michelle plays fiddle and mandolin. David plays bass, banjo and piano. Pat plays guitar and Neal plays Hammered Dulcimer, mandolin and banjo. Neal and David call dances.

A lot of our vocal music is done with the gospel group at Trinity Lutheran Church here in Lilburn, Georgia.

Sharing with others is an important aspect of old-time music. We'll play for a community dance, wedding, or social function with very little provocation.

Contact us at: The Back Porch Rockers, c/o Neal Rhodes, 4737 Habersham Ridge, Lilburn, GA 30047. Phone: 770-972-5430 Email: neal@mnopltd.com